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Social Media tips to build your business With Brian Basilico

follow some of your favorite sources in Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Just because you may see it all the time, does not mean that your audience follows the same stuff, and they may find it very helpful 3. Pay attention to your posts. Too many businesses take a Post It and Forget It mentality. If people comment on your posts, theyll real appreciate it when you comment back. That will give them a reason to comment again. If their comments become unnoticed, they are more likely than not to think that you JUST DONT CARE about their thoughts and opinions (positive or negative). Does all this take time? Well, heck yeah! Does it reap rewards? Well, that depends. In this short-attention-span theatre, you have to have a READY FIRE AIM mentality. Try some postsmeasure the results, repeat what is working, and abandon those that are not generating or creating conversations!

Recovering Unemployment Rate is Deceiving

From The Hill With Roger Sheeman

until 2017 for the unemployment rate to get to 5.3/4%. Mr. Obama thought his stimulus package was going to take care of the economy and create jobs, so he spent his whole first year and then some pushing his health care agenda. He finally got it through Congress with some hard arm-twisting and bribes to some Senators for their vote, promising them a ton of money for their states in return for their vote. I thought bribery was illegal, I guess its not if its the President. The President had full control of both houses of Congress the first two years of his term, so blaming the Republicans for the deficit and high unemployment numbers just dont hold water. In fact, since the House was won over by the Republicans, they have passed over 30 job-creating and deficit-reduction bills. The Senate, under the non-leadership of Harry Reid, has refused to bring any of those 30 bills to the floor for a vote. The Senate has also not passed a budget for over 1000 days. This is a direct violation of the law regarding the federal budget. We know the economy was slowing down when Mr. Obama took office, but he was elected to fix the problems and not do nothing about it or blame others for it. There has been no Plan B for fixing the economy. Mr. Obama has said if he cant fix the economy in three years he would be a one-term President. I am sure he will be keeping that promise.

By knowing who you are talking with (emphasis on 'with' NOT 'to') and providing them with quality information, your posts become more noticed when dabbled in the flood of information. Here are some tips to be a bit more successful and build your business with Social Media 1. Social Media is not advertising its an extension of your face-to-face networking. People are getting more savvy about using social media to ask Does anyone know a good plumber? By connecting with friends and business associates, with useful information that they can actually use, you stay top of mind. By constantly selling, you become noise in the barrage of messages in somebodys Facebook news or Twitter feed. 2. Quality information is everywhereGoogle it! If you want to find timely and relevant information just search for it. You can also

Most people who read or hear the news will think the falling unemployment rate is a good thing. The facts are much different. The government does not count those who have stopped looking for work or those who have part-time jobs who really need full-time jobs. Of course, Mr. Obama and the Democrats take credit for the improved job picture. The reality is that the Presidents policies have made job growth and the recovery a lot slower and smaller. Creation of 234,000 in January is the highest since 2009, but stills far short of the needed 350,000 jobs a month created to really bring down the unemployment rate. Mr. Obama boldly said unemployment would not rise above 8% if Congress passed the $787 billion stimulus bill. How has that worked out? The unemployment rate has remained over 8% For 36 straight months, 9% in 28 of those months since the stimulus bill was passed. The labor participation rate, which measures the percentage of Americans looking for work, fell to a 30year low. If the percentage of Americans in the workforce were the same as the start of the recession, the unemployment rate would be 11.4%. The average number of weeks it takes to find a job is up from 19.9 weeks when President Obama took office to now a staggering 40.1 weeks. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office), a non-partisan agency of the government, has come out with some dire statistics regarding our economy. They say unemployment will remain over 8% this year and 2013. They predict that it will take

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Education Increases Employment

By Mark Garrity

The January jobs report and the revisions for December and November from the Bureau of Labor Statistics are out today and they look great. America created 257,000 new private sector jobs (only 14,000 public sector jobs lost to dumb spending cuts), for a net new 243,000 jobs in January. December's numbers were revised up from 200,000 to 203,000 new jobs, and November from 100,000 to 157,000 as late reporting businesses trickle their statistics in and the BLS does further monthly recalculation of seasonal factors. The unemployment rate dropped from 8.5% to 8.3%. Looking under the hood, in January we created 70,000 positions in professional and business services. Manufacturing added 50,000. Leisure and hospitality was up by 44,000. Health care was up by 33,000 (So much for Obamacare killing the health care sector, looks like they're staffing up to take care of the additional 30 million who will soon be insured). Construction increased by 21,000 in January, following a gain of 31,000 in the previous month. That's good news for the housing industry as the Obama administration has revamped some of their programs to make it easier for buyers to get mortgages for new houses and others to refinance.

The manufaceven though we turing workraised corporate week increased and individual by 0.3 hour to income taxes. 40.9 hours, and In that so-called factory overemployer's paratime increased dise, Indiana, by 0.1 hour to where everybody 3.4 hours. This knew the GOPmeans there is controlled asroom for more sembly and govnew hires in the Mark Garrity, A View from the Top ernor were set to manufacturing pass a "Right to sector as GM, Work for Less" Ford and Chrysler all have plans to law that makes paying union dues do. Good thing Obama didn't pay at- strictly voluntary and are eyeing tention to Republicans in 2009 when teaching creationism's dressed-up they preferred to kill the American sister "intelligent design" as science car companies and not only their in the classroom, they created all of jobs, but millions of others at their 17,700 new non-farm jobs in 2011. suppliers. In Wisconsin, where Governor Walker gutted public employee union barFor months now forecasters have gaining rights and slashed their pay been telling us that growth in the sec- and pensions after giving away $127 ond half of 2011 would be strong but million in tax cuts to big business, all the beginning of 2012 will be weak. in the name of job creation,they only It's not looking that way so far, but created 3,200 new nonfarm jobs and that doesn't mean it won't fade back. none, zero, nadda in the second half Government spending cuts enacted of the year after Walker's policies last year in the GOP hostage dramas went into effect. last spring and summer over the Recently Greg budget and debt Bedalov, Presiceiling, possible dent & CEO of oil price hikes Choose DuPage, from an Israeli the regional ecoattack on Iran, nomic developoil company ment corporaand speculator tion that works greed, coupled in close conwith oil demand junction with from developing DuPage County countries could government to send gasoline bring businesses prices to $5 a gallon by summer, to DuPage County, addressed the putting a kabosh on a recovery. Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization (DGTDO) at And let's not forget that the unex- our monthly meeting. When I say pectedlike the earthquake/tsuna- closely, I mean closely; their board mi in Japan and the resulting Fuku- reads like a list of companies doing shima nuclear plant meltdown that business with the County: the largidled almost the entire car manufac- est employers in the area, and local turing sector in the US, transplant GOP politicians. One of our DGTand American alike for months last DO members, the always thoughtful yearcan happen at any time. Greg Hose, asked Mr. Bedalov what is the single biggest factor businesses Enough of those worries for now. look for when they are thinking of reLet's turn to what happened in our locating or building a new plant or own neighborhood here the Mid- office. Without a doubt said Greg, west. The BLS also released num- the one thing they look for most is bers a week ago for job creation last an educated workforce, hands down. year in individual states. Yesterday, Germany-based ThyssenIn Illinois, we created 52,000 private Krupp, a diversified manufacturing sector non-farm payrolls jobs in 2011 company that makes elevators, auto

components and carbon steel, said it will establish a regional headquarters for North America in Chicago this summer. The regional HQ will employee 100 people to add to the 1,400 they already employee at two plants in Danville. From the Tribune article today: "The company did not seek financial incentives as it considered more than 20 cities around the U.S. for the regional headquarters." "We've learned not to run where the incentives are or where there is the lowest tax rate," Gessner said. "We need the overall picture." "Weighing in Chicago's favor are its extensive air service and a highly skilled profession labor pool," Emanuel said. It's pretty clear we have advantages states like Wisconsin and Indiana don't have with our transportation facilities and a world-class city like Chicago. What's also clear is that employers want well-educated workers. Indiana, which hasn't had public sector unions for some time and Wisconsin, whose governor is doing his best to destroy theirs, aren't doing their kids any favors by convincing their teachers they're not valued If Wisconsin and Indiana want to make their schools Double A minor league ball teams where good teachers work for peanuts until they graduate to the big leagues in states like Illinois, that's their problem. But such shortsighted thinking isn't going to make them more appealing to employers or help create jobs in the long run.

Join Roger and Mark

Decision 2012 heats up

Roger and Mark are back. Join them in the no-spin zone in From The Hill. Mark talks democratic and Roger offers his republican response. Join them as they heat up for decision 2012! Read all about the local candidates seeking office and join the discussion with our new blog devoted to helping to provide you with the information to help make an informed decision.


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Young Professionals
By Martin Flowers

, and progressing to the Republic of South Korea, being assigned to helping to maintain the peace along the 42nd parallel. Being assigned this duty in my military career and seeing the importance our great nation plays in keeping the peace helped me to develop a better appreciation for what we have here in America, Reyna said. This was an experience that would change my life. During his time in the military, Juan became involved with supporting Special Olympics. In 1996, the Special Olympic games were held near the base, and Juan was chosen act as an ambassador and guide for this special occasion.
Illinois celebrates immigrants, photo courtesy of ICIRR.

In the first of our series of profiling young professionals, we recently sat down with Juan Reyna, Kane County Board member who represents District 3. Reading his story, you will begin to understand why he is a young person making a difference in his community. As a lifetime resident of Aurora, Juans commitment to community was instilled in him at an early age by his mother who has been a long-time volunteer for her church and Hesed House. At an early age our mother would

Upon his Honorable Discharge from the Army, Juan returned to Aurora with his wife and they had three children. Raising a family and working long hours, Juan never forgot the lessons he learned as a small boy and his understanding of education, work ethic, and family. Juan went on to work at Kraft Foods and became a union steward representing the Grain Millers Local 343, which eventually merged to create Local 1. Juan then rose through the ranks with both Kraft Foods and the union, to serve as a Kraft supervisor and secretary treasurer of the Local. As a workplace leader who saw the importance of teamwork, Juan built a record as a problem-solver through his teamwork approach and respecting peoples diverse opinions. Being sensible and working to find that common ground has helped me to achieve success in helping to create a better working environment for people. However, Juan has not lost sight of what is important: family and community. Juan counts his greatest accomplishment as being a father and husband. Even with his busy work schedule,

Juan was always part of his family life, involved with the PTA, and helped establish a program with teachers that fostered a communication and dialogue between the teachers and parents. This low-key, humble man downplays his accomplishments, like in 1999 when he helped to solve a public safety issue with the sidewalks around Krug Elementary School. He lobbied with other parents to create a safe school zone for the children entering school. Juan also continued to coach baseball, and participate in his childrens scholastic career where they excelled in local sports and were on the Honor Roll. He also continued his own education at Waubonsee Community College. In 2008, the residents of District 3 sent Juan to represent them on the Kane County Board, where he serves on Human Services, Public Service, and Liquor Control Commission. He also continues his work as role model, educator, community activist, and public servant. Working to foster relationships between the City and the County, Juan continues his journey to represent the residents of his District.

A young man who began on the ball fields of Aurora, served his nation halfway around the world, raised a family, created safer working conditions, commitment to helping local schools, and now being a public servant. Juan has accomplished this all before the age of 42, and this sets Juan aside as a young professional making a difference in the community.

Juan Reyna, one of our featured young professionals.

Illinois Celebrates its Immigrant Community

By Nadia R. Kanhai

take us down to volunteer at Hesed House, and that experience helped to shape my commitment to helping to give back to my community. Reyna explains. My family helped to instill in me the values and the work ethic that I have carried through life. Graduating from East Aurora High School in 1988, Juan embarked on a journey that would lead him to be a successful public servant, community activist, father, and mentor. Juans journey began with his first job after high school with the Colonel Bakery, where he started on the ground floor and worked his way up through the ranks to being s supervisor. Juan continued his path of leading through example with stops along the way that allowed him to develop diversity in his views in the work place. In 1992, Juan joined the military and served his nation, starting out at Ft. Campbell in Kentucky

While some states like Arizona and Alabama are finding issues with their immigrant populations, the state of Illinois took time to celebrate its immigrant community on Saturday, February 4. More than 1,500 people joined 50 of Illinois elected officials and dignitaries at Malcolm X College in Chicago for the second annual One Nation, One Dream immigration integration summit. The last 10 years has seen ugly attacks on immigrants, Latinos, and Muslims across this nation, stated the leaders of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR). We are proud that in Illinois, we have moved the cause of dignity for immigrants forward during these very difficult times. Indeed, the struggle could stretch from one decade to several, Cook


Kendall Weekly Times

County Board President Toni Preckwinkle acknowledged with a twist. When ordinary people commit to making this a great country, we can achieve the end to slavery, the womens votebut the struggle may last decades. My mother is my American hero, Cook County Commissioner Jesus (Chuy) Garcia proclaimed to the standing-room-only crowd. Its about equal treatment. Its not about giving anyone a break. Its about upholding the Constitution. Illinois stands as an example. ICIRR thanked both the Republicans and Democrats of Illinois, who have worked together for practical immigration reform. Both Parties passed the Illinois DREAM Act, Raul Raymundo, ICIRR treasurer, explained. The Republicans stood up against the anti-immigrants in their districts. We need comprehensive immigration reform in order to move forward. Our party wants to do more showing up, Matt Murphy, chair of the Illinois Senate Republican Caucus, shared. We have a joint future tied together in our success. We want to continue this dialogue. Illinois has been at the forefront of immigration reform at the federal level, besides the county and state level. Indeed, US Senator Dick Durbin admitted, I have been at this (immigration reform) for 10 years. I will not stop. Its about allowing young people to earn the American dream. This is the issue of our time, Durbin told the crowd. We are writing the history of America.

We (ICIRR, its volunteers, member organizations, and elected allies) are a leader. Alie Kabba, ICIRR Board President rallied the crowd. Were leadersnot Arizona, not Alabama. ICIRR is the most diverse (coalition of its kind) In fact, Illinois record on immigration reform is outstanding. In the last 10 years, not one form of antiimmigrant legislation has passed in Illinois, Maria Pesqueira of Mujeres Latinas en Accion remarked, thanking the elected officials present. ICIRR says that 17 anti-immigrant bills were defeated in the Illinois General Assembly in 2011 alone. Saturdays Unity Rally brought together an unlikely mix of politicians, immigrants, and their allies, as they patted each other on the back, thanking all for their dedication to the cause of compassionate and sensible immigration reform. Illinois is made richer by welcoming immigrants from all over the world, proclaimed US Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Were immigrantfriendly Illinoisnot Alabama or Arizona. In 2011, Illinois became the first state to opt out of Secure Communities, a federal dragnet deportation program. New York and Massachusetts followed Illinois lead. In 2012 ICIRR and its 138 member organizations are committed to naturalizing citizens and mobilizing more than 150,000 new voters. ICIRRs 2012 platform is threepronged, based on family, community, and the future. Among its initiatives is the Illinois Families Commission with US Congressman Luis Gutierrez to coordinate a


multi-level strategy to halt the deportation of family members. A Highway Safety Campaign is being launched that will require all Illinois motorists to register for drivers licenses and purchase insurance. A similar program nearly passed in 2011. ICIR has vowed to opposed the expansion of immigrant detention center, beginning with the new facility planned for Crete, Illinois. The community component of ICIRRs campaign includes budgeting for results, helping the Latino and Asian communities, which have doubled in the last 20 years, AllKids for all kids, and health care access. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn took the opportunity Saturday to announce the board members of the newly founded Illinois DREAM Fund Commission, which will provide privately funded scholarships to young people to attend higher education. Quinn personally pledged $1,000 to the scholarship fund. In addition to the higher education feature of the campaigns future component, the campaign also includes early childhood education through parent engagement and a pledge to stand with and defend lowwage workers. Its about opportunity and equality, University of Illinois President Michael J. Hogan encouraged the hundreds of young people present. We want you. * * * * * * * * * * * * Black History Month is observed in February. Some eco-egalitarians have expanded on observation as Ethnic Equality Month, a time to honor all peoples and their positive traditions, to meditate on the equality of all peoples, on the respect due to them, and on manifestation as African, Asian, Oceanic, Middle Eastern, European,

Hispanic, and Native American.

Romney Gets Trumped

By Joe Fosco

After much hemming and hawing, The Donald has finally (hopefully?) decided not to throw his hat into the 2012 Presidential race, but rather support one of the four remaining Republican candidates. Speculation was swirling around who exactly Trump would endorse for the Republican nomination. Wednesday the rumor mill was flooded with reports that Newt Gingrich would be getting the nod, but in a last-minute switcheroo The Donald decided to embrace front-runner Mitt Romney. At the press conference held Thursday in Las Vegas, Trump was singing the praises of Romney, a decided shift from his previous stance on the former governor. Not even a few months ago, Trump was busy taking serious digs at Romney, calling him a small business guy and openly bashing the Massachusetts health care system, often referred to as RomneyCare. All this makes me wonder why exactly Romney would even accept the endorsement of a man like Donald Trump. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump did the whole thing just to get in front of cameras yet again. If he can figure out a way to do it, it is a near certainty that Trump will verbally assault Romney in the future, despite the endorsement, because all The Donald really cares about is being on TV. While it is difficult to trust the motives of a man like Trump, is his

Illinois lawmakers for immigrants, photo courtesy of ICIRR.

Kendall Weekly Times

endorsement actually toxic? Yes. A recent Washington Post/Pew Research Center poll showed that a Trump endorsement would actually have an overall negative effect on the perception of a presidential candidate. Trumps all-consuming need to be constantly in the limelight has reduced his reputation to that of a circus clown. He has traded any dignity he once had in order to be a reality star on a primetime TV show saddled with continually dwindling ratings. His insatiable need to be constantly quoted by the media is more befitting a Hollywood diva than a serious pillar of the business community. While his business ability can be debated, it is a near certainty that, in the political sphere, The Donald is damaged goods. His bizarre obsession with President Obamas birth certificate not only made him a poster child for modern fringe conspiracy theorists, it also lowered the ideological level of the conflict between conservatives and liberals over the Presidents policies. In fact, his inability to have an intelligent conversation about modern politics prompted several Republicans to turn down attending a debate that was to be hosted by Trump. His credentials as a fiscal or social conservative, aside from recently voiced opinions on morning talk shows, are non-existent. Trump has even financially backed several prominent Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and U.S. Representative Charles Rangel. So as the weekend rolls on, Mitt Romney better hope that some more interesting piece of political errata drifts past the camera lenses of our voracious 24-hour media. The sooner the world forgets that he stood next to, and accepted the endorsement.

Someone You Should Know!

by Martin Flowers

Recently, I sat down with the starting defensive end for the Chicago Bliss Lingerie Team to discuss of all things football this weekend. During the interview I found Nadia to be a person of many talents and committed to the values that we look for in todays pro athletes of leadership and giving back to her community. Nadia has been in Chicago for about five years, but in those five years this Southsider has found a home for life. As a child her brother encouraged her to participate in sports. In high school she was a champion discuss thrower and a record-setter in the high jump. However, it was on the volleyball court Nadia would find her true calling in sports. Being a hard worker, Nadia would go on to receive a scholarship to Bowling Green and study business that would prepare for her next journey. While in college she was offered an opportunity to play volleyball overseas, but due to an injury she made her way to Chicago where she had family. During her time in rehab Nadia found her way to the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan and began building a new career in beach volleyball where she became a legend. Through her time with the volleyball community here in Chicago, she learned of a new opportunity in football. Nadia was persuaded to attend open tryouts for the Chicago Bliss the lingerie football team here in Chicago. At the open tryouts, she was up against several talented athletes and was chosen to make the squad. For the past two years, Nadia has led the team in sacks and been an inspiration and team leader for her teammates. However, there is more to this story than a talented athlete. There is the inspirational part of this athlete

Nadia Larysa, Marketing Manager For the AFL

who believes in being a role model and community participant. Nadia has moved from the field to the sidelines in her new role as marketing manager for the Arena Football League (AFL), which recently moved their headquarters to Chicago, with Chicagos very own Rush. Nadia now does sideline work in interviewing players and doing halftime reports. Nadia also volunteers with such notable charities as Kanine Therarpy that brings pets into the hospital to boost morale for the patients, and she also supports the Adopt a Grey Hound. Nadia also brings a unique approach to her job, whether it be athlete, sideline reporter, activist, and TV personality. Having a self confidence and a good mental approach helps you to be able to achieve the goals you set forth for yourself," she states. Nadia reports that the Chicago Bliss had a great season, but came up short this season, and will be back in 2013 for another run. This weekend, Nadia will be traveling on behalf of her new assignment with the AFL and when pressured by this reporter to make a prediction about the upcoming Super Bowl, she replied in a very professional manner that she was neutral on this game.

She thinks it would be a battle of quarterback vs. quarter back, with both teams having outstanding players at that position, but her heart remains with her Detroit Lions. (Sorry Chicago Bears Nation) However, this adapted Chicagoan does root for the southsiders and regularly attends games. So if you have an opportunity, go and see the Chicago Rush at the All State Arena, and maybe you will have an opportunity to meet a fantastic person who is an inspiration and true role model, community leader, and someone who is making a difference. She is someone you should know!

Howeys on 71, 4571 Rt. 71, Oswego, IL 630.554.7870

444 N. Eola Road, Aurora, IL 60504

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Community News
Leap Year Day Waffle Wednesday with the Tillers at Sunnymere... Call to make a reservation for The Tillers Waffle Wednesday, which will be held at Sunnymere, 925 Sixth Avenue Aurora, on Wednesday, February 29th (Leap Year Day), at 9 a.m. The Tillers will make the waffle breakfast, then Sara Clymer from The Tillers, will give a presentation on How Nursing Home Rehab Can Keep You Out Of The Hospital. The program will offer information on how to avoid being readmitted to the hospital after a recent discharge; how to best use services available to you (home care, educational forums, etc.); and when to call for help and who to call (doctor or skilled nursing facility). Reservations should be called in to Cecelia at Sunnymere at 630-8987844, ext. 15, by Monday, February 27th (please call between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. ******************** Penny Sales - Downtown Plainfield Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 10:00am until Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 9:00pm Downtown Plainfield Penny Sales will begin in Downtown Plainfield on Saturday, Feb 11th & Sun, Feb 12th. We had so many great dales last year, we decided to pass them along to you once again! Details are in progress and will be available by Jan 30th. Watch for info still to come!

Reservations should be called in to Cecelia at Sunnymere at 630-8987844, ext. 15, by Monday, February 27th (please call between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. ******************** Senior Services satellite office is open at our site on Mondays and Thursdays. Meet a representative from SHIP/ Senior Health Insurance Program Illinois Department of Insurance. The Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is a free statewide health insurance counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers. SHIP is sponsored by the Illinois Department of Insurance. ship/ If you wish to make an appointment, call Senior Services at 630-553-5777. ******************** Matter of Balance Classes Starting February 28th and for 8 weeks, attend classes on how to manage falls and increase activities. During the course you will learn to view falls as controllable, set goals for increasing activity, make changes to reduce falls risks in your home, and exercise to increase strength and balance. For more information and to sign up, contact Sharon at 630-554-5602 or visit us at 156 E. Washington St. ********************

Brook, IL The Dominicks Divisions Floral Merchandising Department, located in Oak Brook, Illinois, has an opening for a Field Merchandiser. Qualifications: The... $54,800 a year Safeway Corp. - 5 days ago Vitamin World - Aurora, IL The Cashier is responsible for maintaining World Class Customer Service as per company standards. The position is responsible for the fast and efficient check... Vitamin World - 16 hours ago Secretary 2 - new Oswego Community Unit School District 308 - Oswego, IL ASAP Oswego CUSD 308 has an immediate opening for a Secretary 2 in our District Transportation Office. The position runs yearly, always beginning August 1st... Oswego Community Unit School District 308 - 5 days ago Administrative Assistant - new Crate and Barrel - Naperville, IL Structure and organize the activities and workload of the Senior Director of Distribution to facilitate efficient operations. Handle a wide range of... Crate and Barrel - 5 days ago Halfway House Attendant-Part Time/Seasonal - new Dupage Airport Authority - West Chicago, IL All applicants must be 18 years of age and have the ability to lift up to 25 pounds. Successful candidates must also complete Bassett Certification online with... - 1 day ago Dispatcher - new RR Donnelley - Bolingbrook, IL Responsible for executing the customer's request for transportation via the most efficient and cost effective manner while providing the highest level of... Olive Garden 18 reviews - Naperville, IL - +11 locations Work in a team-oriented, high-volume, fast-paced, guest-centric environment to deliver on our purpose

of Hospitaliano! Our passion for 100% guest delight by... Olive Garden - 4 days ago Administrative Assistant - new Millward Brown - Lisle, IL Kantar Media offers comprehensive insight, media research, monitoring, evaluation and audience measurement services. We transform data into insights that... Millward Brown - 6 days ago AT&T Office Support Clerk - Lisle, IL - new AT&T 74 reviews - Lisle, IL Looking for a company that VALUES your skills? A job with AT&T as a Office Support Clerk can provide you with exactly that! Take advantage of our paid... AT&T - 1 day ago

Montgomery Chamber Welcomes New Members and Guest Rep. Kay Hatcher
Press Release

On Tuesday, January 24, Montgomery Chamber members, and guests enjoyed each others company, conversation and home town food at Elmers Dog House Restaurant. In addition, guest speaker, State Representative Kay Hatcher, gave local business leaders an overview of how things have changed in Springfield since she was first elected three years ago, beginning with her very first vote to impeach Governor Ron Blagojevich. She described Illinois as, going through a financial and ethical tsunami, theres no other way to put it. She continued, Hold on to your lifeboat, because theres more to come. As for her part, Hatcher favors term limits for leadership positions. In

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Warehouse Associate Team Leadr new Caterpillar Inc. - Aurora, IL Must be able to frequently lift and carry boxes weighing up to 35 pounds for intervals of 15-30 minutes infrequently lift and carry boxes weighing up to 50... Caterpillar Inc. - 2 hours ago Floral Field Merchandiser - new Dominick's Finer Foods - Oak

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Voter Registration
Press Release

Friday, February 10, from 7-8:30pm A Voter Registration Drive will be held at the Montgomery Campus of the Oswego Library District, located 111 Reading Boulevard in Montgomer.y Illinois 60538 If you need to be registered for the upcoming primary election, please stop by. If you have further questions about where to vote or need assistance with voting, please call the Kendall County Clerk at 630-553-4104.

- Aurora, IL Receptionist available within busy medical practice for experienced medical office receptionist. The ideal candidates must have excellent communication skills... Rush-Copley Medical Center - 6 days ago Unit Secretary - Family Birth Center - Full time - new Provena Mercy Medical Center Aurora, IL Come join us and be a part of Something Special Inside . Our patients and our visitors have said it for years. There's just something special...something... Provena McAuley Manor - 9 hours ago RURAL CARR ASSOC/SRV REG RTE - BATAVIA IL NC64138566 - new USPS 67 reviews - Batavia, IL Central Illinois District Job Posting Period 01/26/2012 - 02/09/2012 Job Title RURAL CARR ASSOC/ SRV REG RTE Facility Location BATAVIA POST OFFICE 500 N... $19.45 an hour USPS - 3 days ago Claims Professional Trainee - new Sedgwickcms - Aurora, IL Claims Professional Trainee - IAP Providing both satisfying and challenging work along with a highly professional and friendly work atmosphere, Sedgwick... Sedgwickcms - 22 hours ago Accounts Payable Clerk - new Vein Clinics of America - Downers Grove, IL For 30 years, Vein Clinics of America (VCA) has been dedicated to the treatment of all aspects of Varicose Vein Disease. Acknowleged as experts in the field... Vein Clinics of America - 7 hours ago

2012 Jan lunch Kay Hatcher Receives Certificate of Appreciation from GMACC Chamber Pres Jennifer Jones Sinnott.

fact, she stated: Ive seen legislation that would turn this state around in three months. But its left to languish in committee, never called to the House floor for a vote. She also mentioned legislation that she has supported that would demand any bill with 70 supporters (enough for a super majority), be called for a vote. Of course, we cant get that bill to the floor for a vote. While Hatcher clearly sees the need for reforms, she said that in actuality, about 95% of what the state legislature does improves the quality of life and passes nearly unanimously. The Fox Valley leaders work very well together. Chamber President Jennifer Jones Sinnott, introduced three new members in attendance -- Chris Hamilton (Aurora Convention & Visitors Bureau), who thanked the members for helping him feel right at home with the fried chicken; Barry Croall (Stonewall Business Services), who alluded to some of his past experiences working with Homeland Security; and, Joseph Buenvenida (Kumon Math & Reading Center of Oswego), who expects to open his doors for business in just a few weeks. When asked about his first luncheon experience, Buenvenida said, The atmosphere is really friendly. [Chamber member], Charlene [Coulombe-Fiore] of the MEDC helped introduce me to some important people. Ill be back again next month. Later, Board Member, Mike Pfeiffer (NetComm Business Solutions), announced the establishment of the GMACCs new premium membership level: the FOUNDERS Club

which offers businesses expanded, year-round marketing opportunities within the Chamber and throughout the local community. Part of each FOUNDERS Club membership will be used to fund another new GMACC initiative, the Alice Sutcliff Memorial Scholarship Fund, in memory of Chamber Founder, Alice Sutcliff. Special thanks once again go out to Schaefer Greenhouses for providing a beautiful pink, red and white door prize floral arrangement and for bringing in a Valentines Day mood. After searching every pocket twice, winner, Bob Lockwood (Full Armour Studios) found his door prize ticket to claim the prize. Unique to the Montgomery Chamber is its plan to move the member luncheon to different local restaurants each month. GMACC members and prospective business members are welcome to attend next months luncheon on Tuesday, February 28, at Montgomerys hidden treasure, the Select Restaurant, for off the menu American fare. As always, there is no charge to attend, just the price of your lunch. For more information and to register for the next monthly luncheon and other upcoming events, visit the Greater Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce website (,) or call the Chamber office at 630-897-8137.

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Super Finish To Great Game

by Dick Kolf

11 Michigan State 18-5 12 Georgetown 18-4 13 San Diego State 20-3

14 UNLV 21-4 15 Florida State 16-6 16 St. Mary's 22-2

17 Creighton 21-4 18 Marquette 20-5 19 Virginia 18-4

With a record audience of over 111 million people around the world watching the big game, the teams did not disappoint. The Giants prevailed in a thriller behind Eli Manning late-game heroics and the crushing Giants defense. Experts predicted this game would come down to basic old-fashioned who-wanted-the-win-more. In the end, with a Tom Brady interception and a late game drive by Eli Manning, the torch has been passed and a new era has begun. With their second Super Bowl victory and Eli still in his early 30s, this Giants team looks to become the team of the decade. In the end youth overcame experience as the Giants defense shut down the older Patriots offense and could have possibly ended Tom Bradys decade of dominance. Throughout the game the Patriots looked tired and unsure of how to handle the Giants defense. Eli Manning gave a commanding performance with the help of his fellow players on offense. A 21-17 win ensures that the NFL has a new champion for another year.


RankTeam (1st Place Votes)Record View Complete Rankings Last updated Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012 12:55 AM EST 1 Kentucky(63) 24-1 2 Syracuse(2) 23-1 3 Ohio State 21-3 4 Missouri 22-2 5 North Carolina 20-3 6 Baylor 21-2 7 Kansas 18-5 8 Florida 19-5 9 Murray State 23-0 10 Duke 19-4

NBA Standings


Kendall Weekly Times

20 21 22 23 24 25

Mississippi State 18-5 Wisconsin 18-6 Michigan 17-7 Indiana 18-6 Louisville 19-5 Harvard 20-2

NCAA Women's Hoops

RankTeam (1st Place Votes)Record View Complete Rankings Last updated Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012 12:35 AM EST 1. Baylor (40)24-0 2. Notre Dame24-1 3. Connecticut22-2 4. Stanford20-1 5. Duke 19-3 6. Miami (FL)20-3

Black Hawks Beat

Troubling times for Blackhawks By Ron Bartlett

7. Kentucky21-3 8. Maryland20-3 9. Wisconsin-Green Bay 20-0 10. Ohio State 21-2 11. Tennessee 17-6 12. Delaware20-1 13. Nebraska19-3 14. Georgetown18-5 15. Texas A&M16-5 16. Purdue19-5 17. Rutgers17-6 18. Penn State 18-5 19. Gonzaga 21-3 20. Louisville 17-7 21. Georgia18-6

t-22.North Carolina 17-6 t-22.Georgia Tech 17-7 24. South Carolina18-5 25. St. Bonaventure 22-2

With the All Star festivities over, the Hawks looked to get back on track when they traveled to Vancouver for the first of three straight road games against the NW division. The long road trip looked as though it would start well, as the Hawks had a 2-1 lead in the third period, only to fall 3-2 in overtime. After a day off, they resumed their trip in Edmonton with revenge on their minds, and things looked good as the Hawks took a lead into the second, only to watch as Sam Gagner tied a record for points in a game by a Hawks opponent, with 8 points, 4 goals, and 4 assists. The Hawks lost 8-4. The Canadian leg of the trip finished off in Calgary with Ray Emery getting the nod between the pipes. The Hawks played better, Emery was on top of his game, but in the end, the lack of goal scoring cost them, and they lost again for the sixth straight time on the road. The starting goal tending has been a big disappointment this season, as Crawford cant seem to find any consistency to his game. The defense has been suspect as well, so watch for more moves from the front office if the Hawks continue to struggle. The Hawks had better snap out of it quick, as the Western Conference is so tight that they could be in danger of not making the playoffs. The Hawks will suite up again on Tuesday to face Colorado on the next leg of their trip. Lets hope they turn things around. It will be harder to get points as the playoffs near.

Hockey Standings

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2011 Batting averages

PlayerTeamSeason 1. J. HamiltonTEX 2. M. CabreraDET 3. J. MauerMIN 4. A. BeltreTEX 5. R. CanoNYY 6. B. ButlerKC 7. I. SuzukiSEA 8. P. KonerkoCWS 9. C. CrawfordBOS 10. V. MartinezDET .302 PlayerTeamSeason 1. C. GonzalezCOL 2. J. VottoCIN 3. O. InfanteFLA 4. T. TulowitzkiCOL 5. M. HollidaySTL 6. A. PujolsSTL 7. M. PradoATL 8. R. ZimmermanWAS 9. R. BraunMIL 10. S. CastroCHC .300 .359 .328 .327 .321 .319 .318 .315 .312 .307

Vets Corner Taking the with the Kendall Superbowl out Times Vet of Context
Republished by popular demand Opinion analogy by Nadia R. Kanhai

Old Vets Allowed to Learn New Tricks November 21, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the VOW to Hire Heroes Act. Not only did this Act provide tax credits for employers who hire vets and wounded warriors. One of the less spoken of features of this bill is the provision that provides veterans over the age of 35 with education. Thanks, in part to the American Legion, the Vow to Hire Heroes Act (Veterans Opportunity To work Act of 2011, or Bill # H.R. 2433) will allow veterans who might have lost their jobs due to the economic downturn the past couple of years to receive 12 months of Montgomery GI bill assistance. This equals roughly $17,000 for college education, vocational training, certifications, and on-the-job training programs. Providing education opportunities to the older vets isnt the only benefit given to them through this Act. It also strengthens the law by closing loopholes governing businesses to keep open positions for Reserve and National Guard members returning from deployments. When called active to duty, these members will have a place to return to work, not to the unemployment lines. The Act also mandates that all servicemen and woman departing the military receive transition assistance in which soldiers are taught how to deal with the transition from military life to civilian life. With veteran unemployment rates well into the 800,000s, the Vow to Hire Heroes Act comes with great timing.

A showdown between the Giants and the Patriots, and the winner is the Giants. In a great nation like the United States of America is it possible for the Patriots to lose? In order to answer that question, remove the commercialism and hype of the big game. We're talking about life here... the patriots are our heralded elected officials and those who work through the system (police, troops, etc). The news is filled with their carefully spun soundbites, their smiles, and their egos. Who are the Giants? The people, the 99%, are the sleeping Giants. When I picture the battle, I'm not picturing a football game. I'm picturing one of my favorite images from artist Erik Drooker. Will this approach work when the G8 and Nato come to Chicago this spring? Again, the Patriots are favored to win, but don't count the sleeping Giants out yet.

print by Erik Drooker

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