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MKT 320 Principles in Marketing Winter 2011 Online Professor Harper Roehm Office 376 Bryan Building E-mail: 1. Contact information: 1.1. Email 1.1.1.All emails should contain a SUBJECT line that identifies which class, meeting time and group (if applicable) along with summary of inquiry (e.g., MKT320W11_O group xx about assn. 1). The O is important it indicates that this is the online class. 1.2.Note: If it is urgent please feel free to email as frequently as deemed necessary I understand. In normal situations, if you do not get a response in 24 hours consider re-sending your message. 1.3. Office Hours: By appointment. 1.4. BADM Assistant Lisa Mclaughlin, (336) 334-5694 and Glenda Lloyd, (336) 3345691 Mailing Address Attn: Harper Roehm Business Administration 366 Bryan Building Greensboro, NC 27408
2. BADM (BS) Marketing CBK Learning Objectives (MKT 320):

In every business class, we have learning objectives. These indicate what you should be learning from each course. At the end of the semester, you will be asked to evaluate how well this class met the learning objectives. In addition to the learning objectives below, you will find that there are specific learning objectives for each class. 1. The marketing student will be able to prepare a research survey project 1.1. Produce descriptive statistics from a research data set 1.2. Interpret statistical information 2. The student will be able to develop a marketing strategy 2.1. Critique a marketing strategy 2.2. Develop a marketing plan 3. The marketing student will understand the consumer perspective 3.1. Identify the steps in the consumer decision-making process 3.2. Plan actions based on target market data Additional Course Learning Objectives: 1. Acquire and evaluate marketing research. Additionally, utilize marketing research in the marketing planning process. 2. Employ the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning to develop and/or analyze marketing strategies in terms of achieving company and consumer goals, considering competition. 3. Understand the 4Ps; product, price, promotion and place strategies, and the relationship with positioning and branding. 3. Student expectations of Faculty

3.1. Students can refer to Bryan School Faculty and Student Guidelines to see the

guidelines of faculty performance and behavior. 3.2. Additionally, I have two very important goals: 3.2.1.Provide students with the marketing concepts that assist them in becoming productive contributors in the community (see Course Learning Objectives below). 3.2.2.Create a learning environment where students feel fairly treated. 4. Faculty Expectations of Students Students are expected to know and abide by the Bryan School Faculty and Student Guidelines in all matters pertaining to this course. Violations will be pursued in accordance with the guidelines. Please do not get into trouble by violating the guides. If you find yourself behind or in a difficult situation, please come see me. When in doubt about whether something is or is not a violation please see me.
5. MKT 320 Honor Code Honor Code

Please refer to the Bryan School Faculty and Student Guidelines. I should also like to add, please do not get into trouble by violating the guidelines. If you find yourself behind or in a difficult situation, please contact me. When in doubt about whether something is or is not a violation please contact me. You will notice that the points are spread out pretty well to minimize the impact from some bad grades. 6. Course Requirements 6.1.Course Materials: 6.1.1.Book Marketing, Grewal & Levy 3rd edition. Marketing, 3rd Edition Dhruv Grewal, BABSON COLLEGE Michael Levy, BABSON COLLEGE Hardcover, 720 pages 2012, ISBN-13 9780078028830 MHID 0078028833
6.1.2.Role of the text book. The text book serves as a reference, providing

terminology, theories, models and frameworks that are commonly accepted in marketing. Thus, in this course it will be necessary for you to have some knowledge of the language and system of concepts inherent to marketing. We may not talk about the certain information contained a textbook reading unless you have specific questions about it. I welcome any questions, so feel free to contact me. 6.1.3.There is a copy of the book at Libraries closed reserves. 6.1.4.Electronic versions of the book found at 6.1.5.The book website is:

6.2.In-class Attendance and Participation:

6.2.1.This is 100% online so there is no attendance or participation per se. 6.2.2.It is, however, your responsibility to manage your online class experience. 6.2.3.Absents due to Religious Observance: this is an online class, this issue probably wont have any impact. If, however, you believe it might affect you should follow the instructions in this section. you have any religious holidays that might result in an absence you must contact me at least two weeks before the holiday. I prefer to be contacted in the first two weeks of class when possible. are a limited number of such absences, so please read the UNCG policy for that answer and the answers of any other questions, which can be found at under the Heading of Religious Observance at link

6.3.Assignments: 6.3.1.The due dates for these assignments are included in the class schedule at the end of this document. These are assignments due throughout the course. The assignments will be graded based on promptness, completeness and professionalism. Professionalism includes grammar, writing style, spelling and format. The values of these assignments are listed below in the Grade Break Down section. 6.3.2.There are no late assignments accepted. 6.4.EXAMS: 6.4.1.There will be three non-cumulative exams in this course. A study guide and exam instructions will be provided for each exam. The date, times and locations of final exam can be found in the schedule below or on the schedule link in the learning area of Blackboard (BB). 6.4.2.I want to make sure students are fairly treating with regards to testing. Students with learning challenges that require testing adjustments such as a quite setting and/or additional time need to provide me with the appropriate documentation from Office of Disability Services, ODS at least one week before a test. Ideally the student will do so at the beginning of the semester. Those students with said challenges but are not registered are encouraged to contact ODS. ODS Contact Information: web site: Suite 215 EUC, PO Box 26170 Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 VOICE/TTY 336.334.5440 FAX 336.334.4412 EMAIL
6.4.3.Generally there are no make-up exams except in the case of serious

emergencies or official school related activities. In such situations, the student must contact me as soon as possible and must provide written evidence of the emergency/activity which includes verification of the time and date as well as a contact number of an individual that confirm the emergency/activity. I do not want to know personal and/or sensitive information just the general nature of

the emergency/activity. It should be noted that the requirement of written documentation of the issue is part of my effort to ensure that all students in the course feel fairly treated. 6.4.4.If you have any questions, please contact me immediately. 6.4.5.The online exams are timed, so if you are having problems, please contact me as soon as possible. 7. Grading policy: 7.1.No assignments are accepted late. 7.2. Assignments are always graded for grammar, spelling, organization, completeness and overall professionalism. 7.3. Students who are concerned about their writing can work with the UNCG writing center. It should be noted that Writing center well in advance of the due date of the assignment. 7.4.The due dates for these assignments are included in the syllabus schedule section. 7.5. All information submitted, including computer disks and attached files to emails, should be labeled (see below): LAST Name, FIRST name Assignment name or number (e.g., Intro Class Assignment) MKT320 F11_T Professor Roehm Pledge name(s)* *All work submitted should include the word Pledged followed by the students signature or typed name in the case of computer files. This is in accordance to the MKT 320 Student Honor Code seen below.

PERCENT ON AN ASSIGNMENT. NOTE: SAVE ELECTRONIC BACKUP COPIES OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. WITH GROUP PROJECTS 7.7. Note: Files saved on the disks or sent via email attachment should have the label same information.
8. Grade Scale

9. Grade Break-down Class assignments Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 TOTAL POINTS 25 25 25 25 100

A+ 98 to 100 A 92 to 97.99 A- 90 to 91.99 B+ 88 to 89.99 B 82 to 87.99 B- 80 to 81.99 C+ 78 to 79.99 C 70 to 77.99 D 60 to 69.99 F Below 60

10.SCHEDULE DA Y 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 12/20/20 11 12/21/20 11 12/22/20 11 12/23/20 11 12/24/20 11 12/25/20 11 12/26/20 11 12/27/20 11 12/28/20 11 12/29/20 11 12/30/20 11 12/31/20 11 1/1/2012 1/2/2012 1/3/2012 1/4/2012 1/5/2012 1/6/2012 1/7/2012 1/8/2012 1/9/2012 1/10/201 2 1/11/201 2 1/12/201 2 1/13/201 2 1/14/201 2 1/15/201 2 1/16/201 2 Tuesday Wednesd ay Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesd ay Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesd ay Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesd ay Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday SESSION 7 EXAM 2 NEW YEARS EVE NEW YEARS DAY EXAM 1 SESSION 4 ASSN 1, 2 & 3 DUE SESSION 2 XMAS EVE XMAS DAY SESSIONS SESSION 1 ACTIVITIES & DUE DATES




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