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Articles exposing the Third Wave connections with Rome.

(1) Holding Hands With The Pope by Ernest D. Pickering, Th.D. , 1995
The current evangelical ecumenical craze is bringing together the Catholic Church and
some Protestant church groups. This new ecumenicalism is part of the
Toronto/Brownsville movement. "Have Bible-believers been in error for centuries in
refusing to recognize the Roman Catholic Church as a part of the true Church of
Christ? Did the martyrs of old die in vain as they protested the false teachings of the
"mother of harlots", and were burned at the stake for their efforts? Were Hugh Latimer,
John Knox, and Martin Luther simpletons who failed to recognize the marvelous
benefits of ecumenism and who, instead, boldly attacked the multiplied errors of
Rome?" On Charismatics: "It is interesting that, in reporting the signing of the
ecumenical document, the National and International Religion Report commented:
'What brought the two communities together to this point, some signers said, are the
experiences of worshipping together in the charismatic movement . . . . This is but
another evidence of the impetus toward ecumenism which has been generated by the
modern charismatic movement. Charismatics find common ground in their shared
experience and see no doctrinal impediment to full cooperation with one another.
Charismatics seem to be able to span the widest theological gulf with no problem

(2) The Truth About Roman Catholicism by H. Reynolds, Foundation Magazine, Vol.
XIII, Issue 1, 1995
"Is the Roman Catholic Church the one true Church? Are its past and present teachings
and practices Scriptural? How has the Roman Catholic Church changed through the
centuries? How much has it changed in our lifetime? Have these changes been basic or
superficial? Where is the Roman Catholic Church headed?"

(3) Part One: Foundations For Apostasy: 1950-1985 by Ed Tarkowski, 1996

"According to John MacArthur's "The Charismatics": "In 1960, Pentecostalism spilled
over denominational lines when Episcopal rector Dennis Bennet experienced what he
believed was the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. After that, as John
Sherrill put it, "THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN." The Charismatic movement
spread into mainline denominations such as Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian,
Baptist, and Lutheran."

(4) Charismatic And Evangelical Leaders Meet With The Pope by David W. Cloud,
Here's the magazine article about the meeting with the Pope in 1995. "Charismatic Pat
Robertson (Christian Broadcasting Network), Chuck Colson (Prison Fellowship
Ministries), Don Argue (president, National Association of Evangelicals), and Bill
Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ) were among the religious leaders who met with
Pope John Paul II during the Pope's visit to New York City, October 7, 1995."

(5) The "Evangelicals and Catholics Together" Document commentary by Tim

Barbaho, 1996
"A formal declaration boldly documents the Evangelical and Catholic commitment to
work together to evangelize and bring about social reform in the world. The
Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium
has, in effect, laid the groundwork for Evangelicals to set aside their distinctive
doctrines and unite with the Catholic Church and other religions which are coming
together by 2000 A.D."

(6) Charisma Magazine Promotes Catholic-Protestant Unity by David W. Cloud,

"The Charismatic movement is one of the most effective glues holding the last-days
ecumenical movement together."

(7) Pope Says Mary "Collaborated In The Work Of Salvation" by David W. Cloud,
"At his general audience in St. Peter's Square on April 9, Pope John Paul II said that
Mary uniquely collaborated in the work of salvation. According to the Vatican
Information Service, April 9, 1997, the pope stated that 'in union with Christ and
yielding to Him, She collaborated to obtain the grace of salvation for all humanity."
Also, see a short synopsis of David Cloud's book "The World Council Of Churches" on
the connection between Roman Catholicism and pagan religions.

(8) Is It The Same Spirit? by Moreno Dal Bello, 1996

"The Roman Catholic Charismatic Renewal is growing at a rapid pace. All around the
world Roman Catholics are experiencing the charismatic's second baptism known as
the 'baptism of the Holy Spirit.' Many are also being 'slain in the spirit' and are
Speaking in 'tongues'. The Roman Catholic priesthood has embraced the 'charismatic
experience' which has received the Pope's official blessing. But what does this all
mean?" Although this article is from a KJV-only perspective, which I do not entirely
subscribe to, it points out the fact that if Catholics and Protestants can both be "slain in
the spirit', what is to prevent any other religion from sharing in this experience. And the
answer is -- none. They are already experiencing it. Is this then the Holy Spirit or the
great apostacy?

(9) Promise Keepers Changes Doctrinal Statement To Appease Catholics by David

W. Cloud, 1997
"When Promise Keepers first published its brief statement of faith, it did not include the
phrase "by faith alone." It was added because of the outcry of those who protested that
the absence of this phrase leaves room for false gospels which mix grace and works,
faith and sacraments. You see, false gospelers do not deny that salvation is by faith and
by grace. What they deny is that it is by grace ALONE through faith ALONE without
works and sacraments of any sort. Now we see that Promise Keepers has again
modified its statement to remove "by faith alone" to please the Catholic leaders with
whom they are fellowshipping. Promise Keepers vice president, Paul Edwards, tells us
that PK's doctrinal statement is "dynamic" and "open to change." This is typical of
those with an ecumenical agenda. They claim that sound doctrine is precious to them,
but in practice they are incredibly flexible and nonchalant about the most foundational
of doctrines."

(10) Catholic Mariology Cult Gaining Wide Support UPI & The Times, UK, 1997
"The Catholic Mariology cult is gaining wider support to have the pope and the
Catholic Church declare Mary to be co-redemptrix (co-redeemer) with Christ."

(11) Inside the Catholic Catechism by Robert T. Weaver, 1996

"There are 2865 catechisms of the Catholic Church. All catechism references will be
taken from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Image, Doubleday Dell Publishing
Group, Inc. For the sake of time, I cannot cover all catechisms. However, I do want to
cover, what I believe are, major doctrinal heresies according to the Word of God. I will
give the catechism number, the catechism, and the page number referenced. I will then
list Bible verses that repudiate the teachings of the catechism."

(12) Promise Keepers Woos Catholics by Jim Kirksey, Denver Post Staff Writer, 1998
"Bill McCartney and his Promise Keepers were embraced by the Denver Catholic
Archdiocese ... at a gathering of more than 250 men, and a handful of women, at the
John Paul II Center in south Denver. "

(14) From Peter To Pope John Paul II by Catholic Information Center on Internet,
Now, if this AVI. movie file doesn't prove direct succession of apostolic authoirity from
Peter to the current pope, I don't know what does! "This [CICI] is Very, Very Great !!"
said Pope John Paul II at the demonstration of the Catholic Information Center on
Internet on October 7, 1995 by James S. Mulholland, Jr., Founder and President of
CICI." By the way, this is on the OFFICIAL Catholic site at, believe
it or not. Kind of says it all. Notice how the nose grows longer. Is it just me or is that a
sign? You will need to touch the picture with your mouse cursor to activate the morph.
It took me awhile to figure that one out. Kind of confusing like Vatican II!

(15) Pope John Paul II Receives A Mark In His Forehead By A Pagan Shiva
Priestess by Cutting Edge Ministries, 1998
"We received some very shocking, but revealing, information about Pope John Paul II
from a sister Christian organization, "Former Catholics For Christ". In their
newsletter, dated Jan/Feb/Mar, 1998, they reveal that Pope John Paul II allowed a
Shiva priestess to create the traditional Shiva mark on his forehead. Note: We do not
agree with all the conclusions in this article, but we present this information as proof
that the Vatican and the Pope continue to steadily move toward total interfaith
globalism, and that the Roman Catholic Church is spiritually bankrupt from the top

(16) Pope John Paul II - Vatican II and the "Bent Cross" by Cutting Edge
Ministries, 1998
"Please notice the Crucifix that Pope John Paul II is holding up to the people, at left.
Study it closely, and you will realize that it is not a Traditional Crucifix, as we show
below. Rather, this Crucifix is known as a "Bent Cross". But, what does that mean?"
Note: We do not agree with all the conclusions on this page but the implications of the
use of the "bent cross" indicate that the veneer of Christianity at the Vatican is wearing

(17) Pagan Practices Married To The Church Of Rome by Fair Dinkum Newsletter,
"The nature of the Catholic faith is such that nothing can be added to it, nothing taken
away. Either it is held in its entirety or it is rejected totally. This is the Catholic Faith
which, unless a man believes faithfully and firmly, he cannot be saved" (Pope Benedict
XV). The Church that never changes has been in a constant state of change since is
inception in the third century."

(18) Evangelical Leaders Participate In Papal Mass by David Cloud, 1998

"Pat Robertson and Bill Bright participated in a papal mass in New York's Central
Park during John Paul II's October visit to the United States. According to the
Religious News Service, Pat Robertson marched at the head of an ecumenical
procession (which included Bright) to the papal altar and was seated with Protestant,
Orthodox and other Christian leaders. Robertson is the Charismatic head of the 700
Club and Bright is the head of Campus Crusade for Christ."

(19) Do Catholics And Evangelicals Now Agree? by John Ankerberg With Dr. John
MacArthur, Dr. R.C. Sproul, Dr. D. James Kennedy, 1999
"Video exploration of the topic of the ECT document. A video tape series is available

(20) A Review of and Response to "Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The

Christian Mission in the Third Millennium" by James White, Director, Alpha and
Omega Ministries, 1999
"The framers of ECT have done a disservice, first and foremost to the gospel of Christ,
and secondarily to their communities. We call upon such men as Charles Colson,
Richard Land, Larry Lewis, Richard Mouw, John White, and especially J.I. Packer, to
rethink their position, and withdraw their support from a document that can do nothing
more than cause confusion and "give aid and comfort to the enemies of the cause of

(22) Faiths Heal Ancient Rift Over Faith - Catholics, Lutherans End Doctrinal
Dispute by Charles Trueheart, Washington Post Foreign Service, 11/1/99
The "Joint Declaration On The Doctrine Of Justification" was, today, nailed to his
church door by Cardinal Willliam H. Keeler, thereby allegedly ending the Reformation
that Martin Luther died to support. I dare say, if Luther could, he would be rolling over
in his grave at the sight of this apostasy. Fortunately, though 61.5 million Lutherans
agreed to the accord, about 3 million rejected it. You can read the Missouri Synod's
"The Joint Lutheran/Roman Catholic Declaration on Justification: A Response" and see
for yourself their good reasons for not signing this document. Read the full LCMS
position paper here. Keep in mind that it is a .pdf file and will take a long time to

(23) The Roman Catholic-Lutheran "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of

Justification": A Denial of the Gospel and the Righteousness of Christ by Richard
M. Bennett, 1999
"There have been numerous, alarming attempts over the past five years to declare
Roman Catholics as "brothers and sisters in Christ" during the dialogue between
Evangelicals and the Roman Catholic Church. Now something more sinister and
authoritative has taken place. "The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification"
(JD), an official doctrinal statement jointly authored by representatives of the Roman
Catholic Church (RCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), has been signed on
October 31st, 1999, as a joint confessional agreement. On the 482nd anniversary of
Martin Luther's pivotal posting of the yet unanswered "95 theses" that ignited the
Protestant Reformation, the RCC and LWF vividly confirmed their position of the
serious apostasy--to which ecumenism with Rome inevitably leads. The Lutherans of
LWF have now embraced the doctrine of the Council of Trent, and in so doing have
officially and formally denied the Gospel and the righteousness of Christ."

(24) The Condition Of The 21st Century Church by Mike Genrdon, 01/00
"What do you see as the greatest problem facing the church today? This question was
asked of me after I delivered a message in Clearwater, Florida several months ago.
Without hesitation I said: "There appears to be a lack of discernment among church
leaders and an increasing tolerance of doctrinal error and immorality within the body
of Christ." The church has become worldly, irrelevant and ignorant of biblical truth.
Seldom is the Word of God used to correct and reprove for training in righteousness.
Large numbers of lost people are coming to church to be entertained."

(25) The Web Of Ecumenism: Charismatic/Catholic Connections by Jerry Moser,

The Raden Report, 4/7/00
Catholics and Third Wavers get together for "Celebrate Jesus 2000". Speakers include
people such as Thomas Trask the AoG General Secretary; John Kilpatrick and Steve
Hill of Brownsville AoG; Pat Robertson of 700 Club; John Arnott of TACF (Toronto
"Blessing"); and Fr. Michael Scanlan of Francisan University. This is sure to bring a
heavy dose of the paranormal and occult teachings and practices of the Third Wave into
more Catholic circles. The sad part of this is that few Catholics have been taught to
discern the false teaching, false prophesy and false anointing of this movement, let
alone the true gospel message. Heresy upon heresy!

(26) Pat Robertson & Rome by David W. Cloud, The Raden Report, Fundamental
Baptist Information Service, 5/30/00
"Pat Robertson, founder of the 700 Club and Regent University, is an ardent
ecumenicist who has long worked and fellowshipped with Romanists. He exemplifies
what is happening widely in Evangelical-Charismatic circles today." Disclaimer: This
is a Fundamentalist Baptist perspective. We do not endorse some of their other views
on issues like KJV-Only.

(27) Roman Catholicism by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, 1899-1981

The Roman Catholic system is shown to be apostate doctrinally. If that is the case, why
are Evangelicals, Pentecostals and other Protestants joining with Rome?

(28) The Pope Identifies Himself As The "Sweet Christ On Earth" by David W.
Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, 6/1/00
Pope John Paul II, in a 1996 "Apostolic Exhortation," encouraged Catholics to
reverence the papacy as the "sweet Christ on earth." An Independant Baptist

(29) Tracing Rome's Steps Into Apostasy by Evangelist Mike Gendron, Proclaiming
The Gospel, July/August Newsletter, Feature Article
"As we witness the great apostasy enveloping the world, it is both discouraging and
encouraging. Yes it is indeed discouraging to see so many being deceived and falling
away from the true faith. However, it is also encouraging because we know these things
must take place before the Lord Jesus returns in glory (2 Thes 2:3). Let us be faithful to
the one who has called us out of darkness into the glorious light of His Son!"

(30) Pope To Consecrate New Millennium To Mary as reported by Bible Prophesy

Research (BPR), 2000
"Pope John Paul II will conduct an act of dedicating the new millennium to Mary, the
Vatican has announced. According to The Immaculate Heart Messenger, a major
Catholic magazine, the consecration will take place on October 7th, 2000, on the
occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary."

(31) Devil Defeats The Pope In Vatican Exorcism Battle by Bruce Johnston in Rome,
The Electronic Telegraph, 9/11/00
"The Pope carried out an impromptu exorcism on a teenage girl after she began
"screaming insults in a cavernous voice" during an audience in the Vatican City, it
emerged at the weekend. Despite the Pope's efforts and those of his chief "Satan-
buster", Fr Gabriele Amorth, the girl remained "possessed"."

(32) Proof That Mary Was A Sinner, Was In Need Of A Savior, Had More Than
Four Children, And Is Not Mediatrix by Neil Rivalland, 9/00
A quick answer to the RCC that has deified Mary.

(33) Mary Who? by Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, 10/00

"Although mankind is being drawn into every kind of spiritual deception in the last days
before the return of Jesus, it is especially sad that the real mother of Jesus, the
remarkable "handmaid of the Lord" (Lk 1:38), is so terribly misrepresented, thereby
drawing millions away from her Son."

(34) The True God Of Catholicism: The God Of Fortresses by Virginia Galli, And
"He" Shall Honor The God Of Fortresses, taken from Prophesy In The News
The man of sin, the antichrist, will be a worshipper of "a god of fortresses" (Da. 11:38).
This "god" is the female deity under many names, but in particular Astarte "god of the
tower". The foremost worshipper of female deities today is the Catholic church, whose
pope is about to deify Mary, calling her the "coredemptrix with Christ". I believe it may
be wise to keep our eyes on the next pope, who at this writing may be a Jew, who may
also be the one to negotiate a peace agreement between Isrrael and the Arab countries
since Rome is seeking to mediate that conflict. "The antichrist’s god will be the god of
the fortress. Throughout history, the leading example of the fortress god is none other
than Ishtar / Ashtoreth / Astarte, also known in certain contemporary circles as

(35) Mary: Mother ... and Savior? by Jan Jarboe Russell, New York Times News
Service, 1/6/01
"The world of today is in desperate need of a mother," whispered Prof. Mark Miravalle
as he sat behind his desk at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, carefully
fingering a string of rosary beads. Half a world away, inside the Vatican, yet another
enormous box arrived filled with petitions asking Pope John Paul II to exercise his
absolute power to proclaim a new and highly debated dogma: that the Virgin Mary is a
co-redeemer with Jesus and cooperates fully with her son in the redemption of

(36) Catholic Charismatics - My Testimony by Bill,, 5/01

"My testimony of working with the Catholic Charismatics."

(37) Pope Entrusts "Whole Church" To Mary by THE CALVARY CONTENDER,

VOL. XVIII NO. 13 July 1, 2001
"On June 3, Pope John Paul II entrusted "the whole Church" to the intercession of
Mary and "placed in her hands the expectations of peace and justice of the world." He
called her the "queen of heaven." Here's another story called "John Paul II Entrust
Peace Of World To The Virgin Mary".

(38) Roman Catholicism Compared To Biblical Christianity by Barbara Wilhelm,

"The purpose of this paper was simply to make the truth known. The love that will be
needed to share it can come only from prayerful time with the Lord. He has a deep
burden for those caught in the web of the Catholic Church. As we pray He will share
that burden with us that we may share His love and truth with them."

(39) Evangelicals And Catholics: The Next Generation? by T.A. McMahon, The
Berean Call, June 2002
Simply shocking!

(40) Mother Of Harlots? by Joseph Chambers, Paw Creek Ministries, 7/02

It is amazing to study the ancient Babylon religions, such as the Mother goddess, pagan
rituals, and other dark ideas, and then see them repeated in the Mystery Babylon of
Rome. The likeness is undeniable.

(41) A Marriage From Hell by Joseph Chambers, Paw Creek Ministries, 7/02
The joining of Catholics and Protestants is a clear indication of ultimate apostasy.
Religious organizations, denominations, churches, and individuals are presently
rushing to outdo each other in preparation for this unity.

(42) Catholicism & Islam - Ties The Bind by T.A. McMahon, The Berean Call,
November 2002
Roman Catholicism recognizes Allah as the God of the Bible. In 1985, Pope John Paul
II declared to an enraptured audience of thousands of Muslim youths, "Christians and
Muslims, we have many things in common as believers and as human beings....We
believe in the same God, the one and only God, the living God...." But how is that

(43) The Spirit of Roman Catholicism - What Lies Behind the Modern Public
Image? by Mary Ann Collins (A Former Catholic Nun), Catholic Concerns, February
How has the Roman Catholic Church behaved when it was in a position of power and
therefore was able to do what it really wanted to do? The answers may surprise you.
They surprised me.

(44) But I Say Unto Thee ... by Jackie Alnor, June 2003
Here’s a sample of how Jesus would correct the so-called "infallible" Roman Sanhedrin
if they had spiritual
ears to hear and eyes to see.

(45) Come Out Of A False Church by Bible Prophesy And Rapture Report, 4/04
There comes a time when a person has to leave a false church after they are saved. This
false church can be Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, JW, or any number of liberal
churches that deny foundations of the Christian faith. To stay inside as a 'witness' just
isn't possible. One cannot grow and mature in a false church. Also a person gives
indirect approval to the false doctrines in that church by attending such a place. Only
by obeying God and coming out will a statement be made and a Godly influence given!

(46) Indifference or Ignorance: The Practice of Idolatry Within the Church by

Richard Bennett and Randall Paquette
Praise for Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” has resounded from pulpit to pew.
It is evident that there are many Christians who, without reservation, are prepared to
accept movies about “Christ”, even one in the Catholic tradition. The question
therefore that must be asked is this: in the light of Scripture, is their position defendable
or do they fall under the condemnation of Almighty God?

(47) Queen Of Rome, Queen Of Islam, Queen Of All! by Roger Oakland,

Understanding The Times, 1/05
She appears as a living, breathing, three-dimensional lady enveloped in exquisite light.
Visionaries and seers describe a beautiful, young woman glowing in radiant splendor.
Seers, while describing her as brilliant to behold and arrayed with every splendor,
admit that the "Queen of Heaven" transcends human description.

(48) Mary for Protestants? A New Look at an Old Question by Albert Mohler,
President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 3/18/05
Should Mary be venerated by Protestants? That question frames the March 21, 2005
cover story for TIME magazine. David Van Biema has written an expansive and
insightful report on contemporary developments among Protestants--developments that
may influence some evangelicals.

(49) Smack Dab In The Middle Of The Apostasy - "Evangelicals" Fawn Over The
Pope At His Death by Sandy Simpson, 4/7/05
The Roman Catholic Church, headed by the popes, have long taught against at least
two of the "central doctrines of the Christian Faith". That "Evangelical" leaders would
endorse the pope, glorify him, say he is a saint, and laud him to the world is a testament
of just how far into apostasy the Evangelical churches have fallen.

(50) Who is the Vicar of Christ? by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries,
Richard Bennett asks the question we all need to answer.

(51) The Roman Catholic Issue of Interfaith by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason
Ministries, 4/12/05
How has the evangelical church become agreeable for interfaith.

(52) Catholic Doctrines Comparison Chart

A helpful (.pdf) comparison chart of some false teachings of Catholicism and a
historical timeline as to when they started.

(53) The Alignment of New Evangelicals with Apostasy by Richard Bennett, 1/06
The first and second National Evangelical Anglican Conferences that met at Keele and
Nottingham in the UK in 1967 and 1977, respectively, were primed to launch and
further the new policy of Anglican Evangelicals towards ecumenism. There was a now
desire on the part of New Evangelicals to be united with ritualistic Anglicans, who were
essentially Roman Catholic in belief and practice; and liberals who believed in a
fallible Bible. Leading Evangelicals, such as John Stott and J.I. Packer, endorsed the
statements from these. John Stott, who chaired the first conference at Keele, made clear
that the conference was accepting not only Anglo-Catholics and liberals, but Roman
Catholics also: “All who confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according
to the Scriptures and therefore seek together to fulfill their common calling to the glory
of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit have a right to be treated as Christians, and it
is on this basis that we wish to talk with them.”6

(54) Reformation Rejection by Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, 2/06

Shamefully, double-crossing Evangelicals have reversed the Reformation, railroading
believers back to the reign of Rome.

(55) Vatican, WCC Churches And Other Religions Work On Consensual

Conversion Plan by BeliefNet, Associated Press, 2006
ATHENS, Greece - The Vatican and the world's largest alliance of Christian churches
plan to seek a common code for religious conversions, a leader of the effort said
Wednesday. The groups also will open contacts with Islam and other faiths to study
ways to avoid conflicts.

(56) A Different Gospel Cannot Be The Same Gospel by Ken Silva, Apprising
Ministries, 6/5/06
Now can you see the deadly deception that far too many evangelical leaders themselves
have been falling for? The Purpose Driven Church, as the logical outgrowth of the
sinner sensitive Church Growth Movement, the Emergent Church embodying the
Gnostic new evangelicalism, and the Word Faith Church for those obsessed with
material gain, a little something for everyone in these major cogs within the ECoD. But
don’t these poor misguided fools remember that God the Holy Spirit clearly warns the
true Christian not to be yoked together with unbelievers like the long apostate Church
of Rome?

(57) Catholicism And Christianity: The Differences Between Them by Barbara

Wilhelm, 9/4/06
The Bible says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” With all my
heart I want to see those who are Catholic set free. That is the reason I have written this
report. Catholics need to know the truth of real salvation and we Christians need to
know the truth about Catholicism that we may witness to them meaningfully so that they
may know the true love of Jesus and have eternal life. And eternal life is exactly what is
at stake as this comparison reveals.