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Dear columnist,

Smoking is bad for you and you should stop immediately, I know, I know, and I have never really liked doing it. Im Bob. Im 17years old. I started smoking 3 years ago. I remember smoking my first cigarette. I was at school when my parents let me go on my first school excursion, and thats where it happened. A friend of mine bought a packet of cigarettes and offered me one. I tried to refuse but I couldnt: I was curious to know what smoking was! So I tried smoking one. Then another, then another and so on The first made me feel sick, and the second made me cough a lot. To be honest, I have never really enjoyed smoking, but giving up is more difficult than starting. Ive often tried cutting it down, but I havent got the will-power to stop completely. If somebody finds an easy way to help people give up smoking, then I will follow it Ever since I started, I can't do all the stuff I used to. I could swim with my friends on teams and solo. I also walked and ran with them. But now I can't because I get out of breath and just don't have the energy or desire that I had before. I always feel tired. I have a bad breath and my clothes have a nasty smell. I feel miserable. Can you please help me?

Key1.Three years ago(at the age of 14)/at a school excursion/2.a- I have never liked smoking-b- It was more difficult than starting-che is less active than before/3.a- to ask for help- b. to know what

smoking was. c- miserable/4.sick-give up/5.He has a bad breath-His clothes smell nasty./6.aExpressing opinion .b-Advising./7.S/D

1.Read and complete this table with the correct answer. (1mark) Bobs When did it start? Where did it start? smoking -----------------------------------------problem 2-The following statements are false . Read and correct them with information from the text:(1.5marks) a-He really enjoys smoking . ........................................................................................... b- It was easy for him to quit smoking. ......................................................................................... c- He is as active as before................................................... 3- Tick the correct answer(1.5marks): a-Bob wrote this letter - to make his parents aware of his problem. - to ask for help. - to encourage teenagers to smoke. b- The boy had his first cigarette just -to know what smoking was. - to be polite to his friend -To help his friend finish the cigarettes. c- Now he feels: -glad. - embarrassed

Language: (14marks) 1/Circle the correct alternatives: (4marks) Many animals are in danger and if nothing is done they may not survive . Endangered animals are animals (who/where/which) are in danger of extinction. Some of the names in the list of animals ( might /must/cant)soon disappear from the world . Perhaps the most famous(mild/habitat/rare) animal is panda, Twenty years ago it was nearly extinct. Now, its numbers (are growing /was growing/will be growing) again. Many other species have been less lucky than the panda. (In fact/ However/Although)by the year 2030, 25% of all animals, birds, fish and insects (may/should/must) be extinct. Men (which/whose/who) has polluted their natural habitat is the main cause of the death of millions of animals and the ruin of the rainforests (who/which/when) are in South America, Africa and Asia.


4- Read and complete with the synonyms of the underlined words:(1mark): I know that smoking makes me feel ill=-------------------but since I started it two years ago, I am not able to stop =--------------------------it 5/What are the effects of smoking on his life? Give two effects(1 mark) 1.-----------------------------------------------------------2.-------------------------------------------------------------------6- Match these sentences with their correct functions.(1mark) a- I find that giving up is more difficult than starting. -Expressing advice. A B -Expressing probability. 1.a- Expressing ability. The world's Expressing opinion . seas are b- Expressing polluted by oil which leaks from b- tankers and waste water You should stop immediately: -Inviting. possibility. -Agreeing. c- Expressing a request. - Advising. Sea pollution has bad results on fish 2.a- Expressing ability 7 and animals underlined sea. In Are the that live near the sounds the same or b- Expressing inability. fact, Chemical might kill fish or c- Expressing different contaminated.(1) Also () the right box .( c) ? (1mark) Tick make them probability. is people can't swim in polluted seas. an example 3.a- suggesting.
(2) How can we stop pollution? First , Same government should stop their a) feel factories from spilling chemicals completely into sea.(3) Second, all countries around the world must agree to stop campingdropping waste b) ships from water or oil.(4)By following these parents advice, sea opposite gradually c) got pollution will reduce .
b- Requesting. c- Advising. Different 4.a- Expressing Obligation b- Expressing Prohibition. c- Expressing possibility.

2/Match parts of sentences to get meaningful paragraph. Be careful, there is one extra answer: (2 marks)Write the answer bellow.

1/ Forests are home to over Half of the world's animals and plants. 2. Trees clean the air and produce oxygen for us to breathe. 3/ Every day we cut down hundreds of trees to make papers and furniture. 4/The natural habitat of many species of animals is destroyed 1+------2+------3+------4+------

a- As a result many bird species and other forest animals are endangered. b- thats why everyone has to take care of them. c- Thats why, it may results in deafness. d- In fact, we destroy more than 36 football field of forests daily. e- However, many of them are cut down

Key:1.which/might/rare/are growing/In fact/may /who /which --/2.*1.b-2.e-3.d-4.a/3.differance-Ozone layer-breathe-fumesdiseases-impact must-rainforest./4. *1.b-2.b-3.c-4.a 3.Fill in the blanks with words from the list. Be careful there are two extra words: (4