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1984 Redux: Section Two – FREEDOM IS SLAVERYPart One: Surveillance goes High Tech

– FREEDOM IS SLAVERYPart One: Surveillance goes High Tech “And somebody told me / “Big Brother’s

“And somebody told me / “Big Brother’s watching you” / And somebody else said / “You knowit’s not true” / Who do you believe?” - Big Brother bySubhumans (Daythe CountryDied / 1983)


We all know that Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras do not reduce crime in anyway, shape or form and that evidence gathered from such cameras onlyenable one in a thousand (1:1,000) of all criminal convictions in a court of law. In fact, evidence strongly suggests that CCTV systems cause a phenomenon known as “Crime Displacement” whereby the presence of CCTV cameras do not reduce crime but instead moves it to where there is no CCTVpresence.

So why are governments and town councils so keen on them if they really are that useless for actual crime detection or prevention? Could it be that they are there for spying on the people rather than for any notion of public safety? We all know that here in the UK one can be filmed byup to 300 cameras in a day, each and every time we go to town or to the supermarket. Even in small shopping precincts on housing estates there are many CCTVCameras filming everyone but catching few actual criminals.

Now where I live we even have little “Smart” cars with CCTVsystem mounted on top popping up everywhere. The local council says they are to be used during the school run to help prevent traffic violations, but it is strange how often I see them on the pedestrian high street where there are no cars and no schools. Therefore, I suspect that theyare reallythere to spyon us all, to make sure that we are “behaving ourselves” and not doing things that the local council considers “antisocial”. With the new technologies being added to CCTVsystems all over Europe and North America, one begins to understand that CCTV is not about crime detection and prevention at all…

Division One: Facial Recognition

On the 3rd of June 2010, the Australian Daily Telegraph reported that the New South Wales government is quietly compiling a mathematical map of almost every adult’s face, sharing information that allows law enforcement to track people byCCTV.[1] The technologyis alreadyhere to do so with around a 90% accuracy on the correct identification of an individual via a high resolution CCTVcamera. Meanwhile, all CCTVcameras in America, Australia and Europe are being gradually upgraded to High Density format (HD), giving these governments the capabilities to use Facial Recognition through CCTVin real time.

Meanwhile, the “Biometrics Exhibition and Conference 2010″[2] will be held on the 19th to 21st of October 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, England. Such conference topics include “Iris Identification – Ready for Prime Time – Mexico’s National Identity System” and “CCTV & Biometrics – How to catch Criminals and prevent Crime” (Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville of the Metropolitan Police – London, UK). Other topics of note include “Iris Recognition for stand-off Identification and Surveillance” and “Virtual

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IdentityAnalysis through the VITAL Framework”.

This is an international conference involving law enforcement agents and technologycompanies from all major western nations.

There is an interesting viral marketing campaign that occurred in the earlyhalf of 2010 on behalf of Nokia that started off as a so-called “leaked” Parliamentary lobbying video by a company calling itself Blackwell & Briggs:[3] [4]

Is was supposedly made with the support of “MI10b” and the “Ministry of Internal Security” – the latter to our

knowledge does not exist, but the former is a little too close to the truth for comfort. MI10, or MilitaryIntelligence Unit 10, did in fact exist throughout the Second World War and was finally annexed into GCHQ in the 1950s, where it exists to this day as a separate office within GCHQ to liaise between the military and GCHQ. The technologythis viral marketing video talks about is perfectlyfeasible, as we can see from the above conference that is to take place in London during October 2010.

Is the live tracking of suspects through CCTVand Facial Recognition readyfor prime time right now? You can

safely assume that it is, and that it is already being rolled out throughout the European Union and the United

States of America at the Federal Level, just as it is being rolled out in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico.

Division Two: Parabolic Microphones

In cities all over the Netherlands, in government offices and prisons, and even on the streets of Coventryhere in

the UK, new security systems are being installed along side CCTV called Sigard.[5] Sigard is a system of parabolic microphones linked into computer monitoring stations that can detect aggressive voice patterns in people:

“Ninety percent of all incidents involving physical aggression are preceded by verbal aggression,” the Sound Intelligence[6] web site says. “The ability to spot verbal aggression before it turns into a violent outbreak delivers valuable time to security personnel and enables speedy intervention.”

“All well and good” one might be inclined to say, “at least it will reduce street crime”. The thing is, inAmerica a similar system was sold to Government at the State and Federal level[7] as a means to detect the discharge of firearms and between two or three microphones the system can triangulate the location of the gunshot within a few meters and feed this information to law enforcement. So a system that can detect aggressive voice patterns can also detect gunshots and triangulate their positions.

This leads me to ask the question “What else can this system detect?” Can it detect keywords and home in on private conversations if people start talking bad about their governments? Can it then be used to train the CCTV cameras on the source of the conversation, use the Facial Recognition technology to identify the people speaking, and then either send officers to arrest these people or tag them for later surveillance? Would our governments do such things to its citizenry?

The answer to the above, rather uncomfortable, questions is “yes”.

Dylan Sharpe, from Big Brother Watch, said: “There can be no justification for giving councils or the police the capability to listen in on private conversations. There is enormous potential for abuse, or a misheard word, causing unnecessary harm with this sort of intrusive and overbearing surveillance.”[8]

With the imminent collapse of our economic systems and the potential for mass civil disobedience, and even,

a possible civil war within the next twelve to eighteen months, you can be sure that such monitoring

technologies will be rolled out throughout the western world despite what governments may claim to the

contrary.As President Thomas Jefferson once said, “Governments are prone to Tyranny”.

Division Three: The Other Methods of the Surveillance of Citizen



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The first thing the governments need to do in order to be able to track all of the Citizen Slaves is to set up the means to be able to identify each and every one of them. For the past thirty-eight years western governments have been making a secret DNA Database of everyone born through simple heel-prick tests, ostensibly to check the health of the baby. In realitythese heel-prick samples are sent to secret DNAdatabases accessible to all law enforcement and security services. The British Government has been complicit in this since the 1970s,[9] as has the American Administration,[10] although in both cases it has only just been declassified and legislation put in place to legalise what theywere alreadydoing illegally. Both of these governments make out that it is solely for health care reasons, but once you realise that all law enforcement and security service agencies will have access to these DNADatabases, the lie falls rather flat.

Then they will need to be able to tag them and keep track of them. I have already mentioned the so-called “improvements” that all western governments are now adding to CCTVsystems, but even that is not enough. Theywant to give us all 21st CenturySlave Brands in the form of implantable Radio-FrequencyIdentity(RFID) chips, but first theyhave to gentlyget us used to the idea – acclimatise us all to this new level of tyranny, if you will. So theytryto sell it as a great wayto keep track of your pets, and get us used to the technologythat way.[11] Now that the FDAhas approved their use in humans,[12] and the use of RFIDs in Diabetes and Epilepsy patients is being promoted as a good thing (if theyhave a fit or a seizure then emergencymedical staff on the ground can access their medical information there and then with a simple reading device). With all British militarypersonnel due to be fitted with RFID bythe end of 2012 and all Mexican police officers alreadyfitted with it, it is only a matter of time before all people get fitted out with RFID chips. It will probably be rolled out with infant vaccinations first, and then it will be made compulsoryfor the adult population.

Then you have the whole issue of Biometric Passports and IdentityCards, RFID fitted to all goods bought and sold, and a whole host of other tracking devices and systems for the surveillance of the Citizen Slave.[13]


We in the west are becomming even more monitored and more regularly spied upon than even the Citizen Slaves of Communist China. Our abilityto defend civil liberties can onlybe maintained as long as we fight for, and keep, our inalienable right to privacy.As soon as we lose our right to privacyall our other inalienable rights will become so much harder to defend.

Unfortunately, what I have talked about here is onlythe tip of the iceburg. In the next two parts of this section of Nineteen Eighty-Four Redux: FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, I will be going over some other matters to do with our loss of privacyand other inalienable human rights.

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