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Blackberry Power Users Guide v.

About Us
Blackberry handset users will tell you that they cannot be without their phone. This is owing to the great features, leading services and intrinsic style that comes with each phone. There is no doubt that the Blackberry is a world leader and that more and more users are opting for the trendy and advanced handset At Berryfix we understand this - and that is why we offer a service designed to save our customers time and money. We follow a high standard of manufactures requirements to ensure that you get the most professional service. We maintain a healthy inventory holding, thus allowing continuity through the repair process. As technological specialists, Berryfix invites you to explore the ease of a Blackberry phone repair that lasts. Berryfix delights its clients through fast and efficient service. We offer a warm friendly smile and enjoy catering for our clients.

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Johannesburg Branch 3 Sandown Valley Crescent, (off Fredman drive) Ground Floor, Sandown, Sandton, Johannesburg 2196, South Africa. Tel: 086 005 6729 GPS co-ordinates: -26.10363" E 28.04998


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Through our courier backbone we are able to provide fast efficient service and turnaround time. We also provide a pick up and deliver service nationwide: More than simply offering Blackberry phone repair, Berryfix is home to a community of Blackberry users and as such, you can keep up to speed with new and used phones available for sale as well as related accessories. You can even sell your old Blackberry when you get a new one!


Typing Shortcuts To capitalize a letter with one click, hold down the letter key. To insert a period, click the Space key twice. Turn CAP Lock on by pressing the ALT key followed by the right Shift key. Turn it off by pressing either Shift key. Turn Number Lock on by pressing the ALT key followed by the left Shift key. Turn it off by pressing either Shift key. Type an accented letter or special character by holding the corresponding letter and scrolling left or right with the Trackpad. Insert the current date into a message or document by pressing the L key followed by the D key and Space key. Insert the current time into a message or document by pressing the L key followed by the T key and Space key. Messaging Shortcuts In e-mail inbox, press the S key to search for a sender or a word within a subject line, and any mail folder regardless of message was sent or received. Within inbox, access the complete list of messages sent by hitting the ALT key followed by the O key. Within inbox, access the complete list of messages received by hitting the ALT key followed by the I key. Within inbox, access the complete list of SMS text messages received by hitting the ALT key followed by the S key. Within inbox, access phone log by hitting the ALT key followed by the P key. Within inbox, access voicemail log by hitting the ALT key followed by the V key. To delete all messages sent or received before a specific date, highlight that date with the cursor, hit the BlackBerry Menu key, select Delete Prior and confirm selection. To enable automatic spell checking of e-mail messages, click the Options icon on BlackBerry home screen. Then click Spell Check and select the Spell Check E-Mail Before Sending option. To do a manual spell check, click the BlackBerry Menu key within a composed message and select Check Spelling.

When a message is being spell checked, suggested fixes to unrecognized words can be ignored by clicking the escape key. Insert the "@" Symbol in an Email Message. Press the spacebar to enter an "@" symbol in a message or press it twice to insert a period. Attachments and Phone Shortcuts

Spreadsheet Attachments:
Change the size of a column by pushing the W key. Go to a specific cell by pressing the G key. View contents of a cell by pressing the Space key. Search for text by clicking the F key, and then type the desired word. Switch to a different worksheet by pressing V and selecting the desired sheet

Presentation Attachments:
Skip to the next slide by pressing the N key. Return to the previous slide by clicking the P key. Start slideshow by pushing the S key. Stop slideshow by clicking the Escape key. Switch to a new view of the slideshow by clicking the M key.

Phone Functions
Multitask while on phone calls by hitting the BlackBerry menu key during a call and then selecting Home Screen. You'll then have access to e-mail and other documents--though most BlackBerrys don't allow for simultaneous voice and data transfer, so Internet access is unavailable while on calls. Find specific contacts from your BlackBerry home screen by pressing keys for first and last initials, with a space between them. If more than one contact has the same initials, scroll to the appropriate contact. To quickly perform a soft reset, simply press your BlackBerry's ALT, Right Shift and Delete keys simultaneously and your device will reset itself. Press your BlackBerry's ALT, Left Shift and H keys simultaneously to display the BlackBerry "Help Me" screen. To jump to the oldest unread message in your BlackBerry's inbox, simply open up the inbox, scroll over a message and tap your U key. You'll jump right to your oldest unopened mail. You can use your BlackBerry camera's flash as flashlight with just a couple of button clicks. Simply open up your video camera application and then tap your Space Bar.

You can easily view, copy and send off a Web page address when using the BlackBerry Browser by clicking your "P" key while on a Web page. You'll then be presented with a pop-up menu that shows the specific Web address, as well as options for copying and sharing the link via a variety of methods (e-mail, PIN, SMS, etc.) Quickly scroll through media files in the BlackBerry media player applications, both music and video, by tapping "N" for "next" to move forward and "P" for previous to move backward through files. Navigate Your Calendar Quickly: First, enable Quick Entry, then press "D" for day, "W" for week, "M" for month and "A" for agenda. Delete Messages by Date: Click a date and press Delete Prior to restore order to your mailbox while still retaining your most recent messages. Get Better Coverage with Your Radio: If your coverage is not doing well, try turning your radio off and on to force a network scan.

BlackBerry Browser
Bring up the Enter Web Address field from any Web page by pressing the G key. Insert a period in Web address by clicking the Space key. Insert a back slash in Web address by clicking either the Left Shift or Right Shift keys and then hitting Space. Add an item to bookmarks list by clicking the A key. Bring up your bookmark list by clicking the K key. Refresh a Web page by clicking the R key. Display a list of the last 20 pages visited by hitting the I key. Open browser options with the O key. While navigating the Web via BlackBerry Browser, you can quickly jump to the top and/or bottom of a page by tapping your "T" key to go to the top and "B" to drop to the bottom of a page. Scroll Down: Use your spacebar to scroll down a page, then press Shift and the spacebar simultaneously to move back up.
Stop a Page from Loading. Press the Escape button to keep Web pages from loading.

Basics: Starts and Stops

To put device into Standby Mode so keys cannot be pressed while it's not in use, hold down the Mute key for a second or two. Undo Standby Mode by holding Mute for another couple of seconds. Hard Reboot: If BlackBerry slows down, starts malfunctioning or freezing, always try removing the battery and waiting a few seconds before reinserting it. Alternatively perform a Soft Reboot. Soft Reboot: Reboot your phone by pressing Left Alt, Right Shift (aA) and del at the same time.

How to Find the IMEI Number on a Blackberry Every GSM phone has an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. This number helps identify your BlackBerry phone from all the other BlackBerry handsets in the world. The IMEI number has several uses. It can be used to stop stolen phones from being used on a mobile network. It may also be needed if you want to unlock your BlackBerry phone from one mobile network to another one. Step 1 Turn your BlackBerry phone on. On the home menu, click the menu button to move to the applications page. Step 2 Scroll down the applications page with the trackball to Options and click the tool icon. Step 3 Scroll down the Options page until you see "Status" and click on it with the trackball. Step 4 Scroll to the fifth field down in the Status menu. The fifteen digit number on the right side is the IMEI number of your BlackBerry phone. Step 5 If you are unable to locate the IMEI of your blackberry due to a cracked screen or LCD issue, you can find your IMEI number either at the back of your phone underneath the battery or on the side of the box in which your Blackberry was originally packaged.

IMEI Number Quick Tip There is also a keyboard short cut to display your IMEI number that works on most phones. From the home screen, press *#06#. Simply press the buttons as they are. There is no need to use the shift key. Don't be alarmed if you are taken into the call log. This is normal. Once you type the last hash tag, a popup screen with your IMEI number will appear. Click OK to navigate off the IMEI number pop-up screen. For Tips and Tricks and Blackberry help join us on: Facebook: Twitter: Having problems with your Blackberry give us a call on 086 005 6729
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