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Last updated on the 5th March 2007

Danny Choo

Personal Details

Language Ability
Mother tongue Native ability (reading/writing/spoken) Intermediate (reading/writing/spoken) Intermediate (reading/writing/spoken) Intermediate (spoken)

0-0-00 English: Meguro, Meguro-ku Japanese: Tokyo Korean: Telephone: 000 0000 0000 Mandarin: E-mail: Cantonese: Personal URL: Date of Birth: 11/11/11 (11 years old) Nationality: British Status: Married Currently hold UK passport, Specialist in Humanities/Intl Services visa (Japan).

Employment History
Apr 2006 - Mar 2007 Microsoft Japan - All your PC are belong to us (Tokyo Japan) Title: CGM Product Manager Responsibilities in this role included: Feature planning, service evaluation, development, implementation and execution of online services. Achievements in this role included: If I told you I would have to kill you. Nov 2004 - April 2005 Amazon Japan K.K - The worlds largest selection online (Tokyo Japan) Title: Sr Manager, China Website Development Responsibilities in this role included: Responsible for the management and recruitment of software development, web developme nt and catalog systems/operations in China. Achievements in this role included: Introduced Amazon style guidelines - this meant that we were able to reduce the number of hours spent on creatives by using guidelines that have been proven to be effective at increa sing conversion. Implemented SEO techniques to to increase the number of pages indexed by sear ch engines and to also increase result rankings. If I told you the rest then I would have to kill you. Mar 2004 - Nov 2004 - The worlds largest selection online (Seattle USA) Title: Sr Manager, Global ASIN Metrics Responsibilities in this role included: Responsible for the management of software development teams to develop and deliver AS IN (Amazon Standard Identification Number a unique identifier for our products) metrics s ystems. The types of systems we develop are; Competitive monitoring systems. These systems enable Amazon to monitor and analyz e competitor pricing in sudo-real time - this is presented together with ASIN related data from our internal data warehousing and real-time systems. These systems are critical fo r our ability to understand competitor pricing trends and maintain the lowest prices for o ur customers. Work closely with the Alexa team on the CMT project (see below), ensure milestones ar e being met in a timely manner. Selection analysis systems. Our business owners can make improved critical business decisions through understanding their categories by using our systems. ASIN metrics systems. These systems are used by teams like Marketplace, Catalog Op erations, and Product managers. These systems aggregate and perform calculations o

n an ASIN level which allow these groups to perform at a higher level of efficiency by co ncentrating on the top 20% of products which account for 80% of sales. As a senior member of the management team within Global Site Development (GSD), I wou ld make key decisions on project execution / prioritization and the top grading / performance evaluation of GSD subordinates. Give presentations on ideas and project status / initiatives to Amazon employees in the all-h ands each quarter, to senior vice presidents and to our CEO Jeff bezos together with his tea m of direct reports.

Achievements in this role included: Developed and deployed the Competitive Monitoring Tool (CMT). CMT is a revolutionary sy stem which scrapes the price of thousands of products across multiple competitor websites for any given product line. We also scrape their in-stock availability status and pricing inform ation. These statistics are essential for our pricing analysts and allow them to make critical p ricing decisions and continue to maintain the lowest prices for the consumer. CMT has an API which feeds data into our price management systems which allow for automate d and instantaneous price changes to the website based on competitor price and availability together with thresholds determined by the business. We implemented and employed stealth techniques to avoid detection by competitor sites. CMT also allows Amazon to understand competitor selection. Developed and launched the Selection Tool. Selection Tool gives our business owners a gre ater understanding of their products by presenting to them detailed information aggregated f rom various internal systems APIs. Aug 2001 - Mar 2004 Amazon Japan K.K - The worlds largest selection online (Tokyo Japan) Title: Sr Manager, Japan Website Development Responsibilities in this role included: Responsible for the production team of 30 heads. The team comprised of Web Developmen t, Quality Assurance, Design, Browse Development, Content Build and Deployment, Cross Site Editorial, Imaging, Program Management and Catalog Operations. I was responsible for providing the optimum organizational structure, workloads, direction, hi ring, firing, performance evaluation, and determined compensation / career advancement. Lead development teams remotely across the globe to coordinate and deploy website featur es. Responsible as a member of the senior management team in Japan to make critical decisio ns regarding company direction. Also was a member on interview loops for key members of staff including directors. As a member of the senior management team, I would participate in top grading, promotion and organizational decisions. Travel to each of our locales to meet with the other country website managers to discuss, pl an and decide resource allocation, technological constraints / advancements that influence t he following quarter's website initiatives. Worked with and have good working knowledge of all departments across all locales in Ama zon including Vendor Management, Buying, Merchandising, Finance, Legal, Retail, Marketin g, Web Services, Public Relations, Human Resources, Supply Chain / Operations, IT. Responsible for onboard orientation for new key hires and constant education of website fe atures, technology and processes for the business owners. Present technology updates and QA sessions at the company all-hands each quarter. Worked closely with Customer Service to understand the nature and cause of customer con tact - allowing my team to keep their assigned contacts to a minimum. Maintained excellent Service Level Agreements. Maintained high morale and optimal working conditions for my team members. Achievements in this role included: Delivered the following major incremental features to the site. Incremental product lines include: Video Games, Software, Gift, Marketplace, Consumer El ectronics and Home&Kitchen. Features include: My Store, Vodafone, Listmania, Wishlist, Cash On Delivery. Implementation of Search Engine Optimization changes to all the Amazon retail sites resulti ng in incremental revenues of millions of US dollars. Introduced procedures such as the Quarterly Planning Process which enabled the business to prioritize the most important feature rollout and projects - allowing my team to execute an d deliver with minimal resources whilst minimizing the need to work overtime.

Executed new and innovative website features which have resulted in incremental revenues of millions of Japanese yen. Implemented a vast array of user interface and usability changes to not only improve our cu stomer's online shopping experience but also to increase conversion. Delivered's first syndicated store for Virgin Mega Japan. Through the introduction of technology, improvement processes and top grading, I kept hea dcount flat throughout the 3 years as website manager whilst continuing to deliver 100% of t he projects and initiatives that were required for to meet each quarter's financi al targets. Gained excellent working knowledge of Amazons proprietary database, catalog, content / so ftware deployment systems and data processes. Also gained excellent working knowledge of our online usability tests - this refers to the test s that we implement when launching incremental features online to a certain percent of user s to establish how colors, element / widget positioning, number of clicks involved etc affect c ustomer behavior and conversion. Gained excellent working knowledge and concepts of email marketing, content managemen t and online promotional management systems.

May 2001 - Aug 2001 JobDragon K.K - Japan's newest and fastest growing online career network (Tokyo Japan) Title: Contents Producer / Responsibilities in this role included: Enhance site navigation and usability. Graphic design and coding. Develop multi-lingual sites using XML, XSLT and ASP. Develop mobile solutions. Coordinate with the software team to separate backend code from the presentational layer. Develop content sharing opportunities with affiliate sites. Achievements in this role included: Major overhaul of the site which entailed re-coding the navigation system, redesigning the g raphics and usability. Created and coordinated the production of the Ingenium Group site (Job Dragons executive search division). Developed i-mode and PDA mobile solutions for Ingenium Group. Implemented the transition of newsletters format from plain text to HTML using XSLT. July 1999 - April 2001

Nature Japan K.K

- weekly scientific journal since 1869 (Tokyo Japan) Title: Web Marketing Executive / Responsibilities in this role included: Marketing of Nature and 12 sister journals in South East Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore). Coordinate with outsourced designers and printers to ensure that Nature's high standard an d policies were adhered to. Organization of the print run schedule coordinating with translators, designers and printers. Execution and planning of numerous marketing projects and promotions by electronic and c onventional means. Development and maintenance of Nature's regional sites (English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Korean). Development of online subscription system. Budget allocation and expenditure. Develop community websites and Gateways. Management of outsourcing (schedule and compensation). Organization and management of conferences (sponsors, display material, time tables) Negotiating with advertising clients for sponsored placements in print and online. Design of advertisements, mailings, posters, subscription forms using Illustrator and Photos hop. Design and creation of web graphics, logos, and interfaces. Print buying. Communicate with our offices in London and New York regarding print buying, print run, mar keting issues.

Achievements in this role included: Drove the concept, creation and deployment of Nature's Korean language site (which accou nted for 90% of all subscription orders from Korea). Improved the delivery system of journals to Korea speeding up delivery time of up to 72 hou rs and reducing costs. Developed from concept to deployment "NWEB" - a member program whereby subscribers earn points depending on the price and length of their subscription. Points can redeem prod ucts such as free online access, free limited subscriptions to another journals and Nature m erchandise. Launched Nature Immunology in Japan and Korea and drove circulation to be the highest w orldwide. Launched Nature Genetics, Nature Molecular Cell Biology and Nature Neuroscience. Developed metrics systems to analyze subscription data by a wide variety of variables - ess ential for understanding the effectiveness of various channels of subscriptions. April 1998 - June 1999

JAL Avionet Ltd IT division of Japan Airlines (London England) Title: Computer Engineer
Responsibilities in this role included: Software/hardware support and maintenance of Japan Airlines reservation systems through out Europe. Maintenance and configuration of our client's computer systems and networks. Clients inclu ded NHK, NTT Data, Mitsui Kaijyou and Marubeni.

2000 1995-1998 1993 1992-1993 1989-1992 Proficiency BA Double Hons Proficiency HND A Level Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level 4 School of Oriental & African Studies (London University) Japanese & Korean BA (First Class) Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 London College of Printing & Distributive Trades (London) Business & Finance Leyton Sixth Form College (London) Design

Computing Ability
Development Software Hardware HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, XML, XSLT, Double byte technology and issues. Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3Dmax, Swift 3D, XML Spy. Good applied knowledge of Intel based PC assembly, Installation and setup of servers / LAN networks. Sample of work (Personal site requires Flash 6) 3dmax, Swift 3D, Flash, PHP, MYSQL (Online recruitment site) ASP, XSLT

Interests (general)
Programming, web technologies, building community websites, Japanese animation, Asian culture, plastic kit modeling, storm trooping.