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Chapter I Is Capital Punishment Rig'ht?


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According to the law of justice everyone who commits adultery should be killed (Lev. 20:11). Suppose that would be enforced today. There would not be many people left in some areas. According to God's law you should be stoned to death if you are guilty of adultery, that is if two witnesses testify against you (Deut. 17: 16). If you are living with another's companion you should be stoned to death in public, according to justice. You are worthy to die! Death is on your trail! God told a king, who had a woman who did not belong to him, but had not yet defiled her, "Behold, thou art but a dead man, for which the woman which thou has taken; for she is a man's wife" (Gen. 20: 3) . The Lord let twenty-three thousand of His people die in one day because they committed fornication (I Cor. 10 :8). The Holy Spirit, through Saint Paul, gave a stinging rebuke to the early Church, because they did not pray judgment down on a man who was guilty of fornication. God's Word demands that we turn such a man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh (I Cor. 5: 5) . Of course, this proves that it is not the Lord that actually kills them. All the Lord needs to do is to withdraw His mercy, compassion and protection; and Satan stands ready to kill you anyway. In this case you would die before your time, as thousands of people do, (Eccl. 7 :17). Just because the Lord withdraws His protecting power and lets you go, is no sign that you can blame the Lord for letting you die. YOU are to blame for not living straight and using faith for your protection. The One Who Knows said that He came not to destroy men's lives but to save men's lives. He will save your life if you will repent, live right, and use your faith for your protection. If it were not for God's mercy, long suffering, and com,


, -b, W.~.GRA~T J"

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passion many people would have been dead long ago. Satan would like to take your life before tomorrow night. I often

The Law of Justice wonder why God permits some folks to live, to drag down the innocent and virtuous people. The goodness of God should lead people to repentance (Rom. 2 :4). According to the law of justice no one is supposed to live who tells fortunes. (Deut. 18 :10; Lev. 20 :6). Saul passed a law against the people who had familiar spirits. Then he consulted a witch and was killed for doing so. (I Chr. 10:13). , Those strange people we call fortune-tellers go by many different names, but if they are an "observer of times" in any way, then by rights, both them and the ones who consult them should die. (Ex. 22 :18; Lev. 20 :2, 20-27; Deut. 18:11, 13:5). Saint Paul proved that fortune-telling is of the devil. (Acts 16) The Lord does not deliver people from evil spirits against their will, or they would accept them back and be in a worse condition than ever. (Matt. 12 :43-44) But when this fortune-teller girl saw that these men were servants of the true God and acknowledged it, Paul cast the devil out of her. She then became just an ordinary person. Stubborness and rebellion are of the devil. They are the same as witchcraft or idolatry. (I Sam. 15 :23) Those who worshiped idols were killed in Bible times. So were those people who were stubborn. (Deut. 21 :18-20) If the stubborn and rebellious people of today had justice all of them would be killed. They would be stoned to death in public. If you go to a fortune-teller, palm reader, or to anyone who has a strange power, you should be stoned to death publicly that is if you receive justice. In Bible times all such people were put to death in public. As we were looking at the gallows and chop blocks in London, England I asked the guide if the crime rate had in-

creased since they stopped using them. He said that it had increased several hundred per-cent. According to justice we should be killed if we do not worship the Lord on the Sabbath day (Ex. 31 :14-15)J If you stay at homo and refuse to go to the place of worship, by rights you should be stoned to death publicly (Judges 21 :5),The One Who Knew commanded that those people who deliberately broke the Sabbath should be put to death (Num. 15:15). Defying God or God's Man Why did the Lord command His people to destroy all the surrounding nations? It was because they refused to worship the Lord and worshiped idols, or false gods, which is the same as worshiping the devil. Since the Lord made you in His own image He does not want you worshiping Satan. He made you to worship Him. He can let you be destroyed for not worshiping Him, or if you worship the arch enemy. They who rebelled against their leaders were put to death (I Kings 2 :24; Num. 16 :29):; All those people who refused to seek the Lord were killed (I Ch. 15 :14). If you receive God's man you receive God. If you refuse God's man you refuse God (Matt. 10 :40-41)~ The earth opened up and swallowed two hundred and fifty men because they rebelled against the leader God had placed over them (Num. 16 :1-40); God withdrew His protection from Moses' sister Miriam when she revolted against her God appointed leader. She had no protection. The deadly disease of leprosy seized her (Num. 12 :10)~ If you rebel against your leader; if you stay at home; if you refuse to go to church; if you refuse to worship the Lord, by rights you must die. You will, if the Lord does not extend His mercy to you awhile longer. It is only by the mercy of the Lord that you exist. If you refuse to keep God's commandments you must die, if you receive justice. In Bible times if someone was found guilty of blaspheming he was killed (Lev. 24 :16; Lev. 20 :9)., 3

Sodomites were killed and put out of the way (Lev. 20:1)1 The eight million perverts in America should not be allowed to live in God's world, according to justice. Yet, they are permitted to be in the state department, among doctors and lawyers, soldiers and sailors, churches and schools, according to reports. Yet, some of the leading magazines play them up as respectable people. The Bible teaches that they are an abomination in God's sight (Deut. 22:5; 1:21)1 The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of the abomination. That is why God ordered the surrounding nations to be destroyed there were sodomites in that land (I Kings 14:24; 15:12; 22:46); Search Your Heart

In Bible days if people hit their parents, murdered someone, kidnapped a human being, or broke any commandment they were put to death (Ex. 21:12-16; Num. 35:16)t You may say, "I don't seek the Lord. I don't listen to God's ministers ; and I am living all right." Well, death is on your trail. It can overtake you at any time (Eccl. 7 :17), It is only by God's mercy that you exist. Now, He only extends His mercy to lead you to repentance. You may not kill anyone, but if you are deceitful you may die before your time (Ps. 55 :23): You may be deceitful when you cause people to think that you are a good person. The only righteousness that counts is His righteousness. Our righteousness is as filthy rags in His sight (Isa. 64 :6). There were certain ministers who crept in unaware. They were deceivers in the early Church. The Lord let them perish as he did the two hundred and fifty that the earth swallowed. (Jude 11);. It is not always leprosy that strikes the ones who sow discord, nevertheless death is on their trail. It may overtake them any time. God says that they are worthy to die ( Rom. I:32)~ Suppose all the people who take the Lord's name in vain

today were killed. There would not be enough people left to bury the dead. That is the way it will be someday (Rev. 14 :20)J Death may not overtake you suddenly, but it is 'In your trail. Gradually you are dying before your time. It may be by some foul disease or stomach condition. When you die someone will have your funeral services and claim that you were so good that the Lord had a purpose in taking you and promoted you to a higher service. It was not the Lord at all. People pray all over the county. They all believe in God; even the worst infidel. They ask the Lord to damn their wife, their cattle, their crops, and their car. Their wife gets sick and dies. Someone steals their cattle, their crop burns up, and their car has a wreck. Then they get rnad and blame God. He is only answering their prayers. They curse the One who gives them their breath. Then they claim they don't believe in God. It is a wonder to m that God would let them breathe His pure air and live in His wonderful world. He only extends His mercy to lead them to repentance. Commandment Breakers

Perhaps you did not know until now that if you break any of God's commandments that you are worthy to die in His sight. He is not obligated to let you live. He has not promised to supply you with health, strength and the righ l: exercise of mind, especially when you use that strength and health to glorify the enemy of God. Through His mercy He protects you one more day, not willing that you should perish. He wants you to come to repentance. If He permitted all the world to be destroyed in Noah's day because they defiled themselves, He may not keep the wall of protection around you indefinitely. He may not protect your life and keep the destroyer away from your door. Death may put in his sickle for you anytime. Are you guilty of vain imaginations, ingratitude, wicked... !)

ness, covetousness, envy, debate, deceit, backbiting, pride, boasting, and such like? Then you are worthy to die. It is only by His mercy that you exist. "Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were they thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like unto corruptible- man, and to birds, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even the women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseerningly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which is meet ... Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity, whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them" (Rom. 1 :21-32): I have copied this list to show you that you are guilty of death if you are guilty of any of these things. If you disobey your parents your days may not be long upon the earth (Eph. 6:

to death before witnesses. (Josh. 7 :25) All of those people who take God's part of their paycheck, that does not belong to them, are also under the curse. (Mal. 3 :8-10) God does not curse them, but they walk out into the curse in spite of God telling them not to do so. God sets before us this day a blessing and curse. We can walk out under either of them we want to. (Dent. 11 :26) How many people today are diseased and plagued because they chose to take their part and God's part also! They have walked under a curse. God has promised to rebuke the devourers and not let any plague come near our dwelling if we pay Him His tenth; we may dwell in the shadows of the Most High. (Mal. 3: 10; Ps. 91) Suppose all the people died today that rob God of His part. God in mercy holds back justice. Ananias and Sapphira spurned God's grace until there was no remedy. Death overtook them! (Acts 5:1-10) Saul was so greedy that he took God's part in the spoil. God left him and answered him no more. (I Sam. 15) He had no protection. A suicide spirit overtook him. That grim monster is ever on your trail, as a hound dog after a rabbit. The Way of Escape According to the bountiful grace of God He offers a way for us to escape. We can escape from the penalty of sin. Even in olden times a man who was supposed to be put to death for murder could find protection in the city of refuge. ( Josh. 20 :2) As long as he stayed in the city he was safe from the avenger of blood. If he left the borders of the city of refuge he was killed. Christ is our only refuge. (Heb. 16 :18) He came to die in your place. He paid your debt for you. You must run into the refuge. The name of the Lord is a strong tower. You may run into it and be safe. (Prov. 18 :10) It is significant that every religion has a sacrifice. But the only true sacrifice has been made. That is the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cruel cross of Calvary. It is in the nature 7


Blessing or A Curse Achan brought the curse down, upon his own head when he took the spoil that belonged to the Lord. He, was stoned

of man to believe that there must be an atonement for their SIns. The law of substitution is our only avenue of escape. A young man with blood sprinkled clothes came running into the home of his older brother as he cried with earnest excitement, "You have helped me out of trouble many times. Can you help me out of this? I have murdered a man. The policemen are on my trail. Help quickly!" Very quickly the older brother pointed to his wardrobe and said calmly, "Take a bath and put on my clothes!" The elder brother put on the blood soaked clothes. Just then the strong arm of the law came and arrested the older brother! He was arrested on circumstantial evidence. He was taken to prison and charged with murder! Suddenly the young man feels condemned. He runs to the common prison and confesses his guilt! But, alas! the older brother has just died in his place. He has paid the debt with death. The account is marked paid. The judge says, "Our books are settled. We have no case against you. If you will live in your brother's house, wear his clothes, and live a life as he did; if you will promise to never murder again; you may go free." According to His mercy- He saved us. It is not the works of righteousness that we have done (Titus 3 :5L Friend, you have a sentence of death hanging over you. Death has passed upon all men for all have sinned (Rom. 5: 12). He Will Hide You Death is on your trail. You are guilty. You have no place of refuge but in Christ. For God looks down and sees you crucified, buried, and resurrected with Christ. He will see the penalty of sin is marked paid in full. All you need to do from then on is to be identified with Christ. Otherwise death may overtake you any moment. Only the grace of God prolongs judgment. "For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace" (Rom. R :6),

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord" (Rom. 6 :26) The people were ready to stone the woman taken in adultery. The two witnesses were ready to throw the first stones (John 8:1),Jesus did not do away with the law of justice. But the grace of God was as much stronger as the law of justice as the ocean is more powerful than the river ... God's ~Tace superceded the law of justice. His compassion and love naid the penalty. He saw that she had repented. He forgave her and told her to sin no more. If your life is hid with Christ in God then the avenger of blood can't touch you. Christ is your city of refuge. He is your onlv protection today. Trust in Him now. Run into the name of the J ord and you will be safe from the judgment of death that is on your trail. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and .i ust to forgive us our sins. and to cleanse us from ALL unrig-hteousness . He is near your side now! He is listening. He is ready. He is waiting for you to get ready. Deal' God, in Jesus' Name, forgive everyone who reads these lines. Make them safe from death, disease, and .i udgrr ent. I know you hear me now! Friend, from this moment serve God. Stay in the name of Christ. learn to do right. Cease to do evil. Serve God to the best of your knowledge each and every day. Study the Bible andIearn more about Him. May God bless you and help you to do so. Amen and Amen.

CHAPTER II TEN OTHER MESSAGES What Do You Think About People Walking' Through Fire? The question was asked me by a Hindu businessman who came to my room at the hotel. At the end of the interview we prayed together, and he said that he believed in Jesus, and that God had forgiven his sins. He came to our meetings and really rejoiced. We saw a great number of Hindus walking on live coals where they had burned seven tons of wood. The coals were about eight inches deep, ten feet wide and several yards long. Their feet were bare! We saw them walk on sharp knives and long spikes with their bare feet. They put hooks in their bare backs and pulled carts with them. They put spikes through their lips, eyelids, face and tongues. They did all this trying to atone for their sins, and to show people that their gods performed miracles. Fire walking is a heathen custom thousands of years old. The people abstain from eating for about forty days, and go through many sacrifices preparing for this until they come under the influence of evil spirits. The Lord is against it. He commands that people not yield to this possession (II Kings 23:10, 16:3, 17:31)J The Children of Israel followed this practice which displeased the Lord (II Kings 21 :6)., They also worshipped strange gods as these fire walkers did which we saw (II Chr. 33 :6), God can give us power over the devil. He can do as much as the devil. He has more power than the devil. He did not let the fire burn t.he three Hebrew children when they were thrown into the furnace. The Lord went through there with them. He took the "burn" out of the fire. But they did not walk through fire on purpose. We are not supposed to tempt the Lord. We do not let a snake bite us on purpose to show God's power. We do not get possessed with the devil, get sick, 10

drink deadly poison or jump off a cliff to prove God. To do so is to tempt God.

Power Over Fire

God has promised that if we walk through the fire we shall not be burned. (Isa. 13 :2) That is a wonderful consolation. People who have been burned at the stake have testified that the pain left, and they died without suffering. God is still sovereign. If he so chooses He can let us accept the challenge when the ungodly heathen tell us we cannot walk through fire without first bowing to their ugly gods. In fact, the power of God came upon one of our own Holy Ghost preachers, and the Hindus were surprised when he walked through the live coals with his bare feet, not once, but several times. His feet were not even scorched! I am not interested in miracles just to prove God has power. Any fool knows He has power. The devil knows that. A mother does not give her baby bread just to prove that she has power to do so. Healing is the Children's bread. (Matt. 15 :26) If we ask for bread He will not give us a stone. (Luke 11 :11) Thousands of Hindus came to our meetings. When they saw God open blind eyes, unstop deaf ears and make the cripple to walk, they said, "What is, this? This is what we want. Our gods don't do anything like that." Thousands of them almost ran over each other coming to accept Jesus. Their souls are crying out for the supernatural. Modern churches have nothing to offer them. Just like the man who interviewed me; just like the thousands who attended our meetings, there are multiplied millions of others who are in darkness. We can carry them the light. They will walk in that light if we will let them see that Jesus is living, that He cares, that He is merciful. Is There a Purgatory? Some say there is a purgatory; wait and take that risk. 11 some say not. I'd hate to


Those who believe in purgatory have three slim points in their argument. They say that Paul prayed for Onesiphorus to find mercy after he died (II Tim. 1 :16)_-I don't find in this verse that Onesiphorus was dead at this time. I don't think Paul was praying here. I think Paul was merely stating that God would be merciful to him as He is to all people. I don't see that Onesiphorus was a sinner who needed to be "purified" in purgatory. Of course, if he was dead he will, like all saints, find mercy at the judgment. That is a slim chance on which to base such a thing as your eternal life. N ext, those who argue in favor of purgatory say that the saints of long ago taught purgatory. I doubt that. I will admit that a few people did, as few people do today. They want to comfort themselves because they are in sin. You can't prove anything by leaving the Bible and going to tradition. Jesus says the tradition of the elders has made the Word of God of none effect in your life (Matt. 15; Mark 7). Some say that the fire mentioned in I Corinthians 3: 13-15 means the fire of purgatory. In reading that passage of Scripture again you will see that the words foundation, gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble, and fire are symbols. This is not speaking of natural fire no more than it is speaking of real hay. We are tried in this life as gold is tried in the fire, (Mal. 3 :2). When we are tried we shall come forth as gold (Job 23: 10; I Peter 1:7; Rev. 3: 18), AT THE JUDGMENT WE SHALL BE JUDGED ACCORDING TO OUR WORKS. It is whether they be good or bad. The fire mentioned in I Corinthians 3 is not literal fire. The Word of God is compared to fire (Jer.23 :29)_,Our God is a consuming fire (Deut. 4 :24).. You can well see how, at the judgment, our works shall be measured by God's Word. Only the works which are as pure as gold or silver shall stand. We shall be tried "as by fire" (I Cor. 3:15);; Every man shall be judged "according to his works" (Rev. 20:12) ..

He that commiteth sin is of the devil. If we lie we are a liar. If we steal we are a thief. If we kill we are a murderer. If we sin we are a sinner. We are either on the narrow road or we are on the broad road. One leads to eternal life, the other to destruction. No man can serve two masters. No fountain can send forth both sweet water and bitter. A tree cannot bear both kinds of fruit (Matt. 12 :33) .. He that is born of God (present tense) doeth not commit sin (I John 3 :9)~ When a man sins his name is blotted off the Book of Life (Ex. 32:33; Rev. 3:5). If our names are not on the Book of 'Life we shall be cast into the lake 0':: fire (Rev. 20:15): When He Comes WE DON'T HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE AFTER DEATH. No man can read Revelations 22 :11-21 and honestly ray that you can die in a filthy, unjust state and still have a chance after death. Jesus says He comes quickly. "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still ; and he which is filthy: let him be filthy still ; and he that iJ ri ~hteous, let him be richteou i still; and he which is holy, let him be holy still." In this same passage God says if anyone takes away these words his part shall be taken out of the Book of Life. If anyone adds to the words the plagues shall be added to him. Jesus did not say there were different groups of sinners. He says unless ye repent ye shall ALL LIKEWISE perish. Before Him shall be gathered all nations. He only spoke of two places: "And these sh~tll go away into everlasting punishment; but the righteous into life eternal." (Matt. 25 :46) When a righteous man turns from his righteousness the last state is worse than the first (Matt. 12 :44). It -would have been better had he never known the way of righteousne~s; (II Peter 2 :21) ~When he commits iniquity he shall die (Ezek. 18 :26)_ The soul that sinneth shall die (verse



You say that he has a chance before the judgment, but God says, "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." (Heb, 9 :27)., The wicked dead
]o .)


lives not until the thousand years are ended. (Rev. 20 :5) If they live not then how can they repent? Next thing, after the rich man died, in hell he lifted up his eyes. (Luke 16) At one time he was God's child, for Abraham called him a son. Regardless of whether this is a plan to make money off the poor, deluded people, or to comfort the left loved ones, those who teach this doctrine have a slim chance. I would hate to take that chance. I don't think any sincere, thinking soul would run that risk. It is better to be sure and receive forgiveness for your sins NOW. "I am the God of Abraham. and the Cod of Isaac, and the God of Jacob." God is not the Goel of the dead, but of the living. (Matt. 22 :32)


Did Peter's Shadow Heal People? Usually when we are in a healing service, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, there is a circle all around us, where the power of God is present to heal. Sometimes the circle is smaller. Sometimes larger. Sometimes the circle becomes so large that the people are healed in the audience. I have seen the circle become so large that people who were sitting in their cars, in the shadow of the tent, were healed. Do you think the shadow of the tent healed anyone? Jesus was teaching the Word in one place. The power of God was present to heal. That is where God is present to heal; where we are teaching the true Word of God. The people let a man down through the roof of the house. The man was let down in the circle. No one had to pray for him. He obeyed Jesus, took up his bed and walked. ( Mark 2: 12)

four men who let the man down through the roof of the house. As I preached the Word to them I perceived that the power of God was present to heal. About 2,000 people held up their hand that they accepted Jesus as their Saviour. About the same amount were healed as I prayed one prayer. I knew the circle, where the anointing was, was enlarging. The sun WD.S going down. The shadow came up to the platform. The people rushed over each other trying to get into the shadow. They broke down the railing from the platform. Everyone was blocked. They could not come forward to testify of what God did for them. They were lifted above the crowd by strong men. They stood on the platform, so they could let us know what God did for them. One woman who was totally blind for twelve years could read the Bible. One man who had not walked in nine years could walk perfectly. A woman walked for the first time in five years. A boy's brace was no longer needed. A deaf woman would hear a whisper. No one laid hands on them. They were healed as they came in the shadow of the platform. Someone cried, "The boy they brought in on the quilt is up walking." The crowd went wild with excitement! Only about one per-cent of the people who were healed could get to the front to testify.

It Was God That Healed

South Africa Service Today, here in South Africa, we were in a stadium that holds fifty thousand people. I looked around and saw four men bringing a crippled fellow in on a quilt. Each of them had hold of the corner of the quilt. It reminded me of the

It was not the shadow of the platform that healed those people. It was not the shadow of Peter that healed the people (Acts 5 :15)," It was the power of God that was present to heal. It was not Paul's handkerchief that healed. It was the power of God in the handkerchief. It was not the shadow of Peter that healed the sick. It was the power of God in the shadow that healed. A shadow will not heal any more than the clay that was put on the blind man's eyes healed (John 9:6),



A shadow will not heal any more than the water in Jordan healed Naaman (II Kings 5:10); The spit and clay did not heal the blind man. Peter's shadow did not heal the people. A shadow will not heal a man any more than the troubled waters healed the first one that stepped in (John 5 :4); A shadow will not heal the sick any more than the figs healed Hezekiah's boil (Isa. 38 :21). A shadow did not heal any more than the anointing oil heals those prayed for. A shadow will not heal anv more than water saves a man who is baptized. It is the power of God that saves. It is the power of God that heals. It is the power of God in the shadow, or out of the shadow, that heals. If we will let the people know it, they can be healed as they walk into the place where the power of God is present to heal, shadow or no shadow. In God's presence they can be healed during the same prayer, evenif they do not have a healing card, if they do not have a number, if they do not have hands laid on them, if they do not go through a line, or are prayed for individually. Why Israel? Is Satan Interested in the Jews'! About two weeks ago as I was making a radio broadcast in the upper room, where the Holy Ghost was poured out at Pentecost; as I was looking at King David's Tomb on Mt. Zion, someone asked me if I would like to see the memorial of the German Holocaust near by. I went with them and was horrified to see the ashes, bones, and soap actually brought from Germany, where the six million Jews were slaughtered. There they had a bottle of poison gas which was used in the

gas chambers. Like cattle the Jews were run in the nude, into gas chambers, designed especially for their wholesale destruction. The man would say, "Brent he down deeply; this is good for your lungs." They cried and screamed like animals going to the slaughter. This continued until six million Jews went out into eternity by the ruthless hands of the demon inspired dictator. Most of us remember those dark davs ! There in that memorial I saw plaques from many cities in Germany, telling the number of Jews slaughtered in each city. In some cities 10,000 were recorded, 100,000 in another, 500,000 in another. , While I was there I was invited to go into the court room to see Mr. Eichmann, who was being tried as an accessory to these war crimes. He was standing in a glass cage confessing that he helped Hitler carry out these plans, planning some of the methods in executing the orders. Were other dictators interested

in the Jews?

My mind ran back to Haman, who had the same determination to exterminate all the Jewish people. I also remember reading about Antiochus, who killed almost all the "chosen people" during the dark ages .But somehow they survived; some think it is because they are "God's prophetic timepiece," or "Christ's fig tree." Time would fail me to tell of' how this much-discussed race "vas almost destroyed under such ruthless rulers as Pharaoh and countless others. As I stayed alone there in Jerusalem four days and nights, to my surprise, Jesus appeared to me in a dream and showed me that Communism will take over Israel in the near future. The whole nation will go Communistic. I was reminded of what Jesus said, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name. him ye will receive" (John 5:43):



Is the Lord interested

in the Jews?

I stood where Jesus stood on Mount Olives. There with compassion, He stretched out His hand and said, "Your house is left unto you desolate." The temple cannot be built back until this day. I stood on the foundation stones of Capernaum. There a priest handed me a list of the miracles Jesus wrought in that place. He said the reason that city cannot be built back is because the Jews rejected His miracles. Paul declares that the antichrist will set up his rule in Palestine. He will sit in the temple of God and declare himself to be God (II Thes. 2 :4)~ Many will worship him and accept his demon-inspired miracles. Paul said that we are the wild olive branch grafted in contrary to nature. (Rom. 11 :13-25)~ We must not be high minded, but fear, lest we be cut off also, because of unbelief. Jesus came to His own; they received Him not. He turned to the Gentiles. In our days the Holy Ghost has come to the Gentiles. Many of the modern churches have turned Him away, in favor of socials, forms and rituals. Will the Holy Ghost be poured out on the Jews? Thousands of Jews will receive the Holy Ghost (Rev. 7 :4-8)~ A great revival will come their way. I stood and watched a passenger train as it set idle. I thought it was wasting time. Then I saw a "special" as it raced through! The train pulled back on the track and went its way. Then I understood why it was necessary for it to set there and wait. . This is a mystery. The Jews have waited on the switch until the Church the Holy Ghost Special raced by! Now they will get back on the track and go their way. Are we inerested in the Jews?

must be saved in the same way we are, (Acts 4 :12) we must do our best to beat the anti christ and the Communists to them. We must evangelize the world. Before Jesus comes the gospel must be preached to all nations which includes the Jewish people. (Matt. 24 :14; Rev. 5 :9) This will be done, for you are going to help do it. Do the people that tarry receive a deeper experience than the people who receive the Holy Ghost instantly? Had this been true Paul would have backslidden. According to some people he must have received a bogus experience. He received the Holy Ghost suddenly. The disciples at Samaria must have received a bogus experience. Do yousuppose they backslid because they received the Holy Ghost too soon after conversion? Peter knew that those young converts received the Holy Ghost as he did at the beginning. (Acts 10 :47; 11 :15) . They received this experience while Peter was yet preaching, before he made the altar call. Did Peter tell them they received - a bogus experience because they received it too suddenly? Does the Holy Ghost come in parts, or does this experience come instantly? (Acts 2 :2)
If people receive the Holy Ghost too suddenly will they fail to seek God after they are filled?

If people are healed too suddenly will they fail to seek God after they are healed? It seems to me that they will have more faith to believe God for things than the people who had to beg God for forty years. If you have to beg God for healing forty years you will be apt to be discouraged and your faith will be greatly affected.
If you are saved too suddenly does that mean you will not pray after you are saved? I think it would accelerate your faith to the place that you would be inspired to pray for more people instead of thinking you must pray for one person all your life. According to your reasoning Paul failed to seek the Lord later, because he received the Holy Ghost when hands were laid on him.

Seeing that they are due a mighty revival, an out pouring of the Holy Ghost; that many of them will be used in this last day move of God; knowing that if they are saved they



If God does not fill a Christian as soon as hands are laid on him does that mean that he is in sin? Not every time. It means that his faith is not sufficient because of someone's teaching that he must tarry and wait for years. It could mean that the anointing, or the gift of miracles is not operating at that moment. The one that lays on hands must not do so suddenly. He must wait on his ministry (Rom. 12). Failure to receive the Holy Ghost 'when hands are laid on him does not mean he is in sin any more than someone failing to receive healing by laying on of hands would mean that he was a sinner. It means some one built doubts instead of. faith. Do you think we should tarry to receive the Holy Ghost? If there is any tarrying to receive the Holy Ghost it is not God's fault. It is the seeker's fault. People should be healed instantly; but if the anointing is not there for them to be healed instantly, then it is, possible for them to be healed by prayer and the laying on of hands. If the gifts are not working for Mark 16 :17 to be put into action, then people may yet be healed according to James 5 :14-15.
It is the will of God for people to receive the Holy Ghost immediately after they are saved (Acts 2 :38-39)J All saved people are ready for the Holy Ghost. Anyone who is ready to go to heaven in the presence of God is ready to receive the Holy Ghost. Do you know of a Biblical account of people tarrying to receive the Holy Ghost after Pentecost?

Ananias talked with the Lord before he went. No certain length of tarrying is inferred. Was the tarrying' before Pentecost for the saints to get ready to be filled? They were already clean. They had their names written in heaven. They had preached; had power over the devil. The Holy Ghost had not yet been given (John 7 :37), Jesus said if He did not go away the Holy Ghost would not come. They waited until the Holy Ghost was given a dispensational reason. But now the Holy Ghost is given. We can receive what God has given us. He commands us, "Be filled with the Spirit." (Eph. 5 :18), Now the Holy Ghost is given to them that obey Him, (Acts 5 :32). Salvation is also given. It is the will of God to save a sinner now. He does not need to wait. He is not waiting for God to o ready. God .. ready the moment he is willing to <ret is surrender and obey. The wrong explanation causes a sinner to believe he must wait and work out his salvation and get better before being saved. The wrong explanation causes some Christians to think they are not good enough to be filled with the Holy Ghost. So according to their faith be it unto them. Why do you want to go to Africa to preach when there i~ so much to do in. this country? They are not all saved who profess. Those big meetings don't last. Why not be satisfied to do as Jesus, who didn't goomore than a few miles away from home? This question comes from an executive in a large company. He does not believe in revival, yet he has a prominent position in a big church. When I answer, I feel that I will clear up the questions in minds of thousands of others. We go to Africa to preach because Jesus commands us to go and carry the gospel to all the world - to every creature. That was His last command. People have built fine buildings, schools and hospitals, and have done most everything 21.

We don't have many accounts. In Samaria, Peter and John came down and prayed for the people to be filled with the Holy Ghost. Then they laid hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost (Acts 17:19), This does not infer that they tarried. Ananias went and laid hands on Saul. He was filled with the Holy Ghost (Acts 9: 17), Saul prayed before he arrived.


else. About the time they get one church paid for they tear it down and build another. They put their money into organizations, machinery, salaries and most everything except the gospel message. All this is good, but they will never take the place of carrying the gospel to all the world. We go to Africa because many of those people have never heard the gospel. No one has. a right to hear this message the second time until everyone has heard it the first time. We go there because all the races are equal in God's sight. He is no respecter of persons or races. We go there because ninty-four per-cent of the people only have six per-cent of the ministers. This is not .fair! They are not all saved in this country who profess Christ. When you let down a net you bring up all kinds of fish good and bad. Some seed "fell on good ground and some on .stony ground." Just because half of your baby chicks die is no sign they were never hatched. It could be because they were not fed! You cannot blame the evangelist every time. God has set both evangelists and pastors in the church. This business man does not believe in the work of an evangelist. All of the revivals don't last. Neither does) a bath. It is better for twenty-five per-cent of fifty thousand people to stay saved than it is for twenty-five per-cent of twelve. It is true that Jesus went only a few miles to preach. However, He did go to other nationalities. He went more than a two-day journey from home base. A two-day journey from home will put me in the heart of Africa! Our Example Jesus said, " ... the works that I do, shall ye do also; and greater works than these shall ye do ... " He was speaking of believers. I don't take this to mean that we will do more powerful works. "The servant is not greater than his Lord." But we can do a greater volume of works. Our ministry can last longer than His. God, in His grace, has given to us the modern inventions, public address systems and many other things to hasten this message to every creature before the

end. comes. A jet can carry us farther than a donkey can. Shall we take advantage of the means which God has provided for us? Shall we let the devil use these inventions to promote his work. If we know to do good and do it not, we

What shall we do with our cars, radios, televisions movinz pictures and printing presses? We have the message and power of deliverance. We have the power and zeal. If you will help furnish the prayers and finances we can take this gospel of the kingdom to every creature, in our generation. More is spent on dog food than all denominations spend on religion! Today's newspaper told of a woman who left $300,000.00 to some dogs and $50,000.00 for missions. A million dollars spent carrying evangelists to foreign fields would prevent one billion dollars from being used to carry your sons there to fight a war. If we spent as much on revivals in these countries as we have for foreign aid, the gospel would have already been carried to all the world. America has a responsible place. I would rather go to hell from any nation in the world than America. She has more light, and where there is more light given, more is required. If we know His will and do it not we will be beaten with many stripes. If we see the wicked and warn them not, their blood will be required on our hands. Shall we go? "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall THE END COME."
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Will a hypocrite keep people from being saved or healed? Many people claim that people are kept from being saved or healed because of some member that does not live right. But really that excuse will not stand up at the day of judgment. Recently I stood on Mount Zion and viewed the place where Jesus ate the last supper with His disciples. The thought came to me that Judas ate with Jesus and the disciples. There is a possibility that Jesus washed Judas' feet



there before they started to eat the supper. But did Judas hinder John from living for Jesus? No, John drew nearer to Jesus than ever. Each of the disciples searched his heart and said, "Is it I?" Will a counterfeit dollar hinder a genuine dollar from being real? No, it is just as real as if there were no counterfeit. The counterfeit only goes to prove that there is a genuine. Had there not been a genuine there would have been no counterfeit. When Peter cursed and swore, did that cause the experience of other disciples to be less real? No, they gathered in a room and had fellowship together. If one of your light bulbs burns out tonight, will that hinder the others from shining? Will that make them less real? No, if anything they will look brighter than ever! I am. now in a jet, as I write these words, passing over Paris, France. As we passed Geneva, Switzerland I saw a wrecked, worn plane. But I boarded a jet and came on my journey. That worn out plane did not make this jet any less real! You can board a genuine. Each time you show me a hypocrite I will show you a genuine. Each time you show me someone who did not receive healing I will show you someone who did. Why don't you get your eyes on the real? Both a dove and a buzzard find exactly what they are looking for, but their nature does not call for the same thing. You can find what your nature is craving. You can find a genuine Christian; or you can set your eyes on a hypocrite.

off his smoke house) raided his bootleg whiskey still, and took away beer by the gallon. Although I knew of dozens of hypocrites, there was something in my soul that made me know that there was a genuine experience with God. The Holy Spirit made me to know there was a reality. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will reprove us of righteousness and of sin (John 16:8)~At the time of this ignorance God at one time winked, but now He expects all men everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30)~ Your conscience will make you to know that God is real if you want to be honest with yourself (Rom. 2: 15). Suppose someone does not live right. You cannot blame God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, or real Christians for that.
A Living- Example

Before I Was Saved

While I was in sin I knew a woman who claimed to be a Christian. She would testify, shout and get happy at church. I knew that she was an adultress at home through the week. While one man was at church, singing, shouting and praying, I was with some boys at his house. Some of the boys would watch, while others raised the roof

I was on Mount Zion, viewing the upper room, where the Holy Ghost was poured out at Pentecost. I met a sincere looking lady, who was asking questions about King David's tomb, the Upper Room, and the Memorial to the German Holocaust. She was from Spain, and did not find anyone who would understand her for awhile. Although she could not understand my language, and I could not understand hers , I saw she was hungry for the supernatural. Reverend Kopp so generously interpreted while I talked with her. As she heard, her faith mounted hivh ! As I listened to her story I was moved with compassion and wanted to help the lady. She told me that for years her priest had been part owner in an electrical plant, where all the people had to work a~., a means of livelihood. He was one of those bad priests. He fired whole families because the women folk would not yield to his brute desires. He attacked her several times, but she refused him. He had her husband put in prison. The charges were that he would not worship Mary, and prayed in Jesus' Name. After her husband stayed in the common prison for four and one half years he took disease and died, because of the



treatment they gave him. This wife had remained single for seventeen years, and pondered these things in her heart. As I prayed with her I found that she was not bitter, but still retained her faith in Jesus, although the priest, as some preachers, was a living devil. She Was Converted and Healed She could have yielded to excuses and said she was not going to live right because of the bad priest; but she didn't. Had she done this she would have met him in hell and stayed with him there in eternity. As we prayed with her God was so wonderful to the interpreter, the lady, and me in that car. She confessed that she was healed of her heart trouble, numbness, and sleeplessness. We left her with a new look, a blessed hope, and thankful heart, praising God for salvation and healing. You are an inexcusable man whosoever you are that judges God's work because of the way certain ones live. (Rom. 2 :1) Get your eyes on success instead of failure. "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if, there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, THINK ON THESE THINGS. (Phil. 4 :8) What Did Jesus Mean When He Said "Give And It Shall Be Given Unto You?" This statement includes money, but it includes hundreds of other things besides money. "Give and it shall be given unto you." If you give a good word for someone then someone will , speak a good word for you. If you give a smile then someone will give you a smile. Bless someone and someone will bless you. "With whatsoever measure you mete, it shall be measured

unto you again." Do you believe that? If you measure criticism then criticism will be measured back to you. If you lie on someone you will rooner or later be lied on. If you black someone's name someone will black your name. Kill a man's dog, someone will kill your cat. After the rapture we see that if someone tries to kill the , two witnesses that they will be killed in the same way. The men that threw Daniel into the lions' den were eaten by the lions. The men who threw the three Hebrew children into the fire were burned by the same fire. The men who were ready to cut Peter's head off while he was in jail were beheaded; the man who was guarding the prison when Paul and Silas were facing death started to commit suicide, because he knew had it not been for a miracle he would have given his life for theirs" Haman was hanged on the same gallows that he prepared for Mordecai. Whatever you sow you will reap. If you judge you will be judged by the same judgment. There is one law that is stronger than this law of sowing and reaping. It is the law of faith. The law of faith is as much stronger than the law of disease as light is stronger than darkness. Turn on a light, the darkness flees; turn on faith, doubts and disease flee!

The law of faith is invisible; the law of gravity is invisible. The .law of gravity was pulling down on the axe head. The law of faith was pulling up. The axe head swam because the law of faith was stronger. The law of gravity was pulling Peter down. The law of faith was pulling him up. The law of faith was stronger. Peter walked on the water.

The law of nature says you must die because you have an incurable disease. The law of health says no one can get well with cancer. But the law of faith is stronger. It supersedes the law of nature. The tides turn and your health springs forth. The flowers bud out after Springtime and cause the winter to flee ! Your strength returns as the birds sing again in the Springtime.



Law of Faith I saw a river running backward. It was in St. Johns, New Brunswick. Why? The ocean tide came up each six hours. Sometimes the tide reached twenty or thirty feet. Since the ocean was more powerful than the river, the water was sent back the other way so fast that a boat was apt to be broken. As I stood there and looked, God quickened a verse of Scripture to me. "The In w of the spirit of life has made me free from the law of sin and death." , The law of sin and death is real; but the law of the spirit of life is stronger. The law of health is real. The doctor is right. But the law of faith is stronger. The law of nature is real, but the law of life is stronger. The law of sowing and reaping is real, but the law of faith is stronger. There is, an ocean full of faith. The tide is rising high! There is an ocean of God's mercy, love, and compassion. It is rising. The compassion of Jesus is so much more powerful than the law of nature as an ocean is stronger than the river. The tide of the river will turn because the ocean tide is more powerful! The law of nature said the little woman with an issue of blood was going to die. The law of faith was stronger; the woman lived. The law of health said Hezekiah was going to die. The compassion of the Lord rose higher and pushed back the weaker power! You say, "I am reaping what I sowed. This disease has come and is gnawing away my life." The doctor said, "You brought it on yourself. Your blood stream is being eaten away by that foul cancer." The devil says, "Thou must surely , die." God says, "The law of the spirit of life has made you free from the law of sin and death." God forgives all thy iniquities and heals all thy diseases. . The strong man has possession of your temple. He is real! He is powerful. He has you bound. "But when a STRONGER than he shall come upon him, and OVERCOME him, he 28

takes from him all his armour wherein he trusted" (Luke , 11 :22) ..Then you are free from that foul force that had you bound. Do you feel the Spirit? Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!" Do you feel a touch from God? As many as lIe touches are made whole (Mark 6 :56).1



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hv W. V. Grant

SOc EACH OR ALL 12 FOR $5.00

MY LIFE STORY is a one-hundred-page book which was made to sell for $1.50. It will make ygu laugh, cry, pray and shout. You won't lay it down until you have read it all. Give it to as many teen-agers as you can. WORK WITH LESS ENERGY. How can some folk do twice as much work, using only half as much energy? Written for ministers, employers and employees. Helps you to have faith for finances; healing. HOW TO BE LOST is 50% larger than other SOc books by this author'. It helps prepare the Christian for the coming of Jesus. It is a heart searching book which should be in your home. WHEN PRAYER FAILS. If you have prayed for something without receiving an answer, this is the book for you. You must admit that prayer sometimes does fail. Why? HAVE YOU TRIED AND TRIED TO BELIEVE? Here is the cream of Divine Healing Answers. an eye opener to doubters. You won't need so much faith' if you remove the doubts. FROM PLOWBOY TO PREACHERBOY is complimented by several preachers as being the best book Brother Grant has ever written. It helps members of Christ's church,to become established in the faith. LUKE WAS A PHYSICIAN should be read by everyone who does not have faith for healing. Did Jesus only heal to show His power? Did God put the sickness on you?' Is He ready to heal you? MAYBE YOU HAVE A THORN IN THE FLESH shows that a thorn in the flesh is not sickness. It also destroys many other props which hinder deliverance. SLOW DOWN AND LIVE should be in the hands of every businessman and minister, or anyone who ever intends to do anything for the Lord. Don't drive yourself too fast! THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT is 50% larger than other SOc books by this author. Must we have fruit without gifts, or fruit with gifts? It is t.he answer to many requests. ARE YOU SICK .AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED? The contents of these five great chapters have set many people free already. Do you know of someone who has not been healed? Must people fast and pray to be healed? THE SIGN GIFT MINISTRY is a new forty-eight-page book which proves that the apostolic ministry is in the church today. We are now in the day of signs, wonders, and miracles when the gifts are being restored.



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