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The IntenseRO Code of Conduct Official Game Rules and Regulations Players' Directive The execution of the following

rules and code of practices is limited for the pl ayers themselves. It will be applicable for all the individuals as long as they are in the Server' s Premises; although there are special circumstances that it applies to the Inte rnet. Compliance to the rule is MANDATORY; consequently, anyone caught will be warned and/or punished accordingly. General Policy -----------------------Players must be accountable for the security of their account(s). The Server wil l not be liable for players' irresponsibility. Account information's discretenes s and confidentiality must lie within the players for their safety. Players should name their character(s) in utmost adequateness and acceptability. Administratively affiliated words, vulgarity, maliciousness and the like are not tolerated. Players should not inquire for a Server position. The Server demands confidentia lity in choosing the people behind its Administration and Development team. Universal Behavioral Policy -----------------------Players should RESPECT everyone in the Server. Upright conduct should be observe d inside the game premise. Players should practice appropriate communication with other players through any chat medium such as the Forum entries, Broadcast NPCs, private messaging and main/public cha ts. Statements which include defamatory words, malicious/vulgar assaults, and racial discrimination are not tolerated. Players should not revolt against the Server due to any cause. Irregularity issu es must be reported in permissible and formal means. Players should exhibit refined behavior and utmost respect with Game Masters and the Development team. Verbal assaults and defamatory statements are strongly prohibi ted. Any type of act or behavior deemed inappropriate by iRO Police/Admin Team; Any other action that is similar above, but not mentioned will still be held acc ording to the iRO Game Rules and Policies. This set of rules may be modified at any time according to the iRO Police/Admin Team's discretion, but with proper no tification of the changes through the iRO official website and message boards. General Misconducts

Cursing, swearing, or use of foul language Offensive/vulgar character/guild names. Flooding/Spamming Harassment Defaming a Game Moderator/Police/Server/Staff Illegal trading or cash transactions Account theft or hacking Grief,rage, and nuisance accounts Kill-stealing Game Integrity Infringement Use or distribution of any hack/hacking programs General attempt to defraud Impersonation of a Police/GM or any IRO employee/Staff. Circulating false information Deliberate abuse of game bugs Attempting to deceive any iRO Personnel Unauthorized Account Access Duplicating items or possession of duplicated items Game Related Policy -----------------------Major Offenses: Players should not execute dishonest and deceiving schemes by means of Scamming. The Server will not be liable for any account changes that happened after Scamm ing. Players should not commit virtual stealing by means of Hacking. The Server will not be liable for any lost items and virtual belongings. Players should not possess unobtainable and pre-released items because they are considered illegal. Players must not use third-party programs for any purpose. Utilization of any va riety of BOT software or self-manipulating character systems are not allowed in the server. Third-party program use is not limited to bots, macros, auto-clickers and such. Act like a bot and be treated as one. Players should not be involved in any forms of client editing(does not include t hemes) may it be for aesthetic or gaining and advantage. Illegal Trading and Dealings Real Money Trading (RMT) Users are prohibited to advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying, tra ding, selling, sharing or transferring access of items or any other game-related feature to another iRO account or player through transactions involving the use of real money or any other real life mediums as means of payment. This is not solely applicable while being in the Server; anyone who is caught bu ying or selling any account/item(s) using this method in the Internet will be gi ven the same sanction. Advertising non iRO Products

Users are prohibited to market, promote, advertise, or solicit within the iRO ga me or iRO message boards any product that is not related to the game. Use of iRO Products or services for illegal activities All iRO Products and services are strictly to be used for legal activities only. Spouting Grave Real-life Threats Threats in any form, even in jest, are not allowed and will be treated seriously . Impersonating a iRO Staff, Affiliate or another player Users are prohibited to impersonate a Police or Game Moderator, any iRO Staff, o r any other iRO affiliate. Players are not allowed to impersonate other players as well. Minor Offenses : Players should only use @request for asking in-game related questions, participa ting in Events held by the Staff, looking for a GM/Helper, and reporting to a Po lice. Players should show utmost respect and courtesy every time they use @request. Sp amming and asking for Price Check is not allowed. Players should not execute mob-stealing. Players should not steal mobs previousl y attacked by another player and kill them. Players should not execute skill-spamming. Public exhibition of screen-distracti ng, spam-able skills in main towns are prohibited. Players should vend their Merchant characters at the appropriate vend spaces. Ve nding beside a Non-Player Character (NPC) is not permitted. A limit of Five (5) cells away from an NPC is required for vending deployment. Players should not cover another player's already vended cells. Players should use the Marketing NPC for the sole purpose of market intentions. The use of the NPC for other reasons is not permitted. Price check is also allow ed but only as a supplement to the shout. Including Item names and/or Price via iAnnouncer NPC broadcast is not allowed. Buying and Selling leech via iAnnouncer NPC is allowed. Players must speak English on Main Towns (Brasilis, Prontera and Mall) when usin g Public Chat or title of a Chat Room/Pub. Do note that you are not forced to on all maps, just in the towns listed above. No Hack/Scam Restoration Policy Hack cases or Item restoration requests due to hacking will never be entertained . It is the player's responsibility to protect his/her account. Beware of phishi ng websites as well and never give your account information to anyone. Disciplinary Sanctions : Players who are caught red-handed or proven of performing the following violatio ns will be sanctioned accordingly:

GENERAL WARNING FOR MINOR OFFENSES: 1HR MUTE or Based on the Appropriate Sanctio n. General, Universal Behavioral and Minor Game Related Policies Players who are caught of performing the following violations will be sanctioned accordingly: Real Money Trading/Botting/Scamming/Hacking/3rd-Party Program use/Dual Login and Inter-server Trading (attempts or jokes of this kind of nature will also have t he same sanctions) : [o] 1st Offense: Full account wipe + IP block and all accounts linked to the use r will be banned Inappropriate use of @request : [o] 1st Offense: Warning [o] 2nd Offense: 30-minute Mute [o] 3rd Offense: 1HR Mute [o] 4th Offense: 2HR Mute and so on.. Deliberate abuse of game bugs(Sanction may vary from the severity of the abuse, the max sanction that can be given upon first offense is IP Ban + account wipe)) : [o] 1st Offense Warning [o] 2nd Offense 24 Hour jail [o] 3rd Offense 1 week account ban [o] 4th Offense 1 Month account ban and so on Non-English Public Chat/Chat room Title on Main Towns (Prontera, Brasilis and Ma ll) : [o] 1st Offense: 20-minute Mute [o] 2nd Offense: 40-minute Mute [o] 3rd Offense: 1HR Mute [o] 4th Offense: 2HR Mute and so on.. Note: Players who created chatrooms with non-English titles will be jailed and m uted. Honorifics (Shoti, achi, shobi, ate, kuya, -chan, -san, -kun) are allowed for as long as the majority of the sentence/phrase/words are in English. Non-English broadcast over the iAnnouncer and Marketing NPC : [o] 1st Offense: 30-minute Jail [o] 2nd Offense: 24HR Jail [o] 3rd Offense: 48HR Jail [o] 4th Offense: 96HR Jail and so on.. Inappropriate Use of iAnnouncer/Marketing NPC : [o] 1st Offense: 20-minute Jail [o] 2nd Offense: 24HR Jail [o] 3rd Offense: 48HR Jail [o] 4th Offense: 96HR Jail and so on.. Note: Broadcasts with non-iRO context is prohibited. This includes, but not limi ted to: taunting, trash talking or messages with demeaning context, advertisemen t of voting campaigns or any other activity with personal gain. Spamming symbols and letters are also not allowed. Verbal abuse/Inappropriate/Rude behavior (Sanction may vary on the kind/nature o f abuse) : [o] 1st Offense: 1HR Jail + Mute [o] 2nd Offense: 24HR Jail + Mute [o] 3rd Offense: 48HR Jail + Mute [o] 4th Offense: 96HR Jail + Mute and so on..

Abuse on Staff and Server Defamation : [o] 1st Offense: 10-day Jail + Mute [o] 2nd Offense: 30day account block [o] 3rd Offense: Perm account block + IP block and all accounts linked to the us er will be banned Note: Kazumi, Brother, and/or the Police Chief/Co-Chief can decide on what sanct ion will be delivered to the offender. Using GM/Staff name to threaten or gain advantage to another player is not allow ed: [o] 1st Offense 30 days ban [o] 2nd Offense 60 days ban [o] 3rd Offense Permanent ban Spouting Grave Real-life Threats Threats in any form, even in jest, are not allo wed and will be treated seriously. [o] 1st Offense 3 days ban [o] 2nd Offense 1 week account ban [o] 3rd Offense 1 Month account ban and so on Inappropriate Character Name : [o] 1st Offense: Indefinite Jail time [You need to create a new character] Note: Aside from swears & contents of malicious nature, the following name forma t are prohibited ( Name , Name , Game Master, & GM Name). Inappropriate Guild Content: [o] 1st Offense (Guild Master): 24 hour jail [You need to disband the guild or b e jailed forever] [o] 2nd Offense (Guild Master): Indefinite jail time [o] 1st Offense (Member): 30-minute Jail + Mute; [must immediately leave guild o r be sanctioned for the next offense] [o] 2nd Offense (Member): 24HR Jail + Mute [o] 3rd Offense (Member): 48HR Jail + Mute [o] 4th Offense (Member): 96HR Jail + Mute and so on.. This includes, but not limited to: guild name, position name, party name and gui ld emblems. Impersonating a GM/Police Guild would result to an instant account block. Inappropriate vend title/ Vend title scamming : [o] 1st Offense: 24HR Jail [o] 2nd Offense: 48HR Jail [o] 3rd Offense: Account Block 5-Cell Vending Violation/NPC blockade via vend or chat room : [o] 1st Offense: 5-minute Mute [o] 2nd Offense: 30-minute Mute [o] 3rd Offense: 1HR Mute [o] 4th Offense: 2HR Mute and so on.. # = Safe, X = NPC, O = Not Safe ############### #OOOOOOOOO# #OOOOOOOOO# #OOOOOOOOO# #OOOOOOOOO# #OOOOXOOOO# #OOOOOOOOO# #OOOOOOOOO# #OOOOOOOOO# #OOOOOOOOO#

############### Deliberate NPC blocking via Chatroom,skills,dropping of items, and any method th at can hinder the use of the NPC: [o] 1st Offense: 24HR Jail [o] 2nd Offense: 48HR Jail [o] 3rd Offense: 96 HR Jail and so on.. Vending [o] 1st [o] 2nd [o] 3rd extremely overpriced items/useless/npc items to reserve a vending spot : Offense: 24HR Jail Offense: 48HR Jail Offense: 96 HR Jail and so on..

Covering an already Vended cell : [o] 1st Offense: 24HR Jail [o] 2nd Offense: 48HR Jail [o] 3rd Offense: 96 HR Jail and so on.. Cemetery (@go 33) is the only allowed map/place to Vend. [o] 1st Offense: 24HR Jail [o] 2nd Offense: 48HR Jail [o] 3rd Offense: 96 HR Jail and so on.. Note: Vending inside the dungeons is allowed as long as it's not blocking the wa lkway/portal/NPC. Do not block walk way in Cemetary/Dungeons [o] 1st Offense 24 hour Jail [o] 2nd Offense 48 hour Jail [o] 3rd Offense 96 Hour Jail and so on.. AFK Cash Points farming (leaving your character(s) dueling each other while AFK or any other methods to farm cash points). [o] 1st Offense: Full account wipe + IP block and all accounts linked to the use r will be banned AFK hunting/leveling with Merchant class, Homunculus, with @AT, Elemental spirit s or Mercenaries. [o] 1st Offense: 24HR jail [o] 2nd Offense: 5Day Jail [0] 3rd Offense: Indefinite jail time Note: Using card & equipment effects to trigger auto-attack/spell skills (Orc Lo rd, Dark Lord, Ring of Resonance, Ring of Flame Lord, plus any other cards/equip ments that autocast certain skills) for AFK hunting is allowed for as long it is not a Merchant Class character. Merchants are allowed to AFK hunt/level as long as the player does not have a ho munculus, vending pub or in @AT mode. Rule For Baby PVP Room: 1. No Link buff (aka Soul Link) in Baby PVP room 2. No HP buff (Assumptio) If you are caught [o] 1st Offense: 1HR Jail [o] 2nd Offense: 24HR Jail [o] 3rd Offense: 48HR Jail and so on Other guilds are not allowed to go to other guilds savepoint for the sole purpos e but not limited to harassing, trash talking or Blocking of NPCs: [o] 1st Offense 24 hour jail

[o] 2nd Offense 10 days ban [o] 3rd Offense account ban Guilds are not allowed to use @go 35 (guild town) as your own guild save point. [o] 1st Offense 24 hour jail [o] 2nd Offense 48 hour jail [o] 3rd Offense 96 hour jail and so on. NO AFKing in BG (battleground) at all : [o] 1st Offense 24 Hour jail [o] 2nd Offense 1 week account ban [o] 3rd Offense 1 Month account ban and so on This rule also apply to your second accounts if you are using it as buffing/link ing or whatever you use for Only one account per person in BG. NOTE: Use of a Third-Party Program is a grave offense. Once proven, all accounts linked to the user along with the IP address will be banned. Others (Special Case) [o] Subject to Police Chief/Co-Chief's review. Any decision made is final. Use @jailtime to check your remaining duration inside the jail cell. Or if muted, your mute minute is your jail time. The timers are fully functional, which now you need to log onto your character t o serve the entire duration of the punishment. Important Reminders regarding Violations and Penalties The above mentioned sanctions are subject to change if the Admin, or the Police Chief/Co-Chief deems it necessary to conform to certain situations in-game. The Server demands immediate player response upon implications of the above stat ed rules. Police Chief/Co-Chief can adjust sanction timers if necessary. The moment you registered on this Server, you have agreed to the rules and regul ations of the Server. Police Chief/Co-Chief and Kazumi have the right to detain anyone from playing du ring the period of investigation. During the period of investigation no compensation or whatsoever will be given. The iRO Police/GM team decision on any case is final. All violations are validated through the actual observation of iRO Police/Game M oderators. iRO has no obligation of presenting evidence related to any case it h as ruled upon. Please be familiar with the rules as they may say Ignorantia Legis Non Excusat. Comply with the rules. Thank you. Intense RO Police Admin Team Copyright 2009-2011 Intense Ragnarok Online