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The Ultra Quiet Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Screw Compressor Chillers

110 to 500 Tons

Engineered for flexibility and performance

The Sound Solution for Quiet Cooling

McQuay Air Cooled Chillers provide quiet, reliable cooling for a variety of buildings around the world.


McQuay air cooled screw chillers are quiet enough to be installed on schools located in residential neighborhoods. The optional louvered panels condenser coil package offers protection from debris and weather.

Ultra Quiet Operation

Aerodynamically designed fan blades and low speed motors reduce

operating sound levels

Single rotor screw compressor is significantly quieter than dual rotor designs

Office Buildings and Labs

Application Flexibility

Remote evaporator option allows for split system applications Small footprint reduces the space required for installation Optional low and high ambient kits extend chiller operating range Special condenser coatings withstand demanding seacoast environments

Proven single screw compressor design Dynamic controls automatically adjust operation as conditions change Optional solid state starters for smooth acceleration and deceleration Hotels

Easy to Integrate Controls

Open Choices for BACnet, LONWORKS or Modbus communications Long term owner options for BAS integration, system expansion or

service support

Efficiency Options
ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004 compliant standard efficiency units. High

and premium efficiency units available up to 10.6 EER at full load

Performing Arts Centers

R-134a Refrigerant
No ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule

110 to 500-Ton Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Model AGS ChillerThe Quiet One: as low as 63 dBA per ARI Std. 370, with optional sound attenuation package. Standard efficiency models meet ASHRAE Standard 90.1. High and premium efficiency models available up to 10.6 EER at full load.

Large electrical panel for easy servicing

Reliable single rotor screw compressor for quiet operation

Aerodynamically designed fan blades for quiet performance

Three-circuit DX evaporator for low water pressure drops Flexibility for remote indoor installation of DX evaporator Flooded evaporators available for premium efficiency

Greater condenser surface area for high efficiency operation Large open area under condensers for easy service and maintenance

Optional unit-mounted pump packages

Electronic Expansion Valve

Precise control with quick response time Improves efficiency at both full and part load Easy to service with perimeter location of electronic expansion valve, filter drier and other refrigeration specialties

MicroTech II Controls

Optional Solid State Starter

Proactive control logic adjusts to changing operating conditions Intuitive user interface makes the chiller easy to operate

Controlled acceleration and deceleration to minimize stress and vibration on compressors Superior electrical system monitoring for protection from electrical problems

Cost Effective Integration

McQuay offers Open Choices for communications protocol to give building owners long term choices for building automation system integration, equipment adds or replacements, and service support. Our air cooled screw compressor chiller has MicroTech II unit controls for easy integration with the building automation system of choice using BACnet, LONWORKS or Modbus communications. McQuay air cooled screw compressor chillers with MicroTech II unit controllers are available LonMark 3.3 certified.

McQuay International delivers engineered, flexible solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements with reliable products, knowledgeable applications expertise, responsive support and service solutions to meet your needs. A global leader in system solutions for air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration. For more information or the name of your local McQuay representative, call 1-800-432-1342 or visit The following are tradenames or registered trademarks of their respective companies: BACnet from ASHRAE; LonWorks and LonMark from Echelon; Modbus from Gould, Inc.; MicroTech II and Open Choices from McQuay.

Products manufactured in an ISO certified facility.

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