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readme.txt Welcome to the Boeing Performance Software (BPS) 2.0 Installation and Setup In version 2.

0 BPS has been expanded to include an interface to the Boeing landing analysis program LAND as well as the capability to set up and execute parametric studies for Takeoff and Landing performance studies using the STAS and LAND programs. Details on the capabilities of these performance programs can be found in the user manual for each program. Download BPS 2.0 from the MyBoeingFleet Flight Operations Performance Software web page: * Select the link for BPS 2.0 and either Save the package to your computer or Open the zip package directly. * Locate and execute the SETUP.EXE installation program in the Zip file and double-click it. -OrInstall BPS 2.0 from CD: * Insert the BPS CD-ROM in the CD drive. Write down the drive letter (*) of the CD drive-it will probably be A, D, etc. * Locate and execute the SETUP.EXE installation program on the CD (i.e., use the Start Menu-Run function, Windows Explorer, etc.). Running the BPS 2.0 Setup utility: * After a short file initialization you will be welcomed to the "Boeing Performance Software installation program". If you wish to continue, press OK. If you choose to "Exit Setup" some files will be removed by the program as it stops the installation. * The default directory for BPS is "C:\Program Files\BPS 2.0". If this is where you wish to install BPS, press the button displaying the computer icon to continue. If not, the "Change Directory" button will let you specify an alternate directory for BPS. When the Directory displayed by the setup window is correct, press the icon button to continue. DO NOT install BPS 2.0 in the same directory/folder used for the previous version of BPS. * After checking for necessary disk space, you will be prompted to choose a program group name. The default is "Boeing Performance Software 2.0". You can select another one or enter a new name. When you are ready, press Continue. A progress window will be displayed as the BPS files are installed. * Once the BPS files are installed you will be told that the "Boeing Performance Software Setup was completed successfully." Press OK and the setup program will close. -After BPS is installedTransferring data from BPS 1.2 to BPS 2.0: * If data pick will you currently have BPS 1.2 installed on your computer you may wish to transfer previously defined airports & runways, and other saved to BPS 2.0. Data stored in BPS databases can be imported from one database to another. Simply choose the Import\BPS Data menu item and the type of data you wish to transfer. You will be prompted to specify the location of your existing BPS data (*.MDB files) and the data be transfered to the new databases in BPS 2.0.

* Please note that due to the extensive differences in the SIF for the takeoff / landing database between BPS 1.2 and BPS 2.0, we recommend that you do not attempt to import previously saved airplane configurations but rather re-create the airplane definitions based on the newest SIF file definitions available from MyBoeingFleet. * Please also be aware that due to the extensive changes in the menu layout, some of the pop-up tips might not accurately describe the new functionalities. Completing BPS 2.0 Setup: * Once you have BPS 2.0 installed and your existing BPS data imported you can get the latest versions of the Boeing performance databases from Page 1

readme.txt MyBoeingFleet (or from delivery CD) for use with BPS 2.0. We strongly recommend that you replace all performance databases and SIFs with the latest version to ensure compatibility with BPS 2.0. All performance databases and SIF files should be placed in the BPS\DATABASES folder. * The last step is to import the Takeoff & Landing SIF files and Enroute databases into BPS. To do this use the import features of the Takeoff (or Landing) and Enroute session windows. User Guide and Training: * Please discard the user guide for the previous version of BPS, as it is no longer applicable to BPS 2.0. The new instructions documents are provided with the software installation package. Since these documents may be periodically revised, check for the latest versions on MyBoeingFleet. * The Performance Software and Applications course is offered twice each year, and provides extensive instructions on the use BPS and related performance issues. Please refer to the Performance Engineer Course Schedule for the course dates. * Congratulations! BPS 2.0 is now installed on your PC. You can access BPS from the Start menu, Windows Explorer, etc. to start calculating performance data. We recommend that you test the installation by running the "Quick Start" examples. * If you have any questions or require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact Boeing Flight Operations Engineering. Our phone number is: Our fax number is: (206) 662-7600 (206) 662-7612

Our mailing address is: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Flight Operations Engineering Attn: Manager, Performance Software Group P.O. Box 3707, MS 20-88 Seattle, Washington 98124-2207 USA Our e-mail address is: March 24, 2005 BPS Version 2.0

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