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Introduction This narrative report is composed of the things that Ive learned and experienced during my practice teaching

at Technological University of the Philippines. It also contains of brief and comprehensive summary on how to Work with Children, Work with School Personnel, and Work with the School Community.


Work with Children Working with children is one of the great privileged that was given to me during my days of practice teaching. It was really fun and very challenging handling the third year Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology students; I was given a chance to handle different characters and behaviors of young people. One of the most important thing that Ive learned in handling those young people was to supervise and guide them very well, teaching them the way they should go. At the first part of my narrative report we will see those different illustrations on how to work with children, which includes the following:

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Substitute Teachings General Demonstrations Evaluation of Experiences

Substitute Teachings Being a substitute teacher is a tough job, but very challenging on my part. As a beginner I feel quite nervous, because I have to consider a lot of things, like knowing your students; getting familiar with them, establishing a good classroom environment, and preparing your lesson plan for the week, I may have to do a little creative thinking on my own .As a substitute teacher, it is always important to establish a good relationship with my students, being aware and paying attention on their needs, because not all of my students are excelling in class, I must know their strengths and weaknesses so that I can supervise and guide them very well. When I say supervise and guide it means that I have to maintain a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom, I have to motivate students to learn but also maintain discipline and insist that students respect one another. As a substitute teacher, it is also important to show your students a good etiquette towards the class, the students expects a substitute teacher to be professional. This means dressing, talking, and acting professionally. It is not easy being a good teacher, admired and There are some

respected by students, local communities and peers.

things that need to be done by a teacher to receive recognition as a good and successful teacher. There are a lot of things that Ive encountered as a student and being a substitute teacher. I would just like to share with you my

experienced that Ive encountered during my practice teaching day. There was one time that a class is in needs a teacher because the teacher that is supposed to handle that class was absent, then suddenly our Department Head asked me to take charge of that class, I was really nervous that moment because I am not prepared. But it was a big challenged for me, so what I did was, I took all the teaching materials that I need for that class and I quickly read and run through with it. In situation like this you have to make sure that you do understand every single words that was written on the teaching materials, dont just read it, because at the end of the day the students might have the impression that you are not an effective teacher. After reading and understanding the teaching materials, I stepped into the classroom and begin to teach, but of course I teach confidently in front of the students. Finally the class has finished and I feel relieve, it was fun and interesting. General Demonstrations Every day I teach is like is a demonstration teaching because you always have an audience to please or teach and that is your student. Teaching is a very complex activity. It involves planning for learning, organizing materials, prioritizing ideas and interacting with students. In teaching there are a lot of methods that I have used in order for me to be an effective teacher with my students, because as any good teacher knows, all students do not learn in the same way. In choosing a teaching method is to assess the students, it is important for me to

determine what they are learning and what they are having difficulties with. Assessing my students will also help to decide the best way to It is very important to

help students get the education they deserve.

have an effective teaching method. One of these methods is writing lesson plans. I can still remember when my Cooperating teacher told me to teach lesson and I didnt prepare a lesson plan because of my work load, to tell you honestly I have a hard time delivering the lesson. That is why Lesson plan is important. You need a lot of things to consider in lesson planning you need to determine what are the things that the students must learn? Once you determined this, it will be easy for you to make your lesson plans for the week. Lesson plans must contain clear and specific information. After doing the lesson plan, you have to decide on how you are going to teach the content of your lesson, for example does it is intend to independent reading, a lecture or a group discussion, but you have to make sure your students understand what you have taught them. Students will have to practice the skill or information that they learned, to make sure that they really understand the lesson. How you are going to do that? Simply prepare a short quiz, assignments or home work for them, from there you will find out if your students really understand the lesson. Always supervise your students while teachings, as Ive said students are not the same, I encountered students who dont pick up the lesson easily and I did motivate, guide and encourage those students, by showing appreciation on the things

that they did. Monitor those students; develop a good relationship with them, pay attention to the students. It also involves showing mutual respect for each other. I observe during my encounter with student is the need of respecting their feelings, concerns and ideas. Allow your students to ask questions if there are things on the lesson that they dont understand, but sometimes students are afraid to questions, because they think that the teacher might scold them, encourage them to ask questions so that you can determine on how you going to help your students to improve their learning. Listen to your students when they answer, focus on the things on what your student is saying, let your student finished before you answer and I found it very effective and I tell you this your student will love you. As a teacher you must provide a specific and precise answer to your students, your students have to understand every single words that you said. It is my weakness before and it make my students very confuse, try not to confuse your students because students have different ways of absorbing information and of demonstrating their knowledge. So as a teacher you should have a lot of patience and compassion for those students that are not a fast learner. I learned to determine the students capability of understanding the lesson because of Observation. I will advise to the Future teacher that will read this report is Learn to Observe. Observation is also important in teaching, be patient to observe the students as they are trying to understand and learn the lesson just like observing a baby learning to

stand. Being a Teacher is not really an easy job it is really a hard task, but whats good about it is a rewarding experience specially when your students shows gratitude of how thankful they are that they have you to educate them. At first I taught that teaching is a daily routine job but as I get used to it, I realize that it is enjoyable.

B. Work with Personnel Teaching not only involves me and my students alone, as a Teacher I have to work with school personnel as well such as the Department head, Principal and Cooperating Teacher. In a work place, it is always important for me to show respects on the people around me. Professionalism is also important as I get along with the School Personnel; it is always a plus point as a Teacher if you maintain a good reputation. As a person I always make sure first that I understand my own personality and corresponding strengths and weaknesses so that I can understand another person. Sometimes in a work place you really cannot avoid some conflicts, but if you know where to stand then it will be easier for you to deal with it. In situation like this you must know your beliefs and principles in order for you to handle it properly. I learned that as human we cannot live without others, so getting along with people becomes an important issue. As a human I learned how to adjust my attitudes to be less subjective after every conflict, and

try to understand other peoples standpoints. As a substitute teacher, I learned that I must always show respects to all the people around me, regardless of what/ who they are. As I worked at TUP, I realized that dealing with people is one of the significant issues that we have to learn in our life, it can improve ones personality. Experiences During my practice teaching, Ive learned on how to deal with different people around me the students and the staffs. Dealing with people is also quite challenging on my part, Ive got to encounter different behaviors and characteristics of people. It was really fun working with the School Personnel of Technological University of Philippines Cavite. The entire Faculty, student assistant and specially my Cooperating Teacher was very accommodating. I didnt feel discriminated instead I felt that I belong to them. Every time that I need teaching aids like LCD Projector they easily lend me. I have experienced also working with different teachers and dealing with them is not easy because you have to consider professionalism. Why did I say not easy? because you need choose the right word to use in conversing in Professional Level. What I really like most is when Im conversing with one of the Faculty because I am learning lots of strategy when it comes to teaching plus new information in relation to my field.

One of the important things that I learned in dealing with people is you must learn to accept every persons personality, regardless of who they are/what they are; theres no exception at all. I also learned on how to get along and respect every individual, no matter what behaviors, beliefs and characteristics they have. Working with the school personnel of TUP Cavite was challenging. It was really a privilege for me working at TUP Cavite; I learned lot of things and I do believe that these experiences will be useful as I pursue my Teaching Career.

Classroom Visits and Observations During my days of practice teaching, there were times that my cooperating teacher do some visiting and observation while teaching to my students, in cases like this I have to make sure that I am always prepared. Honestly I feel quite nervous every time my cooperating teacher is listening on how I deliver my lesson to the students, but of course I shouldnt be distracted with it because if I panic I may not concentrate on my lesson, so the important thing that I always do in situation like that, is to stay calm and focus on my lesson. One thing that I also learned being a substitute teacher is being independent; I dont need to depend to my cooperating teacher, meaning that I have to be creative and resourceful. My cooperating teacher is just there to supervise and guide

me, but at the end of the day it is me who will be responsible with my class. Confidence is really important. In-service Education During my days of practice teaching at TUP, my cooperating teacher is there to guide and supervise me. Having a cooperating teacher listens to my lessons, is one of the big opportunities on my part as a practice teacher because it is a chance for me to consult him on the things that I have to improve and develop with regards of my teaching. My cooperating teacher is the best person in school who can advice and give directions to me when it comes to teaching, because he got a lot of experiences and ideas in teaching field. Cooperating teacher is such a big help for me especially with my teaching career because they are the one who can discuss ways to improve my teaching effectiveness in front of my class. I gained lots of ideas from them that I will use in pursuing my teaching career in the future. As a practice teacher I learned that it is always important to have a cooperating teacher around, because they served as my mentor during my teaching practice days at TUP.

Evaluation of Experiences Working with Personnel at TUP was a great experience for me, I had fun working with them, I am really grateful that I was given a chance to work with professional and good people like them, they shared lots of ideas to me, words of wisdom that developed my personality. At first I was afraid and nervous, thinking how to handle and deal with them because there are more professional than me, but when I started to know them better then every moment of my life at TUP was just fine. Personnel at TUP are great people that I worked with, they are always there to give a helping hand and give words of wisdom, people I can really rely in times of need. I would like to thank all of them for giving their best support to me in order for improve and develop my knowledge.

C. Work with the Community Teaching is not only limited in four side of the classroom it must also consider the community in where the School is established. The consideration to the community will only take place when the primary aim of the school is taken in to account. Primarily the aim of TUP is training technicians and skilled workers for gainful employment and income generation particularly in the CALABARZON area. As a practice teacher I need to get involve on the primary aim of the school.


Community Survey The Technological University of the Philippines Cavite campus is located in Barangay Salawag, Dasmarias, Cavite. The campus was established through Board Resolution No. 1985, s. 1979. The Cavite campus was established with the primary aim of training technicians and skilled workers for gainful employment and income generation particularly in the CALABARZON area. At present, the campus academic offerings are focused on 3-year technology courses and bachelors and masters degree programs.

Mission/Vision The mission of TUP: The University shall provide higher and advanced vocational, technical, industrial, technological and professional education and training in industries and technology, and in practical arts leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees. It shall provide progressive leadership in applied research, developmental studies in technical, industrial, and technological fields and production using indigenous materials; effect technology transfer in the countryside; and assist in the development of small-and-medium scale industries in identified growth centres.

Under the present leadership, Dr. Olympio V. Caparas envisions TUP to be a reengineered technological university with cutting-edge


technology programs, operating in a high trust environment, and stateof-the art facilities with high quality workforce.

Evaluation of Experiences

Working inside TUP is a great privilege to me. I learned how collaborate with the school to achieve their primary goal. Few people were given a chance working with this kind of school and I was given a chance thats why I didnt miss the opportunity working with school. I believe achieving the aim of TUP Cavite will help a lot of our fellow Filipinos for the development of our country.