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Keane Model Paper - I

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In Keane there are FIVE rounds 1)WRITTEN TEST (Generalaptitude(15),English(10),Logical(10)) 2)GD 3)TECHNICAL 4)MR(family background and situation) 5)HR Total time was 1hr 15 minutes 15 minutes for eassay i.e atleast 10 lines in our college they given: any college tour WRITTEN TEST: Written test consists of TWO SETS i.e is SET6A,SET6B THEY GIVE ONE SET IN ONE COLUMN AND ONE IN ANOTHER IMPORTANT: QUESTION IN EACH SET ARE JUMBLED Aptitude: Try to prepare R.S.Agarwal that is safficient

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The questions are in the following order Please dont neglect this questions if your aim to get a job in Keane 1) 3 Cat can kill 3 Rats in 3 minutes then how much time 50 Cats will take to kill 100 Rats? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 6 Ans 6 2)) From a chess board three blocks are chosen at random. What is the probability that the three blocks are from same diagonal? Ans:1/372 3)Three types of animals, cockroach, mice and crow are there in a room. There are totally 50 heads and 150 tails in the room. No of cockroach is twice than the no mice. What are the no mice in the room? a) 5 b) 10 c) 15 d) none of these be aware that no of legs of cockroach is 6, mice 4 and crow 2. Ans:5 4)A and B can do a piece of work in 15 and 20 days respectively. They worked together for 6 days then B is replaced by C.The work was finished in next 4 days . In how many days C alone can do the work. Ans:c alone can do it in 120 days 5)Average tempt between Monday Wednesday is 37 and average tempt between Tuesday-Thursday is 34. Mondays tempt 4/5th of Thursdays tempt. What is the tempt on Thursday.55 Ans :by solving the above one we get thurday=5*monday/4 by checking you get the answer. 6)Inside a square a circle is inscribed. What is the ratio of areas of circle to that of square? Ans: let side of the square be x so radius of the circle is x/2 area of circle to sruare (3.14)(x/2)^2:x^2 (3.14):4 7)two rockets(X,Y) starts simultaneously. X launched from place of Y and Y launched from place of X. fixed dist b/w X n

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Y. if X landed in Ys place in 1 sec and for Y it is 9 sec then X is how much faster than Y. Ans: x is 9 times faster than the y 8)7 horses eat 7 carrots in 7 days,then 14 horses eat 14 carrots in how many days?? Ans:7(please prepare chain rule in r.s agarwal) 9)If two person start from same place and same time and walk in opposite directions 3miles and both turn towards their left and walk 4 miles . What is the distance between them. 10)A cube of 3*3*3 id divided in to 1*1*1* and is coloured in green two opposite sides and red in adjacent sides and blue in other side. How many number of cubes are uncoloured 11)A number divided by a divisor gives the reminder 24.if twice of that number divided by the same divisor it gives reminder 11. What is the divisor. VERBAL: IN THIS SECTION THERE ARE A TOTAL OF 10 QUESTIONS 1) Sharmi is always late she never come___ time a) at b) with in c) on d) before Ans:WITH IN 2)It is very nice .. before i came here i didnt see it _________ a) any where b) anyone c) every one 4) every where Ans: any where 3)She is very angry _____ A) isn`t she b) aren`t they c) didn`t she Ans: is n,t she? 4)You should come to the college_______ Ans: Should n,t you? 5)One adjective question

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Ans: for that one is handsome 6)She is with me for a long time . she is my friend ____ 1999 a) since b) still c) until D) on Ans: since like that another four questions are there but I dont remmeber they very easy don,t panic about this section logical: I don,t say this section is very very tough some what tough try to solve the R.S Agarwal reasoning book.

1) Blood relation question 2)Seating arrange ment 3)How many prime no.s are there in 5 successive no.s of avg 7. Ans: Two(5,6,7,8,9)

GD ROUND: In this round there are 216 people are there They divided us to 18 batchs of 12 each For ur batch they given Why we are giving more importance to cricket than oter games Some other topics were 1)Bcci vs icl 2)Air pollution 3)Influence of pictures on youth 4)Global warming 5)Reservations in higher education 6)Love marriage vs arranged marriage 7)Women managers vs men managers

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and some other topics I don,t remmember prepare general topics try to start the g.d and give some valid points they check only if you are talking or not from our bath they take 10 out of 12 in some other groups they take only 3 to 4 be care ful TECHNICAL ROUND There are of total 7 panals 5 selecting and 2 rejecting in rejecting panals they mainly concentrate on unix, linux ,java so be care ful My interview I : May I come in sir Sir:Come in I : Good evening sir Sir:How are you Chinna? I : Fine sir I : How are you sir? Sir : Oh great Sir: Tell me about yourself ? I : I done it nicely,at that time he is observing my C.V Sir:Can tell somethig about your p.p.t I : I done it nicely Sir:What are your areas of interests I : Replied c,c++,dbms,java Sir: What about os I : Little bit sir(but actually i know os very well) Sir: What is segmentation?,page fault,can you explain any pagereplacement algorithem,explain deadlok with an example,how can you avoid deadlock,fragmentation,paging,schduling,schduling algorithems and some oter questions

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I : Answered most of the questions Sir: What is the diff between C and C++ I : I explained ten differeces Sir: What is the diff between structures and unions in the case of initialization I : I explained vey well Sir: Explain the features of c++ I : I explaned very well Sir: He write one program i.e related to virtual I : I explaned very well Sir: He asked about friend functions I: I explained very well Sir: What is dbms?,explain multivaluedependency with example? I: I explained very well Sir: He smiled ,we will meet again MR ROUND In this round they simply ask about your family background ,emcet rank,if your having any backlog don,t (i.e if you are failed once and cleared is also a backlog) attempt for this company . They check your original certificates at time of MR so be careful. HR ROUND There r three HR panals two men and one lady They called me for H.R I: May I come in sir Sir:Wait a minute I : After that I again may I come in sir Sir: Come in take your seat I : Thank you sir an functins

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Sir: Tell me about yourself I : I told Sir: What your areas of interest I : Suddenly i wonder is it h.r or t.r I : I once again explained C,C++,dbms,java Sir: Ohhh dbms nice ma Sir: What are diff types of dbms I: I explained hyrarcial,relational etc Sir: He asked a question in hyrarcial I: Sir we don't have hyrarcial we are having only relational Sir: Ok explain primary key,candidate key I : I explained neatly by taking tables Sir:What is the diff between primary key and I: I explained candidate key

Sir:Explain forigen and super keys I: I explained Sir: What is meant by normalization? I: I explained Sir :Explain first and second normal forms I: I explained nicely Sir: When you are going to write gre? I: I am not intersted Sir: Why? I: My first preference is job sir Sir: Do have any questions? I: What are the roles and responsibities in ur company ? Click here to Free Download Keane Model Paper I

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