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from100to 120 kvA for critical application lT


Cutting edge design


Fault tolerance and high reliability

. Modularity 1+1 redundancy. for . Intelligent component cooling. o Limited thermalstressand longerlifeof the components. . lvlultiprocessor control. . Fully suitable togetherwith STSarchitectures.

r Designed o Cuttingedgetechnology with the lastavailable technology. . Smarttopologyfor reduced switchinglosses. IGBTrectifiers inveder with multiprocessor and . Leading DSPcontrol, edge powertechnology. . Parallel-Redundant of MasterysMC can be used in parallels two unitsfor increasing supplyredundancy. the KW LEADING LAGGING . Enhanced overload capacity allowsfor The highUPSshortcircuit capability enhanced faultdiscrimination. downstream . Gensetcompatibility for Wide rangeof inputvoltageand frequency \ fullcompatibility gensetoperation. with F u l lc o m m u n i c a t i oc o m p a t i b i l i tb e t w e e n n y -1 -0.8 .06 oA 02 0 02 04 06 0,8 1 kVAr Gensetand UPSvia GSS intedace. . Backfeed protection High efficiency Arrangement backfeed protection accordfor . Highefficiency -1, (>95%), low heatdissipation, ing to FN 62040-1 internal external. or . Sinusoidal low currentabsorption, conductor heatdissipation no plantoversize. and . Environmental friendly: maximises energy the

Easy, user friendly operation

. . . . graphical LCD display. Intuitive LAN, Embedded 2000 eventslogs. inputmains. Built-in separate

. Inputand/oroutputtransformer. o BatterV (normal life-long life). cabinets . Batteries rackwithwallmountedprotection, in . Additional battery charger. . Internal back feed protection. . Lighting (highlevel immunity). of surgearrestor . Remotemimicpanel.

Low TotalCosts of Ownership

. . . . . . . . . . Highefficiency. Inputpowerfactorcloseto one. Wide inputvoltagerange. HighperJormances "non linear" with loads. Easyfrontal access. Reducedinstallation costs. Reduced maintenance costs. Userfriendly. Frontal accessand wallbackedsolution. (EBS). Smarlbatterymanagement

. Steelframe.

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Y*ur > Data centres pr*{sc{is* > lndustrial network trer > Telecommunication > Medical laboratories and

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from100 to 120 kVA

EBS - Expert Battery System This adaptive system manages the battery that responds the workingtemperato charger ture to preserve batterylifetime the and reduce operating costs. It allows: . Real timecalculation the remaining of backup time, . Realtime measurements the concerning battery (voltage, batterycurrentand batterycapacity). . Periodical for monitoring test battery efficiency preventive curative and for programming or matntenance.

Advanced dry contact interface (ADC) proA programmable interface information for cessrng. . 3 insulated inputs. . 4 change-over contacts. Embedded LAN intedace These UPSs adopt as standard a network connection remotecontrolof the UPS. for Physicalcommunicationlayer o 2x RS 232 /485 serialport o 4 slotsfor intedaces. NETY'S'ON Direct connectionto the Ethernet exactlylike the With NEIyTSTON UPS behaves it a networked peripheral, can be managed remotelyand allows the shutdown of seryerbasedworkstations. and functionsare as The main specifications follows: . 1Ol100 Ethernet Mb connection, . UPS monitoring screenvia a Web browser, . remoteshutdownof workstations, . notification faultsvia e-mail, of . UPS management SNMP protocol, via r monitoringof the operating environment (optional EIVIDtemperature and humidity sensor), o suitable for remote maintenanceservice T.SERVICE. GSM Modem It allows telephone connection and SMS communication, service It is suitablefor remote maintenance T.SERVICE. GSS - Communicationwith generatorsets Global Supply System ensuresthe complete of and communication integration the UPSwith
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and functionsare as The main specifications follows: . 1q Mb Ethernet (RJ45), connection o visual of supervision the UPSvia a Web browser, . operational statistics, . notification faultsvia e-mail. of

Sn[kVA] Pn[kW] INPUT Rated Voltage Voltage tolerances frequency Input > Power tactor THDI / OUTPUT Voltage Tolerances in dynamic conditions load Frequency (0n Voltage harmonic lotal distortion nonlinear load) Crest Jactor EFFICIENCY 0nilnemode ECO-MODE ENVIRONMENT temperature 0perating ambient humidity Relative Maximum altitude level 3746) Sound (lS0 Weight FMME (W Dimensionsx D x H)[mm] Degree protection of Colour STANDARDS Safety Performance EMC standard Product declaratron lPrating 100 90 120 108

400V 3ph+l\ -40% t20% without derating, with50%0f Pn 50/60H2r10% 0.99 < 3% / +1 400V 3ph+N % (380/41configurable) 5 +1%- Dynamic Static VFI-SS-11 1 compliant (contigurable 1% to 8%withgenerating 50/60 t 270 Hz from set) < 3o/o 3:1 95% 98% 0 "Cto + 40 "C (.1 'C to 25'C tor best life) 5 battery 0%- 95% without condensation (maximum m) 1000 without m de-rating 3000 <65 dB(A) 360kg 700x800x1930 lP20(lP30optional) grey ML 7012, Silver frontal door ' -1, -1 EN62040-1 EN60950-1 (VFl-SS-1 EN62040-3 11) (2nd EN62040-2 edizione) tEc60529



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