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As discussed I am sending you the detailed Syllabus of Various Modules: 1.

Digital Signal Processing (EEL731/3-0-0) : Fundamentals of signals, signal transmission and media, amplification, crosstalk, attenuation. Digital Signal Processing: Discrete time signals and systems Z- transforms. Structures for digital filters. Frequency Transformations: Linear phase design. Introduction to DFT. Errors in digital filtering.

2.Management of Information Technology (SML850): Meaning and Role of Information Systems. Types of Information Systems: Operations Support Systems, Management Support Systems, Expert Systems, and Knowledge Management Systems. Information Systems for Strategic Management: Competitive Strategy Concepts, Strategic Role of Information Systems. Integrating Information Systems with Business Strategy, Strategic Information Systems Framework. Risks in Information Systems. Emerging Concepts and Issues in Information Systems: Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, ERP. Introduction to Data Warehousing, Data Mining and its Applications, Emerging Concepts in Information System Design and Application.

3.Telecommunications System Management (SML723/3-0-0): Telecom Technology Systems Evolution: Telecommunication Management network (TMN), Telegraphic Theory and Network analysis, Network planning and design. Recent Developments in Telecom Industry, Regulation & Liberalization policy. Techno managerial aspects of telecommunication, role of the telecommunication managers in a dynamic environment. The business of telecommunication, telecommunication as a facilitating infrastructure for economic development of the country, technical survey of the ways and means that voice, data and video traffic are moved long distances, data network, the telephone system. Issues of the monopolization and deregulation of telecom, national telecom policy, various institutions/ organizations like telecom regulatory authority etc, conveyance. Telecom service costing, economic evaluation of telecom projects, telecom project financing.

4.International Scenario in Telecommunication(SML728/3-0-0): Historical development and evolution of telecom, Patterns of Transaction in international telecom management, managing the market growth. Structure of the Telecommunications sector of developed and developing in select countries, trends in privatization, liberalization and deregulation. Role of telecommunications in socioeconomic development, new technologies and services for international telecommunications, business application of global networks. Regional prospectus on development of Telecom. Current issues and implications for the industry, Indian markets, policy issues, skill formation for ITM, problems, challenges of growth.

5.Telecommunication Technologies (EEL818/3-0-0): Data Networks, ISDN, SS7, Access- WILL/RILL, DECT, FITL, WAN-Frame Relay, ATM, Telecommunication Management network (TMN), Teletraffic Theory and Network analysis, Network planning and design.

6.Protocol Engineering (EEL845/3-0-2):

Principles, stages, specification formalisms (UML, SDL, ASN.1) of telecom protocol design, protocol software development process, and computer aided protocol engineering, verification, object and testing of protocols oriented techniques in protocol development.