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Q.1 When and where did God appear first? Ans.

Thousands of years have been lapsed since God appeared first. As per the scriptures guidelines Lord appeared first in the form of Divine Light. Q.2 Where does the God accommodate? Ans. God is omnipresent and available in every particle. Based upon the studies made on more than 4000 persons for 11 years, Australian scientists John Wright Bayer and Linda Wright, have confirmed that God is always present inside every human being in the form of an invisible energy. Q.3 Why did God create the universe? Ans. He created and decorated this world in accordance with His desire and wish. Q.4 What is the main motive of the God? Ans. To bestow immense happiness to man in this world as well in the eternal world. For all beings are HIS progenies. Q.5 What are the physical attributes of the Almighty? Ans. The Divine cannot be compared to anyone else and is completely distinct. One can imagine how much

gracious HE would be, who have created myriad immense pretty faces. Q.6 What does the Supreme Creator think about us? Ans. You must become noble and virtuous and reach to the ultimate abode by getting unified with the God. Q.7 Why God created the human beings? Ans. To bestow emancipation and to merge the soul with Himself. Q.8 How could I know, what are the Gods expectations from me? Ans With the dint of chanting Guru-mantra. Q.9 Do you stand guarantee to seek visualization of God? Ans. Yes. Q.10 What type of substantial evidence can you put forth to prove the very existence of God? Ans. Posting of a boss is essential to regulate the smooth functioning of multiple employees in an organization. Likewise, various forces of nature like air, water, earth, sun, fire, etc., are operative in this universe

systematically. Therefore, regulating power in the form of God is necessary to avoid loss of control on these components. Q.11 How the divine presence could be experienced? Ans. By chanting Divine words. Q.12 Kindly differentiate between the Lord and the Creator (vidhata)? Ans. Lord and creator both refer to one and only Supreme Being. God is the sole creator of this wonderful world. Q.13 Why should we find resolution of each and every query from the Almighty? Ans. For HE has the lexicon of all the solutions. Q.14 Why does the Supreme Power perform each work indirectly rather than being visible? Ans. A staunch believer gets the Divine glimpse too. Q.15 Why am I unable to experience the Divine existence and heavenly love? Ans. Continuous recitation on Gods words coupled with following the teachings of religions has made billions of

people to realize the Supreme Power. You could also win this holy game. Q.16 Why does a perfect Guru never disclose of being an aspect of God? Ans As per the Divine disposal. Q.17 If God is an ocean of mercy, why does He not stop cruelty and injustice? Ans. These evil actions are caused to be stopped through Saints. But people do not abide by Saints sermons due to wicked thoughts in their mind. Q.18 How could the God be so merciless to sending a soul to the inferno? Ans. God is never stone-hearted. It is the misdeeds committed by the man which invites the soul to the hell. Q.19 Does the Almighty or any Saint incarnated with HIS divine decree, scorn anyone? Ans. Question does not arise. Q.20 Why do the followers of God undergo more sufferings? Ans. It is not the fact. They always lead prosperous life. As gold acquires more purity due to heat of furnace,

likewise, a devotee feels more pleasure under adverse circumstances. Q.21 Cant the Lord cease the prevalent oppressions on this planet? Ans. HE is empowered to do it. One ought to reform himself since vices always result mischievous. Q.22 If God exists, why doesnt HE let the souls to merge with HIM miraculously? Ans. Because this is the kaals (satans) empire and unifying the souls in this way is against the divine law. However the one having unmitigated faith experiences miracles at every step. Q.23 What is the necessity of God to mankind and why? Ans. Self confidence is the key to success. God's words provide spiritual strength and deliverance from rebirths. Q.24 Does the God possess any other benign potent weapon other than the divine love? Ans. It is better for the man to improve and reform himself through the tool of love. God does not require any other weapon.

Q25. Why are we unable to apprehend Divine love, compassion, and judgment? Ans. It is due to not exerting meditative efforts and contemplation. Q.26 How do I explicate my son regarding the Supreme Being? Ans Let him listen to satsang (spiritual discourse) and unite with Gods holy name. Q.27 Why should I have fear of God while He is brimmed with benignancy? Ans. To cast away the vices; For evils result mischievous. Q.28 How to become the most beloved before Guru? Ans. Selfless love with Gods creation, extending help to the needy and destitute besides recitation on Gods words suffices this. Q.29 Is it possible to realize the Supreme Power without obeying the divine precepts? Ans. Quite impossible. Q.30 How to get the perfect track to have access to the Almighty out of plethora of ways?

Ans. Find a true preceptor and strictly comply with HIS holy instructions. Q.31 When did God come into existence? Ans. Every entity and its attributes are due to divine grace. Q.32 Does the God keep a routine inspection of heaven and hell to know about the well-being of souls? Ans. This task comes under the supervision of kaal (satan). Lord God is acquainted with each piece of info. Q.33 While being the kind-hearted why God gives pains, agonies and illness to the masses? Ans. Past births committed misdeeds are majorly responsible for its affliction. Q.34 How much recourse of penance is requisite for having the divine glimpse? Ans. The one, who never plunges into fiendish deeds, becomes capable of realizing the divine within a couple of days. However, it may take various years for him who is sick of vices. Q.35 Which God should be chosen for offering prayers?

Ans. God is one and only one. Contemplate with the righteous method of meditation. Q.36 How many clock ticks are mandate to visualize God? Ans. Within a few weeks or months depending upon whole hearted meditation, cultivated thoughts and the course of actions performed. Q.37 How keen eagerness to realize Gods holy presence, who is devoid of any physical appearance, can be developed? Which elegance is expected out of a formless structure? Ans. A soul is a component of God which is always curious to merge with its master and seek relief from sorrows, sufferings, rebirth, etc. Try to get involved in meditation and you shall visualize His extreme beauty beyond description. Q.38 Does the divine power keep every soul in the form of saint? Or God designates the level of saint to particular souls? Which kind of souls is provided the esteemed status of saints? Ans. God sends Saints as His personal messengers to act as spiritual guides.

Q.39 Why is it essential to meditate on Divine words for realizing God? Doesnt He love His descendents? Why does He appear only with recitation? Ans. Soul has neglected God due to involvement in materialistic activities. Doubtless to believe that God loves His creation but shall exhibit His appearance when the soul personally recalls Him because He is bound by a promise extended to the death god. Q.40 Was God not aware about the ill-plight of souls in the world of vices? Ans. He was fully acquainted with this. Therefore, He directed saints to incarnate to bring them back. Q.41 Will all the spirits become capable to reunite with Supreme Soul (God)? Ans. Yes. Q.42 Whether the God created time or the time ministered the man to create the God? Ans. Everything is the creation of that Almighty. Q.43. How can I originate selfless love with the Supreme Power?

Ans. Quite possibly, by rendering selfless services to HIS creation, offering financial support to the needy along with reciting Gods words. Q.44 How can Gods existence be felt? Ans. By reciting sacred words Gods presence can be experienced.


Q.1 How did first human being become evident? Ans. It was in accordance with the kind grace and royal decree of Almighty God. Q.2 Which body organ encapsulates the soul and how to experience its presence? Ans. The spirit pervades in every minutest cell of our body. We shall have to perform regular meditation to feel its very presence. Q.3 Why should we be initiated to God's words? Ans. Gods words provide self confidence and eternal peace which cannot be acquired by any other means.

According to the principles of spirituality, God's words provide salvation, thus the soul attains permanent freedom from the vicious cycle of births and deaths. A person can visualize the presence of God and achieve perpetual happiness. One can find escape from the acute sufferings of life. A person becomes capable to overpower his desires and thus attains safety over chronic diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, etc. Initiated person can achieve progress in every virtuous field. Q.4 What is the relationship between moral action (karma) and religion (dharma)? Ans. Both are complementary to each other. Q.5 Does the operational tenth door becomes nonoperational with the passage of time? Ans. Nay. When the tenth door opens, the soul soars towards the spiritual leader. It becomes capable of visualizing the supernatural power and keeps on merging with it.

Q.6 At which stage a person attains the designation of a perfect meditator? Ans. The third eye becomes operational during the course of Meditation. Hereafter, the concerned person becomes capable of visualizing the divine light (about three times effulgent than the sunlight). Consequently, the vicious forces of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego etc., become ineffective. Q.7 Does spiritual emancipation realistic or a farce? Ans. Salvation is a candid fact. Q.8 Why a person gets inflicted from sufferings despite being initiated from a perfect Saint? Ans. When the disciples do not follow the principles laid down by the spiritual Master (i.e. reciting Gurumantra and engaging in selfless services), grievances persecute them. Q.9 " Whenever I recite Gods words, my tongue stops wagging and conscience repeats the words automatically. Ans. This is the righteous stage from where the perpetual divine melody begins.

Q.10 How to attain progression towards spiritual master? Ans. Regular meditation during dawn and dusk is the prime requisite. Moreover, emerge the feelings of love for humanity and indulge in welfare activities. Q.11 "My soul had destined to the 'daswan dwar (tenth door of sub consciousness) however, presently I fail to regain this stage." Ans. Recapturing this stage is never complicated provided it should not be disclosed further and must refrain from self praise. Q.12 Kindly figure out the difference between life and soul? Ans. Life - Life is for a specific time period during which the spirit stays within a body. Soul - Soul or spirit is invincible and immortal essential component of God. Q.13 Does the existence of a person become extinct after demise? Ans. Nope. Initiated soul becomes immortal on reaching the ultimate abode and is able to cherish the eternal bliss;

whereas, the uninitiated soul enters the vicious cycle of 8.4 million life forms to re-acquire the human race. Q.14 What the term spiritual emancipation refers to? Ans. Getting relief from sorrows, anxieties, sufferings during life span, and attaining salvation, visualization of God after death, is true spiritual emancipation. Q.15 A section of people realizes that the enemies killed by prophets and ascetics also used to achieve salvation." Is it relevant? Ans. Yes, according to religious literature it is apt. Q.16 Upto what extent is it right to search for an unforeseen object? Ans. Scientific discoveries of telephone, electricity, aero planes, etc., are of great importance these days but were not imagined prior to this. Likewise, realization of God has utmost significance. Q.17. Why adopting Gurumantra is a mandate while being involved in selfless services? Ans. Gurumantra is the only means to achieve salvation.

Q.18. How to explain the existence of innumerable Gods in Hindu mythology? Ans. According to Hindu myth, all the deities, three Mahadev and even their incarnations are termed as "God". However, "God is one" which is addressed as "Om" in the Hindu religion. Q.19 When shall the "Era of virtues" or "Era of Chastity" be evolved? Ans. When God's name would prevail and recite all around. Q.20 What the term intellectual services indicates? How it can be done? Ans Mann (negative thoughts) can be bridled solely by reciting Gods words. Therefore, engaging the mann in devotion is so called as intellectual service. Q.21 Where the initiated persons would be destined after demise? Ans. They attain ultimate, virtuous (True), blissful eternal abode.

Q.22 Who makes arrangements for sustaining souls in the eternal abode? Does accommodation provided over there? Ans. Almighty God Himself is sole responsible for such arrangements. Q.23 How can an uninitiated person lead to salvation? Ans. Deliverance is not at all possible without initiation. Q.24 Should a person avoid mental disposition to achieve progress on divine path? Ans. Saints always prohibit not complying with the mann (negative thoughts). Q.25 Who am I? Ans You are an off shoot of the Almighty Himself. Q.26 God's words revealed by Your kind-self are simple words. Shall we, definitely, be able to attain spiritual emancipation through their recitation? Have you tried the truthfulness of these holy words? Ans. The person reciting these holy words shall definitely achieve salvation and WE have also meditated on these God's words.

Q.27 Does God feel distressed to notice the evil plight of His creation? If yes, how can painful situations are expressed? If not, why is He so harsh? Why does He not possess sympathy? Ans. Soul itself is being tormented due to the entanglement fabricated by kaal (death god). God feels concerned and therefore, sends Saints to relieve their sufferings. Q.28. Why do people keep on accusing others for evil deeds instead of wiping out their own immoral attitude? Ans. They try to conceal their own vices. Q.29 Why are the persons dressed up with vices progressing ahead whereas virtuous people undergo sufferings? Ans. Honest community is also making advancements. Wicked ones always remain in grief and mental tension. Certain sincere personalities feel distressed due to lack of contentment (which can be attained by prayers through God's words). Q.30 What benefits do YOU reap in lieu of YOUR sermons to the masses?

Ans. Cosmic love. Q.31 Is there any scientific technique to get information about soul? Ans. Perhaps not. Q.32. Why do virtuousness and viciousness always step together in this world? Ans. Goodness is due to the blessings of Almighty God; whereas, wickedness is due to the power of death god (kaal). Q.33 Why are the evil-doers subjected to silent punishment? Should not they be inflicted penalty in public presence? Ans. Everybody comes to know (about the crime and punishment). Q.34 There are certain societies or civilizations which do not believe in divine values. What methods shall YOU adopt to make them understand? Ans. It is possible through religious congregations. Q.35 "Prayer, meals, wealth and woman are personal treasures and should be safeguarded." Why should only women and not men be protected under veils?

Ans. Norms of civilization and spirituality are required for both of them. But if women tend to go out of social norms, evil acts of quarrels will increase. Q.36 YOUR disciples keep on following YOU. Is it not a fanatic superstition? Ans. No. It reflects a sense of firm faith and spiritual love. Q.37 Was it essential for Lord Rama, Lord Krishana and Sikh Saint Guru Gobind Singh to use weapons? Could not they bestow wisdom to their opponents? Ans. Ascetics and Saints function in accordance with the divine ordinance. Q.38 Is confluence of all the religions possible? Ans. You can practically observe it during the religious congregations organized at Dera Sacha Sauda. Q.39 "YOUR disciples address YOU as divine master or Supreme Being", is it apt? Ans. But WE consider ourselves as devout (humble) follower of the Almighty God. Q.40 On what grounds a soul is assigned the physique of a man or a woman?

Ans. According to the past births actions. Q.41 Does the destiny play its role for achieving spiritual progress too? Ans. Fortune always co-operates with a person during his righteous and virtuous actions giving favorable results. Q.42 Your kind preaching project towards eternal delight in the Next World, era of virtues (Satlok), and eternal world (Anami). Why so? Ans. Its confirmation can be realized through acceptance. Millions are reaping the benefits. Q.43 There is a couplet in the religious literature of Saint Kabir which suggests that women of any age can act like poisonous vine which not only kills the victim on taste and causes intoxication on its very sight? Does this kind of description not manifest rebellion viewpoint of devotee towards women folk? Ans. Saint Kabir seems to make such statement regarding a section of women who indulge in evil passion of lust. Q.44 Why do we observe a great similarity in the chromosomes (structures regulating inheritance) of

chimpanzee and human being, in case we discard the concept of evolution? Ans. Presence of similarities does not confirm ancestral relationship. If you still like this, adopt a chimpanzee as your son and transfer your properties to his credit. Maybe that chimpanzee gets transformed to human being that you can show as an example. Q.45 Prior to this, women faced miserable plight in the society due to religion. Is it not due to scientific progress during 20th and 21st centuries that women have come out of male domain? Otherwise, women folk would have continued to remain in negative aptitude of saints and devotees being considered as poisonous vine? Ans. Religions have considered woman as mother and she enjoys the status of God. A deadly herb has only been described for a person blinded by a wicked passion of lust. Q.46 Is there any shortage of religious literature for guidance because a person has to seek refuge and initiation for attaining spiritual elevation?

Ans. It is very difficult to remember and recollect every sacred scripture. Therefore, the spiritual guides provide a method of meditation which consists of a few divine words. With practice, these can help in attaining visualization and salvation. Q.47 Does the mann (evil force) accompany a human body right from the time of birth? Ans. Yes. Q.48 What was the ratio of men and women during the origin of life on earth? Ans. There are varying census graphs in different religions. A few religions believe the presence of single male and female, others believe in the existence of many deities. Q.49 How do the religions believe in the presence of God in human heart, whereas, no heart specialist has ever made such observation? Ans. Cows and buffaloes release milk due to emotional loving response to their calves but the presence of milk is never observed in the teats. Likewise, the presence of God can be realized by increasing emotional eagerness for Him.

Q50. Which mode of meditation is optimal and why? Ans Meditation on Gods words is the exquisite one. For, it requires nothing nor it is painful too. Q.51 What is the difference between the course of knowledge and pious religious devotion? Ans. Course of Knowledge - It can be deep understanding regarding worldly objects or events. But divine knowledge is best of all. Course of Religious Devotion Develop continuous emotional love and desire to visualize God and thus attain supreme delight everywhere. Q.52 What is the original motive and essence of human life? Ans. Attaining release of the soul from transmigration of rebirths, thus seek Divine vision. Q.53 Why does a person repeat mistakes despite being knowledgeable? Ans. It is all due to mann (evil force). Q55. Is there any kind of harm to the particular religion by following the confluence of all religions? Ans Nay. Rather it is more lucrative.

Q56. Should we not censure a bad man even? Ans Nope. One must refrain from vices. Q.57 What is the evidence that the eternal abode exists? Ans It can be visualized by practicing method of meditation. Q.58 How many spirits were sent by God to this materialistic world? How many of them have returned back? Ans. There is no exact figure available. However, souls are going back definitely. Q.59 What are the benefits of doing hard work when the fortune of a person is predetermined? Ans. Every human being has the right to transform his destiny through concerted efforts and improving devotional knowledge. Q.60 Isnt it inappropriate to divide masses into different castes and creeds? Ans. Different castes came into existence with the type of duties assigned to each section. They never intend quarrels or hatred.

Q.61 What is the evidence of a theory to suggest 8.4 million forms of life? No religious scripture has ever published its list. Ans. You go anywhere in society or any forest, you will notice millions of varied forms of life. Here is a list:1. Vegetation- 3.0 million of plant forms. 2. Worms and Insects- 2.7 million kinds in this world. 3. Birds and Animals- 1.4 million different generations. 4. Animals- 0.9 million generations. 5. Human being, eunuchs, demigods, ascetics, evil spirits, ghosts etc.- 0.4 million. Q.62 Why should a person enter the custom of married life if one is supposed to maintain a safeguard against five vicious forces, mind, wealth, etc., and also perform meditation for achieving salvation? Ans. It is decided by the person concerned because only those devotees who follow the divine principles shall visualize God. Q.63 What was the period of origin of life in universe?

Ans. Many ages have passed since the first appearance of life. Q.64 Who created this earth death god (kaal) or Almighty God? Ans. Every creation has been with the order and direction of Almighty God Himself. Q.65 Has there always been certain Saint (spiritual guide) on this earth? Ans. Yes. Q.66 Is it possible to live the life sans happiness or worries? Ans There is a unique stage of devotion which is devoid of sorrows and delights rather bestows the exhilaration. Fortunate wights become worthy of this. Q.67 Can anyone attain God even on maintaining a passion of lust? Ans. Never. God can be visualized by maintaining restraint and performing meditation during family life. Q.68 Will a person become socially useless if he is always engrossed in prayers and meditation?

Ans. A person can achieve unlimited success if he performs righteous actions and makes full advantage of devotional knowledge. Q.69 Is mans misconception? progressive consideration a

Ans. It is good for welfare activities but wrong for evil deeds. Q.70 Do the evil forces of wealth, lust, and other related vices exist in the form of wicked thoughts? Ans. Yes. But certain forms like money, gold, etc., can also be observed in material form. Q.71 Is music also significant in achieving spiritual progress? Ans. Yes, devotional music. Q.72 Can a person stay in a state of self contentment through recitation of God's words? Ans. Yes, the person can maintain peace and comfort with the grace of God. Q.73 Does a devotee become capable to feel an inkling of self demise beforehand?

Ans. Yes, a person with firm devotion can realize it. Q.74 It is generally believed that Saints lead very simple mode of life? Is it a correct statement? Ans. Saints spend their life as per the will of Almighty God. They dress up their attire in accordance with divine ordinance. Q.75 Not a leaf can tremble without Divine will; where does the mans autonomy serve its purpose? Ans. Man, being autonomous, is entitled to commit new actions. Noble actions are done as per the Divine disposal however man himself is liable for his bad deeds. Q.76 Every wight contains a factor of The Almighty then why are they hostile to each-other? Ans. Most of the people are not aware that everyone is a factor of the Almighty; due to this they are opponent of one-another. It comes to apprehension only after attending spiritual discourses. Q.77 Would making someone to acquire the method of meditation without prior information, categorize as sin?

Ans. No. In fact, you have done a fabulous job. You shall be rewarded with benevolence and compassion by the Almighty. Q.78 Are the human races figure, color, beauty, etc., predetermined through the destiny of past births accumulated deeds? Ans. Yes. Q.79 What steps to be taken by a devotee (mureed) to regain the loss of his Spiritual Masters (Murshid) affection? Ans. Follow the preaching (Vachans) without any mental stress supported by regular meditation. This shall enable him to recapture divine love & compassion. Q.81 Dont the saints tend to fulfill their self-motives in the garb of religious actions? Ans. Saints do incarnate only and only for social wellbeing rather than their personal desires. Their lives are devoted to humanitarian services just as a tree never consumes its fruits nor does a river take its water.

Q.82 The head of every religious organization wishes to have a good number of followers. Everyone proclaims himself to be a perfect saint. How to figure out the perfect one? Ans. By following the Divine precepts and performing meditation. Q.84 Is it not possible that God provides exact location of true saints without any personal efforts? Ans. It happens with a few individuals who possess good instincts, behavior and destiny of refined actions. Q.85 What is the difference between a saint and an ascetic? Ans. Saint - A person who has attained oneness with God and who initiates the devotees to God. Ascetic - A person who renounces the materialistic and domestic living. Q.86 Is it a crime to be an atheist? Ans. Yes. Q.87 YOU used to say that the world has been created by God, why did He create moon and other planets as these are of no significance to mankind?

Ans. Every creation of Almighty God has its specific function. Q.88 The existence of God is only relied upon faith. Why does He not make people understand through His actual appearance? Ans. If someone performs meditation during this age of vices, Divine presence can be visualized all around. Q.89 Are the diseases, the misgivings of Almighty or the death god (kaal)? Ans. It is due to the consequences of previous births accumulated deeds. Q.90 Does God adopt specific strategy to recall His souls? Ans. He sends His messengers in the form of saints. Q.91 How could Saints explain their followers in the absence of language during the ancient times when human race was dependent upon certain gestures only? Ans. In the same manner of emotions. Q.93 Has the human intelligence advanced much right from the very beginning?

Ans. People had brain but did not take its full advantage during that time period. Q.94 People were involved in superstitions during the period of religious devotion. But scientific inventions have reduced the misconceptions among masses. Is the science imprecise despite of its eminence? Ans. Devotional habits wipe off superstitions. People may be subjected to misconceptions due to their attachment with god of vices. Moreover, science is an offshoot of supreme religion. Q.95 Should a devotee be fascist? Is the principle of being fascist relevant for him? Ans. One should have firm faith rather than becoming obstinate to attain His blessings and visualization. Q.96 How many human beings were present on earth at the time of universe formation or did the life only exist in the garb of animals? Ans. Only statues were present during the fabrication of earth. Q.97 According to Saint Tulsidas, no one can fully understand the esteemed intelligence of Saints. Why

do Saints consider themselves as unsolved riddles? Can not the Saints modify themselves so that everyone can follow them? Is it wrong to convince the disciples? Ans. You have reckoned the saying in inappropriate manner. It only recommends that a disciple comes to realize the devotional strength of spiritual guide progressing through meditation. Q.98 Guidelines to acquire the nectar of humanity includes a list of 47 principles. Can the evils be discarded only after taking the desired nectar? Can these not be avoided through determined will power? Is it essential to take the elixir for the said purpose? Ans. Will power for performing righteous actions is declining these days. Therefore, God's words and the nectar of humanity provide strength to determination and a person discards wickedness at a faster rate. Q.99 Is the God concerned about His souls? Ans. Everyone is under His direct care or surveillance. Q.100 Why is God that stubborn father who does not speed up the efforts providing salvation to His descendants?

Ans. God is the ocean full of mercy and performs according to the set procedures. Q.101 Was the decision of sending souls irrelevant. Does anyone expect such kinds of decisions from Him? Ans. Every action performed by God is always appropriate. Q.102 Does the soul possess any definite appearance? Ans. Soul is recognized through a body and vice-versa. Q.103 Do the souls also struggle for Divine vision in Eternal Abode? Ans. No. God always accompanies every soul. Q.104 Who are Gods true buddies? Ans. Those who retain selfless love for His creation and offer regular prayers. Q.105 Is the knowledge of a language significant in attainment of God? If yes, do Hindi and Punjabi dialects enjoy good status? Ans. Recitation of God's words has great importance in visualizing God regardless of lingua franca.

Q.106 Human beings have not appeared on earth willingly but due to the Divine disposal. Why is mankind cursed for this? Ans. It is because he does not try to seek spiritual deliverance through meditation and engrossed in worldly affairs. Q.107 Is the God trustworthy as He made so many spirits homeless just to please a devil soul of satan? Ans. The souls were guilty of rejecting the directions of God because Divinity is of utmost importance. Q.108 How to rely on God that He shall not descend the souls again on earth? Ans. This is Divine commitment that the soul who gets salvation through meditation shall never switch to rebirth. Q.109 What were the reasons that people offer oppositions to every prophet and incarnation on earth? Ans. The people engaged in vicious profession face losses when the spiritual guides try to connect masses with God's words and ask them to avoid intoxicants. Such professionals come forward to lead conflicts.

Q.110 Why does God not appear on single call; whereas, a person responds on one or two calls? Ans. God can be attained even on one call if a person calls Him with true yearning and discarding evil thoughts. Q.111 How many chakras are present in Human body? How can God be visualized by operating these riddles? Ans. These spheres are described under abstract meditation. A soul directly reaches the gateway (tenth door) to ultimate Divine home and thereafter, visualizes God. These chakras are mentioned in yoga. Q.112 Is it not a misconception to entice and allure the soul for sachkhand, anami (ultimate abode)? Ans. It is reality, not a myth. Q.113 Is not the spirituality decreasing the importance of education? It is considered that illiterate persons are more successful in the stream of spirituality? Ans. Persons who perform virtuous actions and tend to follow the Divine principles become more successful.

Q.114 Are the religion and spirituality not obstacles in the process of bringing progress? Kindly state YOUR opinion? Ans. These good aspects are supportive in growth rather than making hindrances. Q.115 Which of the two is better, not to exert efforts or become a failure on performing a task? Ans. One must keep on striving. Q.116 According to spiritual perspective, how the era of vices is nominated and what message would You convey to the modern society? Ans. Our religious literatures address the present period as the era of satan (kaliyug). Our message during such period is that you must comply with principles of your religion, perform meditation and always rely upon the earnings through self toil. Q.117 While being the most potent, why does not God remit the soul from sins after ones death? Ans. The persons who offer regular prayers are granted amnesty even during their life span.

Q118 Why does God send ambassadors in this world even when He resides in every universal particle? Ans. Being amorphous, God has to depute messengers in the form of human attire. Q.119 Why is a soul subjected to vicious transmigration cycle of 8.4 million life forms? Ans. A person undergoes the cycle of rebirth if he does not seek initiation and cause breech onto divine regulations. Q.120 Are the mann (evil force inside the man) and death god (kaal) considered siblings? Ans. Mann is an agent to the death god because both of these pave way to hell. Q.121 What are the reasons that our mind does not stick to recitation? Ans. One has to bridle the negative thoughts. Endeavor to devote meditative efforts while performing daily chores of life so that the mann becomes addicted to these holy words. Always try to follow the sermons perceived during religious congregation. Thus, you would definitely win over your mind in near future.

Q.122 What is the difference between criticism and truthfulness? Ans. If a person is engaged in wrong activity; your statement becomes truthful, when you ask him once or twice to avoid such action. But it becomes a cause of criticism if you publicly describe his wrong doings. Q.123 Do the eternal divine words ever become mortal? Ans. Such words denote the super natural Divine melody. Words may change during universal dissolution and catastrophes but the mystic melody never transmutes. Q.124 Why nothing harms the man who deviates others from the Divine path? Ans. Exclusively God is entitled to penalize. But such persons have to face the after-effects for evil actions. Q.125 Divine home cannot be viewed through sharp mind or intelligence. Is it within our body or beyond the sky? Ans. Anonymous, divine home and the world of chastity are present within our body and very far off too. You shall have to undergo intensive practice and reach a stage of

deep meditation if you indulge in regular recitation to God's words. Q.126 What is the exact meaning of the word Satnam? Ans. Founder of Dera Sacha Sauda, Revered Saint Beparwah Mastana Ji assigned this holy name to His spiritual successor as Shah Satnam Ji. In other aspect, it denotes the true name of Divine Master. Q.127 Why do the devotees undergo sufferings? Ans. The quality of gold improves after passing through fire test. Secondly, the devotees get relieved of the consequences of their previous births bad deeds. As the sinner moves towards crimes, he has to face the hellish environ in this world as well in the other too. Q129 Did the death god ask for certain souls during the age of chastity (satyug), period of Lord Rama (tretayug) and period of Lord Krishna (dwapper)? Ans. He demanded spirits right from the origin of universe. There has been simultaneous existence of both the forces the kind and the devil, during every age or period. But during ancient times, the devil force was insignificant and was dominated by the kind power.

During the present age, the devil force has increased much but the virtuous kind power retained its supreme energy. Q.130 If the souls of two initiated persons put off their bodies together, will both reach their divine home collectively or individually visualize God? Ans. If both the souls leave their bodies at the same time, both were involved in prayers and meditation, such souls are independently perceived by Divine master. A blessed soul acquires the support of God Himself. One soul cannot accompany another soul. Q.131 In the course of spirituality, "the Supreme power (fourth form of Lord Rama) is able to grant Spiritual emancipation. But history reveals certain cases when the angels, working in the domain of satan, also provided salvation, for example, in case of devotee Prahlad. Ans. Providing relief in place of pain and sufferings has sometimes been termed as "salvation" on this earth. A process of removing the ill effects of certain evil deeds and thus providing the benefits of heaven (after a long time under hell) is also called "salvation". But the fourth rank of Lord Rama is supreme, who has also generated

Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesha. He is the ultimate source of Divine energy. Recitation on Divine words provides spiritual emancipation that the soul can never return in the vicious cycle. Such soul attains eternal home which provides multi fold happiness that of the heaven. That type of salvation can only be bestowed by Lord Rama (as fourth Rama). Q.132 Is the recitation of God's words performed while sauntering more beneficial than during concentration? Ans. No, recitation during regular work (walking, etc.) is a small dose to initiate concentration of mind. One does gain some benefit but the process of repeating Divine words can lead to attain deep meditation for the blissful visualization of Supreme Power. Q.133 How much benefits does one reap through each religious congregation? Ans. Sincere attendance of religious congregation for a few moments provides the benefit better than 50 years of prayers. The devotee gets the advantages of selfless services and meditation, if he abides by the holy sermons uttered during congregation.

Q.134 How to assimilate the extreme pleasure achieved through recitation of God's words? Can we share the experiences with someone? Ans. No, try to assimilate them; it will boost up the Divine euphoria. Q.135 Which is the best way to pay back the benevolences bestowed by the Saints and Seers? Ans. By honoring and following their preaching in true sense one cannot pay back to the Almighty but, by doing so He bestows much more spiritual happiness. Q.136 "Revered Father! I perform recitation of Gods words by counting the cycle of repetition." Is it apt? Ans. No, recitation should be performed without count because one may stick to a limited number. When taken to God's words, try to perform repeated and speedy recitation. Later on one must not take much care on words and thus counting shall also become insignificant. Q.137 What kind of feeling is experienced, when the soul takes up the journey of divine elevation. Please explain in detail about the spheres locating god of death, birth and salvation?

Ans. God is eternal and perpetual source of Divine light which created Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. More so, God of time, devils, ghosts, etc., have also been generated by Him. He can bless spiritual emancipation. On adopting Gurumantra, after death the soul goes directly to the eternal adobe instead of waiting on the spiritual spheres. Every person gets advantages of one's own deeds. Q.138 Why does God require meditation? He is capable to finish the existence of death-god and also recall souls unto Himself. Ans. Actually God does not require His praise or recitation but people themselves offer prayers because it is their personal necessity. Prayer to God helps in many aspects and can pave way to attain salvation from rebirth. Q.139 Does the death of a young son indicate the revenge of a soul from the family? Ans. May be that departed soul could be destined to live for a limited period with the family. Sometimes, it may be the retribution of previous births deeds. Q.140 Why do people commit transgressions despite knowing it? iniquities and

Ans. One does so due to the influence of negative forces (Mann and Kaal). Moreover, not doing meditation (Sumiran) is also a reason. Q.141 Which is the better way of meditation by using the tongue or through thoughts? Ans. A person can adopt both of these. While meditating without utterance, one can stabilize the thoughts but it is slightly tougher. Q.142 How much time is remaining for the period of degeneration (Kaliyug) to end up? Ans. For those who carry unmitigated faith, do meditation (sumiran) and render selfless services for the welfare of humanity; the period of the Almighty always persists and Kaliyug ends. Q.143: Should an initiated person (Naam-dhari) show prejudice to a non-vegetarian? Ans. He should be convinced to show prejudice to flesh. Q.144: What is the difference between Preacher (Guru) and The Lord (Satguru)? Ans. Ram, God, Allah, Wahe-Guru are also addressed as "The Lord" and also the Saint-Hermit who has attained

the Almighty; whereas, a Preacher is the one who delivers all true knowledge. Q.145 In which way does the love towards Satguru soar? Ans. Through Sewa-Sumiran (meditation along with rendering selfless services) and by obeying the preaching, the love towards Satguru increases. Q.146 Would a person be recognized as having committed evil deed who guides another to get initiation and after adopting the method of meditation he gets back to his wicked habits? Ans. No, by doing so you would not be doing anything wrong rather by getting him the method of meditation you do a noble deed. However if he does not obey he shall bear the consequences and remains deprived of the mercy of God. Q.147 What is the difference between Self-esteem and Egotism? Ans. The confidence-creation and its strong persistence motivated towards performing noble deeds are called selfesteem. The pride of worldly wealth, high contacts,

intelligentsia, and offspring's notion is categorized as egotism. Q.148 Should one eat flesh, i.e., non-vegetarian food? Ans. From the spiritual perspective, eating flesh by humans is prohibited and science also proves that human beings have adaptations of being vegetarian. No Guru, Peer, Holy Saint did ever advise that eating flesh is mandatory for worship. Q.149 What is Affection? Why does a person get entrapped in it? Ans. Earning to feed one's offspring is not affection. But supporting, by holding them right even in the event of their committing theft, cheating, misappropriation, is blindness caused by affection. More so, adopting cheating, misappropriation, corruption for one's offspring is called affection- enchantment. Feeding and upbringing one's children through hard work is mans duty which should be performed. Q.150 Do the tears shed on reading the spiritual benevolence categorized as true ardor for The Almighty?

Ans. For sure, that dedicated soul swings in the love and ardor for the Almighty and contains no hypocrisy. Q.151 Do Allah, God, Ram also get involved in trance like the gods and goddesses do? Ans. Allah, God, Ram do not stay in anyone's trance. Q.152 Do the persons who watch Spiritual Congregation (Satsang) on the T.V. or live on Internet also get benefits of attendance and blessings? Ans. Yes, they get, but not as much as is gained by physically coming to Satsang. A huge number of devotees gather during religious congregations and thus Lord himself makes His appearance to fulfill their urge. Q.153 I feel shocks/ jerks in hands, legs and head while meditating why does it happen? Ans. It happens with a few. Try to concentrate on doing meditation (sumiran) while walking or sauntering and also get the God's Words (Naam Shabad, you are reciting) checked for its exactness so that this problem does not recur. It is quite possible that your accumulated terrible deeds are being nullified. Therefore, instead of frightening, recitation would provide spiritual progress.

Q.154 Why are we not permitted to divulge God's Words (Naam Shabad) to others? Ans. Only a guide can educate others. Have you ever seen the students teaching others in any school or college? Since Saints and Seers are initiated since inception and have reached the Almighty, therefore, they can guide and take their disciples to the acme. The one who himself is a disciple cannot make his own disciples. Q.155 Is mothers womb any separate place from this materialistic World? If not, then why the remembrance of God does always exists while the creature dwells in it? Ans. There the soul exists in its original form, which is recently departed from the Almighty. A mother's womb is the working body in this mortal world. The soul remembers God inside the womb in the same manner you tend to remember the Lord when in trouble. Q.156 How can a person safeguard oneself from the results of the bad thoughts which keep on running onto one's mind? Ans. The result of any bad thought is nullified by doing meditation (sumiran) for five minutes. These thoughts can

still be controlled by an hours meditation practice in morning and another hour in the evening. Q.157 True Saints are unified with The Almighty. How can the Almighty tolerate this all, when they are cited wrong in this world? Ans. The Almighty can tolerate beyond the imagination of human being. This is why He is God. True Saints also possessed great tolerance. The lord is unique and His virtues are beyond explanation. Q.158 Does the committal of suicide by someone imply that he was delivered only that much period of life span? Ans. No, committer of suicide is a great sinner. Such souls have to undergo the punishment in the deep darkness of the spiritual spheres beyond this world. Q.159 The happiness knows no bounds when one gets the holy glimpse of Your good self in dreams. Can we, husband and wife, discuss this inter se? Ans. It is God who shows His glimpse, We are just abiding by the royal decree. In case, you both are regular with meditation (sumiran) and both are progressing towards the benevolence then a little of discussion may be

done. But in case one has traveled long distance and the other has not yet started the journey then it is better not to discuss. Q.160 What is the reason that the negative thoughts (mann) keep on hounding even while sitting in front of the True Saint? Ans. It cannot happen that much in the presence of True Saint as while being in the worldly affairs because Saints always discuss about The Lord, God. Actually the negative thoughts are controlled when one gets to know the taste of the God's prayers oneself, internally. Q.161 Why do the People tend to forget the benevolences bestowed by their Guru? Ans. Disobeying the preaching, not doing humanitarian services and meditation, not attending satsang; are conditions when wicked mann and wealth may target such persons any time. Q.162 When did the Karma chakra start? Ans It started with the creation of Universe. For this is the land of karma.

Q.163 Does the Universe contain other celestial systems also? Do the saints and God exist there? Ans. Yes, there are many hundred celestial systems that exist in the Universe. God is present everywhere. Q.164 Do the children have to face the consequences of the deeds performed by their parents? Ans. Certainly, some effect does occur. The ill-earned wealth of the parents shall cause effect. But by reciting Gods words all its effects can be vanished. Q.165 How can I find out as to "Who am I"? Ans. Two types of voices reside inside us, one is of the soul and the other is of the satan. If we start recognizing and hearing the voice of the soul we shall get to understand all; but, meditation is the prime requisite for this. Q.166 How to have the glimpse of God quickly and how to tame the mann? Ans. Perform meditation (sumiran) for at least an hour between 2:00 am to 5:00 am. Also mediate while walking or working, while cooking and/or eating food. Undoubtedly, in a few months control would prevail over

negative thoughts (mann). Definitely you will get Holy Glimpse (darshan) of The Lord. Q.167 Is it apt to count the Gurumantra while revising it? Ans No. This way, you would be more focused on counting rather than concentrating. This is not the appropriate way. Q.168 Once the Soul reaches its true abode (Nij-dham), for how long it is permitted to remain there? Ans. Forever. Q.169 Which category of the services performed through Body (tann), Mind (mann) or Wealth (dhan), is regarded as the most rewarding in spirituality? Ans. All are equally rewarded but the services through mann, by controlling it is more rewarding because after its regulation the other services happen automatically. Q.170 Out of two sons of a mother, one follows virtuous way while the other as vicious then the results of whose actions would affect the mother? Ans. By reciting the holy words and performing good deeds one son attains salvation for his earlier as well as

future generations. Whereas, the ill effects of the bad deeds goes only to the son concerned. Q.171 How long does the pitcher of evil take before bursting? Ans. The container of evils bursts whenever it fills up to the brim, without any prior indication. Q.172 What humanity? does Religion narrate regarding

Ans. All the Religions preach that extending co-operation and assistance to the ailing, whosoever it may be - human, bird or animal, and endeavour to remove its pain and hardship and soothe it, is categorized as humanity. Feeling euphoric on seeing anyone in agony or affliction is satanic. Q.173 Why is the path of truth full of hardships? Ans. It is so because whenever truth spreads, the obloquy gets jealous but the truth (Ram-Naam) rules over vices. Whosoever adopted the path of truth or the incarnated Saints had to face the unseen calamities. Q.174 Can God be attained only by rendering the services to humanity (sewa)?

Ans. No, doing meditation (sumiran) is necessary for attainment of God. Delivering the services to the humanity (sewa) assists in bridling nocuous thoughts which in turn help in accessing God. Q.175 Does the meditation start afresh from initial stage if the regularity in meditation breaks for a day? Ans. No, there is nothing like this. However regularity should not break because 24 hours' day is long enough to permit time for meditation (at any specific time in a day). Q.176 How different religions came into existence? Ans. Based on the culture and the contemporary people. But, all the religions preach the same lesson. Q.177 What are the virtues of a soul? Ans. The wight is the mirror image of goodness. Its sound is a synonym of cosmic voice. Q.178 Which is the optimal method to raise the concentration level? Ans. Chanting the holy words during the ambrosial hours (2:00 am 5:00 am) besides while walking and sauntering would definitely help in this regard. Q.179 Where are the Heaven and the Hell located?

Ans. Paradise and inferno are located in spiritual spheres and on earth as well, for example, if you are indisposed or depressed it is like hell and if you are delighted then it seems heaven. Q.180 Some people are fond of hookah considering that it is not included in three cardinal rules of Gurumantra. Kindly guide. Ans. It is injurious to health. So, better to avoid it. Q.181 Can the deities harm anyone by entering inside his body? Ans. No. They have been deployed by the Supreme Power. It is just an illusion; they cannot be detrimental to anyone. It is recommended to go for virtuous deeds. Q.182 Who compressed five words of Gurumantra into three? Ans. Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. Q.183 The Almighty incarnates on earth in the form of a human being. What is YOUR opinion regarding this fact? Ans. It is mentioned in Religious Literature that God, the Almighty does not incarnate Himself because He is above

all existence and is free of life and death. But Divine Light sent by Him in the form of Godly Holy Saints, PeerPaigambar, Guru, Rishi-Muni used to visit earth. They shall also continue to visit this planet in future as well. Spiritualism believes in and supports this concept. Q.184 How a mentally retarded person who has taken initiation (naam shabad) would meditate? While at large, any one may feed such a person; how to safeguard it from them? Ans. Adopting the Gurumantra is sufficient for a psychic patient; make him to learn granted God's words. Thereafter, if someone feeds any prohibited stuff, then the feeder, not the eater, would be the sinner. In case, he eats any such thing unknowingly, then The Lord would benevolently banish the sin. The family members of such a person should serve food to him, cooked while doing prayers and look after him. Q.185 Where should we lighten the lamp of Gods name at our home? Ans. This has already been lightening inside the human being on the til/gyanchakshu which lies in center of both the eyes.

Q.186 Maharaja Janak was the perfect Guru as well the king. Should it not be possible that the great man like You be an emperor of the country to introduce peace, serenity and authentic religion? Ans. We are here to recite and make others to do the same. We dont have any interest and interference in politics rather aspire to welfare of all. The God had been extending help in this regard and will carry it on. Q.187. On moving behind the corpse people used to propagate, Om naam satya hai; satya bolo mukt hai. But none follows it on the birth ceremony? Ans. It is a custom to make the people understand that this world is a farce. In fact, the Gods name is eternal. Q.188. Some misanthropes are putting false allegations and accusations on that Satguru who made us to quit the evils. How much to bear this at all? Kindly guide. Ans. Satsangi always used to wear the ornament of patience. Sadh Sangat is aware about all false court cases imposed upon Us. Due to the love towards God, sadh sangat is expanding by leaps and bounds. Even pandaal is not sufficed to accommodate them. There is nothing more than endurance and serenity.

Q.189 To whom the prayers done for the sake of others will impact- on the doer or on the needy one? Ans. This is more consequential for the doer. However, gives fruits to the one for whose sake prayers are being made on account of welfare. Q.190 Does the tenth door get closed after opening it once? Ans Never possible. The soul sours towards the Almighty once tenth door opens. On getting the divine vision the wight merges with the Supreme Being. Q.191 If a person pays Nara (holy slogan) to someone but he does not respond just because of his high status attitude. Should the person keep on paying the Nara to him? Ans.Yes, of course. Almighty always bless for this noble deed while the person who ignores it knowingly, gets his devotion alleviated. So, without bothering for the response you must keep it up. Q.192 It is being said repeatedly that allegations have been imposed upon You. According to You who is responsible for this and why?

Ans. We are the mediator to connect man with the God and intend to eradicate all the social evils. Those who oppose the mankind might be responsible for the accusations. Q.193 As per your preaching, one has to save one rupee coin for the welfare. Is it a compulsion for the initiated ones or the uninitiated can also participate in this? Ans. Whoever involves in this gets the respective benefits. Q.194 Is it inapt to convince someone, who is indulged in misdeeds? How to persuade him to tread on the path of goodness? Ans Pray and meditate to impel him lovingly. Leave this matter on God, if he doesnt get convinced. Q.195 I am studying in ninth grade and had adopted Gurumantra in U.K.G. standard. Presently, I dont remember it and used to recite the holy slogan (nara). Kindly guide. Ans. Some Sevadars have been deployed to make it remember, if you were above five years old at the time of initiation.

Q.196 I am desirous to adopt Gurumanta but have some kind of awe in my mind. What should I do? Ans. This fear should be for the vices rather than absorbing Gods words. Q.197 I wish to help someone but it results adversely. Who is responsible for all this? Should I never think about welfare in future? Ans. Never. One must extend helping hand to the needy beings. Moreover, man is rewarded as per his karmas. Q.198 Bad thoughts keep on hounding me while meditating and rendering selfless services? Kindly recommend any solution. Ans. Onset of these thoughts while meditating is obvious. For kaal does not wish anybody to go out from its clutches to get the divine pleasure. But the meditation never goes in vain rather will surely render positive direction irrespective of the concentration. Q.199 What is the story of crow and nightingale? Is the utterance of the crow is the root cause of its insult? Ans. Yes, it is the fact. But one has to retribute his deeds. This comparison is sighted when there is a matter of

speech. At times, crow is liked due to some specific reasons. Q200. Does listening to hymns lucrative? Ans. Meditation on Gods words always gives fruitful result. Q.201 Why man used to earn money with corruption, knowingly that nothing goes with him after the demise? Ans. On account of unawareness and ego. Q.202 Is it predestined which perfect Guru will incarnate on this earth? Ans. God sends them as per His sweet desire. Q.203 The hoardings of anti female feticide which are shown in satsang can be demonstrated in our native town too? Ans Yes, why not. Q.204 I had saved few bucks in the name of deities. But now I have adopted Gurumantra. Where should I utilize that money?

Ans Use that money for helping the destitute and needy ones. Q.205 As per Your holy sermons, we all have been delivered from mothers womb. But, Quaran Majeed mentions that God is paramount. Neither He is born nor has any progeny. Kindly clarify. Ans. Yes, it is certain. We also used to say that all souls have to face the transmigration cycle. But Supreme Power is immortal and never confronts with all this. Q.206 Is it predestined, when the soul would be capable to have the divine vision within? Ans This is not certain. However, with meditation one can become worthy of this opportunity. Q.207 We are unable to attend Naamcharcha (where hymns are sung) program because of watching live satsang at the same time. Do the results differ? Ans You must attend the namcharcha for one day and let the satsang to be recorded to listen afterwards. Satsang is always more lucrative. But attending naamcharcha while ignoring the satsang does not bestow the happiness nor would it lead to welfare.

Q.208 Sometimes due to adverse situations one gets happiness while committing any task whereas others get tormented. On the contrary vice versa happens for any other task. Which one must be chosen during these circumstances? Ans. Endeavour to do the work which bestows happiness to one and all. Always engage in noble actions while ignoring the vicious ones. It might not be beneficial to you instantly but would definitely confer the happiness for you in near future. Q.209 My family members used to scorn me and hamper while I recite. Kindly suggest any remedy to get inner peace? Ans. You keep on reciting without disclosing anyone about it. It is not required to let others know with the tinkling of alarm rather do it secretly. Moreover pray for the kin to get involve in devotion. Q.210 On abiding by YOUR holy sermons I have scribed the vices I am inflicted with. But how to shun these?

Ans. With firm determination mark one of the maladies and pledge not to repeat it. It would be favorable in this regard. Q.211 If one re-adopts Gurumantra from any other Guru after being initiated from You, who would accompany the soul after death? Ans. Perfect Saint never lets the soul in solitude. Rest the Lord God knows better. Q.212 Would the prayers be full-fledged implored by one in Dera Sacha Sauda? Ans. With unmitigated faith one would be over brimmed with the holy blessings. Q.213 How the Divine love can be experienced? How to reach at the stage to perceive it? Ans Selfless services, recitation and welfare works are the requisites. Q.214 Guru ji, I wish to adopt Gurumantra, but cant quit alcoholism. What should I do? Ans. Liquor is a narcotic which ruins the life; whereas Raam Naam confers immense happiness. With regular meditation, addiction could be given up quickly.

Q.215 When one reaps the consequence of the deeds done- in this very birth or in the next? Ans. Those who dont recite have to face the outcome in both the worlds. While for the meditator, stakes are converted into spikes. Because, their transmigration would end up in this very birth. Q.216 Why the holy book Quaran is termed as Aasmani kitab and not other scriptures like Ramayana or Gita? Whose disciple was Hajrat Mohammad? Ans. As per Our views, Hajrat Mohammad was disciple of Allah. He is nominated as Hajrat because Gods voice (Baang-E-Ilaahi) was His adoration. Thats why it is termed as Aasmani kitab; whereas, in Ramayana God incarnated on this planet and played the holy spectacles. Every religious scripture is perennially imbibed with reverence. On abiding by these one gets emancipated. Q.217 Would I have to change my profession of selling eggs after being initiated? Ans. Nope. It is not required promptly. However, indulgence in any other business while reciting the sacred

words would be many folds fruitful than the earlier one. Millions of people have experienced it. Q.218 According to Saints, the bad deeds get nullified after being initiated. On the contrary, when he gets tormented due to the tensions, Saints console him by relating it with the accumulated deeds. Kindly elucidate. Ans. After initiation, this births actions can be nullified but one has to undergo sufferings due to previous births accumulated deeds. Regular meditation converts the stakes into spikes otherwise has to endure the consequences as it is. Q.219 Does the soul change the body only or the new souls are also born. What is the basis of their birth? Ans. Souls keep on changing the body. With Divine disposal new souls can be created. Any human being cannot fabricate the spirit by any means. Q.220 How an initiated soul gets emancipated? Ans. God acts as the guardian of an initiated soul and it moves to the ultimate abode after shattering the trap of transmigration.

Q.221 Where does the soul go after death? Ans. An initiated soul gets salvation and reaches a place where God is realized; whereas, an uninitiated soul first goes to either heaven or hell with respect to the actions taken. After enjoying the delights and punishments it is subjected to the cycle of life and death. Q.222 Your good-self covers self with a white cloth while bestowing the 'method of meditation', why? Ans. First reason is the mosquito or fly, etc., do not disturb while sitting in prayers or trance. The second reason is that both soul and the Lord are inside the human being; therefore, external noise is to be avoided. The Lord would attend fast if urge is made with full dedication from within. Q.223 Can a lady be a True Saint? Ans. She can be. Q.224 What is the definition of Spirituality and Worldliness? Ans. Literally, in Spirituality, a person is made to connect with the God. In Worldliness, a person is detached from God who gets entrapped in materialism. A person can

remain happy with devotion to God even while living in worldliness. Q.225 I do not know who am I and where from. Please explain? Ans. We all are the issues of one God. He Himself has created us and we descended having got separated from Him. Q.226 What is the root location of the soul? Ans. If talking about body, soul is present from top to toe. In trance the soul concentrates at a place which is located between both eyes and the forehead, which is also addressed as Third Eye, Tenth Door, and God's Point, etc. Q.227 How can the existence of God be trusted upon? Ans. When one comes to experience the existence of God from within, then he develops faith in God. Through recitation of the God's Words, one can feel and experience His existence from within. Q.228 Why does not The Almighty create all beings as equally beautiful and intelligent? Ans. Every creature is created according to its deeds done.

Q.229 Can Kaal - Mahakaal (Death-God) mislead the souls by appearing in disguise of Satguru (The Lord)? Ans. It can create illusion but cannot deliver the direct glimpse of the manifest Guru (Preacher). But the souls initiated by Perfect Saint Satguru and who regularly meditates, do not undergo such illusion. Q.230 If someone is blessed with a dictum (Vachan) during dream, does that come true? Ans. If the Holy Glimpse of The Lord God does show up fully and the dictum is blessed for some welfare then it comes true, though it may take some time. And if any terrifying thing is seen then it is possible that the horrible deed has been nullified only by showing a frightening dream. Q.231 During 'Naam Charcha' (small, weekly gathering of devotees at local points), people tend to put their own opinions in addition to/ other than our Holy Literature (Granths). Is this right or wrong? Ans. Only 'Granths' should be read. No commentary should be added. Q.232 What happens to the soul of a person murdered by someone?

Ans. If the murdered had taken initiation (Naam Shabad) then the soul would surely cradle in the lap of The Lord. The murderer would get punishment for this sin. In case the murdered was uninitiated then in accordance with the done deeds, the soul would go to heaven or hell and thereafter in the vicious cycle of birth and death. Q.233 Why is it so that the maximum number of PeerPaigambar, Rishi-Muni, Godly Figures and all like them which incarnated in the world descended to India and not in foreign countries? Ans. It is The Lord's Wish. If they did appear in our country then we should be delighted and not depressed. Q.234 Is the violation of the Supreme Creator's Rules impossible? Ans. No, but a person may make fresh destiny up to a limited extent. Q.235 Why the Saints use Deer-skin to sit on? Ans. Sometimes, it happens that a deer dies and people remove its skin, some other consumed its meat. Saints did not kill it.

Q.236 It is said that one can attain God when one abandons all selfishness. Kaal (Death-God) worshipped 'The Supreme God' for boon which was his self-interest. How could he attain God? Did God have knowledge of his selfishness? Ans. 'The Supreme Power' created Kaal. Kaal himself had no such desire. 'The Supreme Power' wanted that Kaal should create the universe; these are His divine spectacles. He knows why He did it; He is master of His own wishes. Q.237 Can we meditate for two-three hours in the morning itself instead of evening? Ans. This is your convenience. By meditating during night you would be relieved of the tension of any mistake which may have been committed during day unknowingly and thus you would be refreshed. Q.238 Where is the second world located and what does it mean? Ans. The world where soul can go but body cannot go is called the second world. For an initiated soul, it is Nijghar (Own-House), Satlok (True-World), Sach-Khand (True-Abode), Anami (Beyond- Name).For the

uninitiated ones, it is the court of the Death-God (yamraj). After this, soul has to go to the heaven or hell and thereafter, in the cycle of birth and death. Q.239 What is the difference among Sleep, Unconsciousness, Coma, and Progression of Soul? Ans. Progression of Soul is done by a common person. The sick goes in Coma and Sleep happens at bed-time. During Progression of Soul, you remain fully alert, only body is like dead. If you have planned for half an hour then you come back in body after half an hour; whereas, no time can be fixed for unconsciousness & coma. No trouble comes in path of progression of the soul; on the contrary, the body gets refreshed. Q.240 If "The Lord" is 'abstract' then why 'shape' is worshipped? Ans. The thoughts (mann) do not concentrate without a shape. The Lord shows explicit in the form of TrueHuman (Sat- Purush). He sends His Saints with His blessings. Then tells about Him and paves way for attaining/ meeting Him. So He needs to appear in shape. Q.241 The gods/goddesses crave for the human life. Whether people should worship them or not?

Ans. If you want to pray then worship "The Supreme Power" who is The Lord of both the worlds. Even the deities offer prayers during their trance. By worshipping Him, the prayers get delivered to all gods/goddesses. Q.242 Does the earned and accumulated meditation (Sumiran) lessens by watching the movies or on listening to the film songs? Ans. It does not add up. Reduction may be due to your wicked actions modified as you would have watched. Q.243 What is the available evidence salvation of any single person till date? about

Ans. An initiated person himself tells before and at the time of death that his Lord is coming to take him along. Perhaps no evidence can be stronger than this. Q.244 Which is the best time for meditation (Sumiran) in the evening? Ans. Before dinner in the evening is the best time for meditation or two-three hours after having dinner. Q.245 Should the spiritual guide be consulted for auspicious or inauspicious time before starting any good work?

Ans. No time can be regarded as bad. Bad deeds should never be done. As it suits you, start good-natured work. Do hard work, God will help you. Q.246 Kindly tell the meanings of Alakh, Aagam and Anami please! Ans. These are the stages in the progression of soul through meditation (Sumiran). During Sumiran as the soul progresses, the exhilaration increases further more. Such names are given to these stages. Q.247 Does the person who expire before birth, gets salvation or gets re-birth in human form? Ans. If the pregnant lady in whose womb such baby is developing, listens to Ram-Naam and does meditation through God's Words then in case of death of such a child before birth the God Almighty certainly blesses him salvation. HE can bless it anyway, may be through rebirth. Q.248 Kindly explain the difference between limit (Had) and limitless (Anhad) please? Ans. Limit is that which has some end point, for example: a musician would play the music as per its ability which has a limit. But limitless is that which is

beyond comparison. Anhad is the highly melodious sweet sound of The God. Q.249 Kindly differentiate between Avatar (Incarnation), Prakat (Divine Manifestation) and Birth please! Ans. Avatar : The God Almighty sends His Saints to earth in human body. Prakat : The showing up by The God Almighty in His Divine Form to a person who performs selfless services and meditation diligently. Birth: The happening of birth of any living beingcreature is a common event in the worldly creation of Kaal (Death- God).The God's incarnation - Saints which come to this world, take birth in the ordinary course but the mother delivering them does not feel or experience any pain or problem. This in itself reveals that the coming child is someone special. Q.250 The one who comes to Satsang (religious congregation) but does not seek initiation and meanwhile he dies then where would he go after death?

Ans. He has to go in the cycle of birth & death. But if the Perfect Saint wishes and The God Almighty bestows blessing and he has had the dedication then he may once again get the human body or The God Almighty may bail him out. Q.251 Do Saints come to earth with their accumulated deeds? It is said that 'Ravana' was killed due to his accumulated deeds. Ans. Saints do not come with accumulated deeds. They come on having been sent by The God Almighty. HE incarnates in their form. They come to earth for absorbing the deeds of others, not for facing their own deeds. Ravana was not a Saint. Q.252 The soul gets stronger slowly whereas the negative thoughts (mann) gather strength at faster rate. Can it not be reverted? Ans. Performing regular meditation (Sumiran) can make it happen. Q.253 Can a family of initiated persons perform sacrificial ladle (Havan) in their house?

Ans. No Havan is greater than Divine words (RamNaam). The Guru-mantra (God's Words) which is given to you is Havan in itself. If you burn the evils of your mind then all becomes purified from within. Q.254 Who would be benefited where the wife spends on humanitarian & religious welfare activities out of the earnings of her husband? Ans. Both of them will be benefited. Q.255 Which of these elements out of Mann-Chitt (Heart- Conscious), Buddhi (Mind), Swas (Breath), Dhyan (Concentration) be regarded as the Soul while reciting God's Words? Ans. Soul is not for sussing, it would make you experience it yourself. You would experience as if it is you. Do sumiran (meditation). Q.256 Have the Gods/Goddesses seen The God Almighty? If so, then why HE does not take them all to HIS abode? Ans. No one other than a Human can attain The Supreme Power, God Almighty.

Q.257 What is the Truth of Life and what is the other Truth? Ans. As per all the religions the biggest Truth is that you can attain The God Almighty in human life. The other truth comes under Rajo, Sato, and Tamo characters. Q.258 For misguiding the human beings the cob-web of mind-wealth (Mann- Maya) is the creation of death god (Kaal) which himself is the creation of The Almighty. If such person commits evil deeds, what is his fault? Ans. The Almighty has bestowed self-empowerment to the human beings. The responsibility to safe guard oneself (through meditation) lies with the person concerned. Q.259 Can our implicit prayers change the thoughts of the other? Ans. It certainly affects to some extent. Q.260 What is the co-relation between method of meditation (Naam Shabad) and Religion? Ans. Guru-mantra is the offshoot of religion. Religion (Dharma) means 'to accept, to adopt', attach man with

man & with God. From this only the Guru-mantra has evolved. Q.261 What is the main difference between spiritual congregation (Ruhani Satsang) and spiritual discourse (Satsang)? Ans. 'Ruhani Satsang' and 'Satsang', both are same. But Nowadays people negotiate before giving 'Satsang' as to how much money would they get on permitting 'Satsang' at any given place or sell tickets for the same or after the 'Satsang' offerings are collected. Whereas, in 'Ruhani Satsang' the Perfect Saints pay due regard to all the religions, preach their own experiences and discuss the contemporary spiritual issues. The satsang in which the method of spiritual elevation is elaborated - is categorized as 'Ruhani Satsang'. Q.262 After taking birth in human life, one faces the fortune in earlier human life or as done in otherlifeforms? Ans. Human form is the best of all. Therefore the burden of facing all the done deeds is loaded by death god (Kaal) on human form while in other forms only deeds are got executed. It is human body only which faces all the

punishments because Kaal knows that in human body the soul can achieve salvation by doing true worship of The Almighty. Q.263 Some people tell that 'Eklavya' and 'Bhakt Prahlad' progressed in spirituality without any spiritual guide (Guru/Preacher). How is this possible? Ans. In reference to 'Bhakt Prahlad', 'Narad Muni' was regarded as his Guru. He told him the recital mantra for recollecting 'Lord Vishnu'. 'Eklavya' also had Guru. He learned lessons in archery, which was not spirituality. It has nothing to do with spirituality. Q.264 Is anger an inherent characteristic of a human? What effect does Sumiran has on it? Ans. Anger is not an inherent characteristic. It is regarded as a cheat or illness and through meditation it comes under control. Q.265 Should the sacrificial ladle (Yagya) be performed for the purification of the environment, if yes, why Your goodself do not practice it? Ans. It is true that such ceremony purifies the environment to a great extent. WE too perform Yagya. Planting & nurturing trees & plants is equivalent to

Yagya. The only difference is that you burn certain material during Yagya. Q.266 Why is it so that all the incarnations & spiritual guides (Avatars & Gurus) face accusations and hardships? Ans. It is so because death god (Kaal) does not like the salvation of souls. Q.267 How far a person is at fault that could not get to find Spiritual guide (Guru)? Ans. If search is done, success is certain. Q.268 If The Almighty is present in every particle then why does He not stop the person from committing mistakes? Ans. The Almighty has bestowed self-empowerment to the human being. If a person performs wicked deeds, then it is ones own fault. However, He stops the human beings through incarnated Saints. Q.269 That which is not visible, how far is true? Ans. Experience it through meditation by repetition of Guru-mantra; you will get to know yourself.

Q.270 The coming of thoughts of the activities of Dera while meditating qualifies as recitation? Ans. It does add up to meditation (Sumiran) but getting Divine glimpse is difficult. Q.271 If a soul departs from this world leaving behind its little infants then does it watches them from spiritual spheres? Ans. No. If it had taken initiation then the Almighty takes its care. Q.272 If the 'Tenth Door' does not open then such souls have to offer meditation in spiritual spheres or they would reach direct to anonymous ultimate divine home(Sach-Khand, Anami). Ans. If a devotee is regular at recitation (Sumiran), sticks to and obeys sermons (Vachans) and carries unmitigated faith than even (if the tenth door does not open), The God Almighty with HIS benevolence blesses him to spiritual emancipation . Q.273 How far is the time of the last battle between the Truth and the Falsehood, as is mentioned in Islam & Christianity?

Ans. This is HIS wish. In view of the vast expanse of evil & falsehood these days, quite possibly it may come soon. Q.274 What could be the probable cause for the stoppage of progress in otherwise progressing recitation, may it be due to one's own deeds' cycle or the closure from the Almighty? Ans. It may be due to one's own deeds or due to some mistake, or can also be because of divulging spectacles to any other. Why the Almighty would close it! Q.275 Can or not the meditating individuals share their spectacles inter se? Ans. It is advised to not to disclose, and it would lead to the exhilarating state in spirituality. Q.276 Why does one feel sleepy while meditating (doing Sumiran)? Ans. This is weaponry of mann (fickle mind). So, it is advised to do Sumiran while walking or moving. Thereafter start sumiran in sitting position. Q.277 What shall be the fate of an uninitiated scientist who delivers advanced inventions of the comfort for the world?

Ans. The one who does well to others is taken care of by the Almighty. Q.278 Till date only ten doors of spirituality are described of, Kabir Ji mentioned eleventh door? Ans. If the mention of the eleventh door is given then it may have been in the context of some storey after the tenth door as mentioned in spirituality. Ten doors are accepted in the body, of which nine are open and one is closed. The doors open up after meditation, out of those Kabir Ji might have mentioned. Q.279 Does the soul come again in this world after a person once dies? Ans. The soul of the one who does worship and meditation never returns to this world and The Almighty takes such souls to Nij-Mukam (eternal abode) which is billion times more spectacular than this world. But the others who do no worship and depart this world by doing evil deeds, such souls come to this world million times and undergo immense pain, agony and craving for The Almighty.

Q.280 Can we nullify our accumulated bad deeds by doing prayers while routine activities or moving and become entitled for the 'Divine glimpse'? Ans. Yes. Doing meditation while on move will certainly nullify accumulated bad deeds. But some concentration is necessary for divine visualization. Q.281 During dreams we visualize Yourgoodself and after waking up in the morning we forget what the dream was. Why it happens so? Ans. Many times it happens due to some terrific deeds of a person The Lord Allah, Ram shows the Divine glimpse (Darshan); nullifies the deeds and also bestows appiness. If one is regular at prayers and holds unmitigated faith then the dream stays in memory also. Q.282 How did the souls come into existence? Ans. 'The God Almighty' liberated 'Rays of Light' from 'His limitless glow' which collided with the statues crafted by death god (Kaal). And the statues got lively. So these were the souls sent by 'The God Almighty'. Q.283 How can we observe Divine abode (Satlok)?

Ans. The ultimate Divine home (Anami, Sach-Khand, Satlok) all is within us and far further also. For seeing these meditation will have to be performed. Q.284 Kindly elaborate 'micro-egotism'. Ans. The micro-egotism of mind (mann) is very dangerous. It neither permits faith in spiritual guide nor in any human being. He does not think beyond self. He is self assertive. Such a person always questions the validity of sermons and thus remains desperate. Q.285 If an initiated person offers prayers for the salvation of another, then would the other get salvation? Ans. Some benefit will certainly be achieved but salvation cannot be attained. Q.286 What welcome-treatment is given at the spiritual spheres to the soul which departs on death after due worship with Ram-Naam, what type of place it gets there? Ans. Such souls when ascends up, all the deities pay standing ovation and shower flower petals on them. The time such soul goes out of the empire of death god (KaalMahakaal), kaal greets it. The one who heckles you here,

the very same sprinkles flowers. He feels surmised that a blessed soul has won over all my shackles and weapons and going to the Lord. Both worlds hail such souls. Q.287 What is 'Veda'? Which religious epic is this? Ans. 'Veda' is the name of a 'Great Religious Teaching' or the 'Ancient Holy Granth of the Hindu Religion'. One can achieve greatly by grasping and following its contents. Q.288 Is the act of meditation (repetition of Gods words) in dreams and recitation of the Holy Slogan "Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra" any trap of death god(Kaal)? Ans. Repetition of Gods words is good. Since you are recollecting the Lord even in dreams, it will exhilarate you. Q.289 What is the difference between 'Insan' (Human) and 'Bhagwan' (The God Almighty)? Ans. Human beings can achieve His figure through prayers, Otherwise, He remains as one of His creations. Q.290 Soon on taking Gods words (Naam Shabad) one gets liberated from the cycle of birth & death. When

does the soul merge with ultimate source of DivineLights? Ans. On doing regular meditation (Sumiran) the soul can achieve this objective even while living in this materialistic world (mrityulok). Q.291 If the entire sky is molded into a bow and the entire earth be made an arrow and that arrow is propagated then how can one safeguard from the infliction? Ans. If it be so then make the shield of the Gods words (of Allah, Malik). On putting HIS armor you would never be harmed by anyone. Q.292 Is an error committed through visions and thoughts be considered as a mistake? Ans. Yes, it is a mistake. Eyes act as point of entry for both - 'The Almighty' and the Satan. As far as thoughts are concerned, perform prayers for five minutes and do not act upon the wicked thoughts. Q.293 Why does the human creature repeatedly come to the world?

Ans. As per the divine rules and regulations, till the time a soul does not offer prayers after taking human body, the cycle of birth & death does not terminate. Q.294 Can the death be wished or desired through prayers and meditation? Ans. No. The number of breaths as destined by the Almighty can neither be increased nor lessened. Meditation (Sumiran) benefits the soul and gives implicit solace. Q.295 Kindly explain in detail about 'True Insan' (humane) and the 'Insan locket' please! Ans. The 'Locket' stands for the fact that we are those distinguished human beings who regard Om, Hari, Allah, Waheguru as One because our Lord is one. We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed and high-low classes. We believe that we all are one. Fixing the holy pictures of our spiritual guides on the locket signifies that we will avoid doing evil deeds. The definition of 'Insan' is this that it has come to earth for doing noble deeds, humanitarian acts and the prayers to the Almighty so that it could liberate from the cycle of birth & death and achieve God during present life on earth.

Q.296 How to continue with the habit of meditation even sustaining worldly relations? Ans. In the same way as Murgabi or swan (a water bird) keeps its feathers dry despite being in water, the Lotus flower maintains its beauty despite flowering in mud; similarly you can perform worldly affairs as well as prayers through adjustment of time. Q.297 What is the reflection of terrible dreams despite doing regular self less services and meditation (SewaSumiran) mean? Ans. The consequences of certain terrible deed gets nullified in the form of a dream through meditation and selfless services and you are spared from undergoing it. Q.298 After the death of a person the punishment for deeds are administered on his soul or it is given a body like before and then execution of punishment is ensured? Ans. The soul is not inflicted punishment even by giving a body like this one. The soul may exist in many body forms like micro (suksham), impulse (kaaran), and physical (sthul) which exists in this world. On way ahead the Almighty chastises it as per His own rule.

Q.299 Can meditation be done at the bedtime also? Ans. Yes, for sure it can be done. Many get into Dhyan (Very Very Deep Sleep) during Sumiran. So when they enter this stage, they can properly concentrate on the divine. Q.300 Whether we get the fruits of the selfless services done during the dreams having the divine vision? Ans The noble actions performed during the visions becomes the media to nullify the terrific deeds and confer the happiness to you. Q.301 Does the commitment of single mistake terminate the benefits of selfless services and meditation? If one categorically decides not to repeat the mistake can a person be granted amnesty? Ans. The commission of a mistake does not fully terminate the fruits of service and prayers. However, one can regain the happiness through further meditation. Gathering of devotees (Sadh-Sangat) represents The Almighty, therefore, pardon should be sought from them. Q.302 What reward does one get when he services during dreams as per Yourholyself's instructions?

Ans. The welfare deeds that someone offers in dreams, paves way for the nullification of terrific deeds and is blessed with delight. Q.303 Does the thought of criticism for someone in our mind also be considered condemnation? Ans. As such, the thoughts of obloquy for any one in our mind is not good, though mud-slinging on any one at every place is called condemnation. Q.304 Do people after death recognize each-other in Divine world (Sach-Khand)? Ans. Slight recognition remains there but the one who had taken initiation would have no sense to recognize because each soul cradles in the lap of the Lord (Allah, Waheguru and Ram). Abundance of delight & happiness prevails there. Q.305 Is the existence of spiritual guide in physical body form justified by the Religious Literature? Ans. All the holy books (Granths) had been written by Saints, prophets and ascetics (Guru, and Paigambars) while remaining in physical human body form.

Q.306 According to spirituality, what the term faith reflects? Ans. A true meditator and decent man could be worthy of faith. However, God is the only ultimate worthy of credence. Q.307 Can we urge prayers for enhancing the age of our parents through meditation? Ans. There is nothing wrong in offering prayers, seeking blessings of life is still better. Best of all will be to pray the Lord for bestowing His compassion, benevolence & mercy. Develop urge to seek His goodwill. Q.308 Is it apt to prostrate in temples and celebrate the festivals? Ans. WE never prohibit form such things. But the devotion for the one who dwells inside the man automatically involves the reverence to deities. Q.309 Does the happening of some enormous loss to someone, also carry any allowance from 'The Lord' (Malik)?

Ans. The devotees regard all the happenings being carried out through the approval of 'The Lord'; it is not so for others. Q.310 Why do your good self posses this much security cover whereas, virtuous person always remain fearless? Ans. There are instances that security forces had been associated with messengers of God. Prophet Mohammad was accompanied with good artillery. Many personnels used to move along with him to handle the opponents (with bad intention or adverse situation). He was an apostle of importance. WE are just a spiritual guide and have been performing the duties assigned by Param Pitaji. If we consider Hindu religion, Lord Rama & Lord Krishna possessed huge armed forces. Present situation is being regulated with consent of the Government. Q.311 A kid is mentally retarded due to his own deeds or reaping the consequences of parental bad deeds? Ans. Parents as well the childs bad deeds collectively are responsible for this. But mainly it is in accordance with the infants karmas.

Q.312 Girls must also be entitled to light the funeral pyre so that the girls are encouraged and the inutile boys be on the mend? Ans. WE Never inhibit for doing this. According to spirituality, everyone is entitled to do this. Several families have been doing the same. Q.313 Guruji, is it inapt not to accepting the Prasad during the naamcharcha if someone serves the Prasad defying your divine ordinance? Ans. It is agreeable. For serving the desserts (halwa) is completely unfair. Q.314 Is it inappropriate to attend naamcharcha by lying? Ans. Attending naamcharcha during the spare moments, if someone obstructs, by false pretending is billion folds fruitful than to speak the truth. Q.315 Who started the tradition of serving langar (sanctified meals) after the Satsanag? Ans. According to spirituality, this custom was also followed during the workable tenure of Sri Ram Ji, and

Sri Krishan ji. As per the global view, this is being followed since the inception of the Universe. Q.316 Has serving the sadh sangat on higher priority than serving the parents? Ans. Serving the parents involve paying back their debt too. Besides, it is your duty. However to serve others except your kiths and kin is on par with serving the Supreme Being and is multi folds fruitful. Q.317 Whether meditating during 12 am to 2 am comes under kaals devotion? Ans. Nothing like this. However, religions and NASA Science America reckoned and believed 2 am to 5 am as the ultimate time to meditation which is termed as ambrosial hours. Q.318 Is it lessens the spiritual happiness for the illiterate satsangi to get the miracle written by any other satsangi? Ans. Many volunteers have been deputed for the same purpose. So, it is better to get it done by them rather than by others.

Q.319 Guruji, Do YOU intend to divulge and disseminate Gurumantra to maximum people? Ans. WE aspire to do the welfare at the most. Moreover getting the vices and quarrel free society. Q.320 What must be preceded- selfless services or the study? Ans. Selfless services can be rendered along with the studies. Meditating for one hour never creates any kind of hindrance in any way. Q.321 What is the difference between meditation and paying Naara (holy slogan)? Ans. Meditation signifies to let the soul merged with the Supreme power. Paying nara reflects memorizing the God and bestows immense pleasure. Q.322 As the five foes are known which keep on persecuting the soul. Kindly intimate five associate friends of the soul. Ans. Five senses of seeing, sniffing, listening, relishing and touching are known as the fellow beings of the man. However, in this terrible era of satan they are also acting

as the aliens due to being deluded by mann, maya and kaal. Q.323 Kindly elaborate the body donation for research purpose. Ans. Body donation is termed as great donation. The corpse is used by the doctors for research purpose to learn something new to become acquainted of dispelling the diseases afflicted to the posterity. Q.324 How the soul departed from the Almighty while it was merging with HIM earlier? Ans. God created this world as per HIS wish. When He recalled the soul to the eternal abode, it plunged into the worldly affairs. And to call them back God sends Saint and Seers on this planet. Q.325 Is the count of souls predestined? For the soul is immortal. Ans. Yes, it is fixed. But the form in which it dwells is not destined. Q.326 A ghost disclosed the method of getting the divine vision of Sri Ramji. Is it so? Ans. Nay. It is never possible without the perfect Guru.

Q.327 Do the memories, talks and devotion in thoughts acceptable according to the spirituality? Ans. Talking regarding the welfare definitely bestows the immense beatitude. Q.328 All the religious treatise unanimously encapsulate that everyone has to retribute for his deeds in this very birth. How the reimbursement is done on the spiritual plamets? Ans. All the scriptures mention that retribution is done in this world and the dharamraaj also takes into the accounts of the soul. Q.329 How much time it takes for the soul to reach upto the ultimate abode (sanctum sanctorum) after the mans demise? Ans. As the soul departs, the man dies. No duration is destined for this. God instantly takes the soul to the eternal abode by keeping it in the holy lap. Q.330 Do the students who dont render selfless services frequently be the members of Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force wing?

Ans. Few attendance for the selfless services suffices for the students to be the member. Q.331 Whether the one who hurts his parents by telling lie, is punished? Which kind of punishment is it? Ans. Every deed done by telling lie is inapt. One must never hurt his parents. Q.332 How can one know the time of his demise? Ans. Quite possibly by chanting the Gods words. Q.333 Does getting the divine sanctuary possible with previous births gained moral values or this births sacraments? Ans. It could be possible by both specifications. Q.334 Does the fruit of our meditation shared among the person who help us in commuting to the naamcharcha? Ans. He does not get the whole fruit of this. However he has rendered services so definitely deserve a fraction of it. Q.335 It is said that the soul is immortal. Then who dies and by whom?

Ans. Body is non-sentient while the soul is sentient. When the body is tormented, the soul automatically suffers. Q.336 My husband died when I was at the tender age. Why this happened to me? Ans. It is on account of previous births deeds. Q.337 Why two different spiritual preachers teach differently? Ans. All religions unanimously preach the same, just the scant difference is of language. It could be justified by reading the religious scriptures. Q.338 How can I get rid of the self annihilation concept? Ans. Chanting the Gods words while walking/sauntering leads exemption from these kinds of thoughts. Q.339 How can one refrain oneself from the hindrances until he reaches at the zenith of spirituality? Ans. Continual recitation on divine words would definitely imbibe you with the holy grace. Q.340 How the painful memories can be wiped out?

Ans. Quite possibly with regular meditation on the holy words. Q.341 How to forget previous relations agony? Ans. By concentrating towards Almighty Satguru. Q.342 I wish to stay with the God. How is this possible? Ans. God always accompanies you provided you must recall HIM whole heartedly with the divine name. This way you would experience the divine presence. Q.343 Is it apt to adore a living Guru? Ans. Guru never makes other to worship HIM. He always impart divine words and let the souls merge with the Supreme Power. Q.344 I am depressed due to discontentment. What should I do? Ans. Merely recitation on Gods words can bestow the contentment. Therefore, it is mandatory to chant the sacred words. Q.345 Why I feel that I am not living life apt-fully while involving in spiritual nexus?

Ans. Spirituality always teaches to lead the life peacefully. All this is just a delusion by your mann. Q.346 I wish to have the nectar of cognizance. What should I do? Ans. Ambrosia of knowledge oozes out in the spiritual Satsang. Do attend satsang and practice recitation. Q.347 All the religions claim to let the soul merged with the Supreme Power. What is worthwhile? Ans. Solely Gods name is appropriate which is divulged in the ruhani satsang (spiritual congregation) and leads the soul to merge with the Supreme Being. Q.348 Why getting salvation is necessary? Ans. The souls has gained the human race just to get the emancipation. For it is not attained in any other species. Q.349 Why we forget our previous birth? Ans. It is in accordance with the Divine disposal. Q.350 What would happen to the people who have never ever heard of God? Ans. None is there in this world who have never listened about the Supreme Being. HE makes the people to

experience HIS divine existence. One can have access to HIM by searching. Q.351 Can we disclose the miracles happened to us to anyone to motivating him for being initiated? Ans Any incident which nullifies the deeds except the heavenly experiences and divine spectacles could be shared. Q.352 God has created us. But who had created Him? Ans He had engendered Himself. Q.353 Which one is more fruitful while travellingsinging the hymns or recitation? Ans. Chanting Gods words is very much fruitful. However if someone is interesting in listening to hymn, it can also be done. On listening to the hymns sung by you if several people agrees to adopts Gurumantra, it would be better than recitation. On the contrary if other people become aggressive then recitation is a better option. Q.354 What happens to the man who does not abide by the cardinal rules after being initiated and recite the sacred words without being forgiven?

Ans. Until he confess for his committed sins, does not become worthy of its fruit as he should be. Q.355 Is it possible to reach at the daswan dwar (tenth door of sub consciousness) without being initiated? Ans. Quite possibly, he can reach at this stage. But remains unable to let it open. It is solely possible with the spirituality. For he remains entangled in the futile whirlpool of kaal. Whereas chanting the Gods words leads him inside the daswan dwar. Q.356 A section of people undergo abortion during the first month of pregnancy considering that it is not a sin. Is it the fact? Ans. How is it not a sin! As a lady conceives the soul approaches at first after that the body starts developing. Q.357 Is this a crime to not to meditate while being initiated? Ans. It is not a fault. But you remain deprived of the happiness for which you could become capable of. Q.358 What does the term Guru stands for? Ans. Guru is composed of two syllables. Where Gu reflects darkness and ru indicates light. i.e. Guru is the

one who dispels the ignorance and diffuses the knowledge everywhere. One who does not aspire any financial or selfish motive and His every deed is ediacted to the welfare of humanity, is known as Guru. Q.359 What was into existence before the creation of Universe? Ans. Gods name. Q.360 Guruji, in Your holy presence we get the fruit of meditation for every moment. Is the meditation accepted while listening to your holy cassettes intently? Ans. If you listen to the cassettes carefully and remembers the Supreme Power at that time it would definitely bestow the fruits of meditation to some extent. However recitation is destined by the Guru which confers extreme happiness. Q.361 Guruji, is the count of souls predestined to whom YOU have to impart Gurumantra? Ans. It is not pre-decided. Saints can emancipate billions of souls just by having a divine glance at them. They have been empowered by the Almighty that they can liberate innumerable souls with their eyes, sermons and darshan

(divine vision). This is in accordance with the divine disposal. Saints keep on emancipating the souls as per the comic order. Q.362 Who is the most powerful among Vishnu, Brahma, Mahesh and the true preceptor who bestows method of meditation? Ans. Omkar is the only Almighty who has created Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Furthermore, the Saints who makes the souls to merge with the Supreme Power, God empowers them with immense strength. Q.363 Is that meditation acceptable if one cultivates the nocuous thoughts during meditation? Ans. Meditation never goes unfruitful. Although negative thoughts raises while meditating yet it gives fruitful results but to a lesser extent. To reap the complete benefits keep on reciting Gurumantra so that the negative thoughts could be restricted. Q.364 Which one is more beneficial- chanting the Gods words or concentration. And upto which extent is it lucrative?

Ans. Chanting the Gods words leads to the concentration and in turn it would lead the man to become capable of divine vision. Q.365 Deities are craving for attaining the human attire. Were they human beings earlier? Ans. Nay. Rather they are very well acquainted with the fact that God has created the human species for getting the soul emancipated. Q.366 Is it mandatory to get the memento of affection by the Guru in lieu of the selfless services rendered? Ans. Yes please. That is considered as the token of love. And it fructifies in accordance with ones reverence to that. Q.367 Is it violation of the precepts if one listens to the blasphemy done by someone else? What should we do? Ans. Maintain a gap form that person to the best possible extent. Do recite on holy words if you hear the obloquy . This way the blasphemers will reap its consequences and you would be at safer side. Q.368 What must be done by the people, who have been undergone abortion, for atonement?

Ans. Do recite sacred words and administer others to refrain from this stigma. Q.369 Why God is kind enough for a section of people while for another group He is much cruel? Ans. Lord God is compassionate and merciful for everyone. One gets agonized due to the consequences of his previous births karmas or this births bad deeds. Q.370 Why there is discrimination among the religions? Ans. There is no partiality in the religions rather it lies in mans thoughts. All the religions unanimously teach the same authentic precepts to everyone. Scant difference is of dialect. Q.371 What is the criteria of reverence? Ans. No such measure exists for the faith. Q.372 Can one opt more than one religions? Ans. All the religions have same teachings just the minor difference is of language. Adopting the religions does not matter. What matters the most is on complying with the teachings. You would get to know the fact.

Q.373 Is there any true and direct evidence for the existence of soul? Ans. A corpse cant become alive because the soul has been departed from it. Man is animated with the presence of soul. Q.374 Can we see the people who have got access to the God? Ans. Of course. Millions of people have visualized the divine power. It depends upon the unmitigated faith. Q.375 How can I come to know, I am capable of going paradise or the inferno? Ans. Bad deeds calls the man to the hell whereas good deeds invites him to heaven. However, emancipation is possible only with the Gods holy name. Q.376 What should I do on feeling that I have uttered something bad to anyone? Ans. You can confess for your mistake on experiencing this. It would lead you to feel better. Q.377 Do all the religions impart righteous teaching? Should I have blind faith on them?

Ans. All the religions teach virtuous. However it needs to be checked whether the mentor imparting this knowledge is true and complies with the religions. Q.378 When and how spirituality came in to existence? Ans. Due to spirituality existence is there. Q.379 Can I opt any religion willingly? Ans. All the religions are virtuous. There is nothing in choosing them, on complying with these is fruitful. Q.380 Was there no saint during the second world war who could inhibit it? Ans. This planet is never devoid of saints. Everything happens in accordance with the divine disposal. Q.381 Is there any other God on the planets other than Earth or same God functions there too? Ans. God is one and only one and present in every particle of the Universe. He is present everywhere at one time. Q.382 What is the benefit of reciting Gods name before commencing any good deed?

Ans. Continuous recitation is advantageous in every field. Q.383 In which category does the gandharvas lies? Ans. In 8.4 million births. Q.384 As the term God has a literal interpretation. Same way, what does the term Bhagwan literally signifies? Ans. Bhagwaan cant be captured in the words. He is formless and incomparable. Q.385 Yourgoodself administered the marriages of the consenting ex-prostitutes. However, it seems to be impossible on the commencement this expedition. What is the reason behind this success? Ans. The holy grace of most revered Saint Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. Q.386 Can regular prayers make me refrain from the sins? Ans. Of course. Q.387 Which is the righteous religion if one of them disapproves other?

Ans. All the religions are virtuous and unanimously teach the same. The scant difference can be of dialect only. Q.388 Why the young generation opts to stay away from the religious places? Ans. Due to bad company, Inebriety and materialism. However, millions of youths are adopting the religions and living the life peacefully. Q.389 Do the dreams have any kind of existence? Ans. One should live the life in reality not in the dreams. Q.390 Why the toll of sins has mounted in the World? Ans. Due to not following the religious teachings. Q.391 How a normal man can save himself from the sensual pleasures and profligacy while an ascetic Valmiki rishi attracted and enchanted to Menka? Ans. Mann has no dare to persecute the people having unmitigated faith. Myriad devotees were connected to the God till their last breath. Q.392 Will it compensate to restore stuffs taken away from the Ashram or paying the money in place of?

Ans. It would be better to beg the pardon for its reoccurrence instead of returning back. Indeed, it will bestow more happiness. Q.393 Kindly differentiate between attachment and true love? What are the remedies to overcome infatuation? Ans. Always involve yourself into the selfless love, otherwise it would lead you to entangle in its cobweb. Q.394 Can we help a drunkard patient in treating his diseases; in case he is not into true devotion? Ans. The best way to helping him out is to let him liberated from the transmigration of repeated births and deaths. Hereafter, try to help him out in every possible manner. Q.395 Is it fair to force a person for recitation by alluring him. Who deserves the fruits of it, who convinces or the doer? Ans. Both would be rewarded definitely. Q.396 is meditation the exclusive key to imbibe the man with all his wishes?

Ans. The seed of recitation prolific the earthly body with the sweet fruits of genuine desires. Whereas, contemplation must be targeted towards reconciliation to the Almighty. On accessing the divine, All commodities will automatically rush as you aspire for. Q.397 Is self destruction predestined or premature death due to ones autonomy? Ans. Such occurrences are not as per the destiny. This course of action infers due to the misguidance of oppressive thoughts and egoism. All Saints and Seers consider it as grave sin. Life is a precious gift given by God. So, keep enjoying rather than to be dashed into ground. Q.398 Putting off the Jaam-E-Insaan pendant during bath alleviates the spiritual joy? Ans. Nothing like that. You can wear it afterwards, if you feel that it would be faded out. However, it is not mandatory to put it off. Q.399 Whether the memento of affection bestowed by SatGuruji to a devotee for rendering the selfless services is the payment for the works done by him?

Ans. Selfless services are always worthy of rewards to the great extent. What the devotee gets in lieu of the services offered is the token of love and sacrifice, which in turn catalyzes the persuasive skills of him and more people get motivated for the same as well. For the humanitarian activities performed, Supreme Power transmutes his stakes of karmas into spikes. Moreover, the spiritual ecstasy, exhilaration and merriment gained by him is quite ineffable. Q.400 Kindly elucidate the term satisfaction? Ans. Contentment is the wealth that diminishes the greediness and cravings. Avarice and longings let the man to run amuck after the worldly substances while, satisfaction always leads to the satiated state. Thereafter, all other materialistic possessions seem as trifle to him. The contentment is gained through the continued contemplation and Almightys grace. Q.401 Is it considered to be a bad deed to have bad thoughts in the mind? Ans. Of Course. It is so. However you would be forgiven from this with the dint of recitation for 5-7 minutes along with the prayers. If you did not comply with those

thoughts and chant the holy words for 5 minutes it would vanish the effect of those thoughts. Q.402 Revered Guruji, should we put the Jaam EInsan pendant outside the shirt? Since a section of people consider it as ostentation. Please guide. Ans. It is quite amazed to know that you have this perception. We always keep both the pendants outside. Is it to show off? We are always pleased to put it on as it is engraved with Our Satgurujis images in order to intimate everyone that We respect all the religions heartedly. It symbolizes that you put it inside because of having fear. You can wear it as per your wish. However, we urge you not to add comments who put it outside. Q.403 Does it give the same fruitful results in case we pay nara before having meals or while having it? Ans. It is never too late to start. Therefore, it is recommended that keep on reciting while doing routine chores and never skip the divine remembrance. Q.404 How much time it takes for the Guru to make a devotees home holy by HIS visit in personal? Ans. You keep on reciting and pray to God. How can He visit everyones home

Q.405 While repeating Gods words, I feel mildly shocks and get expired after short span of time. Why it is so? Ans. It symbolizes that your soul is elevating towards spiritual acme. That means the soul is going to soar in the plane of divinity. You are into the spiritual impression. There is no need to alarm about! Keep on reciting while moving too. Continual remembrance of God would indeed lead to heavenly blessings. Q.406 I am employed in Military and I have to take the meals in the same vessels in which non veg food is also been served. I am much disappointed, please guide me. Ans. Keep on reciting Gurumantra and be Cautious as God never let His pupils alone in storms too. Q.407 When the soul yearns for the almighty, mann tries to delude it. Could that soul become eligible to have the divine vision of Almighty? Ans. Keep on reciting Gurumantra along with holy orisons, do cultivate the innate craving. It would definitely result in unification with God.

Q.408 What the term third door indicates? Does any light earthen there? Ans. In spirituality it is discussed where the radiance of light and mystic melody pervades. Q.409 Is it apt to write the Nara (holy slogan) in abbreviated form as DDSTHA? Ans. Nay. Nara is always Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra. DDSTHA has no significance. In spirituality, complete nara bestows immense happiness. Q.410 Does it confer the same fruit to recite one hour in the morning as well in the evening on par with the recitation done during the ambrosial hours? Ans. Concentration always fructifies. Wee hours are considered as the exquisite time. Chanting the Gods words never leads the man to be deprived of happiness. Q.411 Can the recitation confer the solution to every hardship? Ans. Yes, of course. Practicing the sacred words let the man to merge with the Supreme Being. Consequently, no question arises nor any solution requires. Divine effulgence is the key to unlock every kind of problem.

Q.412 Is it detrimental to do pranayam (deep breathing exercise) without Gurus assistance? Ans. It is better to be acquainted with it perfectly before. Q.413 Saint ji, can the CDs sung by YOU be played in Naamcharcha? Ans. Yes please. The audio cassettes can be played there but the videos of Satsang only should be played. Q.414 How a devotee can please his Satguru? Ans. Compliance with the holy sermons like chanting Gods words, having selfless love with each other, besides refraining from the oppressive and bad deeds would definitely make Satguru as well God happy with you. Q.415 Up to which extent the karmas can be nullified with the dint of meditation and selfless services? Ans. It has enough potential to convert the stakes of deeds to into spikes. Q.416 What is the Saints motive in this era? Ans. Their ultimate goal is to unite the man with man and the Supreme power. Moreover do extricate prevalent vices, anxieties, worries, tensions, jealousy and illegitimacy from the society.

Q.417 Is it right to opt the self annihilation to escape from intolerable pain? Ans. Never. Do embrace Gods name and recite it. It has enough potential to nullify the dreadful deeds. Q.418 What is the harm in defying Gods existence? Ans. To overlook the existence of your own creator is like digging your own grave. If one ignores divine existence, it is a challenge for him to create a human being with the five basic elements the man comprised of. Q.419 Is todays era better than the earlier one? Ans. Those who recite Gods words, and abide by the religious preaching, every period is good for them. Q.420 How do I obey the duties of a perfect father? Ans. Impart moral values. Make him a true human being rather than money minting machine. Furthermore, teach him to follow religious precepts and unite with the name of Almighty. Q.421 Is it possible to command repentance for the committed sins? Ans. Yes, of course. Recite the holy words whole heartedly, extend helping hand to the needy and cast aside

the vices forever to get forgiveness from the Supreme Being. Q.422 Is spirituality a means of finding the God only? Ans. Spirituality makes the man to unite with divine as well adorns the present and future too. Q.423 What is the reason behind dismounting the toll of noble persons presently? Ans. Prevailing vices, corruption and distance from the Supreme Being. Q.424 Do the knowledge and devotion complement each other? Ans. Nope. Cognizance alone is carrying the load worthlessly unless it is abided by. Knowledge can be categorized as good or bad however reverence always leads the man towards goodness. An illiterate is also eligible for adoration. Q.425 Has the Gurumantra efficacious enough to awaken the kundalini? Ans. Meditation does not require awakening of any kundalini rather it makes the man enable to become parbrahm; whereas kundalini arousal is done in yoga.

Q.426 Why should we have faith on Supreme Being? Ans. For HE is the only true associate who looks after the man every moment. Q.427 What does the jargon braham muhoort (ambrosial hours) reflects? Ans. Wee hours are termed as braham muhoort. For this time the tranquility and serenity environs. Q.428 After listening to the spiritual discourses (satsang) for 4-5 days, the effects of satsang is felt but after that, effect starts waning away gradually, why? Ans. Keep on attending satsangs (spiritual discourses) and weekly prayer meetings (nam charcha) along with meditation. Q.429 Does the mystic melody flow from left side? Ans. Regardless of its emanating direction, keep on enjoying this mellifluous and ecstatic celestial sound which leads the souls towards ultimate abode. Q.430 Earlier Gods words (Gurumantra) was comprised of five sacred words but now of three, why? Ans. With God's grace True Saints can emancipate the soul by bestowing even a single word.

Q.431 Does the Guru aspire that the disciples should follow Him? Ans. Guru always teaches the man to abide by the religious preaching and practices Himself the same too. Q.432 I watched YOUR program over T.V. Now I wish to become a celibate volunteer at YOUR Ashram by renouncing all the materialism. Is this possible? Ans. Yes please. You can see the responsible persons in the Ashram. Q.433 Does the non-veg categorized under satvik food? Ans. Nay. Human being is completely vegetarian and this has been proved by the science too. Q.434 Where does the Gods grace dwells? Ans. Divine grace is omnipresent. Q.435 Why Geetas sermons were delivered in the battle area? Ans. Every work is done in accordance with divine disposal as well on the specific time.

Q.436 Kindly differentiate between the soul and the God. Ans. Every soul is an infinitesimal fraction of God. Q.437 How many human births man is entitled to have? Ans. The soul gains the human race after suffering the pangs of vicious 8.4 million births. However it has to visit the same gruesome transmigration cycle if does not unites with the God. This may take unspecified time period (aeons). Q.438 A man should opt self annihilation or eating non-veg if he has nothing to eat and is about to die? Ans. It is just the delusion by mann that he cannot get the vegetarian food. The need is to be firm on your being as to be vegetarian. God would indeed help you. Q.439 How can I know that God is looking after me because I perceive that He has forgotten me? Ans. Lord God never forgets rather you have slipped Him up by plunging into materialism and carnal desires. He always accompanies if one remembers Him whole heartedly.

Q.440 What is the difference between Jews and Christians? Ans. All beings are off springs of same root of God. Only ones opinion differs. Q.441 Why do we take wrong decisions sometimes while being emotionally weak? Ans. This happens due to mitigated self confidence. It could be raised with the dint of divine name only. Q.442 Do the deities resemble with their image shown over T.V.? Ans. Nope. That is just ones imagination. Q.443 Is this the fact that a man would be the slave of anyone to whom he had slaughtered in the previous birth? Ans. Nothing like that. It might be on account of the accumulated deeds. According to spirituality, when the man cannot give the pulses of life to the corpse then he is not entitled to kill him too. Q.444 What is the holiest thought? Ans. Reciting holy words is the optimal thought.

Q.445 Which religion is considered as paramount? Ans. Humanity is the exquisite of all. Q.446 Why importantly? do the people consider religions

Ans. For this is the only way of getting immense happiness. Q.447 Does the spirituality consist of anything that entices the man physically? Ans. Contemplation and meditation bestows the beatitude which allures the man internally as well as externally. Q.448 Why does not the God furbish our future when we offer prayers if He is already acquainted with the future? Ans. God would definitely help the man if he offers prayers whole heartedly along with the hard work. God helps those who help themselves. Q.449 Why was Brahma not able to visualize his sire despite a rigor penance in many ages? Ans. Nothing is feasible without the cosmic order.

Q.450 What is the difference between vishwaas (reliance) and aastha (devout faith)? Ans. Both are complimentary to each other. A man should step further to engross the unmitigated reliance within. Aastha derives by its own and lets one to visualize the Divinity. Q.451 Does obesity interrupt in recitation? Ans. Yes, it hampers. Q.715 Daily newspapers are comprised of censuring and slandering. Is this unfair in terms of spirituality? Ans. To reveal the mystery of truth is never wrong. However condemns always result negatively.

Q.718 In communist countries the existence of GOD is minimally accepted. So in a country like China, the God & souls must be suffering great loss? Ans. The Almighty takes care of all. You please take care of yourself. Q.719 Does the conception take place through human wish or grace of God?

Ans. Blessings of God and human self-empowerment. Q.720 Is the commission of suicide regulated through wishes of God or human mind? Ans. Human is self-empowered and self-murderer is great-sinner according to religious concept. Q.721 It is human nature that 'seeing is believing'. How to believe the existence of without seeing era of virtues (Satlok) and anonymous world (Anami) with actual vision? Ans. You will visualize it through meditation and not through confabulations. Q.722 Is taking birth in a poor family the result of deeds of past births? Ans. Yes, but human can change destiny through meditation and noble deeds. Q.723 Should the Film-industry get boost? Ans. Goodness and righteousness be promoted; Paladins, Saints - Paigambars, Avatars (incarnations) be discussed. Q.724 Future is uncertain. Tomorrow may or may not come, who knows? So why should one plan for matters after death?

Ans. Planning for happiness while living, for getting contentment meditation of 'God's Words' (Naam Shabad) is compulsory which would lead the wight to salvation after death. Q.725 Sometimes little children have to fight with cancer or other terrible diseases, then why did God bestow them such miserable life? Ans. All is the game of ones accumulated deeds. Q.726 Is the Destiny decided after the birth? Ans. Up to large extent but God empowered human that he can modify destiny to some extent. Q.727 What is more important - Time or Money, & why? Ans. Time, because money loss may be regained but not the time. Ques728. In which form five elements does exist in human form? Ans. Earth, sky, air, water and fire. Q.729 What to do if one has to live the life with a calumniator?

Ans. Do recite the holy words in the dawn as well in the dusk. Besides cook and have the food while meditating and dont let yourselves change with the obloquy. Endeavour to make them move on the path of righteousness. This way Lord God would shower the immense happiness upon you. Q.730 Is the infertility in women due to consequences of acts during their earlier lives? Ans. Yes. Q.731 On what count the soul gets the body of male or female? Do the strong souls get male body? Ans. According to the deeds done in previous births. Q.732 Should Dowry be accepted if offered in free will by the family of the bride? Ans. Giving to their daughter is correct, rest all is wrong. Q.733 At Dera Sacha Sauda, males & females are be seated separately, is the working of all sitting together in offices is wrong? Ans. In Spirituality, it is decorum. Worldliness is a different thing.

Q.734 Does the hard work prioritize over the fate? For the countries are progressing which relied on hard work rather than those who were dependent on the fortune? Ans. Luck always accompanies the assiduous. Q.735 Are all the Political Leaders corrupt in our Country or any one is genuine as well? Ans. GOD knows. Q.736 Why the compulsion of covering the body more on girls? Ans. Not the entire body, but mostly for all, is better (to cover up the body) whether it is a male or a female. Q.737 It is said that 'desires' are like furious tiger. If so, should human beings be without desires? Ans. 'Desires' should be for welfare, however, the cobweb of 'desires' is not good. Q.738 Should bribe be accepted if it is offered in a free will? Ans. No.

Q.739 Is it wrong to earn money through lending money on interest? Ans. Lending may be done; if someone is poor then take back principle amount only by waiving the interest, then it is good. Charging reasonably justified interest and utilizing it for humanitarian cause is very good. Q.740 Is the World going to end in 2012? Ans. Till date how many forecasts came true! Do meditation (Sumiran), do not be afraid. Q.741 In Yourgoodself's opinion the Broadminded or the Narrow-minded people are more in the World? Ans. Narrow-minded. Q.742 Should one observe fasting or not? Ans. Body and Mind are benefited by taking light diet or staying only on fresh water for a day in seven days. Q.743 The slogan of "Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan" was applauded but these both groups are too much desperate in our Country; what Yourgoodself is doing for these two? Ans. For Jawans (Soldiers): Blood-donation, medical

treatment for limb-less and/or injured, God's Naam and dua (Prayers) for their self-confidence. For Kisans (Farmers): Education of technical farming, Improved seeds, God's Naam and dua (Prayers) for their self-confidence. Q.744 Are the Epics - 'Ramayana', 'Mahabharata' only stories or the truth? Ans. True up to sufficient extent. Q.745 In colder countries vegetables are not even available, for people of those countries eating meat is helplessness, and is it wrong? Ans. It is wrong. Human can fetch anything if so wishes. Q.746 What should a person do if one gets dejected of his life? Ans. With the meditation of Gods Words one should combined true wisdom of knowledge and action (remain being Gyan-Yogi and Karma-Yogi). Q.747 Drinking (Wine) is a common part of the culture of advanced countries of the World, then why

a condition of its prohibition Yourgoodself's Ashram?




Ans. In most of the religions, intoxication is regarded as something which creates distance from 'The God'. It is regarded as a drink for demons. Q.748 Some philosophers plead that goodness and badness are integral part of our lives, it is the perception of our thinking meaning by there is nothing like good or bad; what does Yourgoodself pronounce regarding this please? Ans. False. Good and bad exist. Q.749 Yourgoodself explains that meat and egg do not carry enough power but the players of countries like Australia seem to be better built and powerful in comparison to the players of our Country. Is the superiority of meat, egg not proved by seeing this? Ans. Do they always win? An elephant is much better built which is most powerful and a vegetarian. Q.750 Most crimes are committed in India, a Religious Country. Is it not like darkness under the lamp? Why so?

Ans. In age of vices (kaliyug) crimes are being committed everywhere, many countries are much ahead than India in criminal incidents. It is so happening due to nonobservance of religious preaching. Q.751 What Yourgoodself is doing for the poor and destitute? Ans. Ram-Naam and worldly education, constructing houses, living/feeding arrangements for the crippled ones, marriages of poor daughters, free medical treatment, financial help, arranging employment for un-employed etc. are being provided to them. Q.752 Why don't Your holy self visit abroad to disseminate and bestow Gods Words(Gurumantra)? Ans. This would be possible exclusively with Divine Ordinance. Q.753. Which redressal and progressive endeavors Yourgoodself have put to empower the eunuchs community? Ans. WE are highly committed to adopt them as OUR children legally and provide the best possible accommodation and education.

Q.754 'Global warming' is of grave concern. What measures can be taken to tackle and abate it? Ans. It is imperative that trees must be planted rather than decaying and vanishing. In addition, prevent and impede the occurrence of pollution. Give your little finger to lift and shove the mountain of pollution. Q.755 Would the peaceful upliftment knock at social portal ever? Ans. This wonder is of course not improbable but hard to implement. Q.756 Where the young generation is stepping towards? Ans. They are neglecting cultural aspects by getting enmeshed in the devilish marsh of drugs. Q.757 What would be Yourgoodself's course of action if said to rule over the nation? Ans. WE exclusively chant the Divine name and inculcate its virtues inside others in order to let them adhered the same path. Anyway, WE are not aspiring of sovereignty.

Q.758 Rising environmental change is a threat to the society, what do Yourgoodself recommend to cope with it? Ans. Every possible concrete step must be taken to inhibit pollution. Endeavor to Plant maximum saplings and pay attention for their nurture, protection and growth. Sow a seed, let the earth breathe. Q.759 Why and when one has to put up with distress and anguish? Ans. All this is a result of the retribution of past accumulated bad deeds or the consequence of sinful acts, iniquities and transgressions ever committed in this birth. Q.760 If the aspirations which does not meet and consummate in this very birth, would be full-blown in next? Ans. Meditation and contemplative efforts would indeed bring the fruits of fulfillment for the genuine desires in this birth only. Q.761 What is the term 'inviolability' refers to? Ans. To refrain from each and every malady pervading externally or internally, is termed as 'inviolability'.

Q.762 Why does the extreme meditator become egoistic or arrogant? Ans. This is not the scenario. However, ostentation acts as the active catalyst in this regard. Ques763. Can one get the designation of a Saint? Ans Saints do incarnate in accordance with the royal decree and comes from the eternal abode. Q.764 Which 'dictatorship'? one is better-'democracy' or

Ans. To sway over vices free and justified kingdom is optimum. Q.765 With which best qualities and attributes a man is believed to be imbibed with? Ans. Philanthropic and contemplative. Q.766 People belonging to other religions are also supposed to experience the miracles in their lives. Are they not beneath the shelter of perfect Preceptor? Ans. Perfect Preceptor is the one who lets the drop of soul to be merged with the ocean of Divinity. In addition, He is the sole mighty to assist in annulment of vicious cycle of transmigration.

Q.767 What is the assurance that the soul would be merged with Divinity? Ans. Do meditate while having engrossed unmitigated faith within; cultivate a wealth of virtues and strictly abide by the holy sermons. All this would indeed result in unification. Q.768 Is this possible to prolong and intensify the thread of life with the means of 'yoga'? Ans. Yes, one can go in for it, but the predestined breaths can neither be increased nor be lessened. Q.769 Whether the intimacy of opposite gender is acceptable or not? Ans. No doubt, it is acceptable provided that it is within limits and without physical relations. Q.770 How parents can go extra miles for upbringing their kids in a rightful manner? Ans. Let them imbue with the hue of spiritual knowledge or cognizance. Meditate while serving meals. Not to commit evil deeds as slandering, act as liar and strife before off springs.

Q.771 Are the deities supposed to exist in all religions? Are they distinct or not with respect to the religions? Ans. Most of them are alike irrespective of several attributive names. Q.772 To build up a success oriented carrier, where should we aim at? Ans. Move progressively with the dint of hard work in the absence of mental stress. Q.773 It is perceived that the man uses only 5% of his mind in appropriate manner, rest 95% remains unused. How the remaining percentage can be efficiently utilized? Ans. Exactly, it ranges from 5-10%. Devotion and good deeds are the two factors to enrich it. Q.774 Even after being intellectually strong, a few children don't plunge into studies. What must be done to steer them on this course? Ans. Keep on meditating and praying to Almighty while serving meals to them.

Q.775 Is this feasible to cure the disease merely with recitation without any medication or doctor's assistance? Ans. Perpetual meditation along with unmitigated faith steps towards fruitful results. If recitation is not ennobled, intake scant medicine prescribed by the physician. Q.776 Which kind of relations are inapt before marriage, and why? Ans. Incestuous relations are strictly prohibited. As an outcome of it, one becomes lustful and always a prey to profligacy. Moreover, he can never reach the zenith of spirituality and experience Divine vision. Q.777 In some developing countries like Thailand, sexual education is imparted to the students since childhood. Should this also be provided in India? Ans. No, never. Fraternity and kindness, besides how to access God must be taught since the period of infancy. Q.778 How the panacea of Gods Words (Gurumantra) can onsets and kills the virus of AIDS/ HIV positive and much other fatal disease like hepatitis c? Is medication requisite along with recitation?

Ans. Of course, it yields the fruitful result within matter of time. Q.779 Is there any instance available when a patient had got cured with the assistance of meditation (Naam Shabd). Ans. Yes, of course. There are innumerable examples reflecting the same. Q.780 AIDS is being proactively spreading in its full swing. How to get rid of this grave epidemic? Ans. Awareness as well as self confidence is recommended for this; and to enhance self confidence meditation is the only remedy. Consequently, one can shake off the deadly diseases by restraining his evil thoughts. Q.781 The celibate volunteers (who had a long association with their spiritual organization), unfortunately go back to their parental homes while detaching the spiritual environment, why so? Ans. Everyone flies differently in the plane of life. The laangri (caterer) is in very close association with 'US' and he is still here. Moreover, all of them are aspiring to live here, not forcefully.

Q.782 Is 'yoga' the only key to unlock daswan dwar (tenth door of sub-consciousness)? Ans. No. Q.783 Can 'yoga' assists in spiritual progress? Ans. Yes. Q.784 The spiritual institutions are struggling to earn name, fame and prominence, Why? Ans. Spiritual institutions make money appropriately with the dint of hard work. Consequently, eminence is obvious. Q.785 Whose life is preferable, a hermit's or a householder's? Ans. Sat brahamchari 's (celibate volunteer's) life is the paramount amongst all other possible lives in the whole trinity (tirloki). Even no other life is comparable to this exquisite life. Sat brahamchari's life is prominent one and of utmost importance. However, a married person who does not plunge into the iniquities and transgressions; recites the sacred words, and relies on hard work for sustenance, is also a better alternate. Q.786 What steps must be followed to become successful?

Ans. Wisdom along with diligence suffices this. Q.787 Certain long associated followers are now acting as the infidels. Is this the result of their past accumulated bad deeds or this lifes transgressions? Ans. This is because of delusion by kaal (satan), mann (the negative aspect of mind) and maya (hallucination). Apart from this, not practicing meditation regularly is also responsible. Q.788 Due to false accusations at religious institutes people are getting their faith shaken. During this span of time, what would the Preceptor do to have devotees' persistent and stabilized faith. Ans. Since time immemorial, Lord Rama and other prophets have been facing the raised captious objections. However, due to Divine grace their names are immortal and hither to masses have same regard for them as earlier. Q.789 Just on Yourgoodeslf's single call, innumerable volunteers would throng to the Dera. What was the need of celibate resident volunteers? Ans. This is not a new trend in Dera, since the spiritual apostleship of Beparwah Mastana Ji Maharaj (Founder of Dera Sacha Sauda), and Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji

Maharaj (Former Preceptor of Dera Sacha Sauda), ascetic life is being followed here. They have been staying here voluntarily to serve the mankind in every possible aspect. Q.790 Although Dera Sacha Sauda renders various humanitarian services voluntarily, yet some misanthropes attempt to scorn this, why? Ans. This is beyond the comprehension. WE always solicit and pray for the weal of all beings. WE have been indulging in this act of compassion and shall do so forever. Q.791 How many followers have won over five foes including wicked mind and hallucination of wealth (mann and maya)? Ans. They are millions in count. Q.792 When the man would be able to recite publically without being hampered? Ans. No one has enough potential to obstruct proclaiming God's Name. Even during the catastrophic events Almighty's Name remains immortal. Everything could vanish other than the mystic melody, which adds life to God's creation.

Q.793 None of my family members except me are satsangis (in itiated). They remain plunged into confabulation, what should I do? Ans. It is recommended to recite for a minimum of 4-5 minutes, which would indeed alleviate the affects of absorbing conspiracies. Everyone reaps the results as per the sowing. Engage yourself in well being and avoid filthiness. Everything else is in accordance with Divine will. Q.794 Does recitation while donating blood acceptable at God's pious feet? Ans. Of course, it must be accepted. For you are donating blood for the sake of selfless services coupled with recitation. This is better than best. Q.795 A few people believe in horoscope (Kundli) matching and all for marriage purpose. Is this accurate? Ans. It seems completely unfair; however he/she should get medically examined before marriage in order to figure out the prevailing disease, if any. Moreover, try to find out his/ her merits and demerits. Both boy and girl should

be ready to marry with full consent and parents should look for the suitable match as per their responsibility. Q.796 Does self-confidence originate from will power or vice versa? Ans. Both are complimentary to each other. Self confidence emerges from will power and will power would be realized with the help of self confidence. Reciting God's words with full concentration engenders self confidence and enhances will power. Q.797 Do the spirits recall past life after being detached from the body? Ans. No ways! However, when the soul initiated by perfect spiritual guide (Guru) departs the mortal life, gets the load of accumulated past deeds alleviated and reaches to the eternal abode ultimately. Q.798 Soul attains the human body after passing through the vicious cycle of 8.4 million births and deaths. It is stated that many species have been lost. Has it shortened that cycle of transmigration also? Ans. Some species have vanished but at the same time several more have evolved hence it maintains the balance.

Q.799 Mentally retarded children cannot meditate on sacred words. Which initiatives must be taken for their welfare and felicity? Ans. Do recite on God's name and pray for their well being while cooking their food and convince them for adopting Gods Words (Gurumantra). Q. 800. The notorious elements play foul in the name of religion. For how long would it go on? Ans. There is no certainty of time. Those who intend to defame the religions or cause the writhing pain for the followers cannot remain happy for much longer time. Q.801 The virtuous people die earlier than the vicious ones, why? Ans. No, this is the wrong notion. Breaths are predestined by the Almighty for the soul to reside in a particular body. Q.802 Do the ever-increasing evils in society reflect a sign of changing era? Ans. Don't worry, have firm faith in God. Let yourself be imbued with the hue of Divinity, listen to the mystic melody and obtain the delight of eternal abode while living in this perishable world.

Q.803 Is it okay to go for a non satsangi (uninitiated) family in case we don't find any suitable alliance from any satsangi family for our children to get married off? Ans. Sure, but preferably go for a satsangi family else convince them to adopt method of meditation (Naam Shabd), if possible. Q.804 When does the soul approach the fetus? Ans. According to spirituality, the soul is present in the body from the beginning itself. Q.805 With whom we want to live happily, thinks ills of us. What should we do? Ans. Ill wishes can never harm anyone. You should be polite to everyone. Repeat God's words and engage yourself in noble actions. Because it is said: Jo Tere Liye Kante Boye, To Hi Boyi Tu Phool Who Hi Phool Ke Phool Hain Banko Hai Trishool As you sow so shall you reap. Everyone has to pay for his actions. So, pray for the weal of all beings irrespective of others' attitude towards you.

Q.806 Wicked mind (Mann) cultivates negative thoughts, when and from where it brings the seed of negativity? Ans. Satan (Kaal) is the originator of nocuous thoughts and becomes mahakaal (death god). Mann is an agent of kaal. Bridle it carefully up to the best possible extent. Delusion by mann lets the man to be tormented. Q.807 If people start having fruits in place of eggs and milk in place of meat in Kaliyuga (epoch of satan). Can it be considered as onset of Satyug (kingdom of Almighty)? Ans. Satyug can be self-realized with continuous recitation. Until a human being becomes internally sound; reformation of society seems impossible. Q.808 Why alcohol is termed as grandmother of hell and not paternal? maternal

Ans. A mother is considered to be the most respectful of all. Therefore, mother of the mother would have much more regards. Alcohol/liquor acts as mother of the mother to worsen the conditions of a person. That is why it is called maternal grandmother.

Q.809 A corrupted person progresses more than an honest person. Why? Ans. A person can become financially sound by the means of crookedness, bribery and corruption. But it never adds up real happiness in the life, rather brings turmoil within. Consequently, it fades away mutual love, tranquility and Divine love. Earning from hard work is better than ill earned wealth manifold. Q.810 If a living being donates any of the body part to others, how is it categorized? Ans. In case, there is no harm to the donor, this would be considered as best one and if leaves the adverse effects, this is not an apt. Q.811 Can desserts (Halwa) be served as prashad in Naamcharcha (a devotees' gathering program where religious songs are chanted)? Ans. No, whatever has been prescribed, opt accordingly. Instead of spending more money on other eating stuffs, utilize that money for mankind, which would turn your life into happiness in return. Q.812 Although every religion has same principles, yet people have disputes. Why?

Ans. In ancestral times, more emphasis was put on spiritual knowledge than the mundane one. However, today people are not fully acquainted about religions as no theological education is being imparted. Everyone aspires to become a money minting machine rather than becoming a true human being. Due to lack of spiritual knowledge, strives are obvious. Q.813 I am versatile by nature due to the thoughts cultivated by my fickle mind. How to overcome it? Ans. Endeavour to recite Gods words along with performing routine activities. As a result, concentration would be in persistent state. Hence, you would be efficient in accomplishment of all welfare activities. Q.814 Can a man be empowered at par with deities? Ans. Good deeds and humanitarian activities can make the man superior to them. Because human life form is the only means to obtain Divine grace and salvation. Q.815 Is it possible to upgrade the moral values, by broadcasting spiritual discourses in educational institutes using EDUSAT programs? Ans . Yes, of course, it could be possible if permission is granted by the concerned authorities. However, no permit

is ever required to sell liquor publically. WE are always here for conducting Satsangs, if permitted. Q.816 Is it a sin if one utilizes the money, earned by someone else through ingenuine means, in welfare services? Ans. Not at all. Rather this is the true repentance. However, one must not indulge in any kind of immorality. Q.817: "Hath car vall Mann yaar vall". What does it stand for? Ans. It symbolizes to be sagacious as well as assiduous which concludes to recite with thoughts while getting engaged in daily chores of life. Q.818 How the immensely proactive vices dishonesty and corruption could be suppressed? as

Ans. Dissemination of God's name and spiritual knowledge can resolve the issue. Q.819 Vicious ones seem to be in the state of happiness while virtuous ones are being tormented, why? Ans. It is not like that. Misanthropes never have a sound sleep; remain restless and scared within. While the

righteous ones set themselves free out of all stresses and pains. Q.820Several welfare activities have been going on in Dera without a halt. What is the source of finance? Ans. Dera has the ownership of about 700 acres land. In each acre, around ten kinds of crops are cultivated using modern agriculture techniques. This way, money is earned here through hard work. Q.821 Why do people worship different idols when the God is one? Ans. As per Hindu religion, God is referred to that Supreme Power who has created Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Supreme Power has manifested deities and many other incarnations. With recitation on God's words, all the deities are inherently worshiped. Q.822 Differentiate between 'dharm' (religion) and 'sarvdharm'(confluence of all religions). Ans. The word 'dharm' literally means to unite the man with Supreme Being and His creatures. The word 'SarvDharm' reflects that all the religious teachings are compatible irrespective of the diversities in life styles and dialects. No religion misguides.

Q.823 Can a non-follower also contribute to the food bank and the goodwill fund? Ans. No, otherwise he will boast one day that it is all working because of him only and this will lead to worthless quarrels between people. So it is better if the contribution is made by devotees (Satsangi) only. Q.824 Why is the man imbibed with egotism? Ans. The wicked mind is the primordial cause of ego. This may also be inferred due to lack of recitation on God's words. Q.825 Not a leaf can tremble without Divine will; does God ordain for bad deeds? Ans. Man, being autonomous, is entitled to commit new actions. Good deeds are done as per the Divine disposal however man himself is liable for his bad deeds. Q.826 Some people who were privileged to stay along with Yourself's Holy physical being, got deluded, why? Ans. If a close associate strictly abides by the Holy sermons, he shall never be deviated. Whereas, involvement in censuring and slandering leads the man to

pervert. Compliance of preaching is more preferable to close or long association with. Q.827 Night prayers (Jagrans) are organised in the villages. Can the hymns be recited from the holy scriptures of Dera Sacha Sauda (Granth)? Ans. Hymns should be recited in religious prayers of devotees (Namcharcha) only because according to Param Pita Ji, it will be more fruitful only in Namcharcha. You will gain more pleasure there. Q.828 We cannot visualize the Almighty intellectually who resides in our heart. But it is not easy enough to work in accordance with the heart while shelving the intellect? Ans Do recite on holy words. Never caste aside the intelligence, which is but a servant of mann presently, would be enthralled by the soul. Consequently, you would become capable of satiated divine grace. Q.829 One can concentrate on meditation while listening to the Holy music and sermons. Is it okay to follow? Ans. Excellent. Nothing can be better, if you are able to concentrate.

Q.830 The devotees used to donate money in Dera. Then why donation is prohibited at other venues? Ans. Not even a single penny is accepted in Dera. However, sadh sangat (spiritual community) has its bank A/C to help the destitute needy, in which certain devotes deposit money. Volunteers themselves utilize that fund where ever needed. Q.831 If someone saves a person, who is on the verge of death; isn't it against the will of God? Ans. No, obviously not. To save a dying person is one's duty. If your efforts save someone from death then you will receive immense spiritual pleasure. Q.832 Some corrupt persons have deposited their millions of black money in the Swiss banks, whereas, the honest persons are suffering due to the high inflation rates. When will such differences be removed? Ans. If that money is utilized for helping the destitute then poverty will be removed from our society. Poor people will bless them and their upcoming generations

and their names will be remembered for good cause. WE expect from them to act accordingly. Q.833 Is the fruit of donation made out of money earned through corruption and the money earned with honesty same? Ans. The money earned with honesty and spent for someone's help is more fruitful and will give you more peace of mind than earned through crookedness. Honest earning should be made. Ill earned wealth must be avoided as much as you can. Q.834 Is it fruitful to recite the hymn or absorb the holy preaching at home? Ans. Of course. Q.835 What is the most important thing for a human life? Ans. The most important aspect in a man's life is to adopt method of meditation (Naam) and repeat it so as achieve salvation. Love all creatures selflessly. Ques836. Why do YOUR devotees always proclaim miracles while these are considered as havoc?

Ans God is the sole might for the miracles to happen. WE are just a media. Q.837 When did era of death god (Kaliyuga) evolve? Ans. Kaliyuga began when Lord Krishna departed from the mortal world. Those who meditate (repeat God's words) and abide by Saints' preaching don't experience the existence of kaliyuga even. Whereas, kaliyuga had always been existed for misanthropes and ostentatious ones. Q.838 How long will it take to commence Era of virtues (Raam Rajya)? Ans. WE are perpetually bestowing Gods words (Gurumantra) to eradicate the social vices. However, it would be possible by the Divine will. Q.839 Cattle, ignorant, low caste, beast and wicked women deserve to be dejected ("Dhor, ganwaar, shudra, pashu, nari, ye sab taadan ke Adhikari) Kindly elaborate. Ans. This statement concludes that those who don't recite on God's words are not entitled to live on this planet. Literally dhor indicates drum, ganvar as foolish and nari

who is egoistic by nature and does not like to follow anyone. Shudra signifies a being who kills innocent animals for their own meals and the profligate ones are also involved in this category. Do refrain yourself from them or connect them with God's name. Q.840 Does the sudden demise while serving the country, (martyrs) also lead to salvation? Ans. God definitely bless the patriots with His Divine grace. Q.841 Who is atheist (kafir) and what does the term Zehaad stands for? Ans. One who does not adopt Gurumantra is known as atheist whereas to sacrifice one's own life for the sake of humanity is termed as Zehaad. Q.842 Can't the females adopt a Guru? Ans. No, it is not the fact!! Every meditator can realize Supreme Being. Q.843 Whether earning money and living the luxurious life is the real motto of life? Ans. No, the real aim of human life is to have access to the Almighty.

Q.844 To hurt anyone's sentiments always result in detract devotion (approx 100 years). What are the adverse consequences to hamper and obstruct disseminating God's Name? Ans. They will have to endure terrific intolerable pains. Further their generations would be devastated harmfully. Q.845 People say that they have already adopted a spiritual guide (Guru). Why should they get the method of meditation from Dera Sacha Sauda? Ans. One should be aware of the definition of Guru. Guru is composed of the syllables: 'Gu' and 'Ru'. The former signifies darkness and the latter, light. Hence True Guru is characterized as someone who dispels the spiritual ignorance with the illumination and does not accept anything in lieu of that. Guru does not befool anybody in the name of religion. Neither He demands for offerings nor does He accept even if He is insisted for. He works hard for His living. He never curses anybody, rather prays, for the well-being of all. Therefore, it is necessary to seek for spiritual master (True Guru). Q.846 Kindly distinguish between worldly affairs and selfless services?

Ans. To earn through the genuine means of hard work for upbringing the offspring is your responsibility. However to get yourself engaged in some sort of corruption, bad deeds and iniquities in the name of children are considered as materialistic ones. Selfless services are rendered for the welfare of mankind. Q.847 Whether we should follow the holy sermons intimated by others, however, never heard by us? Ans. The preachings concerned with spirituality and welfare must be followed up. Confabulations in different contexts might be promoted by infidels and misanthropes to fulfill self motives and getting applauded. Q.848 If we follow spirituality, sometimes we fell detach from social life. Why so? Ans Spirituality opens our eyes by the doubts of corporality and shows us real truth. Q.849 How bandit Mohar Singh adopted the method of meditation and became a devotee? Did he obstruct royal caravan? Kindly elaborate. Ans. No, he did not obstruct. Malkhan Singh and Mohar Singh were notorious robbers in Chambal. They hailed

from the Meh village, (Madhya Pradesh). When WE visited there for Satsang, he came along with 100-150 criminal associates. They had weapons like rifles and guns with them. His opposition party also arrived there and people were scared that there would surely be a big dispute. Whole Satsang was aimed to guide them. After the Satsang, Mohar Singh confessed for killings made by him and asked whether he would be pardoned by God. WE affirmed that God had pardoned even greatest sinners and would surely bestow the grace upon him. Keep on reciting God's words to be forgiven. The opposite party also adopted Gurumantra. Q.850 Many disciples use their surnames as well as Insan with their names even after having the nectar of Divine drink (ruhani jam)? Is this okay? Ans. Disciples are asked to use Insan instead of surname. A few of them asked that they are known to the people by surnames. That is why they were asked to use Insan at the end in such situations. Q. 851 Do we follow our mind to do things or to follow Gods wish?

Ans. Mostly human being pays of their previous karma but God has also blessed with the power to do new Karmas and make their life cheerful. Q.852 When our desires not fulfilled. At that time, should we kill our desires or to do hard work to fulfill them? Ans. Desires never end. Human being should pray to God to do righteous things do fulfill desires and it will control wrong desires also. Q.853 I want to control my sleep. Is it possible by method of meditation, taught by YOU? Ans. Yes please. Q.854 Why human beings forget death? Ans. Human beings are so materialistic these days; thats why they cannot see the real truth of God and this is the reason they do not remember death. Q.855 Is Gitas admonition given by Lord Krishna in the war or its just a poets imagination? Ans It is only given by Lord Krishna. Q.856 Why people want to get close of God, now a days?

Ans. Now a days, human being wants everything by doing less hard work. People do their graduation by giving 23-24 years of their lives but they dont even want to devote 3-4 months to God. Q.857 Whenever I go back to my home from Ashram, I feel that this world is fake and I cant even concentrate on my work. What should I do? Ans. You should do regular meditation of God and also do your duties by hard work and concentrate towards your family. Q.858 If soul is immortal then why we celebrate birthday its birthday who does not belong to any fleshy dress? Ans. The main aim to celebrate birthday is to leave our badness and start new life by doing prayers to God. Q.859 According to western writers it is not possible to end up the aspirations. Is this the fact? Ans. Yes, this is so. But these could be in control with the dint of contemplation and meditative efforts.

Q.860 In ancient years seer used to sit on the coat of animals for doing mediation. Is it not a sin? And had it helped them in concentration and meditation? Ans. They used to sit on the coat of died animals. They themselves never killed them for their coat. Meditation does by true heart and it can be done anywhere in any situation. Q.861 Can anyone become Guru by listening or reading of intellect? Ans. No. Real Guru is the one who is blessed by perfect Guru and HE comes from the eternal abode. Q.862 Six months back my husband expired. I want to know where his soul resides and in which body? Ans. If he was initiated then his soul has been gone to the eternal abode. On the contrary, you keep on reciting for him. God would bestow the blessings upon him as a result. Q.863 Every religious organization seems to be imbibed with peace and righteousness; whereas the internal management is replete full of wealth, avarice and jealous. Why so?

Ans. Men have diverse nature. All this depends upon compliance. However, one must unite with the Lord God not with the man. Q.864 Would the God assist me in getting the job if I start fasting on every Tuesday for one month? Ans. Keeping fast is lucrative to health. God indeed helps through contemplation and meditative efforts. Q.865 As per YOUR opinion which religion has the noblest kind of people? Ans. All the religions unanimously teach the same lesson. One who abides by them is definitely a good man. Q.866 Why Indians worship the Shiv Ling? Ans. Do recite the Supreme Power who is being adored by all the deities. Q.867 Which one is more terrible-life or death? Ans. With the association of divine words nothing is dreadful. Q.868 Do YOU stand guarantee to have the divine vision by visiting YOUR Ashram?

Ans. One would definitely get the holy vision with the dint of meditation while following the cardinal rules. Q.869 Should everyone not involve in devotion? For everything in this materialistic world including the relations are all false. Ans. Ever religion encapsulates that one could have access to the Almighty even without relinquishing the ecumenical movements. The need is to abide by. Q.870 How can I believe that just by reciting Gurumantra, I would be able to realize the God? For just by saying the sugar repeatedly I dont get it. Ans. Rightly said. To gain the sugar you must visit the store and have to pay money for it. Same way, to attain the Almighty you must rush to Satsang and recite the Gurumantra while following the path shown by Saints. It would definitely result positively. Q.871 Why the Saints forbid the man to commit mistakes while it is said that one learns by doing wrong? Ans. Saints inhibit the man to do the works which are prohibited by the religions. To commit the known

mistakes never makes the man to learn something rather itself is inexact. Q.872 Which kind of knowledge teaches us to live with respect and love? Ans. Every religion mentions to love selflessly with everyone. However compliance is required. Q.873 How religious feelings can be evoked? Ans. With regular recitation on God words. Q.874 How to know the soul is potent or the mann? Ans. If one plunges into noble actions and recites divine words regularly then the soul is efficacious. On the contrary mann dominates. Q.875 Who prescribes the souls corporeal after the death? Ans. One has to face the paradise or inferno in accordance with his committed good or bad deeds. Afterwards, he has to suffer the transmigration of repeated births and deaths. However, God accompanies the initiated soul up to the sanctum sanctorum and the soul retribute for his actions under His guidance.

Q.876 What should we reply on asking by someone how your system is going on? Ans. If you are replying then your answer must be with Gods grace it I going well. On the contrary woe should be paid to the mann and vow to meditate in future. Q.877 Sometimes man loses his faith upon Almighty due to any mishap to him. How to persuade him? Ans. God never commits ill of anyone. Man is disappointed with respective to his own deeds done. Regular recitation keeps the man away from the all worries and tensions. Ques878. What is the nature of the soul? Ans. It is invincible and immortal. Moreover it always originates good and nice thoughts. Q.879 Do the souls of the persons, which were died during the dire catastrophe and a perfect saint sermonize for their liberation, reach directly to the eternal abode? Ans. Exactly. True Saint is in connection with the Supreme Power and He does not avert Saints precepts.

Q.880 Which of the two is better, not to exert efforts or become a failure on performing a task? Ans. One must keep on trying. Q.881 What should I do if my friends censure one of my other friends? Ans. Dont accompany those friends because calumny always results a sin. Q.882 Whom and why should we serve because it is said, we all are equal? Ans. The ultimate service is that which is done in accordance with the divine precepts like providing food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, sustenance to the destitute and imparting education to the poor students. Moreover, one cannot pay back the debt of his parents therefore to serve them is a mandate. Q.883Meera Bai departed from her husband. Was it apt? If yes, why she got married? Ans. It is not exact. Accidently he expired and after that she renounced the and plunged into devotion.

Q.884 I have heard, a Saint sermonized for vicious people to settle down whereas for the virtuous ones it was said to disperse? Ans. It was said so that the wicked people should not spread their vices in the society and the noble ones to disseminate and unfurl their virtues. Q.885 Should the soul console itself by thinking that it is exalted enough for not getting Saints company? Ans. Gods loving and enamour soul is that only which recites holy words. To thinking yourself as a noble soul is the delusion by mann. Q.886 Are the bad deeds already mentioned in ones destiny, which he commits? Ans. Not exact. Man is autonomous and can escape himself from the bad deeds. Recitation can secure one from the consequences of bad deeds too. Q.887 Being a lady, whom should I choose my ideal- to Sita ji who didnt leave her husband during the hard circumstances or to Meera Bai who relinquished her husband for the sake of Almighty?

Ans. No renunciation is required. God could be realized while living as a householders life. Meera Bai did not renounce her husband; accidently he expired. She renounced the and plunged into devotion. Q.888 Which is the best way to get rid of any bad habit or addiction? Ans. Do recite Gods name regularly and involve in welfare activities. Q.889 Why should I visit any religious place for satisfaction, while I feel myself contented? Ans. Luxurious and respectful life cannot be considered as a satisfactory life. Inner gratified man is satisfied the most and this could be achieved solely by Gods holy name. Q.890 Can I alleviate the egotism by maintaining quietness? Ans. Ego can be suppressed by reciting the sacred words and abiding by the religious teachings. Q.891 How to console ourselves during the adverse circumstances?

Ans. Gods name keeps the man refrain from the difficulties. If anyhow it afflicts in anyway, Gods name gives the power to combat with them. Q.892 Religions teach to live lovingly. How should I react if someone hurts me? Ans. To hurt someone is the greatest sin. Getting hurt by being prohibited someone from wicked deeds does not come under this category. If someone inhibits from doing noble actions, do recite on holy words. God would definitely help you. Q.893 Why I have great affection with the champ to whom I havent seen and he is dwelling inside my womb? Ans. This is in account with the fondness endearment imbibed inside the mother by the Supreme Power. Q.894 Is the time spent in stimulating anyone for welfare fruitful? Ans. Exactly. If someone gets motivated by you, that would confer its fruits to you too. Q.895 What should be done to gain unwavering strength?

Ans. Continual recitation of Gods name. Q.896 Everything adverse is being inflicted on me. Does this mean God is punishing me? Ans. This is a delusion by your mann. God never make anyone depressed. One reaps for the accumulated bad deeds done as well due to the negligence. These deeds can be nullified by the dint of Gods holy name. Q.897 Is God imaginary or real? Ans. God is matter of fact and can be attained with recitation of His holy name. Q.898 What would be future? Ans. Era of virtues could evolve there if people abide by divine teachings aspiring to awaken the society; otherwise God knows what would be the prospectiveness. Q.899 How one can evade himself from the obstructions until he reaches the pinnacle of spirituality? Ans. Keep on reciting Gods name. God will definitely help you. Q.900 All of a sudden, a champ got expired in Australlia. The medics declared him dead too. His

mother kept on sitting him in her lap for continuing two hours. Fortunately, the same impulse of life resurfaced. Medics stated that certain breathes were freezed in his body organs. What kind of picture spirituality depicts about it? Ans. It is because of Divine disposal. Almighty has much potential to elongate ones life. People have been found gaining rebirth after 2-3 days whereas it is a concern about short span of time. Q.901 Should we give a look of disdain to the drunkards? Kindly recommend what should we do if does not get convinced. Ans. Make him to listen to satsang, if possible. God might bestow the grace upon him. Q.902 Where does the mann dwells? Ans. Today, mann is dominated over the mind. However it resides within the body as the soul does and it is efficacious enough to change the kind of thoughts. Presently, it has taken over the intellect and is driving the vehicle of human being. Q903. How the young generation can reform the society? What should they do in this regard?

Ans. 70 humanitarian activities have been pursuing by the Ashram. Youths are participating a lot. They have constituted an organization namely youth welfare. Moreover young girls have created an association youth veerangnayen. They are also playing a great role in this movement. Q.904 What concrete steps have been taken by the Ashram to combat with the prevailing unemployment? Ans. Free education is being imparted. To make the people self dependent inner strength is being disseminated. Furthermore, a message is being promoted "we are one, ours one" to check population explosion. Q.905 Is there anything beyond spirituality? Ans. Beyond Dharam, there is only and only God, who made the religion. Q.906 Are there things infinite & immortal? Ans. It is only God, nothing else can be. Q.907 Hunting by man is considered as a crime. However Sri Ram Chander ji was also involved in this. Was that not reckoned as a sin?

Ans. There is a huge difference between the human and divine being. Sometimes, Saints plunge into this for emancipating the cursed souls. However man is inefficacious to liberate any soul. Ques908. What was here before the existence of the Universe? Ans. God, which is known as Onkar and effulgence of light. Hereupon, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh evolved. Afterwards, spiritual planes and the Universe came into existence. Ques909. Is it predestined, where and for how long will we stay? Ans. Due to some unavoidable circumstances man has to migrate. However he is bestowed with the autonomy and can change his future. Ques910. Kindly differentiate between the vigor and ardor? Ans. Power relates corporally whereas the strength of devotion signifies divine energy which can make the soul to ferry across the ocean of all spiritual orbital. Q.911Why a man requires adopting Gurumantra?

Ans. To get liberation from transmigration as well get rid of the anxieties, worries and tensions. Furthermore, to get the inner peace and healthy body it needs to be adopted. Q.912 Should I be contented thinking that everything happens in accordance with the cosmic order as I am not getting success even after many endeavors? Ans. Nope. You keep on working hard. Q.913 Does the God punish the person who harms others and bears false witness during any court case hearing? Ans. Of course. Would he be rewarded by any bouquet!!! He will surely punish the sinners. Q.914 Why the innocent girls are tortured, what is their fault? Is God not present there at that moment? And if He is present there why doesnt he protect them? Ans. God is always present everywhere at every time and with everybody. God made a man a Mukhtyar. If a human being commits sins, he us rewarded like that only. The innocent girls have no fault but nobody can say anything about Karam Chakras.

Q.915 time?

What is the basis of contentment in present

Ans.You should have self confidence due to pure simran. This will lead to contentment and then to happiness is life. Q.916 How are feeling aroused is human beings? What is the difference between the views & the feelings? Ans. Feelings comprise of both nine and heart but a real feeling is one which arises from conscience i.e. soul & is curious to know God. Other feelings are only feelings of heart. Q.917 Women are taking misusing laws for their benefits & men are helpless & they pay penalties? What can be done? Ans. Yes, it is reality. For this we can pray to God only & scholars should thing over this issue. Q.918 Due to energy crises our country is not developing at fast speed. Is saving electricity is also considered as Sewa? Ans. Yes, electricity saving is also a Sewa. Likewise save trees. Save water and the coming generations &

societies will be benefitted and your will also be benefitted. Q.919 Only God is Puran, nobody else is this statement true? Ans.God was a reality, It is a reality and It will be. Q.920. What is the difference between insult and criticism? Ans.Insult means to say foul wards to others even if they are doing good works. Criticism is also a kind of insult. Because sometimes one person criticise the other, when he finds that he was superseding him. Some people directly criticise by saying everything is all right except this weakness. This type of criticism is sometimes good also. Q.921 To capture everything, is the interest of all. Can we get rid of it? Ans. You only consider the only Chahat i.e. the chahat of God. If it is fulfilled, other wishes will be automatically fulfilled. Only God will decide which wish to be fulfilled/ granted and which is not. Q.922 What is truth and what is ultimate truth?

Ans. Truth is Prayer and ultimate truth is Om, Hari, Allah, waheguru, God, Khuda & Rab. Q.923 Where do the immortals and Mortals meet? Ans.Immortal is soul and out heart is mortal. Q.924 To capture everything, is the interest of all. Can we get rid of it? Ans. You only consider the only Chahat i.e. the chahat of God. If it is fulfilled, others wishes will be automatically fulfilled. Only God will decide which wish to be fulfilled/ granted and which is not. Q925.According to Scriptures Bhakti, Karm and wisdom are prescribed in order to achieve God. It is right? Ans. You should listen wisdom, only while coming to satsung, Meditate Ram Naam. Only listening not sufficient, apply them in practical life also. Q926. In some of the foreign countries femalefeoticideis not considered as a sin? Are the doctors involved in these activities are sinners in real sense?

Ans. Yes, if we look it at from the view point of Roohaniat, it is a sin. They can opt for some other job. God wild provide them with other means of living. Q.927 Is it correct that after the mans death yamraaj sends an animal to bring him back? Ans. Never. Q.928 I used to serve food to the destitute beings on the holy occasion of Your every birthday. To which extent is it apt? Ans. It is quite worthy. WE further suggest you to keep it in the continued manner constantly rather than to serve for one day. Make an endeavor to utilize a small proportion of your earnings for the sake of helping the needy and crippled ones. Do arrange the meals for them for the whole month, if possible. Indeed, Almighty will bless you with more spiritual ecstasy. However, the things going on at your end would also be favorable. Q.929 Sometimes we aspire to live but the life does not allow and wish to die but death neglects us. What should be done in that case?

Ans. Be patient. Recite Gods words to get the inner peace. Never get disappointed with the life. Firmly combat the challenges, God would definitely help you. Q.930 Is it mandatory to wake up in between 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM even in the winter season, or it can be altered? Kindly recommend. Ans. Not at all. The ambrosial hours are always same throughout the year. Q.931 Can we share the parsad [sanctified food], we are blessed with, for rendering selfless services, with the needy people? Ans The person performing the social mankind only deserves that parsad. Q.932 All the saints preach. Do your work yourself. Is it right to have maid servants? Ans. If you are paying them a salary them it is not wrong. Do not order them to do the works which are not graceful. Q.933 Soul is invisible, even then why so much importance is given to it? Ans.Because without soul/conscience, life is not possible.

Q.935 Is there any correlation between the religion and faith in Almighty? Ans. Having unmitigated faith in Almighty implies following the religions. Q.936 What the death indicates? Ans. To live the precious life worthlessly without adopting the Gods name is termed as demise. Those who go from this perishable world while reciting become immortal. Q.937 Does the judge, who prescribes death penalty as hanging from gallows, get punished? Ans. If the culprit is really guilty and the crime is very abominable which is turning the society to wrong direction. To assign a legal penalty to them is justified. Q.938 Sometimes there are a large number of ants in the home and we have to kill them. Is this unfair? Ans. Never. Sprinkle the turmeric powder to run them away from that place. Q.939 Why Sri Krishan ji was the supporter of battle while being the Gods incarnation ?

Ans. Everything happens in accordance with the divine disposal. Q.940 Is taking divorce permissible/justified? Ans. If the mutual relations are not pleasant and conflicts are common among them and they dont agree for compromise then divorce is genuine option. Q.941 What is the difference between Self-esteem and Egotism? Ans. The confidence-creation and its strong persistence motivated towards performing noble deeds are called selfesteem. The pride of worldly wealth, high contacts, intelligentsia, and offspring's notion is categorized as egotism. Q.942 I dont have progenies. Is this the penalty of misdeeds committed by me? Ans. It might be due to any kind of malady or due to retribution of past births deeds. Q.943 What is the remedy of the mistakes made by the kids during the tender age which cannot be reformed?

Ans. Impart moral values and sacraments to them. Keep an eye on their activities. moreover, make them refrain from bad company and unite with the Almighty. Q.944 Why the God is punishing me for the previous births bad deeds, which I dont remember even? Ans. If you are a theist, then adopt Gurumantra. Recitation on these holy words can nullify the past deeds penalty. Q.945 Does following the religions bestow happiness at the home? If yes, how? Ans. Religions teach us to lead the peaceful life, refrain from vices ad wicked actions. Moreover, they make the man to unite with the God. Consequently the homes get imbibed with immense happiness. Q.946 Is it compulsory to go home directly after adopting the Gurumantra or it hardly matters? Ans. You can go anywhere; however as per the holy sermons of Beparwah Mastana Ji Maharaj, the happiness comes directly to the homes on moving to home after performing selfless services and listening to satsang.

Q.947 We have never seen the Supreme Being, to whom should we meditate? Is the recitation acceptable while focusing on YOUR holy glimpse? Ans. Recitation along with firm faith leads the divine vision to present before you. Q.948 Does the initiated soul who visits eternal abode after the death can always visualize the three divine preceptors of Dera Sacha Sauda there? Ans. Almighty confers in accordance with the reverence and faith. Q.949 Why the always keep on changing? Ans. Your mann is very fickle, and it could be tamed with chanting the Gods words which in turn make the mood happy. Q.950 How it can be known that we are getting as per our karmas? Ans. Contemplation and meditative efforts suffice to disclose it. Q.951 Whether moving on any other path by a disciple by deceiving the Guru is his past deeds comsequences or ?

Ans. . Q.952 Which kind of relations should we maintain in this materialistic world? When I follow YOUR holy sermons (love others selflessly) people take it in wrong way. Ans. This is a male dominating society. While being in a female body, try to maintain a gap while doing the hum,anitarian activites too. Q.953 Does the God also please on seeing the soul as the souls glad on meeting with Him? Ans.God is never disappointed and He always accompanies the souls. He gets happy to see that the soul had firmly passed his life in the divine sanctuary till the last breath. All the deities hail those souls. Furthermore, God is omniscient and always pleases. Q.954 Why the God does not bestow divine vision to the man, who is firm on cardinal rules of Gurumantra, performs humanitarian activities to the maximum possible extent and also has great yearning? Ans. Without chanting the holy words previous births deeds cannot be nullified.

Q.955 Should we also pay the nara (holy slogan) if someone pays to us while we are meditating? Ans. Yes, you should pay the nara; after that keep on reciting again. Nara is a gratification to the Almighty God. Q.956 How the faith one the divine could \be intensified? Ans. Selfless services, recitation, performing humanitarian activities and giving charity for the needy beings suffice for amplifying the faith. Q.957 Is it compulsory to subdue all the body organs to have access to the Almighty? Ans. It is a mandate for having the divine glimpse. Q.958 Maan is always there to make the man commit bad deeds, why the soul gets punished for this? Ans. While being autonomous why the man does not tame the mann with the dint of regular recitation? Soul is entitled to bridle it, so it is convicted. Q.959 Foreigners dont abide by the three cardinal rules of the Ashram still they are progressing. Why, so?

Ans. The one who maintains three abstinences is too much ahead. For example - winning World Cup without assistance of a coach, winning gold medal; and they are also much ahead in humanity. In spiritual peace, only the ones with God (Ram-Allah) are ahead. Without the internal solace, the happiness of being ahead is futile.

SECTION 3 Q.1 What is the term religion referred to? Kindly elaborate its adverse consequences. Ans. Religion indicates to unite the man with one another, noble actions and Supreme Power. The only drawback of the religion is, in case one abides by the mann (negative force inside the man) he has to come across sorrows, troubles and miseries, while he was never supposed to suffer as per the scriptures. Religion is to relegate all these maladies from ones life. Q.2 Which religion was founded foremost? Ans. Humanity, as this is the superb religion. Q.3 Do all the religions teach unison with God?

Ans. Yes. All the religions unanimously teach the chapter of unity and integrity with the Almighty. Q.4 Were all the battles in the name of religions justified? Ans. Most of the wars held in the name of religions were because of peoples own egoism, dominating attitude and aspirations. Religions are being defamed by a section of selfish people. Q.5 What is the true meaning of Religion? Is it to abide by the rightful things or to comply with the precepts encapsulated in scriptures? Ans. Religions teach the path to live perfectly, to identify apt or inapt, and the method to merge with the Almighty. Q.6 Is exploring life on rest of the planets against religions? Ans. Nay. Not mandate. No scripture encapsulates it. The Universe incorporates every element the human body is vested with. Only Gurumantra has the immense potential to let the man get a light of those heavenly experiences. Q.7 Does the creation of earth was done in same manner according to all the religions?

Ans. Yes, of course. There might be a scant difference of the dialect however all religions anonymously agree with the same opinion. Q.8 How a wedded couple of different religions and cultures have successful married life? Ans. All the religions unanimously teach the same precepts; however, culture can vary. Consistency among the people, regards to the mutual religions and culture can be the justified reasons for successful wedding. Q.9 Kindly intimate the Buddhist scriptures name and dialect. Ans. The Buddhist holy book is termed as Tipitka, written in the ancient Indian language pali. Q.10 Isnt it possible to lead the life in the rightful manner without abiding by the religious teachings? Ans. Compliance with the holy books results in contented life. These are the religions only which act as a catalyst to inspire to live the life in an appropriate manner. Q.11It is mentioned in the scriptures that the world is a treasure trove of sorrows and worries. Then, why the Saints are directing to make it as an abode of happiness?

Ans. Saints are well acquainted about the fact that only recitation can approach a felicitous life on the land of grieves. Therefore, Saints aspire to unite the man with the true name of Supreme Power and let him ferry across the ocean of troubles and worries. Q.12 Are the religious thoughts and teachings, the only way to make the man virtuous? Ans. Religious man does recite holy name of the Almighty, and strictly abide by the religious teachings. And compliance with the holy precepts acts as an activator to make the man wise. Q.13 Why the entry of Politics in Religion? Ans. It is not so. The one doing politics, does belong to some religion. Q.14 What is the biggest challenge to save the religions? Ans. Corruption, drug addiction, and misanthropes deluding the people in the name of God are the major hindrances in protecting the religions. Q.15 Why do people sing and dance on the religious fests? Kindly explain.

Ans. All the scriptures unanimously mention, naach re mann naach, Guru ke age naach. Enjoying within the limits never interprets wrong. Q.16 Up to what extent is the Politicizing of Religion justified? Ans. Religion teaches us to join; not to get apart. Q.17 What is the remedy for the corruption going on in the name of Religion? Ans. True Knowledge. Q.18 Is Religion not averse to science? Ans. Religion is 'Grand science' and noble inventions of science are its part. Q.19 Religion and Devotion is at an acme in India. Despite this we are far behind the European Countries. Are Religion and Devotion a hurdle in the path of human progress? Ans. No, what can Religion do if no one follows these. Q.20 Does the wearing of 'Insan Locket', not represent a separate religion?

Ans. No, but is an point of recognition of those who regard all the religions as One. Q.21 Is population explosion being caused by the religion? People consider the child as a gift of God and this leads to giving multiple births. Ans. Religions also teach us celibacy and abstinence. If these teachings are not being followed then how can you blame the religions? Q.22 Is it unfair to adopt a new religion while renouncing the earlier one? Ans. One must abide by the religious teachings rather than relinquishing it. All the religions unanimously teach the same precepts; scant difference is of dialect exclusively. Q.23"Every religion tends to proclaim that their spiritual guide is original, true and superior to all others" what is YOUR point of view regarding this statement? Ans. All saints and ascetics who are capable to unite people with God but without their personal motives are true saints.

Q.24 Is not the religion responsible to increase hatred among people in this world? Ans. No, it is ignorance. Q.25 What are YOUR opinions regarding religions? Ans. WE wish to state one couplet to describe OUR view point regarding religions. "Neither Hindu, Sikh, Christian, nor Muslim is bad; wicked is the one who bends upon performing evil deeds. Religions should never be put to blame on the evil performance of any individual. WE believe that every religion is right in its course of good principles.

SECTION 4 Q.1 What is the difference between a saint and God? Ans. God - He is supreme power, a perpetual and endless source of energy. Saint - He is a part and parcel of God. Q.2 Do the saints convinced happily to descend down to the materialistic world? Ans. They remain contented with the cosmic order.

Q.3 Where do the saints live - world of truth (Satlok), land of anonymity or virtues (Sachkhand or Anami)? Ans. They always stay with God. Q.4 Can the Saints be married? Ans. Most of the Saints like Sri Ramji, and Sri Krishan Ji were married. One could have access to the Almighty while being a householder. Q.5 Is this possible for me to become a Saint? Ans. It is not a designation that could be achieved through aspirations and diligence. Saints are incarnated from the eternal abode (sanctum sanctorum). Q.6 A soul is destined to attain salvation and reach ultimate eternal home after being initiated to God's words. Which supernatural body is realized first by such soul - God or the spiritual guide? Is the soul able to identify its spiritual master? Ans. The soul is capable to recognize the spiritual guide in the garb of God. The subject of meditation leads this acquaintance.

Q.7 Does the Divine power admire and adore a saint for enabling better performance in spiritual emancipation? If yes, what type of rewards is given? Ans. Visualization of God provides maximum delight. Such blissful grace is granted to His Saint. Q.8 Do the Saints have predestined target of souls emancipation in accordance with the royal decree? Ans. Saints always abide by the cosmic order. Q.9 What is the necessity for the saints to wander about different rural and urban areas even when they are empowered to grant salvation without much movements? Ans. Saints pray for well-being of every individual however provide ultimate spiritual benefits through initiation. Therefore, they willingly roam about. Q.10 Do the saints raise objection to the decisions of God on observing worldly grief? Ans. No. They solicit His heavenly grace. Q.11 Do the saints ever forget the directions of God? Ans. Strictly not.

Q.12 Do all the saints except the perfect one comes under the territory of kaal (death God) and follow him? Ans. Exactly. Q.13 Why Saints fall sick? Ans. Because of bearing consequences on the deeds of their disciples. Q.14 Saints are very well known to the grand science (religion). What did they invent due to which the man had gained basic amenities? Ans. Today, whatever good is left, is the endowment by our ancestors. Q.15 Why does not God appear Himself and sends His saints to this lamenting world of hypocrisy. Ans. It is due to His will. Q.16 Do the saints ever get illness? Ans. Saints, sometimes, become sick due to evil deeds of devotees because they always pray for relief to the suffering masses. The consequences of their wicked actions are endured by the saints.

Q.17 Does God predetermine a specific region of preaching for a particular saint? Ans. Yes, it is pre-decided by the divine power. Q.18 Why do the saints get worried due to Global Warming? Why do not the saints wish the Global warming to continue when it can bring devastation and finish life on earth so as to bring speedy union of soul with God? Ans. Living souls shall not be capable to visualize God unless they resort to meditation. Saints cannot tolerate to find the people under the conditions of pain, sorrows, anxieties etc. Therefore, they incarnate for their spiritual emancipation. They help to prevent global warming and thus safeguard masses from sufferings. Q.19 Why do the saints tend to lead domestic life? Can they not provide relief to more number of persons by leading unmarried life? Ans. They act in accordance with the Almighty Gods wishes. Q.20 Does only one perfect spiritual saint exist at a given time in this world?

Ans. You will understand it on performing meditation. Q.21 Does a perfect saint descends from divine home or the status of saint can be achieved in this world itself? Ans. They only incarnate through ultimate abode. Q.22 Of which qualities Saints blessings are embedded with? And how these divine blessings could be obtained? Ans. Past births accumulated bad deeds are blown away with the breeze of Divine blessings. One can be entitled of these blessings with his remarkable presence in Satsang (Spiritual Discourse). Q.23 What makes a person to take birth in a Saints family? Ans. Meditation and moral values gained during past multifarious births are the justified reasons. Q.24 What is the difference between an ascetic and a perfect saint? Ans. A perfect saint has the property to meditate on it and also initiate others for meditation but does not take anything in bargain. Missing

Q.25 "Certain women have been firm followers but have not risen the status of being saints", why so? Ans. A woman is capable of attaining a higher status because she can be mother to a saint or a God. Q.26 Do the saints favour blessing life to someone? Ans. Yes. Q.27 Do the saints stay unaffected by worldly distress, pleasures and enjoyment? Ans. They are replete with divine delight. Q.28 Do the Saints also have to face the test of reliability? Ans. They always follow the directions of God. Q.29 Do the saints also come under the sphere of destiny? Ans. Everything happens with the will of God. Q.30 Do the saints appear with a pre destined particular life span? Ans. They live with the directions of God.

Q.31 Why does not God provide a life span of many years (two or three hundred) for a saint? This shall benefit many more people. Ans. Due to the will of God. Q.32 Becoming a 'Saint' comes from reading books or in some other way? Ans. By GOD'S order and the benevolence of spiritual guide (Satguru Ji). Q.33 Why do Seers and Sages have to face a fair bit of protest due to their own relatives? Ans. All this is mere on account of avarice and delusion by mann (negative aspect of mind). However all of them are not alike. Q.34 In the present time of past mechanical life style wherein persons do not have spare time then how can one listen to long declamations by saints? Ans. People do have spare time but not for recitation of Gods words. Where from do they get spare time for movies, funfair, back-biting and censuring/slandering?

Q.35 Every day a Saint incarnates, who will be responsible for soul's emancipation and carrying it up to the Sanctum Sanctorum or Ultimate abode? Ans. One, who unites the masses with true name of Supreme Being without accepting any sort of offering in lieu of that Q.36 Do the Perfect Guru has specific outlook or attributive features and signs to be recognized as 'True and Perfect Saint' by one and all? Ans. Man's previous births' fortunes (sanskaras) and good moral values coupled with God's grace is the only way to distinguish Him amidst all. Ques37. Does the God or any of His Saints exert special efforts to unite the soul with Himself? Ans. God takes every possible endeavor in this regard. Q.38 Why do the preaching of Saints seem to uninteresting? Ans. It is because these are virtuous. The truth seems to be bitter or unsavory in this age of vices. Q.39 How can a true saint be searched?

Ans. Listen to the holy sermons, ponder over and follow them. Q.40 Do the Saints also remain in the sphere of karmas? Ans. No. Q.41 Although a saint is capable to resolve all the bonds through initiation itself. What is the necessity of providing the nectar of humanity (Jaam-e-Insan) to the devotees? Ans. A saint performs every action in accordance with the divine disposal, and it is always advantageous to mankind. The devotee acquires better strength for performing virtuous actions and meditating. Q.42 Is the true saint in the same form as that of God? Ans. You shall come to understand if you resort to meditation. Q.43 How many persons can be granted spiritual emancipation by a saint during His workable tenure? Ans. This is in compliance with the wish of Divine Master.

Q.44 Does the saint perform according to His own wishes or seek directions from God for every act? Ans. He acts as per the divine guidelines. Q.45 When Saints incarnate on this planet, do they attain the state of liberation or anything apart? Ans. Saints do live on par with other human beings. Unlikely, they remain in unison with the God.


Q.1 Can a meditator achieve advancement in the absence of Guru?



Ans. Nay, without Gurus guidance one cannot step ahead on the path of spirituality. For Guru is the only dexterous of that anonymous journey, which itinerancy the mediator aspires to. Q.2 Is it requisite for a couple to have the same Guru? Ans .True Guru and the Almighty are unique. Hence, one must find the perfect Guru and adopt HIM as the only Guru.

Q.3 To whom we adopt Guru whether HE undertakes and adepts all our difficulties and problems or not? Ans. Just after adopting the Guru, the disciple sets himself free from all tensions and worries as the Guru becomes responsible for all that. The disciple must also comply with the holy precepts. Q.4 While listening to the hymns, I feel Your goodselfs presence. Is this my mind yielded? Ans. This is due to your love and affection with your spiritual mentor. Q.5 I do live in Los Angeles (America), and Your goodself is in India? To adopt YOU as the Guru, shall I have to visit India or is it possible by staying here only? Ans. To adopt the Guru, one has to take Gurumantra (method of meditation) from the Guru. One of the Ashrams branches is there in America. You can get more information by visiting there in personal.

Q.6 What is the appropriate time and rule to adopt a Guru? Kindly suggest. Ans. Every time is worthwhile in order to adopt a Guru. And the spiritual norms are just to abide by the holy sermons. Q.7 Should the declaration of spiritual master be put to the test of reasoning? Ans. The precepts of spiritual guide are divine and perfect. A Q.8 Kindly differentiate between the divine blessings and magical powers? Ans. A true and perfect Guru never exhibits the talismanic potency and talents. He tells the path on which traveling leads him to have access to the Supreme Power. Q.9 If one forswears YOUR holy name to manifest himself as sincere and righteous, how would it affect him? Ans. These kinds of unreliable people cannot be worthy of any benignity and mercy. They are known as ungrateful ones. They do lose the divine love and wander here and there for happiness.

Q.10 Guruji, although YOU are imbibed with immense mercy; yet many people attempt your slanders and censures. You always intend the wellbeing of all. We get furious by their actions. What shall we do? Ans. Practicing Gurmantra for five minutes will definitely nullify all the adverse effects of blasphemies, if you heard any, leaving you free of its harms. All the religions unanimously protest condemnation and it reflects that censuring is a grave sin. Q.11 Guru Ji, children have the debt of their parents upon themselves. Boys can repay it with serving them, how the girls could do the same? Ans. While visiting anywhere (especially to in-law's home), they must act virtuously. Girls from Shah Satnam Ji School had won the Asia cup and world cup without the guidance of any professional coach. It is a big deal! Have they any kind of debt pending? On providing good moral values girls are no way inferior to the boys. Q.12 While watching YOUR spiritual programme over T.V. and getting anything glanced by YOU turns that stuff into Prasad (sanctifies it)?

Ans. It is quite possible with your reverence and obeisance. However, in order to get anything glanced by the holy sight, one must visit the Ashram in person. Unmitigated faith has the potential to make the stones speak. Believe on Almighty can let the man to imbue with the spiritual blessings anywhere. Q.13 Should the Guru hail from higher race and religion in Guru-disciple relationship? Ans. Any caste and religion does not have any significance in this regard.


Q.1 Does death god (kaal) worships "The Almighty GOD"? If yes, then why is he at hostility with its own God? What type of disciple is this? Ans. Kaal worships his master "The Almighty GOD" but is not hostile, rather obeys His directions.

Q.2 It is said that Death Messenger (Yam-doot) rides a buffalo-bull. Where from bull come in Yamlok (regime of death-god)? Do animals also have life there? Ans. Such example is quoted due to its terrific and frightening face. Q.3 Who appoints divine just ruler (Dharma-Raj), Kaal or GOD? What is the procedure for his appointment? Ans. All takes place as per the divine decree. Q.4 Is Kaal also a factor of GOD? If yes then why GOD does not direct him on the right path? Ans. All are factor of God and function under His wishes. Q.5 Cannot God withdraw the blessings given to Kaal? Ans. Gods wish. Q.6 Why should the souls endure miseries just for the wish of GOD? He may have given to Kaal some other blessing too? Ans. This question is asked with your desire, whatever GOD is doing or did, that was GOD'S wish.

Q.7 Does Kaal (death god) also come in the cycle of birth & death? Ans. Kaals age is determined by The Almighty. Q.8 Does Kaal have clones of mind (mann), wealth (maya) and five worldly deceits that he has glued them to all the six billion people? Ans. No. They are micro and are in built with everyone. Q.9 Where did Kaal performed worship? Since he used to daily have Holy Glimpse then what was the need of his doing any meditation? Ans. Kaal offered worship while remaining at spiritual spheres. Who told that he used to have Holy Glimpse daily? it is not correct. Q.10 Why did God give HIS souls to death god (Kaal) only? Ans. GOD'S wish. Q.11 Did death god (Kaal) construct the universe (Srishti) under directions from The God? Ans. Yes. Q.12 Does Kaal also has physical body?

Ans. He can personify one; as such his body is in the form of an impulse (Kaaran). Q.13 Since when has the Kaal established his empire? Ans. Since time immemorial, as and when wished by the Almighty. Q.14 Why are people compelled to get attached with "GOD" by installing fear of Kaal & Death? Ans. Whatever be "The Truth" is elucidated. Q.15 Once all the souls achieve salvation, would "GOD" permit kaal to enter "HIS" Kingdom? Ans. Yes. Q.16 Does kaal also have offspring? Ans. Yes. Mind (mann), wealth (maya) and five thieves, lust, anger, greed, attachment, and egotism. Q.17 How does kaal recruits its employees (Yamdoot,Dharma-Raj etc.)? Ans. The ones who worship kaal reach these designations according to their deeds.

Q.18 On the salvation of a soul when the soul liberates from Kaal's trap, does he get angry and curses "GOD"? Ans. No, but he begrudges. Q.19 What amusement does kaal get in heckling the souls? How much does the delight of torturing others weigh in comparison to his already possessing "GOD THE LIMITLESS OCEAN OF ALL DELIGHT"? Ans. Everyone receives the reward of done deeds. "The Almighty God" created Kaal to make human bodies and to deliver the rewards of done deeds. Therefore the wight gets the reward of its done deeds. Q.20 Why kaal, a creation of God, plunges into bad deeds? Was the Almighty not aware that it would administer the disciples to un-follow three cardinal rules/ regimens of the Ashram? Ans. Kaal (satan) is not entitled to commit mistakes. This is the man himself who gets deluded by the mann (an agent of kaal) and plunges into evil actions. Hence, the Supreme power had created it willingly and knowing its consequences. Kaal cannot dare even to create any kind

of hindrance while performing benign and appreciable undertakings. SECTION 7

Q.1 Which is the best meditation in the World? Ans. Recitation of Gods words. Q.2 What are the benefits of meditation? Ans. Healthy body, mind and soul. Q.3 Can excess of meditation lead to mental ailments? Ans. No. Q.4 Can destiny be changed through meditation? Ans. Yes. Q.5 Do Yourgoodself conduct any camp for providing method of meditation? Ans. Yes, WE organize religious congregations (Satsang). Q.6 Is abandoning worldly home necessary for doing meditation? Ans. No.

Q.7 Every Religious Preacher (Dharma-Guru) claims that his path is right; are the methods other than Yourgoodself's wrong? Ans. WE elucidate, the method of meditation, one tested by US is right. Rest God knows. Q.8 Why the ancient people used to go to forests and mountains for performing meditation? Ans. For peaceful ambience. Q.9 Does death god (kaal) not recall his creator ("The Almighty God")? Ans. Under HIS orders. Q.10 May the results of meditation be divulged to others or not? Ans. No, the internal spiritual progress should not be disclosed. Q.11 What is seen from within during meditation? Ans. In the beginning a tiny star, light between both the eyes, thereafter "existence of whole universe within body. Only those can find who endeavor for it".

Q.12 In ancient times, how could people perform continuous meditation for many thousand years? Ans. Temperance existed. More so, the era was different. Q.13 Which meditation? diet is the best for performing

Ans. Plain moral diet. Q.14 Can a person physically go to other planet by doing meditation? Ans. Ascends internally and can visualizes all. Q.15 Why do not Yourgoodself teach the method of meditation without pre-conditions? Ans. The urge for humanity and devotion does not come up without abandoning obloquy. Q.16 How does a person shun bad habits through meditation? Ans. Meditation enhances self-confidence, due to which bad habits get discarded. Q.17 Which is better out of 'Yoga' and 'Meditation'? Ans. 'Meditation' is like the root of a plant whereas, 'Yoga' is its pruning from outside.

Q.18 Which routine of meditation (sumiran) is the best? Ans. The best time is between 2:00 am to 5:00 am, waking up during this time and offering Sumiran for at least an hour. The Time for the evening is before dinner or two and a half to three hours after dinner (doing meditation for an hour). Q.19. Is the stoppage of breathing during recitation a positive sign? Ans Its occurrence during meditation is quite obvious. While stepping beyond self-realization often depreciates the breaths. Q.20 I do not feel any compelling necessity for doing meditation. Why do the disciples press so much for this? Ans. For attaining liberation from cycle of death & birth (Salvation) and for nullifying the consequences of terrific deeds, the meditation of Gods words is necessary. Since a devotee obtains immense pleasure from meditation of Ram-Naam and he wants that all should enjoy this benefit.

Q.21 One performs meditation (Sumiran) oneself or The Guru gets it done by him? Ans. Sumiran has to be done through oneself but The Guru bestows support. Q.22 Why there is a halt in getting the spiritual experience and happiness, gained during meditation? Ans. Commitment of any mistake or disclosing those golden moments with an infidel causes this cessation to occur. Q.23 Is it requisite to board a room in the spiritual territory for meditation? Ans. Not exactly. Surroundings must be spick-and-span so that any kind of hindrance cannot obstruct you. Q.24 How it can be acquainted that I am reciting appropriate jargon of Gurumantra? Ans. Feeling the radiance of God while meditating reflects that you are pursuing it in a rightful manner. Suspicious must undergo rechecking the Gurumantra, he is practicing. Q.25 What are the symptoms of concentration?

Ans. While meditating an effulgent radiance of light occurs before the eyes which indicate the concentration. Hereafter, the soul departs the body and sour in the spiritual planes and experiences divine glimpse. Then the spiritual ascension commences. Q.26 Kindly differentiate between chanting (jaap) and meditating? Ans. Practicing and reciting on Gods words is so termed as jaap, meditation, sumiran, dhyaan and so on nothing but the dialects differ. Q.27 Why is Yourgoodself's 'method of meditation' different from the techniques like Kundalini and Transcendental Meditation (TM)? Ans. Silent Recitation of Naam (God's Words) is easy. It can be done while walking, sitting or working. No difficulty is faced. Q.28 Does there any psychic problem exist if someone recites forcefully or for a longer duration? Ans. Struggling with negative thoughts can tame the mann. It would not harm in any way.

Q.29 "When I started prayers and recitation, I felt an upward pulling stretch on my soul. I got scared and left recitation. More so, I started disclosing such incident". Ans. You were moving towards deep meditation. Recitation of God's words does not kill any one and rather provides freshness. Human mind receives the fragrance of spiritual soothing and His kind grace but you are not supposed to disclose this secret. Q.30 Can the consequences of deeds be nullified by performing recitation during walking or sauntering? Can one have divine vision? Ans. One definitely becomes relieved of the wicked deeds but concentration is the main requisite to attain divine realization.


Q.1 In this era of materialism, how the youth should spend their lives?

Ans. Do not indulge in any kind of drugs, perform deeds for human welfare, be loyal to your country and relations and follow what our religions teach us. Q.2 What message would YOU like to convey to the Indian culture that is continuously stepping into dark? Ans Never forget that Indian culture is a paradigm for the whole universe. Instead of following others youths must endeavor to progress and soar it. Ques3. How can we contribute to make a better society? Ans Follow own culture and abide by the religious teachings whole heartedly. Q.4 According to religions, what are the duties of a man towards the country? Ans. Make an endeavor to unanimously eliminate prevalent social vices like drugs, corruption, pilferage, and dishonesty from the society. Moreover, try to make people follow God's words. Q.5 I am an industrialist but recently due to heavy loss I have faced bankruptcy. What should I do?

Ans. Dont be despondent rather recite on God words. Step ahead with the dint of courage and diligence. God will indeed bestow the grace. Q.6 How to get control over the rising population and prevailing homosexuality. Ans. By leading the life of an ascetic coupled with continuous recitation. Adults are required to have virtuous (satvik) food, drink the water and scant recitation of five minutes along with, when the bad thoughts originates. This would indeed cause a hike in adherence to the asceticism up to its zenith. Q.7 Recently, I got retirement and my children are also self dependent. What should I opt for now? Ans. Handover all the responsibilities to the children and involve in chanting the holy words and rendering the services to the humanity. Q.8 What concrete steps must be taken to end prevalent corruption? Ans. To diminish the aspiration of collecting and hoarding wealth by creating awareness, reciting on holy words, remaining contented with the earning of diligence are the requisites for uprooting the virus of corruption.

Q.9 What are the needful efforts to obstruct the grave sin of killing the cows ruthlessly? Ans. As per the Hindu religion, cow is considered as the reverential animal. The culprits, committing this iniquity are scorned by one and all. WE pray to God to bestow them fair intellect so that they must not repeat it. Q.10 Do Yourgoodself have any alternate technique to hamper the rising inflation? Ans. Inhibit the corruption. The funds accumulated and hoarded by the means of corruption and as an offering in the name of God must be efficiently utilized for the sake of welfare activities. Q.11 What harms does an atheist have to face? Ans. Recitation is the only way to get the previous births misdeeds nullified and to get salvation. An infidel cannot ferry across this ocean without adopting Gurumantra. Q.12 Refined and Dalda Ghee are being adulterated with grease products. Kindly recommend. Ans. Take care and be off from these.

Q.13 Many globally renowned persons were infidels while the theists get frustrated from their life. Hence, isnt it better to be a non believer of the God? Ans. Nay. Recently, an Australian research asserted that theological people are more contended and can take better decisions in every situation than the antitheists. Q.14 Should a person possess desires? Ans. There is nothing bad to have the good and noble desires. However, never let these wishes to dominate over yourself and hinder your path of happy life. Q.15 Is the money offered as tip by others while working categorized as the justified money? Ans. Nope. One should avoid accepting tips and get hardearned money. Q.16 On which basis the charity should be given? Ans. Alms should be given to the handicapped, indigent and crippled ones. Q.17 Is it unfair to use leather stuff and couch? Ans. Leather is generally used to create lot of things. If you consider it a sin, you should relegate its usage.

Q.18 Is it a sin to lie while being a businessman? Ans. Falsehood is always a crime. Deception is never holy. Q.19 My husband used to ask the meat. I prohibited for this and he left me alone. What should I do? Ans. Keep on doing supplications and meditating Gods words. WE shall also pray for you. Q.20 Do the breads and buns consist of eggs? Ans. Today most of the eatables include eggs. Q.21 My son got expired at the age of 27 years. What would happen to him? Kindly explain. Ans. If he was initiated then the soul will definitely reach to the eternal abode by sitting in the holy lap of the Almighty. Pahle bna praabdh, pache bna shareer. Age is predestined by the Supreme Power and the one has to leave this perishable world after recompensing his past misdeeds. Q.22 Are the sagas of Ramayna and Mahabharta true? Ans. According to spirituality, these are real.

Q.23 I am studying in 10th standard and used to teach little champs free of charges. Is it categorized as selfless service? Ans. Doing good for anyone definitely adds up to the selfless service. Q.24 Eunuchs community demands for a large sum of money. Does the curse afflict us by not getting their demands fulfilled? Ans. Nothing harms in this way. However, extending helping hand to the destitute is must. Q.25 Do the oppressions also take place on the planets other than the earth? Ans. Yes. It is being done at many places. Q.26 Yourgoodself bless the person with forgiveness during satsang, who does not abide by third cardinal rule of Gurumantra. Would the same be implemented to the people watching live through Internet? Ans. No way, this is applicable only for the foreigners, rest everyone has to report here for the same. Q.26 During Majlis, the people stand to feel sorry

for not obeying the third Vacahan (regarding morality). Can a person watching Majlis live do the same? Will he/she be forgiven this way? Ans. No. People staying in India or nearby regions should come personally only. Those who live abroad, their case is different. Q.27 How much profit should a shopkeeper earn to make an honest earning? Ans. There are many thing in it, if you make 10-18 % profit, it is reasonable. If you earn 30, 40 or 50 percent profit or you earn through deception then it is illegal. One should make only permissible benefit and do the job with honesty. This way it would be better for both the buyer and the seller and the rights says so. Q.28 Is it possible for a soul to reside in other soul or a heart in other heart? Ans. There is nothing like that. It is just for saying. Q.29 In today's era, what is the duty of a teacher? Ans. To teach the students the lessons of humanity and provide the right knowledge about the ecumenical things. Q.30 What does the term knowledge reflect?

Ans. The truth that turns darkness into dawn and raise the curtains of unawareness from the mind is the only true knowledge. Q.31 What is the exact meaning of simplicity? Ans. Do not become arrogant. Don't do any such thing that can hurt anyone. Simplicity should be in your thoughts. That is why simplicity actually refers to the purity of your thoughts. Q.32 Why is the truth bitter always? Ans. It is because we are living in Kalyug. Here you will find liars everywhere. People enjoy leg pulling .That is why they can not digest the truth. Q.33 What does the nature teach us? Ans. The nature teaches us that we should not discriminate on the basis of caste/creed or any kind of inequality. We all are one and we all are children of unique Supreme Power, the God. Q.34 How can we prevent people from following racism? Ans. With love and awareness.

Q35. What is the biggest happiness and misery in the world? Ans. The biggest happiness lies in attaining bliss that means getting to see God while living in this world. And the biggest misery is that God has created man so that the man can escape from the transmigration of repeated births and deaths. If the man spends his/her life without reciting God's words, there can no bigger woe than this. Q.36 Why falsehood is winning over the truth these days? The people who lie are considered to be right while the right people are considered to be wrong. Why is it so? Ans. Such falsehood has neither even won nor it will. The sun of truth cant be clouded by the falsehood for a longer time. The truth always persist the same. Q.37 What is the biggest wealth in the world? Ans. God's worship through God's words (Naam) is the only biggest wealth in the world. The more you spend it the more it will increase. Q.38 How many kinds of love are there?

Ans. According to US, the exquisite love is spiritual love. If you love someone because of his/her physical appearance, animals do the same. Spiritual love is most superior of all. If you love someone spiritually, all other kinds of love come inside you automatically. You should love the God, the Almighty the most. HE is the only friend in both worlds (materialistic world as well as eternal abode) and never let you feel alone. Q.39 Should a person invest money in share market or not? Ans. There are different kinds of share markets. There are such companies which have solid status. If you invest there, you earn. But some share markets are like gamble and should be avoided. Q.40 To what extent is it alright if a mother curses her own child in anger? Does that actually affect the child? Ans. A mother can never ever curse her child. Q.41 Is ablution in Ganga River washes our sins? Ans. You can become free of your sins only by repeating God's words and altruism. Rest is meaningless.

Q.42 Is going to cinemas is bad? Is it spreading immorality? Ans. Immorality increases by watching bad things. There is nothing wrong in the cinema without obscenity to improve society. Q.43 What is the role of religions in countrys progress? Ans. Living according to the religions, not only the country even the universe will get progress. Q.44 I want to quit smoking. What should I do? Ans. You come to the Ashram (Dera Sacha Sauda,Sirsa). Adopt method of meditation and render selfless services for one week. A number of people have already quit smoking this way and you too will definitely get fruitful results. Q.45 How a human mind can be kept clear of ill thoughts? Ans. Avoid evils and repeat God's words. Q.46 Would not the world be peaceful without politics?

Ans. For maintaining peace in the world, everyone should follow what our religions teach us because they teach to keep yourself away from corruption, dishonesty and discrimination based upon caste or inequality . They teach us to believe in God and meditate God's words. If politics is run according to our religions, any kind of evil will not happen. Q.47 What is greatest, love or wisdom, knowledge or devotion? Ans. The greatest of all is God's Naam(Gurumanta). When it is adopted every other virtue comes by itself. Ques48. What are the measures to become great? Ans First of all, become a human being that means if you have humanity in you, you are great. Q.49 I get attracted very easily towards females. What should I do? Ans. Do meditation. Avoid obscenity and bad company. Q.50 Are ken way (gyan marg) and yoga way different? Ans. Yes. Q.51 How can I pacify my father's anger?

Ans. Whenever he gets furious give him a glass of cold water and ask him to meditate for five minutes. His anger will get subdued. Q.52 Most of the times I have a thought in my mind that to whom should I live for? Ans. Living for intense love of God and for salvation is the prime life. Q.53 Is positive thinking a right way? Ans. Yes. Always keep your limits and dignity in mind. Q.54 What should be done to prevent oneself from being hatred? Ans. Be unselfish and love Gods nature. Whoever loves Gods children, God Himself shower love on them. No ones scorn can harm you. Q.55 What is the difference between a habit and mannerism? Ans. To get addicted to any good or bad thing is called a habit. Some being savvy and his/her style is called mannerism. Q.56 Why I get dreams of my death while sleeping?

Ans. Because of thinking about death like things again and again.So you should do mediation to avoid these kinds of negative dreams. Q.57 There are many doubts, fears and dilemmas about life. Kindly guide. Ans. It will be resolved by meditation only. Q.58 Should we run after our happiness or others' happiness? Ans. Everyone live for oneself, even a gutter worm lives for himself. So we should live for those people who are helpless and depends on others, then automatically real and true cheerfulness will welcome you. Q.59 What does art of living depend on, happiness or oneself? Ans. It depends on God's words. Because His name only can shower true happiness on us. Q.60 What is the actual name of India? Ans. According to history, Bharat (India) name originated from the name of one of the King called Bhrat. Q.61 Are some people born to harm others?

Ans. No one can give pain to anyone. It happens because of ones previous karmas and present bad acts. Q.62 I am always confused and double minded and cant take decisions. What should I do? Ans. It happens because you do not have control over your thoughts. Practice God's words and you will be able to tame your thoughts. This way you will be able to take right decisions. Q.63 How can expats get spiritual knowledge from you? Ans. There are so many followers of Dera Sacha Sauda, around the world. Many expats and NRIs come at Dera and become Deras follower also. Q.64 Since the day I have become journalist, I get doubts and suspicions about spirituality too. Why so? Ans. It is because of the company of atheists. Avoid bad company and repeat God's words .Everything will be alright. Q.65 When I recall my past 8-10 years, I feel no changes on me, which results brain-wash of mine. How would this thinking be ended?

Ans. Never recall your past, always remember God and do meditation on divine words, do welfare works. It will definitely convert your negative thinking in to positive one. Q.66 Which is more reverential: Ganga or Yamuna? Ans. Regardless of the size, both have their own significance in man's life as they provide water and food. Therefore, these are regarded as mother as per the religious purview. Q.67 Why I always feel that I am an unlucky person? Ans. A person, who always does meditation of Gods name and righteous pursuit, can be a lucky person. Q.68 What is the difference between love and affection? Ans. Love is free from selfishness but on the other side affection is totally based on selfishness and attachment. Q.69 Why Indian ladies use vermilion? Ans. This is our culture and a symbol of marriage. Q.70 What is good and bad?

Ans. According to religion, those things are bad, which are taboo to do and same as those things are good, which are said to assimilate. All the religions encapsulate the same. Q.71 Animal killing is a sin whereas animals himself kills animals to survive. According to this, are animals not transgressor? Ans. No, animals are carnivorous and God has harmonized things for creating nature. Human being is herbivorous and now even science has proved this fact. Q.72 What is real freedom? Ans. Real freedom means to get liberation by doing mediation of God. Q.73 Sometimes circumstances bring human being down to earth. Are these already fixed? Ans. It happens due to Karma. Q.74 Is Black Hole the way to go on planets? Ans. You can get all planets by doing meditation.

Q.76 How to control feelings and happiness? Ans. Never forget God due to fall in happiness and dont be so oppressed else your life will become hell. Thats why always do meditation because this is the only source to control the man even in happiness and sadness. Q.77 What is the main mantra to increase earning? Ans. Meditation of Gods name. Q.78 One who acts like a tyrant due to arrogance of surplus of funds can ever be an enamour of Almighty? Ans. He pretends to be dear to God but indeed not. Q.79 What is the biggest treasure of earth? Ans. Gods name is the biggest treasure of earth because whatever you spend, it will exaggerate. Q.80 Do sudden sneezing while going out for some work, cat crossing the way or some other similar beliefs have any significance? Ans. All these are superstitions. Q.81 How long one should sleep? Ans. Four to six hours are enough for sleeping.

Q.82 How can we control our nocuous sentiments and emotions? Ans. With God's worship and satvik (simple, healthy) food. Q.83 Is there any being who does not wish for anything after birth? Ans. No such creation exists. However the true perfect saints don't desire anything for themselves. They just wish for the goodness of humanity. Q.84 What would Yourgoodself suggest for betterment of farmers? Ans. Adopt modern agricultural techniques than to spend money on extravagant and useless expenditure. Q.85 What should be done to accomplish any goal on predestined time? Ans. Plan a schedule for the commencement of task. Effort should be put according to the priority of the task and recite on sacred words. Q.86 Does destiny prevail over hard work?

Ans. The most powerful thing is unmitigated faith in God and His worship. Hard work along with recitation takes no time for destiny to change. Q.87 What can be done if someone in neighborhood is indulged in wrong doings? Ans. Avoid him because as you sow so shall you reap. His doings will not affect you in any way. Repeat God's words and the God will shower His blessings on you. Q.88 Is slandering for one's wrong doings before himself considered as being jealous or hatred? Ans. No way! Truth is always bitter and not accepted by all. If intimating once or twice does not make him listen to you, you should not insist him. Just pray to God for his goodness. Q.89 What message will Yourgoodself convey for bringing harmony and peace in the Universe? Ans. Comply with your religious teachings, recite Gods word (Naam Shabd) and love all creatures selflessly. Q.90 Today, politics is being considered on par with the God. Is it better to serve any politician or a Saint?

Ans. The optimal service is that which Guru ordains to do like assisting the destitute. Q.91 Is there any truth regarding malediction and curses? Ans. Spirituality consents that putting an evil eye on others impacts or results as curse (regardless of intention). It is at par with the waves. Blessings and curse are also tantamount to the waves. Doing mediation regularly for one hour in the morning and in the evening nullifies the impacts of curse and malediction. Q.92 Can medication cure drug meditation? addiction or

Ans. Meditation can bring addictions to an end even without the prescribed medicines. Drug of Raam Naam (Gurumantra) is excessively lucrative. Q.93 Few people are not capable to satiate them with meals despite hard work. Why? Ans. Everyone has to retribute for his past accumulated bad deeds. Fortune can be brightened through meditation on holy words coupled with hard toil.

Q.94 What must be taught to kids to make them ideal persons? Ans. Narrate them the sagas of great personalities and Saints. The child must be refrained from the family disputes and bad influence of any other sort. Q.95 What must we do to unite the followers of all religions hailing from South Kannad? Ans. Never derive an attitude of considering self religion superior to others. Why to strife over, being the creation of Supreme Authority? The process of following the religious teachings gives instant results of love, peace and tranquility respectively. Q.96 What should a man do to gain the peace andf merriment in this materialistic world? Ans. Be contented what you already acquire and meditate to achieve what you aspire more and pray for the weal of all. Delightedness inherits from satisfaction. Q.97 Is this a crime to be born with distinct religions? Ans: No way! Births do occur with the Divine will. Religions are never accused but accusation is caused by nocuous thoughts and religions are never wrong.

Q.98 India and Pakistan were associated before independence. What is Yourgoodself's message in the contemporary situation? Ans. It is not only about India and Pakistan; the whole world is created by unique Supreme Power. All living creatures are the walls (issues) of same mansion (Almighty). Jealousy, strives, and riots must be turned into garbage. Q.99 I feel very restless. Kindly advise. Ans. You have to be spiritually strong to feel inner peace of mind. Adopt true method of meditation (Naam Shabad) and don't get worried about anything. Noble deeds and recitation would indeed nullify the turmoil inside you. Q.100 What is the root cause of terrorism? Ans. Terrorism does not get evolved on its own. Some misanthropes seem to be responsible for it in order to fulfill their selfish motives. Generally, unemployed destitute get deluded by them. This is strictly prohibited as per the religious teachings. Q.101 Which food is better - vegetarian or non vegetarian?

Ans. Vegetarian food is preferred over non-vegetarian because man's intestines are not capable to digest nonvegetarian food. With its continuous usage, cancer is more probable. Q.102 Man tends to self-annihilation due to negative thoughts. How to tackle it? Ans. Committing suicide is a grave sin. Even its imagination gives tragic results. Recitation with having some water is the requisite to nullify negative thoughts. Progressively, cultivation of negative thoughts comes to a halt resulting into optimistic ideas. Q.103 Who would be addressed as deity father? Ans. Respected parents. Q.104 Who is viciously responsible for terrorism? Ans. Incapacious thoughts are supposed to be responsible for this horrible sin, which demarcate and set apart one another considering them as aliens. They do speculate their religions and cast superior most. Those who cultivate such kinds of inapt thoughts are themselves culprits.

Q.105 If a person living in mortal world adopts the celibate life, will it lead him/her towards spirituality? Ans. Yes, sure. Celibacy has intensive influence of its own. Q.106 How the athletes hailing from abroad have been progressing while ignoring celibacy? Ans. This is on account of frolic techniques. Moreover, they might be following celibacy. Q.107 Why is man scared of death? Ans. Man in extensively entrapped in materialism, so has a great affinity to his relatives and off springs; and considers everything as trifle as compared to them. Q.108 How can the convicted prisoners be psychically reformed? Ans. They must be taught to practice meditation twice at least for 15-20 minutes along with deep breathing (pranayam). It would lead in transformation of their mental thoughts and bestow peace, tranquility and exhilaration within their hearts. Q.109 Is the life possible on planets other than earth? Ans. Of course. At hundred of places.

Q.110 Will the earth be always a suitable place to survive? Ans. It would be in accordance with the Cosmic order Q.111 What is the main hindrance in countrys progress? Ans. Corruption Q.112 What to do for world peace? Ans. Never show-off and follow your religion. Q.113. Everything is valid in love and war? How far this saying is apt? Ans. All these are stories and sagas. Everything is genuine in performing noble and virtuous actions. Rest is futile. Q.114. Should we take decision through the heart or mind? Ans. Every decision should be made with strong thinking and its consequences. Q.115. Would the politicians be ever able to understand humanity while ignoring selfishness? If no,

what should be done in favor of Indian Public welfare? Ans. As per OUR views, everyone must know that humanity is the optimal religion. They should perform humanitarian activities and involve into welfare deeds. WE are here to humbly request, compliance depends on the man. Q.116. What is the procedure of weekly fasting? Ans. One must have only lukewarm water. Eating the food on par with the 10 days in a single day after leaving foe one day is futile.


Q.1 A section of north Indians used to tie a black thread on their wrist, and the south Indians wear red one. Are these advantageous in any way? Kindly differentiate between these two customs.

Ans. It is not the threads which are lucrative; however noble actions and meditation on Gods words are most favorable. Q.2 I am being afflicted by the black magic tricks and feel an evil spirit dwells and sounds inside me. How to get rid of? Ans. All this is just hypocrisy and deception. This might be due to any psychic problem. You must see a psychiatrist and undergo screening. Q.3 Is it appropriate to offer kids along with animals, as an oblation (sacrifice) by Tantriks? Ans. This is the heinous sin never committed by apollyons and devils even. Such offenders are categorized as egoistic, superstitious and ignorant. They are the living agents of kaal (satan) and always remain tormented Q.4 There are no ghosts and phantoms. Still, many people affirm their existence. Kindly elucidate. Ans. This is just an illusion. In tensed situations, some people feel the horrible existence, nothing more than it. No doubt, there are many species of ghosts, but they are being punished on the spiritual spheres.

Q.5 How the pitra dosh can be eradicated? Ans. Such things dont exist. It is recommended to utilize the bucks in helping the indigents rather than to spend in wasteful hypocrisies. Everything would be favorable. Q.6 Does the tantric vidya s capable enough to tame the body? Ans. Not completely. It can have influence upto some extent. Q.7 It is often said that soul resides in the home for 11 days after the demise. Is it so? Ans Nope. Q.8 Is it mandatory to bathe after visiting a home placing a corpse? Ans. Not necessarily. However, this custom is followed at many places. A section of people uses to sprinkle water before entering home. All these are the false practices and traditions. Basically, it was followed just to inhibit the onset of any disease if the dead man was suffering from. However, it hardly affects. Q9. Can a tantric stanch/imprison the body or mind?

Ans. You just keep on reciting Gods words. No such kind of bond is possible. Never accept any eatable from un-acquaintances. Q.10 Is the stuff donated for the sake of manes (pitar) reaches up to them? Ans. Nay. All this is futile and have no importance. If you aspire to donate, helping the needy and indigents ones is the greatest donation. Q.11 Do the tantra mantras pertain to psychology, or have any spiritual importance? Ans. This is just to delude the man and amass money. Q.12 Some spirits persecute me. And I feel myself unable to meditate. What should I do? Kindly suggest. Ans. No soul can harm anyone. All the species of ghosts dwell on the spiritual orbits. No such race exists on this planet. You must see any neurologist and take medication. Besides, recitation adds up to make you absolutely fine. Q.13 Reverend Master! Does this universe possess ghost and evil spirits? Ans. Ignorance is the only ghost. Do not indulge in misconceptions. Such spirits only stay in ethereal spaces.

SECTION 10 Q.1 According to astrology, there is mangal dosha in my horoscope. Kindly suggest in sorting it out. Ans. There is nothing like mangal dosha does exist. All this is just to extort and amass the money. Thousands of marriages have been solemnized there in the Ashram. They do have children too. Dont be fallacious. Q.2 How do I secure the future of my off-springs? Ans. Make an endeavor to imbibe them with moral and ethical values and let them unite with the God. Q.3 Should a pregnant lady worship the Pipal tree (Ficus religiosa)? Ans. Dont engage into these fallacies. It would be better to recite on Gods words, watch and hear the sagas of braves & valiant ones for the prosperous future of the posterity. Q.4 My project made me very restless and perturbed. To get rid of it, I used to chant Hanuman Chalisa

hundred times a day. How can I evade myself from this tension? Ans. The key of recitation unlocks the solution of every hardship. Q.5 To get a Govt. Job, I will have to give a bribe of five lacs INR. Shall I opt to it for brightening my future? Ans. No way. Have unmitigated faith on the Supreme Transcendental Father. Q.6 Which day seems best to start construction of my home? Ans. None of the days is unfavorable provided you shall not commit any misdeed. Q.7 Does vastu shastra play any significant role in religions? Ans. Based on vastu shastra terminology, home must be architected in such a way that it should be airy. And wash room must not be adjacent to the kitchen. However, today a section of people has adopted it as a profession. It does not have particular importance as per the religions. Q.8 How can I forecast my future?

Ans. Recitation on Gods words coupled with good and noble actions turns each day into prosperous one. Q.9 Is it harmful to wear multi colored rashi ke nag (sapphire)? Ans. It is neither harmful nor lucrative too. Q.10 What the term chandra mangala yoga (moon and mars in mutual aspect) indicates? Ans. This is a natural phenomenon. It does not influence human community. Q.11 Does a man be the jinx in realty? Ans. Definitely not. All this is just a foul play. Q.12 Is it worth believing in palm reading (palmistry) or in the cluster of actions? Ans. rather than to rely on palm lines, one must perform noble actions through the body and mind with the dint of hard work. Q.13 Should we splash milk on the fest of naga panchami? Ans. This is just a kind of hypocrisy. Q.14 Should one believe in the horoscope?

Ans. Nay. One ought to believe in knowledge and diligence. Q.15 Is the shermukhi (wider at the front than the rear portion) house apt to live in? Ans. one must get the accommodation irrespective of the shape, it might be shermukhi (lion faced) or jackal faced! Dont panic at all. Q.16 Shall I remain contented with the campus placement or hunt for any other job? Ans. You should scrutinize for choosing the better possession. Q.17 How to find the chander disha (direction of the moon) when a baby takes birth? Ans. There is nothing embedded with the directions. Enrolment in this is absolutely futile. Q.18 I have been encircled by a personal problem. Should I start fasting on every Tuesday? Ans. Keeping fast is lucrative to health. Rest, all the problems can be remedied through contemplation and meditative efforts.

Q.19 Can I marry with my cousin? Both of us are consented for this alliance. Is it inapt to go for it? Ans. It is completely unfair. Relations are the foundation and belief of our society. Q.20 What would be the best clock tick for my daughters tonsure ceremony? Ans. All the days are significant. One must have good aspirations. Q.21 Is it ominous to apply hair oil on Saturdays? Ans. Nope. This is just an absurd. Q.22. How to do Sri Chakra Pooja? Ans. Adoration must be done wholeheartedly neglecting chakras. True worship is to contemplate for the sake of Supreme Power. Q.23 Is it apt to adore the Kubera mantra for gaining wealth? Ans. Work intently and recitation on Gods words in appropriate. Almighty would indeed bestow the grace. Q.24 Do the lines of the palm convey the truth? Ans. Scientifically certain aspects may be true but not all.

Q.25 Due to astrological views, I am unable to marry the girl with whom I aspire to, what should I do? Ans. Plunge into reciting holy words while neglecting these astronomical views. Q.26 How can we know the future consequences of a deed done presently? Ans. As per the religious teachings one reaps respective to his sowings. Q.27 In present age is specific architecture (VastuShastra) necessary or not? Ans. No, only it should be ensured that the kitchen is placed at an odorless location.

SECTION 12 Q.1 What is the most important thing in ones life? Ans. Gods prayer and His worship.

Q.2 I believe that one can meditate whole heartedly only if he/she is successful in life. Should I run after the success or try to attain God first? Ans. Repeat Gods words along with hard work, you will achieve success soon. Q.3 If the struggle is life, what does it really count for? Ans. Face the adversities of life firmly. Do not panic at all. How much long the night may be, the dawn will break out; because those who try never fail. Move ahead with stout- heartedness. Q.4 I am very much depressed because of failures in my life. What should I do? Ans. Face the downfalls of life with courage and Gods prayer. You will definitely get success in life. Q.5 Is there any harm in applying tattoos on body and ear/nose piercing? Ans. It is all your wish but the syringe used should not be virus infected. Q.6 What is the biggest happiness in life and how it can be achieved?

Ans. Visualizing the Divine; and that can be achieved only by meditating Gods Words (Naam). Q.7 Which life is superior-Rural or Urban? Ans. The life which starts with Gods prayers is most superior irrespective of being rural or urban. The environment generally found in rural areas is much cleaner and healthier than urban areas but the most superior life is still possible only through Gods words.


Q.1 When will I get married and with whom? Ans. Do not waste your precious time in thinking about this matter. Repeat God's words; whatever happens, it will be in your favor. Q.2 How should I convince my parents for love marriage? Ans. Be contented with your parent's consent.

Q3. What should be done to remain happy and contented throughout a married life? Ans. Respect each other's feelings. Recite God's words while cooking, and worship God by reciting Gurumantra(Naam). Q.4 The girl with whom I am getting married is in love with some other person. Should I marry her? Ans. No, it would be better if you tell your parents about this. Q.5 Which day is most suited for marriage? Ans. All days are equally good. Marriage can be scheduled according to the weather and timings. Q.6 It is said that "Marriages are settled by Divine ordinance". Does court marriage fall in the same category? Ans. All the Scriptures compatibly reflect that alliances are based upon fortunes. Q.7 Is inter caste marriage right or wrong? Ans. If your family agrees then it is no way wrong. Casts have been made by human beings; not by the God.

Q.8 Should a girl be engaged in some professional job after marriage? Ans. There is no harm if the family agrees to it. Q.9 How a person can continue practicing meditation after marriage? Ans. Keep control over yourself and do meditation. A married person can also attain God. Q.10 If parents ask their children to marry a person of not his/her wish, what should be done in that situation? Ans. If the son/daughter does not agree then parents should leave the matter on the child itself. The child will be responsible for his/her life. Otherwise he/she will accuse his/her parents throughout the life. Q.11 Is polygamy acceptable in religions? Ans. No, it is not acceptable in most of the religions. Q.12 Is the love marriage not a better option since the boy & the girl do not know each-other in arrangedmarriage? Should the boy and the girl who like each

other have the right to take decision for their life themselves? Ans. That marriage is justified in which the boy, the girl and the families collectively agree. Q.13 Should people bear offspring after marriage? What if someone does not want to do so, what would be Yourgoodself advise regarding this please? Ans. It is one's own wish. But one must perform recitation to divine words. Q.14 Is it ok if a divorcee gets married again? Ans. If the divorce happens in early age, then its fine. Q.15 When should a person get married? Ans. A girl becomes eligible for marriage after age of 18 and a boy after age of 21 according to the laws. However, it is necessary to practice celibacy till then. Q.16 Is it legal if a widow/widower gets married again? Ans. If this happens in early age then the person can marry with family consent.

Q.17 Should a person tell everything to his/her in-laws before marriage only? Ans. The issues that can create problem after marriage should be told before marriage itself. Q.18 Is it true that marriages are made in heaven? Ans. No. A couple meets each other as per the alliances set by the Almighty. Q.19 Is it a sin if a boy and a girl love each other? Ans. No, it is not if it is within the limits, and their love is pure in the spiritual way. However, if it is just about lust and physical desires and as a result of which you suffer, then it is a filth. Q.20 If a person loves someone but cannot get to marry him/her? Is it based on our Karmas? Ans. To a greater extent, it can be. Q.21 Which one is better - Love marriage or Arranged marriage? Ans. Parental consent is mandatory.

Q.22 If a girl gives birth to a child before marriage, both boy and girl are responsible for it. However, only girl is held responsible for this. Why it is so? Ans. It is because our society is male dominating. Parents should take care of their childrens well being. Illicit relationship is wrong for both. Q.23 What do religions say about remarrying and divorce? Ans. Valid reason does not create a problem. Q.24 I like a girl very much and she feels the same for me. However, her parents have arranged her marriage with some other guy? What should we do now? Ans. First of all, you both should have convinced your parents, WEalways say so. All the Brahm marriages conducted here with the consent of bride/groom and their parents turns the happiness many folds. Q.25 What does the term marriage reflect? Does it have any importance from spiritual perspective? Ans. Marriage is relation of a boy and a girl. According to spirituality, husband-wife relation is only valid and is in congenial with the nature. Having the illicit relationship

except that of married couple is considered as a crime. However, every soul is related to the true Almighty which is the authentic alliance always. Q.26 Guruji, YOU inspire us to solemnize the marriage in the Ashram, what are its advantages? What are the merits and demerits of getting the marriage socially outside the Ashram? Ans. Here, dowry is strictly prohibited. Families initiated, not addicted to drugs, and have fear of God. 99% of the marriages solemnized here are successful. Rest God knows better. Q.27 Are the marriages pre-destined? Which boy would marry which girl, is it pre-decided by "The Almighty God"? Ans. God's Wish and Human's self-empowerment for decision. Q.28 When a man gets married all used to dance before him. However, when he dies all go after the corpse. Why is this so? Ans. It might be any man made custom. Dancing on the marriage reflects that the groom is hero while at the time of demise everyone expatriates him from the home. It

might be in order to teach the man that till the soul and happiness accompanies him, everyone dances before him but as the soul escapes from the body everyone pushes him away. Till the soul associates the man, he has immense value but the body sans ignorance gets ignorance. Q.30 Today, boy and girls go for court marriage. Is it apt? Ans WE consider it inapt. To do their duty, parents must show their consent with the childrens consensus. They will get as per their deeds. SECTION 14

Q.1 I used to severe twinge in the lower part/portion of my back. Kindly direct me. Ans. Consult any of the specialists and exercise on regular basis or perform yoga. keep doing

Q.2 Does yoga and Gym obtainment equivalent? Ans. Yoga leads to raise our stamina along with concentration whereas gym suffices only physical fitness. Q.3 Is it appropriate to give birth to test tube babies?

Ans. Science has explored it and of course it is quite lucrative to childless couples. Q.4 Despite of continuing yoga, why do I feel myself devoid of energy? Ans. Start using method of meditation along with exercises and yoga, you will surely feel high energetic. Q.5 Will Meditation serve a useful purpose for heart kind of diseases? Ans. definitely yes, it acts in all circumstances regardless to the conditions. Q.6 Does self realization contribute to extrication of all diseases? Ans. Yes, of course, mediation acts in curing all kinds of diseases. Q.7 I am a salesperson and suffering from the disease of laughing anytime anywhere uselessly and have become victim of others anger. I am much disappointed and tensed for this, I need resolution for this. Kindly suggest. Ans. This is a symbol of psychopathy and you are recommended to consult psychiatrist and keep continuing

prayers. You will definitely be able to have control on yourself. Q.8 People denominate some diseases like chicken pox as mata, what is the matter of fact? Ans. Locations, sectors and regions distinguish it with subject to the languages spoken over there. Q.9 I am oppressed with severe like disease blood cancer, i.e. myelogenous leukemia. Is there any exercitation prescript, which can help in my recovery as early as possible? Ans. Regular recitation of Gurumantra along with appropriate treatment will surely result the best. Medication and prayers would be effective superb. Q.10 I am not so active and fast like others and why people like to avoid my company? Ans. Recite method of meditation on regular clock ticks and consult any of the specialists. People are recognized by the virtues and qualities imbibed with and no need to be disconcerted and scared at all. Q.11 I am having stone in bladder and doctor has advised me to have alcohol/beer, kindly suggest?

Ans. Quite Amazed! Have they started drinking alcohol in bulk or tied a commission in this context. All seems to be ridiculous. Q.12 I am an enceinte and do not get any respect in my in-laws family and extremely tensed for me and champs career. Could you please provide me specific guidelines? Ans. Continue reciting Gods words intently. Read the sagas of Saints and valiant ones; meditate while cooking food; moreover, pray to the Almighty to unite every person with Divine name whoever eats this food. Try it for at least 2-3 months. Q.13 How can I have brightness similar to the divine radiance reflecting on your glamorous face? Ans. This effulgence comes with practicing Gods name. Continue recitation will definitely bring it on your face too. Q.15 As per the spiritual perspective, how parents are being impacted by female feticide? Ans Abortion is symbol of immorality and enormous illnesses knocks at your door without acknowledging for

any kind of approval. Therefore, one must not undergo this stigmatic process. Q.16 What kind of food and attitude, an enceinte must possess in order to deliver perfect descendents? Ans. She must have rich diet renouncing spicy food and non veg etc. Keep on reciting Gurumantra most of the times and keep watching and listening the miraculous and heroic sagas. Q.17 What must be done in order to enhance the remembrance power? Ans. If you are a student, practicing recitation for ten minutes along with having one glass of water would indeed helpful in this regard. A remembrance prescription is found in the Ashram that can also be used. Q.18 My digestive system is completely inactive/not functioning properly, what should I do to overcome it? Ans. Take rich diet, avoid spicy and non-veg food. Moreover, keep following your doctors instructions. Q.19 Would the method of meditation have any effect on HIV Positive (AIDS patient)?

Ans. If deep breathing exercise [pranayam] is performed along with regular meditation, it may relieve a patient from this disease. If it is repeated every day and night, result is perfectly assured. Q.20 For the best treatment, share your superb ideas about the most useful and harmful pathy? Ans. Gods method of meditation is the best in all respects. Q.21 I feel eye irritation and mentally disturbed and unable to concentrate. Kindly suggest. Ans. You are supposed to consult eye specialist and keep attending medical camps organized in holy hermitage. The Almighty will definitely bestow the grace. Q.22 What should a doctor do for the embryos which are found to be defective? Ans. Doctor is duty-bound to rightly handle the case and as the law permits. Termination of embryo is a great sin. Q.23 Can we consume the commodities and medicines which are comprised of alcoholic and non veg particles?

Ans. Nay. Alcohols less products are also available in market. Q.24 I have been afflicted with the deadly disease, cancer. Can Your good self suggest to get rid of it? Ans. Adopt the method of meditation which enhances self-confidence and then benefits instantly. Do meditate every while; it can cure the chronic diseases like cancer also. Q.25 Is it worth making experiments on pets to learn doctorate? Ans. Use maximum efforts to save the innocent ones. Q.26 Is it adequate to take tea, coffee and drinks? Ans. Somewhat injurious to health. Q.27 What is memory power and the way of its advancement? Ans. Storing something in mind for a long duration of period can be categorized as good remembrance power and tool which sharpens it is self confidence. Self confidence can be emerged from the meditation method only. Q.28 Does the weight reduce by drinking allovera nectar?

Ans. Chances are very rare; however, its usage in early morning brings the excellent and pretty useful. Q.29Which medicament sharpening the brain? is par excellent for

Ans. The appropriate products are bramhi, badampak and ashwaganda. Q.30 The ones, who consume intoxicants, fall prey to incurable diseases like cancer but the ones who abstain from intoxication also contract disease like cancer. Why? Ans. The incidence of Cancer is highly found in those who consume intoxicants like Tobacco, Cigarettes, and similar preparations (Zarda etc). In others, it may be due to un-restricted eating or disease of wicked deeds. Q.31 I am completely distressed because of diseases and medication is not impacting at all. I need guidance. Ans. Consult any specialist and do meditation. Meditation along with medication will sort out all the complexities and challenges you are facing. Q.32 I have been aborted twice and now again specialist recommends the same because of lack of pulsation in the champ. What is the wrong happening?

Ans. This all is because of accumulated past deeds, carry on with your treatment with meditation before undergoing abortion. Q.33 How can the fear of darkness and loneliness be diminished? Ans. Recite Gurumantra and consult any psychiatrist to kill this kind of panic etc. Q.34 In Ayurvedic Medicines, eating meat is recommended. What is Yourgoodself's reaction to this please? Ans. In place of meat, proper vegetarian items should be used. Q.35 What was sanjeevni herb and can it be availed presently? Ans. In this modern age, Gods method of meditation is the only sanjeevni herb and medication of all variety of diseases. Q.36. Is contraceptive encounters female feticide? Ans. Both are completely dissimilar. SECTION 15

Q.1 Is homosexuality ethical or not according to Bible? Ans. Homosexuality is not ethical according to any religion. It is against the natures regulations. Q.2 Why is homosexuality considered as unethical? Is the attraction possible between male and female only? Ans. Living by disregarding natures regulations is incorrect. Religions prohibit relations between male with male and female with female. Q.3 I am facing a lot of difficulties because of homosexual relations. How should I save myself? Ans. First of all, abandon all such immoral relations, recite the true Gods words, difficulties shall definitely solve. Q.4 I am an eunuch working at a very good job but only my parents know about this. Relatives and friends are pressurizing my parents for my marriage. What should I do?

Ans. There are lot of people who spend their life happily without being married. You may tell your decision of not getting married to them. Ask your parents to support you. Q.5 Is the friendship between a girl and a boy right or wrong according to the spiritual view? Ans. There is a limit to friendship. If the friendship exceeds a limit between two boys or two girls, that too is wrong. Q.6 The girls and boys who are attracted to each other move towards indecent paths. Kindly elucidate how to avoid this attraction. Ans. How will this nature grow then? Whatever GOD does, is righteous, but it can be controlled only by meditation. Q.7 Is sex a hurdle in spirituality? Ans. Yes, but one can realize GOD with self-restraint. Q.8 What is so termed as lust (sexual desire)? Ans. Whatever illicit sexual relations a human makes with other than his/her wife/husband and keeps on committing such ill affairs. Or if he indulges himself into

the wrong doings that is against natures laws, is all aphrodisia. Q.9 Is Lesbianism (illicit relation between women) a sin? Is the lesbian punished for this deed? Ans. As per the religions it is a sin. Dire punishment is accorded for this. Q.10 Why do you consider homosexually an evil act, whereas, scientists have never said so? Ans. This act is not only wrong as per the religious opinion but also shall bring evil consequences.fd Q.11 Cant the homosexuals get salvation? Ans. Abiding by the rules of nature and recitation suffice this. Q.12. What is wrong in homosexuality? Ans. It is unnatural, against GODs will as well as religiously wrong. Q.13 What is the reason behind arousal of sexual desires at early age? Ans. Lack of religious/moral education, poisonous food and drinks; and watching and listening to obscene things.

Q.14 Can anyone eliminate the roots of prostitution? Ans GODs words.


Q.1 Who appeared first 'Hen' or the 'Egg'? Ans. The God' created statues (boott) - the hen. Q.2 Kindly elaborate the jargon Sixth Sense? Ans. It adds multifold enhancements to our thinking efficiency. It becomes damn easy to forecast our future. Q.3 What is the biggest question? Ans. Complexities unanswerable. of thoughts which are quite

Q.4 Can monkeys be considered as ancestors to mankind? Ans. No way! Today Scientists are not abiding by their own words

and are affirming the existence of a third species as the ancestor. They would defy this also with the passage of time. Q.5 How to step towards getting human race again? Ans. Gods name showers immense exhilaration that ends up the aspiration to rebirth. Q.6 Why am I being born on this planet only? Ans. As per the Divine disposal. However, hundreds of trinities are the suitable land of living. Q.7 Can I have the opportunity to be reborn? Ans. An initiated soul goes to the eternal abode by sitting in the holy lap of Almighty and gets the exhilarating state. If one deprives Gurumantra, he has to visit paradise or inferno as per the committed deeds. Hereafter, it has to endure the vicious cycle of transmigration (repeated births and deaths).. Q.8 Can I see my kith and kin after the demise? Ans. Nay. However, an initiated soul can recognize its acquaintances. Q.9 How can we rule over ourselves?

Ans. Restricting the coquettish mann (negative force inside the man) definitely spawns the sway over oneself. Recitation is the only possible way to gain this control. Q.10 Can I be a millionaire? Ans. Recitation coupled with diligence indeed approaches to the Gods grace in this context. Q.11 Is it feasible to know our past? Ans. This births past can be recollected to memory. But it is quite impossible for a man to know his previous births. Q.12 Can I have the opportunity to decide and scribe my own future? Ans. Recitation on Gods words coupled with noble actions bring this chance to the man. Q.13 Can two souls dwell inside a single body? Ans. Nope. Q.14 Does one become star after death? Ans. No, it is not so. It is not true. Q.15 How much time has elapsed since the universe created?

Ans. Myriad ages have been passed away. Q.16 What is the end of inquisitiveness? Ans. Self gratification.


Q.1 How does Spirituality help in Studies? Ans. Offer prayers for five minutes, thereafter, take some cold water, the concentration builds up fast if studies follow this. Q.2 Unfortunately, I am being the victim of failure since last three years, shall I discontinue my education? Ans. Meditate for ten minutes before perusal and intent on remember, it would refurbish your career. Q.3 I am preparing for civil services. When will it bring success to me? Ans. Success completely depends upon the diligence and assiduousness. Dont plunge into foul plays. Perusal coupled with recitation surely concludes in prosperity.

Q.4 I am learning music. What should I do to bring laurels in this stream? Ans. Pranayam (breathing control technique) along with meditation gives a positive sign in this context. Furthermore, practicing under the guidance of a perfect mentor definitely helps in achieving the target. Q.5 I have been haunting by lots of complexities due to picking out the wrong career option? Ans. Mental stress is not the medication to sort out the disease of life puzzles. Meditative efforts along with hard work definitely pave the way to success. Q.6 How to become genius, creative and best of the bests? Ans. Step ahead with passion and work strenuously to explore the remarkable and antique invention. It would lead you to the pinnacle of success. Q.7 Which mode of education should be emphasized? Ans. Humanitarian and philanthropic education preceded by mundane one. Q.8 Can we include "Insan" in the name of child at the time of admission to school?

Ans. It is your wish, you can if you want. Q.9 Even well qualified people are prone to crimes, does it mean the education is not accessorial to reform and invigorate the society? Ans. It depends upon the quality of education being imparted. Q.10 Does the creativity have any zenith? Ans. Nay. Thoughts and creativity are diverse. Q.11 Why the naps interrupt while studying? Mental strain afflicts during the period of exams. Everything wipes out from the floor of mind. Ans. Chant the Gods words for five minutes. Pay the naara (holy slogan) as well drink water and saunter a while for relaxation. Afterwards, move on the wheels of study. This way, particles of tension would be flown away, and memory power shall enhance. Q.12 We are dooming our career because of mental exertion. Kindly recommend a suitable recourse. Ans. Method of mediation is the only potent tonic for this illness.


Q.1 What is the relationship between Science and Religion? Ans. Our religions are a great science in itself. Existence of science is because of religions only. Q.2 Is science helpful in progressing towards "GOD"? Ans. Without the knowledge of the 'Grand Science' (knowledge of GOD) progress towards GOD is not achieved. Q.3 Why do Yourgoodself not disclosed to the scientist about places where life forms are present? All the scientists would, thereafter, knowing the truth the whole World would accept Yourgoodself as its Worship able? Ans. This all can be observed through ascending progress of the soul, which anyone can try to attain. Does the whole world accept what all the scientists tell? Q.4 Your good-self predicates that 'Religion' is 'Grand Science' but what all it has delivered till now? Had the

achievements of science not been there, could the Saints have reached strayed souls without these means? Ans. The World safely exists despite Nuclear, Atom, Hydrogen Bomb and Poisonous thought-process; this is the gift of the 'Grand Science'. Saints always kept reaching their souls since very inception and also shall continue reaching. Q.5 Development of the Language took place due to the inventive aptitude of scientists and human generation. Had the development of Language not taken place, how could have Saints promoted their opinions among masses? Ans. Development of Language too took place by the Grace of The Almighty; not by science. Q.6 The inventions of Science are enjoyed by Saints also, then why reservation exists in science's acceptance? Ans. The acceptance of the 'Grand Science' whether leaves behind its part 'science'! Q.7 Is virus also a form of existence?

Ans. Yes. Q.8 Had the scientists not followed reasoning and had kept on sitting under acceptance of 'Religion' as the 'Grand Science'; would have it not resulted us in 'Stone Age' even today? Do Your good-self agree to it? Ans. No, the path of human progress is paved by Religion being the 'Grand Science'? Q.9 What use of such 'Grand Science' (Religion) which is not capable of providing the basic necessities of human life? Ans. The 'Grand Science' provides the comfort and happiness of both the worlds. The 'Grand Science' describes Be assiduous (Karma Yogi) as well as sagacious (Gyan Yogi). Q.10 What are Yourgoodself's views on the claim of some scientists that global warming is not happening? Ans. It is happening. Q.11 Due to science, barren women are getting offspring, Blinds are seeking eyes; is science not a boon? Can God's Worship do this all?

Ans. "The Almighty God" made human, human made science. Thus all is happening by virtue of "The Almighty God's benevolence". Q.12 Shall scientists be able to find a permanent cure to AIDS/HIV and hepatitis C? Ans. Yes, It is possible. Q.13 Science doesnt believe in spirituality. Why should we? Ans. Meditate on the Gods words and feel the difference yourself. It wont cost you anything. Q.14 Is there any laboratory proof of Gods presence? Ans. Gods presence can be felt with true emotions not by the scientific method. Q.15 Is God an invention or a discovery? Ans. God has invented everything, and HE can be discovered through HIS adoration (worship). Q.16 Religion and spirituality have not been able to prove itself on the criterion of modern science. Why is it so?

Ans. Our religions have been the great science since ages while science came into the picture few years back only. Religions had already discovered everything what science is discovering now, and this is being accepted by science too. You have studied science, now try to follow religions, and you will find the grandeur of our religions. Q.17 How far is it true that during Solar and LunarEclipse a pregnant woman should not cut anything? What are the effects of an eclipse on human body? Ans. An Eclipse is an Astronomical Phenomenon. As per science it may have some effect on the human body but otherwise all this is hypocrisy. The concentration of germs may increase in the environment or gazing at sun may cause harm to eyes. Q.18 Where does cloning stand in spirituality? Does cloning divide the soul into parts? Ans. No. Clone is created by taking cells out of the human body. Theres nothing different in it. Q.19 If religions are considered as a great science, so do they have any methodology of predicting natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones, etc.?

Ans. Its all Gods will. However, theres no doubt that our religions are a super science. The things what science is talking about today had been written in our religions thousands of years back. Q.20 Can science be a medium to see God? Ans. No. Our religions are the greatest science. According to all religions, God can be attained only by meditating on the true Gods words. Q.21 Can we do research on the universe with the help of Gods words (Gurumantra)? Ans. Self-confidence can be elevated through Gods words, and it will be helpful in worldly research too.


Q.1 Are the dreams fabrications of thoughts? Ans. Yes, of course.

Q.2 Sometimes we dream about, which are not related to our present life. Do they concern with our previous births? Ans. It might be possible. Sometime, imaginations conclude such dreams. Q.3 When we have the Divine vision of Your Holy Self in our dreams, could it be scribed into the personal diary? Ans It would be more lucrative to imbibe with it internally. However, Almighty presents himself in the dreams. WE are just abiding by the divine decree. Q.4 Do the dreams come true? Ans. No, if comes after worship to the one who has taken initiation (Naam) then these make or nullify evil deeds. Q.5 When the dreams come true? Ans. Meditating Gods words coupled with the dint of hard work definitely fulfill the dreams of success in each and every region.


Q.1 What deludes the man most? Ans. Departure from God on compliance with mann (negative force inside the man). Q.2 What is the best value, man possesses? Ans. Human race is the only source to get salvation. Q.3 Why the mans life is perishable? Ans. Divine law and order depicts that every soul has to cast off this body and relegate all the belongings. Everyone gets departed from this materialistic world as per the royal decree irrespective of his financial status. Q.4 Can a person change one's destiny? Ans. Yes, by becoming ascetic through actions and gaining divine knowledge (but still remaining disinterested in reaping benefits). Q.5 What is the most significant strong point out of mans attainments? Ans. Virtue of compassion and benignancy along with practicing recitation on Gods words.

Q.6 Does the man acts in accordance with the predecisions? Ans. Man has been endowed with autonomy. He can create new karmas. Q.7Why do Yourgoodslf say to serve others whereas man is not efficacious to get sustenance for himself? Ans. He can manage. God helps those who helps themselves. Q.8 Can a man know his past births deeds? Ans. Never possible. Q.9 Why the man commits misdeeds despite having the mind with him? Ans. It happens due to domination of the mann over the mind. Q.10 What inspires the man to commit misdeeds? Ans. Kaal (satan) and its agent, mann are the motivational factors for the man to become mischievous.


Q.1 What should I do to be a hermit? Ans. First of all, seek permission from your family members and also make your will power strong. Then only you step forward to be a monk. Q.2 Is celibacy helpful in spiritual progress? Ans. Of course Yes. Q.3 I am a married person and we both (me and my wife) have religious thoughts and willing to become hermits. Kindly guide? Ans. A person who can control on his desires can be a celibate while staying in a family too. To become a hermit, needs to be religious by deed not only by thoughts. Q.4 According to a survey, there are more than 72 lacs Indian ascetics who are unemployed or idle. Is it not an obstacle in Indias progress? Ans. According to religion, a real ascetic is a person, who does hard work, always remember and pray to God and also teach others to follow the same footprints. Whereas who never work, always beg for survive and on the other side, teach others to do work but himself never

follows, cannot be categorized under the category of a hermit. Q.5 Is it possible to breach the chastity through lewd dreams and thoughts as well? Ans. Possible. Q.6 Up to what age should one maintain chastity? Ans. Fully up to the age of marriage and maintain restrain thereafter. Q.7 Whether every ascetic staying here has had opened the daswan dwar (tenth door of sub consciousness)? Do they ever require to open the third cosmic eye? Ans. Exclusively those celibates who practice meditation twice a day (in the dawn as well as in the dusk) without a fail can let their daswan dwar to be unlocked. Q.8 The celibate volunteers living here are assigned the materialistic duties. Is this the perfect celibacy? Ans. They have been rendering services for the sake of mankind by compromising their self motives. Q.9 Is there any means by which the brahmcharya can be followed properly?

Ans. Healthy food and contemplation. Q.10 Can the God be realized earlier by becoming an ascetic? Ans. Exactly. Recitation and abiding by the holy sermons are the preconditions. Q.11 What is the difference between the monk and the Saint? Can a monk also lead the man to gain salvation? Ans. One who renounces everything materialistically becomes a monk. However with true renunciation one becomes a celibate (brahamchari/satbrahamchari); whereas the one who always have a vision of Almighty with the external eyes too and sacrifices everything for the welfare is known as a Saint. He has great importance and is beyond comprehension. Only the Saint merged with Divine Almighty can bring salvation to the man. SECTION 22 Q.1 What is the object of 'Dera Sacha Sauda'? Ans. "Doing good', eradication of all misdeeds, intoxication, evil and hypocrisy from society Also removal of show-off under the garb of

religion" and respect for all religions" are the objectives of Dera Sacha Sauda. Q.2 What is the need of maintaining women-hermits at Dera Sacha Sauda? Ans. Every person has got a right to live his/her life. No one keeps them by compulsion; they live with their own will. Q.3 In Ashram, Your good-self is promoting familymembers whereas, predecessors did not designate Their family-members any important position. Is it not upholding family dynasty? Ans. Anyone can offer a humanitarian service, that is worthy & dedicated; only that can progress in humanity. Q.4 The wights attached with 'Dera Sacha Sauda' neither worship any Temple, Mosque, Church etc. nor offer money there. Why so? Ans. WE used to visit religious places and never restrict anyone to visit. But certainly prohibit them from offering money because 'GOD' is the sole benefactor. He gives and does not take anything. Q.5 Are all the activities in 'the Ashram' carried out under Yourgoodself's permission?

Ans. WE are here to make the people recite on divine words as well to abide by the holy preaching. Rest all works of Ashram are managed by managing committee members. Q.6 Is 'the Ashram' open to all? Ans. Yes. Q.7 Whether preference is given to the ability in the Ashram? Ans. Provided he abides by the regimens and recites on holy words. Q.8 Why Yourgoodself say to boys and girls to opt the life of a hermit. Why don't YOU inspire them for a married life, while YOU used to say a householder could also realize the Almighty? Ans. Being a satbrahamchari lets the man to gain exhilaration as well many of his generations get liberated. One is free to choose the life of a celibate volunteer. Q.9 While offering services in Ashram if some devotee meets an accident then would that be his/her fault? The reward of service (Sewa) appears to him/her as an injury. Why? Ans. Sewa nullifies terrific deeds, all religions mention this.

Q.10 Should the sadh sangat (spiritual community) follow the members of political wing, if one or two visit to them and say something to do? Ans. You are intimated to not to abide by them if less than 4-5 says something to do. Q.11 Does Dera Sacha Sauda always exist in the Universe? Ans. Of course. With Gods holy grace. Q.12 Does Dera Sacha Sauda always eager to extend help to the needy? Ans. Yes, of course. Shah Satnam Ji GreenS welfare force hailed from Dera Sacha Sauda is ever ready to assist the indigent. Q.13 What is the motive of establishing 'Ruhani Museum'? Is it not like worshipping the previous spiritual guides? Ans. For enhancing the love, dedication towards their Gurus (Preachers) and for enabling the wights to get more delight from 'God the Almighty'. It is also the legacy for disciples. Q.14 What was the need for 'Dera' to have a 'Political Wing'?

Ans. 'Dera' has not formed any 'Political Wing'. It is formed by the devotees (Sadh-Sangat). 'The Ashram' has nothing to do with this. Q.15 Do Yourgoodself spend money of 'the Ashram' for personal benefits? Ans. No. WE manage food and clothing etc. out of own hard work and income from the ancestral estate. SECTION 23 Q.1 Are Yourgoodself a celibate Saint? Ans. Satguru Ji bestowed His Holy grace and undue favour upon 'US' while being a householder. Q.2 Will Sirsa always be maintained as centre of regulation for Dera Sacha Sauda? Ans. It would be as per the Cosmic order. Ques3. Do Yourgoodself consider YOUR sect as the most eminent? Ans. Devotional humanity is ultimate. Q.4 Why did Yourgoodself establish the main branch of Ashrams in Sirsa only? Ans. Beparavah Mastana Ji Maharaj had laid down the foundation of this unprecedented hermitage (Ashram) on

the direction to His Holiness's Preceptor (Sawan Shah Ji Maharaj). Q.5 Why have Yourself chosen the Indian language only for imparting Gurumantra? Ans. It was required to opt a language. Moreover, a few sacred words can be learnt by one and all. Q.6 What is the reason behind adding more beads of branches from within and outside the country in the sparkling garland of Ashram? Ans. For soul emancipation and motivating the masses to get rid of vices and narcotics and then let the soul be unified with Almighty. Q.7 Why don't Yourgoodself have a meeting with other religious heads like Dalai Lama, etc. Ans. WE are always ready to meet everyone irrespective of their religions. Q.8 Had YOUR spiritual preceptor provided certain specific guidelines to Yourgoodself before shedding HIS human attire? Ans. To propagating Gods words (Gurumantra) and humanity amongst the masses.

Q.9 When did Yourgoodself realize the importance of spiritual guide (Guru)? Ans. Since childhood, with the Holy grace of Almighty. Q.10 What is the specific reason behind establishing two schools, college, and specialty hospitals in rural hamlet yet native place? Is this just to win over their hearts? Ans. This was the backward province and the masses were eager for this development. Q.11 Kindly elaborate one of the most memorable moments of Yourgoodself's life. Ans. Experiencing Divine vision of Satguruji since the childhood. Q.12 Do Yourgoodself or any of royal family members is intended to be a politician? Ans. WE are never desirous of it and not concerned about their interests.

Q.13 Yourgoodself's inherited land is extensively fertile whereas the close by land is completely barren. Whether Your volunteers had a helping hand to get it

enriched as it was also found unproductive before 1990. Ans. This is a false notion. WE had made it enriched at that time with the dint of hard work. The money earned through diligent farming on this land is being deposited in Dera till date. Indolence indeed results barrenness. Q.14 Why don't Yourgoodself join politics? When the reins of country would be in Your pious hands all the policies and decisions be based on religions which shall surely lead in uniting the man with God. Ans. WE are here for reciting and disseminating Gods word (Gurumantra) in order to emancipate the souls. Moreover, WE don't have any kind of interest in politics. Q.15 Why do saints untie their hair? Ans. As per their own holy wish. Q.16 What guidelines would Yourgoodself recommend for poverty eradication? Ans. Be sapient as well as assiduous.

Q.17 Whether the stoic attitude had developed within Yourgoodself when Param Pitaji proceeded back to the eternal abode (Nijdham). Ans. True Preceptor never distances from His follower. However, asceticism always stays due to Divine love. Q.18 How did Yourgoodself associate with Your Preceptor? Who motivated Yourgoodeslf to visit Sirsa Ashram (hermitage). Ans. With the kind grace of Param Pitaji (spiritual master) association and motivation got fructified. Q.19 How many people Yourgoodself have to initiate? Would it be possible for Yourgoodself to initiate the whole world? Ans. It solely depends upon Divine will. Q.20 How did Yourgoodself spearhead millions of devotees at the tender age of 23? Ans. Almighty's grace had been enabling 'US' to accomplish it.

Q.21 Were Yourgoodself intuitive to be enthroned at Dera?

Ans. WE were aspirant to realize Almighty, as He made 'US' capable of experiencing Divine vision since the state of infancy. Q.22 Were Yourgoodself ever worried about the holy family after presiding over the Dera? Ans. Not a bit! Spiritual master (Satguru) always takes care of His devotees. Q.23 Would Yourgoodself adopt some special method to link nine hundred million Hindu masses of the Country? Ans. Our goal is to link all religions with "The Almighty" through spiritual discourses. Q.24 Are Yourgoodself an incarnation of God? Ans. WE are here to comply with the assigned duties by revered Param Pitaji (spiritual guide His Holiness Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj). Q.25 Are Yourgoodself contended with activities performed till now since Your succession? Ans. Satguru is the sole might behind all these achievements. Hankering after His grace and mercy always bestows exhilarating state.

Q.26 What was the reaction of YOUR parents and other members when they were intimated of your future prospects? Ans. All of them were pleased and delighted with the holy grace of Almighty. Q.27 Do Yourgoodself's spiritual thoughts comply with dictums of science? Ans. Of course, yes. Q.28 In resolution of almost all queries Yourgoodselfquench the devotees by answering as 'do meditate coupled with selfless services'. Will an ailing person get cured through medication or meditation? Ans. Medication as well as meditation, in conjunction with selfless service, yields the fruitful results promptly. Q.29 Why is a Saint required to meditate although He had already been merged with Divine light? Ans. Recitation and experiencing Divine Vision are inherent in Saint's attire. Q.30 Some diseases are genetic like thalisimiya and colour blindness, which prevail due to chaos of chromosomes. Is this the retribution of past

accumulated bad deeds? Was there any grave iniquity in a family due to which the diseases kept on transmitting to the descendents? Ans. Whirlpool of past deeds is much dreadful. All these diseases are to be endured as a consequence of terrific deeds. Q.31 It is stated 'Smoke without fire is not possible'. Up to what extent this is true in the allegations hurled at Yourgoodself? Ans. All these allegations are false and baseless. Q.32 Why do your good self posses this much security cover whereas, virtuous person always remain fearless? Ans. There are instances that security forces had been associated with messengers of God. Prophet Mohammad was accompanied with good artillery. Many personnels used to move along with him to handle the opponents (with bad intention or adverse situation). He was an apostle of importance. WE are just a spiritual guide and have been performing the duties assigned by Param Pitaji. If we consider Hindu religion, Lord Rama & Lord

Krishna possessed huge armed forces. Present situation is being regulated with consent of the Government. Q.33 Would it be consequential to serve in Dera Sacha Sauda Ashram only, not anywhere else? Ans. Meditation and absorbing Satsang coupled with physical, intellectual and financial services rendered to the hapless destitute is always lucrative. Q.34 Which religion is considered as the superior most as per Yourgoodself's opinion? Ans. Confluence of all religions and humanity. Q.35 Have Almighty? Yourgoodself ever envisioned The

Ans. Yes, of course. Q.36 Do Yourgoodself have potency of omniscience? Ans. Exclusively God is omniscient and WE just abide by His holy sermons.

Q.37 If Yourgoodself don't scare at all, why a large caravan runs with Yourgoodself?

Ans. Devotees voluntarily move with 'US'; hence it automatically forms a convoy. Q.38 Do Yourgoodself also meditate on sacred words? Ans. Yes, of course. Q.39 Why do Yourgoodself wear colorful and bright fancy dresses rather than simple ones? Ans. People do combat even when WE wear white dresses. Disciples devotionally bring these dresses and WE used to wear for the sake of their happiness. Mastana Ji Maharaj once sermonized, "WE will come again on this earth in the form of the third body (the Third Master) and commute several fancy dresses. This is just the materialization of His Holiness's sermons. No one has the power to defy holy precepts. Q.40 Who is Yourgoodself's ideal in this world? Ans. Guru ji, Shah Satnam Ji. Q.41 What would Yourgoodself want to transmute and convert in this materialistic world? Ans. All sort of vices. Q.42 Why do the followers consider and reckon Yourgoodself as Almighty?

Ans. WE are just Gods follower. However, God is supposed to be enthroned inside everyone's heart. Q.43 Have Yourgoodself ever fallen in Love? Ans. Yes, WE always love Spiritual guide, Param Pitaji. Q.44 From where Yourgoodself learnt singing? Ans. From Satguru, Almighy. Q.45 Did yourgoodself ever caste the vote earlier? Ans. Yes. Q.46 Do Yourgoodself give directions-instructions to 'Sach Kahoon News Paper'? Ans. No. Q.47 When would all accusation yourgoodself come to an end? blamed at

Ans. All allegations are false and must be proved wrong. Truth always triumphs. Q.48 Is Yourgoodself's pious mother an ordinary lady or virtuous one? Ans. A mother always has an inexplicable dignity.

Q.49 Yourgoodself's compositions (hymns) have the Western taste rather than religious one. Is it fair? Ans. Each of them encapsulates God's glory. Q.50 Is it apt for Saints to visit in shopping complex? Ans. Saints can go anywhere to emancipate the parched souls. Q.51 Do Yourgoodself ever indulge in any political party personally? Ans. WE exclusively plunge into Divine community. Q.52 Do Yourgoodself get overwhelmed by the appreciations? Ans. Yes, WE do. Due to bestowal of Divine grace and not due to appreciations made for 'US'. Q.53 Are Yourgoodself fond of visiting different places? Ans. To let the people initiate and nothing else. Q.54 As per Yourgoodself's holy sermons, Saints do not indulge themselves in political affairs, then why do certain disciples endorse such parties. Do they support the parties without permission?

Ans. Everyone is entitled to act voluntarily; WE never precept regarding this. Q.55 Do Yourholyself like to lead a luxurious life? Ans. WE get mesmerized while chanting God's name. Q.56 Do Yourgoodself believe in Science? Ans. WE rely on super- science that is termed as religion. Q.57 Who is Yourholyself's most affectionate? Ans. Shah Satnam Ji Maharaaj. Q.58 Villagers do not adhere to the sermons of native Saints Why do not they get influenced by celestial powers? Ans. Most of the people have firm faith in Divine power; unfortunately rare villagers are devoid of it. Q.59 What is the secret behind Yourgoodself's fitness? Ans. Holy grace of OUR Almighty God. Q.60 Yourgoodself encourage all disciples to serve humanity in all aspects, however, holy royal family members are never found doing all this? Ans. WE insist everyone to engage in welfare services either physically and intellectually or financially, OUR

family members have also been actively participating in all these activities. Q.61 As perYourgoodself's opinion, who is most trustworthy? Ans. A true devotee. Q.62 Do Yourgoodself have any kind of involvement in holy family affairs? And do family members seek Yourgoodself's permission before commencing any task? Ans. No. WE provide guidance to one and all regardless of family members. Q.63 Is the motive of establishing educational institutions earning money? Money making is the only obejective of this re ed ins Ans. No. rather spreading the Spiritual knowledge blended with quality education. Poor children are given free education. May Humanity come alive in whole society, country and the world, and may everyone live with peace and happiness.

Q.64 Yourgoodself have given much importance to the father (Respected Bapuji) after His demise. Although countless sagas exist here regarding His persona yet yourgoodself have never proclaimed it before. Are Yourgoodself in favour of giving regards to deceased ancestors? Ans. During His lifespan, He was popular and a well known personality. WE did everything in His regards that time too but now to intimate the novice disciples about His dignity, it is being discussed. Q.65 Who made allegations on Yourgoodself please? Ans. A few political persons, Liquor mafia and supporters of evil. Q.66 Does 'the unmitigated faith' of disciples For Yourgoodself not fall in the category of 'Blind Faith'? Ans. No, 'the unmitigated faith' develops after seeing, hearing, assessing and by devotion. Q.67 A girl hurled accusations on Yourgoodself, why one would speak so big a lie? Ans. It is intense kaliyug (age of degeneration), for a petty amount of ten rupees girls openly sell their pride, then on

receiving lakh-crore some one may say anything. Q.68 Yourgoodself forbid the devotees from wasting money. Is the unnecessary consumption of fuel on the large convoy accompanying Yourgoodself not wastage? Ans. This is no wastage; rather getting the rewards of spiritual discourses, selfless services and prayers (Satsang, Sewa, Sumiran) only through expenditure on fuel is much less expensive. comaratively much cheaper Q.69 After Yourgoodself's apostleship (Guru- Gaddi) in the Ashram the number of resident hermits (sadhusadhvis) has increased. What is its reason? Ans. With the increase in number of initiated persons and the number of hermits (Sat-Brahamchari) also increased. This ratio raised high based on Q.70 Are Yourgoodself a 'Born Saint' or the 'Initiation' through spiritual guide "Guru Ji" conferred the designation of 'A Saint'? Ans. Spiritual Master (Satguru Ji) made this way since birth.

Q.71 What is the difference between Yourgoodself and an ordinary person? Ans. WE are always prepared to offer services even to the servants all the times. Q.72 Is the creation of Political Wing for devotees justified for a Saint? Ans. Devotees formed it. Q.73 What would be Yourgoodself's important single message to the whole world? Ans. Do selfless love with each-other and perform meditation. Q.74 How many devotees Yourgoodself's instructions? Ans. 80-90%. Q.75 Is Yourgoodself's relation with sadhvis (womenhermits) is that of spiritual guide and disciple (GuruShishya) only? Ans. That of Father-Mother & Guru (Preacher). Q.76 Is 'Dera' not coming up as an Industry? strictly follow

Ans. 'Dera' owns no Industry. All these are established by Volunteers so that unadulterated and pure items are made available to devotees (Sadh-Sangat). Q.77 How the idea of adopting orphan boys-girls came to Yourgoodself? Does Dera Sacha Sauda take any assistance Grant from the Government for this? Was seeking grant through orphanage also an objective of it? Ans. No Grant is taken, the ideas of doing good are given by Spiritual Master (Satguru Ji). Q.78 In this period of wide spread scandals, how can one believe the Truth? Ans. Try by getting involved in meditation of Gods words (Sumiran), you will realize the fact. Q.79 As per YOUR precepts, YOU have a spark of source which can be used to set afire the husk of poverty. Why don't YOU intimate that primordial technique to the chief most of the nation? Is it not YOUR eminence if YOU do it YOURSELF? Ans. Usually, WE do intimate and proclaim these techniques; the only need is to abide by.

Q.80 People from various different Political Parties approach Yourgoodself for votes. How do Yourgoodself satisfy people from all Political Parties? Ans. Blessings are given to all. Q.81 By bringing the Prostitutes in main stream of the society Yourgoodself have got them married with young boys. Would these marriages be successful? Ans. WE do pray to The Almighty for their prosperous life. Q.82 Do Yourgoodself spend money of 'the Ashram' for personal benefits? Ans. No. WE manage food and clothing etc. out of own hard work and income from the ancestral estate. Q.83 Yourgoodself is conferred the honour for the Outstanding performance by the players of educational Institutions. It is proclaimed that these Institutions do not have any professional coach. Do Yourgoodself not feel the need for a professional coach? Would the results not be better with a professional? Ans. Is there anything ahead winning the World Cup and securing Gold Medal in World Cup?