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You Have The Power To Rewrite Your Reality Thoughts have the power to affect each one and

the life that one lives. One s thou ghts are very vital tools in creating and shaping the reality that one experienc es. Thoughts are responsible for the creation of one s emotional state, affecting the body, health and one's daily living in general, influencing one s responses to relationships and to life and determine one s choices. The power of your thought can enable reality, and all realities. This reality ho wever at times often will have one accept otherwise. Believing that your fate li es in other people s hands and to the things beyond one s control, then one looses t hat basic power granted to him, which is the very power or capability to create. Loosing this power, one then makes it easier for other persons to change and man ipulate one s own world into that which others want it to be, instead of transform ing it yourself into that of what you really want it to be. Bear in mind, you an d only you have that right and that power to make your world. Creating or rewriting one's own reality will never imply as one being a success in the financial aspect of success. Being poor or rich is not the requirement of this state; however, maintaining a positive and healthy attitude is very much t he prerequisite. Remember that every successes stems or results from one s own capability to attrac t the positive character of one s divine Father. One must recognize that every inc ident that one lives through is intentionally created for one s enlightenment. Although one has been deceived in succession, one s illusion constantly builds up like prison gates simply because one was unsuccessful to retrieve the life force of happiness. One must concentrate on certain things that guarantee a positive concept of success. The powerful reason for this is that inside a negative ener gy compartment, it sustains and encourages only negative energy. Energy streams where it is recognized. A negative energy should stream to its so urce in order to be alive. So much like gasoline set on fire. Fire is attracted to gasoline until such time that fire consumes everything and dies out. It will not live without something assisting in its formation. Take note that fi re will wipe out everything provided that there is still energy feeding it. The moment that fires sustenance is gone, then fire should, by law of nature, disti nguish itself. It is this exact law that exists in every person s thoughts. The energy one produc es will feed on the equivalent energy that is in existent in that certain though t. Negative thoughts feeds on negative energy, in the same manner that positive thoughts attract and feed on positive energy. The more negative thought that one has, the more that he creates negative energy all around him. This negative energy in time will build up enormously around on e s life for so many miles literally. That explains why some individuals have negative incidents attached to them. Ce rtain facets go on haunting certain individuals for years to such point that the se individuals feels that they are born unlucky or that they are cursed. When in fact, they have created this negative energy and have accumulated so much, feed ing them off. You have the power to rewrite this reality, this negative energy that you have n ourished. Defeat it with pleasant, positive and inspiring thoughts, all the tim e, every time. Continuously doing so will distinguish the negative fire within.

Here are simple ways to rewrite your thoughts and your reality: 1. There is a need and a must to change your beliefs and attitude concerning yo ur present reality. Shift your attention and focus in the direction that you be lieve can bring you more success and peace. Turn negative thoughts into positiv e ones; whenever a negative thought enters your mind, block it off instantly wit h a positive thought. 2. Create an image or think of the new and positive reality that you want to a chieve and focus on it constantly; should there is a need for you to decide on a certain aspect in your life, refer to that image, to help you in your decision making. 3. Heal all your negative thoughts. Look inside you and determine what needs t o be done and what you want to do. Keep on focusing to that reality that you wa nt to achieve and never be afraid to take the steps towards it. Remember, fear is negative. Wanting to succeed above every circumstance in your life, means using the power of your thoughts to make the reality that you want. Focus your attention to the thoughts and images that you want to project, that you want to achieve; this, c ombined with that passionate feeling deep inside you, your thoughts will be able to bring forth what you truly desire.