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February 19, 2012 Volume 12, Number 8
February 19, 2012
Volume 12, Number 8

I Can See Clearly Now

But the Lord said to him, "Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel. For I will show him how many things he must suffer for My name's sake" (Acts 9:15-16).

It is not always easy to see what needs to be seen. Ananias could not yet see in Saul of Tarsus what God knew. Oh, he knew that Saul was a dedicated and zealous individual. The man had character, no doubt. Ananias just couldn’t yet see how God would use such a man.

Truth is sometimes obvious. It might be verified by scientific tests and empirical evidence. Mathematic, chemical, and other scientific in- formation works well with such testing. Not all truth can be tested in the same way. Some truth is dependent on human judgment. Under He- brew law there was a need to have two or three witnesses to verify a le- gally questioned matter. Whatever the method, the effort was to see clearly, and hopefully to see the truth of the matter at hand.

Truth is sometimes not so obvious. Lines can be blurred in the minds of ordinary people. When people are fed “half-truths” long enough, they consider what they have heard to be the truth. Actually, truth becomes little more than an ambiguous fog. As a lady once con- fided in me, “All truth is relative, you know.” Evidence is lost to those who will not measure it by an established standard.

In times when the lines are blurred, there is still a matter of clarity. It is not really measurable in the same way a mathematic equation might be. Still, it might be even more impacting. We may describe this qual- ity in many ways, but it all comes back to the same thing. It is what we commonly call character. No matter what the perception of truth might be in any time or culture, character counts.

It may be a challenge to verify truth, but character will always come

into focus. Character will be clearly seen.


The Sentinel February 19, 2012

Keep These In Prayer

Sherri Weingartner is undergoing observation and treatment at South- west Medical Center

George King returns to the hospital this week for more treatment.

Sandra Bagger, in South Park Nursing center for physical therapy.

Don Fleming - Bill’s brother.

Albert Cox - Chuck’s father.

Riley Baldwin has recurring surger- ies on his throat

Mark Baldwin, received a good report of no further cancer.

Geof Parker is seeing a neurosur- geon for bone spurs in his back.

Janice Parker, Jennifer Fleming’s mother-in-law.

Andria Whaley, a co-worker and friend of Layne Adams is being treated for cancer.

Teresa Fields, a friend of Delda McMasters, is undergoing chemo- therapy for cancer.

Tommy Wisley continues to strug- gle with breathing problems

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Affirming the Faith Seminar

February 24-25

Hosted at the North Macarthur Church of Christ.

“A Reason to Hope”

Over 25 Sessions and Classes In- cluding Special Classes for Deacons and Women

Keynote Speakers:

Bill WatkinsJerry Houston

David DuncanNoel Whitlock

For more information go to:

Brother’s Keeper Meetings

Team 1

Team 2 Brian & Emily Jaworsky Leaders: Today, following morning worship.

Team 3 Joe & Talsie Downs Lead- ers: Sunday evening, February 26, following Singing Class. A menu sign-up list is on the bulletin board.

Team 4

Lesson for Sunday morning February 26, 2012 Guest Speaker

Noel Whitlock

College Church of Christ Searcy, Arkansas

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1 Peter 1:22-25


Song 949


I Will Enter His Gates


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A pure heart does not mean 1 Peter 1:5-9

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Go For the Imperishable


Love One Another With a Pure Heart

Song 368


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Jesus Paid It All


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God’s love is not limited by - Romans 8:35-39


Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary


What is the basis of your love?



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The Sentinel February 19, 2012

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Randy Vance


Sam & Donna Greenroyd Jerry & Joretta Doyle Darrell & Lindsay MacDonald

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Response: Chuck and Marilyn Cox came asking for our prayers. Chuck’s father has stomach cancer, and a daughter has been involved in a traffic accident that involved some drugs. VBS Organizational Meeting:

There will be a VBS meeting immedi- ately following evening worship next Sunday evening (2/26). Anyone who would like to help with the planning of our VBS in June is encouraged to be present. Tipton Home: The truck will be here on Wednesday (2/22) to get the collected items for the Tipton Home. Please donate by TODAY. Bringbleach, 40 gallon trash bags, Pledge, paper towels, HE laundry soap, ce- real, Pop Tarts, Nestle Quick, catsup, canola oil, sliced peaches, and pear halves. Lists are also on the bulletin board. The truck will be here be- tween February 20-23. If you would rather donate money or have any questions, check with Michael Berry or Dwain Thacker. There will be no Men’s Breakfast this month because of the Affirming the Faith Seminar.




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