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Lenten Prayer Jar

Lord, help me to become more like you this Lent, in my thoughts, my words and my deeds. Lord, help me to remember those who are in need. Help me do what I can to aid the poor, the lonely and the sick. Jesus, help me to be more compassionate these 40 days of Lent. Help me think of others more, instead of my myself. Lord, help me to keep in mind your greatest sacrifice; dying on the cross for us. Thank you for suffering and dying for me, so that I may be with you in heaven one day. Jesus, when I am tempted to sin, help me to remember how much it hurts you. Let me always turn my heart toward you whenever I am tempted to do wrong. Lord, help me to feel your grace. Help me draw near to you. Fill me with your spirit. Jesus, thank you for loving me so much. Help me to love others the way you love me. Lord, I love you with all my heart. Help me bless others by sharing your love with them this Lent, and always. Lord, help me to hear your voice, and to listen. Lord, open my eyes to see the beauty of your creation all around me. Help me to always be thankful for them. Lord, when I hurt you, help me to make right whatever it is that I have done wrong. Help me to sin no more.

Jesus, thank you for your forgiveness. Help me to forgive others as you forgive me. Jesus, you are the Good Shepard who watches over me. Help me to never stray like the lost sheep. Lord, I know that you always watch over me. Help me to always put my trust in you and to never be afraid. Lord, help me to always keep the door of my heart open to you. Lord, I want to be generous and share the good things you've given me with those in need. Help me share my time, talent and treasure. Jesus, help me keep you in my heart all throughout the day and night. Help me to remember you in all I say and do. Lord, help me to always make you number one in my life. Help me to always remember that you are more important than all other things. Lord, help me to be kind to others. Help me to always treat others nicely, and to forgive people who are unkind to me. Lord, help those who are hurting to know that you are always with them. Heal their pain, and help them to feel your love. Lord, help me to always tell the truth, even if I might get punished for it. Help me to always do what is right, even when it feels hard. Lord, open my heart and the hearts of others to give to the needy. Help us all to be more merciful and generous.

(Think of something you could've done better with today.) Pray: Lord, please forgive me for

_____________. I am sorry I hurt you. Please help me to do better next time. Lord, you fill my life with good things. Thank you for these three things: ___________. Lord, we thank you for the beauty of each season. Help us to learn good things in all seasons. Lord, help me to be more patient. Help me to know when I must wait for things, and to know that it is good and important to wait, even when it feels hard. Lord, help me to be a good disciple. Help me spread your Word to others, these 40 days of Lent, and always. Lord, help me to pray with my whole mind, heart, without getting distracted. Help me to pray in the way that you deserve; by giving you all of my love and attention. Lord, bless the churches and clergy throughout all the world. Fill us with your wisdom and understanding. Lord, help us turn away from things in life that are not important. Help us, instead, to focus on things that make us better. Fill us with your peace, love and joy. Lord, fill our hearts with courage. Make us brave to serve you mightily, and with our whole hearts. Lord, help us to always say yes to you when we hear you asking us to do something. Help us to hear your voice. Lord, help us to always know what is true, and to defend it. Help us stand up for all that is right and good.

Lord, heal our hearts of anger, laziness and unkindness. Let your spirit fill our hearts with peace, love and the desire to serve you. Lord, make us a light to others. Illuminate our path and help us shine the light of your love to those in darkness. Lord, help us feel compassion toward others. Help us to cry when thery cry and to laugh when they laugh. Open us to care for others in their good times and hard times. Lord, guide us to make good choices each day. Help us to only do things that please you, these 40 days of Lent and always.

Lord, help us to see your presence all around us, and to know that all things come from you. Lord, I am weak but you are strong. Fill me up where I am empty, and make me strong when I am weak.

Lord, give me a humble heart. Help me to do things to give you glory, instead for myself.