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Statement of Purpose

Since I was in Secondary High School, I have believed that computer is an important factor in a life. All human activities in several fields such as information technology, Economics, physics, social and others will run well if they are cited in a good computer framework. This circumstance stimulated me to attend faculty of computer science and IT In University of Malakand. During the past four years, I studied Computer Science at University Of Malakand. The emphasis of my studies was understanding the fundamental Computer Programming principles that govern modern day Programming. But I also learned about other diverse topics such as Mathematics, database, operating system, software engineering, and networking and much more courses. I found the last topic, Internet programming, to be very interesting and exciting, because one of my professional career aspirations is to developed online reservation system of Hotel White Palace. I want to obtain a Masters Degree in Computer Science-Smart System (Major in, Web services, software engineering, artificial intelligence or distributed systems). Having this knowledge will allow me to better understand Computer science principles. I choose Computer Science-smart systems as my specialization even though at this time, there were not many people know about Computer Science-Smart Systems and few students choose Computer science as their specialization. I saw in several developed countries the Computer science degree-holders not only have many opportunities but also were cited as important scholar in their societies. No education is complete without experience. Armed with a solid understanding of academic principles, I can begin my career where I will add to my experience. Because I will be well versed in the theory and practical, I will be able to adapt and improve the theoretical and Applied constructs as required in order to meet our market needs. Presently, I work as an IT coordinator for The City School System . My responsibilities are teaching and Work with principals, department heads, teachers, and others who will help implement the district technology plan. Advance Computer Science is needed in Pakistan because of the following reasons: 1. It will improve education in our institute and Pakistan in general. 2. I will fill the masters of computing Science scarcity and strengthen the sustainable development of Pakistan. Considering all factors above. I believe that the chosen study will benefit Pakistan in general.

During my BS, I had a strong desire once again to continue my research at a higher level But this time, I wish to continue my studies abroad and get admission into MS at a well reputed institute. It will broaden my horizons of learning and research and will provide me with a better environment for research in my desire field. With the help of joining MSC, I will be able to get admission into a world class university abroad. This will help me increase my knowledge and polish my skills of higher research. Being a student in a top class university will equip me with tools and techniques of productive research activities, and, test my talent and skills in practical situations. If awarded, scholarship will remain a distinct land mark in my academic and professional career. It will give me an excellent opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with the people of other cultures and communities. It will make my professional career, more dynamic and fruitful. After completion of PhD, I will be able to share this knowledge and experiences with my colleagues, students and community in Pakistan. It will enhance my research capability and will make me well equipped to employ my knowledge and skills for research anywhere. I consider myself to be a good candidate post graduate program in computer science because I am young, energetic, hardworking, visionary, and motivated person who believes that I can do something for the benefit of my country to which I have been working. I did my best with all maximum efforts I could give for my institution. But this is not enough. Frankly, I am not satisfied yet with what I did. I believe that I can do much better if I am trained and developed through a master of science in Jacobs University, Germany. Israr Ahmad