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Suite 707 1152044 Avenue Ardack AB T2M 9Z3 November 15, 2010

Jenny Fong, Principal Marmer School P.O. Box 725 Bromist AB T3N OB4

Dear Mr. Fong: Throughout the last couple of days, I have been researching Green School programs. To support the establishment of a Green School, I have decided to write to you. Green School programs encourage all students, teachers, school administrators, and custodial staff to reduce their impact upon the environment. These programs encourage recycling, saving energy, water, gas, purchasing energy-efcient products among other things. We believe that Green School programs would promote school-wide participation in efforts to reduce waste, save energy, and conserve resources in the daily operation of our school. As a result of this movement, the school can benet in the long run. For example, energy efcient light bulbs and other products help to conserve energy and require minimal effort. These may cost slightly more at rst, but they will help you save money on electricity. In addition, we can develop a good reputation for our efforts in supporting this global movement. I hope I can gain your support in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Cory Lee