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Letter from the Editor and Chief James Buccelli

This issue is dedicated to the Emerging Designers. We at Runway Fashion Magazine will always remember our roots in having to start somewhere. Searching for the open door to catapult us to the next level of fashion is not always easy. This is why we are bringing back Runway Magazine Project. Runway Fashion Magazine has open spots for emerging designers, brands and organizations. If you or your company would like to be considered for promotion, email to schedule a meet and greet. Look out for the next issue of Runway Magazine focusing on the Celebrity Designer. Runway Magazine is distributed by Kable Distribution. The Biggest Distribution company in the world. Please check the Runway Magazine App on ITUNES and Droid. Runway Magazine is a print and digital magazine. We have one of the most interactive easy to read digital platforms in the world. Although we will never get rid of print completely, our team strives everyday to improve your readability platforms making it easy to share, print, follow, view and Like. Runway Magazine is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but it also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. It has also helped to enshrine the fashion model as celebrity. Full-service publicity firm, focusing on customized strategic public relations campaigns in fashion, beauty, Internet, consumer goods, and entertainment. We specialize in brand building campaigns and product launches to create excitement among the media, buyers, the end consumer and the entertainment and business communities. We create innovative, attention grabbing news angles that get our clients booked in high profile print publications, on television and radio, in industry trades and in new media. We also specialize in strategic celebrity alliances and co-branding efforts with various organizations and events. For years, Runway Magazine has been Americas cultural barometer, putting fashion in the context of the larger world we live in- how we dress, live, socialize; what we eat, listen to, watch; who leads and inspires us. From its beginnings to today, three central principles have set Runway Magazine apart: a commitment to visual genius, investment in storytelling that puts women at the center of the culture, and a selective, optimistic editorial eye. Runway Magazines story is and seeing, of individuality For millions of women each piring and challenging them the story of women, of culture, of what is worth knowing and grace, and of the steady power of earned influence. month, Runway Magazine Inc is the eye of the culture, insto see things differently, in both themselves and the world.

From entertainment to world affairs, business to style, design to society, Runway Magazine is a cultural catalyst a magazine that provokes and drives the popular dialogue. With its unique mix of stunning photography, in-depth reportage, and social commentary, Runway Magazine accelerates ideas and images to center stage. Each issue, Runway Magazine is an unrivaled media event that reaches modern, sophisticated consumers who create demand for your brand. Runway Magazine translates style and trends for the real lives of women. Our editorial covers the most pressing interests to readers: from beauty, fashion and health to politics, Hollywood and relationships. Were often optimistic, always inclusive, beyond empowering and can always separate the Dos from the Donts. Runway Fashion Magazine is more than a magazine.

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Giuliana Rancic

Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? In ways it did and in ways it didnt. I think having the formal training helped because it taught us the fundamental skills that are necessary to have, but I think real-world situations teach you so much more. From each experience we have gone through we have learned something, we are constantly learning every day. A formal education is important to help get you going, but you never stop learning once you are working in the industry. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Honestly, we feel it is so important to stay positive and level- headed. There are going to be bumps along the road, and all you can do is keep going and figure out how to make it better next time. It is a tough industry, but in order to survive you have to stay focused on your end goal and most of all believe in what you do. What would like to see companies improve on? We would like to see more companies do their manufacturing here in the US. As emerging designers it is important for us to be supported locally, so we like to do the same thing and support the manufacturers here in the US. Where do you get your design inspiration? We get our design inspirations from so many different aspects of life. We love getting inspired by looking at fashion blogs and checking out so many different personal styles. Also, we get inspired by good music, or beautiful architecture, or a great piece of furniture. Sometimes just a swatch of leather can inspire an entire bag. To us, it is more about a feeling not just a look. Our inspiration comes from inside and we take a feeling and turn it into a tangible product. Now that you started your own handbag line, Whats next? Since the beginning we have learned so much. As we mentioned earlier, we are always learning and growing. We look forward to expanding our line to other cities, and possible overseas. We are also considering adding accessories to our upcoming season. How do you like living in San Diego? , are you going to make a move to LA or New York? We love the small town feel that San Diego has to offer, but obviously love the hustle and bustle of LA and New York. If we do make a move in the near future we are probably headed for LA.


We are pretty close already but there are some great connections to be made living in LA. What is the best perk in being a designer? The best perk of being a designer is being able to express ourselves through what we love, fashion. It is so fun to be able to create something that we love. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Running our own company has proven itself to be a challenge, but it is something we embrace. We wanted to do this, and going into we told ourselves it would be tough. The hardest part might be editing out items. When you have so many things you love and you cannot possibly create them all, you have to edit down, and with no one telling us what to get rid of it can be a challenge for us to let go. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? Working in this industry isnt just about designing things we love and attending fun eventsit is hard work. There are many details that arent even fashion related that have to be considered, and many people who are outside looking in dont see that. What trends do you see being big for 2012? For 2012 we think its going to be all about making a statement but not going overboard. We see the bohemian trend sticking around, 1960s inspired pieces, and bright fun colors to make an outfit pop.



Stephan Caras was born in Corinth, Greece, and educated in Melbourne, Australia. As a teenager, Stephan Caras immersed himself in the world of fashion and acting where he attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the Fashion Designers Academy of Melbourne, and the St. Martins Theatre School. As a young designer, Stephan Caras innovative and distinctive style earned him the Gown of the Year award in Australia, and was the wardrobe designer for the winning contestants in the Miss Universe, Miss Queen of the Pacific, Miss Teen International, and Miss World pageants. Stephan Caras career includes designing with formidable fashion houses such as Guy Laroche, and Hermes in Paris. Throughout the years, Stephan Caras has been invited to various international fashion events. He has shown his collections in, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Osaka, Hong Kong, Athens, Toronto, and was featured at the finale of the Igedo opening Gala fashion show in Dusseldorf, Germany. In some of these events, Stephan Caras has shared the stage with Emanuel Ungaro, Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Zandra

Rhohdes, Isaac Mizrahi, and Donna Karan. Stephan Caras Design Inc., and World Headquarters, is located in a magnificent historic heritage building in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. The company has been established for over 20 years. Stephan Caras odyssey has taken him on a journey throughout five different continents, where he has developed an international vision for design. This vision, coupled with his experience, establishes a new standard of elegance for women within his designs that are masterfully draped, well tailored, and that emphasize femininity and luxury. Stephan Caras designs for the self assured woman of today. Her subtle sensuality and feminine simplicity are never out of mind. Stephan Caras has rightfully earned the title of the designer who loves women.







Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Carrie Parry is a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London with a degree in Fashion Design with Marketing. Carries design experience includes work for Jonathan Saunders, Zandra Rhodes, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Norma Kamali and Elaine Gold as well as costume for the Oscar winning film Memoirs of a Geisha and two seasons with the highly acclaimed English vintage traveling circus, Giffords Circus. Since moving to New York, Carries passion for environmental and social responsibility within the apparel and textiles industry led her to Earth Pledge, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the fashion industry on sustainable materials and processes, where she was instrumental in compiling the Future Fashion sustainable textile library. In 2011 she launched her eponymous label CARRIE PARRY, the culmination of her pursuit to integrate her love for textiles, innovative and quality design with her commitment to environmentally conscious and ethical production. In her spare time, Carrie pursues a graduate degree in Socially Responsible and Sustainable Apparel Business at the University of Delaware.








Dareen Hakim was born in Beirut and grew up enveloped in a culture vibrant with the ancient beauty and sensual poetry of Lebanese life. Influenced by Lebanons dynamic landscape, a magical swirl of archaeological ruins juxtaposed with gleaming glassy high-rises, Dareen became dually intrigued by the fluid mosaic of modern fashion set against the countrys historical backdrop. This contrast of old and new influences her still today, contributing to the mix of authenticity and modern elegance in her coveted designs. Sumptuous leathers, arabesque calligraphy, dramatic hues all form the basis of style behind each Dareen Hakim creation. Celebrating at once tradition and function, her collection enjoys a favored status among women inspired to carry a contagiously cool piece of art, one that instantly communicates both warmth and chic. The inscriptions on a Dareen Hakim bag reflect the designers fascination with the momentous spirit of her

childhood. Within the turmoil of Lebanons earlier days, she saw people value life and cherish every day as though it was their last. This combined feeling of resilience, strength, happiness, love, laughter and appreciation of beauty in lifes simple pleasures left an impression she shares through the subtle scripted messages on her bags. Dareen received her MBA from Harvard Business School and developed her skills and discipline on Wall Street, working to advise young businesses and large corporations. Following an early career in finance, she decided to transfer her talents into industry and pursue a lifelong interest in fashion and beauty. After managing worldwide beauty brands at LOreal Paris and Maybelline New York, Dareen finally ventured off on her own and pursued her dream of building a one-ofa-kind fashion line. Naturally, she began with her favorite accessory handbags. In her spare time, Dareen

enjoys and encourages those around her to share in her passions for drawing, sculpting, painting, dancing (flamenco, belly dancing and hiphop are her faves), as well as exploring the globe with travels to more than 30 countries (and counting!). Fluent in French and Spanish in addition to her native Arabic and adopted English, Dareen has always indulged in global cultures and expressive arts.




ding and aesthetic, but also in the context of business needs and development. It makes it more challenging to have that limitation when creation should be limitless, but its important to building a sustainable business so that I can have longevity and continue to enjoy the ability to create and design! This balance of business and creativity is a key to success and yet finding the time to allocate to those 2 sides of the brain is tough, and doing so with stamina, energy, passion and determination, while keeping your eye on what makes you different than the marketplace, is critically important. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Best advice I can give is to do something that is close to your heart. The closer the idea is to you, the more people around you will understand your passion and your drive and feel a part of it with you. This in turn builds confidence in your future success. Share your ideas, thoughts and plans with your friends and family how your business will not only fulfill and develop you personally and professionally, but also impact society and benefit and bring joy to others. Check your pride at the door. Ask their advice, opinions and share your fears and challenges. Explain the milestones that you have set

for yourself and the mental deadline you give your business to hit those milestones. Its amazing how much it helps to make something less scary for others (and for you). The more people empathize with you, the more they will respect the ultimate outcome of your business. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? For me, the thrill of design is in creating statements and introducing unexpected elements and concepts. I feel like the industry today often recycles itself and follows each others leads, which limits creativity and uniqueness and the willingness to take risk. But thats exactly where the wow and the beauty lies, so its important to keep uncovering and looking in the most unexpected

places. Also, I think designers and consumers are going to be a lot more in touch with each other in the years to come through social media. Designers have to consider what theyre creating based on consumer feedback and thats going to become an even bigger wave as social media continues. Because youre opening all these channels to more people all over the world, your style is going to get to them right away. So there isnt the lag time there was before. Nowadays, a designer has to be on their toes, react quickly and understand what consumers want still taking risk, then letting the consumer react. Where do you get your design inspiration? My Lebanese heritage has always been an inspiration

in both self-expression and my personal aesthetic, and it is this cultural influence thats driven by the concept of contrasts, which launched my first handbag collection. My designs are meant to incorporate this beauty of contrasts, whether in the materials, textures, shapes, colors or bringing together the art of cultures, present and past. This creates unique and dimensional designs that make for statement pieces. Because my bags are for the confident woman of a certain strong and bold mentality, she seeks out pieces that are meant to reflect herself openly, to display her strength and not-so-subtle confidence. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? I would like to continue to evolve the line and bring beautiful handbags to wo

Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? I did not receive a formal Design education, but rather a Masters degree in Business, with a career in finance and management. But my personal passion and drive is in the arts, and specifically in

fashion. So I found a way to merge my two worlds. While I dont have a fashion education to prepare me for the design side of this industry, I would say that my business degree has given me a unique approach to building a fashion brand, relative to other designers. I create and conceptualize my designs not only in relation to the bran-




men across the world. Were currently in over 100 select retailers across 30 countries, in just over 18 months of business, which is something Im very proud of and humbled by. Id like to continue to share my work wherever its welcomed and appreciated. And eventually I would be interested in expanding to new categories, but when its the right time and the right place. Im really enjoying this phase for now! How do you like living in New York? I love it. New York City fills me with life, energy and emotion. Each nook and cranny of the city has its own personality and its own

story. And you see and feel that by the unique layers of history in each neighborhood or street corner, whether a new boardwalk near an old dock, a junk yard near a crisp skyrise, a wall of graffiti near row of high-end boutiques... Its much like how I like to design my bags, with these layers and combinations that tell a story and make a statement. Always inspiring, always rich. What is the best perk in being a designer? To somehow bring a smile to every woman through my handbags. Success to me is about creating something that means something to people. To know that every

woman can find something in my collection that resonates with her and means something to her. To know that women have found beauty in something new, different, cultural, worldly and unexpected. Thats the best feeling and the best perk. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? The most difficult aspect is wearing all these functional hats at the same time, and being able to shift across these roles seamlessly, keeping them all flowing in a continuous and coordinated fashion. At the same time,

it is also knowing the importance of trade-offs for example, design and finance are a balancing act. You want to invest into design, yet limit that impact on finance a checks and balances process every day. These are among some of the many challenging moments when starting your own business. But it is also those challenges, and getting over the bumps, that is so thrilling and keeps me going. Seeing the small wins, and then the bigger wins, and knowing it all stems from my drive, hard work and passion for what Im doing, is incredibly motivating. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? Fashion is constantly changing, as is the industry. Some people call it fickle, but rather I call it transient it doesnt stay in one place for long. You have to be nimble and on your toes, as others be will be too. Expect constant changes in opinions, prices, decisions, directions and go with the flow. Dont take it perso-

nally. It comes with the territory. Sometimes bringing good with it, and sometimes veering you off-course unexpectedly. But reliance is important as well as self-motivation, determination and drive. Also. the secret to longevity in this industry is to do something you love, something you believe in, and having the courage to stick with it. It is not just about making products that sell, but it is about making products that make an impact or difference to you and to those who experience it. Thats what leaves an impression and thats what matters and lasts. At the same time, its critical to keep an open mind, look for feedback, look for current inspiration in the most unexpected things around you... and find a creative way to bring it all together, without changing your story. What trends do you see being big for 2012? Im seeing a movement towards classic silhouettes with a twist. I think ethnic influen-

ces, especially the rich/ spicy Eastern feel, will be strong in 2012. Metallics, especially gold, will be an ongoing effect across the fashion categories. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? Runway is not the only magazine I have been in, but the support of this publication is incredibly influential to any emerging designers story. Whether read by the trade or by consumers, this magazine injects a refreshing dose of newness to our knowledge of the world of fashion whether by introducing new entrants, new players, new trends its inspiring across so many levels, whether is design and creation or strategy and direction. Thank you making me a part of your presentation.



Dina Bar-El was born in Germany and came to the United States at the age of 18. For over three decades, Dina has catered to women with a discerning taste for quality and an eye for fashion. Dina has skillfully worked in leather, knits and sportswear and quickly grew her talents into a multi-million dollar enterprise. As a former model, this multi-faceted designer understands how to design clothing that flatters and accentuates a womans curves. Thirteen years ago, Dina was inspired to exclusively create cocktail dresses and eveningwear in loving memory of her daughter, Orna, whose spirit lives on in every DINA BAR-EL design. Her signature silhouette is sexy, elegant and sophisticated. Manufactured entirely in the United States and crafted from the finest materials, the DINA BAR-EL collection provides support for the country that gave her some much. Dina never underestimates the importance and international appeal of Made in the US. Dinas shift in focus was validated in 2003 when Kate Hudson famously wore a yellow DINA BAR-EL gown in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which catapulted her to a new level of success. Over the last three years, Dina astutely weathered the economic climate by selling internationally, while continuing to grow a following of celebrities and stylists worldwide. Dina has dressed some of Hollywoods most famous faces and been featured in numerous TV shows and ad campaigns. Foreseeing an economic rebound, DINA BAR-EL is optimistically positioned to re-launch sales in the US. From sensual chic cocktail dresses to romantic flowing silk confections, Dinas eponymous collection is infused with the decadence of Hollywood glamour. With a devoted client base and a strong celebrity presence, DINA BAR-ELs superior craftsmanship and competitive price point make for truly affordable luxury.


Dina and her team work from her atelier / designer showroom in downtown Los Angeles. 860 S. Los Angeles St. # 750, Los Angeles, CA 90014 Tel. 213.622.6677 Fax. 213.622.0658



Ghanaian born and Southern California raised, Plange began her eponymous luxury ready to wear label, Mimi Plange, formally known as Boudoir Dhuitres in 2007 with a desire to create American Sportswear inspired by Victorian and African historical fashion. I design clothes that accent the character of the woman wearing them, says Plange. Mimi Plange graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Architecture and minor in Dramatic Art. Upon completion of her studies, she decided her heart belonged to designing clothes rather than buildings and soon enrolled in San Franciscos Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, completing her degree in 2001. To fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Plange packed her bags and headed to New York City. Since its inception, Mimi Plange has been featured in, T Magazine, Vogue UK, WWD, Harpers Bazaar, Essence Magazine, Marie Claire, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Time Out Dubai, Genlux, Nylon, Instyle, and Zink and worn by the Princess Astrid of Belgium, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Shenae Grimes, Jennifer Missoni, Janelle Monae, Regina King, Alicia Keys, Estelle, Katerina Graham, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Golden Globe nominated Piper Perabo. Today, Mimi Plange is sold in North America, Europe and the Middle East.



Mimi Plange

Did you receive a formal education? I Started my college training at the University of California, Berkeley, where I graduated with a bachelors in Architecture and a Minor in Dramatic Art. I immediately enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco and majored in Fashion Design. Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Well, yes, and no! School was great for developing the creative aspects of design, learning how to research and how to develop a collection. It allowed you to dream and create without limitation, and you do need that in order to push yourself to try and design something new and inspiring. However, in todays fashion industry, there is so much speed in the turn over of trends that you must be able to balance your creativity with something that will sell, and generate a profit. That growth and knowledge is something that I believe you can only obtain from working in the industry and developing those real relationships with Buyers, Merchandisers, Editors, and all of the major players within fashion. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Believe in yourself first and foremost, and have a unique voice. Try to have something different to say than what is currently out there, and dont be afraid to grow slowly. Everyones path is different, look to yourself for the final answer. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? I can only say, that Id like for my company to delve even further into the digital world. Everyone is now online. My mother was so resistant to using the internet, and is now forwarding emails, and letting me know whats going on, on the latest blogs! We must find new ways to tap into the online community. People are shopping from their handheld devices, and creating their own personal lives based on the internet. We have to connect in a new way, the way of today. Where do you get your design inspiration? Most of my inspiration comes from cultural references, specifically West African Tribal Scarification that signify my use of texture and



trapunto stitching, and Victorian dressing. I love the restriction and individuality of dress in the Victorian period. It was a time of experimentation and a launch of Gothic romanticism. I love looking at those two elements and thinking of ways to push them forward into my own vision of a future reality that is clean modern and somewhat simplistic. Although, I focus heavily on Victorian and historical African details, I still look to other world cultures to mold the elements together. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? I would eventually like to build a lifestyle brand that would allow for a diffusion line, accessories, fragrance, and more. But for now, the emphasis is on growth. Keep creating collections that are fresh, new, and continuing to expose the brand to new global and digital environments. How do you like living in .......WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE - ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? I actually moved to New York, right after I graduated from design school. I love New York! There is magic in the air that pushes you to want more. There isnt a calm moment, and your drive and passion are real tools that work in this city to move you in the direction you need on your path to your goals. I grew up in California, and left before seeing the growth of the fashion industry in downtown LA. I often go home, and do miss the laid back atmosphere that still manages to make you dream without the electric fast paced energy of New York. What is the best perk in being a designer? Being able to do what I have always dreamed of doing. The best feeling is getting to do what you love. I love that I am able to connect with someone who doesnt know me, but wants something I have designed, something that came from the depths of my mind. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Having a fashion brand is time consuming and highly competitive. You have to be able to manage and balance your time, and also be aware of what is going on in the world as it affects your design and your choices that you make for the business. Just being able to multi- task, I would say, while staying inspired and creative seems to be most

difficult. However, its so rewarding to see the hard work pay off as people become more aware of the brand and quality you are presenting them. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? Well, as people do say, its not as glamorous as it seems. Its tremendous work, that takes many people to make possible. The design alone, may not be enough for you to make it as a designer. You must be well rounded and able to explain your work, sell and build relationships. What trends do you see being big for 2012? I see individuality being the biggest trend for 2012. With the breakdown of the global economy, the consumer does not believe that they need to fit into any box. The internet has shown that we can be our own stars, we can build ourselves. And yes, it seems that florals, pastels, and skirts may play a big role next year as well! Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? We also have very affordable rates for designers look books!! We have been in Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and Genlux, Zoo, Cosmopolitan, Vogue. com,, Instyle,, Zink, WWD, Essence Magazines to name a few. I think its great that Runway Magazine is supporting emerging designers, as it is such a great opportunity for a broader audience to see our work. Without the continued support in this tough industry and even tougher economic climate, growth is quiet limited. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be able to share my brand with Runway Magazine. Its so important for a magazine to focus on whats next and whats new. It gives hope to new designers to be able to take a leap forward and decide to start their own labels! Thank you so much!



mimi plange



Daisy Linhares is a Brazilian designer based in Venice, CA Fashion has always been her passion, so in 2002, she started creating tops made from old rock and novelty t-shirts as a hobby. They turned out to be a hit among her friends and interesting boutiques in LA. She named the line Mothballs and continued to work with recycled goods; this time with vintage cashmere sweaters to make her unique, one of a kind garments. They sold all over the US and UK. In 2006, she started breadandbutter, with the intention of creating garments that would be easy to wear, combining style and versatility without sacrificing fit and comfort. The bodies are casual basics with a modern spin that can translate seamlessly from day to night. The color palette is deliberately neutral with blacks, grays and butter tones. Recently, she launched La La Land for Spring 2012. A playfully chic line that takes a whimsical approach to step and repeat printing, choosing wildlife as the focus of the season. The silhouettes consists of comfy tees, maxi skirts, oversized and cropped designs all made in soft knits and chiffon. Fashion got so serious, and I thought, why not have a line that would be fun, unpretentious, effortless and imaginative. Low key but memorable.

Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Yes I have, but nothing like working in the industry to learn more about this business. You have to constantly reinvent yourself, be sensible to your surroundings, as trends are inspirations everywhere, and the industry is constantly evolving. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? See above What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Its hard to say.. every company have their own philosophy on how things should look and work for them.. Where do you get your design inspiration? From music, travels, everything around me... I felt that fashion got so serious, so with La La Land I wanted to be a little more playful and whimsical. So for our launch we chose wildlife as the focus of the season, working with fun step and repeat prints on soft jerseys and chiffon. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? A lot work! Which Im excited about it. Im passionate about what I do, and the mind is always racing... how can I make it better, what wll be the theme for the following season, color story, etc How do you like living in .......WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE - ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? LA is great! It is such big melting pot. The mixed cultures bring so much flavor to the city.



What is the best perk in being a designer? Expessing yourself, using the design as a creative outlet. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Every step of the process has its own challenge. I think that being a designer you ended up developing good skills to detect where your strengths or weaknesses are, so you can get people to help in the right departments in order for one to grow. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? What goes around comes around. So be nice:) What trends do you see being big for 2012? Oversized silhouettes, maxi skirts, light weight fabric, prints, statement pieces from garments to accessories. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? Absolutely

















Watched by international buyers and editors, Emesha Nagy is an emerging designer who has quickly grabbed media attention with her precise cutting, draping and tailored designs. After graduating rom the London College of Fashion in 2006, her graduate collection was showcased at the Swatch Alternative Fashion Week in London and since then she has worked with renowned designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jasper Conran. In September 2009, the Emesha label was launched at Nolcha Fashion Week in the United States to great critical acclaim. Emesha Nagy was noted as One to Watch by Nolcha. Since then Emesha has gone from strength to strength having been featured in publications such as Marie Claire Malaysia, Drapers, Sublime, Instyle Hungary, So-En Japan, Scoop Australia and Vogue Italia Talents to name but a few. The brands mission is to source new ecofriendly fabrics and to produce quality garments that are sustainable in both manufacture and design, without sacrificing style. Emesha takes her place alongside the highest quality collections around the world and her designs stand out for their unique and contemporary look. Spring/Summer 2012 For the fourth consecutive season Emesha will be presenting her Spring/Summer 2012 collection at London Fashion Week. The collection continues on Emeshas boy-meets-girl look, featuring her signature razor sharp cutting techniques contrasted with soft and feminine pleated silk pieces. Summer 2012 sees the designer experiment with the fusion of analogue and digital techniques in order to add an extra edge to the recurring block colour themes present within previous collections. Emesha has collaborated with designer and illustrator, Lisa Stannard on the designs of her prints this season which presents a





fresh new addition to the use of surface. Hemlines are longer this season with black and white featuring heavily throughout the collection with transitions of green, and a sparkle of pink. Green Philosophy The Emesha label is fully committed to environmental and social responsibilities. The label opts for fabrics that are AZO free and therefore do not contain harmful chemical dyes. Much of the fabric is sourced in the UK or comes from end-of-line upcycled industry waste and all fabrics are 100% natural, so are fully biodegradable. Due to her devastation at the decline of the Hungarian apparel industry within recent years, Emesha Nagy produces her collections in her native homeland, appreciating the talents of skilled workers. The label is committed to fair wage production in order to reverse the downward economic spiral which is visible not only in Hungary, but in many other new European countries. Inspiration behind the label The inspiration has mainly come from combining analogue and digital techniques to create a fusion, expressing the continuity and harmony between old and new. Block colours used in previous collections are returning motifs and have been reworked, manually painted then altered by using digital technology creating non-figurative transitional print designs, using the idea of pixels mixed Estethica, London Fashion Week, Somerset House with distressed surfaces and colour 16th-20th September, 2011. blends. Sales Enquiries Having Hungarian roots I am devasta- ted to see the apparel industry decline in Tel: +44 (0) 77590 32999 Hungary in the last few years. When new countries joined the European Union in Press and Showroom Enquiries 2009, many fashion companies mo- For further media enquiries, interviews and images ved their production further east. Job please contact: competition forced those remaining Abinash Bangar in the industry to work long hours for Tel: +44 (0) 79297 91513 little pay. To reverse this downward economic spiral I am building my company on fair wage policy and sustainable principles Emesha Nagy




True style is inherently effortless. Its always chic, yet never overdone. It has the ability to be edgy and current, while maintaining a timelessness that transcends fads. The jewelry I create is influenced by this notion of style. The overall lines of my designs have a modern simplicity, while the organic textures within them provide distinctive detail. It is important to me to use quality, authentic materials that stand the test of time. My career in jewelry design grew out of my combined love for creating and fashion. I delved into metalwork with the desire to create pieces that were comfortable, non-fussy, and could be worn everyday. I am inspired by fashion eras of the past, abandoned places, simplicity, and rock & roll. I create each piece by hand in my home studio.



Did you receive a formal education? I am self-taught, although in a way have learned from the masters through a lot of great books such as those by Tim McCreight. Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? N/A What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Where do you get your design inspiration? I love fashion eras of the past, primarily the 20s, 60s, and 70s, and also ancient times. I love putting a bit of lost treasure into each of my pieces with rustic textures and patina that give it a look in which the piece could have been loved and lost long ago and found again. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? Now that I have my own line, I would love to do some collaborative work with other designers or artists, whether it be shows, events, or collaborating on new designs. How do you like living in .......WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE IN - ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? I live in Chambersburg, PA, which youve probably never heard of! The beauty of being in business in the age of the internet is that you can really run a business from anywhere. That said, it is convenient that my town is close to larger cities, such as New York, DC, Philly, etc so I can easily get there if necessary. What is the best thing about being a designer? Seeing a design come to life! Its exciting to start with an idea, then a sketch, and then creating the piece and seeing the finished product. Sometimes the finished piece is just like the original idea and sometimes

it gets changed a lot through the creative process. Its really a great feeling to see a collection once Ive finished. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own company versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? To run your own business you really have to be self-motivated and be able to manage your time. With no one there to answer to, it can be easy to let little distractions and things get in the way of getting your work done. Its important to have some sort of partner or team that can keep you accountable to check in with. For example, Im part of a mastermind group with other entrepreneurs and we have monthly meetings and check-in at least once a week to let each other know where were at with our goals and our business. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? What trends do you see being big for 2012? Not a specific trend, but I love how fashion is now pushing more independent designers. People are looking for unique items that support local businesses, which makes it an exciting time to be in this industry. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in? Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? I have also been featured in Lapidary Journals Jewelry Artist Magazine, which is a great publication for jewelry designers. I believe that Runway Magazines coverage of emerging designers is so helpful for getting new names out there. People often hold on to names that they know and are familiar with, so featuring new designers in Runway offers credence for these new designers to get their names out there and known.



Georgina Boyce



While growing up in Illinois Georgina Boyce was the epitome of the 60s feminine but bold american girl, there was always something charmingly familiar yet wonderfully original about Ginas attitude. Now designer GEGI, she resides in Kansas City near her family but is frequently spotted in CA, Chicago, Dallas and NY Her fresh sense of style and singular personality reflect a keen sense of wit and a no-nonsense approach to life. Intertwining lifestyle with deeply flattering fashion pieces is what GEGI does best She began her career in a behind the scenes view of the fashion industry as a make-up artist and or wardrobe stylist for the fashion and film industry. Recently using her expertise, working with a Publisher in NY on a make-up publication. Her classic style and her ability to sew a look soon developed into the Silhouettes of her signature style. .Her designs combine a fearless unconformity with a sense of classic tradition. Gina Boyce launched her signature GEGI collection for women in 2004 and , it was already possible to sense the classic style of this designer. GG carved her niche in fashion with luxurious fabrics and deeply flattering pieces. GEGI was designed with dinner, cocktails and red carpet moments in mind. These moments of style have been transposed into the GEGI Collection. The dresses are flirty with a classic elegant sophistication . The modern attitude and provocative style represent how she lets fashion and lifestyle intertwine. Being feminine in the extreme, beautiful and bold. Her passion for the arts has enabled her to create clothes inspired by color shape, movement, balance and proportion .Unceasingly in contact with art, make-up and design her collection is a reflection of her appreciation of film and the visual arts. Yet, her approach has always been practical. She is driven by the curiosity of how things work. Pairing textures with soft and hard silhouettes. Her experience in image and style have served many





Did you receive a formal education? No Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Talent and originality is not taught. Getting the nuts and bolts of the fashion business along with technical skills needed to master your trade is valuable. I am a self taught designer With a background in abstract contemporary art in various mediums and knowledge of fabric and a great eye for color combinations Fashion was an challenging outlet where GG could use all of her talent. She relies on all of her past experiences and continues to transform image, and her signature look. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? You must be good at Business. A wise gentleman once told me GG its not who you know in fashion its who knows you! What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Simplicity for start-up Fashion Companies. Where do you get your design inspiration? Valentino and Givency the Designers That made women look like women details of femininity lifestyle with a wearable functioning design that draw attention to the wearer. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? We are involved in womens expos, our sales reps attend the fashion marts to get them to my fabulous customers. How do you like living in ....... WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE - ADD HERE ,Kansas City IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or

New York? WE TRAVEL OFTEN PROMOTING Kansas City is where family is but we frequent San Diego Chi town, NY, LA and KC on a rotating schedule. What is the best perk in being a designer? The anticipation for the launch of a FASHION look.Trending colors and fabrics but truly to make someone feel beautiful! Is priceless! What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Multitasking on a deadline. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? FASION IS NO PLACE FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!! What trends do you see being big for 2012? 1940S HOLLYWOOD Glamour Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? We have been in severaL PUBLICATIONS with fashion spreads or article on the GEGI label. Runway Magazine has its pulse on new must have Fashion!



Gypsy 05
Gypsy 05 intensifies their vibrant vision in the Spring/Summer 2012 Womens RTW collection. Known for their flowing silhouettes, distinctive tie-dye, and delicate textures, Gypsy 05 exhibits their evolved understanding of fashion, fabric, and the modern female. In the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, the youthful bohemian is reborn with edge, sex appeal, and mystery - bringing forth meaningful maturity. Radiating with new forms of fanciful flare and stylized with an urban ambiance in mind, the SS2012 collection is different from seasons past. Building onto the existing set of tie-dye techniques, this collection flaunts more intricate dye patterns showing us the individualized and unpredictable use of color. Paying homage to the elements, this collection unites earth-toned hues with fiery prints. Drawing from the whimsical elegance of nature, silhouettes are fashioned with luxe layering, lace insets, and asymmetrical hemlines. The Gypsy 05 Spring/Summer 2012 collection expands to introduce paisley, fringe, and belting. The lines Venus group exudes goddess-like grace, incorporating geometric and floral prints into the perfect paisley. The Dalia and Natalie groups are embellished with fringe accents evoking the Flapper era while keeping the Gypsy spirit in mind. Adding structure, the Elyse and Tori group are accessorized with belted detailing for a more fitted semblance. Emphasizing bold characteristics and exquisite detail this season, Gypsy 05 is a powerful fashion force only getting stronger with time. Suitable for anything from a camel ride through the desert or a yacht trip off the coast of Morocco, Gypsy 05s Spring/ Summer 2012 collection is the embodiment of the modern, sophisticated nomad. Each season, Gypsy 05 uses nature as the inspiration behind their collection. Gypsy 05 is more than a creative statement; it is an expression that stands to make a difference in the world. Gypsy 05 designs incorporate organic fabrics, organic soy softeners, low impact dyes, and seaweed extract printing in every collection. As part of the brands mission in environmental awareness, Gypsy 05s headquarters is the first completely solar-powered dyeing, printing, and manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. Gypsy 05 was established in the spring of 2005 by dynamic brother/sister duo, Osi and Dotan Shoham. Based in Los Angeles, Gypsy 05 reflects the Southern California lifestyle, with a focus on effortless, comfortable clothing for women, men and children. Gypsy 05 is an artist brought to life, through interpretations of beauty, life, and culture. By gathering motivation from her surroundings, both Los Angeles and her native land, Israel, Osi tends to focus on elements which revitalize the beauty of nature through fashion. Gypsy 05s Spring/Summer 2012 collection ranges in price from $64-$352 and can be found in select boutiques and department store nationwide.










Concept Design Copyright 2012 Elodie MARCHESSEAU



Martijn Lugtigheid, born on July 15, 1981, and Jovanna Kruitbosch, born on August 6, 1986, are a Dutch couple currently living in Amsterdam and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Their accidental foray into fashion began a year ago. Since their lucky break the couple hasnt looked back.




Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? No, neither Martijn nor I received a formal fashion education. The Kiboots craze was a very serendipitous moment. One day I was informed that Sylvie van der Vaart, an extremely popular Dutch television personality, had written about Kiboots in her Grazia column & next thing you know the orders for Kiboots were piling up! What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Persistence is key. There were times that we thought wed never make it. However, a year later both Martijn & I found each other in North Americas fashion hub, a stones throw away from Lincoln Center, showcasing our Kiboots to American public & press. Participating in New York Fashion Week was a testament to all our hard work. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? We really strive for quality and I think that our Kiboots demonstrate this. I think that craftsmanship has not been entirely lost but there has certainly been a decrease of it in fashion. As designers we appreciate the people that wear our shoes and in turn they appreciate our attention to detail. Where do you get your design inspiration? Our inspiration to start Kiboots came from a trip that we took to Morocco. Were still inspired by


that rustic look, were both fans of the bohemian lifestyle & I think that our designs reflect that. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? Well were launching a childrens line and have the prototypes ready for our mens line. We also have bags in the works. Our first store is opening in Amsterdam in November and were keeping the vintage image that people have come to associate Kiboots with. How do you like living in Amsterdam, IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? We both absolutely love living in Amsterdam, its a very relaxed city. However, the Los Angeles weather is very attractive. New York is just chic all over. So who knows what the future may hold. What is the best perk in being a designer? The interactions we have with the people that wear Kiboots. Nothing brings us more joy than when a person comes up to either Martijn or I and tells us that they love their pair of boots. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? The organization. Being a designer is time consuming but its all worth it in the end. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? The fashion world can be very in-

timidating to some. But it doesnt have to be like that. You do encounter egos once in a while but there are also some amazing people out there who want to help and who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. What trends do you see being big for 2012? I love pastels and I love soft hues for spring. Theyre a classic and a must for the season. Martijn is a vintage junkie & tends do just wear whatever he likes. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? My venture into American fashion began three months ago; Runway is, in fact, the first magazine that has interviewed us. Runways support is so crucial especially for budding designers. Any way we can have Kiboots be known is great for us as designers & Martijn and I both appreciate being a part of the process with Runway.




La Luna London is the creation of young, upcoming, London based fashion designer, Emina Hadzic. Emina began her career in London, a city renowned for its refreshing fashion collections and legendary designers. Hadzics goal was to create clothes that make all eyes turn to a La Luna London girl when she walks into a room, clothes that make a La Luna London girl look just as elated as the clothes make her feel. With this goal in mind, Hadzic set out to create limited edition, custom-made garments for every occasion, formal and casual. Her work is inspired by all things vintage and romantic, in addition to classic silhouettes. Hadzic is also inspired by her life adventures and the street fashion of the people she meets along the way. Her inspirations motivate her to use a wide range of materials including: silk, lace, cotton, wool, chiffon, net and crepe, all ethically hand-made to the highly-professional level that is expected of designers in England. La Luna London designs may be seen at red carpets and award ceremonies, as well as in editorial magazine shoots. The collection is currently also sold exclusively on the UKs onlineonly fashion and beauty shopping website and powerhouse, ASOS.



Did you receive a formal education? If so do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Yes I did, although I studied Travel & Tourism before switching to Fashion & Design. It was great help for starting my Fashion career, but I also feel that it wont impact your career negatively or hinder you if you havent studied Fashion; if you have the talent and the drive for the industry anything can be achieved. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Make sure this is what you really want and be prepared to work 24/7, work hard and never stop believing in yourself or your work. Always be strong because there will be people who will try and put you down or make you doubt yourself. Never ever forget that working hard means achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality. Where do you get your design inspiration? My design inspiration defiantly comes from everyday life, from the people around me, the places I travel to and the different cultures I encounter along the way. I am also inspired by Hollywood; I have always been fascinated by the old Hollywood glamour. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? People skills! It is so so important, but you dont see designers communicating enough with their audiences! Now that you started your own line, Whats next? Well, I have already started my second collection, which will be a little more glamorous but will still have pieces that can be worn for every occasion. The new collection is set to be ready by end of January 2012. I am also looking into opening my first boutique in London. Thats something that I am seriously looking to do within the next few months. How do you like living in Germany , are you going to make a move to LA or New York? I currently live in Germany, while my boyfriend is playing football here. Its nice but extremely different than London in terms of fashion. Although we move a lot, LA is defiantly where we are looking to settle down in within the next three years, hopefully even sooner! What is the best perk in being a designer? The best perk is definitely getting to express my creativity, I dont think I would be happy in a career where I wouldnt be able to do that. Another perk is of course being able to make and wear any dress that your heart desires! What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? For me, the most difficult part is the sales. Everything is hardfinance, production, etcbut sales in my mind are the most important, yet the hardest to achieve. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? How hard it is! And how hard you need to work to get where you want to be. Everyone sees the fashion industry as so glamorous, and I am sure to some people it is, but there are a lot of nasty personalities that work in this industry, which we have to put up with on daily basis and trust me there is nothing glamorous about that! What trends do you see being big for 2012? I think 40s elegance is going to be a huge trend in 2012. I am hoping we will see a lot of midi and maxi skirts, prints, pleats and frills as well as chunky knit. I also hope there will definitely be a lot of fur for winter. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? Runway Magazine is the first American magazine that I have been in, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. I do feel that Runways support is important to all emerging designers; you inspire and challenge millions of women to see things differently in fashion. You are a magazine that creates demand for our brands, and I think thats important for any designer. Thank you!




Hello and welcome to LisaBerck. My name is Lisa; I am 46-yearsold, happily married, and blessed with four great kidsthree girls and one boy. I am also a grandmother of five beautiful grandbabies, all of which I have used as inspirations to name my B Bag Collections after. I have done many things in my life, most of which have led me to this point and have contributed to the success of my company. After graduating from high school, I went directly into fashion design and modeling. Several years later, I worked as an executive in the printing industry. Later on in life, after having my children, I went back to school and obtained my degree in business management and marketing. I have always had an artistic flare and always prayed that one day I could actually use it not only for my own enjoyment but also to provide for my family. That day has finally arrived. Despite many obstacles and health issues, the Lord has blessed me with the ability to see beyond what the average person sees at first glance; He has also given me the tenacity to push through hardships with the strength that only He gives me. I love to make people happy and when I came up with the design for the B Bag, I knew immediately that women all over the world had the same needs and desires for design that I had. I wanted to make them happy by giving them something that is not only gorgeous but highly versatile yet functional. Hence the Original B Bag.




Did you receive a formal education? I did receive formal education; however, it was not in Fashion. If so do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? N/A What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? The one piece of advice I would give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion is to just go for itto just follow your hear and dreams. Design something that will be desired by all while retaining your own personal flare and signature in the design. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Where do you get your design inspiration? I find my design inspiration from somewhere inside myself. I feel that I have been blessed with a gift from the Lord; I feel that I am extremely tuned into what other people will enjoy and love, while being able maintain my own signature in my designs. Now that you started your own line, whats next? I would really love the opportunity to start a line that gives back to those in need, while appealing to the masses. My heart is always set on trying to give back to anybody and everybody in needI love being generous. How do you like living in Temecula, IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? No, I will not be moving anywhere, at least anytime soon. I love where I live, and I feel that I am close enough to LA that the commute isnt difficult. I can also fly to NY in a few hours, so where I love now works for me. What is the best perk in being a designer? WOW this is a great question!! The best perk is being able to come up with an idea or design and being able to wear it in a few days!! I can make

anything my heart desires: handbags, accessories, jewelryits all right at my fingertips to create and make my own. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? I would say that the most difficult part of creating my own designs, manufacturing and selling them, is that I have a difficult time letting go of control and delegating responsibilities so that I can focus on just one aspect of the business. I feel that if for some reason something were to go wrong, I would only want to blame myself, instead of others. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? Most people dont understand that to be successful in this industry you have to come to the table with something unique about your product line. I started my B Bag, and it was something that was nowhere to be found; it was so unique, as well as something that was desired by women of all ages. There was a true need for it in the marketplace. Through the B Bag, I was able to get into the fashion industry and create a name for myself. I have been fortunate enough to be able to launch my other lines from the success and backing of my original product. What trends do you see being big for 2012? I am hoping to see fringe hit big again. I am and have always been so in love with anything that is reminiscent of the 70s. I love vintage and distressed leathers; I will be using lot of those in 2012. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in? No. I have been fortunate enough to have placed my products in numerous magazine. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? Absolutely! Getting started as an emerging designer is extremely difficult!



Naomi J. Crown-Hunt, designer, merchandiser, illustrator, and marketer, completed her B.A. in Fashion Design and Merchandising at Colorado State University. Her career began in Fort Collins but it was her move to Los Angeles that brought Crown-Hunt closer to her goals. Before becoming the creative director of Lolly in 2006, she worked under Katherine Lesage, Beyonce & Tina Knowles in the House of Deron, and Laundry. With experience across the board on the technical and fashion side of the industry, CrownHunt strives to set apart her fashion label Lolly and make her mark as a designer.




Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? I did receive a formal fashion education and it did certainly help me out in the technical side of fashion. It was along the way that I developed my own sense of fashion. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Dont be afraid to move onto the next project. Life is all about trial and error, if one venture didnt leave you feeling fulfilled then find something Where do you get your design inspiration? I travel frequently to work with artisan groups in developing countries. Seeing people printing fabric with hand-carved wood blocks in India, or watching women from a small village in Senegal lay batik prints out in the sun to dry is about as inspiring as it gets. I went on a trip to Guatemala this summer and the colors at the markets blew my mind. Things that are made by hand make me happy. Everything is so mass-produced these days. I like to see things that actually took a person to create it. You can see that in Lollys spring collection....the hands behind it. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? In previous seasons, Lolly


was more focused on knitwear. For S/S 2012, weve put together a full collection ...some great dresses, skirts and pants. How do you like living in LA? IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? Im currently in LA and Im loving it. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? Fashion is as fun at it appears to be. The runway shows, the trends, & of course the clothes. However, it is a lot of work and it requires fulfilling many demand mostly my own! What trends do you see being big for 2012? Bold colors, mixed prints, back details, and washes. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? Support from the media and press is always important and its crucial for an emerging designer. I am a big fan of Runway and I feel grateful to be a part of it.






Giuliana Rancic

I Do, Now What

them more in the eyes of the average woman. I just speak from the heart and say what Im feeling when I look at the pictures of these people. Well, when did you realize that fashion, on-air reporting, and interviewing were the way you wanted to go with your career? Ive loved movies, television, and pop culture since I was a kid. I moved to America when I was a little girl and I think that I always thought how cool Hollywood would be and how cool it would be to be a part of it. It was so glamorous. I didnt really realize that I could make a living at just talking about fashion, Hollywood, or anything like that. When I went to college and graduate school for journalism, I studied hard news, but my professor said I should really go to Hollywood to try to get into entertainment reporting. So, I think it was really in college when I knew I wanted to go in this direction. Right, well, I know the awards shows are coming up. Do you have any fave red carpet moments that you can think of? Yeah, one of my favorite from a long time ago was when I was interviewing Tom Hanks. Halley Berry had just won the Oscar and she was making rounds. I could see her coming and I knew I couldnt miss that interview, but I didnt want to interrupt Tom Hanks in his interview. It was an interesting situation because I didnt want to miss Halle Berry either since she was the woman of the night. In the moment, I made eye contact with Halle and I brought her over. I said, Halle, have you met Tom? So, my tactic was to kind of introduce them and interview them together. Halle was like, its just such an honor. And, Tom was like, Are you kidding? Its an honor to meet you! We caught this beautiful, very real moment on camera. E! was very happy about that. (She chuckles.) So. what goes into picking out your dresses for events like these? Usually we start pulling the dresses about two weeks ahead of time. Usually, we have about twenty dresses to look at, but Im pretty quick. I put it on and its either a yes or a no. We narrowed down to two or three and then it gets a little tougher. In the end, one always tends to pop within the others. Well,whentheeventfinallycomes,you and Ryan Seacrest are the red carpet dynamic duo. What do you think makes you guys click so well on-air? I think what makes when I so great is that we ask celebrities what people at home would

So, whats the best part about being Runway Magazines latest cover girl? Everything, from what Giuliana tells me. I got the chance to have a light heart-to-heart with the long-legged beauty just days before her doublemasectomy. This past month, she has been very public with her recent battle with breast cancer, inspiring women of all ages to go get checked for the disease. Fortunately, not only did Giuliana and I talk about her experience with the illness, but she let me know all about the good thats come from it. This woman is all about positivity; from her reality show, to her red carpet interviews, to her entire outlook on life. In this inside look, youll have the opportunity to get to know everything youve wanted to know about Giuliana, not to mention the run-down on everything going on for her in the new year ahead. Okay.Firstthingsfirst.Whataresome things to keep in mind in order to not end up a victim of the Fashion Police? You really good being, if its possible, take a picture of yourself before you go out on a red carpet. Sometimes what you see in the mirror is not what youll see on the red carpet. We actually just had Parker Posey on the red carpet and she was in all red, a red dress, red tights, and red shoes. I mean, if she was going to something like a holiday party it wouldve been cute, but red outfit on top of a red carpet It was just overkill. You always have to look at what something looks like in real life versus how it photographs. Ill have to remember that! So, how do you keep it together on the show sometimes with some of the beyond hilarious things that come out of Joan Rivers mouth? I dont keep it together. Thats the thing. Sometimes its funny because shell make a comment about a celebrity I know or that Im friends with and I can see that the camera cuts away to me laughing. Im like, Oh, my God. Im trying not to laugh, but I cant help it. Joan is one of the greatest comedians over time. Shes an amazing woman. What comes out of her mouth always shocks me and amuses me. At the end of the day its all in good fun. Fashion is fun and I know celebrities think its funny too. Id have to agree. I absolutely love Joan Rivers and the show of course. Do you ever have a tough time coming up with things to say when youre on the spot? Not really. I think my role is more of how the everyday person would respond. I mean, we have George the stylist who gives the breakdown on the fashion of it. I just look at



want to know. We dont focus as much on storylines and their movies or their characters. We talk more about happening at the moment, what theyre wearing, and whats going on in their lives. I think that helps, and we always do it with a sense of humor. Okay, lets add another man to the mix. Lets talk about Giuliana and Bill. Can you give me any info on whats next for the show? Well, we are deciding about doing another season and its looking good. Weve been shooting a little bit just in case. Its great. Were opening a restaurant in Chicago actually opens this January. Is that the Mama DePandi restaurant idea? You know what, yes. It is with my mom, but it kind of went in a different direction. It went from old RPM Italian restaurant to more of a chic, hip spot. The name of Mama DePandis sounds a little old, so we are trying to come up with a name. Its going to be great. Its the first time Bill and I are getting into the restaurant business and we are very excited about it. Im sure you guys will knock it out of the park. I mean, you guys seem to work through some really tough things in front of millions of viewers. How do you manage to keep your cool so well with some of the curve balls you get thrown? I think what we do is really focus on the positive. I know weve definitely gotten some bad news, especially this past year in different aspects of our life, but, at the same time, weve gotten a lot of great news. Its natural that one bad news comes, thats what you tend to focus on in the beginning. I mean, its hard. You need time to process things, be upset about them, and be sad. I think thats what we do just like everyone else, but that we pick ourselves up and think about everything thats good in our lives. We have a roof over our heads, I have a great job that I love. A lot of people dont have those things. The good always outweighs the bad. With IVF, struggle to get pregnant, and now the breast cancer, its an opportunity to really take negative situations and turn them into positive ones. The way Im doing that is by going public to help women or even just make them feel less alone, or to go get checked. That brings me joy. Have you always had such a positive outlook? Ive been like that pretty much my whole life. Its not just because I live in Hollywood with all the glamorous things I have. Im actually very simple person. I live very modestly and, even when I was struggling as a hostess in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, I had the same attitude. You cant control what life gives you, but you can control your attitude. I think thats important.

Do you think that talking so much about everything is almost therapeutic in a way? Yeah, it is. To be honest, what I rather keep it private? Yes, as far as my sanity is concerned. (She jokes.) I think if anything, it brings me an incredible amount of joy to hear that women are getting checked. I actually have a celebrity friend of mine who has every resource in the world because shes a big star. Shes in her early 40s and left me a message on my cell phone, whispering that she was in the doctors office getting her first mammogram. She heard my story and said that she couldnt believe shed waited this long. So, I guess its not so much therapeutic as it is rewarding. I mean, just this week alone I have two friends in their mid 30s who went to the doctor to get checked because of my story and both of them found out they have the early stages of breast cancer also. So, yes, theyre dealing with bad news, but theyre going to survive. Otherwise, they they may have had a death sentence. Thats incredible. So, what two cents can you give women regarding early testing for breast cancer? Its funny because I know a lot of people on the street will come up to me with sadness in their eyes like they feel bad for me. I tell them to actually be so happy for me. Im lucky, you know. I caught it. Im going to now have less than a 1% chance of it ever coming back. I feel bad for those who arent getting tested and when they finally do its too late. My biggest piece of advice is just to go to the doctor, no matter what age you are, and get tested. Has this whole ordeal pushed you into any work for any breast cancer charities? Well, even before I was diagnosed because I just think what they do is wonderful, I love They are actually educating women on giving self-exams and things like that. Theyre just a great resource for young women. They actually did this thing where they can give you a text alert every month to give yourself your home exam. I think its called the underwire alert or something like that. Oh, thats cool way to go about it. Well, in terms of what youre dealing with, I know you were back at work so quickly after your first surgery. How were you feeling after your recovery from that one? Great. I think it was important for me to have a goal. Im very goal-oriented and for me, one of my goals was to be back at work by Monday. I think it was good because it got me to go somewhere and tell my body that I needed to do something. I mean I was a little slower, I couldnt laugh as hard, and I needed some help getting dressed, but it was good. Work distracts me some people find that the best thing to do is to be home, watch TV, and relax. For me, it was definitely to be distracted to go to work. It was wonderful because everyones been very supportive here at E!



Did Bill get you a little bell to ring for when you are recuperating? Is he a good home nurse? (She laughs.) I love it. Yeah, he didnt even need a bell. He was always so close to me, so he was always right there. He makes fun of himself he always says he can have a career as a male nurse if this whole business thing doesnt work out. Hes amazing and hes been by my side through all of this. When someone suggested that we have the nurse come to the house after the hospital, Bill was like, What?! No, Im the nurse. Im the one whos going to be taking care of you. Hes incredibly nurturing, the most nurturing person Ive ever met next to my mom. Lets get back to the show that Im obsessed with Were you on cloud nine when Giuliana andBillwasfirstpickedupbytheStyle network? It was great. I mean, they filmed our wedding in Italy, so when they approached us saying that viewers wanted to see whats been happening with us since the wedding, we thought it would be a great opportunity to put a reality show on the air that positive. It shows a healthy marriage and its not all about people cursing each other out and screaming at the top of our lungs like a lot of the reality shows out there. People actually told us it would never work and here we are. Its working. Were happy we can put something authentic on the air. You gave us a little glimpse this past season into the fashion line you were working on. Whats going on with that? Yeah, we are still working on it, definitely something for Spring. Weve a great manufacturer in New York, so, so far at the samples look great. Were just waiting for the rest of the stuff to come in. Its been exciting. Its definitely a lot more work than I anticipated, but its good. Its going to be very stylish clothing thats also really affordable. I get to see a lot of the trends in Hollywood before most people because of what I do, so it felt very natural to put out a line. Okay. Lets talk books. You and Bill have both written books on your own and then youve also written together. Are there any more on the horizon? What are some of the advantages of writing with your hubby? You now, there are no disadvantages to be honest with you. We had a great time writing and I think it was easy because we did it in a he said, she saidway, so it wasnt like we had to combine our words. I mean, well see. People ask us all the time for relationship advice and theyre interested in our efforts and little tricks that we do to keep such a great relationship. We would love to share that information when people, so maybe in the future will

write a book together something along those lines. Or, maybe Ill write a book about my journey through all of this, but no plans just yet. So, you just mentioned your relationship tricks What are your beauty tips? Everybody has to know You seem to get better looking every year. How do you stay so gorgeous? (She blushes.) Oh my God, youre so sweet. I love you. You know, I think one of the chicks is that I dont do work to my face. I think thats a trick to not looking your age. I think when some people inject a lot of things into their face they end up looking older actually. Its that look. Everyone knows what that look is, that pulled look. Its okay to have some wrinkles. I mean Botox and fillers, thats all fine. For me, I think its helped for me to not fall into that trap yet. Im trying to hold off on that as long as possible. Ive also been using the same skincare line for ten years, so I think when you find something that works for you, just go with it. Well, you also have ridiculously fabulous hair. With it getting styled all the time and dyed and having extensions, how do you keep it looking so healthy? The secret, ya know, is I dont wash it that much. These to wash my hair a lot and now its more like every other day, maybe even every third day. I think thats where the real damage starts happening, when you wash it every day. Too much washing and too many products. Just let your natural oils take care of your hair. Now, I know that living in LA and in the Hollywood spotlight puts on added pressure to look good, stay thin, and all that jazz. How do you keep it all from getting the best of you? I just stay a very grounded. You interviews Louise every day, I can tell when a celebrity has kind of checked out of planet Earth. Theyve totally bought into their hype. They believe theyre bigger than they are. They think all the love and admiration will never end. I know that its fleeting. One day they love you in the next day they dont. You have to have other things happening in your life that are bigger than Hollywood, bigger than this job, and thats what I have with my husband and family. I know that if this all ends tomorrow, Ill move to a great house outside of Chicago and have a great life with my husband. Im not worried. I think its important. You just have to find happiness in your life outside of this industry. So, I have to ask How does it feel to be a Runway Magazine cover girl? It feels terrific! I was so honored when I was asked to be on the cover. Obviously the photographer was incredible. He just took such beautiful images. Im just thrilled and cant wait to see it! To tell you the truth, I just cant wait

to frame it and put it in my office, show it off to Seacrest as he walks by. Like, Have you been on the cover of Runway Magazine? I dont think so. (She laughs.) Im just very excited because Im such a huge fan. What do you think about what James Buccelli is doing with this issue in regards to helping all those emerging designer fashionistas out there who are struggling to have a voice? Oh, I think its fantastic. Im such a fan of TV shows like Project Runway because I think that there was a time when it was really hard to get your designs seen. It still is. I love the magazine is giving these people that opportunity. There is so much talent out there that hasnt been tapped into yet, that is undiscovered. We all started somewhere. Well just needed someone to believe in us and give us that one shot. Thats why Im so honored to be a part of this issue.

Giuliana & Bil / 02 April 2012



Nadia Bjorlins life began on August 2nd in Newport, Rhode Island. She is the fifth child out of six of Ulf and Fary Bjorlin (si-

blings - Katja, Kamilla, Kaj, Ulf, and Jean-Paul). When Nadia was two months old, the Bjorlin family moved to Sweden, her fathers native country. Nadias father was a conductor and composer of classical music, which Nadia grew to love. After traveling abroad for a few years, Ulf took a job conducting the Florida Philharmonic and Palm Beach Symphony. In this time, Nadia had fallen in love with music and had began performing professionally when she was only six years old. She and two of her brothers, Jean-Paul and Ulf Jr., began performing as the Bjorlin Trio at her fathers concerts. Her father also featured Nadia in his musical adaptations of classic stories, such as Hans Christian Andersons The Snow Queen, and The Portrait of Raoul Wallenberg. Ulf Bjorlin Sr. passed away when Nadia was twelve. As a young child prodigy, Nadia attended the Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute for several years, where she received recognition and awards for excellency in theatre, voice, music and dance. Nadia also spent her junior high school years and her first two years of high school attending the Palm Beach County School of the Arts. Nadia performed and sang with the Palm Beach Opera for two years and in 1996, she competed in a large international vocal competition in Verona, Italy, where she was part of the choir who won the gold medal. When she was a junior in high school, the Bjorlins moved to New York City where Nadia then attended the Professional Childrens School. There she studied alongside other famous actors and actresses, such as Julia Stiles, Gaby Hoffman, and the Culkin kids. In May of 1999, Nadia won first place in the Metro Lyric Opera Competition, which took place in New York City. When she graduated from high school, she decided to shift her focus to acting. Nadia had just secured an agent when the NBC soap opera, Days of our Lives sent out a nationwide casting call for the role of mysterious young opera singer Chloe. Nadia flew out to Los Angeles for the screen-test and two days later, she won the part. She celebrated by packing up everything in New York City to move to California with her mother and her brother. Tom Langan, Days Executive Producer was taken with Nadia, who he described as a serene, fascinating beauty who floats through a room. Nadia appeared on Days of our Lives in the contracted-role of Chloe Lane beginning in November 1999, and her character was placed in the middle of the most heated and contested love triangles on the show (Broe vs. Phloe) at the time. Fans from both sides campaigned for their respective couple passionately, sending anything from stress balls to lip gloss to hay to producers, writers, and actors on Days. Nadia left the contract role in 2003, but recurred until 2005 when the characters of Chloe and Brady got married and left Salem. Rumors have popped up from time to time that Nadia would eventually return to her role, and in November of 2007, she did just that! She has been on contract since 2007 and just recently wrapped up her role as Chloe Lane in July 2011. Her last airdate will be late September 2011. Nadia also currently stars as Lara in the highly intriguing Venice the Series. The series is shot and produced in Venice, California and fans subscribe to the series solely online at HYPERLINK \n The cast has filmed 2 seasons and has received accolades and praises from critics and fans. Season 3 will begin shooting in September and will air online tentatively in December 2011. As Nadia wrapped up shooting at Days of our Lives, she also signed on to two new projects. One is shooting the romantic comedy film, Divorce Invitation, starring Jamie-Lyn Sigler and Jonathan Bennett. Shooting will begin in August 2011. She will also appear in E!s new reality series, Dirty Soap, premiering in September 2011. The series is produced by former daytime stars, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos and features several daytime stars in their everyday lives. In 2010, Nadia guest starred on two shows, the CBS drama NCIS and the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men. In the past, she has also guest starred in Jake in Progress (John Stamos), Complete Savages (Mel Gibson, producer), Sex, Love & Secrets (Denise Richards, Eric Balfour, and James Stevenson) and Out of Practice (Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler). She also starred in Marriage Undone, a short film that was featured in the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and the Pacific Palisades Film Festival in 2002-2003. Nadia was cast and starred in the independent feature film, If I Had Known I was a Genius, which featured Whoopi Goldberg, Sharon Stone, and Tara Reid. The film was screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2007 to positive reviews. Nadia also starred as the female lead of the auto thriller film, Redline. The film featured Eddie Griffin and Nathan Phillips. Nadia portrayed Natasha Martin, a gorgeous young automobile fanatic and front to the hottest unsigned band on the West coast. The character finds herself caught up in illegal drag-racing competitions organized for the pleasure of a bunch of bored billionaires. The movie was released in theaters in April 2007, and was then released on DVD in August of the same year. In addition to these two feature films, Nadia shot scenes for the independent film, Jack Rio in 2007. The film was released in 2008. Nadia also shot scenes for a short film by Alyson Bruno entitled We Can Lose Flowers Now in 2010. Nadia has been featured on many covers and pages of fashion, celebrity, and online magazines, including Runway Magazine, Vanity Fair Italy, Beverly Hills 213, Fixation Magazine, Coexistence, 21 Magazine, Stun Magazine, and Slitz Magazine. She also takes a special interest in all kinds of music and dance. I especially love Latin music and Latin dance, such as the salsa and merengue, she says. Because of her love and talent in music and dance, she appeared in the Ricky Martin music video, Shake Your Bon-Bon as a go-go dancer. Nadia has also played the piano, flute, guitar, and harp. Nadia recently re-grouped with her brothers, Ulf and Jean-Paul to perform and record as The Bjorlin Trio (Bjorlin). They performed at the San Gennaro Festival in Hollywood in 2007 and continue to record what they describe as a pop-opera album when time allows in their busy schedules.

Black strapless gown by Maria Bianca Nero, available at Neiman Marcus, belt by ZBogini, available at, jewelry by Peter Marco of Beverly Hills, black heels by Jimmy Choo.



Company Story BIOGRAPHY

The Story begins with Three American Rebels who believed in no boundaries but alas, had many causes to claim. Creating a revolution with confidence and style, they paved their way with individualistic and expressive character. All who knew them revered what they stood for and admired their fearless attitude. These men were responsible for the Original Strategies, resulting in the largest commercial successes around the world. They created the definition of fame, as we know it today. Klein, Epstein & Parker, Passionate Visionaries inspired millions with spectacular artistry, fueling a new generations voice. They shaped our Social and Cultural Revolutions. They set the stage for all men who possess a nonconformist attitude to follow their hearts. Klein, Epstein & Parker authored progressive ideals that have no traditional limitations; holding timeless and endless power for today, tomorrow and beyond. Klein Epstein & Parker created their own Iconic fashion, the New Rebel Style. Welcome to our movement.

Company Overview
Klein Epstein & Parker has come into the world of fashion bringing the luxurious service of made to measure garments for the gentlemens wardrobe. You customize the fabric, buttons, lining, everything to the smallest design details. All of these steps make this a one-of-a-kind piece made just for you. If its guidance you need, their expert staff will gladly take you through each and every step. Offering over 200 fabrics in their services, you will be sure to find something that catches your eye. KEP also has ready-towear boots, shoes, dress shirts, t-shirts and accessories that will define your individual rebel style.




Did you receive a formal education? No, many years in the ashion/retail industry helped prepare me for this experience. Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Be passionate about whatever it is your working on and have a vision that stems from you heart. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? The gap between quality and value. As a global fashion community it seems we can put in a far greater effort to transform absolute mass consumption to really having a desire for quality and delivering it at more reasonable costs. The designer companies have the most resources to spearhead this direction and make it a reality. With Klein Epstein & Parker we are consistently focused on cutting out middlemen processes and mass branding to hone in on affordable prices while always delivering high quality. Where do you get your design inspiration? My passion for being yourself, finding yourself and a true appreciation of self. As a young adult I was always borrowing my grandfathers clothes and mixing them with feminine touches to create this tension of tailored clothing with lots of fun. So therefore we translated this to the Klein Epstein & Parker experience so the individuals can free themselves from conforming to what the major brands are dictating we all wear. The idea is for the man to be free to express himself as he wishes with confidents.

Our products have a sense of fun and style expression in hopes that individuals can see themselves in each piece and really enjoy how they are dressed and be comfortable. Now that you started your own line, whats next? We want to continue to evolve our New Rebel Style look. Change for all of us is inevitability and the world around us is in constant flux so we want to continue to be moldable while maintaining true to the virtues and philosophy that started our brand and concept. On a pragmatic note, wed love to see our product and concept in shop n shop environments to spread the experience faster as well as continue to open our own shops. How do you like living in .......WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE - ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? My husband and I live in a little cottage in Malibu, where moved to from New York a little over a year ago. I enjoy the beach environment immensely and also have a big appreciation for Los Angeles as a city. So although New York is fantastic and we very much enjoy visiting my heart is in LA. What is the best perk in being a designer? The ability to really visualize something and then see it come through fruition. When we set out to create this concept we knew it would be a reach for most individuals. So since the launching of our Brand/Concept its very exciting seeing each individual man come in with trepidation of what to do and walk out with a beautifully tailored piece they created. Its a real treat to see the shift.



What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Well, were a start up so every move we make; every decision we take has an impact on our business and team. So really taking the time to think through each strategy and then precisely execute is key to our success. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? We truly impact each individual, since we all need to dress ourselves every morning. So lets make a positive contribution to peoples lives by delivering quality, creativity and fun. All fashion can have a soul.

What trends do you see being big for 2012? Weve had a big year with so many big changes. I think the grass-roots movements from all over the world where people are getting together and standing up for what they believe in will for sure translate into fashion. So mixing up looks, creative expression with color and a sense of self in dressing will continue to gain traction. It feels the magic of the 60s is in the air (has been for fashion for a few years) but its also arrived in attitude and thought. So its an exciting year ahead of runway fashion and street fashion merging. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in? Yes, so far! Do you feel that Runway Magazines

support for the emerging designer is important? With our fast-paced, over sensitized society its tough to keep a spotlight on up in comers who arent flashy new news. So for those of us that are rolling up our sleeves, taking risks by really starting with a seed of an idea what your doing is endlessly important. Nothing to take away from beautiful new fashion out there that was collaboration with some famous individuals, because we all make each other better. Its just nice to have a publication that slows down to share some light with the freshmen of the world! Thank you. We also have very affordable rates for designers look books!!





Mem Couture
The collection titled Memaissance consists of various items some of them very avantgarde, others slightly more commercial. What does Memaissance mean? It is basically a wordplay of two words: - mem: abbreviations of our names Matja Eric Maj, used in MEM couture, also meaning memory - Renaissance: quite some details of the collection originate from that era, but are created in a modern way. The collection is telling a story of our own vision of past fictive memory meeting the future as we see it. One of the Renaissance motives are also the very distinctive renaissance ruffs, becoming popular in the 16th century due to the Queen Elizabeth. The Memaissance collection is all about women of strong, but still melancholic personality modern Elizabeths. At the moment MEM couture is exploring fashion of no true colours. The collection consists of black and white. With combinations, contrasts (including the MEM coutures recognizable chessboard pattern), triangleshaped tailoring and structures of non-colours we wish to achieve all feelings usually represented by other colours. Silhouettes are well defined with corsets, exposed hips and exaggerated shoulders. For this collection we usd fabrics of high quality from traditional wool, classic cotton, sophisticated silken satin, taffeta and chiffon, to modern latex, tulle, spandex and transparent lycra. The collection is enriched with our own designs of traditional Venetian masks, made by the old papier-mch technique. PHOTOS TEAM PETER STIGTER, MEM COUTURE





N.G.U. Designs
is based on the designers philosophy of never give up, to believe in your dreams and go for them. This is a statement Diane, had to live up to when August 2010, she was stricken with a illness call Trigeminal Neuralgia, an nerve disorder that causes a stabbing or electric-shock-like pain in parts of the face. Also known as the suicide disease. Determine to find a cure for her self, Diane, researched and found one of the top surgeon from Pittsburg Pennsylvania, She under went Brain Surgery on January 6,2011 which corrected an artery that was wrapped around an damaged nerve which caused swollen to the damaged nerve. Through prayers from her family and friends and a positive attitude, after a 6 months illness she now is pain free, I cant believed I had brain surgery states Diane and I beat this painful disorder, There are more than 10000,00 people around the world living with Trigeminal Neuralgia. TN effects 1 out of 25,000.00 people. Styles of Imagination is the umbrella name for all of Dianes collections, the N.G.U. Design label is Dianes signature line. N.G.U., stands for Never Give Up, and has been Dianes rallying cry throughout her pursuit of becoming a high-fashion designer. My dreams are more than just being a fashion designer, states Diane, Its a dream come true for me. My career has not been easy; I have learned everything about fashion the hard way and I never gave up on my dreams, hence N.G.U. was born! Diane was a fashion coordinator on a local TV show Help, I Need a Makeover, Diane volunteers her time at various schools for Career Days & Dress for Success in Cleveland Ohio, where she speaks to women in transition about how to dress in the workplace. Diane has also mentored with organizations like Junior Achievement NAACP mentoring program.

Diane Linston



Octavio Carlins label reflects elegance and glamour, elements that have fascinated the designer since his upbringing in Mexico and specially since his arrival to Los Angeles in 1990. Inspired by Hollywood style and history, he creates one-of-a-kind collections and evening wear that have been shown at international runway shows and multiple times at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Los Angeles since 2002. Octavio attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Upon graduating in 2002, he became a member of the Coalition of Los Angeles Designers with his first label Naqada by Octavio Carlin that ran until 2005, the same year he also won the award for best dress at The Little Black Dress event. In 2006, he began his namesake label Octavio Carlin focusing on evening wear, bridal and red carpet gowns that have been worn and admired by such personalities as Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Marilu Henner, Missi Pyle, Rachel Hunter, Julie Benz and Anne Hathaway among others. See the collection at Now, after focusing on custom-made wedding gowns and spectacular one-of-akind dresses for the past two years, Octavio Carlin is excited to re-enter the fashion scene with a whimsical, 1920s-inspired collection of ready-to-wear dresses and separates for Spring/Summer


Octavio Carlin

2012. Carlin aims to make women look beautiful and feel glamorous in his luxurious pieces that are versatile yet extremely chic. About aLine media aLine media is a full service public relations firm with expertise in the development and execution of media coverage, event planning, artist representation and brand marketing. aLine media has been selected in marketing and brand expert Sportswear Internationals Whos Who 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 as a leading public relations company. More information available at



else before venturing out and starting you own clothing line. It will give you insight to trouble shooting any problems that may arise and will also help you refine the way you want to run your own clothing line. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Where do you get your design inspiration? My style is classic elegance. I am always improving in construction and fit. My current collection is inspired by 1920s lingerie and architecture. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? How do you like living in ....... WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE - ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? I love living in Los Angeles, I dont think Ill move away here, but I would love to be bi-costal as my business grows. New York is the center of fashion business in my opinion; it would be amazing to branch my business to the east coast as well. What is the best perk in being a designer? The best perk is creating new clothes and silhouettes and seeing the actual garment out on the runway and on consumers. That is when all the hard work and headaches become worth it. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? The most difficult part is definitely the pressure of selling, or-

ganizing so many people, and keeping on top of schedules. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? I wish people would understand that is not easy to construct a garment. It takes a lot of time and thought.

Did you receive a formal education? If so do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Yes, I studied at FIDM, and it greatly helped me prepare for what was coming. Despite my education, I am constantly learning and improving. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? I would advise someone starting out to work under someone



P e a c e Love World

Peace Love World Creator and Visionary, Alina Villasante, started her business with a combination of positive energy and fearlessness that propelled her to follow her heart and build a brand that encapsulates the notions of peace, love and happiness. Alina launched Peace Love World in 2008 after what began as a simple of act of love for her girlfriends in 1999, when she started hosting her annual Love Parties. She soon began printing her signature symbols of peace, love and happiness on the t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies. Peace Love Worlds popularity was instantaneous and the brand opened their first store in South Miami in June 2009 followed by four more stores in the Miami area including Coral Gables, Doral, Brickell, and most recently, Miami Beach. In addition to a strong online retail business, Alinas enthusiasm is contagious and has attracted a celebrity following and customers from around the world. Always grateful for the many blessings in her life, Alina believes the best way to show gratitude is by giving back. Peace Love World supporting charitable endeavors including earthquake relief in Haiti, breast cancer issues, autism, and homelessness. Born in Havana, Cuba, Alina Villasante immigrated to the United States as a young child and lived in both New York City and Atlanta. She has called Miami home since age 18 and is the proud mother of three children, Frankie (24), Christopher (21) and Mia (19).




that high energy business atmosphere. Shane is currently divorced with one 12-year-old boy, Quinn, and 2 dogs Tugnutt & Voodoo. Shane is a huge dog lover, which is why he decided to start Royal Bitch Couture. The brand was launched in January of 2011. Shane has had over 12 dogs in his life and couldnt see not having them as part of my family. I wanted the challenge of starting a new business and to be able to share the success with one of my passions in life, dogs. I tell people that my partner in this business is the entire dog population. I wanted to try and make a difference in the pet overpopulation problem that leads to millions of loving dogs being euthanized each year. I believe pets owners need to be much more responsible and get their dog spayed or neutered!! Shane explains. Shane is also a partner in a successful restaurant, Saddle Ranch, located at Universal Studios City Walk and dabbles in real estate, has a gourmet catering company in Columbus. Shane invents unique products and is currently writing two books. He enjoys keeping busy!

Shane ONeill is 42-years-old and was born on Dec. 16, 1968 in Columbus Ohio. Raised in both Columbus, Ohio (by my dad) and Honolulu, Hawaii (by my mom) was a huge reason why Shane decided to attend college in California. Shane says, It was a nice being centrally located to visit both of my parents during break time. Shane attended USC and was a communication major, graduating in 1992. After college, he worked in Denver, CO. for a family business in gaming. He was in charge of setting up the management training program for some of Denvers largest casinos. A year out of college Shane got married and moved back to Columbus to run another family business that catered events for the PGA Tour. He ran that business, Shanes Gourmet Catering, for 8 years before returning to California. In his opinion, Shane says, I was extremely lucky that both my father and step-father were successful businessmen and big time entrepreneurs. I learned A LOT from both of them just being around




Did you receive a formal education? If so do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? I did not receive any formal fashion education. My fashion education came from growing up with three sisters and a mom that were all very fashionable! There is no question that being raised with fashionable sisters helped expose me to different trends and styles and how important it is to keep up on whats hot! What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Know your target audience! Know what their buying and know how much their spending. Its easy to come up with lots of great ideas and looks but unless you know who your target market is and how youre going to market to them, youre just whistling in the wind. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? I have ALL of the Royal Bitch Couture products made right here in the USA!! That to me is a really big issue that other companies can improve on!! Im not saying products from other countries arent made as well or in some cases better than what is made domestically. What we need to understand is that the majority of the people buying our clothing are working here in the USA. If the materials I buy here in the USA to produce my products with can also put money in the pockets of my costumers, then its a win-win! Where do you get your design inspiration? I get most of my design inspiration from what I like seeing women wear. Its that simple! I know what makes a women feel sexy and comfortable so I always keep that in mind while working on new pieces. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? My line Royal Bitch Couture is fairly new since it was only launched in January of 2011. I still have plenty of work to do to grow the line and help the dogs. Im having a lot of fun right now launching my line so who knows whats next!

How do you like living in .......WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE - ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? I love living in Los Angeles!! The weather is always great, the fashion and trends are constantly changing and there are lots of beautiful woman for a single bachelor like myself! What is the best perk in being a designer? The best perk about being a designer is you can take big risks! Thats what made me get into the clothing business in the first place! What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? I would say the most difficult part is trying to predict the next color and trend. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? Working in this industry is very fun but extremely challenging! You never know whats going to work or not work, but you need to follow your gut when you feel youve got something good! What trends do you see being big for 2012? Im seeing a lot of bright colors for the spring lines in 2012. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? We have been in a handful of different magazines since January, everything from Entrepreneur, to different exercise magazines and even pet magazines. There is no question that being in a popular fashion specific magazine like Runway Magazine will give my line tremendous exposure!! Thanks for supporting or line and helping the pets too!!!



RUNWAY REPORT Pret-a-Porter Spring Summer 2012 Paris In the deep of Wonderland with Fashionista and White Fop

Pariss Spring Summer 2012 fashion week draws us into a faerie world. How deep could it be? - wondering Fashionista, and without second thought jumping after that White Fop with pocket watch. She still sees him checking every minute before it all starts the twister of colors and forms. Our Fashionista doesnt see the Eiffel Tower clothed in gray October clouds, but with bold daring colors and blooms. Splendid organic lines, graphic images and bright palettes that flourish in the silhouettes of the latest Pret-a-porter collections. Tropical floating faeries of Marcel Marongiu, giant floral prints from Mediterranean of Leonard, rainbows and flower-head birds of Issey Miyake, metallic sparks of Paco Rabanne wonderful heaven for every woman who finally can wrap herself in all kind of lights and colorful clouds. This latest season sees the return of femininity: from floral patterns to elegant silhouettes, this season is all about playing up your feminine features. The runways were adorned with flapper-inspired pieces, complete with fringed embellishments and drop waists. Floating silhouettes with floor length skirts, silk taffeta and layers galore marks the return of bright dreams of happiness from over the rainbow. Its all about rich tribal patterns and ethnic shapes. A spiral of forms & colors confronts our Fashionista as she continue her unexpected adventure. Literally Lighting Up Woman is a High Tech luxury product of Paco Rabanne, a blend of contemporary art and organic forms. Fiber optic lights incorporated in the garments project colored light through the cloth of Paco Rabannes creations , in shades of organic teal, antique gold, and fiery red. The use of different type of silks, graphic moire effects, graduated meshes, and numerous metallic fabrics that give a lustrous effect as the garments move in the light. Manish Arora, the new designer for Paco Rabanne experiments with fantastic forms




both for Paco Rabannes collection and his own. Manish Arora invites us to follow him on a magical and exciting voyage where the visual senses are tantalized with iridescent and florescent infusions giving the sensation of a breathtaking energy blended with 3-dimensional wire structures and embroideries reminiscent of swish feathers painted in nude colors. Another fascination expedition for Fashionista to the contemporary space where Humpty Dumpty grows to the size of Galaxy is new collection of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Rustica Galactica. In this temporal space trip where the past sophistication leaves way to a future rusticity. Lie Sang Bong draws his universe from the art of Dancheong - the art of painting colored motifs on wooden buildings and artifacts. Neon dresses and masks give kaleidoscopic display as the garments move under projected images of peacock feathers. The organic movement coupled with the neon lighting, that seem to penetrate the cloth of Lie Sang Bongs creations, give us visual adventure in more deep spaces. Fatima Lopes was another to present garments from the Gatsby era, finding her inspiration from Art-Deco images. She presented her space of Egyptian figurines with their incongruous mixes of architecture and paradoxical designs. Life in Dodo colors - is a wonderful discovery of new paradise of Yoshiyuki Miyamae. In his first collection for Issey Miyake designer created beautiful world of innocent wonder birds waiting for the comfits, reflecting their desires all around in colors, fabrics, jumpsuits and dresses billow with movements. Steffie Christianens delicately twisted colorful birds into magnetic forces of nature that transform them into flowers. Futuristic images float from one collection to another. Unresistant attraction of tropical Island is Paul Kas latest collection designed by Sege Cajfinger. In the world of prodigious blooming flowers Veronique Leroy for Leonard exposed her imagination like never before pastel hued with dynamic cuts and forms reflect petals, that are about to unfold and reveal their inner beauty. Tropical turquoise and red prints of Emmanuel Ungaro on jersey dresses energize this paradise, symbolize open communication and clarity of thoughts. Clarity of prints in new collection of Marcel Marongiu for Guy Laroche creates an image of unearthly floating being. Precision-tailored leather pieces, including a Tyrolean grey skirts and grey silk dresses, that curling around the waist and running down the legs, are beautiful reminders of Shangri-la Waterfalls. Andrew Gin encourages his Fashionista to leave the magical paradise for the simplicity to be found in the Queen of Hearts Croquet Garden. Who could she meet there? Of course the Royal guards of AF Vandevorst, all plume tight, and pink flamingos of Louis Buchinho. There are also painted pink white roses of Costume National, dancing quadrille creatures of Agnes B, and royal retinue dressed by Alexis Mabille. But the most exciting part of the adventure is about to begin as a whirlwind gently pushes us towards a magical extravaganza with, Chanel, John Galliano, Hakaan and Elie Saab collections. Elie Saab dipped all his garments into bold illuminated colors: cape-sleeved chiffon dresses, deep purple-blue pantsuits, sensual pleated tops and lace layering skirts. It all begins in white, and then it all happens again with English Mustard Yel low graduating to a dusty orange, bright green, purple and finally blue.

Guy Laroche

AF Vandevorst

Alena Akhmadullina



Chez Chanel we found ourselves wandering in a bleached white sea bed with its giant shells, sea horses and sea weed climbing up to a huge glimmering shower curtain. As the twinkling harp music turned to haunting classical music, and then Florence Welch took us to the world of delicate sea creatures darting out from the white in cream dresses of sea foam lace, pearlised tweed suits with full skirts and jackets cut shoulder-blade high at the back to show off pearl-studded spines, iridescent sequined dresses falling to pale green ostrich feather skirts. This magic continued by Karl Lagerfeld in collection of Hogan. Hakaan gives a polished look of super sleek urban clothes, some of which allowed us to imagine that he might capture Karl Largerfelds Chanel mermaids with his own fishing net, so naked beneath their mesh tops and sheer body con dresses - even their hair was still wet. When they were covered, they were dressed in clean white tailored blazers or mesh-backed bomber jackets, tunics and tops. Another serene collection, almost as if all the showmanship we associate with Galliano had been stripped down to present the most significant Old English elements : floral dresses and long coats. Well our Fashionista is home now, tired and wondering if all this had been a dream - she was pleased to have found her way back home. Back to the real world where the long grass rustled at her feet, where she could hear the rattle of the teacups as the March Hare and his friends shared their never-ending tea-time and never ending happiness, growing day by day in great and beautiful world, unfolding in bright and daring colors. Eleonora de Gray

Andrew GN

Eleonora de Gray

Alexis Mabille




Agnes B



Photographers: Pierre-Yves Le Strat Simon Ackerman Christian Tarro Toma


John Galliano

John Galliano

John Galliano



Louis Buchinho

Louis Buchinho


Lie Sang Bong

Elie Saab

Elie Saab JC Castelbajac







Manashi Arora

Manashi Arora




Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake


Lie Sang Bong

Lie Sang Bong




Page : Paco Rabanne





Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Sheena and Laura have both received a formal education in the fashion industry, with Sheena holding a masters degree in Apparel and Textiles and Laura with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design. We believe that having a formal education really helps to understand the specific programs used in the industry as well as knowing how the process works, from designing to finished product. However, much of the business is learned outside of the classroom while working in the industry. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Anyone who is interested in starting a career in fashion should definitely have to have a passion for their work, clear goals and ideas about what they want to achieve, patience, determination and hard-work. Its a competitive, tough business but also rewarding! What would you like to see designer companies improve on? As designers ourselves, we would like to see other design companies work more on unique, individual ideas, as there is so much mass-marketing of similar designs. Fashion needs more of a personality! Where do you get your design inspiration? International Citizen finds design inspiration in all places and cultures. Some places include Thailand, Russia, China, Italy, Spain, India, among many others. International Citizen is not just another fashion label, it is a it is a lifestyle, it is a statement, it is a movement. International Citizen Design House [i.CTZN] is dedicated to promoting the power of universal oneness through unique mens and womens fashion. Inspired by international design details, i.CTZN offers distinctive style and high quality fashion products with a global concept. Now that you started your own line, Whats next?

i.CTZN is a lifestyle label, so now that we have a clothing collection, we would like to branch out into accessories for travel - luggage, accessories, shoes etc. theres no limit to incorporating our designs. We have received a lot of notices at the MAGIC, especially buyers from Europe, Asia Canada, we definitely see our lifestyle label being sold around the world. How do you like living in .......WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE - ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? Currently, Sheena is living in San Diego and Laura resides in San Francisco which makes doing business a little bit more of a challenge, therefore we will be moving to LA in the beginning of 2012 to pursue more opportunities with our business. What is the best perk in being a designer? The best part of being a designer is seeing our clothing come to life, from the initial concept sketches to the excitement of the clothing on the runways. We also love to create pieces that we would want to wear and are excited when others feel the same! What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? The most difficult part of running a business is dealing with all the various facets of it, from sourcing, production, sample reviews, marketing strategies, and the financial side of business. These are all things learned only from the experience of being in the fashion industry. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? From an outside perspective, the fashion industry looks very glamorous, but in reality its only 10% glamour and 90% hard work and determination - very challenging, but also rewarding.


What trends do you see being big for 2012? For trends in the coming 2012 year, we see interesting use of design details and accessories, more individuality. With fashion, its not a revolution, but an evolution of ideas...similar ideas but reworked with new textiles, mix of different silhouettes, and colors. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? Runway will be the first magazine that has been showcased in and we are definitely grateful for the support of emerging designers like ourselves - thank you!!!










Soham Dave
Soham Dave is an exquisite, exciting new eco-friendly label that creates urban silhouettes inspired by traditional crafts. Soham Dave works with local artisans in India to create a revolutionary highend fashion line that is Urban-forward using all biodegradable fabrics, natural dyes, recycled materials and hand crafts. Soham creates designs that feel contemporary, yet are rooted in tradition without losing the essence of the original inspiration. Every piece is specially handmade using the finest craftsmanship and design techniques, while remaining 100% eco-friendly. The Soham Dave line is also creating entrepreneurs by teaching local women artisans to work from home and do their own accounting, empowering them to create sustainable lives for themselves and their families.




Sorella Swim launched in July 2011. Jessica Petersen, founder and designer, is no newcomer to the fashion industry. After attending The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Jessica held many high profile design positions including designing private label baby and children collections for the Federated Merchandising Group and Disney, as well as ready-to-wear and swim for Torrid, the mall based plus size retailer. It was at Torrid that Jessica first felt a real sense of fulfillment and connection with the customer for whom she was designing. Jessicas insight, creativity and passion for design combined with the need for trendy full-figure fashion, sparked the development of Sorella Swim. Sorella Swim is the first luxury swimwear brand developed exclusively for the young, sexy, sophisticated, curvy woman. Sorella Swim prides itself on using only the highest quality fabrics and trims with specific focus on fit and figure flattering details. This key attention to detail combined with superb craftsmanship and design set Sorella Swim apart from all other full-figure swimwear brands. Sorella Swim is not trying to change or alter the curvy womans figure; the goal is to flatter the curvy womans figure so she feels sexy and chic with a brand she can call her own.



Sorella Swim

Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Yes, but i learned so much more on the job. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? You have to be tough as nails and dont give up this is one of the most demanding industries out there. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Body image.I would like to see designers start to design for various body types since the human race comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Where do you get your design inspiration? All over and anything ca inspire me, but a majority of my inspiration comes from seasonal Runway Shows and trends. Now that you started your own line, whats next? Market, market, market... The market thing that will make this a successful brands is by getting it out to the public and marketing it know. How do you like living in Los Angeles, CA? I love living in LA... It is a city with so many possibilities for young, eager designers. There are so many hidden gems if you search hard enough you might find them. What is the best perk in being a designer? What i love most about being a designer is creating pieces that

make woman look and feel fabulous about them-selves. For me, there is no other purpose. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Confidence. It is hard to look at my collection with 100% confidence that it will be accepted and loved by my customer. Its a risk every season and i pray for positive feedback. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? That everyday is not just designing with people tending to yourto your every need and Lavish parties with influential people.It is hard, hard work and uless you can take a beating and still push forward when people keep knocking you down this isnt the industry for you. What trends do you see being big for 2012? Athletic influence with fabrics & color blocking, 1950sfeminine shapes & laldy-like looks, and art deco patterns. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in? Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? Runway Magazine is not the only magazine i have been in, but the only magazine where i have been portrayed and supported as an emerging designer. I think the support the Runway Magazine provides for new, up and coming designers is very important and it is support like this that will make the industry thrive with young talent.



The House of Tammam

The House of Tammam, world renowned for its hand crafted couture evening and bridal designs, is the only eco-couture wedding expert invited to be at the Luxury Wedding Show London. Atelier Tammam creates bespoke, transformational, made to measure couture dresses for modern women who not only care about style, but also the world we live in. A trailblazer of the eco-luxury movement, all Tammam collections focus on the same important aspects of design, quality and sustainability. Working with exceptional fair trade producers in India and Nepal for over 6 years Tammam has a unique chain of manufacturers who have been trained, advised and collaborated with to create the coveted and impossible to replicate Tammam organic and peace silk gowns. All production is overseen by experienced expert in-house designers and traditional couturiers to ensure that the highest quality of craftsmanship and dedication is lovingly invested into every creation. With people understanding more about the environment and human and animal rights, Atelier Tammam appreciates that brides want to know that their dress has not been responsible for harming the planet, yet still must look incredible on their wedding day. Inspired by classic vintage cuts and modern architectural structures the gowns offer ultimate support and comfort with an ethereal air of lightness and grace. If you ever needed proof that the new wave of sustainable fashion can be stylish, beautiful and innovative, Tammam is it. Next season will see the launch of a bespoke lace service, designed to each brides personality, loves and desires and created by hand by dedicated craftspeople. With a rapidly growing following of celebrities and stylists Atelier Tammam is the new label to be seen in.




Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? I studied at Central Saint Martins in London, but I got my best experience working in the industry at classical tailors and couture houses. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Dont. Or at least be prepared to work very hard for a very long time but enjoy it. Its a really hard indus-


I love London. Id like to live in NY or LA. But my heart is already split between London and India What is the best perk in being a designer? Seeing people wearing my designs, knowing I have helped someone make their wedding day the most special day of their lives is wonderful. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own company versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Juggling all the different things that need to be done. What do you wish people would understand

try so you must love what you do. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Sustainability. Less use of animal products, especially fur and leather. Where do you get your design inspiration? Anywhere, the past, the future, dreams, architecture, nature mixing it all together to come back with something unique Now that you started your own line, Whats next? Keep going with it, get bigger How do you like living in .......London, IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? about working in the fashion industry? Its not as glamorous behind the scenes as it looks! What trends do you see being big for 2012? Lace for bridal gowns, structured garments. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in? Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? No, I have been featured in international fashion magazines. Yes!



2 - How Hollywoods Mae West (5 feet) looked tall: Custom platform performance shoes (10) c. 1950-59 Description:Leather and silvered leather 3 - How Hollywoods Mae West (5 feet) looked tall: Custom platform shoes (9.5) c. 1945-50 Description:Pepenie Custom Made, printed cotton and leather platform shoes 4 - Ball Gown, Paris, France, c. 1854-56 Description:Silk jacquard taffeta, silk taffeta, silk ribbon, silk tulle and silk lace Headdress (France), c. 1855-60 Description:Silvered paper and wire

1 1 - Miniature Corset, France, 1890s Description:Silk satin, silk ribbon, cotton embroidery floss and cotton netting

A Museum Exhibition Showcasing

Over 200 Years of Fashion History: 1800 2010 Ten Years of FIDM Museum Acquisitions: 2000 2010



1 - Austrian Composer, Johann Hummels Court Suit, c. 1810-14. Description: Silk velvet, faille, embroidery floss, gold and silver embroidery purl and frieze, rhinestones and metal sequins. 2 - By designer Redfern, 1907, Court Gown & Train for Ann Bloomfield Gamble Post Description: Silk and lame brocade, silk satin, metallic lace, metallic cording, glass and metal beads, sequins, rhinestones and shell cameos. 3 - By designer Rudi Gernreich, Tunic and Hat, Fall/Winter 1967-68 Tunic Description: Wool jersey tunic Hat Description: Layne Nielson for Rudi Gernreich; wool jersey and buckram Note: The FIDM Museum Collection holds the Rudi Gernreich Archive. 4 - By designer Alexander McQueen, Peacock Dress, Fall/Winter 2008-09 Description: Silk organza, silk tulle & silk lace 5 - Austrian Composer, Joseph Haydns, Walking Stick, c. 1800 Description: Rosewood, ivory and metal 2



1 - French evening gown, 1845-46, iridescent silk taffeta, (other featured designs in background), featured in Fabulous!, an exhibition of 200 years of fashion history, 1800 2010 in the FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California. Visitors can view more than 200 historical objects: royal and court costumes, fashions, accessories, jewelry, textiles, and historic documents. This free exhibition will run from Tuesday, September 13th - Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Museum hours: 10-4 p.m., Tuesday- Saturday. Closed Sunday/Monday. 2 - European day gown, 1835, silk taffeta, (other featured designs in background), featured in Fabulous!, an exhibition of 200 years of fashion history, 1800 2010 in the FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California. Visitors can view more than 200 historical objects: royal and court costumes, fashions, accessories, jewelry, textiles, and historic documents. This free exhibition will run from Tuesday, September 13th - Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Museum hours: 10-4 p.m., Tuesday- Saturday. Closed Sunday/Monday. 3 - Wedding gown by Monique Lhuillier*, 2006, silk satin, featured in Fabulous!, an exhibition of 200 years of fashion history, 1800 2010 in the FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California. Visitors can view more than 200 historical objects: royal and court costumes, fashions, accessories, jewelry, textiles, and historic documents. This free exhibition will run from Tuesday, September 13th - Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Museum hours: 10-4 p.m., Tuesday- Saturday. Closed Sunday/Monday. *Monique Lhuillier is a Fashion Design alum from FIDM. Gown is a gift from Ms. Lhuillier.



1 - A lithograph likeness of Austrian composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel, a lock of his hair, June 1831, and handwritten music folio, 1800-20, featured in Fabulous!, an exhibition of 200 years of fashion history, 1800 2010 in the FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California. Visitors can view more than 200 historical objects: royal and court costumes, fashions, accessories, jewelry, textiles, and historic documents. This free exhibition will run from Tuesday, September 13th - Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Museum hours: 10-4 p.m., Tuesday- Saturday. Closed Sunday/Monday. 2 - A glimpse of the exhibition Fabulous!, featuring 200 years of fashion history, 1800 2010 in the FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California. Visitors can view more than 200 historical objects: royal and court costumes, fashions, accessories, jewelry, textiles, and historic documents. This free exhibition will run from Tuesday, September 13th - Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Museum hours: 10-4 p.m., Tuesday- Saturday. Closed Sunday/Monday. 3 - A glimpse of the exhibition Fabulous!, featuring 200 years of fashion history, 1800 2010 in the FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California. Visitors can view more than 200 historical objects: royal and court costumes, fashions, accessories, jewelry, textiles, and historic documents. This free exhibition will run from Tuesday, September 13th - Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Museum hours: 10-4 p.m., Tuesday- Saturday. Closed Sunday/Monday.



4 1 - By designer Halston with textile by artist Andy Warhol, Evening Dress, 1974 Description: Printed silk jersey 2 - By designer Carolina Herrera, Evening Dress, 1988 Description: Silk taffeta & plastic paillettes 3 - Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel evening jacket, Spring/Summer 1991, silk Lycra, polyester grosgrain ribbon & plastic sequins (other featured designs in background), featured in Fabulous!, an exhibition of 200 years of fashion history, 1800 2010 in the FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California. Visitors can view more than 200 historical objects: royal and court costumes, fashions, accessories, jewelry, textiles, and historic documents. This free exhibition will run from Tuesday, September 13th - Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Museum hours: 10-4 p.m., Tuesday- Saturday. Closed Sunday/Monday. 4 - By designer Gianni Versace, Mens and Womens ensembles, c. 1994 Mens Ensemble: Shirt Description: Silk twill and metal buttons Pants, Belt and Shoes Description: Leather and metal studs Watch Fob Description: Metal and rubber Wallet Chain Description: Leather and metal Womens Ensemble from Spring/Summer 1994: Jacket, Skirt and Belt and Purse Description: Leather and metal safety pins



Avni Trivedi

Born and raised in India, Avnis designer Avni Trivedi spent her formative years immersed in the rich history, vibrant fashion and beautiful art of Indian culture. From a young age, the crafts of local artisans fascinated Trivedi, who fell in love with the handmade fabrics she scouted out at artisan fairs in the villages of Gujarat. As she learned commerce from her grandfather, who headed a textile research unit, and ingenuity from her mother, a successful entrepreneur in Indias fashion industry, the young Trivedi began designing clothes from local handmade fabrics as a hobby. The designer continued pursuing that hobby as she studied business, relocated to the United States, and spent five years working for large corporations. In 2010, the Boston-based Trivedi decided to abandon the corporate world in order to bring forth her dream, the Avni fashion brand. With Avni, Trivedi blends her Eastern heritage with her Western urban aesthetic to create a contemporary cultural connection for women. Each collection is marked by the designers signature elegant, wearable silhouettes crafted from those unique, luscious fabrics that are all hand-made by artisans in the small villages of India.




Did you receive a formal education? Yes, but not in fashion. I majored in finance in India at the University of Mumbai, as well as in the United States at the University of Minnesota. I worked in the corporate world for a while before I realized my passion for the fashion industry. I took a few construction, design, and pattern making classes, but I am mostly self-taught. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Be ready for a rough road, you will need conviction. This is a business, creativity is not enough. Contact people in the industry and get mentors who can help you see different angles, like marketing and finance. All these things are extremely important in becoming successful. If you have the confidence and passion, believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? I would like to see designer companies be more conscious of their supply chain, where their fabrics are coming from. Where do you get your design inspiration? There are three things that inspire me: culture, music, and people. I am very inspired by folk and artisan culture, including traditional garments and jewelry. I love to travel and have enjoyed observing cultural nuances in rural India, Egypt, South Korea, China, Japan, and Turkey, to name a few. Music has always been a driving force for my imagination and helps me formulate the look and feel of every collection. Last, but not the least, is my inspiration from people. I like to bring out various characteristics of women in my designs. Warrior Queen was inspired by the contrasting aspects of a womans personality, the sweet and spice that makes each woman unique, strong, and passionate. Midsummer Nights Dream is about expressing the hidden mysteries within each woman. With this collection, I have created an image of an ethereal, fairy-like character that exudes impalpable energy and celestial aura. Now that you started you own line, whats next? I have thought of expanding from womens clothing to include mens, childrens, as well as jewelry. My vision is to create a global brand that covers all aspects of fashion and home dcor.

How do you like living in Boston? Are you going to make a move to LA or New York? I love living in Boston. I love the history, the people, and surprisingly, I love the snow. In the near future, Id like to see the Avni company have bi-coastal representation with offices in Boston and maybe San Francisco or Los Angeles. What is the best thing about being a designer? The best thing about being a designer is seeing your dream and vision come to fruition. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own company versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Finance and cash flow is always a difficult aspect of running your own company. There are always difficulties, its the way you handle these difficulties is what is most important. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? I wish people would understand that the fashion industry is not your normal 9 to 5 job. It takes dedication and commitment. If you want your brand to succeed, you need to live it 24/7. You cant clock out. What trends do you see being big for 2012? I believe more designers will begin or continue to use eco-friendly fabrics and means of production. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine youve been in? Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? I was also featured in Southern New England Livings annual print edition, along with several other designers focusing on StyleWeek Providence. I have also been featured in several online magazines and local Boston magazines, but Runway Magazine is our first national magazine exposure and we couldnt be more excited and grateful for this opportunity. Runway Magazines support for emerging designers is so very important. Nanette Lepore, Issey Miyake, Diane von Furstenberg. They were all emerging designers at one point in time and without support from their families, friends, and communities, they wouldnt be the brands they are today. Just think, todays emerging designer is tomorrows Coco Chanel.




Eleonora Genieve de Gray Paris Fashion Award

Eleonora Genieve de Gray started to work in fashion industry like a model since her 16, had successful career in New York. She was face of many perfume and cosmetic companies, she had many editorials in American and European magazines, she has walked runway of many top designers. Many fashion photographer after 10 years still remember her and work with her until today. And it is her glorious past. For last five years after her successful modeling career she continues to work in fashion like public relation, communication, organizer of fashion shows and events. She is founder of Paris Fashion Academy Award in partnership with Marquise Events and Michel Soyer, partner in organization of Gothenburg Fashion Week with Mats Owe Pee-

tersson and Charlotta Brynger. During last four years Eleonora published many articles and took care about fashion editorials for magazines in New York, Miami Beach, Tokyo, London and Paris. Two years ago she took position of fashion editor in American magazines: FVM Global Magazine (California), Mode Life Style Magazine and TV Channel (Florida). Countless number of brilliant articles and broadcasts she has done for past two years in this field. Last year Runway Magazine welcomed her as new art director. One more step in her career, and she considered it as an honor and great privilege to be part of the team, to be part of the Runway family. In this quick review we can see her social achievements but we dont



see the person. And Id love to describe it. She radiates that kind of magic which lasts forever in your heart since the first time you meet her. Eleonora surrounded by the most creative and brilliant businessmen, entrepreneurs, fashion designers and artists world over. The creativity is the quality she values the most. She is a well known socialite in Europe and United States, you can meet her at famous Parisian balls, aristocracy gatherings in Geneva, fashion shows in Paris New York and Milan, private fashion parties in Paris, fancy polo games in London, Rolex Regattas in Capri. She is everywhere, she knows everybody, or even everybody knows her, its her... fascinating, Ive heard a lot about her, she is great - what you can always hear behind her back. And Ive heard it so many times when accompanied her at some parties. Ive heard serenades of adoration from people I know and from people I recently cross, I read it in the magazines or blogs I see in the stores or online. And when I say it to her she just smiles like little shy girl and answers:well... I dont know. I love them too. It is mutual, you know. She is known and she is loved. Her name began to circulate among

the great names in fashion. Secret of her success it is not only beauty and classy appearance but also intelligence, her great communication skills, her strong professional organizing skills, her multiplied talents in different fields, her will to accomplish everything. Everything is possible with small dedicated group, - she says. Eleonora is very proud of her team, considers it like her greatest achievement in her business. Every time she speaks about her team she speaks with love, like about the most professional and the most great dedicated group of people capable for everything. And from my point of view the most powerful her business skill is great love and kindness to people. I rarely see people who gives so much attention to others. And it is not a superficial way to call many people she knows darling. She means it. Everybody is dear to her and have her deep appreciation. Her business partners, clients, sponsors, investors, her editors-in-chiefs, people she interacts in business - all become her friends. That is the way Eleonora does her business she creates it like the world based on love. Thats why she became an inspiration for many artists and fashion desi

Photography Photographer : Soktha Assistant : Stanislas Gazeaud Styliste : Irma Birka Assistant : Julie Allard et Nolita Hair : Jean-Luc Amarin c/o Airport Make up : Claudia c/o Aurelien Jacket : Dsquared Blouse : Givenchy Skirt : Alexandre McQueen stockings : Fogal Shoes : Vivenne Westwood scarf belt : Christian Dior



gners: they paint her, they create dresses for her, they give her name to the collections, they give dinners in her honor - you name it. There is nothing more fashion than to love others, - is her motto. She is like an open source of great creativity herself: she gives her love and business support to many people she deeply adores, she writes articles about them, gives them promotion trough many media sources and her personal connections, she organizes many promotional profitable events and trade-shows. It is not really a business way to be, like many of us may consider to choose the partners and clients by heart, like we choose our friends, but that is the way she does. It is the world I love to live in, surrounded by beautiful and creative people, she says. And she does not consider herself like a business woman. But then she gives all time to her company, her employers who deeply adore her, her clients, her partners, sponsors and investors, her magazines and TV Channels, her events... or everything shes trying to accomplish in business. There is always my way or my way - she always says with smile about everything she does. By this strong will she organized four

years ago first edition of Paris Fashion Academy Award annual fashion award ceremony in Paris. This event hosted at the most famous social event in Paris - Le Bal de Paris in partnership with Michel Soyer, under high patronage of French Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand. Every year she invites in jury the most famous fashion Parisian designers like Pierre Cardin and Jean Claude Jitrois, fashion editors of leading magazines and TV channels. Right now she does this event annually, and she organizes twice a year a fashion show for international designers during Haute Couture fashion week. Also shes working on organization of Gothenburg Fashion Week with Mats Owe Peetersson and Charlotta Brynger. And theres always great fashion designers from other countries who needs her care and organization during Pret-a-porter fashion weeks. And shes always broadcasting from every fashion week, picking up the greatest ones. Theres so many projects ahead shes able to accomplish with great love to people and everything she does.

Photography Photographer : Soktha Assistant : Stanislas Gazeaud Styliste : Irma Birka Assistant : Julie Allard et Nolita Hair : Jean-Luc Amarin c/o Airport Make up : Claudia c/o Aurelien Dress : Cloe Stockings : Wolford Shoes : Paule Ka



Photography Credits for two these pages: photographer : Soktha assistant : Stanislas Gazeaud stylist : Eva Izambard hair: Florianne De Fleury make up : Mayu Dress : PACO RABANNE Shoes : EMILIO PUCCI model5.jpg Dress : SWAROSKI Shoes : EMILIO PUCCI



Broadcasting for Mode Life Style TV from Vogue Night Out



Paris Fashion Academy Award show, designer Inesa Parfenii

Paris Fashion Academy Award show, designer Michel Dupre , brand Santabarbara

Fashion show in Cercle de lUnion Interalliee, fashion designer Claudine Ivari

Paris Fashion Academy Award show, Dutch artist Ton Pret

Paris Fashion Academy Award show, designer Ade Bakare

Fashion show in Cercle de lUnion Interalliee



Venetian Ball in Salon Opera in Grand Intercontinental Hotel by Maria-Elena de Saint Didier

with Barbara Bui

Paris Fashion Academy show at Le Bal de Paris

with Francois Girbaud




Interview for Moon One TV with Franck Clere

with Franck Clere, fashion editor and host of Moon One TV

with Kenzo Takada, founder of fashion house Kenzo

with Daniel Tribouillard, founder of fashion house Leonard

at Kenzo Takada exhibition

with Jean Charles de Castelbajac



with Lady Nancy Chopard, founder of House Chopard

with Michel Soyer (Marquise Events) and Thierry Prouvost (Pour vous, les Princes)

with Jean-Claude Jitrois

with Stephan Caras, founder of Canadian fashion house Stephan Caras and his son Kyriako Caras

with designer Yassen Samouilov (Haute Couture house On Aura Tout Vu)



with Marcel Marongiu (house Guy Laroche)

portrait by Parisian Haute Couutre fashion designer Nithaya Somsanith http://www.

Interview for France 2 TV with Yassen Samouilov (On Aura Tout Vu) and Franck Clere (fashion editor and host of Moon One TV) Jean Claude Coudiniac Photographers: Pierre-Yves Le Strat Lionel Roy Herman van Gestel Laurent Benhamou Christian Tarro Toma Christophe Pau


with Pascal Dupoy, fashion photographer Isshogai, designer Christian Lagerwaard, blogger Ichrak Baffoun and fashion editor and host of Moon One TV Franck Clere

with Franck Clere, fashion editor and host of Moon One TV, and Dutch fashion designer Christian Lagerwaard


Van Markoviec
tainable clothing line for women together with an original approach towards timing. We believe in time and style relativity and do not use any year reference to define our collections, using numbers instead. The annual collections, with a common inspiration and mood board offer seasonal sets of cohesive, yet comprehensive, styles that can be mixed and matched across the seasons. Applying Slow Fashion principals, we have up to now created a catalogue of over 100 unique designs, which are continuously available for retailers and private costumers. VMs latest collection N5 is in the currently under the spotlight of catwalk shows as well as the RUNWAY MAGAZINE Van Markoviec style specific, cutting edge and trend setting line for sophisticated and demanding fashion consumer; VM RE-wear - line based on unique approach towards recycling, for innovative and creative fashion consumer Kasia as the head designer brings the main drive, concept development and creative vision of the brand. Kasia studied fashion design at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland) and collected her experience by doing internships and working in Poland and in Denmark. Since 2000 Kasia has developed new fashion designs for celebrities, fashion companies and private costumers.

Van Markoviec (VM) started in 2005 as a dream of two girls. Believing that language of fashion is cosmopolitan the two founders: Kasia (fashion designer ) and Zuzia environmental science specialist presently an independent researcher) moved from Poland to the Netherlands with a strong vision of creating a fashion brand that sustains biodiversity and doesnt contribute to jeopardizing the equilibrium of our planet. VM started to be recognizable among professionals by participating in individual, collective and trade shows in major fashion cities including Amsterdam, Arnhem, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, New York, Hong Kong, Basel and Geneva Van Markoviec offers contemporary, high quality and sus-




What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Be aware its not an easy job it takes a lot of commitment, requires deep selfconfidence, trust in your own vision and resistance to criticism. Most important is to know what you have to offer and what are your strengths/weaknesses train yourself continuously and improve. Stay open and sensitive for inspirations and honest in your expression. Afterwards your five minutes under the spotlight of catwalk show will enormously reward all sweat, blood and tears youve experienced while making your collection. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? I wish to see designer companies improve on sustainability issues. I wish they would give a thought and concern to what impact their activities have on biodiversity. I would like to provoke people from fashion industry to answer themselves a questions: WHY do they do their things every day whats the deeper meaning behind their work (excluding earning money it shouldnt be a reference on passion & vision driven level); HOW they do it what could be improved in this phase to support ethical production; WHAT comes in fact as last as blended reflection of values, principals and esthetical ambience of creative team. Where do you get your design inspiration? Inspiration is a moment of enlightenment! Supreme feeling of clear direction or drive. It can appear anytime, anywhere! Often it comes unannounced and stays for few seconds that feels as a life time. Where it comes from I dont know I just try to make space in my head for it by reading different books, listening to different music, observing and listening to people, talking to the stranger on the street for a while, working as volunteer at the horse stud for few hours per week

Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Yes, Ive received a formal education at Academy f ne rts, ashion esign epartment. o fi A f d d It made me define myself as an artist, provoked to step out of the safety zone by working with unconventional tasks /materials - and helped me to search for my creative DNA. I think however it didnt prepared me for working in the industry. What did? Internships! you can truly learn this profession only in real environment of fashion company, at the back stage and in the sampling room!

Now that you started your own line, Whats next? It takes much more than just to start. VM exist for six years so far and after a long time of the seed phase (devoted to the R&D activities) it just recently becomes a little plant! I want to take a good care of it and expand organically. Next to the core Van Markoviec line and recently introduced VM RE-wear line, I aim at menswear line as well. Its Challenging, but very exciting plan for me! How do you like living in ARNHEM WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE IN - ADD HERE ,IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? I enjoy living in Arnhem. Its a middle-size Dutch city located an hour drive from Amsterdam. It offers a great range of cultural, inspiring and stimulating places, initiatives and people together with major recognition on the




fashion scene /European at least?/ due to its famous fashion school ARTEZ. Contrary to Adam its free from wild crowds of tourists that makes life in wonderful Amsterdam a bit overwhelming! I guess I wont make a move to LA or NY, but I never say never :] I use to live in Copenhagen/ Denmark and I adore this city, I have a lot friends there and love to be there as often as possible. If I make a next big step concerning change of the location I think I would choose one of the Asian countries. What is the best thing about being a designer? I would prefer to define most significant thing about being designer, if its best depends, sometimes blessing can become curse For me it is INTESITY of this work, passionate flow of creation and received attention after delivering good collection. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own company versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Most difficult aspect of running your own company especially if there is limited budget and you cant effort to hire whole professional team at once is to handle all non- creative tasks. I had to become familiar with many business rules and entrepreneurial responsibilities. This is however a precious knowledge that enables me to be a good manager and conscious leader. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? I wish people would understand that every single piece of garment they eventually buy and use take a lot of attention, effort and work of people from around the globe. From a fabric production, designing phase, manufacturing to the shop is a long way. I want to make people aware that the use and disposal phase is in their hands. People tend to wash their garments more often than needed, at too high tempera-

tures (including the use of high-energy consuming dryers) and overdose with detergents. This all has a significant impact on the global environment by consuming unnecessary amounts of water and energy. Van Markoviec aims to increase awareness on how to treat garments in a responsible way by giving extended wash care instructions with every garment and providing an informative guide on our website. In addition we involve our clients in closing the loop of the product lifecycle by suggesting donations of no-longer used garments to recycling companies, or other people who might need it more than we think. What trends do you see being big for 2012? There is a growing desire among consumers to be innovative, unique and creative and to surround themselves with quality goods instead of mass, short-lasting and unhealthy products . I think this is an indication of growing trend for holistic eco fashion (people, planet, profit) in the coming years. As to the aesthetics I think designers dont want any more to refer to the past decades and inspirations taken from last century. We are all longing for innovation, refreshment and novelty. This will result in new surprising and conceptual shapes and fabric choices. In the colour trend there is a lot of light and vividness. Yellow is a rising star that will ground its position in the coming seasons. It was so far perceived as a very difficult colour and was avoided for a long time. VM propose this colour since collection # 3 and Im happy to see how it gains more and more appreciation. If we look back wards it took pink 15 years to change its status from childish, naive Barbie position and to become main stream and desirable tone available on everything , including menswear! GO YELLOW!! Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in? Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important?

Along the way VM received attention from different magazines due to our unique combination of contemporary fashion DNA with our deep knowledge of sustainability issues. Van Markoviec is an inspirational guide that can lead its clients towards sustaining biodiversity without compromising their aesthetic values together with building awareness that luxury fashion can also be sustainable. We wouldnt be able to spread this message without support and spotlight of magazines like RUNWAY! Its great and respected platform and effective channel to communicate inspiring stories of emerging designers like VM! Thank you!



Anh Volcek
Born at sea, Anh Volcek grew up as a Danish citizen in Quebec City and Montreal where she fell in love with fashion with a European flair. In Paris, Ms Volcek fine tuned her design knowledge while working for couture houses such as Koji Tatsuno and then for Lapidus. After graduating with honors and winning a gold thimble in 1998 from Parsons School of Design, she began designing costumes for modern dancers in NYC with InMixedCompany. Following a career in large US firms in New York and California such as Calvin Klein, Nautica and Gap, Inc, Anh Volcek set forth to establish her own company in 2009. Working bi-coastally between LA and New York, Anh spends her downtime soaking rays on the beach. She created Lune [loon], a collection that combines European knowledge with updated American lines for a more modern appeal. Accessories were added in 2011 called Love Lune. Anh Volceks work stands out with her unique specialty in working with plastic and glass creating couture for the modern woman. Anh Volcek has been featured in, Riviera OC magazine, 944s top 9 picks, Showcaseme and in The Fashion District of LA spotlight. The designer counts an eclectic group of fans from electro hiphop artist Lady Tigra, music artists Luna J, Lara Johnston, Meeghan Henry, actress Vanessa Simmons and elite socialites.



Did you receive a formal education? I graduated with honors from Parsons School of Design in NY and won a Gold thimble award for design excellence. My grandmother was a fashion designer so I think I it was just in my blood. Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? I did a school year abroad in Paris and was able to work at 2 small couture houses there. It was a wonderful experience of being creative but when I got back to New York, the head hunters did not feel that my work experience there was relevant. After working at large corporations like Calvin Klein, Nautica, and Gap, Inc., I understood the head hunters reasoning. It wasnt about creating beautiful art anymore but calculating each component of the garment when designing. The process was the same in each company but the cost of materials was different. Understanding garment construction is important. The rest, I learned on the job like color lab dips, garment washing, etc. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Interning while at school is the best way to get into a company. It gives you a head start when you graduate. Designers in large

companies usually specialize in categories like denim or sweaters. In a smaller company, you have to wear more hats and could learn more. It depends if your goal is to learn the business and make connections to launch your own line or to thrive in a corporate world and be SVP or President of a large company one day. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? The larger the company, the slower they move. Trying to get approval on increasing the waist of a jean by on one of the denim fits could take months to get all the heads together in one time slot. It had to pass each level before getting to the President. I once spent an hour talking about which shade of khaki was better on a short that made 25 million each year. No one wanted to take responsibility. It can get frustrating. Some companies blame the designers when sales start to slow and clean house. Getting promoted in some companies is tough and they value fresh blood. So, designers often have to jump jobs to get ahead. Big names are respected but pay the least. It does pay off in the end because its easier to go from designer clothing to a mass market job than the reverse. People may not think you have the right taste level if you worked at Sears then

plied to Polo. They would probably prefer someone who worked at Burberry to apply. I wouldnt look down at Sears though because chances are the salaries are much higher there than at a small company. Where do you get your design inspiration? I often pull my inspiration from my life to start as a concept. My Spring 2012 collection was taken from the translation of my formal name which means, Shining Light. I used reflective materials or fabrics that changed with the light. The silhouettes were exaggerated and there were repetitions of motifs to symbolize reflections. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? Marketing and Sales are my 2 key focuses. You can have a great design but no one may now about it. Each season, I meet up with stylists and magazine editors to show the line and hope that it will make it into one of their stories or editorials. If you have a big budget, having a great PR company with connections will get you there. Im selffinanced so I have to work harder and be creative on cutting corners where I can. Having my own e-shop is great because I can ship directly to the customer and not deal with store buyers.




How do you like living in .......La Jolla, CA? I moved for the age old reasonfor love. I drive to LA to see my sales rep, to do events like fashion week and to find fabrics. I fly to NY for press. With the internet and shipping services, you can design from almost anywhere. I have a small sample room here that is less expensive than the ones in LA. IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? Whenever I go back to New York, I do miss the energy there. Everything is there but I was tired of the crazy rent. I used to pay 4k a month for a 2 bedroom apartment. I believe the same apartment is $5500 now. I was just burning money. Sure, you can save and share space or live outside the city but I was working long hours and wanted to be close to work. As for today, I am open to moving to LA. It would be easier than living where I am now since driving there can be from 2-5 hours depending on traffic. LA has some of the worst traffic. I normally plan my meetings based on how long it takes to get from a to b. Thankfully I drive a fun sporty vintage Porsche. What is the best perk in being a designer? In large companies, I used to travel to wonderful places like Stockholm, Paris, London, and Tokyo to look

and buy the latest trends. I traveled to places like Guatemala, Bangladesh and China to develop the collection. With a tougher economy, travel budgets get cut unfortunately. I loved to travel. At one job, I was gone 3 of 4 weeks a month. Lately, I had a hard time finding the right accessories for my fashion shoots so I started to make my own. People seem to be responding to them so I designed all of my Spring 2012 accessories. Im working on a bag prototype right now. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Without a large financial backer, I have to count each penny and figure out the maximum use of each dollar spent. I used to have a road rep and have tried different showrooms. Beware of people willing to take advantage of you. Im not represented by the prestigious La Maison de Fashion where top celebs and music artists find little treasures to signature pieces. I work all the time. Work doesnt finish at 5 nor weekends. I feel guilty about taking time off but everyone needs a vacation time to time to re-charge. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion

industry? Beware of corruption and people taking advantage of you. Big corporations will charge you back for just putting a box label an inch off regulation. Some stores will delay when they settle their accounts and in a bad economy could declare bankruptcy and you dont get paid at all. I was a victim of an organization which took my money for a fashion show and cancelled it without refunding me. What trends do you see being big for 2012? I usually dont follow trends. Ive always been a sort of social outcast and followed my own beat. Looking at the press, Im excited that color and metallics are in for Spring 2012. Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? We also have very affordable rates for designers look books!! Ive been blessed with getting some editorials when I hired a publicist to kick start the line. Now, I do my marketing work and its a full time job in itself. Runway Magazine is a great publication and its an honor to be featured in it!





The Venetian Ball

in Paris
Work of The Holy Angels Baroness Maria-Elena de Saint Didier under the order of the Golden Calotte of the Salon Opera in Grand Intercontinental Hotel, gathered friends and benefactors from the association Work of The Holy Angels for one of the most beautiful event of the year the Venetian Ball. This annual Venitian Ball is the redevous for elegant aristocratic families and the most illustrious Haute couture and Opera costume designers who are not only au redevous but surpass expectations, with their creativity and an imagination that seems to have no frontiers. Elegantly demonstrated by Lady Davidson Duchess of Harley whos shares with us a bit of humor and cleverly integrates the Harley Davidson style and branding into her XVII century costume. Leaving the Duchess of Harleys chromed motorcycle world we encounter a lady wearing a hat decorated with Marie Antoinettes garden in miniature; or the ethereal with a pair of birds accompanied by two cavaliers dressed in traditional costume from the XVII century who befuddle their entourage with the magic of their blooming embroideries. Even the Doge of Venice would have been impressed and under the spell of the Venetian charm present at this 2012 Edition of Pariss prestigious Venetian Ball or dare we say Carnival. The Ball was warmly hosted by Intercontinental Le Grand Hotel in the heart of their sumptuous and richly decorated Empire style Opera Ball Room. This Empire style decor was borne from Napoleons love of grandeur. This Ball Room gave the needed touch of splendor, magic and authenticity to Baroness Maria Elenas annual Venetian ball. The tradition of the Venetian Ball is that of carnival with fantastic behavior from the commedia dellarte characters. The first traces of carnival appeared at the end of the XIth century (1094), when Doge Vitale Falier authorized the peo-

Sylvie Motte Lady Davidson duchess of Harley (designer Jacky Blanchard)

Baroness Maria-Elena De Saint Didier and Claude Le Louarne

Edouard Marteau dAutry and Haute Couture designer Martin dAutry

ple to give vent to their amusements and festivities.Semel anno licet (once a year is allowed to be mad). Carnival masks were designed to hide identity,social status, enabled its wearer to unleash the most eccentric of eccentricities and to manifest unbridled licentiousness for which Casanova was the most illustrious representative. It is not only food that is consumed from behind these masks but flesh also, as flesh is no longer subject to the compliance with virtue. The Work of The Holy Angels has done its magic in Paris yet again and this year we leave you with the images of Unicorn, Toreador and Prince Charming in the grandeur of this truly splendid venue where once upon a time we all had great chance to waltz the magic of Parisian night. Eleonora De Grey

Eleonora de Gray and Costume Designer Caroline Barral



Le Bal de Paris
The XIVth BAL DE PARIS took place on Saturday 3rd December 2011 in Paris at the Automobile-Club de France. It puts together about 500 participants coming from business, politics, arts, media, cinema and fashion, for a week-end of encounters and happy time. Le Bal de Paris year after year has become the place-to-be of a very active international community, taking advantage of its fame in many countries, and its promotion of the Parisian culture and art, a city it has been bearing the name for over a decade. Its participants come from about thirty countries, from Western and Eastern Europe, USA and Canada, Latin America, Russia or Japan. This event is traditionally covered by the international press and televisions. It welcomes every year is a country of Honor, such as for the last editions Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Canada, Poland, South-Africa, Croatia. It was founded and is still chaired by Michel Soyer and Her Highness Rixa Herzogin von Oldenburg, and is now run by an International Committee, and Young Committee chaired by Jean-Sebastien Robine. It has corresponding coordinator offices in major countries. Before midnight the all magic started. Paris by night is enchanted world, like ones again Woody Allen showed us in his last movie. Inspiration and fantasy meld under mask and cloak where nobles dance in the Faerie Court and legends take precious breath. Here is where our dreams are born. A night of fantasy in the dreaming realms of Faerie and beyond the realms of the Luis XIV. Solar assembly and grace of gods Duchess Rixa von Oldenburg turned this night into magnificent fiery in honor of true European Royal families. This is event is constantly organized to the benefit of a cultural organization in close connection with the guest-country with auctions and direct donations. It has promoted the following organizations: Amade France, Institut de Recherche sur la Moganizationslle Epinire, Institut Pasteur, Princess Grace Irish Library, Mission Enfance, Ordre des Saints Maurice et Lazare, Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund, Hanusia France-Ukraine, Ordre Constantinien de Saint-Georges, Jeunes JEcoute, Mission East, Ordre de Malte, France Louisiane, Tereza Maxova Foundation, King Hussein Foundation, Association Europenne de Saint-Vladimir, Ireland Fund France, Care, les Petits Cracks, A Chacun Son Everest, Croix-Rouge Franaise, Unicef, Perce-Neige, Mcnat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Institut de la Maison Royale de France, Centre dActivit Princesse Stphanie, France-Bulgarie, Centre Culturel Roumain, BabyCraddle, the Saby Foundation, Innocence en Danger, La Voix de lEnfant. Le Bal de Paris partnership : Cartier, Dior, Fred, Christofle, Carven, Maxims, Ruinart, Alexandre Zouari, Nestl, Lancel, Bulgari, Mellerio dit Meller, Pernod Ricard, Royal Monceau, Le Ritz Paris, Martell, Cassegrain, Parfums Dali, Nemiroff, Burberry, Deutz, Thomas Pink, Ichtys, Bugatti, Guards Polo Club, Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, Alexandre de Paris, Lucie Saint-Clair, Jeager Le Coultre, Laurent Perrier, Perrier-Jout, Swarovski, Mont Blanc, Rena Lange, Davidoff, Escada, Elizabeth Arden, Maison du Chocolat, Chaumet, Boucheron, Sofitel, Plaza Athne, Dovgan, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Jamesons, Europcar, Armani, Francois Berthelin, Vicomte A, Kusmi Tea, Decleor, Carita, Allard, Blancpain, Ferragamo, Gerstner, Azzaro, Holland & Holland, Aer Lingus, Baileys, Comit Vendme, Pascal Morabito, Adidas, Frescobaldi, Mauboussin, Valentino, PMU, Breguet, Vini Cultura Austriae, Cdim, Ted Couture, Cadillac, Club Airways, Ozon, Loher, Valentino, Cenor Management, Jean-Pierre Lpine, Nu Skin, Kazakh Kaviar, Philippe Tournaire, Titra Films, Paris Abu-Dhabi Art Gallery, Minapoe, Total, Safran, Petrossian, Mods Hair, Elite Connexion, Nester, Purrose, Italie-France, Animal Art, Moretti-Moretti Art Gallery, Ritz Paris, Maxims, Waldimir Reine Exec Car, Hansalux, Fouquets Barrire.

Michel Soyer, Princess Anne de Bourbon-Siciles, Alex Ursulet

Duchess Rixa von Oldenburg, Michel Soyer

Sylvie Le Louarn

Jean-Daniel Lorieux and Laura Restelli

Galerie La Fayette presentation

Duchess Rixa von Oldenburg





Did you receive a formal education? If so do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? I have a B.S. in fashion design from the University of Texas. After moving to Los Angeles, I started working as petite model doing fashion shows and print work. Not only did I have my degree, I was also meeting with designers at Tadashi, with Bob Mackie himself and with fashion critic Mr. Blackwell. It was an easy transition for me to segue into jewelry design; as an artist, my partner, Marys work has included designing clothes and winning an award for her graphic designs. After working in the beauty industry for 15 years and having a family, she joined me at Bijoutiere. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? Schooling is important! It helps open doors and give you a foundation to build on. Id also advise anyone starting out to find a mentorsomeone who can give guidance and support and cheer you on during tough times. Theres no better experience than working as an intern for a designer in their studio or with a costume designer on a film set; itll teach you so much and is a great way to get your foot in the door. What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Actually, Ive seen major positive shifts over the past 20 years with designers focusing on every body type As a petite at 55, I always had to alter my clothing. Now most lines have petite as well as plus sizes. Where do you get your design inspiration? Life! No, really Im always designing in my head. Im inspired so much from the world around me. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? Mary and I love designing jewelry and

are considering expanding into other accessories. We designed the jewelry for the feature film Elle, A Modern Cinderella Tale, which won Best Family Film of 2010 at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Rarely are jewelry designers on set and accessorizing a scene is sometimes done last minute. The directors, Sean and John Dunson, said it truly made a difference in the final product. We just had a blast working alongside the costume designer! Wed really love to do more film and expand further into the entertainment industry. In addition to our online store, our ultimate goal is to have our own boutique where we can design and show our jewelry in one location. How do you like living in .......WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE - ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? I live in Lake Balboa and Mary lives in Sherman Oaks. Yes, were valley girls, and we love LA!! I miss my family back in New Orleans, but I dont see myself moving back. Texas-born and Oregon raised, Mary goes home to see family and friends regularly. Of course the SoCal sun always brings her back though! Its hard not to be inspired by the natural beauty of Los Angeles. I cant imagine being anywhere else. What is the best perk in being a designer? Always having something new to wear!! And our friends would agree with that too! What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Design and production are by far, the easiest aspect for us. Mary and I find it difficult to focus on the business side of the company. Im so right brained, I just have to create. I get extremely cranky if Im not designing. Fortunately, we have a great public relations company, aLine Media, who helps us


more business side of designing; Erin, Kenn and Kara rock! What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? From the outside, it appears to be very glamorous, and sometimes it is! But its also highly competitive; theres a lot of risk-taking and hard work put into creating each collection. With passion, dedication and time, you WILL succeed. Even though its difficult, we wouldnt trade it for anything! What trends do you see being big for 2012? These days, everyone wants to feel happy; I think trends in 2012 will show a lot of nostalgia for the past, organic and colorful fabrics, and lots of layers, layers, layers! We will see matte finished metals such as sterling and bronze. And I think mixed metals will be huge; Im partial to sterling and 14k rose gold. I also think for jewelry, soft leather blended with colorful semiprecious stones and pearls will be a big trend. Some of our new favorites are pyrite, faceted agate and howlite turquoise. Along with our signature 3 ring adjustable necklace, weve also just designed a cuff in leather and copper for men and women that were pretty excited about! Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in? Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? Weve had some editorial and blog coverage, but were very excited to say yours is the first magazine interview! To your second question: Extremely!! Its very challenging to get your name and designs out there, so to have publications like yours promoting new faces of fashion and design is incredibly encouraging. Were happy and grateful any time we have the opportunity to be visible!



Priv Jewellery

Priv Jewellery is the new hefty jewellery brand. Sisters Katia and Sonia Gaydamak decide to join forces to create their own new iconic strong brand in 2009. They relate on their unique complicity and their outstanding passion for gems and jewellery . From vision to creation, they study gems and stones and leave nothing at random. Katia is the designer. Ungalvanized by todays jewellery she creates unique pieces inspired by eternal symbols of elegance and femininity. Cartier in the beginning of the XXth Century, Maharajas pieces, the dreams of the Thousand And One Nights, Catherine The Greats St Petersburg, the Shahs Isfahan, and Belle poques Paris. This eclectic and wide choice of inspirations defines Priv Jewellerys strength and originality. Educated between Paris and New York, passionate about gemology, Sonia develops Priv Jewellery as a brand. Her multicultural vision motivates her to further build a strong, iconic, glamorous brand. Constant travels, passion and interest for decorative arts, cinema, and literature nurture her to dare great diamonds and colored stones combinations. Together Katia and Sonia get inspiration from their Russian origins, their travels, and their laslong friendships to recreate a new understanding of jewellery. Priv Jewellerys revolution is the hand bracelet declined in various themes such as lace, intricate knots, paper-thin gold work, as well as animals and jungle. From Koral to Kroko Priv Jewellery invents, creates, strengthens, and embellishes.

Did you receive a formal education? Do you feel your formal fashion education helped prepare you for working in the industry? Katia: I studied International affairs and Politics in Paris. Its a world far away from the fashion and jewelry industry. But it definitely taught me how to embrace my career. Sonia: I studied Communications and History. I also studied gemology. Of course I use this knowledge at work every day. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? We believe the most important is not giving up. It may seem impossible at first, but its not! So live your passion! What would you like to see designer companies improve on? Fashion industry has created many talents but also restricted designers to a very specific rhythm. it would be nice to see designers being creative, not according to seasons needs, but having a more personal approach. Where do you get your design inspiration? From great moments in History to random picture or glaze or movement. Anything can be an inspiration. Mostly we like digging whats forgotten or unseen. Now that you started your own line, Whats next? Next step is making it even bigger of a success! We are going to take this to next level, thats Place Vendome in Paris. How do you like living in .......WHAT CITY DO YOU LIVE -





ADD HERE , IF NOT LA, are you going to make a move to LA or New York? We travel all the time. Being based in London is very convenient; it allows us to easily travel from Paris to Moscow or other European cities that inspire our creativity. Moving somewhere doesnt really mean anything today; going from place to place is a natural way of living for us. What is the best perk in being a designer? Following ones creativity and not having a boss! What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Coming up with a new line, a new piece is always challenge. its exciting but it also puts us on the spot. People are sometimes very judgmental. What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry? Its not just glamour and glitz. its also a lot of hard work. What trends do you see being big for 2012?

Hand bracelets! Is Runway Magazine the only magazine you have been in. Do you feel that Runway Magazines support for the emerging designer is important? We have been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, LOfficiel and other great magazines. We feel that having the press support young designers is probably what is going to make the difference. We also have very affordable rates for designers look books!!



Tricia Milaneze
Jewelry designer Tricia Milaneze, together with her brother Gervasio Milaneze Junior, founded Lavish Jewelry in 2005, and since then her unique pieces-combining vintage style with modern-day influences-have become her signature, gracing fashionistas like Jennifer Lopez and garnering the attention of Elle magazine. Its the hand-crocheted gold thread and glass beading that give her designs the where did you get that? appeal. The craftsmanship is remarkable, making every piece of Tricias various collections a work of art. She carefully designs each and every necklace, bracelet or set of earrings, says Tricias brother and co-owner of Lavish Jewelry, Gervasio Milaneze Junior. And we pay attention to the smallest details. This crocheted jewelry represents the essence of quality. All pieces are manufactured in Brazil under the oversight of Gervasio Junior. Lavishs lacy, ethereal designs are ideal for all women who looks for an eye-catching accessory but shies away from solid, heavy jewelry. All Jewelry are supremely feminine, wearable and even surprisingly affordable. Brazilian-born, Tricia was always involved in the arts and always had a natural instinct for sophisticated style. In 2005 she dove into jewelry design full time and since then, shes never looked back. Her children and her creativity have become the fuel that keeps Tricia able to lavish her clients with unique and exuberant collections.






Concept Design Copyright 2012 Elodie MARCHESSEAU

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Something Creative Production Photographer: Allen Henson Stylist: Jacque Saladino Hair: Whitney Willison Mua: Jamie Dorfman Mask curator : Matt Krause Look 1Dresses : Elena Perseil Jewelry : Ouroboros Designs Look 2Clothing/capes : Ohara Jewelry : Ouroboros Designs Look 3Dresses : Elena Perseil Jewelry : Ouroboros Designs Look 4Dress- Elena Perseil Mask- Matthew Krause



Luxury adventures : Regattas in Mediterranean

Yachting is more then mere sport. Whether one is a participant or a spectator, sporting events are an undeniable part of life. A hint of competition is usually enough to capture the attention of an enthusiast, but an impartial bystander requires something more to kindle an interest. Often, it is one simple extra ingredient that acts as the spark. Yachting has many such ingredients all bidding for interest. Sports of all types regularly transcend the actual game or race through the creation of an allure that appeals beyond the impassioned competitor or supporter. Thats why its so much loved by the men. The spirit surrounding it has been shaped by a myriad of influences from the exploration of the oceans, harnessing technology and design evolution, the proximity to raw nature, and, mans competitive instinct. Excitement the only one

world what could describe the feeling of sailing, racing, even watching the racing boats. Men pitting their strength and wit against the forces of nature. Rolex Capri Sailing Week in Capri, Giraglia Rolex Cup in Saint Tropez, Copa del Rey Regatta in Palma de Mallorca, Regatta Royales in Cannes are the most famous yachting events in the Mediterranean and have been a tradition for European and American sailors for many years. Sailing is considered as an art, not a sport, not a business the great passion, because it takes all your energy and reviled all your skills, brings you on supreme level. Requiring high shutter speeds to create the drama of motion, reveals the excitable sailing great performance. That is where it becomes art. And this art puts you under that kind of pressure that only competition can produce. As the hands of

Eleonora de Gray

Jean Francois Cutugno

Schooner Wayward

Regatta Royales, Cannes



time continue to tick, as the modern world strives for technological perfection, some things are left unchanged the desire to build perfection, the art of life. Sailing is an art of my life. When you see choreograph dance of the racing boats, you think about strength tuned into perfection its all thrilling, it actually makes my life like an art, - said to me winner of many world championships Jean Francois Cutugno. People are dreaming. These dreams started to manifest in our abundant life. Schooners never fail to bring out the sentimental side of every sailor. It never failed my dreams I spent the most romantic racing days this summer on beautiful Freya. A wooden purely shaped, two masts, 45 feet wellpreserved wooden vessel Freya totally took my heart. Twomasted schooners were and are most common in United States. Racing was time for glory and great joy! It gave us wonderful experience of sailing in iconic Mediterranean canvas, beautiful performance during the races, and the excitement of victory.

Schooner Freya



James Kaufman American Voodoo Records

James Kaufman: film / tv & game composer, President American Voodoo Records, founder / lead guitarist multi-platinum, MTV favorite band Opiate For The Masses (OFTM). James Kaufman hails from Phoenix, Arizona. From his early roots with Projex (metal-rap), James took his song and music writing skills and formed a powerful, industrially-edge act: Opiate For The Masses (OFTM). Wanting to ensure the longevity of both his own future, and that of his newly formed band, he created American Voodoo Records and signed OFTM as his first artist. The band released three studio albums New Machines and The Wasted Life, Seven, Goodbye under American Voodoo and finally, The Spore was picked up by Kevin Lyman and Bob Chippardis record label Warcon Enterprises. This opened doors to playing with Marilyn Manson, Static-X, The Bled, Orgy, Avenged Sevenfold and Drowing Pool, playing on both the Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos tour. With the taste of success on their lips, the band returned to the studio and cut a new album, Manifesto. Now touted as an industrial heavyweight, OFTM signed a releasing deal with Century Media and went on tour with Filter and later Bobaflex to support. Burn You Down, Manfestos first single was composed by James, and is featured as a downloadable track on Rock Band 2. With the success of OFTM, James sought to expand his horitzons and began to work with his friend and mentor, Charlie Clouser, composer for the Saw franchise, Resident Evil: Extinction, Numb3rs (TV Series), Las Vegas (TV Series), Fastlane (TV) and Soundtrack contributor to many other blockbusters such as The Matrix Reloaded, End of Days and Escape From LA. Through this collaboration, James found a new, dynamic niche where he could excerise his creative strength: composing for film. After several soundtrack contributions to Saw II and Saw III, James moved to composing Commit To The Line, a powerful documentary Directed by Rachel Dermer and Executive Produced by Milissa L. Kaufman. The film was selected for the Rhode Island International Film Festival. In the Spring of 08, James was approached by Director Josh Eisenstadt to perform in a horror movie called Dark Reel, the deal? He wanted to compose. It was a natural fit, and within days character sketches were being crafted and the process started. To date, Dark Reel has been officially selected to Shriekfest, Eerie Horror Film Festival, Fright Night, Estephona Film Festival, Chicago Horror, Bourne To Die Film Fest, Arizona Underground Film Fest, Bootleg Film Fest, Dark Carnival Film Fest, South African HorrorFest, Scramento Intl, Queens Intl, Amberg Horror Fest. Up next? Everything. American Voodoo Records is growing and signing more artists. James is in discussions to score film, TV and game projects and create soundtracks, not only with his orignal music, also the music of his American Voodoo artists. Stay tuned to the world of Kaufman... every day opens a new door!
CEO American Voodoo Records

Eleonora de Gray, Rolex Capri Sailing Week, photo Alessandro Catuogno

Giraglia Rolex Cup, Saint Tropez



Dutch contemporary artist Ton Pret started as a painter in 2005. As of that moment his star has been rising fast. His paintings have been exposed in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage, the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, in Ascona Italy, the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, and recently in the Paris Louvre. Not only his paintings and sculptures are gaining in popularity amongst art-lovers and -collectors, also his shoes, handbags, jeans and watches are enjoying a steadily growing demand worldwide. His series of colorful high-heeled shoes caused a stir in the Ball de Paris fashion shows. In 2012 a number of fashion items, including mens clothing and womens handbags, that are based on Tons design will be available in selected stores. Most of Tons art is born in his inspiring studio located in the beautiful castle Beverweert, conveniently based in the middle of The Netherlands. Ton is constantly working on a number of art-work, turning his studio into an explosion of energy, color and shape. Seemingly on the verge of his international breakthrough, his art starts to be recognized and bought by collectors in Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, The UK, The US and Hong Kong. Articles about his work have been published in a number of Dutch newspapers, numerous art, lifestyle- and luxury car magazines. Recently his Ferrari Art Car made the April issue of the KLM in-flight magazine Holland Herald, available on all local and international flights. Also Dutch television has discovered Ton and his work. Ferrari Art Car With this art-car project Ton transformed a high-powered Ferrari 355 into The Fastest Artwork of Holland. Ton comments: This project was done in assignment of a lover of Dutch contemporary art, whom I met at the Amsterdam Millionaire Fair in the end of 2009. When he proposed to let me paint his Ferrari in my own style and without any artistic limitations, I immediately said yes. I never had second thoughts. The resulting combination of this well-designed car, the brutal speed and the abundance of color can truly be characterized as explosive. The Ton Pret Ferrari Art-Car was formally revealed to the press and public on the Dutch Open Art Fair in September 2010. The car was uncovered by fashion model Sofie Verder and fashion art photographer Herman van Gestel, in the presence of Jan-Peter Balkenende, Prime Minister of The Netherlands at that time. The Ton Pret Ferrari is already causing lots of controversies, especially amongst car lovers. The Ton Pret Ferrari is currently part of a

private collection and not meant to be sold. The car will be on display at selected events. The Project The planning for this project started in January 2010. In the beginning of May the car was prepared by Ferrari bodywork specialists. The actual painting of the car took Ton seven weeks. The complete car was handpainted, using a small size brush. To reach the desired depth of the colors all painting had to be done at least three times over. Because of these high working standards, the project demanded far more time than initially planned. The work was also physically demanding. Because the car is painted top-to-bottom, Ton had to perform most of his creative work from difficult angles. To protect the delicate technology of the car the entire project was executed under the constant supervision of the experts of the Ferrari Bodyshop in The Netherlands. Art-car tradition Ton is not the first Dutch artist creating an exclusive hand painted art-car. With this project Ton follows the footsteps of Cobra artist Karel Appel and rock star and painter Herman Brood. Internationally the BMW-art-car series are more well-known, featuring Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and recently Jeff Koons. Technique Recently more and more cars are being decorated with a special car foil. This process is cost-effective and quick, the foil can be applied within a day. Because the original artwork is copied on foil the result can be easily reproduced. This technique was not an option for this project. The goal of Ton and the owner of the Ferrari was to create a real object of art that is and will always remain a unique piece. The Ferrari The Ferrari 355 GTS Competizione is in perfect condition. The car runs over 185 miles per hour. It has a 8 cylinder / 3.5 liter engine and weighs 1350 kilo. The original color was Giallo Modena (Ferrari yellow). When the Dutch government was informed about the radical change they had to create the new car-color-category diverse. More Information For more information about the art of Ton Pret please visit For more information about the Ferrari Art Car project please visit


Dutch contemporary painter and fashion artist Ton Pret brings color to the world



Photographer: Hilleen Peters Fotoflex Nederland Kor Suk

Concept Design Copyright 2012 Elodie MARCHESSEAU



Chayan KHOI
CHAYAN KHOI was born in 1963, in Teheran, where he was raised by his father, a writer and his mother who was a teacher. He remained there until 1979, when he left his native Iran to study in Grenoble, France. He was sixteen at the time. He was out to succeed and would do everything it took to achieve it. The artist is a born self-educator, a hands-on person, who, from photography to digital production, from photo-journalism to reporting, has learned everything on his own. In the nineteen eighties, he went into photography to pay for his architectural studies and very quickly developed a passion for the photographic medium. He then decided to come to Paris to further his university education in a design school, while continuing to work as a fashion photographer. A few years later, he became involved in reporting and executed numerous commissions for the specialized press, commissions through which he would hone his photographic techniques and forge an identity. Little by little, the amateur turned professional and, on the strength of his journalistic skills, would definitively abandon architecture and design to devote himself to works of a more personal nature. So began his career without borders as a photographer. CHAYAN KHOI undertook the daunting task of preserving a memory for future generations by immortalizing, through imagery, everything that is wonderful on our blue planet: masterpieces which he feels are more than ever threatened by man, by war, by natural catastrophes, ecological cataclysms and hordes of devastating tourists. He would make numerous solitary expeditions and became photographically involved in the fight against all of the ills that are deteriorating this Earth which must be preserved and which he condemns without pity. During his wanderings, this inveterate globetrotter accumulated thousands of negatives within just a few years, before projecting himself into other fields of experimentation, this time influenced by the electronic revolution. As a precursor, the reporter showed interest in avant-garde technologies, rich in potential, with much to offer the artistic world - particularly in terms of



image processing. He would immediately grasp this new virtual reality, which was soon to transform the entire photographic world, and he hastily put himself to the test of digital production. After sorting, and then digitizing the entire silver image bank he had just constituted onto a gigantic computerized database, CHAYAN KHOI would begin his first electronic sketches - which he qualifies as Cyber-realistic. He now had the term, and was able to make Cyber-realism his medium. Using his keyboard and mouse, he composed an initial series of photocompositions entitled Looking for Lost Cities (1992-1996). A series that he would subsequently develop with the help of much more sophisticated computers, scanners and software under the name Nomads Land (19971999). He would finally complete the work with the help of the finest Parisian professional laboratories and their state-of-the-art equipment, with a series of images with christened Lost Worlds (2000- 2001) and the book in 2002. A generic term that would enable him to federate all of the digital image themes he had created over the previous ten years, which themselves bear no titles, as the artist feels that each person should be free to interpret them in his own way and poeticize them with his own phrasing. Chayan is still working for a book for the Cirque du Soleil. He landscape instantly becomes the speaker for his representations and is materialized by virtual panoramas, surreal views, that play on variations of architectures, nature, and cultures. Highly pictorial digital frescoes, like mirages in which futuristic prophecy, vestiges of ancient civilizations and modern symbols overlap. CHAYAN KHOI has become a specialist in trompe-loeil depictions on printed circuits, even if now, at the dawn of a new millennium, he intends to devote himself to other projects, particularly to peoples from distant lands which he has only touched upon until now; and which could indeed disappear like all the rest, if no one takes care. Peoples whose inventory he dreams of exhausting, through an entire range of genre photocompositions, collages of digital

and tribal fractures - before it is too late. A great artistic ambition is one of eternalizing through assemblies of hybrid representation, all of the clans, all of the tribes of the universe, from the most archaic to the most civilized. A blend of timeless characters and scenes which, once sublimated by this shaman of imagery, will change into fictions, tales and fables about the universal wandering and movement of contemporary spheres. Chayan exposed in many places like the Garage in Geneva, the World Fair in Lisbonne, the Sothebys Gallery in Zurich (2008), the Art Contemporary Museum of Saumur (2009), Artcurial Paris (2009), The Art Contemporary Museum of Casablanca and Rabat (2009/2010), Pierre Berg in Bruxelles (2010) ... In parallel, CHAYAN KHOI is also working on the creation of mixed pieces that revolve around an entire series of multimedia developments, which his latest endeavors in artistic investigation have only begun to explore. In this way, and particularly through all of the new technologies available to him, he hopes to create substantial, entirely digitized installations by incorporating, among other elements, interactive systems linked to the latest audiovisual innovations, including 3D and unavoidably, the Internet. In 2008 chayan was jury for the 33th Kodaks price of the photographic criticism. Finally, on a more lighthearted note, he has just tried his hand at producing small animations using worlds that are specific to each of the images whose high-tech staging and numerous allegoric scenarios are of unequalled virtuality and beauty. From the heights of his so aptly named Cyber-realism, CHAYAN KHOI evolves as the very archetype of the modern artist.



Parisian photographer Pierre-Yves Le Strat Pierre-Yves launched project YOU-CUBE in 2010. YOU-CUBE photo project-event created in a Interactive Entertainment. Fashion photographer decided to experiment in frames of art. It is from famous white object, square, maddening curves are born individuals who lend themselves to the game to bet inside of space. Renunciation of a work to be surprised by its models that become subjects. Literally: participatory subjects. Front light, flexible to infinity, comes from the front position of the artist, who sometimes plays with his models. Arise when asperities graceful, as with children, feelings, emotions,the simple - being canned in small space. Sculptural body, thin or emaciated female, male, hybrid, age, childish ... In the nude, operates the track of the particular history of each, where each fold of skin is the mark of a laugh, of a grief, a time in the past, and, at will, a secret wound. However, free of melodrama, psychodrama, in the bubble - square - the poetry that emerges from these multiple bodies, imposed on the choreography, is an abstract poetry. Berengere Alfort



Kristin Chenoweth
So howd you get involved with being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance? Nigel Lythgoe asked me to do it. Frankly, I was honored and felt under-qualified. I was a dancer my whole life, but I was never near as good as those kids. Weve all seen Emmy and Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth in action, whether on-screen or on the stages of Broadway. As a guest star on Glee, she wowed us with her spunk, likeability, and powerful voice. When she acted as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, she showed off her expertise with her life-long background in dance. Shes appeared on shows like Pushing Daisies, The West Wing, Frasier, Ugly Betty, and even Sesame Street, not to mention acted in a host of films as well. Chenoweth is all over the place. But, with singing chops that are beyond amazing, she definitely leaves her mark in the theatre world whenever she gets the chance. Many may have seen her starring in the Broadway hit Promises, Promises last year. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to have a little chat with Chenoweth. We talked acting, we talked comedy, and we talked music. We also talked about her playful obsession with Quentin Tarantino you know, the important things. Okay, I know most people start off by asking you about your TV roles and your Broadway shows, but I want to know about when you have to be YOU. Do you ever get nervous making personal appearances? I actually get very nervous to do talk shows. My friends say you dont seem nervous, but I am a wreck. Its so much easier to hide behind a character; not as easy to just be yourself in front of millions. I try and just say be yourself and have fun. I have a whole conversation with myself before I go out there, and then I pray I dont make an idiot of myself. How about when youre onstage or doing musical theatre? Any nerves there? On Broadway, conversely, Im playing a role, so I have prepared and rehearsed and dont feel that nervous. Its my job to do that role to the best of my ability every night. Sometimes, when I hear a certain celebrity is in the audience, I get a little nervous, but I push it out of my head and just do what Ive been trained to do. Opening Night of a show is always nerve-wracking. After that, its eight times a week baby! So what do you just love about being onstageeight times a week?! My favorite aspect of a live performan-

taste when it comes to movies. He did that with such wit and the cast was perfect. I absolutely thought Brad Pitt was overlooked for an Oscar as well as Diane Kruger. I hosted the Critics Choice Awards that year, and I made no secret of my favorite movie. Quentin knows I feel this way! I was honored to be at his roast. I was nervous. I remember seeing Samuel Jackson smiling at me and whopping after I got done. I just about fell over because I love him too. And, Uma Thurman as well. These people were all so tall, but I was thrilled to go sing and then leave right away to get to my Broadway Show. QUENTIN, YOU KNOW I WORSHIP YOU. I think we all do! So, how do you feel as a woman in comedy to be a part of a Friars Club event, since the Friars Club originally was an all boys club? I know its old news, but how do you feel about its evolution to be including women? The Friars Club has always been something I wanted to get to be a part of. Its old school and it has always been said that I was, born in the wrong time. Obviously I feel at home there and Im glad to see theyre getting smart and including the smarter sex - WOMEN! Ha! Agreed! Okay, lets get back to talking more about your music. I just saw your new music video and its so cute. Tell me about where the concept for it came from. My director Roman White pitched me the idea of a salon going back in time from the forties to the thirties with my dog Maddie, all with the powder puffs choreography. He knocked it out of the park! Someone told me there are 900,000 hits on my video. Okay! I will take it. It is basically the same as making a movie, but the shooting is shorter! Awesome! So, what are your hopes for taking your music career even further? I want to continue writing and learning guitar. I want to do another classic record. I just want to continue to get better and better. Maybe even another Broadway record or another type of music. Lauren Weigle


ce is the audience. I am a good listener and I listen to them. They tell me how theyre feeling, what theyre responding to, etcetera. The audience is the other character in the play. Thank God for them! Okay, lets talk about Glee. Will I be seeing April Rhodes again anytime soon? I have heard nothing of coming back to Glee. I love playing April Rhodes. She has been the most fun trainwreck! I hope I get to play her again, but if not, what a treat she has been. What do you think it is about the show that has caused such an uproar? I think its that Glee has introduced practically every kind of music into many households. So tell me about some of the other projects you have going on right now I am currently shooting ten episodes for a new ABC show called Good Christian Belles. I love it. Women in the bible belt? Im in. I have a new country pop record out on Sept 13th, and I am so excited. I love the songs we picked for it. I also co-wrote two of them. The best musicians and songwriters in Nashville are on this record. I know just how lucky I am to have each and every one. I love it there. I could retire there. It actually feels like home, with more music. I know how you feel. I love that area! All right, lets talk about the Quentin Tarantino Roast. I attended the event and had no idea you would be performing. What a great surprise! Did you have fun that day? Whered you get those pipes of yours? Quentin made one of my most favorite movies of all time, Inglorious Bastards. I have more of a mans



Gretchen Rossi

So, what about the really pale girls who are looking to add a little spice to their complexion and add a little low without going overboard on their fair skin? I would say it really just boils down to finding the right, lotion finding the right formula. Jergens Natural Glow isnt very harsh, so that could be a good way to add a gradual glow to your appearance. It really just comes down to going to the store and trying a few products to see what works for you. I love the Beauty Bronzer by Victorias Secret. Obviously your business has changed, your life has changed. Tell me how everything has evolved or how you may have changed since you first joined the OC cast. You know, its interesting because obviously life changes when you join a show like this. You dont really get to go out anymore and not be recognized to some degree. Even if Im in a hat and sunglasses at Target, I laugh and somebody goes, Gretchen? I know! That laugh of yours is infectious. Oh, thank you. But, yeah, I havent changed as a person. Im still the same girl and I put my pants on the same way everyone else does. I just happen to have a camera thats following me around as I do it. (She laughs.) As far as my business goes, Ive always been an entrepreneur. I was a very successful real estate agent when I started the show. I love business and I love working. I would be bored if I didnt work. Im very excited because we actually just merged with a very large company out of New York. New designs and new things are coming very soon. Well between getting recognized, your company, the show, and having your personal life put on blast, how do you stay balanced. How do you keep your sanity? Theres definitely days where it is overwhelming like on those days where you dont feel well or its just not a good day. You dont always want to put makeup on just to go to the grocery store, but when you dont, of course someone sees you and wants to take a picture with you. I mean, its little things like that that definitely change your minds set in ways. Its kind of one of those love/hate relationships some days, but at the same time, you love having your fans and you wouldnt be anywhere without them. And, Im so grateful for mine. So, I have to hear all about what to expect next season We are presently in production and there is a lot going on in my life. I am extremely busy between my companies, shows that Im producing, working with the Pussycat Dolls, and my music. I am hosting, creating the new collection, I mean there are so many things that I have going on, not to mention my personal relationship with this Slade. Its definitely going to be a fun and exciting season for us. So, action-packed! Okay, lets go to your collection. How did you decide to go from real estate to this, getting into cosmetics and beauty and fashion? Well Ive always been kind of a fashionista. My parents always make the joke that I came out wearing heels and a boa. I was always kind of a ham. (In the background.) Slade: And, now youre a big ham! (She laughs.) It always follows me as you see. What really got me into the fashion and beauty industry was the fans. Everyone was e-mailing me or facebooking me or to

ting, asking me about my hair or my makeup or where I shopped. It was just so flattering. I really started to see how many people wanted access to high fashion but not all of us can afford the high price. I mean, after I lost Jeff, and I went through really hard financial transitions, I realized I really wanted to bring the fans what they were asking for. Thats how I started my makeup line and my handbag line and so on. So, what are some of your favorites from your collections? From the makeup, I love my lip plumpers. They kind of give you that extra sex appeal because they pout your lip. Be forewarned, they can give you a bit of a tingle. I mean all my eyeshadows are amazing. They have such strong pigments. Its so hard to choose just one thing from my makeup collection. My handbag collection is kind of the same thing. I literally use those bags almost every single day and I interchange them all. They are very functional. For example, I made my tote bag so that you could carry your computer in it. We sold out on Shop NBC and then sold out on my website, so its going well. Well, I know you also sell some hot photos of yourself on that website too. Have you ever thought about modeling? (She laughs.) Oh, I have to tell you the funniest story ever. I totally suck at modeling. Im just silly. Im a dork. Sometimes when I have to be serious in a photo, I just get so stressed out about it, but, I guess the few times that Ive done it, I did a good job. When these opportunities come up, I do it, but I wouldnt make it my goal to be a model. Im too silly. Okay, silly girl. Tell me about Gretchens Closet and how thats going. So, Gretchens Closet has been such a great way to communicate with my fans. When I first got on the show, I didnt realize how much money would go into buying clothes and it was actually just a way for me to be able to continue buying clothes. The unspoken rule, I guess, is you cant wear anything twice on TV. I hate that will, but it is what it is. So, every time I wear something on the show or on the red carpet, I end up selling it on Gretchens Closet. It gives fans the opportunity to purchase something that they saw me where on the show that they love to that they might not normally be able to buy. Its a win-win for the fans to interact with me and for me to be able to go out and buy more clothes. (She giggles.) So, lets talk about HBL. Well, theyre a new hair care line that I just became the face of and they stand for Health, Beauty, Life. They have distribution in close to 30,000 salons across the country. A lot of the salons have requested for my product already. Thats going to take a little bit of time but we are definitely excited about it. (I laugh.) So, have you had to film any Herbal Essence-like commercials yet? Its so funny that you say that! I just filmed the commercial and it was a really big step. My wonderful boyfriend Slade Smiley put it together because hes actually working for the company as well. And, these products are Paraben-free, which Paraben has been linked to causing cancer, but its in most hair care products. Because of Jeff and everything, this really meant a lot to me. But, the products have been really great for my hair and I love

using them. All right. Ive saved the best for last. Revelation. Its just a hot club song. Do you think that thats more of your aesthetic? You know, its funny again because this whole music thing I never really thought I would ever be involved in. (She laughs.) It kind of just happened by default. I mean, Ive always just been a little writer on my own time, without people knowing. Jeff had passed away and I had written a song about him. I had ended up sharing the lyrics with Slade. In the process of that he said that I should really take it to a producer to see if they could create a song out of it, so we did. Originally we had a guy come in to sing the demo, but I thought something was missing and when I started singing it, the producer and Slade thought I should sing it. Next thing you know, Im behind the mic singing the song after two glasses of champagne. (She chuckles.) In the process of all this, they approached me with Revelation. And, I was making appearances at clubs anyway, so I really wanted a great club song that you could dance and have fun to. So, have you been out at the clubs performing the single? Yeah! Ive had a ball with it. Right now Im actually back in the studio. This will be the first season that Im allowing them to follow my music. We are presently recording my next song, which Im really excited about. It was really inspired by Slades son Grayson who has cancer himself. Its very much a song about being a survivor, whether its cancer or losing your job or losing a loved one or anything that youre going through. Its also going to have a little bit more of the club feel. And, thats for Slades son? Yet it was interesting. Slade was actually visiting him one day and his sons said, Dad, I have this great song I want you to hear. He called it the Pain Song, which, as an 11-year-old who goes through something like this and has for several years, hes been through a lot of pain. Its a very hard situation on him and on Slade obviously, but he just has the best attitude ever. Hes such an angel. When he started singing the Pain Song and Slade came home, he played it for me. I was just so inspired by it. I just wanted to create this song about being unbreakable and pushing forward to be the best person that you can be. And, thats the exclusive. Nobody knows about that yet, so thats exclusively for you! Find her hair products at her stylist Victor Pauls Salon in Costa Mesa. Slades paintings are also on display there as well. would love to go shopping in the closets of Reese Witherspoon because shes classically beautiful dresses her age. Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Blake Lively. Any of the Kardashian sisters. Buy her products at Victor Paul Salon (her stylist) in Costa Mesa. Slades paintings are also a there as well. She will message you and tweet back. Lauren Weigle

I dont know if youve heard, but OC Housewife Gretchen Rossi has had a Revelation. Its her hot club single and its being played all over the place. Who knew that the spicy beauty had such music chops? Youll get to see and hear all about it on the next season of Bravos OC Housewives, which should be full of fun, hot women, and the usual drama. So, what else can you expect to get a glimpse of? From Gretchens new beauty products to her cosmetic line to more from her handbag collection I could go on forever. This girls got a full plate and shes still pushing for seconds! Check out my chat with Gretchen as she talks ventures, the show, and shares with us some exclusive news dealing with her personal life and career happenings. Tell me about your new tan in a can spray. My new tan in a can spray, I actually came out with it this summer. It did really, really well. It actually flew off the shelves rather quickly and any time you launch new product you want feedback from the customers. Everyone seemed to really love it. I was really excited about it because Im very particular about my spray tan look and I actually ended up creating a formula with a girl that was tanning me at the time. A big thing was being able to travel with it, so we decided to create this tan in a can travel spray that I could take wherever I went. Its wonderful. It smells good. It gives you a great glow. The next step we are taking is actually developing it in gallon bottles and distributing it to different salons across the country. Oh, cool. So, what are some other ways to keep that summer glow all year round? I would say definitely just taking good care of your skin, which includes exfoliating. I know it sounds so stupid, but Im going to say it. Dont use soap that dries out your skin. I just love Dove soap because I think it makes your skin super soft. I usually exfoliate and then shave after that. Whenever I get out of the shower I always put on lotion. A lot of times I actually take my spray tan and mix it in with my lotion because it helps me get even more of an even tan.




Judge Alex
But, its about four months of the year that Im really taping the show: seven weeks on, seven weeks off, and a break in between. How are the days? They are long days. Im not going to kid you. They are from six in the morning and I sometimes go to bed around 12:30 or 1 AM. Im usually preparing and reviewing the laws for the next day so that I get on the bench I know it. But, then I also have a lot of free time besides that. So, what are you doing that free time? Well, for two months I was commenting on the Casey Anthony trial. I was on just about every network and TV shows out there about it. There were some days with 10 to 12 interviews a day on the trial. I teach judges every year. I also still to mediation and arbitration for lawyers who ask me to help resolving cases. I dont want people to think that Im just a TV judge or that Im not a real judge were things like that. Ive also pitched if you show ideas out there, so well see if any of them hit. Oh, yeah? Can you give me any hints or is it all under wraps? No, its pretty much under wraps, but there are certain networks that have expressed interest in them, so we are hoping that something gets picked up. Well, your show is definitely entertaining. Tell me your views on humor in the courtroom. As far as Im concerned, in an appropriate setting, an appropriate time and place, theres no problem with humor. I use humor a lot. It breaks the tension. People are nervous enough being in court, especially a courtroom that has like six cameras and a bunch of lights. It really, really makes him nervous. And, its just my personality to be humorous sometimes, so I have no problem with it. Now, if I was in a murder trial, would I be joking? No. On the sidebar, between the lawyers and judges, when the courtroom cant hear, we actually are sometimes joking about things in the case. Even with cases Ive had regarding serial killers or murderers, sometimes you have to have that sort of humor to keep you sane when youre dealing with things of such gravity. So whats your style as a judge, other than your humorous outlook, when it comes to how you approach case or your rulings? Well, I think Im pretty much kind of a law and order type judge. I will joke with people, but I can turn on them on a dime. If they do something disrespectful or improper in my courtroom, I can go from humor to anger pretty quick. I think what makes her show different, though, is Im the only judge on TV thats ever been a cop, lawyer, and judge. Ive seen it from every angle, so I do have that advantage through my experience to cut through to the truth. I think I run it more tightly run ship than some judges. I think I rule fairly, but Im also no nonsense about it. Well, since were talking about your past a little, tell me about your cop days. One thing to recognize is that I was only 19 years old when I became a cop. I was the youngest police officer in Miami, so I loved it. I mean, I get paid a lot better now, but I enjoyed it. (He laughs.) It was basically cops and robbers, but on the big scale. You got to chase the bad guys and I always felt good about what I did. I know there are some cops out there that are jerks, but Im not one of them, so I felt good about every day. I did work as a detective and I did work as a patrolman, but I enjoyed the patrol work most. How about when you became a lawyer? Well, when I became a lawyer I kind of missed being a cop. I missed the personal gratification of doing something that was right as opposed to something that just paid well. And, thats actually what led me to becoming a judge. So, how many years were you a trial attorney before you became a judge? I was in my eighth year, so before my ninth year I became a judge. I ran for the position with MiamiDade County. I had two tough opponents. At the time, I became the youngest judge in Miami by about seven years. So, I was first the youngest carpet and then I was the youngest judge. They didnt really think I was going to win because I was younger, but I ended up just slaughtering them. I beat them by 80,000 votes. It was a good win. So, overall, your entire background in the criminal justice system How do you think it has shaped you into the person you have become today? Well, I think that life experiences make who you are. Seeing life through all of those perspectives, I think I have a leg up on a lot of people. I can certainly relate to and understand different point of views. I think it helped me understand our judicial system better, knowing how all the players work. It helps me in what I do on the show every day. All right. Tell me something about Judge Alex that you wouldnt necessarily find in your everyday courtroom. Okay, I wear makeup. Yeah, well other than that amazing tan you have going on. Is that make up or Miami or is that just you? (He starts laughing.) No, some of it is me because Im Cuban, so some of it is my heritage. Some of it is also probably make up to even out under the lights. What Ive found, despite my Cuban roots, when you get under those bright lights, it doesnt matter. It can make you look like a piece of paper, so they have to put make up on you. It took a little adjustment. I was not really fond of that idea, but over the years Ive discovered its an absolute necessity. And, I guess the six cameras arent found in your typical courtroom. Lauren Weigle Photo : Twentieth Century Television

Beauty, brains, and a bench. Thats Judge Alex. His witty, but firm rulings keep you glued to your TV set when he tries his cases. But, this man isnt just a TV judge. With an extensive background in law as a police officer and an attorney in addition to his works as a mediator and arbitrator, he is able to judge cases effectively and according to the law. I got the chance to talk with him all about his achievements, his life on television, and the show. But, we also got to talk about the most important topic, the thing that we are all waiting to hear about his serious tan! Lets start off talking about how you were voted Most Trustworthy Daytime TV Personality. I thought that was huge. I was really excited about it. I mean if you think about all the daytime personalities like Regis, Oprah, or Ellen, there are a lot of trustworthy people who I beat out. And, it kind of came out of the blue, so it was a surprise. It was very, very flattering. I also found out I was actually the second Most Trustworthy of All Celebrities, which is really big because that one included Charles Gibson, Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, and Obama. So, that was really huge too. While I understand you taped in LA, but you live in Miami, so how do you balance your life, family, and other things? Do you shuffle around much? Yes and no. When Im taping, I fly back and forth from LA to Miami each week, so I alternate. The weeks that Im home, I prepare for the weeks that Im taping. Unlike some of the other TV judges, I really keep to the law of the state in which the case originates. So, Ill have the cases sent to me while Im at home in Miami and correspond with my research assistant to find out certain laws on certain things. I need to know that all, because when I get there for tape week, we see up to 10 cases a day. The first case could be from California and the second one could be from Florida, and so on.




Veronique Munro, CEO and Founder of Infinity Sun

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Veronique Munro is the Sunless Expert behind the revolutionary new multi-treatment system that is Infinity Sun. Munro is also known as Celebrity Spray Tanner for many of Hollywoods stars, most notably Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Mandy Moore, Paula Abdul, The Girls Next Door and many others. Veronique also actively consults on sunless tanning with magazines including Allure, Glamour, Self magazines and TV shows including hit TV Shows Sunset Tan, Millionaire Matchmaker and Entourage among others. Munro had a vision to develop Infinity Sun, the only fully computerized Handheld spray technology that combines all-natural antiaging sunless tanning together with highend beauty treatments, all available as a la carte services in one convenient system. Her objective is to remain the leader in delivering the safest, fastest, most highly customized and technologically advanced beauty treatment system to different industries, including indoor tanning, beauty salons, nail salons, spas, med spas, resorts, cruise ships, fitness centers, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and the exclusive home market. Along with her engineers and world renowned chemists, they collaborated to create this sunless tanning and beauty treatment system to normalize the Ph balance of the skin, provide a bronze glow while nourishing the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients, among other treatment options. The final product was launched in 2005 in Beverly Hills. When asked why she chose to create such a revolutionary system, Munro responded, having worked with many salon and spa owners, I wanted to bring a system to market that would yield the highest ROI, while offering only top of the line beauty treatments as part of the sunless tanning experience. Having started mixing sunless tanning products in a lab in my bedroom from the age of 14, just as a means of trying to create a natural-looking tan for myself, I realized that this, combined my my technology development experience would enable me to bring the best products to market for both the consumer and B2B markets Munro stated, I truly believe that Infinity Sun is on its way to revolutionizing the way people tan and would recommend it to anyone who chooses not to go out in the sun, or who wants to get darker than his or her natural complexion allows. She continues by saying, I am thrilled to offer this technology; there is a need for not only an alternative approach to tanning, but for a system that delivers all the components necessary for the creation of a natural-looking and long lasting sunless tan. Munros philosophy is one of creating partnerships not just selling tanning machines; a belief shared by all of her customers. She works very closely with her clients, overseeing the implementation of Infinity systems to successful completion, ensuring the each new location is trained to become specialists and have all the tools necessary to market the new services. Veronique Munro currently acts as consultant to the successful tanning franchise, Sunset Tan. She consults with them on sunless tanning strategy, automated and custom sunless tanning and implementation at all their corporate and franchise locations.

Born in New York, she moved to London at a very young age and lived throughout Europe where she studied and cultivated her talents. Munro also has a very well-rounded professional background, which includes over a decade as a business and systems consultant to such Fortune 500 companies as Bass Hotels & Resorts, Forte & Le Meridien Hotels, Ford, Honda and Universal Music Group. Upon receiving her completed her Bachelors degree in Business Information Systems from the University of London, Munro subsequently entered the MBA program at London Business School. Having a mind and heart to help others, Munro is a member of Women in Technology International (WITI) and works with young girls, encouraging them to enter professional careers, such as engineering, computing and business management. For more information on Infinity Sun or to locate a salon, please visit HYPERLINK www. or call (323) 782-1049.

(Los Angeles, CA) - In todays uncertain economy, starting a new business may seem daunting. Infinity Sun Founder and CEO, Veronique Munro has taken the guesswork out of starting a small business, making it easy for people to become their own boss within the consistently lucrative and in-demand beauty industry. From consultation to completion, working with the Infinity Sun brand is not just a matter of purchasing equipment, but rather a full-service experience. Everyday Munro makes it a priority to consistently provide comprehensive customer service and marketing support, guiding Infinity Sun equipment owners to achieve maximum profitability in record time. Driven by entrepreneurial spirit and



to a home or salon based station. Each tanning session with an Infinity Sun machine allows for a unique opportunity to increase revenue by adding on a range of customizable bronzing, anti-aging and shimmer treatments and elixirs that are infused into each tanning for the desired one-of-a-kind glow each time. Munro has also designed an expanding collection of skincare products for tanning prep and maintenance, which are available at wholesale for new business owners looking to supplement their income through up-selling. From machines, to spray solution, retail goods and marketing know-how, Munro has set Infinity Sun up as an all inclusive start-up package for perspective tanning professionals. As a consultant to her customers, Munro is an expert and a mentor. For the duration of the machines multiyear warrantee, Munro is accessible to owners for answering questions, trouble-shooting and personalized support. Her philosophy is built on the principle of partnerships; not just selling tanning machines, but building mutually beneficial relationships with her clientele. Partnering with Infinity Sun means unparalleled assistance unmatched by market competitors, including complementary training sessions, marketing tools, press materials and promotional tips and tricks. Additionally, aside from the consumer-driven official Infinity Sun webpage, Munro has set up a private marketing site and an Owners Lounge, both meant for businesses operating with Infinity Sun product and accessible only by password. While the Lounge acts as a one-stop-shop for owners to purchase solution and restock their retail supplies, the marketing site offers essential brand information. From facts and figures, to in-depth details about the spray tanning machines and their technology and

operation, as well as web and print ready images and press materials the marketing site is fully stocked with everything a new sunless tanning business needs to get started and continue running fruitfully. As her business continues to grow, Munro is happy to spread the wealth with other aspiring industry start-ups. To ensure that Infinity Sun business operators can be successful in their goals, Munro consistently maintains the brands reputation across the globe, personally appearing at and speaking during countless beauty, tanning and salon trade shows. She also sees to it that Infinity Sun is regularly featured in the press and has consulted for beauty publications like Allure, O, The Oprah Magazine, Modern Salon and Dermascope, in addition to appearing on shows like The Millionaire Matchmaker, Sunset Tan and Dr. 90210.

pioneering passion, Munro set her sights on the sunless tanning industry six years ago, determined to deliver the most advanced sunless tanning system on the market. Since her Beverly Hills launch in 2006, she has done just that. Breaking away from traditional, complicated cup-andgun style spray systems, Munro worked alongside top engineers and world renowned chemists to help create the worlds first and only computer controlled High Volume/Low Pressure turbine engineering system, for the most efficient and even full body tan with only one quarter of the solution a cup-and-gun system takes. Saving solution translates to saving money; lowering the overhead per full body spray tan from $4 or $5 with other machines to only $1 with Infinity Suns systems. Plus, with the

steady and controlled spray, less solution is let into the air for a safer and healthier breathing environment for technicians. All American made and manufactured, Infinity Suns hightech, patented tanning machines range from the sleek and ultra portable Infinity Spa Lite mobile spraying unit and the ultraprofessional Infinity Spa transportable treatment system, to the fully-equipped, salon-based Infinity Theater spray center. Designed with various business models in mind, Munro created each unit for versatility and customizability to suit each potential owners goals. Each purchase begins with an in depth consultation, where Munro herself counsels the client on which system would best benefit their business needs, from mobile tanning




Beri Smither

E! reality series premiering in late November/early December. Beri has appeared on the covers of countless magazines including: American Vogue, British Vogue, Italian Vogue, French Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmo. She is gorgeous and would be able to talk about her new series. Between her looks and resume, I think she could make for an interesting profile. The series will follow model scouts as they try and find new talent and the models they discover. Beri herself was scouted before becoming a cover model known for her incredible smile.
So, tell me about your new reality series Scouted and what your role is on the show? Scouted is a television show documenting the model scouting process. On the show, we see the actual process of a potential model being discovered at a mall, McDonalds drive through window, school parking lot, or cheerleading camp. Then theyre flown to NYC to be tested and potentially signed with model agencies. This season, One Model Management in New York and their international affiliates has the first option to sign a girl. Every week, you will meet two young women who have been offered an opportunity and a chance to live out a dream. Audiences will meet the girls and their families and will have an opportunity to learn about their individual struggles, aspirations, triumphs and defeats. My job on the show is to address any challenges or red flags I see in the girls. I also help counsel on how to brand and mold the girl. Okay. What makes this show so interesting to watch and how is it different than some of the other modeling TV shows out there? Scouted is the true process of what it takes to become a model. Succeeding in life takes hard work, determination, and, lets face it, some luck. I know from personal experience how a chance encounter with a scout can change someones life. Its the real life high-fashion model Cinderella story, showing the raw talent needed to succeed in the international world of high fashion modeling. I hear that you yourself were scouted before your career as a cover model? I was scouted by my step-dad! He showed my picture to my first agent Nina Trautmen of Trautmen Models in Portland Oregon. After three months of being signed by Trautmen, I was scouted by Eva Models in Paris. I moved to Paris and was officially launched into the amazing world of High-Fashion Modeling! In 1992, I moved to New York and signed with Michael Flutie at Company Management. Looking back I can say that all the planning and research in the world could never have opened the doors to the fashion world they way that being scouted did for me. Did this influence your decision on being a part of Scouted? I was given such an incredible opportunity by being scouted to model. I have a perspective that only a handful of successful models can share. I feel its important to share my experience so that other girls can pursue their dream without the pitfalls of being taken advantage of. It is my honor and pleasure to mentor new models. I am forever grateful to my step-dad, family and to each of my agents for their belief in me and their true dedication to guiding my career. So, in what ways does your experience help you in mentoring these fresh faces? I am able to relate to the new models because I have walked in their shoesand have experienced first-hand the process of being scouted and then signed. The fashion, beauty and modeling world are a maze of complicated relationships. Its daunting as an adult to navigate them, let alone a young teenager. I never thought Id say this, but being a veteran in this business puts me in a position to empower young girls to consider how to make strong decisions. Okay. Give me the run-down of some of your most fabulous magazine covers and photo shoots. Its almost surreal when I think about it. I have been on the covers of Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Allure. Ive been photographed by and worked with Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Patrik Demarchelier, Steven Klein, Max Vadukal, Michael Thompson, Steven Meisel, Albert Watson. What is most awe-inspiring to me is to have been a part of fashion history with such great creative people like this. All right. Whats the scoop on some of the behind-the-scenes with the rest of the crew? At the scouting office, our business is to recruit models who have been scouted. Deliberating with the cast-mates always provokes interesting conversations and debates on the perception of fashion and beauty. Theres never a dull moment. I can imagine. I guess thats the price people pay for being part of the beloved E! family. I have never been much of a TV person and to be frank with you TV was not on my radar. When Michael Flutie shared his concept with me for Scouted, I felt connected to the message. I did some research on E! and found that their programming plans for this show had depth and sincerity, both of which were important to me. I didnt think Id ever be a part of a TV Family, but now I am ecstatic to be part of the E! family. Check out the first episode, airing November 28th on E! at 10pm with new episodes every Monday.







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