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GENERAL INTRODUCTION Introduction to the problem:

The basic task of marketing is the delivery of product(s) to consumers so that their needs are fulfilled and organizational objectives are also achieved. Distribution means to distribute, spread out, disseminate. In the field of marketing of channel distribution indicate route or pathways through which goods and services flow. Distribution channel has been defined as the marketing institution participating in the marketing activities involved in the movement or the flow of goods or services from the primary producer to the ultimate consumer. This is concerned with how through what channel of distribution should be carried out for the final product. Another aspect is the operational aspect of distribution or physical aspect. This includes all physical operation concerned with moving goods from one place to another including warehousing, storage and transportation as it involves cost.

1 a. Statement of the problem:

A study on the level of satisfaction of the channel members of the VKC Pvt.Ltd.

1 b. Objectives of the study:

The primary objective of the study is to know the level of satisfaction of channel members of VKC Pvt. Ltd. The secondary objectives of the study are as follows:  To know the overall perception about distribution management in the Malabar region of Kerala.    To find out the needs, wants and expectations of channel members. To evaluate the brand loyalty of channel members towards the products. To find the shortfall of the present distribution channel management.

1 c. Scope of the study:

1 d. Research methodology: Primary data:

The primary data has been collected through survey research. The respondents were directly interviewed with the help of structured questionnaire and in cases via phone. The respondents are customers from the Malabar region of Kerala.

Secondary data:
The secondary data was collected from internet, books and distributor has provided the companys information.

Customers from the Malabar region of Kerala state.

Sample unit:
The survey was conducted on all the channel members of VKC Pvt. Ltd. Located in Malabar

region of Kerala

Sampling size:
The survey was conducted with the 50 respondents from different organization.

Research design:
Research design is a detailed blue print used to guide the research study towards its objectives. The process of designing a research study involves many interrelated decision. The most significant decision is the choice of research approach as it determines how the information will be obtained. The type of research is descriptive approach which means asking questions to people who are managers of the reputed organization. It measures the magnitude of their knowledge, attitudes and behaviour. In survey method the data collection is through structured direct interview. Structured direct interview is a formal questionnaire (i.e. set of questions) that is structured and direct and the interviewer is instructed to ask the persons those questions only in the order

given in the questionnaire. This type of interview is referred to as structured survey undisguised in nature. It gives standardised information and hence editing, tabulation and analyzing of the data are more easily done.

Sampling technique:
Convenience sampling: it is used in this research where the researcher is interested in getting an inexpensive approximation of truth. As the name implies, the sample is selected because they are convenient. This non probability method is used during research efforts to get a gross estimate of the results without incurring the cost or time required to select a random sample.

1 e. Limitations: