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Competitive Profile Matrix: Competitive Analysis Control System, PEST

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Financial Statement Conclusion

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Executive Summary

In the report as first brief description of Fastrans International Limited is given. Then the discussion is about the SWOT analysis. Then the most important part is Different Departments & their function, and 5Ps of Fastrans International Limited. Here also described about competitive profile matrix & another important part porters 5 forces. Here mainly shown how Fastrans operate their business, its segmentation, targeting and positioning of businesses. We here briefly described another thing PEST of the organization and the control process. We tried to include all the things as the companys have as a service marketing.


Todays world is a globalize one. Globalization is a process of interaction and interaction among the people, companies, and government of different nation. It is driven by international trade is done by mainly export-import traders. They exchange their goods with the other countries. Transportation is a big issue here and of course its cost. Fastrans is established to provide assistance to the international traders fixing the freight rate of shipping Fastrans International Ltd. (FIL) was established in 1981 as International Freight Forwarder both for Air & Ocean. Within a Span of few years Fastrans expanded its business a lot due to sincere work and effort. During the last few years FIL entered into a wide, diversification program and covered wide areas of activities aiming to provide a total solution for all transport requirements from any place in Bangladesh to anywhere in the world. Since the last couple of years Fastrans has become a reputed and well known NVOCC in Bangladesh. Fastrans always offer a complete integrated service to the clients. Its Ocean freight services offer both FCL & LCL (consolidation) & Airfreight consolidation dispatches to and from all major Sea & Airports in the world. High value technologies and capabilities at all times is the motto of its operation. Our position itself is a driving force to create solutions for its customers requirements.


Fastrans is capable to handle shipment from beginning to end. Thus the shippers or consignees are free to focus on other areas of business knowing that shipment is being picked up in a timely manner and delivered to the destination at the specified time requested. We are able to co-ordinate and to create individual solutions. We are sincere and dedicated to DEALS. FIL is the member of IFFAB (International Freight Forwarding Association of Bangladesh) and ACAB (Association of Cargo Agents of Bangladesh). Vision: To be the most Quality focused, customer responsiveness, efficient,
competitive and socially responsiveness Corporation in the freight forwarding Industry.

FIL provide up-to-date information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with access from anywhere in the world. We provide transport services with most competitive rates at the standard thinking no matter wherever you are, where your cargoes are moving and whatever the size of business. Goal: To achieve its position of market leader in the flexible freight forwarding



Interaction and integration among exporters, importers and shippers. Shipping goods of the traders to abroad Provide assistance to the export-import traders with the freight rate of shipping. Communication with the shipping company. Communication with the agents in country and abroad. Objective: The main objective of Fastrans int. is to expand its branches throughout the
cities & ports as well as increase the share of the market. To do so, it will identify the clients needs and expand distribution network to make the service available at clients door steps. By maintaining highest standard that is ensuring quality services it will raise in number one position in freight forwarding industry.

Company profile
Year of Incorporation: Fastrans International Ltd. (FIL) was established in 1981 as International Freight Forwarder both for Air & Ocean. Within a Span of few years Fastrans expanded its business a lot due to sincere work and effort.

Location: Dhaka Office: 13-A, sonargaon Road, Planners Tower (16th Floor), Suit # 05, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh Tel: 88-02-8625200, 9666491, 8626302 Fax: 88-02-8625482 E-mail: Web: Mobile: (88) 01713-095956


Chittagong Corporate Office: 8/523, Lucky Plaza (4th Floor) Agrabad Commercial Area Chittagong, Bangladesh Phone: +88 0 31 716462 +88 0 31 2522278 FAX : +88 0 31 717813


Chairman: ANOWAR SAJJAD LEPON Mobile: 017 12 175962 E-mail: Director (Operation): MOSFIQUR RAHMAN DULAL Mobile: 015 4 350096 E-mail:

Managing Director: AMINUL ISLAM FAROOK Mobile: 017 11 320910 E-mail: Director (Adminestrstion): KHASRUL ALAM SHIPON Mobile: 017 20 969897 E-mail:

Director (Marketing):
MOSTAK AHMED TALUKDER Mobile: 015 4 318262 E-mail: A. F. M. Shafi Mobile: 01734418118


Field of Business: Fastrans is capable to handle shipment from beginning to end. Thus the shippers or consignees are free to focus on other areas of business knowing that shipment is being picked up in a timely manner and delivered to the destination at the specified time requested. We are able to co-ordinate and to create individual solutions. We are sincere and dedicated to DEALS.

Technical assistance: Bangladesh Online.


CHAIRPERSON Director (Marketing)

Director (Operational

Director (Sales)






Manager Manager

Education and training: 1. Must have a background of Business Administration


2. Marketing Graduates are mostly preferred 3. Must have experience of relative field like Shipping, Cargo placement etc. 4. Such training institutes have not been here in Bangladesh.

Competitor Information
Competitor-1 : Swift Freight International Ltd. Competitor-2 : Maerks Logistics International Ltd.

Web Address www.fastr m www.Swif m www.mae rkslogistic


Annual Sales

Net Income


Liabilitie s

Business Value

Stock Value

My Company








Competitor one








Competitor two









- 10 -

Different Departments & their function

Finance & Accounts Department:
Finance department deals with all financial matters of the company. The works are as follows: 1. Trade financing 2. Insurance of plant, materials in head office and vehicles. 3. Work under credit policy and procedure 4. Budgeting for the different departments and the company. 5. Receivable collection and payment processing.

- 11 6. Post the entries into general account module accordingly. 7. Check the overall accounting report. 8. Post the entries into general account module accordingly.

Marketing Department:
Marketing department concerned about all clients, is attached by a director of company.-

1. Introduce to buyers about company & its services. 2. Influence buyers for purchase services. 3. Maintain a good relation among clients. 4. Share opinion, information, and knowledge.


- 12 Administration department is attached under the Managing Director. That is concerned with over all administrative process of the administration. The functions are mentioned below 1. Managing the overall administration. 2. Taking care of the organizations resources. 3. Managing the support stuffs. 4. Ensuring the safety issue of the working environment. 5. Keeping rapport with external parties.

Marketing Mix

- 13 -

Service Variety Quality delivery Feature

Promotion E-advertising Public relations

Target customer

Price List price Discount Allowance

Place port Channels Coverage Locations



International Freight Forwarders

Custom Clearing & Forwarding (C&F) Ship Management Shipping Agency

- 14 -

Trailer Service Ship Chartering Ship Brokers Crew Supply Cargo Brokers Ship Repairs Maritime Equipment And Spares Agents Of Fishing Vessels

Fastrans sets price by following three general pricing approaches which are given below: Competition-based pricing: As Fastrans Int. is competing in international market, it sets price based on the prices that competitors charge for same fabrics and apparels.

Value based pricing:






Fastrans Int. also have to think about customer perception of the product value. The targeted value and price then drive decisions about product design and what cost can be incurred.

- 15 -

Value pricing: It offers just the right combination of quality and good service at a fair price.

E-advertising: Fastrans mainly promotes their promotional campaign through electronic advertising. Fastrans emphasizes on the international relation with the international market as scattered number of export import trader is available throughout the world. Public relation: Fastrans mostly focuses to come closer to the international trader. From this perspective Fastrans has selected to make sponsorship of the cargo container in the port area around the world. Fastrans uses its own logo on the container to get global coverage as this container moves different sea port and thus Fastrans Logo comes in to account of many international traders. Internet: they have their own website. The web address of corporate office is and hamid textile is .


No of staffs: 36
Staffs are appointed for official work and they are both skilled and educated workers.

Salaries & Working Hours:

- 16 -

Fastrans provides honorary compensation for the employers. Regular time basis maintain for that. But as a international organization to contact with buyers need maintain GMT time, so for that it also provides overtime. The employers get their stipulated leave and sick leave without any form of repercussions. Dismissal of pregnant female worker is not acceptable. Commission based job facilities.

Competitive Profile Matrix:

Fastrans Critical Success Factors Service Charge Customer Relation Network Brand Value Services Weight Rating 0.4 0.25 0.1 0.15 2 3 5 5 Score 0.8 0.75 0.5 0.75

Swift Rating 4 4 5 4 Score 1.6 1 0.5 0.6

Maerks Rating 4 5 4 4 Score 1.6 1.25 0.4 0.6

- 17 -

Skilled Workforce Total

0.1 1

0.4 3.2

0.3 4.0

0.3 4.15

In this competitive profile matrix, our company and two other major competitors have been compared. Five different critical success factors are taken into consideration and those are service charge, customer relationship network, brand value, services and skilled workforce. The weights have been allocated according to the importance of the success factor. Here, the most important factor is service charge. As discussed in this report in several parts that Fastrans uses their own ship for transaction. For ocean freight Fastrans int. have an opportunity to charge less with less complexity in cargo brokerage. Therefore there is a major difference in between our companies and our competitors. However, the effect is not similar if we werent provide the companys brokerage facility. Swift int. is specialized in air shipment and Maerks is specialized in both ocean and air shipment. Though Maerks is expert in both shipment, because of their overcapacity they sometimes couldnt manage the system efficiently. So we took Swift as our first competitor and Maerks as our second competitor. The main reason for Fastrans lacking is its brand value. AS it is a new operator in this industry it has few in its brand value.

Competitive Analysis
Porters 5 Forces:

- 18 -

Risk of entry by potential competitors is low

Bargaining power of suppliers is low

Rivalry of entry by potential competitors is very high

Bargaining power of buyers is high

Threats of substitute is high

Through five forces model of Porter, we have tried to understand the current situation of Fastrans-

1.Entry of Potential Competitors

Freight forwarding sector is very much free entry option for the new entrants as new entry doesnt cost too much for establishing a new business. Anyone can run the operation only with a computer in ones own house. Thats why new entry isnt a tough job for any. The only difficulty is a new entrant needs to take permission some

- 19 permission from government and Chittagong port. At the same time exit barrier is also low.

2. Rivalry Among Established Companies

Competitive structure: Freight forwarding sector is very much free entry option for the new entrants as new entry doesnt cost too much for establishing a new business. Anyone can run the operation only with a computer in ones own house. Thats why new entry isnt a tough job for any. At the same time exit barrier is also low. Exit Barrier: we are working.

3Bargaining Power of Buyers

The bargaining power of the buyers of Fastrans is very high in the sense that the competitors are very rigid at their prices and discretionary to reject the order if the quality does not fit the buyer specifications. Fastrans has the reputation of being friendly with buyers to build strong relationship with customers.

4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

The bargaining power of suppliers is low as Fastrans has the habit of paying the payment in cash. They have many shipper options available in their hand. Therefore, they are not dependent on only one shipper.

5.Threat of Substitutes:
Threat of substitutes high as there are many freight forwarding business established in Bangladesh. It is very to enter this business so threat of substitutes is really high.

- 20 -

Market Segmentation:
1. Needs based segmentation: Group customers into segments based on similar needs and benefits sought by customer in solving a particular consumption problem. Fastrans international limited try to meet the need for exporter and Importers . 2. Segmentations identification for business markets.

A) Demographic:
product Company Size: Every exporter & importer Location: World wide. companies. Industry: Those who wants to export or import their

B) Operating Variables:
Technology: Internet communication and User or non User status: We will serve heavy and Customer capabilities: We will try to serve every

technology medium user. needs of customer relative with our business.

C) Purchasing Approach:

- 21 -

Purchasing-function organization: Those company who have centralized purchasing power Power Structure: We will serve the companies those are financially dominated. Nature of existing relationships: Simply go after most desirable companies. General Purchase Policies: We serve the who preferred service Purchasing Criteria: We should serve the companies those who are seeking service quality

D) Situational Factors:
Urgency: We will serve the company those who need specific time frame service. Specific Application: We focus on all types of application Size or order: Any types of order we focus.

E) Personal Characteristics:
Buyer- Seller similarity: We only serve companies who have similar values to ours. Attitudes towards risk: We should serve the risk taking customer. Loyalty: We will serve the companies who are highly loyal to ours services. 3. Segment attractiveness and segment profitability: Segment attractiveness and can be measured through effective segmentation. To be useful, market segment must be: a) Measurable: The size, purchasing power and characteristics can be measured. So the total need of the segment can be predicted and Fastrans is able to measure the total market size of international trader. b) Substantial: The segments are large and profitable enough to serve. A segment should be largest possible homogeneous group worth going after with a tailored marketing program.

- 22 c) Accessible: The segments can be effectively reached and served. d) Differentiable: The segments are not much distinguishable as the main purpose of all the firms is to deliver the shipment according to the choice of the trader. e) Actionable: Effective programs can be formulated for attracting and serving the segments. 4. Segment positioning: Positioning is the act of designing the companys offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. A successful positioning is the result of a successful creation of a customer-focused value proposition which consists of the whole cluster of benefits the company promises to deliver; it is more than core positioning. Fastrans target customers who are domestic and foreign buyers, their benefits are quality and low price and value proposition is a better quality product and service with a good delivery speed at a moderate price. To: International Trader Our: Consolidation Is: shipment That: Services

Market targeting:
Fastrans international limited concentrates on serving many needs of a particular customer group. The firm gains a strong reputation in serving this customer group and becomes a channel for additional products the customer group can use. The downside risk is that the customer group may suffer budget cuts.

Market Positioning
To communicate a company or brand positioning a marketing plan should include a positioning statement. As a group of company Fastrans is fully capable of pffering high quality service, individual support and timely response. Fastrans can customize for each organizations business market segment and ultimately each customer. Fastrans has developed a clear position in the freight

- 23 forward industry. It must communicate that positioning effectively to all the elements of the marketing mix. It maintains superior quality.

Objectives of the quality policies are: To understand the customers perception To offer low price with high quality service To provide timely response all type of services

Control System
Distribution control: The top management set performance goals for the
functional level managers as per order and specifications it receives from the buyers. The main focus of

- 24 the company is to achieve superior Set performance goal by Top management

Set performance goal by functional level for employees Compare performance and correct any deviation

quality and customer responsiveness. The functional level sets the performance goals that are to be achieved down the hierarchy to individual levels. As the textile mill produces as per order basis, so performance goals are set as per order. And it is measured by means of: if the desired quality has been achieved as per buyers order, delivery time, deviations from the budget set by the top management for fulfilling the order and return purchases. If there is any loop, they find it and correct them.

Sales force control: It is already discussed in distribution control that goal was
set by top management team for functional managers. Then functional managers set goals for employees. Therefore the flow of work is mainly top downed. Reward system for sales force: It gives a good salary, but no performance base reward. The company has a policy that it increments the salary of new fresh employees after every six months for first three years. Organization culture: The company works on the organizational culture so that norms and values of the organizations employees teach the lower level employees to be customer responsive. When an organization is customer responsive, efficiency is

- 25 gained as the labors feel the urgency to meet the order in time and concentrate on quality


Political Analysis:
Political stability is an essential part for retaining business process. Last 3years Bangladesh is affected by many unacceptable event, last we saw BDR mutiny. All the events hampers the export-import handling at sea port. are not that effective or strong. As Bangladesh is a developing country its laws, rules and regulations are designed in a way the fits best for its economic interest. Although there are environmental issues but those are not that effective or strong. Now political govt. is in power. Govt. should control to protect all types of violation and make a way of violation free exports and imports.

Economic Analysis:
Bangladesh is a developing country. Again the world is export import oriented now. Every where business is expanded. In Bangladesh exchange rate fluctuation is a big problem. Unstable exchange rate creates difficulties because most of the buyers are from foreign countries, they want to pay own currencies, sometimes it creates problem incase of payment. Besides here the condition of share market also unstable. Grumbling problem in stock market is increasing.

- 26 -

Social Analysis:
Fastrans provides air shipment and ocean freight. It has own ship. It has mother vessel and also some feeder vessel. Alls are environment friendly. By the nature it has no way to create any pollutes.

Technological Analysis:
Before Bangladesh was not technologically developed. But now we are using 3rd generation and 4th generation network. Wi-max will started soon. Fastrans is using hi technology network for proper communication with clients and employers.

- 27 -