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1984 Humanoid Reports, the year that something came down on El Yunque in Puerto Rico that caused a small

concentration of reports from the area. But the slow down was on. Missing time and abduction incidents were still the main focus. Hypnotic regression was now almost a routine way to deal with different types of UFO encounters. The repeated incidents n Mirassol Brazil was a return to the high-strangeness affairs of the 70s. There was a sprinkling of rogue humanoid encounters throughout the year; they were spread out and bizarre in nature.

1. Location. Dylife Wales Date: 1984 Time: unknown A man exploring a disused mine was making slow progress through one of the levels when he suddenly heard a humming sound coming from the other side of a pool of water. He could not see anything with his flashlight then he switched it off. Then about 10 yards ahead he saw a white pale blue short man-like shape, that was giving off a soft glow. The witness quickly left the area. HC addition # 1623 Source: Paul Devereux, Earth Lights Revelation High Strangeness Index: 6 Reliability of Source: 8 Comments: Have we here a so-called Tommy knocker?

Type: E

2. Location. In space onboard the Russian Space station Salyut 7 Date: 1984 Time: unknown According to numerous sources, the crew onboard the Russian space station Salyut7 which consisted of six people, Leonid Kizil, Oleg Atkov, Valdimir Solovyev, Svetlana Savitzkaya, Igor Volk, and Vladimir Janibekov. The incident began on the 155th day of the stations flight. The crew was busy with planned experiments, tests and scientific observations were about to start some medical experiments when something out of the ordinary occurred, out of nowhere suddenly a large, orange, gas cloud, its origin unknown appeared. The cosmonauts immediately informed the Soviet Mission Control Center. While the astonished Earth center analyzed the report, Salyut-7 had entered the cloud. The crew had a brief impression that the orange cloud entered their station. They were all engulfed by the mysterious orange glow, blinded out of contact with their comrades, not their sight, however which was restored quickly. The cosmonauts stumbled to their stations portholes. What they saw left them speechless; seven gigantic shapes could be easily discerned inside the orange cloud. Their political ideals, their faith in Marxist-Leninist postulates were gone in a flash. None doubted their eyes. None questioned that the shapes turned out to be seven heavenly angels. They (the angels) looked so much like humans, and yet they were different. Yes, the angels possessed huge wings, and blinding halos. The main difference, however, lay in the angels smiles. When they gazed upon the Soviet crew, they smiled. What wonderful smiles the angels had, recalled the Soviet cosmonauts. Smiles of joy, of rapture. No human could smile like that. Then minutes had gone by quickly. As the clock ticked away the time, the angels disappeared, along with the cloud. The crew of Salyut-7 felt a devastating loss. But Earth was

demanding an explanation. When the Tsentr received the report, it was immediately classified as secret. A special team of doctors was formed to study the cosmonauts well-being. Hence, instead of carrying out further experiments in space, the crew was ordered to measure its own health, physical as well as mental. The tests indicated that the cosmonauts were well and of sound mind. The incident took place before the Perestroika period, and in order to create unnecessary furor, the Politburo made sure that the report remained a secret. The crew of the Salyut-7 was warned to keep silent. No angels could exist inside or outside the Soviet Union. HC addendum Source: NLO Magazine # 9 1998 Type: E or F? Comments: I must wonder if this episode accelerated the dismantling of the once powerful Soviet Union.

3. Location. Mohni Island, Estonia (USSR) Date: 1984 Time: unknown Two Soviet coast guards noticed a bizarre thing. An over 2 meter in height blue robotic humanoid just run out of the water with its arms up. It disappeared at high speed into the nearby forest. A military unit was called for help and they searched the forest, but nothing was found. No other information. HC addendum Source: Estonian UFO Research Type: E

4. Location. Icacos, Trinidad and Tobago Date: 1984 Time: 0400A A 70-year old man driving back from his plantation suddenly felt a presence in the passenger side of his vehicle and at the same time he smelled a sweet perfume like fragrance. He looked at the seat and was astonished to see the seat being pressed down as if someone, unseen, was sitting there. Soon an image of a beautiful woman became visible. She wore a beautiful translucent dress and had long black hair. In

apparent telepathic communication the woman apparently tried to seduce the elderly man. At this point the elderly witness looked down at the womans feet and was stunned to see one normal leg and another leg with goat like hoofs. At this time the terrified witness began screaming at the bizarre entity and ran the vehicle off the road. Glancing to the passenger set he found that the strange entity had vanished. (It seems that this type of report is a worldwide phenomenon, and cannot be dismissed.) HC addition # 3950 Source: Personal Communication Type: E High Strangeness Index: 7 Reliability of Source: 8 Comments: This type of encounter is prevalent in many different parts of the world. The seductive female entity with the goat like hoofs seems to be a recurring theme. Is it an urban legend?

5. Location. Near Genoa Italy Date: 1984 Time: 0500A Shopkeeper Roberto Caldirola encounters a strange man-like being (no description) near his shop. The being accompanies Roberto to his house and fills a plastic bag with gold objects and then gives the witness a medallion with the face of a Pharaoh on one side and an Iguana on the other side. Then he told Roberto that he must leave soon you will know my name and when the time comes we will be again---be confident. Then the being dissolves from the bottom to the top in less than 10 seconds. Terrified, the witness runs for the police. When they come back, they find nothing. According to additional information the mysterious being supposedly visited Caldirola numerous times after this first incident, provoking the failure of his marriage. HC addendum Source: Sky Sentinel # 12

Type: E?

6. Location. Near Riga, Latvia (USSR) Date: 1984 Time: unknown A UFO crashed into a forest outside the city of Riga (most likely as a result of some inner technical malfunction), at a place located about several dozen km from the Latvian capital. The craft was almost intact and crashed into an isolated area of woods and bogs in an area close to a military reservation. The craft was seized and placed in an isolated area which probably was a warehouse facility for nuclear warheads which was later converted to a research facility in order to study the alien artifact. A specially selected narrow circle of personnel was chosen to be involved in this very guarded secret. Most probably the alien craft was already opened when it was located by the military; its occupants had apparently evacuated the craft and were later picked up by a second object. No bodies were found onboard the craft. According to first hand testimony of soldier V.V. Verkhorubov in 1985 he had been serving in an isolated garrison in the Baltic region in a signal company. The unit had isolated bunkers within the Latvia forests and mires and also a helicopter pad. The unit had underground bunkers and large well-disguised surface hangars, camouflaged by plants and painted green in color to so it would blend in with the forest background. Only senior officers were allowed inside the top secret hangars. However one day Verkhorubov got a chance to see what was inside those mysterious hangars. This happened because a warrant officer did not feel like washing himself alone in the hangar. So one morning he took five soldiers including Verkhorubov into the area. The group appeared inside a long metallic hangar. Inside the hangar Verkhorubov saw numerous structures made out of pipes and also some boxes. On the floor he accidentally caught a glance of a large metallic hemisphere about 10 meters in diameter with only one narrow opening leading inside. The whole object was dome-shaped, with a vertical slit-like opening on one side. At first he thought it was some type of metallic pill box and without the officer looking he approached the object and began inspecting it, he found a small rounded metallic object which he could not identified. He was soon discovered by the officer and told that there 5

was radioactivity and to stay away from the object. Immediately the officer ordered all the soldiers to leave the restricted hangar. Additional information indicates that the research team finally succeeded in dismantling the craft into 5 or 6 segments and after years of study the segments as well as the craft was removed by railway from Latvia around 1990 or 1991, when Latvia declared its independence. The craft was transported to a research institute in the Moscow area. But eventually the extraterrestrial spacecraft was moved to CNII MV or the Central Material research Institute in the town of Kaliningrad (now Korolyev) just northeast of Moscow where the object was taken to a separate laboratory and studied by a team of specialists. According to further recent testimony (1998) it appears that this disc is still being studied by Russian scientists. HC addendum Source: Dr. Anton Anfalov quoting V.V. Verkhorubov & Dr. Lev Melnikov Type: H

7. Location. Near Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine Date: 1984 Time: daytime In the Black Sea a weird snake-like serpentoid entity was observed from the Bentos-300 experimental submarine diving into the depths. The body of the snake was about 1m in diameter---it neither looked like a beluga nor like a stellate sturgeon. The creature was definitely different in appearance. The stunned scientists and crewmembers could clearly see the amazing creature from the windows of the submarine. Local legends describe such creatures being observed in the area since at least the XV century. HC addendum Source: Black Eyes of the Abyss REN TV program Russia 2004 E


Comentario: Possibly a relict species or an otherwise intelligent alien serpent-like creature, extraterrestrial in origin or from a parallel dimension. Such species are probably accustomed to the Earths waters.

8. Location. Near Meridian Mississippi Date: 1984 Time: evening The witness had suffered a blown tire near a bridge overpass and was busy replacing it when he kept having an eerie feeling that someone was watching him. Becoming unbearable he turned around and saw a short stocky figure, about 15 to 20 feet away, near the overpass. The figure was wearing pants, and a large dark coat with a hood. Thinking that it was a kid he turned to speak to him and involuntarily raised a lug wrench, and suddenly the figure began to moan, a very creepy kind of moan. The witness then caught a glimpse of the figures face and noticed that it was very pale and had deep sunken eyes. The witness then stood up and the figure ran towards the overpass and disappeared up the concrete embankment. Curious the witness finished tightening the lug nut and backed up to the overpass to investigate, he then caught sight of the short figure, which was now hunched over, under the pylons; it suddenly dove back and disappeared. Frightened the witness drove away from the area. The next day the witness searched the area for possible holes or crevices and found none. HC addition # 3960 Type: Source: William Michael Mott, Hidden Neighbors E High Strangeness Index: 7 Reliability of Source: 8 Comments: The source indicates that the strange figure could have been an underground dweller.

9. Location. Near Tinogasta, Catamarca, Argentina Time: evening Date: 1984 A local couple, Luis and Elba and their young 1-year old baby, were traveling by car from Medanitos when they picked up two local female acquaintances that needed to go to the nearby town of Fiambala. Soon after dropping off the two women they inexplicably began to converse with a female presence, which at no time did they looked back to the backseat to see who she was or what she looked like. They spoke about many different themes and topics including the UFO incidents in the area. During the whole time the baby did not stop crying. At about 15km from Tinogasta they noticed a light on the side of the road, the woman in the backseat ordered the car to stopped and asked Luis to check to see if it was a fire. He stepped out of the car and saw what appeared to be a UFO but then continued on the journey. Upon arriving at Tinogasta they exited the car with the baby and took out the luggage. They felt a strange malaise and both had a strong headache. They do not remember stopping to pick up any strangers and never did see the presence or woman exit the vehicle. HC addendum Source: Proyecto CATENT, Planeta UFO List Type: E Comments: In many occasions so-called phantom hitchhikers appeared to be connected to UFOs, this case is a prime example.

10. 8

Location. Kaliningrad, Russia Date: 1984 Time: evening Two local young students named Vassiliy and Pyetr had left the Kaliningrad State Technical University and had boarded a tram (probably route # 4). The cabin inside the tram was crowded; one of the witnesses had entered through the rear door and the other through the front door. At the debarking point Vassiliy could not find his friend Pyetr anywhere, he looked around everywhere and could not find him. An hour later Pyetr suddenly appeared. Where have you been? We boarded the tram together! I saw you enter the back door! After a brief arguments both men compared the times on their watches and were stunned to realize that Pyetrs watch was an hour behind. The puzzled students went to see another fellow student named Anatoliy Victorovich Smennikov who they knew was a capable hypnotist. Both men told him their story. Anatoliy then asked Pyetr what he felt as he entered the tram, he could only recall that as he entered the tram he sort of stepped into a void, apparently falling down into an abyss and onto a soft environment. After that he could not remember anything else. Later under hypnosis he was able to remember an incredible incident. He remembers finding himself in a large hall apparently made out of marble; however the floor was not cool to the touch. He saw some strange faces around him. Somehow he knew they were extraterrestrials but was not afraid of them. They were of humanoid in appearance, with large heads, heavy lumpy builds; their heads were actually slightly larger than humans. The witness saw a number of instruments of uncommon appearance, of apparent medical purpose. Later he lay on a table but felt no pain as the aliens performed several examinations on him. A thorough examination of his body was performed but no scars or marks were found. Anatoliy later reported that he was later visited by the same aliens at least 5 more times at night. HC addendum Source: Yantarnyi Caravan (Amber Caravan) Newspaper Kaliningrad, April 20 2004 Type: G Comments: This case appears to have been some type of interdimensional sojourn. I am not sure if the supposed aliens were in fact extraterrestrials.

11. Location. Nikolaev region, Ukraine Date: 1984 Time: evening A local elderly pensioner and watchman had just returned home after his shift when he suddenly heard someone knocking at the front door. He opened the door and saw an elegantly dressed man standing at the threshold wearing a brown suit. He stranger had a pleasant, outwardly, typical human appearance. The stranger then unexpectedly said, Hello brother, I am---Pyetr Ignatievich (a purely Russian name). A normal conversation then began between the two men, touching on different topics, the witness, an Orthodox Christian, understood that the visitor was a representative of God. Soon the stranger invited the witness to see something interesting. Both then went outdoors, walking some distance outside the house

where the witness saw an elongated smooth object, resembling a spindle, totally seamless, without rivets or bolts, standing on the ground in the center of the village between some houses and a barracks. The object was quite small, no more than 3-4 meters long and less than one meter in diameter, lacking any landing props or legs. As they walked towards the object, Pyetr Ignatievich invited the witness for a flight onboard the craft, the witness was surprised and hesitated pointing out that the object appeared too small for both men to fit inside. The stranger then answered, Dont worry and to his outmost surprise the witness felt as he was getting closer and closer to the object, and both seemed to be getting smaller and smaller in size (!). So both easily went inside the cabin and sat in deep armchairs located within. Remarkably the craft looked much bigger inside than it appeared to be from outside. The craft then zoomed up and soon the incredulous witness could see the planet Earth from outer space. The alien man who operated the spacecraft reportedly communicated in pure Russian language. The craft soon appeared to gain supersonic and faster than light speed as the witness could see stars passing by the window resembling straight lines of light. In a matter of minutes they approached the alien planet and landed on it. Both went outside and the witness felt extremely fresh air. The alien guide then showed him a number of amazing things in the planet which the witness couldnt understand. Allegedly the alien society was built on the principle of Pure Super communism, and that The men who believed in God and True Communism are one and the same. The residents of the planet were typically humanoid in appearance and looked very much like humans, but not exactly. Remarkably the alien dwellings had what appeared to be golden crosses built over them. One of the most incredibly things the witness reportedly saw was a bust or monument of Lenin the father of the Bolshevik revolution (!) and founder of the Soviet Union. Surprised by this the witness asked why the monument was there. The alien guide answered that they respected Valdimir I Lenin (Ulyanov) for his pure and honest ideas of Communism and respected his desire to make a happy, honest and developed society for everyone, like the one they had now in their planet. The witness then asked his alien guide to show him something from their agriculture, since he was a farmer himself. The aliens then put him into some type of flying vehicle that soon landed near some buildings that resembled some type of milk barn. There the witness saw animals that reminded him of the familiar earth cow, but not exactly. However the alien cows were being milked by purely, Russian, and terrestrial milking machines. The man asked how it was all possible, and the alien answered, We use everything of value that we could find in different parts of the Universe. Among many other questions the witness asked the aliens how did they reproduced and the alien man answered that they had sex the same way as humans. However when both boys and girls reached a certain age of sexual puberty, they were made to mate with both male and female biological robots. Apparently these robots or cyborg (cybernetic organisms) were very attractive to the opposite sex. The alien added that the sperm injected into the female robots was collected and then used as medicine (!). The witness was then returned home the same way he was brought to the alien planet. He was apparently later involved in an extensive and complicated series of contacts with the same alien (Pyetr Ignatievich). One evening as he returned home from his job he entered his


bedroom and saw a bluish light inside and amazingly another strange man sitting on a chair, despite the fact that the door had been locked. The witness said, Hello brother, using the familiar manner in which the aliens greeted each other. But this other man answered, I am not your brother. The witness labeled this new visitor as a representative of the Devil. The new visitor had also a typical human outlook, but with red-orange hair and wasnt pleasant in outlook. This other stranger reproached the witness for contacting the other aliens, and asked him if they had helped him in any way. He added, Look at yourself, you are extremely ill, did they cured you from any of the illnesses that you have? Then he began to enumerate all the witnesss health problems, apparently he knew all of them correctly. The witness then protested and told the visitor that he was Satan and angrily told him to leave. Incredibly in a matter of seconds the red-haired visitor dissolved into thin air. The witness understood that this new visitor had wanted to seduce him. But contacts have continued, on another occasion he saw Pyetr Ignatievich again and after a prolonged conversation the alien visitor transformed itself into a small dot of light and then vanished in plain sight. It was later suggested by researchers that the so-called aliens were engaged in a sort of experiment or mind-control with the witness using complicated holograms and scenarios. HC addendum Source: Vladimir A. Belozyerov, Valdimir T. Borominskiy Simferopol UFO Research Crimea Ukraine

Type: G

12. Location. Near Burnley Devon England Date: 1984 Time: night A lone witness reported seeing two tall large man-like figures wearing close fitting gray silvery outfits and headgear resembling large square silver buckets standing along the side of the road. Both appeared to be holding onto a long thin rod-like instrument. No other information. HC addition # 1433 Source: Bob Boyd, Plymouth UFO Research Group E


13. Location. Edmonton Alberta Canada Date: 1984 Time: night A woman looking out her window saw two very tall glowing white figures running extremely fast across the street in front of her building. It then appeared that one of the figures grabbed the other one as they reached a parking lot. The witness momentarily lost sight of the beings but as she looked back they had vanished. HC addition # 61


Source: Gordon Kijek, Alberta UFO Study Group E


14. Location. Port Huyneme California Time: night Date: 1984 The witness was awakened in her room by a little green translucent being standing beside her bed. Here next memory was of being morning, 6 hours later. The moment she saw the little green figure she began screaming and hitting her husband so he would wake up. She does not remember anything else. HC addition # 3872 Source: CAUS Type: E? High Strangeness Index: 6 Reliability of Source: 6 Comments: Actual report describing a little green man, making bedroom call.

15. Location. Salt Lake City Utah Date: 1984 Time: night Mary and her young son were driving south on 2000 East when a bright light descended in front of them. It was so bright that it formed a wall in front of the witnesses, they could not see anything. She then apparently suffered a black out and could not recall anything else after that. A year later, Mary had an accident and went to the hospital. After X-rays she was told that she had a small object in the center of her brain and it was not known how it got there. Later under hypnosis she was able to remember more of the encounter. She remembered being taken onboard an object and undergoing some type of medical procedure. The beings responsible were described as short, gray skinned with large black bug-like eyes. HC addition # 2784 Source: Zack Van Eyck, Deseret News

Type: G


16. Location. California, exact location not given Date: 1984 Time: night The 12-year old witness encountered a glowing white skinned female humanoid in his bedroom doorway. She had large black oval shaped eyes. She stood there for a while then walked away. His next memory was of being in a gray, circular room in company with four dark blue beings. The witness was then lowered from the disc shaped craft by an invisible force. The four dark blue humanoids accompanied him. They were then in a field and walked a little then a dome shaped object appeared in front of them. The witness and the four beings walked inside the object. There he became extremely relaxed and lay down on a gray and silver table. From the sides of the table several devices appeared which covered parts of his body; the devices also contoured the shape of his body. One of the beings began poking him with its fingers. He was then scanned with some kind of technical device then released. HC addition # 2192 Source: Unsolved UFO Sightings # 2 G


17. Location. Boas Vista dos Ramos, Brazil Date: 1984 Time: night A woman answered persistent knocking at her front door and went to check when the door was suddenly flung opened. She was then confronted by a strange humanoid figure wearing a dark helmet and a flowing cape. Terrified she armed herself and shot at the creature, but at the same time a bright beam of light from a hovering object outside of the house blinded the witness and left her in a state of confusion. When she came to, the humanoid and object were gone. HC addendum Source: GEPUC Brazil

Type: C

18. Location. Passa Tempo, Minas Gerais, Brazil Date: 1984 Time: night A bright object landed on a wooded field. Two short figures exited the object and appeared to study the surroundings, bending down several times. Investigation revealed 8 cm footprints. No other information. HC addendum Source: GEPUC Brazil

Type: B


19. Location. Near Lake City Minnesota Date: 1984 Time: night Somewhere in a wooded area a Native American accidentally stumbled across a huge Bigfoot type creature face to face in a stare down eye contest. As he watched the creature he seemed to go into a trance and the next thing he knew, he was aboard a strange type of craft or UFO. The UFO had several rooms and different types of humans and more Bigfoot type of creatures. Some strange tables for experiments and such were also present. Some of the human-like beings communicated with the witness in a form of telepathy. HC addendum Type: G Source: WBS Alien Report, Vol. 2 # 6 High Strangeness Index: 7 Reliability of Source: 7 Comments: It would be necessary to obtain additional information on this case. If true it demonstrates a direct connection between UFOs and Bigfoot type creatures.

20. Location. Sverdlovsk, (Ekaterinburg) Russia Time: night Date: 1984 Natasha N. was suddenly confronted by an alien that appeared in her room. She described him as a black skinned man with a beautiful facial features and short black hair. Apparently this man confronted her several times and every time he appeared he was wearing a one-piece silver-bluish tight fitting suit. He had a large chin, heavy black eyebrows and jutting arcs over the brows. She felt paralyzed each time. As the alien stared at her she would usually black out and fall asleep. He would communicate with her by using telepathy. The whole time her husband slept through it all as if deactivated but her 5-year old son saw the humanoid in one occasion. Soon the alien began having sexual relations with her. The aliens body was incredibly flexible, and hard, almost like rubber. He had the ability to influence her brain and make her forget the encounters. Finally she became pregnant. She


told her that he came from the planet Toya in the Orion constellation. He said that they were frequently visiting the earth. He invited Natasha to his planet but she declined the invitation. Apparently at one point she was indeed taken onboard an object where she remembered seeing other aliens and remembered sitting on a soft chair (this information was retrieve under hypnosis). HC addendum Source: M. Shishkin, Anton Anfalov Type: G Comments: According to the sources Toya is actually the name of a star system (complete name Toya-Risa system, star Risa-Uga, known on Earth as 10 Tauri, a yellow-greenish F9V-type star, 44.7 light years from Earth, slightly brighter than the Sun, in the Taurus Constellation, to the right of Orion. The system reportedly has the following planets, Miniuba, Miniuga, Toya-Rasa, Toya-RIdo-Idos, and moons, Miguys, Iumaga, Iso-Gaso, etc. This area is a staging point for several extraterrestrial races, which include mulatto type hairy dwarfs, Nordics, and many others.

21. Location. Baltic Sea area Date: 1984 Time: night In the Baltic Sea at a depth of 400 meters Soviet seamen onboard a bathyscaphe, type submarine equipped with observation windows reported encountering three silvery clad swimmers at least 3 meters in height that quickly swam out of sight. No other information. HC addendum Source: NLO Bank Russia High Strangeness Index: 6 Reliability of Source: 6

Type: E

22. Location. Rostov-on-Don, Russia Date: 1984 Time: night Ludmila Ostrikova was staying at the local hospital in a wing with 8 other patients. That night just after the lights were extinguished and she lay on the bed she saw coming from the ceiling and descending towards her what appeared to be a white sheet. This sheet descends over her very tightly drawn on all four corners. It covers her and it begins to press down on her. The pressure is so great that the witness is unable to move. She then began to scream and the sheet suddenly disappeared. Three days later at about 0300A the witness is in bed and is suddenly enveloped in fear and a strong force begins to press down on her, suffocating her. This time she does not see a sheet but a dark hairy figure jumps on her chest, the creature is about the size of a large dog, but with the weight of a large bear. It presses down on the witness who struggles and its able to somehow fling the shaggy


intruder to the floor. But immediately the creatures jumps back on top of her again suffocating her, but again the witness manages to fling it to the floor, this sequence is repeated several times until the witness begins to yell and plead with the creature to leave her alone. The hairy creature then vanishes. The other patients hear the witness screams but apparently did not see the intruder. HC addendum Source: X-Libri UFO, Russia

Type: E

23. Location. Parque Nacional Desierto de los Leones, Mexico Date: 1984 Time: night A detachment of soldiers from the 1rst Core of Military Transmissions and Communications were out in a camp out when suddenly they received an urgent radio message advising them of an emergency near the El Nevado de Toloca Volcano. Immediately they set in motion their emergency national plan called DNIII. They arrived in the area immediately and as the soldiers exited the trucks they saw strange lights, which shone like no other they had ever seen. The lights shone and changed color from one to another in a very slow fashion. The colors were yellow, blue, white, red and green. They left their vehicles and walked the rest of the way, climbing half way up a mountain and arriving at the supposed fire emergency. The air was very hot and heavy like in a steam bath. By radio they received an order not to stand in front of the object for more than 12 minutes and not to touch anything, until they received further others. They were told just to keep the area contained and secured. When they finally arrived at the crash site they saw several parts of something scattered all over a large area, parts of metal, and some pieces were small. The heat now was very intense. Their commanding officer then told the men not to tell anyone of this incident because national security was at stake. Two of the soldiers scoured the wreckage looking for signs of life while the other soldiers maintained a secure cordon around the crashed object. As the men searched through the crashed site, they became nauseated and vertigo set in, but they manage to continue the search. They did not find any signs of life but one of the men remembered seeing objects with some kind of writing that he had never seen anywhere on earth. The closest he could come up with, as comparison was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The area, which appeared to have been the main control room, resembled what appeared to be the top of a church steeple, which vibrated with sound and colors, it sounded like the sound of electricity coupled with a vibrating pulsing sound. The sound was very intense and the men were amazed to the see that the rest of the metals in the main room seemed to vibrate together also, in perfect synchronicityas it were all part of the same body. The men spend the entire night at the crash site. The next day other men arrived at the site, dressed in 16

black and accompanied by military personnel from the USA. They told the Mexican soldiers that the craft was an experimental capsule that they had been testing in the atmosphere. All the wreckage was put in trucks and transported to the United States. HC addendum Source: Mary Sutherland, Burlington Paranormal News H


24. Location. Volgograd, Russia Date: 1984 Time: night Cristina Zametina was at home alone reading a book when suddenly she found herself not knowing how transported to a sandy shore. Nearby she noted a ball shaped luminous object hovering close to the ground. Next to it sat a man, normal in appearance, wearing a dark jumpsuit. By using a hand gesture he called her over. As she approached the man began speaking (in Russian) about his planet of origin, about the numerous long wars they had gone through and more specifically the interest their civilization has on terrestrial women. The reason being, as a result of the prolonged wars, their species lost their instinct to procreate. The man approached her and asked Cristina for a piece of her skin and a lock of her hair, explaining to her that it would be sufficient for them in order to grow a hybrid race using human DNA. She refused, but the alien apparently took the samples anyway. She was then brought back to her living room, apparently teleported there. HC addendum Source: X-Libri UFO Russia, Interesting Newspaper Kiev Ukraine # 6



Type: G

25. Location. Louisville, Kentucky Date: 1984 Time: night The witness was awakened by a hum she couldnt describe. She looked to her right to see a green light outside her window. As she tried to get up her body was suddenly frozen in time. She could still see but could not move. The light took her out the window (closed window with a screen) and up into a ship. She was put on a table and examined by what looked to be aliens resembling that of the gray variety. They took samples and removed eggs from her uterus. She recalled seeing a woman with blond hair looking at her but she didnt say anything. The aliens seemed to communicate with each other by using humming sounds but the witness did feel mental communication from them. The aliens worked on her for a long time and kept blacking out. She claims the aliens inserted an implant on her left leg, which she still feels it with her finger. HC addendum Type: G Source: Stacey Allen McGee, Alternate Realities Center Comments: The witness apparently was involved in other encounters and abductions. It appears to be another case of cooperation between different types of aliens.

26. Location. Near Peats Ridge, New South Wales, Australia Date: 1984 Time: night A man named Rod recalled an event near Peats Ridge. He saw a disc-shaped object on the ground and noted what appeared to be busts or figures of two ugly entities inside a transparent dome. Under hypnotic regression he recalled a vision of fire and devastation, being on a spacecraft and on an alien planet. It then became clear he was reporting as if he were viewing from the aliens perspective.


HC addendum Source: UFOIC Australia December 1992

Type: G

27. Location. Abuja, Nigeria Date: 1984 Time: night The main witness, six years old at the time, was returning home from his mothers work place with his mother, 2 sisters and their driver when they saw a bright light while they were about to turn in a junction. This light was very bright (bluish green). He was asleep at the time the light first appeared, but his sisters woke him up. On seeing the light he remembered it was so bright that he immediately shut his eyes. Their driver pushed the head of his sisters below the dashboard and said, Children dont look at them After about 20 to 30 seconds the light slowly moved closer to their car until it was right in front of the car. The witness was still below the dashboard but according to his sisters and mother a small man also glowing in the same color slowly appeared from the light and continued coming closer to the car on the passenger side until it was right next to the side mirror. His mother then made a loud sound to scare it away because it was coming too close to the children. With lighting speed the creature and the light flew up into the night sky leaving behind a long trace of the bright bluish light behind it. They waited for almost 20 seconds before moving off. The size of the light was not taller than the height of the car and the creature was the size of a little boy. The motion of the object was at first slow and later very fast. HC addendum Source: UFOs Northwest

Type: B

28. Location. Chillicothe, Ohio Date: 1984 Time: night Velma Hines reported being abducted by three to four hooded figures one night while sleeping. Velma recalls the tallest looking into her eyes and saying, she has seen enough and she is not to see anymore. The next thing Velma knew she was back in bed paralyzed. Interestingly, the figures remained with her until they felt she was well and safe. After the beings left, Velma got up and looked out the window and noticed lights in the sky. A helicopter followed about 10 minutes later. Because the beings looked after her welfare, Velma was not traumatized by the incident. HC addendum Source:

Type: G


29. Location. Gold Coast, near Brisbane, Australia Date: 1984 Time: late night The witness, a woman in her 30s was alone at home, her children sleeping at a neighbors house. She had just returned from a work-related seminar, had drunk a cup of tea and smoked a cigarette and then spends several hours watching television. She then decided to begin sorting the items in her suitcase and was preparing to put some clothing into a built-in wardrobe located in her room, which had two sliding doors. Moments after she slid aside one of the wardrobe doors and began hanging the clothes she experienced what she described as a shift or pause. It was only momentary and there was nothing obviously unusual, but her awareness had registered something, and she does not know what it was that made her pause. The moment she hung up the half dozen items in the wardrobe she was suddenly overcome with incredible tiredness and sleepiness. She waked a few steps backwards from the wardrobe and lay out full length on her bed, face up; she didnt even have the strength to remove her shoes. She looked up at the ceiling and saw the light shining, which seemed very bright. As she did this she told herself that she was only going to lie down for a few minutes and later continues to watch television. Next thing she was aware of was voices. The voices had apparently woken her up. There were several voices, all talking at once. The voices seemed irritable and querulous. They were urging each other to hurry, hurry. They were giving each other instructions and talking over the top of each other. When she opened her eyes the voices stopped. Clustered around the top half of her (they were standing by the side of the bed) was approximately half a dozen little people. They were males and females. The witness was afraid; strangely she experienced no emotion and no curiosity. The people were similar to gnomes or dwarfs. In other words, they were small, basically Caucasian in type, approximately 2- ft tall. One male was slightly taller. He seemed to be the leader, although he said nothing at the time. Their skin was distinctly weatherworn as if the people had spent their lives working hard outdoors. Their color was white but slightly muddy colored, and they had very wide cheekbones and jaws. Their faces had a squashed appearance, the way a normal face would look if pressure were exerted on the top of the head. The faces were very strong boned, large strong noses, strong jaws, and cheekbones, strong chins, etc. The eyes and mouth were deep set between the strong noses, chins and brows. The eyes were horizontally wide or long and followed the planes of the


cheekbones. But the eyes themselves, although long, were narrow and slightly tilted up, again in line with the cheekbones. The mouths were long and thin lipped. All the people wore some type of headgear; the women wore scarves tied under their chins, peasant style. The men wore some kind of caps or hats. The witness does not remember seeing any hair on their heads. The bodies were sturdy and strong. Broad chests and wide waists. They wore long-sleeved jackets, which buttoned up the front, to the neck. They wore wide belts at the waists, over the jackets. She thinks the women wore long gathered skirts. The fabric of their clothing was a coarse, heavy type, in drab colors, such as tan, muddy greens, etc. They resembled very much peasants from the olden days. She received the distinct impression that the people were not nice or friendly. They stared at her silently, a bit irritated. She had the impression that she had somehow interrupted them upon awakening. She thought they were willing her to go back to sleep. They didnt seem overintelligent, nor did they seem stupid. They seemed to resent the witness. She became sleepy again, and incredibly thought that she could sleep a few more minutes, even though that she was under the impression that the little people were intent in pulling her into the wardrobe (!). Later she realized that she was now lying with her head at the foot or the bed, apparently the little people had somehow reversed her position while she slept. Her next memory was of hearing voices again, just as before, telling each other to hurry. They were really agitated. This time when she awoke, several things happened at once. The moment she awoke she was shock to see that the little people had managed to pull her quite a way off the bed. The open wardrobe was less than a meter from the foot of the bed, and both sides were now open at this point. The room also seemed incredibly bright. The little people were at the foot of the bed and as she awoke they stopped what they had been doing and stared at her, groaning to each other in what sounded like frustration, resentment, acceptance, disappointment and bitterness. All of this happened within split seconds. And then she began kicking at the little people, and screaming at them. Moments later she jumped from the foot of the bed (where she had been dragged to) and into the center of the small room, still screaming at them. She again noticed how bright the light in the room was. And then the little people turned towards the wardrobe, making bitter, fed-up sounds and fled into the wardrobe. They seemed to go in and then downwards. As soon as they left the room felt different. In shock, the witness stopped screaming and ran out of the bedroom. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed the phone calling her fianc. HC addendum Source: UFO Research, Queensland Australia Type: E Comments: Was this some kind of abduction attempt by bizarre gnome-type creatures? Was there a kind of portal into a parallel reality beyond the doors of the wardrobe?

30. Location. Cutler Ridge, Miami Dade County, Florida


Date: 1984 Time: late night The 6-year old witness suddenly awoke on her bunk bed with a strange feeling as if something that she couldnt remember had just occurred, she looked out the bedroom window and saw a tall lanky humanoid figure glide by at very high speed. Immediately after she apparently went back to sleep and moments later woke up again this time looking out the window directly into the eyes of the tall thin humanoid. She described the figure as very thin, with a rough exoskeleton or skin, with a long neck, no mouth and large red glowing eyes, it had long arms and legs with four very long fingers on each hand, and she didnt notice any clothing but it could have been wearing something dark. At this point there appeared to have been some kind of mental manipulation on the type of the being who wasnt hostile at first but became angry when it could not anticipate the witnesss moves, it then began to push in the screen window. Terrified the witness jumped out of the bunk bed and ran into her grandparents bedroom. They told her the she had only had been dreaming. Later the witness inspected her room and found the screen broken and signs that the creature had apparently gained entry into the house. Some type later while the witness was in the living room she saw the creature glide by next to her. She was unable to move as the creature disappeared somewhere in the house. HC addendum Source: Personal interview with witness Comments: No hypnotic regression has ever been attempted

Type; E?

31. Location. Beckley West Virginia Date: 1984 Time: after midnight The witness had just lain down in bed when he heard a high-pitched whirring sound. Then a very bright light came in through the window. He grabbed his bed as he felt being pulled or absorbed by the light. His next memory was of lying on a bed or table. The bed felt cold and was gray in color. He was covered with a thin silvery blanket, made out of some unknown material. There were several beings standing besides the table, 2 on one side, and 3 in the other. One stood by his head and attempted to calm the witness while the others performed several procedures on him. The being communicated by using telepathy. The beings were of medium height. They had elongated eyes and a slit for a mouth. He was told that he would


not be harmed and that he would forget everything. He then saw a light above his head that began moving slowly down his body, beginning at his head. This proved painful. He pleaded with them to stop. Then the being standing next to him spoke to another one that seemed to be the leader. The witness thinks there was an argument. The light was then removed. He was then informed that they had contacted him before and were disappointed that he resisted the light probe but were sorry he was harmed in any way. His next memory was of seeing a light and waking up in his room. He told his parents and ran to the window to look outside, but did not see anything. HC addition # 3616 Source: NUFORC

Type: G

32. Location. Campo Del Medio, Santa Fe, Argentina Date: 1984 Time: 1900 A man visiting some family members who lived on the banks of San Javier River was out looking for firewood when he noticed that it had gotten quite dark. Suddenly he saw a bright white light coming from the other side of the river. At first he thought that it could have been hunters but soon he saw an oval-shaped object coming out of the water. The object was about 25 meters in diameter and was about 100 meters away from the witness. The object flew just above the water towards the witness. Terrified the witness ran and hid behind some bushes near the house, at this point other witnesses had joined him and began watching the object. At one point the object hovered a few meters above the river edge and a hatch-like opening became visible. From the opening a white-blue beam of light emerged and within the beam two man-like figures floated towards the ground. The figures looked around as if looking for something and then floated back up into the object. The hatch closed and the object flew slowly away until it disappeared from sight. HC addendum Source: UFO-Idea, Argentina

Type: B


33. Location. London area, England Time: late night Date: 1984 The witness had been baby-sitting for her older sister one night and had been sitting on a chair playing computer chess. Everything was very quiet when suddenly the door to the hallway opened slowly wide. She glanced down beneath the chair in front of the hall door, but saw nothing come out of the hallway. She was expecting the family dog or one of the children but nothing came out. Feeling a bit nervous she closed the hallway door and sat down again to play chess. She sat for no more than a minute when the door clicked open, and proceeded to open wide, just like the first time. She then closed the door again, and continued on with the same chess game. The thought that if the door opened again she will go there quickly to prevent it from opening wide, as soon as she thought that the door again opened. She got up but as soon as she got to the middle of the room the door, stopped opening. Amused she yelled, Come in then! She next remembered the door swinging open wide, and half a dozen small dwarfs swiftly moving out of the hallway and into the living room. They came and stood by her right side, and they all were around three and a half feet tall, except for just one of them, who were around a foot taller. She next remembers an elderly man in a white suit, wearing a white trilby hat, and possessing a walking cane. He wore a black band around the rim of the trilby hat, and a black tie. He came into the room and stood at the bottom of the stairs. This man never once looked in the direction of the witness. The witness then noticed her eldest niece halfway down the stairs, whilst the man in white held her back with his walking cane (if that is what it was). She kicked up a fuss and the witness remembers turning her eyes to look at her (she was paralyzed at this point). She remember saying in her mind, No as if telling her not to struggle! I was then led through the hall door, with her feet not touching the floor. She next remembered waiting for some reason inside a white room. There she noticed a young man walk into the room just in front


and ahead of her. He seemed to be wearing a black leather jacket, and had black short hair. He seemed to go to the wall where there was some sort of instrument panel. He had his back to the witness, and she remember saying to herself, Hes ignoring me! To which he turned and began to approach her. As he was doing so, a female then entered the room. She seemed to be wearing blue dungarees and a white head turban bowed at the front. She came and stood by her right side, and looked down at her with a semi smile. The witness remembers feeling ashamed because she received the impression that the woman knew her whole life, the young man in black stood before her. Her memory of the experience ended at this point. The witness states that she does not want to have hypnotic regression. Wants to remember the experience naturally. HC addendum Source: FRETSA Experiences

Type: G

34. Location. New South Wales, Australia (exact location not given) Date: 1984 Time: late night Ms. A was in bed when she saw a shadow in the window then a caped figure appeared at the end of the bed. There were security bars on the bedroom window so the figure could not have climbed in through the window. She felt that her body was paralyzed except for her tongue. Even though it was not physically possible due to the window bars, the figure was sucked out through the window. HC addendum Source: Keith Basterfield

Type: E

35. Location. Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region, Russia Date: 1984 Time: unknown Witnesses onboard a ship cruising near the Kola Peninsula close to the shoreline saw a descending unidentified flying object quickly loosing altitude and falling to the ground. The impact of the object corresponded with a 2-3 (Richter scale) magnitude earthquake. The ship anchored and several sailors were sent by boat to investigate the area on the coastline where the object had fallen. After a search the only things the sailors found were several fragments or pieces of wreckage. The pieces were brought onboard the ship and then delivered to the port of Murmansk and then to Moscow for detailed analyses, which were performed at civilian laboratories. Analyses proved that the chemical composition of the wreckage was not typical terrestrial, instead of aluminum, an unusual alloy with a large percentage of copper was found, and also the presence of an additional 40 chemical elements were found in the studied fragment. The most curious fact was that the fragment totally lacked carbon. Besides the laboratory study by the Anomalous Phenomena Center of Moscow Algorithm fragments of the wreckage were also


scientifically analyzed at the Moscow Institute of steel and alloys. Specialists were puzzled and were unable to reach a conclusion as to the origins of the fragments found in the Kola Peninsula. Nothing is known about the fate of any possible alien occupants onboard the crashed object. HC addendum Source: Molodyezh Estonii (Youth of Estonia) Newspaper, Tallinn Estonia December 5 1989 Type: H

36. Location. La Union, Ezeiza, Argentina Date: January 1984 Time: 1600 Lydia C. Rolandelli along with two other persons and the conductor of a bus were approaching a rest stop on the road when Mrs. Rolandelli suddenly noticed a bizarre flying creature hovering outside one of the windows. She described it as something black in color, with glowing yellow eyes and about 3-4 ft tall. The driver stopped the bus and all watched the creature fly by slowly and then disappear into the distance at high speed. According to Mrs. Rolandelli she was the only one of those present who expressed any surprised as to the flying humanoid. At one point, the creature stood on the bus entrance steps and then jumped down before disappearing from sight. The driver and the other two men appeared to stare right through the creature, apparently in some kind of trance. HC addendum Source: Fabio Picasso

Type: E

37. Location. Navalmoral De La Mata Spain Date: January 1984 Time: night A truck driver approaching the village saw a tall transparent woman suddenly standing on the roadway ahead of him, apparently he was unable to stop the truck, and it ran right through the figure without causing any apparent damage. The figure was still standing there as the witness drove away. HC addition # 631 Source: J J Benitez, LA Quinta Columna

Type: E


38. Location. Near Arundel, West Sussex, England Date: January 1984 Time: night Driving home on the outskirts of the city he caught sight of a figure in his headlights. It was standing by the road in the pouring rain and looking at the mans car as if with an air of curiosity. The witness brought his car to a halt and observed closely. The figure was male, tall, very muscular and completely naked but covered in hair. The witness observed that the hair was unlike an apes but it resembled closely that of a dog. The witness became alarmed and drove off in a hurry. After a few minutes he revisited the scene but the creature had vanished. HC addendum Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land

Type: E


39. Location. Buenos Aires Province Argentina Date: January 1984 Time: 2200 A man returning home after doing some shopping was walking near the house on a field when he noticed a round luminous object approaching his position slowly. As the craft approached he noticed that it was transparent and inside there were several short green skin beings with large oval shaped and huge eyes. One of the beings raised its arms and yelled Peace! The craft then glided slowly away above some nearby house and disappeared. (The witness reported a six-hour time discrepancy.) HC addition # 1912 Source: Dr. A. Dardanelli, Ovnis Secuestros y Acupuntura G?

Type: A or

40. Location. Framingham Massachusetts Date: January 4 1984 Time: late night The witness recalls lying fully awake with his eyes closed feeling a strange irritation in his left eye; he tried to rub his eye but found that he could not move. When he finally opened his eyes he saw what appeared to be a mirror on the ceiling reflecting a green pencil thin beam of light that was shooting directly into his right eye. He also saw a figure of a small being holding what appeared to be a hair dryer. He felt that his mind was being read. He struggled and finally was able to move; he then rushed to the window and looked out just in time to see an object shaped like a barrel with a set of tripod legs rising from the ground. It also had bright orange lights shining from inside of it. HC addition # 950 Source: Joe Nyman, UFONS # 204

Type: C

41. Location. Near Black Hand Gorge, Licking County, New Jersey Date: January 15 1984 Time: 1730 28

Two witnesses were driving down a local State Route on their way towards Licking Valley High School for a game. As they approached a heavily wooded area they saw something very hairy and very large squatting down in the middle of the road. Its face had a snout-like appearance, kind of like a baboon completely covered with hair. The driver decided to drive towards it so she wouldnt go off the road and into the creek, since the road at this juncture was very narrow. At a distance of just ten feet away, the driver waited for an impact but surprisingly nothing happened. Apparently it jumped out of the way or maybe even rolled out of the way. When the driver looked in the rearview mirror, it was gone. The witnesses had no idea where it went to and did not stop to check. HC addendum Source:

Type: E

42. Location. Atripalada, Avellino, Italy Date: January 19 1984 Time: 1600 Near a local military installation witnesses reported a tall man-like figure with pale facial features wearing a blue coverall and a tight-fitting helmet with antennas standing on the side of the road. It appeared to be signaling to passing motorists. No other information. HC addendum Source: CUN Italy

Type: E

43. Location. Cedar Creek Reservoir, Texas Date: January 26 1984 Time: 2015 A woman and her 7-year old son experience radio interference in their vehicle and then see a bright circular object that stops their car. Car then goes out of control into a ditch. A bright light then envelopes the car, 75 minutes of missing time is then reported. HC addendum Source: MUFON Journal September 10 1984 Comments: Unexplored abduction event

Type: G

44. Location. Midland Western Australia Date: January 20 1984 Time: 0030A A young boy sleeping in a tent in his backyard claims that several ugly little men wearing gray tight fitting outfits that attempted to grab him and drag him out of the tent awakened him. He somehow got away from them. Later that same night a


witness reported seeing a conical shaped light low over the area that apparently affected his portable radio reception. HC addition # 3463 Source: TUFOIC

Type: C?

45. Location. Rural Tennessee area Date: February 1984 Time: 0034am The 16-year old witness had gone to bed at her modest size single level rancher home when she was suddenly woken up by a painfully bright light outside his window. She first thought that it was her boyfriend at the time that had wrecked his car in the yard, so she got out of bed to see what was going on. She stepped out into the back porch; the light was so bright that it looked like daylight outside. As she started to step out into the porch she suddenly began to rise up, very quickly, she was shocked, at first she couldnt understand what was going on, she looked down and she could see her house and street getting smaller, she could feel the wind around her but even thought it was February it wasnt cold. She also realized that for whatever reason, she was not scared. She saw her high school, everything, and then she realized she was over a nearby park, and looked up. There was an array of three lights tightly together, almost like stars, that she began ascending toward. The lights opened into a triangular shape and she seemed to pass through that interior space. She suddenly found herself in a room of sorts, it was a huge room and it was filled with people, all humans, she could see hundreds of them it seemed. They werent afraid either. They all stood in lines and there were other people that seemed to be asking each one of the humans a question. Just one question. She could hear voices responding, she knew her turn would be soon and she knew no one knew where she was. She saw what she thought was a telephone laying on a shelf and stepped out of line and went to call her friend Chris to tell him what was happening because she knew he would call her mom and her other friends right away. Suddenly a small woman, older looking than anyone she had ever seen before, came over to her and gently put her hand over mine and said, I should put that down because it wasnt what she thought it was. She was kind and gentle and led the witness back to her line. It was her turn at that moment, they asked her the question and she remembers responding and then suddenly she felt like she was being sucked back down fast and was back in her room, where she fell on her bed and went into a very deep sleep. She kept the experience to herself. (The witness has been involved in other incident). HC addendum Source: G



46. Location. Near Tingryd, Smaland, Sweden Date: February 3 1984 Time: 0150A Truck driver Ante Johnson was driving back home on an isolated road when he noticed a huge oblong shaped object hovering silently above a nearby meadow. The craft resembled a submarine with curved ends and a turret in the middle; it was completely black in color. The witness drove quickly home to fetch his camera and returned to the area but the object was now gone. He drove around searching and suddenly spotted something blocking the roadway ahead. He stepped on the brakes and the car skidded making a full circle. It stopped a few feet from a dark object on the roadway. Beneath the object the witness could see three bulge-like protrusions. At this point the witness became frightened and attempted to leave the area but his car got stuck on a snowdrift. He looked behind him but the object was nowhere in sight. The witness got out of the car then suddenly a small four-foot tall humanoid dressed in some type of cowl that covered his face grabbed his arm. The humanoids head and body appeared square in shape and it had surprising strength. The witness began screaming and pulling and finally pulled himself free, he ran to some nearby houses but two other similar beings jumped on him and tried to pull him away from the road. While he struggled he noticed another large dark object hovering nearby. A truck now approached on the road ahead and the creatures finally released him. He was later found in his car in a state of shock and taken to an area hospital. HC addition # 510 Source: Hakan Sterner, Nordic UFO Newsletter, February 1985 C



High Strangeness Index: 7 Reliability of Source: 8 Comments: Another sort of crude abduction attempt. The witness was to have later encounters, some are summarized below.

47. Location. Near Arrolobos, Extremadura, Spain Date: February 3 1984 Time: night After several witnesses reported seeing a tall black clad figure running down an embankment, a local farmer, Florian Iglesias was returning to town along the local road when he noticed a bizarre figure walking very close to the road at a curve. He stood still observing the humanoid, which he described as having very fine features, wearing a dark suit with cape that flowed in the wind. The figure was walking along a high embankment. The witness was terrified as he noticed that the figure was gigantic in stature, with a large almond shaped head, without nose, mouth or ears. Something resembling a bright white stripe could be seen alongside the black suit. As the witness attempted to run from the area he heard a strange sound. He looked and saw the figure running down the steep embankment at very high speed. The witness ran towards the town and found three additional witnesses that also saw the enigmatic figure. HC addendum Source: Iker Jimenez, Cuadernos de Investigacion

Type: E

48. Location. Atco New Jersey Date: February 7 1984 Time: night The witness was awaken by a loud humming sound and found his room illuminated by a bright light. He went to the window and saw a bright white circular object with a dome on top hovering four feet above the ground. It was about the size of a small car. He briefly saw the figure of a man standing next to the object. The figure vanished and the object ascended in a zigzag pattern then left the area at a high rate of speed. HC addition # 230 Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon Journal # 191 C



49. Location. El Yunque Puerto Rico Date: February 19 1984 Time: 0100A After reports that a UFO had crashed in the mountain, the US military took control of the area. 15 soldiers and 3 officers from a special US army group were in the mountain together with other units in a secret mission. A group of soldiers drove down in a jeep to a section called Palmer in the foothills of the mountain in order to buy some cigarettes from a nearby gas station. When they arrived at the waterfall section the men heard some strange noises in the brush, which sounded like heavy footsteps on the dry leaves. They stopped the jeep, got off, and checked the area in order to see who was there. When they stopped the jeep it went dead so did the radio and the mens quartz watches. The men got off the jeep and took positions in the waterfall area as they kept hearing the sound of heavy footsteps in the brush approaching. It was as if someone or something was coming towards them, but they could not see whom it was. They were ordered to be on alert and take positions in the perimeter. Their commanding officer shot a flare, but they still could not see who was approaching them. The noises and footsteps continued. They shot another flare and ordered whomever it was to stop, to identify themselves. There was no answer. At this point the commanding officer ordered the men to shoot at will. Some of the men fired in a cross like motion in the direction of the sounds. The bullets seemed to hit whatever was approaching. Then a lot of noise was heard coming from the forest, and the sound of something running and stepping heavily over the branches and leaves. Then everything became very quiet and calm. They searched the perimeter but found nothing. Soon the jeep and electronic equipment began


functioning again. More military units arrived including men dressed up in white one-piece anti-contamination suits with masks. A trail of a strange green luminescent liquid was found on the ground and leaves. HC addition # 3160 Source: Jorge Martin

Type: D??

50. Location. El Yunque Puerto Rico Date: February 26 1984 Time: late night Seven young witnesses had driven up to the mountain to meditate and just to look around and after awhile one of them became disturbed and felt that someone was near them, they all began to hear footsteps in the brush when suddenly two beings appeared. The two wore silvery outfits, and one was shorter than the other and both had bright medallions hanging around their necks. They had large round fish-like eyes and large rounded mouths; they appeared to glide towards the witnesses. At this point some of the witnesses heard the beings calling to them apparently offering them a round luminous ball that one of them carried, another voice from out of the bushes told them that it was to late! suddenly three of the witnesses appeared to go into a trance and one began talking in a strange language, a fourth witness became hysterical and had to be restrained. The beings suddenly vanished and most of the witnesses regained their composure except for one who remained in a trance and began drawing on a piece of paper a series of strange symbols. (Other paranormal phenomena was reported) HC addition # 59 Source: Jorge J. Martin, Enigma # 1

Type: E

51. Location. Farnham England Date: February 28 1984 Time: night A 27-year old man reported how he was thrown into a tree after colliding head on with a car while riding his motorcycle. Before hitting the ground his last conscious memory was seeing a bright light in the sky nearby. Later he woke up and found himself lying on a sort of bed, surrounded by three strange beings looking down on him. The beings had large gray hairless heads; eyes with diamond shaped pupils and were about four and a half feet tall. The beings then stood behind a raised control console and communicated with him telepathically, promising to heal his extensive injuries. The witness later woke up in a hospital bed suffering only from a broken arm. HC addition # 2013 Source: Gordon Millington, SIGAP

Type: G


52. Location. El Yunque Puerto Rico Date: late February 1984 Time: evening Several witnesses were in a caravan of five vehicles that were traveling on an isolated road and were observing the scenery when suddenly all five-vehicle engines began to sputter and in a few moments all the vehicles had stalled. As the men looked under the hoods in an attempt to determine the cause of the problem, one of the witnesses felt an urge to look over to her left and saw standing in the woods a short thin figure that was staring with curiosity at all the commotion. The being suddenly noticed the startled witness and ran at very high speed into the woods quickly disappearing from sight. The being was described as four-foot tall, thin, and well proportioned. His head was slightly larger than normal and egg shaped. It was hairless with large dark slanted eyes, a tiny nose, and a small lipless mouth. Its skin was gray-green in color and it had long dangling arms with long thin fingers. The being wore a tight fitting one-piece white suit with an unknown blue design on the chest area. As soon as the being left the area, the vehicles were able to function again. HC addition # 1817 Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 2 Type: E Comments: Note: this is the third or fourth encounter at this location during February 1984.

53. Location. Near Grasse, France Date: March 1984 Time: afternoon Jean de Raigualgue was exploring the beautiful landscape and steep hills which hang over the Mediterranean Sea and had sat down to rest near the top of a rocky cliff. He could see the big ships far away at sea. Suddenly he became aware of somebodys presence. It was like closing his eyes, opening them again and finding a man sitting next to him. He seemed to have popped up from nowhere. It was both puzzling and frightening at the same time. Regaining some of his composure Jean cautiously began to talk to the stranger who looked amused at his surprise. He


asked the man to explain his sudden appearance. He simply stated that he had come to see him, as if was the most natural thing to do in the world. He just wanted to talk to him. He then went on to say that he had been sent by the witness guardian angel in order to enlighten him. He was told to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain some clues as to the many basic questions everyone asks themselves about life, the universe, destiny, etc. Apparently the stranger was in the capacity to provide such information. Soon to the witnesss utter disbelief he realized that the stranger was able to read his thoughts. He then gave him a few samples of his introspective powers. Amongst other things he went through some episodes of the witness private life, he mentioned things that only the witness could know. He then went on quietly declaring that he was not an earthman that he had come from outer space and taken the appearance he presently had for the sole purpose of talking to Jean. In the course of this brief preliminary exchange the stranger never departed from a cool, patient and understanding attitude. He was obviously aware of Jeans puzzlement and disbelief. He pointed at a sort of ball he had been casually playing with while they were talking and explained it was just a basic technological tool. It helped him perform many different things. Apparently the stranger gave Jean a few examples of what the ball was capable of doing. (No details) He then laughed and told Jean that he had a whole bag of tricks in store and that he would be happy to produce as many of them as necessary to convince Jean that he was not dreaming. He then told him that he would come to visit Jean at his house that he would have nothing special to do. No meal to serve, no door to open, he just had to be there at the allotted time. According to Jean he eventually had six meetings with the stranger at his house. One moment he wasnt there then Jean would blink his eyes and suddenly the stranger would be there. During the meetings the stranger covered many topics. He talked about himself and the physics that made their conversation possible. He also talked about the many aspects of the concept of God and emphasized that even the most intelligent creatures in the material universe couldnt grasp the true nature of this universal consciousness, he talked about the universe and its purpose. He talked about the organization of what he called the spiritual dimensions, about the creatures that live in our universe, the role we play in all this, and the purpose of our life in its most trivial aspects. He talked about the fate and the ultimate destiny of all things. And according to the stranger Atlantis had apparently existed and pointed out that the Earth was indeed in trouble (no details). At the end of their sixth meeting, the stranger casually said goodbye, went as usual and never came back. HC addendum Source:

Type: E?

54. Location. Cerro De La Silla, Nuevo Leon Mexico Date: March 1984 Time: evening


In an isolated canyon several locals had seen a bizarre winged dark colored manlike humanoid flying low over the area. Two investigators found strangely mutilated animals including a wild boar, hanging from trees. Terrified they left the area. HC addition # 2952 Source: Marco A Reynoso

Type: E

55. Location. Tingryd, Smaland, Sweden Date: March 6 1984 Time: night Ante Jonsson (involved in a previous encounter) was awakened by somebody touching his shoulder and he gout from his bed. There was nobody in the room except for his sleeping wife. He felt that somebody was calling him and went to the kitchen, now fully dressed and later out into the street. There he saw a man in a long black coat. He started to walk towards him, but he suddenly disappeared briefly but immediately he is able to see him again. The strange entity appears to have no feet and floats down the street as Ante follows him. The stranger stares at the witness with a very pale and long face. After a short walk Ante finds himself at a nearby meadow where a black craft is hovering. The pale man is standing in front of it and he disappears. Ante then sees the craft moving towards him until is right above him. The craft hovers for a while and then something incredible takes place, he finds himself floating in the air but cannot feel any sensations. A moment later he is back in the garden outside his house. HC addendum Source:

Type: C

56. Location. The Hague, The Netherlands Date: Spring 1984 Time: 0340A


60-year old L. Smeets was in his bedroom when he saw a bright white light suddenly appear in the room. Within the light two very tall gold glowing figures appeared. The figures were about 1.85 m in height, with very pale skin, with dark luminous sapphire-like eyes and shoulder length blond hair. The humanoids wore shiny golden uniforms with silvery belts. On the chest area they had an insignia resembling an arrow pointing up under a half oval shape. The beings communicated telepathically and convened messages of future catastrophes and wars. They also told the witness that they were descendants of the original inhabitants of Atlantis. After awhile the figures bade goodbye and vanished, but before they did they promised to return and see him again. HC addendum Source: UFO Nachrichten 287, July 1984, Project Becassine

Type: E

57. Location. Alimova Balka, Bahchisaray region, Crimea, Ukraine Date: spring 1984 Time: 10am-11am The witness, Lena, felt compelled to walk off her bus route at a distance about 2km southwest of the village, it felt like something was pulling her there. She then arrived at a broad gorge surrounded by rocks and immediately felt the presence of somebody else there. Suddenly right before her eyes a strange entity appeared, like an image, it suddenly materialized in front of her. The entity was bipedal, no less than 1.6-1.7m in height with a body covered with scales, like a dinosaur. The color of the scales was dark brown. The entity had a long tail, which was about 1.5m2meters in length, a massive hairless head, large muscular arms and legs with claws. In general the entity resembled a pangolin lizard. It had eyes with green irises and vertical pupils and a brown thin border around the eyes. Its eyes were slightly 38

slanted; the entity appeared quite dense and solid, not like a hologram. The whole contact between Lena and the reptilian humanoid lasted about 15 or 18 minutes. She understood that this contact was planned beforehand. The communication was telepathic and they spoke about different topics. Among many things the entity informed her that their race was very ancient, and they had a population of intelligent reptiles that used to live on earth millions of years ago, but as a result of some unspecified reasons they had to escaped underground and continue to live there (where exactly the entity did not elaborate). In the same area of the encounter there exists a peculiar stone or so-called mengir which supposedly accumulates spiritual energy from ancient times. Apparently the reptilian entity most likely teleported there from another dimension, after the encounter the entity disappeared in front of the witness. HC addendum Source: Pavel Ivanovich Polotskiy, Krasnogvardeyskoye, Crimea E


58. Location. Vancouver Washington Date: Spring 1984 Time: afternoon The witness had been taking a walk through a wooded area when he entered a large clearing. He then came upon a small domed silvery disc shaped object about one meter in diameter. The witness bent down to look and was surprised to see inside the clear dome a very tiny man-like figure that appeared to be holding some kind of control rod. The witness picked up the disc and saw the little man cringe in fear, but the little man apparently recovered his composure and accelerated the disc which then emitted a high pitched hum and began to oscillate, causing the witness to release it, it then took off vanishing at very high speed. HC addition # 832 Source: Letter by Dudley D Starr, FSR Vol. 32 # 3 Type: A High Strangeness Index: 7 Reliability of Source: 8 Comments: This type of humanoid has been frequently reported in Malaysia but very few times in the west. The above case and another case from 1965 in Seattle Washington are some of the few known in the USA. Colombia has one case in 1973 and Canada has one from 1976, possibly more.

59. Location. Near Ojo de Agua, San Marcos Sierras, Argentina Date: spring 1984 Time: afternoon The witness, Daniel, had argued with his wife and decided to go sleep in the thick woods nearby. He climbed a nearby hill and found an appropriate location and


there he set up an impromptu campground. As he lay down he began to listen to the nearby farm animals and other animals which appeared to be very agitated. Suddenly he saw two figures approaching from a nearby dirt road that led to town. Both figures were strange in appearance, well dressed, with a black top and coat, black pants which seemed extremely out of place in such a rural setting, one of the men carried a square-shaped briefcase, like a tool box, silvery in color. Both men had very white pale skin, with dark short hair, and both wore shoes. Upon spotting the witness the two strangers stopped and stared at him, apparently surprised and not knowing what to do, both seemed startled a bit at the witness appearance since at the time he wore his hair waist long and wore some feathers just like the typical American Indian. The men then walked over to the witness and stopped. They then asked something like, had anyone else walked up this way? The men then continued on, climbing the steep hill. A few moments later the witness began to see what appeared to be lighting coming from behind a nearby hill exactly in the area where the two strangers had disappeared to. Daniel thought it was an approaching storm until he began to hear a strange humming sound. At this point he decided to follow the trail in which both men had disappeared from sight and upon reaching the summit of the hill he saw three white egg-shaped objects hovering over the ground forming a triangle, all emitting a very strong white light. Suddenly all three crafts rose up into the air about 50 meters and arranged themselves in a straight line. At that moment the witness heard a sound resembling that of a welders torch and in a second all three craft shot away in a straight line quickly disappearing from sight. Terrified the witness picked up his things and returned back home. The witness further remembered that the men had a strange Spanish accent when they spoke to him. HC addendum Source: Mariela Veronica De Tomaso & Miguel Angel Gomez Pombo Proyecto CATENT Argentina C Translated by Albert S Rosales


60. Location. Barrio Coghlan, Buenos Aires, Argentina Date: April 3 1984 Time: 0230A Several days after witnesses reported a strange white flash and glow near the local railroad station and the body of an unidentified male was found near the tracks without any apparent injuries or signs of trauma several witnesses including Andres Pulido reported seeing a strong luminosity from which small greenish colored spheres seemed to detach and float to the ground and within the spheres the figures of small gnome-like greenish creatures. The Mancusi brothers reported seeing what appeared to be a luminous whitish cloud approaching from the direction of the railroad tracks; it was somewhat oval in shape. The cloud suddenly stopped and from inside several short creatures jumped out and ran towards the nearby fields. The figures were about 60cm in height, had rough skin and wore some kind of


uniform, green in color, they had not hats and had hairless heads, and they appeared to have normal eyes and mouth. The witnesses counted at least 10 short humanoids, the humanoids began moving very quickly around the fields and at times appeared to be playing among themselves, some seemed to bend down and collect items from the ground, and some of the humanoids then changed color to orange. The humanoids apparently disappeared from sight. HC addendum Source: Proyecto CATENT Argentina Type: B or E? Or F? Comments: It is not reported if there was a connection between the dead body and the strange humanoids seen by different witnesses.

61. Location. Arlington Texas Date: April 5 1984 Time: 2130 The witness remembered a brief childhood memory of seeing a bright pink colored house or triangular shaped object floating in the sky as he looked out the bedroom window. The witness also recalled seeing a small man standing in the bedroom. Believes there are other screened memories. HC addition # 3229 Source: NUFORC

Type: G?

62. Location. Botucato Brazil Date: April 9 1984 Time: 0200A The witness was awakened by a strange sound and was confronted again by the same being (not described) that told him many forbidden things. At the same time he also heard a beautiful music-like sound coming from above the house. He was also warned that he should not expose them. HC addition # 1618 Source: Casellato, Da Silva, & Stevens UFO Abduction at Botucato E


63. Location. Llangernyw district, North Wales Date: April 14 1984 Time: night After Margaret-Ellen Fry, her husband and some of the neighbors saw two UFOs land in a farm field, she was in her bedroom when a couple of beings (not described) came through the wall of her bedroom and beckoned to her, petrified, he jumped on to her husbands bed and they clung together. They were not asleep and they did


not mistake these phenomena for ghosts, instinctively you know it is quite different.

HC addendum Source: Margaret-Ellen Fry, Who are they? E?

Type: D or

64. Location. Lake Worth Florida Date: April 15 1984 Time: 0200A The witness had been sky gazing from inside his bedroom when he saw a maneuvering bright light over the area. Feeling a compulsion to go outside he watched it make a 90 degree turn to the west and vanish. Years later after reading the book Communion something triggered his memory of what happened that night. During a hypnotic regression he recalled being taken up through the air to the object, taken aboard, examined and communicating with its occupants. The occupants were described as short, gray brown in color, and wearing red suits with black trim and some sort of smooth, tight fitting headgear that seemed to cover part of their faces. They stood away from the table as the witness was placed on it. A scanning device then apparently examined him. There were several instances in which the occupants joked with the witness in an apparent attempt to relax him. But he sensed that the occupants were insincere and only attempted to give the


impression of being genuine and helpful. Apparently he was never able to look directly at their faces. He was possible abducted as a child years before. HC addition # 3203 Source: NUFORC

Type: G

65. Location. Magnolia, Texas Date: April 21 1984 Time: 2200 Traveling on Roberts Cemetery Rd, near the Turtle Creek subdivision the witness watched an amber-colored disk traveling alongside the car at treetop level, emitting no sound. He was able to catch a glimpse of moving shadows inside the craft. There were small twinkling lights encircling the craft. The craft suddenly spun around with great force and came right over the top of the car and must have disappeared straight up since the witness did not see again. HC addendum Source: NUFORC

Type: A

66. 43

Location. Saarbrucken Germany Date: April 24 1984 Time: 0400A A bright light in his room suddenly surrounded the witness, who had an earlier contact experience and was somehow programmed to be prepared for a second experience. Three men wearing silvery overalls then appeared. They told him that they had come from the planet, X-12-22. One had blond hair, the other reddish, and the third black. They wore orange yellow belts were very tall and their overalls were semi transparent. They discussed science with the witness and possible future events. HC addition # 233 Source: Ulrich Magin E


67. Location. Blairgowrie, Scotland Date: April 25 1984 Time: midday Several days after a bizarre and spectacular UFO sighting over the area, the main witness, a Mrs Freeman called her son to the window. Both watched in silent wonder as a group of strangely dressed males walked quietly up the deserted street. The sight was remarkable: some twelve men and children all dressed in black Yiddish attire, wearing hats of the same color and several with pigtails stretching down their backs. An unusual scene for a local resident to witness. Their curiosity turned to anxiety when the group of strangers walked up the path of a neighbors house, then disappeared inside without even bothering to ring the doorbell. Mrs Freeman was struck by one other odd fact. The mysterious men in black had kept moving in deliberate single file, a regular space between each one, from the moment they had caught her attention to the time they entered the next door bungalow. Even more unnerving was the fact that the men in black uttered not one word during all this time. Just at they made up their minds to go and investigate, the same blackcoated figures came out of the front door, still in single file, and walked back the way they had come. The witnesses noticed that once again not one of these mysterious figures exchanged so much as a word with his colleague. Convinced that something odd had taken place, the witnesses decide to make sure that nothing had 44

happened to harm their neighbors. Their friend who had not seen or noticed anything unusual soon opened the door. HC addendum Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland E??

Type: D or

68. Location. Monte San Antonio, Sardinia Italy Date: April 26 1984 Time: 1045A During a school outing-picnic, teacher Federico V was preparing lunch, when he suddenly noticed a strange figure standing behind some nearby bushes. He described the figure as short, & strongly built. Only the area from the waist up was visible, because of the foliage. On its head it wore a gray metallic helmet, similar to those worn by Roman soldiers. On the helmet were a number of spike like metallic protrusions, about 4-5 cm in length. Where the eyes would have been, were two round holes, no nose or mouth was visible. The helmet was connected to a gray colored coverall resembling an asbestos suit. Another witness, Aldo, now arrived and attempted to use a camera. At that point the figure made a strange gesture with its hands, making a peculiar writing motion with one hand on the palm of the other. The witness then felt lightheaded and if he was rising from the ground. Scared he was not able to take any photos, when he regained his composure the strange figure was gone. Moments later the witnesses heard a whistling sound coming from the sky. Looking up they saw a disc-shaped object disappearing at great speed towards the northeast. HC addendum Source: CISU

Type: C

69. Location. Tingryd, Smaland, Sweden Date: April 26 1984 Time: night Ante Jonsson (involved in other encounters) suddenly finds himself in a room that looks like a large crystal ball. He can feel someone else in the room but he looks


around and does not see anybody. Outside the crystal he can see the ground far below. Ante then finds a bench on which he sits down. The bench is soft and feels like he is sitting in a bathtub. After two hours the black garbed man from the previous meeting emerges. Ante estimates his height at about 160cm with a normal physical structure but with long arms, his hair growing all over the face (bearded). Ante can see no ears or chin. Two black eyes, a flat nose and thick, prominent lips make up the face. This man gives Ante some grayish looking fluid to drink and turns to a board on the wall where a text, in Swedish emerges. Ante gets to know that their conversation will be made by some kind of magnetic thoughts on the board. During this meeting Ante is tall a very familiar message, that we are not alone in the universe, and that there are other solar systems with inhabitants of higher intelligence that ours. He is also warned of a coming catastrophe if we keep using atomic energy. HC addendum Source: Comments: He will have further experiences.

Type: G

70. Location. Bethel Connecticut Date: late April 1984 Time: 0245A The witness went to be feeling very tired, he felt as if he had just taken a sleeping pill. He fell asleep in a matter of minutes. Soon he woke up with a jump and heard a buzzing sound in the room. Without warning the wall on the north side of the bedroom started to glow with a very faint, dull yellow glow. He sat up in bed. Then a being walked right through the wall, as if the wall had turned to liquid or something. The being was about 5 ft tall, and white in color. He had a large head and round, black eyes. He was in a black skin-tight diving suit, and his arms were longer than someone his size. He had no ears and a very small mouth with very thin lips. He walked over to the bed and started talking to the witness, not in audible way but apparently telepathically. The being told the witness not to be afraid that he came in peace, that he had to show him something that he had to learn. The witness felt no fear as the being radiated peace and goodwill. The witness got up from bed and followed the humanoid; they walked right through the wall. Then they were in a small dark room that the humanoid told the witness it was a vessel that could travel through space and time. Then all of the sudden they were in a lighted corridor without an obvious source of lighting. The humanoid stopped and then they were in a large room with tables. The witness saw a man and a woman on a table. The witness thought he knew who they were. The woman, who had long black hair, turn to the witness and smiled telling him that they were fine that they were being helped by the aliens. The humanoid then told the witness that they had the ability to travel in the closer dimensional windows to the planet earth. The witness noticed a number of tall men working around the tables. They were wearing lab coats and looked human. The humanoid left as one of the tall men came over and greeted the witness. He spoke in English and had black hair and very round dark eyes. He was not quite


human. He told the witness that he was a hybrid between the human race and the humanoids. The other men in the room ignored him and continued to go about their business. The hybrid always spoke in an unemotional voice, and his face was always straight, like a poker face. He spoke in a monotone. He was shown a metallic table with a number of instruments that resembled medical monitors. Later he was shown a hybrid baby on the table with a number of tubes attached to him. He had human features, but not quite, his skin was of dark clay color and the head and eyes were very large. He was covered in a clear, skin-like membrane. The man told the witness that the baby was part of the new generation of hybrid beings. But some type of virus seemed to be killing them. He was told that there were other powerful forces in the universe determined to kill off the humanoids and all their offspring. All of the sudden the original humanoid was standing next to the witness and told him that it was time to go home. He was brought back to the dark elevator like room. He then found himself awake on his bed. He was suffering from a very bad headache. HC addendum Source: Phillip J Imbrogno & Marianne Horrigan Contact of the 5th Kind Type: G High Strangeness Index: 8 Reliability of Source: 8 Comments: One has to wonder who are those forces determined to kill off the humanoids and their offspring. There appears to be several different factors and groups involved in this complicated scenario. War in heaven? Probably.

71. Location. Kirkland, Washington Date: May 1984 Time: late night The witness, Nina, woke up to see a bright light shining from outside, through the closed curtains in her bedroom. Thinking there was a fire in her neighbors yard she planned to go over the fence to alert her neighbor. Just as she was ready to do this she heard a voice saying something like get away from the fence. Surprised, she reflexively obeyed and looked around for the person who had made this command, but there was nobody in sight. Next she heard---apparently via telepathic means---a less distinct but still commanding demands for her to move over to the edge of the parking lot. Probably from a mix of curiosity and training to follow orders, she ventured over to the point where the pavement adjoined the weedy corner of the lot. This is when she saw a bell-shaped object with two chubby children standing near it, nested in the brambles. Not knowing how the witness ended up inside the small bell-shaped craft and felt a sickening effect of falling. It seemed like she was falling back-first. She may have blacked out during this descent-like phase because her next memory was of standing up, sort of teetering and seeing about a half dozen of the dwarves doing something around her. At this point she seems to have gathered her wits sufficiently to be able to complain about her bare feet. They had been cut a little in climbing down through the brambles, and she was really upset about it. The


scrapes were minor but she felt angry about being whisked away by strange beings. The little heavy set creatures were putting some kind of salve on her feet and then fitted a pair of their boots on her, sans socks. These didnt fit very well but under the circumstances were better than walking around barefooted and accomplished the job, at least temporarily of getting her to shut up. She was struggling to figure out where she was. The room she was in was like a cavern, seemingly carved out of solid rock, and dimly illuminated by a few wall lights. Very approximately it was in the range of some 12m to 15m in span, with a tall, rounded ceiling and was connected to a large, shadowy tunnel leading one direction and a very brightly lit opening leading to the opposite way. The surfaces of the walls of this cavernous space were lumpy but also shiny. The air was warm and somewhat humid. There were small gauge rail tracks on the floor. This worried her because at the time, she was standing near some and in her nerve-racked condition was concerned about a train coming by. These tracks curved around the space she was now in, leading toward the tunnel and out towards the doorway to the bright light at the other end. At the dark tunnel end it was just possible to see a row of about a dozen or so small, bell-shaped craft. These appeared to be rusty, brown black in exterior color. Right next to these was a row of what clearly looked to her like small helicopters. Each row of these objects was positioned on the tracks. It looked as though they could move along the tracks. The overall logistics of this was made a little clearer when she paid attention to a large adjoining niche on the far wall of the cavern she was in. A blue white light that seemed to extend upwards as a shaft illuminated this space. She thought maybe thats the way she was brought down and the means by which the small craft came and went. While attempting to make some sense of all of it she saw a small train of golf cart-like carriages entering the cavern she was in, riding along the tracks in the floor. Each cart had two seats. She was placed in one of these on the left side with a dwarf seated next to her on the right. The seats were a little too small for her body, so she had to hold on so as not to fall out. A pair of dark tinted goggles was handed to her by a dwarf and by gestures; she was instructed to put them on. The small open train was headed to the brightly-lit opening leading out of the arrival room, and she figured that the eye protection had something to do with the fiercely bright light they were apparently going to enter. The train left the arrival room and was now in this incredibly bright, huge cavernous space. Even with the tinted goggles on, the light was very bright. Maybe she short heavy set next to her read her mind because as she wondered what this place was she mentally heard the word crucible. The most intense part of this light seemed to be in a tunnel leading perpendicularly away from them. In hindsight, she wondered if there was some kind of tunnel boring process being used. They continued on through the bright cavern and then entered a tunnel cut roughly into the stone. The bore of the tunnel was rectangular, very approximately about 6m wide and 3m high. At first the light of the bright cavern lit up the passage but this eventually faded away into darkness. She took off her goggles in order to see but could only just make out the dark, rough texture of the walls of their route. This tunnel seemed to go on forever. Her rough estimate was that they were traveling at 20km/h for at least five minutes (it seemed like more) making this section about 1.6km long. Nearing the end of this stretch of tunnel thee was a low level of light.


This was enough for her to see that the surfaces of the walls in this area had been smoothed down flat, contrasting with the roughly cut stone in the preceding stretch of passageway. Eventually they reached a T intersection where there were some wall lights and apparently some natural light (?) from a shaft on the left side of the T. The train stopped there. After adjusting her eyes a little she determined that there was a smooth sheet of water pouring down this shaft. This brought a fresh, cool air and was a small relief from the ordeal of the previous long ride. A tunnel on the right side of the T continued on into the darkness. The walls here were polished and dramatically showed off the grains and patterns of the stone. She thought that she received a mental impression from one of the dwarves stating that this was the old area. They climbed out of the open cars and now stood at the central part of this intersection. Doors were set into a recess in the rock with the wall lights positioned on either side of this access point, giving off a soft glow. She gazed at the continuing tunnel at the right of the T intersection and saw that the rail tracks continued on in that direction. She suddenly felt a tsunami wave of panic realizing that this tunnel went down even deeper into the rock. Apparently the team of about half dozen dwarves sensed her panic and stood around her, forming a ring, probably with the intention of preventing her from running away. Her recollection was that these stout humanoids had a skin color of black maybe with a slight blue tint, but at this point they began to glow a very bright blue. It was though they were putting on a display of some kind, like grotesque blue lawn ornaments. This combined with the surreal events that led up to this point was too much for her poor brain to handle, stunned she stood paralyzed unable to move. But the circle of dwarves around her began to move towards the door, which was now open, giving her no choice but to be herded into the chamber. This chamber was also poorly illuminated with the main source of light coming from a somewhat tall (about 2m) standing figure wearing a white robe. It was glowing like the dwarves but gave off white light rather than blue. This was sufficient for her to see that the room she was now in was a rectangular smooth walled rock chamber about 6m by 12m with a ceiling height of maybe some 3m. There was a table in the center of the room that looked like it had been carved intact out of the same rock as the walls. She was alone with the tall figure, the dwarves had left. The figure commanded her attention mainly because it was the only thing in the room besides the table. It seemed as though it was floating just a little above the floor. Its robe-covered shape was in general human-like with a head, arms, torso and legs but there were no discernable facial features on its light bulb-shaped head that she could make out. Standing motionless, this glowing alien didnt display any signs of being alive. For a few moments she stared at the robed figure. Then by some means she received instructions to lie down on the table. Feeling rather intimidated by the proximity of a 2m tall glowing, humanoid, she complied. The doors to the chamber had been closed so she had nowhere to run or to hide. Her body now on the table, her awareness seems to have relocated somewhere up near the ceiling a few metes away. At this stage she didnt have any feeling of hot, cold, comfort or discomfort, or for that matter stress or anxiety. She was more like a detached observer looking down at her body and the nearby glowing white figure. From this new perspective she could also see that there was a row of what looked like windows at the top of one of


the walls. She had the unpleasant sensation that there were people on the other side of the windows watching. What followed was, to the best of her understanding, a search through her mind. She could sense an entrance and then navigation through her memories. At first it was though a quick but thorough scan of her life, from beginning to end, was being conducted. This lasted a short time followed by more detailed scanning of certain sections of her memory that had apparently been determined to be significant. The memories along with the physical sensations and emotional responses associated with them were being re-stimulated. From her detached vantage point, she wondered, why? A mental message came in reply, for replicates. The impression she had was that physical and emotional stimuli, extracted from her life experiences was being archived. It would subsequently be part of a library, available for use in replicas of human beings. She thought that was the general idea involved---correct or not---was that fake humans were being programmed with memory segments mined from real humans so they could function reasonably well in a human social environment. It also seemed to be the case that performing the data extraction in such an isolated location was analogous to making studio music recordings in an insulated controlled environment, free from extraneous noise. The next memory that Nina has of this experience is of stumbling back to the front door of her apartment. She was exhausted and just wanted to crawl into bed and go to sleep. In the morning she woke up feeling agitated. She remembered the sizzling white ball of light but at the time had no recollection of the other parts of the experience. HC addendum Source: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Type: G Comments: Was the witness somehow transported into some kind of underground realm or into another dimensional locale?

72. Location. Isleta Reservation, New Mexico Date: May 1 1984 Time: night While driving home to Albuquerque on I-25 North after playing a gig in Socorro and shortly after passing the Los Lunas exit the witness (involved in several encounters) noticed a faint glow originating from the canyon pass area northwest of his location, where the train normally comes from points west into Belen. At first he thought it might be the train then realized it was a very faint glow, but he saw it moving, so then thought it was a small aircraft, possibly a helicopter or plane. As he continued watching, he noticed that the object was traveling toward the southeast at an apparent high rate of speed, and seemed to be coming toward the general direction of his car. He watched the object move toward him for a minute or so, and then he became even more interested, as it appeared to move right in an intersecting path with his vehicle. There was not another vehicle on the highway in either direction at the time of this sighting. He watched it approach, and then became very perplexed as it seemed to glowing somewhat like a fluorescent light bulb, not


lighting the area around it, but glowing sort of within itself. In the second it flew directly over his vehicle, at what was seemingly an exact 45 degree angle to his car, the witness looked upward over the steering wheel to see that the object was actually a living being, glowing white and at the last split second he looked up, it turned its head slightly and looked down directly at him. Since it was moving at what the witness estimated to be at least as fast as he was moving in the opposite direction, he could not make out much detail, except to say that he noticed that it had two huge black eyes. No wings were visible, as he immediately tried to rationalize what it was he had just seen. The flying humanoid had passed over his car at an estimated 100200 ft in elevation. Two weeks after the initial sighting, he was heading down the mountain pas from Magdalena toward Socorro again from another gig with the band and this time, he wasnt alone, as the band was traveling in two other vehicles behind him. Something caught his eye at about 9 oclock high outside the car, and he watched in amazement for a few short seconds as the same being was again coming toward him (at the same 45 degree angle to the road), only this time it was significantly lower, possibly only 50feet above the car. The witness again peered upward over the steering wheel at the last split second, and again, the thing turned its head and looked at him with its big black eyes. Even though it was a lot closer overhead this time, the witness still could not make out much detail, except to say that the body seemed to be almost trapezoidal, tapering toward the head, and being about five times longer than the head, which was also huge compared to the body size, and had definite bilateral symmetry along its length. Again he saw no wings. When the witness and the other members of the band arrived at a Circle-K convenience store in Socorro for their usual string cheese party a few minutes later, he asked if anyone else had seen something fly over his car on the way down the mountain. Yes was the answer from the two riding in the car behind himthis was the rhythm guitar player and his wife. When he asked them what it was they said they didnt know that, it was probably some kind of big bird or something. They did admit that it was moving really fast. About two weeks after this, the band was having a practice at their recording studio, which was at the house of two band members in south Belen, the main witness had his son James, then 5, and daughter Amy, then 3 along with him. The studio was located about 25ft or so away from the main house on the property. There was a porch light above the side door of the house, which had an eave roof over the doorway. At one point his daughter said she had to use the bathroom, so he asked James to please take his sister in to the main house. They played through a song twice say about 5-6 minutes, and he began to wonder why it was taking the kids so long to come back outside. As he was ready to leave the studio, both of the kids came running inside the studio door, screaming at the top of their lungs, his son James excitedly told him that he saw a creature above the door. They all immediately went outside to see if they could see anything and James then described what he saw: He said it had a pair of arms, wings and clawed feet, big dark eyes and big ears. It bent over toward them as they approached the house and put one of its hands up to its mouth, then James said it spoke saying, SHHHBe Quiet!, prompting James and May to quickly run into the house via the front porch and front door, so Amy could use the bathroom. James said he stood guard in front of


the door, until Amy was donethen they both ran as fast as they could back to the studio. After this incident, the witness was sure he was being targeted but also began to feel angry, as now this was somehow involving his family. HC addendum Type: E Source: Comments: Bizarre sequence of events indeed, the main witness would have another encounter in July. (Three in one here).

73. Location. Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico Date: May 10 1984 Time: afternoon Mrs Gloria Contreras and her children spotted a huge disc shaped craft encircled with windows slowly circling a field overhead. Several figures could be seen looking down on the witnesses from the windows. Mrs Contreras fainted at the sight, while her sons prayed. A younger sister threw stones at the object that circled again then flew away toward the nearby Sierra de Alvarez. HC addendum Source: Ruben Manrique

Type: A

74. Location. Near Koschkar, Dshesasganki area, Russia Date: May 15 1984 Time: unknown


West of this village an object fell to the ground, it was 6.5 meters in diameter and 5 meters high. It had a small dome in the center. No occupants were found in the object. Later the UFO was transferred to Stepnogorsk to an underground shelter. Later it was transported in secret to a military installation near Moscow. No other information. HC addendum Source: Irene Malinin, UFO Message Nr 359 May/June 2002 in UFO Nachrichten Germany

Type: H

75. Location. Botucato, Brazil Date: May 27 1984 Time: 2145 The main witness and two others went to a field to meditate when they saw a light flying low over the ground. There was a sudden flash and three beings descended to the ground and began walking towards the direction of the witnesses. There was a second flash of light and two of the beings vanished. The third one went up in a beam of light. The main witness eyes were seen to flash with light at one point. Later that night the witnesses observed a craft over the area, it emitted a blue beam of light from its bottom towards the ground. HC addition # 1619 Source: Casellato, Da Silva, and Stevens UFO Abduction at Botucato B


76. Location. South Texas (exact location not given) Date: Summer 1984 Time: 0100A-0200A A man named Xavier was returning his friend to his house after playing some late night video games and while driving down a feeder road both men saw a figure completely covered in black with a hood. Nothing could be seen of a face, hands, etc. As they passed by it, it pointed at them and followed them with his hand. It was about two feet from the side of the road. Xaviers first reaction was that someone was hurt and needed help so he turned around and headed back toward it. He rolled down his window and it kept on pointing at them and was laughing. His terrified friend kept repeating, Lets get out of here. His friend then told him to look at how it was standing---at about a 45 degree angle out toward the road, but not holding itself up with anything. Xavier turned around again and headed north again to drop off his friend. As they passed it, it just kept on laughing and pointing at them. It took Xavier about 20 minutes to get his friend home and back to the same location and incredibly the figure was still there. Still standing at a 45 degree angle, pointing and laughing, the witness kept passing by it, a total of 5 times and the last


time it literally disappeared in front of him. Terrified, the witness drove away from the area. HC addendum Source: Your True Tales, January 2005

Type: E

77. Location. Near Budapest, Hungary Date: summer 1984 Time: daytime Several young people out for a joyride on a beautiful summer afternoon were turning a bend approaching a nearby field when they suddenly saw a gigantic humanoid figure at least 3 to 3-1/2 meters tall emerged from behind a mulberry tree and cross the field at very high speed. The bizarre figure appeared to moving as if it had been wearing roller skates. It was dressed in a white astronaut like outfit complete with helmet and a dark shiny faceplate; it also appeared to have been wearing rather thick and large boots. The stunned witnesses decided to drive on but stopped after a few meters and returned to the location in order to look for the bizarre figure. To their consternation the strange figure had by now completely vanished. It had nowhere to go since the field had few trees and the road was now completely deserted. Visibility had been excellent on that day. HC addendum Source:

Type: E

78 Location. Machias, Maine Date: summer 1984 Time: afternoon Several girls were at a computer camp at the University of Maine and some were sitting in one of their second floor rooms. There was clear visibility. Suddenly one of the girls yelled that she had seen an ape in the woods, another girl claimed to have


seen it just before it disappeared. A couple of days later, a witness was sitting in the lounge when three of the boys came running in, seemingly panicked. Dave, one the witnesss childhood friend who wasnt prone to making things up, was the most disturbed, and immediately shut and locked all the windows despite it being a hot summer night. Eventually he explained what had occurred. Apparently they had been outside the dorm having sneaked out the window, when Dave flipped out, grabbed the other two boys one after the other and threw them back in the window, Dave then quickly came leaping in the window after them, he then quickly shut and locked the window. According to Dave they were outside when he suddenly saw a big, hairy man-like thing with the head of a dog and glowing eyes. He claims it was at least nine feet tall. HC addendum Source:

Type: E

79. Location. Manteca, California Date: summer 1984 Time: 1600 The witness, Phillip Mackey was working the swing shift one day when he took a break around 1600. He was outside the building washing down some debris into a drain when he looked across this empty lot toward a telephone pole where he could see a large strange looking dog with his leg up leaving his mark. When it finished, it started walking toward where the witness was. At this point the witness realized that it was not a dog. It had red eyes, large teeth, and spiky matted hair on the top of its head. Half of its body was a dirty orange color; the other half was dark with blue markings. It had a long white tail and on its face around the mouth there was blood--or it looked like blood to Mackey. As it got closer Mackey went back inside to tell his co-workers, but couldnt find anyone. Everyone was gone to the break room. So he decided to take a look outside to see where this creature was and as he approached the door he could hear a lot of banging and scratching noises coming from the other side. The creature was apparently trying to get in, so Mackey went to the break room and told his co-workers about the strange dog-like creature. They believed him and were a little cautious when they returned to their workplace. Mackey, a friend and his supervisor went outside and looked around for the creature but they found nothing. There was a lingering foul odor that almost made him sick, and there were scratches on the door. HC addendum Source: Your True Tales---June 2008 E Comments: Another early Chupacabra hybrid??



80. Location. Dubna Region, Russia Date: Summer 1984 Time: evening Returning home from collecting mushrooms, Cyril Timofeyevich was crossing a treacherous swamp and had grabbed hold of a decaying birch branch when suddenly the branch broke and Cyril fell down the ravine and into the muddy quagmire. With each desperate motion he seemed to sink deeper into the muck. As he was about to lose hope he suddenly felt enveloped in a cold vapor and remembering suddenly falling down and through, he seemed to loose to consciousness. When he woke up he found himself in dry land surrounded by forest. Stunned and very grateful at the same time he exclaimed who saved me? Oh Lord, thank you? At this point he heard a strong metallic voice robotic in nature, You are dry and safe. The witness looks around but does not see anybody. The voice then said, We are always among you. Then from behind him a large lusterless sphere appeared, surrounded by a kind of haze. The haze disappeared and in front of the sphere stood a robot like figure about 1.50 meters in height, with angular features, instead of eyes it had what appeared to be lenses, a helmet and three thin antenna like protrusions on top. It wore a one-piece silvery diving suit. As the witness asked questions a color signal panel on the robots chest would start to blink and he would answer. He told the witness that he would not understand until August 19 1990 when he would return to again meet him, when the witness asked if he could bring somebody else, there was no answer. The figure was again covered in a foggy haze and the sphere rose to about 6 meters and then flew away at high speed. As Cyril walked home he saw an object in the air resembling a haystack. The object apparently floated on three searchlight-like rays, which poured out different colors. He then saw the sphere approach the object and become bright orange in color it then seemed to enter the object, which then shout away towards the southeast and vanished. (The witness did have an additional encounter on the date indicated by the robotic humanoid) HC addendum Source: Anomalia website, Russia

Type: C

81. Location. Hermits Lake, Crown Point, Indiana Date: summer 1984 Time: evening Three adult witnesses watched hovering above a field behind a church a large discshaped ship. They were able to see two levels with tinted windows and shapes of what appeared to be humans staring back at them. The ship made no noise and had a red glow around it. Moments later it flew away and disappeared from view. No other information. HC addendum Source:

Type: A


82. Location. Dukinfield England Date: Summer 1984 Time: night The witness was at home in her bedroom when she heard a low humming noise coming from outside. She went to the window and saw a white egg shaped object with a dome on top hovering close to the ground. A door opened and a woman stood there, she was described as being six-foot tall, with long blond hair, beautiful pale blue eyes, and extremely white skin. She wore a long gown. She beckoned at the witness to come with her. The witness climbed out the window and apparently followed the woman onboard the object. The witness was unable to recall what happened onboard the craft. HC addition # 525 Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction

Type: G

83. Location. Near Zigzag, Oregon Date: Summer 1984 Time: 2030 Lynda Kennedy was camping by a creek near Mt Hood and the sun had set and the last of the light was about gone when she suddenly felt something watching her. Glancing up she saw a silhouette in the twilight, crouched down with its hands in the water, like it was washing them. It looked up, and saw the witness. Thinking it was a bear the witness became terrified. All of the sudden she heard in her head, almost like somebody saying, I am not going to hurtand youre not going to hurt me. Reaching for her nearby glasses to get a better look, when she turned back it had run off into the bushes. She reported the creature as having 4- inch hair all over. No other description. HC addendum Source: The Western Bigfoot Society Newsletter # 11 Comments: Telepathic Bigfoot

Type: E or F?


84. Location. Near Santiago, Chile Date: Summer 1984 Time: 2100 Enrique Barrios reported seeing a huge transparent crystal-like bubble hovering in the sky at about 60 meters from his location. It resembled a beautiful soap bubble. Inside he was able to see three small figures. The three little men wore round white helmets. He could not distinguish their facial features. They seemed to lack necks, as their heads appeared connected directly to their shoulders. He could see that they also wore tight-fitting white suits but could not see their footwear. He notified nearby police, which failed to see the object or its occupants. HC addendum Source: Ramon Navia, La Verdad Oculta A


85. Location. Provo, Utah Date: Summer 1984 Time: late night The witness woke up to see a small gray being floating in the air in front of her, just under the ceiling, suspended in mid air. The being pointed at her son, who was also wide-awake, playing with some toys. She then realized that the little being wanted her and her son to come with him. She agreed and the three of them moved into a light, through the upstairs floor, through the telephone lines and into a ship that was hovering in an open field in front of the house. The object was about 30 ft across and made of metal resembling polished silver. It was round like a saucer with a row of lights extending around the top that resembled strobe lights that flashed red and blue and cast an eerie light on the surrounding houses. Soon she found herself walking around a hallway with another type of being, described as Nordic appearing woman. She was very beautiful with blond hair and blue eyes. She wore a jumpsuit made of a very fine material that was colored brown and yellow. The walls in the hallway were highly polished, reflective and with no windows. As they walked they both communicated with each other, all telepathically. The witness then walked past a room where she saw her son and another black haired boy standing in the center of the room next to a metal column. She stopped and watched in fascination as they pulled a device that looked much like a water massage from out off the metal pole. It was connected to the pole by what looked like a flex cord. Both boys appeared to be playing with it. The main witness continued to walk around the ship. Her next memory was of standing outside the craft next to a short gray humanoid, his eyes looking at her, penetrating her soul. She seemed to be in a garage cluttered with boxes. The gray humanoid pointed to an object at the other end of the room. It was faint at first, but finally it came into view as it slowly drifted across the room. She was told telepathically by the gray being that it was dangerous to allow one of those beings to share the same space with you. Next she found herself in a room with several people standing around. No one was talking and the room was silent. Her son was there too. Everyone was naked and was standing around as if in a trance.


Her next memory was of seeing the craft hovering and spinning emitting a strange whirring sound. Soon she woke up in her bed and sat straight up. HC addendum Source: Alien Link, The Awakening G


86. Location. Togliatti, Russia Date: summer 1984 Time: late night The witness had gone to bed late at night and later suddenly awoke in the middle of the night barefoot on the sandy shore of the Kopylov Peninsula, the Volga River flowing on her right, she felt dry and warm, and she then sits on the sand. Suddenly she sees at about 10-12 meters away a man sitting on the sand, staring at her, the man gets up and approaches her, at first she feels anxiety but it immediately goes away as a feeling of warmth and sympathy overcomes her. The man is very tall, about 2.20m in height, very thin and wearing a gray coverall with a metallic plate on each shoulder and a silvery belt. The man stands about two and a half meters from the witness and still sitting down she asks him who he was and where was he from. The tall man then sat down next to her and replied that he was not from earth but that his native world no longer existed, it had been destroyed he was temporarily residing on Earth. She looked around and saw nearby an iron-colored sphere resting on the ground with an open door. The inside of the sphere is brightly lit by white lights from an unknown source. She could see a sort of control panel with multicolored buttons on which sat two other men, similar to her companion. They simply sat in the air floating and greeted her with a head nod; she greeted them back in the same manner. According to her visitor their planet is much larger than the Earth but it now contains no atmosphere. They were on Earth in order to restore their gene pool. Their planet had been irreversibly damaged as a result of wars---they had lost everything. They told her that Earth held a very special place in the Universe and most importantly it held the key for the survival of their race. There were very few women among the survivors and women were now regarded with high reverence. Their war had lasted for about 6 years, everything above ground was eventually destroyed and eventually the survivors moved underground and the war went into another level. According to the visitor terrible laser beams were invented which sterilized women and also deprived them of all their material instincts, even the self-preservation instinct. The women would die from the slightest wound or illness. Eventually their gene pool and reproduction process was damaged. They have tried to restore the ability of reproduction at the expense of the cattle on Earth (hence the numerous reports of cattle mutilations?), but so far it has not worked. Transplanting genital glands had also failed. Their last option was apparently cloning-hybridization with humans. The stranger then asked the witness for permission to take a small piece of skin sample, hair and a piece of cloth. The stranger then took out a device resembling a large egg about 35 inches, quite


transparent with what appeared to be plastic tubing inside. He indicated that this was the container in which they were going to place her cells. Curious, she asked the men what happen with her cells (DNA sample). The man responded that it would grow into the form of a human child (girl) with their instincts and characteristics. However the witness said that she had to refuse their request to participate in such an experiment, since the child would still be hers and she did not wanted to be abandoned, without a mother. The man attempted to convince her that the little girl would have everything, and would be a possible leader in their community and perhaps their only hope for the survival of their species. She sensed that these aliens were good and had a sense of compassion, empathy and felt emotional pain, however she could still not help. She apologized to them, but the man said that she needed not to apologize, because her sense of responsibility for the child was a great gift which was very valuable. The man then got up form the sand and returned back to the spherical object, all three then raised their hands to bid farewell and the door closed, the sphere then became red, crimson and the rose up and disappeared from sight. A crimson glow was left on the ground where it had landed. Suddenly the witness found herself back in her home, she then noticed a bit of grass and sand on her feet, she was convinced that it had not been some type of lucid dream. HC addendum Source: Gennady S. Belimov Type: G Comments: One must wonder why the witness was not a bit more understanding to their plight, I suspect that one day we could be in those aliens shoes.

87. Location. Passa Tempo, Minas Gerais, Brazil Date: June 1984 Time: 2300 An object like a ball of light chased Paulo Pereira Campos accompanied by his son and a friend. They drove home and from there Paulo saw the luminous object on the ground and next to it two short figures walking in front of it. The figures suddenly entered the object, which shot up at high speed emitting bright lights. Burned ground traces were found. HC addendum Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Type: B


88. Location. Lake Gwelup near Perth Western Australia Date: June 1984 Time: midnight The night of the full moon the witness had taken her dog out for a walk to a nearby lake reserve and was walking under some gum trees when she came upon a clearing. As she attempted to cross the clearing she noticed some figures in distance moving towards her. Judging from their height, she thought it was some boys. She also observed a white object that was moving alongside the short figures. Being alone she thought it was prudent to hide behind some trees as the boys passed by. As she crouched with her dog she watched them approach. She slowly became aware that the figures were actually small humanoids; about 3 ft tall whose arms and legs seemed to be too long for their bodies. They moved with a strange gait, almost apelike and seemed to be unclothed with dark grayish skin. As she watched in amazement the bouncing white object revealed itself as a rolling ball of light trailing behind the short figures. Suddenly the leader lifted his strange long arm high in the air and let out a spine tingling cry, and at this point her dog with her tail between her legs left her behind. The creatures then themselves disappeared into a thicket of lupines not far off. This experienced was followed up the following night when her cousin, on hearing of her encounter, somehow persuaded her to return to the lake with him, armed with a camera. They did not see any strange creatures but were buzzed by a large craft of white light, which hovered several times over the clearing. Her cousin possible took some pictures of the object. HC addendum Source: NUFORC, UFO Research NSW Australia D


89. Location. Sweetwater, Tennessee


Date: June 1984 Time: midnight The young witnesss mother had just gotten out of the hospital and she and her brother were sleeping with her when she suddenly woke up and couldnt open her eyes at first, when she was finally able to open them she walked into the living room where her father was watching television. He told her to sit on the couch and all of the sudden she got real cold and it was in the middle of summer, her father told her to close the door which she did. But inexplicably the door was suddenly opened again and her dad now upset with the young witness asked her to shut the door again, but a strong gust of wind prevented the witness from closing the door and her dad told her to sit back on the couch. As she turned around to go back to the couch she saw a frightened look on her fathers face, frantically he yelled at her not to turn around and to go back to the couch. But the witness turned around to see a huge figure standing at the doorway, it had no facial features but she could make out some eye sockets. The strange figure was gray-green in color and held out its hands to the young witness as her dad yelled out not to hurt her. The entity picked up the witness and seemed to stare at her for what seemed to be 5-10minutes and then it gently let her down on the floor again. She ran back to the couch as her father grabbed a gun from his gun-rack over the couch and as he ran after the strange entity it seemed to disappear into thin air in front of him. Two years later the witness and some of her neighbors watched a huge oval-shaped object hovering over their apartment complex, after two minutes it took off emitting a bright flash of light. HC addendum Source: NUFORC

Type: E

90. Location. Near Ashville, Ohio Date: June/July 1984 Time: 0200A The 9-year old main witness and his sisters were out camping in a friends trailer at Manns Trailer Park when one of his sister woke up with an upset stomach, she woke up the witness and requested to be taken home, and they got up and began walking home several lots down. About halfway, the witness noticed a dim spotlight shining on them coming from somewhere above. We both looked up and saw a silver disk with lights circling around it, his sister noticed several ball-like protrusions at the bottom; The disk was low, at about treetop level, at this moment his sister reported hearing a robotic sound resembling talking but could not understand it. He heard a dull static like humming sound somehow resembling the noise a TV makes when it is first turned on. Scared both took off running to their trailer, they began beating on the front door but no one answered, which was surprising since there were 3 people in the house and all were very light sleepers. They then ran around to the other side, which was very close to property edge of nearby Rickenbacker AFB, they then began beating on the windows. At that moment his sister heard the sound of a commotion coming from the other side of the fence in the grounds of the AFB; they heard trucks moving and men yelling. At that moment


an apple fell out of their mid-sized apple tree in the yard and both witnesses turned around and looked up at the tree. At this point the witness saw a very small man crouched down with his ver long arms hanging out in front of him, his body was half in the light. His color was bluish gray and his legs were silky smooth like a womens and his hands were strange looking, the witness is not sure why. He received the impression that he meant them no harm and that they were interrupting something, from her point of view his sister saw a very small man in a gargoyle like stance with his long arms hanging out off his knees, she says her color was dark, but she did not see him in the light, she says his head was elongated in the back. The entity was very motionless and did not move. Terrified they ran to the front again and his sister began beating on the door and crying. This time the witness could see his dad through the glass door apparently sleeping on the recliner. His memory then ends at this point. He and his sister only remember waking up the next morning on their beds. HC addendum Source: NUFORC

Type: C?



Location. Ely Minnesota Date: June 15 1984 Time: 1900 The witness was on a canoe trip and had just finished cleaning up after dinner and was getting ready to some fishing by the shoreline. As he reached the shore he noticed a bluish object descending at about a 45-degree angle from about a mile away. The object passed in front of the witness about 100 yards away over the lake. Through the glow he could see that it was diamond shaped, varying in colors from light blue to dark blue. The object disappeared behind the tree line about 100 yards away. The witness stood stunned for a few moments then decided to walk over to the shoreline to see if he could see anything more. Soon he noticed movement in the nearby brush. Then a tall blond man-like figure approached him. For the next hour the witness conducted telepathic communication with the blond being. No information on the report as to what was said. HC addition # 3562 Source: NUFORC Type: C High Strangeness Index: 7 Reliability of Source: 7 Comments: Unfortunately there is no information on what was said between the Nordic humanoid and the witness for an hour.

92. Location. Near Shchedrino Russia Date: June 15/16 1984 Time: 0049A A. Pyatkin was returning home from a tea party and shortly before reaching the village of Shchedrino, Pyatkin observed a peculiar glow through the bushes. And simultaneously he glanced at his digital watch. Then he decided to take a closer look. And he beheld, standing on the ground, in a small clearing, an object, which put him somewhat in mind of the cupola-like haze of a parachute. Later, he would describe it as a hazy dish. The object shone with a bright, even milky light. He estimated its height to be 6 meters or so, and its diameter about 20 meters. Not believing his eyes, he threw a matchbox at the thing. The thing promptly vanished as though it had never existed. But before the glowing sphere vanished, the matchbox had flown into it, and Pyatkin experienced a powerful vibration throughout his body. After the vibration, a strange picture now unfolded before the eyes of the witness, resembling a square with a circle around it. He found himself, so it seemed to him, in some unknown town. It was daytime there. There was something about the buildings that reminded him about the buildings of our modern day box-like apartment blocks. And there were people walking about on the streets. Pyatkin said he felt there was something unusual about the very sensation of his being there. There---as he puts it---the Space wasnt somehow quite the same three-dimensional space that we are accustomed to. The space there possessed far more dimensions. Pyatkin was unable to express himself more clearly that this. Then, in his head, he started to hear the voice of someone inviting him to


ask questions. And once again, we have uncertainties, inasmuch as these thoughts coming to him did not resemble words and phrases. The questions and the replies were directly related to actual themes---the burning issues in the life of our civilization, war and peace, religion, and the problems of the officialdom by Them with the representatives of the officialdom of the earth, the course of evolution of mankind as a whole, etc. As to who it was that was talking to Pyatkin is still not clear---likewise the number of those taking part in it. Pyatkin saw the city, the square with diagonals and the circle, and the foliage of the nearest trees. His heart was pounding fast. At first he felt terrified, but this did not last long. Without revealing any name or names, his interlocutor (or interlocutors) said that we had made a mistake when, rejecting religion, we had crossed---too abruptly---the dividing line from Greece to Rome. To his question, Why do you not intervene and prevent a nuclear catastrophe here? he received this reply, We are trying to intervene. And we are intervening. Pyatkin was now growing weary, and he begged them to release him. They did so, telling him that he could talk about the whole affair (but only once) and that later on he would understand why it was that they had disclosed themselves to him. The contact ended 0115A. That same night, at the local Shchedrino post of the G.A.I. (highway patrol police) about 200 meters distant from the site of the UFO landing, two of their police officers were on duty, and they saw a red glow approaching the road which leads to Moscow. Just before it landed, its glow started to die down, and grow paler, just as hot metal does. Then finally, just as it went down into the deep bushes they saw the outline of a strange object, resembling a flying saucer. Mystified the two officers rushed to the landing site. But they were unable to get near it, as the engine of their motorcycle had stalled. HC addition # 880 Source: V Musinskiy, Yaroslavl UFO Study Group & Yuri A Smirnov, FSR Vol. 36 # 1

Type: G?

93. Location. Huaraz, Peru Date: June 17 1984 Time: unknown Carlos Cervantes had fallen in a ravine and had fractured his arm when a luminous object landed nearby. Several humanoids (not described) exited the object and approached the stricken witness and apparently were able to mend his wounds. HC addendum Source: GEPUC Brazil

Type: B

94. Location. Plotinnoye-2, Bahchisaray area, Crimea, Ukraine (USSR) Date: July 1984 Time: 0400am-0500am As usual, the 80 year old witness had gone into the forest to look for wood and to gather special herbs for medical purposes and tea. He had walked deep into the


forest in a distance of several kilometers way from the village, ascending over the valley of the Belbek River. As he gathered several plants and grass he got a strange feeling of a presence nearby. With his peripheral vision he saw something white standing ahead, at first he took this for a cloud of dense smoke or fog but when he rose to look at it he was amazed to see a tall bizarre looking woman, whose silhouette was semi-transparent. Her outer appearance was totally unearthly. She had a slender figure, unusual manner of dress and other details which fascinated the witness. The woman then entered into telepathic communication with the witness. The old man heard her voice in his head that said, If you see ours (representatives of our kind?)---tell them we will not wait for them (??). Those were here exact words. The elderly witness grew torpid, numb and lost the gift of speech for a moment. He couldnt understand what ours or representatives of what kind the strange woman meant. After communicating those words the woman turned around, and disappeared behind some beech and oak trees.

HC addendum Source: Dr. Anton A. Anfalov, PhD Type: E Comments: The village of Plotinnoye-2 is located on the left bank of the river Belbek while on the right bank is located Plotinnoye-1; both are separated by two bridges. It must be emphasized that the place of this fascinating encounter is located near the northern slopes of Mount Boyka. This cannot be coincidental. The mountain is evidently an anomalous area. In 1977 there was another fascinating humanoid encounter in the village of Sokolinoye which neighbors both Plotinnoye villages. The area also has a long history of UFO observations. There is solid suspicion of the existence of an ancient sacred underground facility under Boyka Mountain, with portals to an underground network and even dimensional portals to other sacred facilities under the Crimean peninsula. The Russian NKVD (predecessor of the KGB) sent a top secret expedition to the area in the 1930s, interestingly followed by the German Annerbe (A Nazi Institute called the heritage of ancestors) in the 1940s. There are 3 strange similar mountains positioned in a lien one after the other directly on the outskirts of Plotinnoye. Crimean Tatar and clairvoyant Lenura Azizova stated that there is an ancient underground alien base in that area near Sokolinoye. The origin of the mysterious semi-transparent woman remains unclear. Was she a denizen from an underground realm, another dimension or even from another planet?


95. Location. Dulce New Mexico Date: July 1984 Time: 0630A A Jicarella Apache Tribal police officer watched from his patrol car three saucer shaped craft in a triangular pattern lifting off behind some pion & juniper trees approximately 20 ft in height. He was at a distance of about 60 yards. No noise or ground disturbance was noted. Night shift workers and early morning workers viewed the objects. At the site where the vehicles took off, an elderly woman was visited by two grays that held a box type object towards her and shone a red light into her eyes. The humanoids were wearing skintight silver-gray one-piece suits. All her dogs were quiet and were found shaking by the house in the morning along with the horses. She said that there was total silence during the encounter. HC addendum Source: NUFORC

Type: C

96. Location. Tepozteco, Tepoztlan, Mexico 67

Date: July 1984 Time: afternoon 17-year old Carlos Enrique Esqueda Navarrete watched a large bright light descend on a nearby wooded ridge where he had seen other luminous phenomena. Hiding behind a large tree he then saw a large metallic deep bowl-shaped craft descend to the ground. He watched astounded as several tiny, 25 cm tall, humanoids wearing greenish uniforms and what appeared to be antennae-like protrusions on their heads exited the craft. The beings conversed among themselves in an incomprehensible language and then boarded the object again, which took off into the sky quickly disappearing from sight. Apparently the witness saw this on several different occasions, while he explored the ridge alone. He would mysteriously disappear in the same area several weeks later. His aunt, Teresa Navarrete, was later to receive a suspicious phone call supposedly from Carlos telling her that he was in a better place now with absolutely no worries. He asked her to tell his mother but refused any additional details. HC addendum Source: Luis Ramirez Reyes, Contacto Mexico Comments: Have we here another permanent abduction?

Type: B & G?

97. Location. Lago Itaipu, Brazil Date: July 1984 Time: night Auri Miguel Limberger was alone fishing when he spotted a bright light descending from the sky and heading in his direction. Scared he started his boat engine and headed towards the shore. Once there he saw a large disc shaped object hovering in the area about 100 meters away. A beam of laser like light then struck Auri and he saw a door in the object appear, a ladder was lowered to the ground and several short humanoids with large heads approached the witness. The beings spoke in an unknown language that he was able to understand but soon they switched to telepathy. He was apparently invited onboard the craft and given a 2 hour ride. Onboard he was given information on how to construct a magnetic propulsion engine. HC addendum Source: UFO Genesis G



98. Location. Krasnodar region, Russia Date: July 1984 Time: night A local teacher, Elena Kuznetzova reported being visited at night in her bedroom by several short large headed humanoids that then transported her onboard their craft. Onboard she saw many other similar creatures performing various tasks. One of the


creatures reportedly had sexual intercourse with Elena and she was then returned to her flat. A month later she felt pregnant. (She would have further encounters). HC addendum Source: Herman K. Kolchin UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Invasion Land Type: G Moscow 2009

98. Location. Brentford West London England Date: middle of 1984 Time: 1700 A man walking down a street looked up to see a strange creature flying level with the top of some nearby buildings. It resembled a large flying dog with wings, it had a long muzzle, and four legs with paws a tail and large eyes and was dark in color. It was flapping its wings very slowly and was lost from sight behind some of the buildings. HC addition # 706 Source: Graham J McEwan, Mystery Animals of Britain & Ireland E


100. Location. Riposto near Torre Archirafi, Sicily, Italy Time: unknown Date: July 1984


A young woman walking through a wooded area reportedly encountered a huge hairy humanoid figure what walked towards her in a threatening manner, terrified she fled the area. No other information. HC addendum Source: Antonio Blanco Catalogo degli avvistamenti della Regione Sicilia

Type: E

101. Location. Ormoc City Philippines Date: July 1984 Time: evening Several children reported a large disc shaped object that landed nearby. A hatch opened and several humanoids described as having bulbous heads and nonhuman in appearance exited the object. No other information. HC addition # 3494 Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 39.

Type: B

102. Location. Marseilles, France Date: July 1984 Time: evening The main witness, Edmonde B. (involved in other encounters) was traveling with her personal taxi driver, a French-Tunisian when as they reached the Marseilles Sant Charles area (central station) Edmonde and her driver noticed how calm the city was, not a single passerby, not one car. They thought this strange, as in July the city is always full of holiday makers. Suddenly the pair had the impression that the car had lifted off the road. All of a sudden, they both noticed in horror that a strange 3 wheel car had passed by them. Its shape was almost round. However, what frightened them most was the driver of the car, a woman with totally green skin, green hair and enormous spots all over her body. Then suddenly both Edmonde and the cabby found themselves back on the busy streets of Marseilles. They had the impression that they had traveled in another dimension. Edmonde noticed that after her journey in the other dimension her skin became smoother, her cholesterol level that had previously been very high was back to normal. Benoits hair, (the taxi driver) had regained its usual color and his skin whitened in the weeks following their journey through space and time. HC addendum Source: Paul Ponssot in: FSR Vol. 49 # 2 Type: A or G? Comments: As incredible as it sounds, not a unique case, there has been other reports of persons temporarily stepping into a type of parallel dimension or reality and encountering different beings, vehicles and structures. The Gadianton Canyon


Utah case from 1972 is similar in nature in which also describes three-wheeled vehicles.

103. Location. Nordling Germany Date: July 1984 Time: night Two to three witnesses watched a spherical object hovering above a grain field. An iris like opening appeared on the side of the object allowing the witnesses to see two figures inside. The figures were apparently scaly and fish-like, they walked erect but with a jerky motion. At one point they seemed to approach each other quickly and exchange some type of Eskimo nose-like kiss. HC addition # 1591 Source: Ulrich Magin, Fortean Times # 63 A


104. Location. Near Clairlieu France Date: July 1984 Time: 2330 A couple driving in their vehicle on an isolated road that cut through the middle of a local forest, saw at a distance a very tall whitish human-shaped figure over two and a half meters in height. The figure seemed to float over the ground and approach their position. The witnesses panicked and drove away from the area. HC addition # 1963 Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Type: E

105. Location. Mountainair, New Mexico Date: July 4 1984 Time: night After another gig, the main witness (involved in previous encounters) who had mentioned to one of the other band members that he had a weird feeling that he would see the strange flying creature again tonight. Was riding with the rhythm guitar player and his wife, who was driving the vehicle at the time as were heading home from Mountainair, he was seated on the back seat along with their daughter. Only a mile or so out of town the wife screamed to her husband, What is it? The husband says, Oh, its just an owlthis of course woke the witness right away from his semi-state of sleep in the back. He looked out the front of the car, seeing a large, white thing swoop down toward the car, head back up again slightly, and then dive right toward the windshield. As the entire windshield became totally bright white, the wife took both her hands off the wheel to shield herself from the inevitable breaking of the windshield. Luckily her husband grabbed the steering wheel at the last second, as they were going about 60-65mph at the time, and the


road there was really winding. In an instant, there was nothing ahead of the car except total blackness of night, and they drove home, all of them shaken up from what just happened. HC addendum Source: E


106. Location. Lignabad state farm, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan Date: July 8 1984 Time: 2345 A technician named Shamil Yuaihmetov and four other workers at the Lignabad state farm had completed the repair of a transformer at the pumping station and had gone outside to enjoy a windless night sky saturated by stars above. This was close to the Katta-Kurgan tactical nuclear missile base. They suddenly saw a cigarshaped craft in the, which was slowly descending at a 45degree angle towards the ground. The witnesses estimated the length of the object as more than 80 meters and 25-30 meters in diameter. The object flew over the men and descended behind a neighboring hill. It apparently landed, though no one saw it land. The huge object emitted a slight hissing sound and appeared to be metallic. All the witnesses were seized by horror and drove away from the area at maximum speed. The next day a landing site was found amid a vineyard, three round imprints or holes about 0.5m deep, positioned in an equilateral triangle shape, apparently left by globe-shaped landing props. An area of the vineyard about 80 x 30m was completely destroyed. The case was investigated by Mr. S.P. Kuzionov, PhD a member of the Geographical society from Leningrad (St Petersburg) who arrived at the place a month after the incident. The case was viewed with great importance by local authorities and representatives of the regional Party Committee actually drove Kuzionov to the landing site. Other witnesses came forward and reported that local residents had seen a huge entity resembling a thick green snake or crawling lizard, about 4 meters long during and after the time the UFO had landed. The military paid substantial attention to the incident due to the close proximity of the military base. HC addendum Source: Valentin Psalomszikov, PhD Saga of the Green Snake


Digest Version, Tver # 23 June 1998 D?


107. Location. Katta-Kurgan, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan Date: July 12 1984 Time: night Soon after the landing of a cylinder-shaped UFO near the Lignabad state farm on July 8 a sentry at the Katta Kurgan tactical nuclear missile base was standing at the watch tower when he suddenly saw a snake-shaped entity green in color attempting to crawl over the ploughed up barrier bordering the base. The guard immediately began firing at the humanoid with his AKM-47 automatic rifle. The snake-like entity behaved strangely it then seemed to crawl back along the same track, which it had already made, gaining speed as it went along. A military back up team arrived and discovered a freshly made ploughed strip, gutter in shape about 30cm in diameter and 5cm in depth. The military attempted to use a guard dog to chase the entity did not react to the track and showed complete indifference. HC addendum Source: Valentin Psalomszikov PhD Saga of the Green Snake Digest Version, Tver # 23 June 1998

Type: D

108. Location. Mirassol Brazil Date: July 15 1984 Time: midnight The witness had gone outside to visit the latrine when he was suddenly enveloped by a green beam of light that lifted him up into a hovering craft that apparently took him into a larger spherical object. Inside he was met by several short beings with light brown skin and red hair. They wore one-piece outfits with an emblem


resembling a cross within a circle. A blood sample was taken from the witness arm. Inside the object he also met several very tall blond longhaired human-like beings that had large blue eyes and wore a close fitting white jumpsuit, with blue collars and leg cuffs and a large green belt. The witness was apparently taken to a place with light colored fine sand and a reddish sun. The area had several shelter-like dwellings. He was taken out for a walk and was accompanied by three different types of beings. During the walk he saw tall mountain peaks and large craters. He also saw numerous oval shaped objects standing on tripod landing gear. Later he was taken to another similar location, this time accompanied by several of the tall blond beings. There he was shown several short hairy monkey-like beings, possibly pets. He was taken to a third location where he saw a rock with engraved figures on it. This place seemed colder than the other areas. The witness was eventually taken back home and released. HC addition # 1659 Source: Buhler, Pereira, and Matiel Pires UFO Abduction at Mirassol

Type: G

109. Location. Near Stormville New York Date: July 19 1984 Time: 2230 A man driving on highway I-84 noticed a very bright white almost circular light hovering over the area. The object began to move and the witness then noticed a dark mass behind the white light, he soon lost sight of it. Moments later as he drove on an isolated section of the road he noticed a large dark object sitting on a clearing near the road. The witness slowed down to look at the object and saw it rise up silently into the air. The witness car radio began receiving interference as he sped away from the area. Moments later he noticed a glow over a nearby hill. As he approached he saw the object again now lit up with rows of white and yellow lights. The object drifted slowly over the witness vehicle revealing a triangular shaped with several circular areas underneath resembling tunnels leading into the object. The witness then apparently suffered a time lapse and could not remember seeing the object leave. Later under hypnotic regression the witness was able to recall seeing a figure standing on the road then walking towards the vehicle. A voice told him that he had been selected, everything then became dark, and he seemed to float in the air. He then found himself lying on a table surrounded by six beings and unable to move. The beings were small with large heads and round black eyes. They wore black and white skintight suits. A device was placed on the left side of his head that made his head vibrate. He was then led around the object and told that they will see him again. He then found himself back in the car. HC addition # 1257 Source: Phillip J Imbrogno, UFO Universe 11-88

Type: G


110. Location. Nottingham, England Date: July 20 1984 Time: 0200A During the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Olympics (on Television) the main witness and his brother had gone outside to check on their dog when they witnessed a cigar-shaped craft approximately 150 ft in length, it had about 5 or 6 type of portholes with silhouetted human-like beings at the portholes. It seemed to hover about 30 ft above a neighbors house (with no sound). The neighbors house was about 150 yards away from them and he can remember his dog barking at the craft and then it what seemed to be seconds later there was no craft and their dog was no longer barking and they found her asleep in the lounge. HC addendum Source: NUFORC Type: A Comments: Possibility of missing time cannot be discarded, however the witness does not mentioned if there was any.

111. Location. Calverley Woods, Yorkshire England Date: July 23 1984 Time: night A couple from a nearby village observed a glowing metallic structure on four legs on the ground in a wooded area. Using a pair of binoculars they were able to see several small reptilian looking humanoids that appeared to be collecting ground specimens. No other information. HC addition # 757 Source: Jenny Randles, Northern UFO News # 113 C


112. Location. Roswell, Georgia Date: July 24 1984 Time: 2200 The 12-year old witness was lying in bed about to go to sleep when he suddenly saw at the foot of his bed a little black creature with shiny red eyes. It was about 2 feet 75

to 3 feet tall. It didnt make a sound. It just swayed back and forth from one end of the bed to the other, staring at the witness. Terrified the witness pulled the covers over his head looked again and the creature was still there. He then pulled the covers again over his head and stayed there until he fell asleep. He did not see the creature depart. HC addendum Source: WWPRC Worldwide Paranormal Reporting Center E


113. Location. Watchung Mountains region, New Jersey Date: July 25 1984 Time: around noon An anonymous man hunting in the area reportedly encountering a creature that he described as being not from this world. It frightened him significantly. He yelled at the creature to leave. When the creature did not he tried to shoot at it with his gun, however the gun jammed, this terrified him even more. The witness became upset while narrating the encounter and did not wish to talk about it anymore. HC addendum Type: E Source: NUFORC Comments: Unfortunately there is no additional information on the creature.


114. Location. Lummi Island, Washington Time: 0339am Date: July 27 1984 The fishing vessel Steeva 10 was nearly struck by a flaming object falling out of the sky and crashing into the waters barely 1500 yards northwest of the vessel. Initially spotted in the southwestern sky moving northeasterly, the object was basically dropping towards the Steeva 10, but the crew claims it did a kind of U-turn before reversing course briefly before again dropping and then plunging into the bay about 1000-1500 off of the southern point (Cater Point) of Lummi Island. The impact produced plumes of 75-100 foot height. The water rolls and bubbles for several minutes after the impact. The Steeva 10 proceeds towards the impact site and searches the area but finds no debris, only bubbles. By 0445am the captain of the Steeva 10 is aboard a Coast Guard vessel investigating the site. Nothing conclusive is found. By 1100am another Coast Guard vessel is in the area with two Whatcom County Dept. of Emergency Services personnel performing radiation checks of the site and island coastline, negative results. The Coast Guard has contacted NORAD and Space Command with negative sightings/data, and FAA reports no known downed aircraft. The final, official Coast Guard report; It probably was a meteorite. It seems to meto be the logical explanation. Five months later local interests and funds have initiated a recovery expedition, chartering a vessel and hiring two divers from a Seattle diving firm. On December 30 1984 an object is detected and the first dive is made by JW. He finds something, about ten foot thick by 30 foot in diameter wedged at a 45 degree angle into the seafloor, metallic, gold colored, shaped like a satellite dish. JW surfaces and RB dives next. RB describes it as more like an upside down teacup with an oval shaped cavity or hatch. Standing on the object RB notes there is no sea growth on


the object and feels a humming through his soles. Attempting to video the object, his spot light fails. RB then notices his wetsuit has leakage and he begins an ascent balancing hypothermia versus the bends. He opts for the latter via a hasty ascent, spending the rest of the day recovering from a mild dose of the bends. Throughout the day mysterious and unmarked aircraft have flown about the expedition vessel. Barely has JW surfaced and he engages in aggressive attempts to contact news media to leak the discovery. Everyone else on the expedition desires to wait until recovery is complete. Having no compressor or spare full tanks the days efforts end. Further team disharmony on the matter of news candor has JW released from the team and a call to Seattle for another diver to take his place. Mid-day of December 31 finds the expedition back on site with a compressor aboard for extended operations but the object is no longer there. Further investigations in the days to follow find mariners about Bellingham claiming to have seen a vessel off Lummi Island the previous evening. It sailed in from the south and after a few hours off Lummi returned directly to the south. Balance of reports suggest it may have been a NOAA vessel. At an April meeting witness HW claims he was a pilot with San Juan Airlines at the time and that while doing his circuits between Bellingham and Seattle that day he observed three US Naval vessels in the impact site area; two minesweepers and one small tender. HW first sighted such vessels near dawn approaching the site, on his next leg back they appeared to be doing a search operation, next leg down and they were clustered about a central spot and a couple of legs later he saw them sailing southward. A security person at WrightPatterson claims just after the first of the year a flatbed with a covered oversized object arrived originating from the Pacific Northwest arrived. HC addendum Source: H?


115. Location. Las Truchas, Tiaxcala, Mexico Date: early August 1984 Time: night Young Wenceslao Cabrera was camping in an isolated area along with a group of other boy scouts. That night he was alone in his tent when a little man awakened him that touched his arm. He felt at ease at the presence of the little man. The small figure motioned Cabrera to follow him. He followed the little man to a field where he saw a landed six-meter long craft. The small humanoid did not speak or communicated, it just pointed at the landed object and then waved goodbye to Cabrera that left and did not tell anybody what had occurred. HC addendum Source: Fabio Picasso C



116. Location. Gorge of Fear near Bolshoy Igizak River, Pamirs Mountains, Tajikistan (USSR) Date: early August 1984 Time: night A 45-year old engineer, Gennadiy Ivanovich Karpushin from the town of Krasnoturyinsk in the Sverdlovsk region had come to this area (an isolated ravine of the Siama river) with other UFO and paranormal enthusiasts fro different locations in the Soviet Union in order to study the various anomalies of the area which included encounters with Sasquatch type beings, UFOs, etc. Together with him were his wife and young son. The family camped in a tent very close to the banks of the Bolshoy Igizak River, a northern tributary of the River Siama. Late in the evening while his wife and son slept Gennadiy remained alone outside enjoying the picturesque landscape of the high Pamirs. He then decided to venture to the nearby gorge which was called The Gorge of Fear by locals as a result of the numerous strange incidents and bizarre feeling of fear experienced by witnesses at the location. His wife wanted to come with him but Gennadiy insisted that he go alone, so his wife went back to sleep. Being a strong large man (wrestler) he felt no fear as he sat on a rock near the River, meditating, enjoying the moonlight, mentally calling in UFOs, sending the following impulses: Come to me! I want to communicate with you! Come to me! over and over again. He didnt really think he was going to achieve any results and thought he was just wasting his time. After an hour or so Gennadiy tired and intended to return to his tent and sleep. All of the sudden, he felt that his body was somehow under some foreign control and had stopped obeying his will. Unwillingly he stood up and began walking as if hypnotized as he later said, my legs disobeyed me and were carrying me there. After walking several dozen meters he suddenly saw a bright light emitted by a disk shaped object which was descending over the gorge. Several seconds later the disk landed on a small area of rocky terrain within the gorge. As the light on the object dimmed Gennadiy could tell that it was a streamlined metallic lens-shaped convexoconvex craft, approximately 20 meters in diameter and about 1.8m in height, lit by the moonlight and standing on several landing props (legs). In a minute or two an opening on the surface of the object became visible and Gennadiy saw light streaming from inside the craft through the opening. A humanoid figure then came out of the disk and approached the witness. In appearance the humanoid was amazingly very human in appearance; its height was average, about 1.8m. His face looked ordinary, human-like. The humanoid was dressed in a tight fitting shiny metallic silvery suit. Then Gennadiy heard a voice speaking directly inside his head, which said to him, Lets go! At the same time the humanoid pointed its hand to the opening on the craft. Gennadiy was scared but managed to overcome his fear and began walking toward the disk. The humanoid walked behind him, which made Gennadiy feel a little uncomfortable. Gennadiy felt as he was walking within a fog, completely narcotized. When he entered the door and walked inside he saw a long corridor leading somewhere deep inside the craft. Incredibly the disk was evidently much large inside than outside , several times larger. The disk appeared to be only about 20meters from outside but inside it was probably no less than 40-50meters or maybe even 60meters. Gennadiy and his alien guide walked along the long corridor

Comentario: This bizarre detail has been reported in numerous instances in which the laws of physics are apparently shattered by the alien visitors.


and eventually reached a central circular room. There the witness was met by two other humanoids. One of them looked almost the same as the first one, and was also of average height; however the second humanoid was very large and powerful looking, with an extremely developed musculature and about 2meters in height. All three humanoids were dressed in identical silvery looking metallic suits, fight fitting to their bodies. The muscles of the tall humanoid were clearly seen through his tight fitting suit. The aliens invited Gennadiy to sit on a deep armchair while the humanoid sat on other chairs in the cabin. The witness noticed what appeared to be some equipment to the right and left of him, control panels and screens. The humanoid that led the witness inside the craft then asked him, Would you like to go in a flight? (All communication was telepathic). The witness answered yes. Then the voice inside his head asked, How would you like to go, on a return trip or forever (!)! Come on agree! But Gennadiy protested and begged to be brought back saying that he had many things still to do on Earth and could not leave his wife and young son behind. He said he would only agree to fly with them if they would return him back. He felt considerable stress at this point. Only of the humanoids spoke to the witness, the 2nd remained silent and the third large humanoid performed what the witness thought was a bodyguard function for the other two. The first alien then asked, Where would you like to fly to? Not thinking much about a destination the witness said, Vladivostok (a very distant Russian city in the Far East, near the Sea of Japan). Then the door of the craft closed, emitting a buzzing sound. Something or some kind of engine began functioning inside the craft, emitting a muffled sound, some kind of unseen mechanism. However the witness did not feel any kind of movement, it felt as if they were still sitting on the rocks at the gorge. What, are we already flying? asked Gennadiy. Now wait a bit, answered the first alien. After about 5 minutes had passed the witness again heard a buzzing sound, and the door opened. This is Vladivostok, you may go out said the alien (!). The witness then realized that he had done a foolish thing---he had blurted out Vladivostok simply because it was the first idea that popped into his head and he just probably wanted to give the aliens the name of some distant city. So he told the aliens without getting up from his chair that he really did not wish to visit Vladivostok that he wanted to fly back and be returned to his family. After a short hesitation the aliens agreed , the door closed again, with the same buzzing sound and again the witness felt no movement. The distance from the original place of contact and Vladivostok is about 5300 km. That meant that the aliens had overcome that distance in a short 5 minutes at a speed of approximately 1060km per minute. In about 5 minutes the door opened again and the same alien told Gennadiy telepathically, Ok we are back at the gorge of fear, you may go outside. Karpushin stood up and walked out the door. The door closed behind him and the disk zoomed up, hovered for a moment over the gorge and then flew away at tremendous speed over the rocky gorge. The stunned witness returned to his sleeping wife and son in the tent. Later he told his story to a group of enthusiasts camped nearby, some believed him, and others did not. HC addendum

Comentario: One must wonder how many times the aliens have refused this simply request from the volunteer and have never returned the abductee.


Source: Vladislav Research Ukraine



Zaporozhye UFO/Paranormal Type: G

117. Location. Punu, Estonia Date: August 1984 Time: unknown The 15-year old witness observed a darkish purple oval shaped object from her balcony. The object was hovering at about 3 and half meters from the ground. The object was silent. Soon a very short creature, about 70 centimeters tall, dark purple in color and with bright orange colored eyes, appeared behind the object, apparently on the ground. A moment later the creature disappeared and the object flew away quickly disappearing from sight. HC addition # 3444 Source: Erkki Alo Kirde, Igor Volke, Estonia UFO Network

Type: C

118. Location. Abruzze Region, Italy Date: August 1984 Time: afternoon In an isolated field an anonymous witness encounters a seemingly abandoned concrete blockhouse with a hostile air to it. A being comes out of it. He is described as tall, robust and with olive-tanned skin. In an abrupt manner he asks the witness what he is doing in this area. He has a strong and clear voice, with a foreign accent. The witness tells him that he is a neighbor but the tall stranger tells him that he does not want anybody around. The witness leaves the area, but comes back several days later and hides nearby behind some bushes and watches the area with binoculars. At one point as he watched the area he saw several tall beings exit the block house, this suddenly seemed to shed their skin and become reddish and luminous, with goat-like horns and tails. Terrified, the witness leaves the area. HC addendum Source: Sky Sentinel # 11 (letter to the magazine)

Type: E?

119. Location. Pitea, Sweden Date: August 1984 Time: 2000 The witness was at a local hospital after having had abdominal surgery and after three days was recovering nicely. While sleeping in her room she suddenly felt like she was in another state of consciousness, she could see and hear but she could not move. The only part of her body that she could move was her head. Her first thought was that she was acutely ill as she realized that she was in some kind of round operation room. A light illuminated the room but she could not see the source of it. She was lying on a small table. She looked around the room and could


see a dark line running across the room about a half meter above the floor. To the left there was an opening on the wall, an orange light emanated from this opening. Suddenly in the opening appeared three persons. One came over to the head area of the witness and the other to her feet. The one standing next to her head spoke to the witness in some kind of manner and told her not to be afraid, we will not hurt you, and we only want to take some blood. At this moment the witness noticed that the figure had two large black eyes, like she had never seen before. She screamed and her next memory was in the morning at the hospital feeling very sad. Most of that day she spent sitting in the balcony with a blanket wrapped around her, after four days she went home. Later she had to be rushed back to the hospital and the concerned doctors advised her that for some unknown reason her red blood cell count had dropped dramatically, however she recovered and went back home. However she feels that there was a lot of love involved in her experience. HC addendum Source:

Type: G or F?

120. Location. Hulu Langat, Selangor Malaysia Date: August 1984 Time: night A witness, Yahaya Jalil, claimed that while crossing the Hulu Langat forest area, he hear an unfamiliar bird sound coming from the direction of a small stream nearby. The sound was very strange and loud, so he decided to investigate. When he reached the stream, he saw three small boys; naked that appeared to be looking for fish in the stream. When they saw him, they immediately ran away. He said that they ran very fast and it seemed as if they were flying. He was not sure whether their feet touched the ground since it happened too fast. The height of the entities was reported to be as tall as a 1-2 year old boy. The head was described as big and bald. Other features appeared normal.

HC addition # 3437 Source: Ahmad Jamaludin

Type: E

121. Location. Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia Time: daytime Date: August 1984 Abdul Rahman Jalil, the elder brother of the above witness reported that he had also experienced the same thing like his brother but on another occasion. He claimed that one day while returning home from cutting rattan in the forest, he heard a very loud sound like that of a bird coming from a nearby stream. He went to investigate and spotted a naked boy staring at him. Then the boy ran away and was lost in the bushes. He went to the spot where the being had stood and found


some footprints which appeared like that of a child. Several large rocks were laid across the stream. On realizing that no child could have raised such large rocks, he became frightened and immediately left the area. HC addendum Source: Ahmed Jamaluddin

Type: E

122. Location. Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia Date: August 1984 Time: night Imbat Empuk, a local resident claimed that he sighted a light flying in the sky over the forest area. The big light, according to the witness, then split into three parts and flew low until it landed on a nearby hill. After that the witness said he heard a loud sound similar to a bird. Then he saw moving on the ground something that looked like a small boy. He became frightened and ran away. HC addendum Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin

Type: C

123. Location. Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia Date: August 1984 Time: afternoon A 45-year old man, Campak Budi, reported that he had encountered a naked entity about the size of a small 2-year old child. The being was standing in a small stream trying to catch some fish. Upon seeing the strange being, he became frightened and ran away. On another occasion, while he was spending a night in the forest, the above witness saw several balls of fire descending to the ground. He then heard the sound like that of a bird. He was very scared and waited until daybreak to investigate. At the location where the ball landed, he found a circular burnt mark on the grass. HC addendum Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin

Type: E

124. Location. Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia Date: August 1984 Time: night Two men, Shuib Yob and Ramli Chik, were returning home after catching some fish in the forest area when they sighted two green colored UFOs or balls of fire flying low which later landed on a clearing some distance in front of them. They stopped their motorbikes and switched off the engines. Observing from a distance, they saw a faint glimpse of about six small boys moving near the landed objects. Afraid, both witnesses started their motorbikes. Then they saw the two green UFOs take off.


Later they decided to investigate the landing site and found two burnt marks on the ground. HC addendum Source: Ahmad Jamaludin

Type: C

125. Location. Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia Time: night Date: August 1984 In another independent report, a terrified witness saw a ball of light descend and land on an open clearing. Several entities, described as about 2 and a half feet tall, and bald headed exited the craft. The beings stood huddled in a group round it, and chatted to one another in a bird-like sound. Shortly after, they returned to their craft, which took off quite smartly. HC addendum Source: Ahmad Jamaludin

Type: B

126. Location. Woodbridge, Virginia Date: August 1984 Time: night The witness (involved in other incidents) remembers floating down a passageway and saw a pale, short being floating towards her. The hair was dark and an antenna came out of the forehead. The witness had a strong feeling that the being was feminine. The body was completely white, humanoid in shape. Her next memory was of being at home and feeling completely exhausted. HC addendum Source: E or G?



127. Location. Mahopac, Putnam County, New York Date: August 15 1984 Time: 0200A While driving home from a friends house in another town, a couple spotted what they thought at first was a brush fire. Compelled to check it out, the driver headed towards the area. His girlfriend has second thoughts and didnt want to go near. She just wanted to leave and report it to the local authorities. As the driver continued toward the fire, he saw a numbers of flashing lights. He thought it might be the police and fire department. He stopped the car and got out when he saw two figures that he thought were police officers approaching him. As they got closer he thought they might have been kids. When they were close enough to see clearly, he realized that they were not human and panicked. He quickly got back into his car and told his girlfriend to get into the back seat, get on the floor and hide under a blanket. The two figures had large heads; no hair and their eyes glowed red when the car lights shined on them. He somehow knew that they were after the girl and not him. They approached the car and tried to get it opened. They seemed as though they did not know how to open the car. They kept passing their hands over the glass expecting it to open. The driver described the beings as under five-feet tall, with large pear shaped heads, and eyes that were huge and curved around their heads like insects. The driver could hear voices inside his head telling him to open the door. When he refused, they tried to convince him that the car was really unlocked and he should lock it by moving the lock the other way. Then they tried to scare him out by putting images of danger in his mind, like the car was on fire. The driver began to feel very light headed and the next thing he knew was that he was outside of the car and he was alone. The next thing he could recall was that the Sun was shining and the girl was back in the car and they were driving home. HC addendum Source: Phil Imbrogno

Type: C or G?

128. Location. Pamirs Mountains, Tajikistan (USSR) 85

Date: August 15 1984 Time: 0315A Several members of an expedition organized by Igor Tatsi were camping in the high mountain region of the Pamirs range near the upper reaches of the River Varzob. The research expedition was hunting for the often reported Sasquatch hominid or snowman seen by numerous witness in this location. Suddenly at around 0315 a strange flying craft landed on a small rocky outcrop near their camp. To me more exact the UFO hovered low over the ground, without any landing gear visible. The witnesses estimated the length (or diameter) of the UFO at about 30 meters and about 10-15 meters high with a bulging top resembling a large bowl. At around 0327A an unknown humanoid entity appeared near the UFO. The entity consisted of a lighted silhouette about 1.80m in height, dressed in a shiny suit with a cup-like cap on its head. The men could not see any additional details because of the distance from the hovering object and its occupant was about 150 meters. All those watching the spectacle hid in the darkness and experienced a feeling of shock, Vladislav E. Kanuka a witness from the city of Zaporozhye felt a lump in his throat, and another man could not speak for the next two days. Despite the fact that the research team possessed light sensitive photographic equipment they could not photograph the event, they were all in a state of shock. They managed to take some photographs of the object as it ascended into the sky. The men didnt dare go and investigate the landing area at night but in the morning they investigated the site and found pressed down grass with a diameter of about 15 meters. Footprints left by the entity were documented and gypsum casts taken, protocols were followed and the report was later classified within the Academy of Sciences of The USSR. HC addendum Source: Vladislav Evdokimovich Kanuka, Zaporozhye UFO Center, Ukrainian Local press, Interview with Vladislav E Kanuka in Podrobnosti December 23 2004 # 50 Type: C

129. Location. Date: August 18 1984

Trincomalee, Time: morning




Anthropologist Salvador Martinez was walking along the beach one morning on his way to the nearest town in order to buy some provisions when he noticed a humanlike figure slowly approaching his position along the waters edge, about 400 meters away. As it came closer he noticed that it seemed to be a figure that appeared to have some difficulty in walking. As he approached to within several meters of the figure he noticed that its body was totally covered in long hairs, and it had very small eyes and some places on its body it had what appeared to be scales. Salvador greeted the strange figure in English and only received grunts in response. The witness was surprise to notice that the strange humanoid wore some tight-fitting pants and walked with a strange gait, giving him a wild and savage look. It slowly walked away from the witness and disappeared into the distance. The witness did not feel any fear during the encounter and compared the creature to that of a wolfman. HC addendum Source: Raul Nuez, UFO Miami

Type: E

130. Location. New Jersey Turnpike, New Jersey Date: autumn 1984 Time: evening The witness, his wife and two daughters were on their way to Syracuse in upstate New York to look for a house. They left the house at 1830 and arrived at the New Jersey Turnpike at about 1900. They stopped at a rest stop and bought coffee and snacks. When he got back to the car with the snacks, it was pouring rain, they could barely see in front of the car. There was a faint glow on the highway just beyond a hill, and his wife turned to him and said, It looks like were driving off the edge of the Earth. He turned to look at her, and when he turned back to the road, it was daylight, sunny---and they were in the outskirts of Syracuse. That was a total distance of about 300 milesand 8 hours had transpired. He turned back to his wife and woke her up. The children were still sleeping in the back. He told her where they were and that time it was, and she said that there was no way---she had just gone to sleep a minute ago. He could only remember getting into the car at the rest stop in New Jerseyand he ended up in Syracuse. He couldnt remember driving to Syracuse. HC addendum Source: Your True Tales---March 2009 Comments: Unexplored abduction event or teleportation?

Type: G?

131. Location. Minsk, Belarus (USSR) Date: September 1984

Time: 0300A


14-year old schoolgirl Svetlana Sablina a resident of a multistoried apartment on Miroshnichenko Street on the 8th floor was sleeping alone in her room, with the doors closed. The apartment is positioned facing a local forest near a military unit. That night she awoke intending to leave the room and approached the doors when suddenly a bright white light lit up the room. At first she thought it was a cars headlights on the street, looking out she suddenly froze as she saw two greenish oval shaped objects floating outside the window. She froze, but somehow was unafraid. The oval shaped lights seemed to flutter for a second as if something had separated from them and in a moment a soft green light filled the room. Two humanoid figures now floated a few cm over the floor in front of her. Even now, strangely she wasnt afraid. She closed her eyes opened them again but the two entities were still there. Amazingly, both entities appeared to be semi-transparent, resembling foggy transparent objects, she could not see anything inside them. The humanoids did not open their mouths but according to Svetlana they seemed to ask her something and not knowing how she answered them. As she understood, the humanoids were asking her if she believed in messengers from other worlds. She answered yes, that she was a believer. She suddenly seemed to loose control of her body as her hand rose up and grabbed the entitys arm near the elbow. She suddenly found herself standing along with the aliens by the window. The two humanoids were luminous and she could clearly see everything around her. The sky was dark without stars and what happened next she does not remember. She returned back to her senses on the floor of her apartment, near the wall. She felt a sharp pain in her head, she couldnt stand up, and so she had to crawl. She crawled to the bed and slumped in it, everything around her was spinning and she couldnt even call for help. In the morning she felt very ill and told her mother about what happened who didnt believe her and her classmates told her that it had all been a dream. For several nights she experienced strange symptoms, awakening in the middle of the night each time at 0300A, feeling pain and hearing a strange sound in the air. Soon she became very interested in science fiction books and was convinced in the existence of other life forms in space. She thinks that she was visited by intelligent creatures that are able to transform into different shapes and communicate telepathically. HC addendum Source: Alexander B. Petukhov from the Archives of the Moscow Commission on Type: E or G? Anomalous Phenomena


132. Location. Tepozteco, Tepoztlan, Mexico Date: September 1984 Time: daytime On her way to her kiosk one day, Conchita Navarrete saw a strange looking creature standing on top of a nearby rock. The creature was gray in color and was standing with its back to the witness. It resembled a giant lizard, definitely reptilian in appearance. Suddenly the creature turned to look at the witness, but incredibly the front part of the creature resembled that of a human being. At the same time the witness heard a mocking voice inside her head asking if she had been afraid, she responded no, even though she was indeed terrified. At this point the witness was briefly distracted as she saw somebody approaching from the other direction. When she looked back to where the creature had been, it had completely vanished. She told the man that had approached her location and was told that those types of creatures and other phenomena were frequently encountered in the area. One other detail that the witness added was that it seemed to her that when she first saw the creature it appeared to have emerged from the solid rock. HC addendum Type: E Source: Luis Ramirez Reyes, Contacto Mexico Comments: Early report of apparent shape shifting reptilian type humanoid.

133. Location. Hengelo, The Netherlands Time: 1930 Date: September 1984 Ine Wagenvoort who was 4 months pregnant at the time and a friend were walking the dogs that night when both women spotted a large orange sphere hovering over the area. The orange sphere then began moving east creating clouds on its wake. Afterwards the object became oval in shape and as large as a football field. Scared, the two women ran home in order to tell their husbands so they could see the strange spectacle. When the men came out the object appeared to have become smaller, at this point a neighbor also joined the witnesses. The UFO suddenly became a small orange sphere again and shot away at incredible speed. Up to this


point Ines pregnancy had been successful with no complications however the day after the sighting her baby in an unexplained manner had disappeared from her womb. Doctors found the placenta material but the fetus was missing. Both women, the original witnesses, had complained of a strange skin rash soon after the sighting. Investigators reasoned that both had been exposed to some type of radiation from the object, which maybe affected her pregnancy. A range of strange unexplainable events continued to pursue the family for some time after the incident. (No details on this). HC addendum Source: UFO-Workgroup The Netherlands 1995

Type: F or G?

134. Location. Takamatsu, Kagawa-ken Hokkaido Japan Date: September 1 1984 Time: 1800 A six-year old girl named Nao Nishimoto was playing with her friends riding bicycles in the front yard of her apartment. Young Nao went t the end of the yard on her bike when she saw a large round luminous object in the sky over the rice field. She stopped at the fence and stared intently at the object, but she didnt call to her friends. The brilliant object was coming in from the right, and as it became closer and bigger, she perceived a large ring of colorful lights flying outside the object at the same time. To her surprise, the ring was just like a huge necklace with brilliant beads of many kinds of colors. As it approached the front yard its shape changed from a cross to a rectangle, then to a circle. It was a very beautiful sight and as the hazy outlines of the luminous craft became clear, the necklace disappeared. The object appeared to be shape like a large bell as it first came in a zigzag movement over the rice field. When it hovered a few meters from the field for a while, the ears of the rice plants swayed as if in a wind. Then the domed saucer moved to the left and hovered near a kindergarten school. It was only about 25 meters distant from the girl, so she could see its cabin as large as six or eight mat rooms of a Japanese house. According to Nao, the UFO had a large dome with four portholes and a small golden ball on the top, which was very bright. Three large circular structures


protruded at the bottom. The color of the hull gradually changed from orange into silver. While Nao stared at the fantastic ship, a nice looking little boy appeared at one of the four round windows---the second one from the left---and when he looked at the girl standing at the fence, the boy smiled showing his white teeth to her great surprise. Nao said the boy she saw had long hair, pulled back from his face and it reached his shoulders. His hair was golden in color and his face was round. Nao said his skin color was the same as hers; he had large round eyes, small nose and ears. Nao said she only saw the upper half of the boy. So it seemed that his shirt was gray and a little shiny. His shirt had a V-shaped neckline. She felt sure he was a boy because of his eyes. As Nao watched, the craft flew over the roof of the kindergarten and disappeared. Nao followed a path that led to the tableland or mesa of nearby Mt. Yashima and again saw the craft now hovering low over some fields. She saw the boy at the window, which immediately smiled again and waved his left hand. At first he slowly raised his hand showing the palm, then he let it down, and again he raised the hand slowly. The sleeves of his clothing were long enough to reach the wrists. Soon after that the craft began to circle over the rice field in addition to rotating on its axis and flew toward the mountain. When it came to the top of the mountain, about 300 meters above the sea, the ship flashed twice and suddenly disappeared.

HC addition # 790 Source: Hachiro Kubota, FSR Vol. 31 # 1 Type: A High Strangeness Index: 7 Reliability of Source: 7 Comments: Shades of George Adamski and his Venusians. The young witness appears to have been quite sincere about her encounter. The incident was covered by a local newspaper source.

135. Location. Near Kayenta, Arizona Date: September 1 1984 Time: night The witness was driving south on highway 89 near Keyenta at about 60mph when suddenly a person dressed in total white appeared in the middle of the road. The witness skidded to a halt, but not in time to avoid hitting the figure. He then checked the area and the vehicle but found nothing. There had been a bright moon, so he had a good view of the area. There was also no sound as if he had hit something. He then left the area, and at about mile later his engine dies and the headlights fail, the interior lights, brake lights, emergency flashers, and radio are all dead. He checked the battery with VOM and flashlight and it registered 0 volts. He then escorted his family into a safe area off the highway and returned to vehicle for blankets. Then the interior lights came on, he checked battery and it registered 12 volts. He then continued on. HC addendum


Type: E Source: Comments: Did the figure emit some type of electrical magnetic field around it, causing the battery problems?

136. Location. Botucato Brazil Date: September 14 1984 Time: 0740A The witness again met an extraterrestrial named Rama of human features, who took the witness to his home planet. The witness apparently was able to take some pictures of the landscape and of some equipment, also one of Rama. The witness was finally returned to earth in a beam of light that deposited him safely on the ground. On 9-9-84 the witness had met the same being that took him to another planet where he met another earth human that had been abducted some time ago. HC addition # 1620 Source: Casellato, Da Silva, Stevens UFO Abductions at Botucato G


137. Location. Guayanilla Puerto Rico Date: September 27 1984 Time: 2330 A young girl had gone outside looking for her dog when she heard some sounds coming from a nearby park. It resembled the sound of children playing. Filled with curiosity she grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked towards the park. There she saw several small large headed humanoids that appeared to move in strange leaps and bounds, they had large oval-shaped eyes, dark in color, small mouths and noses and no visible ears. One stood with his arms raised up staring at the sky. At this point the witness felt paralyzed and was unable to move. After 5 minutes she was suddenly able to move again, she then went to fetch her older sister. Both watched as the small humanoid, that stood with his arms raised began emitting strange muttering sounds. Moments later a large bright white light approached the park from some nearby hills. The light resembled a large sphere and began hovering above the little group of small humanoids, who now all stood motionless as if paralyzed. A beam of light shone from the light and one by one began striking the little beings, each time that happened the humanoid would disappear. After all were gone the object became dark and with a loud noise disappeared at high speed. HC addition # 1329 Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 67 C




Location. St. Petersburg, Florida Time: unknown Date: late September 1984 The witness (involved in other encounters) reported a UFO abduction in which she met different craft and aliens. The aliens on the first craft were thin and the craft had only one level. The occupants of the second craft were of normal height and a little stockier. This craft had two levels; the bottom had 3 rooms, an R&R, a communications room and an examination room. A tube in the center of the craft apparently transported you from level to another. She also saw small areas about 12 inches by 8 feet or so with some greens in it that looked like ferns. She was shown a six sided star in her hand and was told that humans were to learn to be compassionate and to realize that we do not all look alike. Since her last abduction she hears tones in her ear that are like Morse code, she also sees lights in her dark room. HC addendum Source: G


139. Location. Daugava Latvia Date: Autumn 1984 Time: evening Journalist Anton Zilgalvis was wandering about the coast when he came across a meadow and on the meadow an unidentified egg-shaped object. Thrilled about the encounter he began to shout and gesticulate and call for the brothers of intellect to come and meet him. Soon two humanoids appeared from the object and pointed at him a silvery stick, after which he immediately found himself paralyzed. The stunned journalist was drawn into the object, and it took off. In no more than a minute, as it seemed to the curious prisoner, it landed somewhere in the Caucasus foothills (judging by the landscape). There were scores of UFOs on the ground in a valley. And numerous humanoids, (tall, clad in silvery coveralls) strolling from one object to another. One of them took Anton out of the object and plunged something like a corkscrew into his forehead. Then the victim of the extraterrestrial experiment was taken back to the Daugava meadow. At the spot of the UFO landing a clear-cut circle of burnt grass and three regular dents were found. The witness himself suddenly fell prey to an unknown disease and died in three months. HC addendum Source: NLO # 44 November-December 1999

Type: G


140. Location. Leningrad region, Russia Date: October 1984 Time: daytime After working in the fields of a (collective farm) picking cabbages Olga Victorovna Mikhaylova was returning home along with some friends in a tractor when the machine got stuck in the mud do to the rainy and dreary conditions. The group then decided to camp out in the field and bake some potatoes. As they ate their meal the group saw an unusual light, very bright and painful to look at, it emanated from an object on an adjacent potato field. The group then ran to the edge of the potato field and to their amazement they saw in the field what appeared to have been a landed spacecraft resting on several spider-leg-like props. The craft was large, probably 30 meters in diameter, covered in shiny multicolored lights, like a Christmas tree. However, as some of the witnesses attempted to approach the craft they were prevented in doing so by some kind of invisible barrier or energy field that surrounded the craft. Olga was running at full speed towards the object when she smashed into the invisible wall head on. To her it felt like rubber. The group of witnesses remained in the perimeter of the field watching the strange craft, and watched numerous birds including a large goose inadvertently crash into the invisible field and fall to the ground. Olga could not remember how long she stood there looking at the object but she suddenly became disoriented. When she returned to her senses she felt a slight indisposition and bewilderment. The craft had by now vanished. Only one other witness besides Olga could remember seeing the landed UFO, the memories of all the others had been apparently erased. Curious, Olga went to the landing site and there found an even 6-corner hexagonal depression burned into the soil. At the corners of the hexagon there were deep holes, apparently 94

left by the landing props. After being told that she could end up in a mental institution Olga kept quite about the episode for a number of years. However one night 13 years later, Olga suddenly remembered what had occurred the day of the encounter. It felt as if some barrier had been removed from her mind. She remembered seeing the gray October sky, the cold red sun and the potato field. A door had opened on the large craft and a humanoid figure appeared at the door. The entity had a very pale face, devoid of any expression, with hollow looking large black eyes without any visible pupils and very thin lips. The entity was tall, slender and wore a tight-fitting silver-gray suit. He had light flaxen hair that came down to his shoulder. Olga then heard the aliens voice inside her head inviting her to come into the craft. The voice was soft, but monotone, sounding straight inside Olgas head, the aliens lips never moved. The entity then stretched out his hand and pointed at the door. The alien had apparently deactivated the protective shield around the spacecraft, allowing Olga to get closer to the object; once she did he reactivated the shield. Olga remembered standing quite close to the object and peeping inside seeing a long corridor lighted an unusual light, like that of a photo flash. She also saw unusual doors on both sides of the corridor, apparently the crews compartments. The floor seemed soft, porous, like a sponge, slightly phosphorescent. The alien then again invited Olga to come inside the object, but something frightened her and she began to cry and resisted the invitation. The alien then moved his palm in front of her face and she blacked out. She did remember that the aliens fingers were unnaturally thin, long and white, without fingernails. HC addendum Source: letter from the witness, Olga Mikhaylova in: Anomalous News Newspaper, Saint Petersburg # 28, 2001 Type: B or G?

141. Location. Hodonin, Czech Republic Date: October 1984 Time: 2200 The witness was returning from work at the Moravske diesel plant and was taking a short cut home on his bicycle. Suddenly he saw on the left side of the forest a bright white light, within the light he could see a large pear-shaped object which was sailing noiselessly over the nearby meadows and forest. Suddenly in an area about 100meters away he saw two points of light which were moving quickly towards him, a short time later he saw an object about 3 meters in height and about 1.5meters in width, apparently the source of the two points of light. Afraid he mounted his bicycle and began cycling away. When he looked back to his horror he saw at about 15meters from him a tall broad shouldered figure that looked like it was wearing some sort of spacesuit and a helmet. He could not describe the suit accurately. Once over his initial shock he quickly sped away and stopped at about 2.5km away next to the Morava River, there he looked behind him but could not see anything. HC addendum



Type: C

142. Location. Rostov-on-Don, Russia Date: October 1984 Time: evening In a wooded area Victor Burikov came upon a landed plate-shaped object. There was an opened hatchway on its side with a short accommodation ladder going down from it. The moment Victor saw the object he was unable to move. Somebody lifted him and carried towards the plate. The abductors were extremely tall (more than 2 meters) wearing tight-fitting silvery overalls. Burikov was brought into the object. A slight boom followed which lasted about three or four minutes. Then the witness was snatched by his armpits and taken out. The landscape outside was reminiscent of the Caucasus foothills. A narrow valley with a tiny mountain rivulet, and next to it seven or eight plate shaped objects on the ground. Suddenly one of the humanoids began inserting an object resembling a corkscrew into Victors forehead. When this process was over he was once more taken inside the object and laid on the floor in a prone state. In less than five minutes he was crawling on all fours amidst the meadow he had been originally taken from. Tragically, soon after this encounter, Victor died of an unknown illness. HC addendum Source: NLO # 44 November-December 1999

Type: G

143. Location. Moelv, Ringsaker, Norway Time: 2345 Date: October 2 1984


The witness was in her bedroom when three semi-transparent humanoid figures appeared in front of her, one stood in front of the other two. They wore tight-fitting silvery jumpsuits and were about six-foot tall, and very human looking. Their leader approached the witness, telling her not to be afraid and touched her knee gently. The beings then disappeared. HC addition # 1084 Source: Brad Steiger, Sherry Hansen Steiger. Starborn E


144. Location. Aguadinha, Minas Gerais, Brazil Date: October 5 1984 Time: 2030 Mrs. M. C. and her husband were listening to music in the verandah of their home. Around 2030 Mrs. M C saw a figure resembling a woman dressed in white standing in front of the verandah. Terrified she screamed, when her husband came running, the strange figure vanished in plain sight. HC addendum Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Type: E

145. Location. Near Billings Montana Date: October 8 1984 Time: afternoon A couple, Robert (Bob) Blair and Jackie Blair, described as a truck driving team, were driving into Montana just turning daybreak when, It was out there with the stars. They made people think they were stars. Another man at a rest stop in Montana also saw the lights---nine little ships and one big ship, Bob reported, moving up and down, back and forth in a lurching motion. The Blairs continued on their trip, but the ships or creatures followed them in their semi. The individual things were described as shaped like about eight inch people with V-shaped heads, wings on their backs. When the things got hostile with the truck and the drivers they shot fine needle-like shavings like silver metal through the glass of the windshield. They were shaped like a pre-historic bird, he said. It just ruined the truck. Jackie said, pointing out paint chips and nicks in the new paint job. Every time I touch them I got blisters on my fingers and it turned into a V. He showed one on his wrist. In the dark their fingertips glowed from the unknown substance they had touched. We might be dying right now! Bob said. We dont know what it is. We have to get to a doctor. The creatures were hostile and went into attack modes several times, putting up dense fogs. One time when they stopped, It was like a backwards tornado coming from the mouth of the leader of the ships. It was like a ray that he was sending down with the funnel. He did it five times, and then we left. We dint think it would harm us any, not at that point anyway. They drove on for seven miles, stopping two, three, four times, getting out of the truck


and holding on to the top to look at the lights in the sky. Then they experienced little black things, thousands of them coming out of the sky, squiggly things, all around us, Jackie described. They both experienced it. Then back in the truck and moving the lights kept up with them, even at 65 or 70 miles per hour. Then, things that looked liked Vitamin E capsules began forming on the passenger side windshield, as they moved. They formed all around the window; the whole inside of the frame was covered with them. At first they were real little. They got bigger, there were big black ones the size of baseballs, whatever their size or color they all had crystal like things inside them. Then there were different colored things, yellow, lavender, and green. They got bigger in size. It would seem like we were hitting them, but when we hit nothing was there, like bubbles, Jackie said, having difficulty describing something that was unimaginable to her. When they hit the ground there was a spot the same color on the ground or on the tree, she said. There were one about this big, Bob said, spreading his arms. He was driving about 60 miles per hour at this point, and then there was another and a third, what they termed spaceships. The third one they hit, a cloud burst off, and something shaped like a big peanut fell along side the highway, about 15 inches thick and hourglass shaped. It hit the ground and it was a dirty yellow, she added. At one point the things shot a piece of metal clean through the window and the sleeper and my jacket, she said, shaking her head, and looking out the window. Jackie and Bob were trying desperately to get someone to see what they had seen. When they stopped the birds or spaceships stopped, flocked and waited for them to start traveling again.

HC addition # 985 Source: UFONS # 183

Type: B?

146. 98

Location. Polcanto Italy Date: October 9 1984 Time: 0330A A light shining through his window suddenly awakened the witness; he then saw a tall dark human-like figure standing on a nearby hill. From the beings forehead shone a bright torch like beam. The figure suddenly vanished. In its place remained a dark horizontal line and three flames beneath it descending towards the ground. After a few minutes this disappeared also and a bright white light appeared and began approaching the witness location. The witness had difficulty moving but finally was able to reach the window. The white light suddenly vanished and a flashing red sphere appeared. The witness eyes were apparently affected and remained irritated for a few days afterwards. Investigators found extensive ground traces. HC addition # 379 Source: Edoardo Russo, FSR Vol. 30 # 4

Type: C


147. Location. Prata Principato Italy Date: October 9 1984 Time: 0740A 57-year old farmer Giuseppe Cocozza had decided to go to his alfalfa field located at about 350meters from his home, to get some fodder for his cow. He walks slowly--for he has arthritis in one leg---along a beaten-earth path flanking the limits of his property. Just after a bend in the path, he halts, for ahead of him, and on the path, about 20 meters distant, he perceives an individual of unusual appearance. He is about 1.20m in height, is wearing something resembling a helmet on his head, round and of a dark color. On his back he is carrying a rucksack---or box, about 30cms by 30cms in size and of the same color as the helmet, from the upper part of this rucksack or box a sort of tube runs up and joins the helmet at the nape of the neck. A second tube emerges from the lower side and seems to pass between the rucksack


and the back of the entity. The witness estimates that the diameter of this tube was a little larger than the thickness of a finger. He also had the impression that there was a finer tube between the bulge observed at the place where the mouth would be and the upper side of the rucksack. The rest of the body of the entity appears to be covered with a sort of hair of a dark brown color with long hairs some 10cms to 15cms in length. This personage appears to be engaged in exploring the ground with the aid of an instrument. This instrument is shaped like a reversed T with two points penetrating into the ground. Furthermore Cocozza observes that as the individual is performing this work he raises his legs alternately, several times, as though intent on not getting too deeply embedded in the soil on the path, which is fairly soft and muddy due to stagnant puddles of water. The eyewitness is greatly disturbed and alarmed by the presence of this stranger. His first thought is that it is a madman in disguise. A few moments later, he tries to provoke some sort of reaction on the part of the individual, he coughs, hoping that his presence will induce the personage to depart. The latter, hearing the cough, halts and faces Cocozza showing a sort of wide slit at the level of the eyes, of a bright aluminum color. Then a few moments later, he turns his back on the farmer and departs in the direction of a clearing among the hazel bushes. As he walks, he emits from both sides of his body small bluish flames some 60-70cms in length. The emission of these flames is continuous and accompanied by a rhythmic sound (resembling the sound of an electrical motor). The witness, frightened, retreats and loses sight of the entity, which after covering a distance of a few meters vanishes behind a hazel bush. About a minute later, Cocozza observes a strange flying object which rises into the sky following an inclined trajectory. The UFO appears to have taken off from the clump of hazel bushes some 70meters or so from the witness. In the space of a few seconds the strange craft climbs to 500 or 600meters. Then abruptly it performs an acuteangled turn and heads towards the mountain range seemingly towards the foot of the range, as though with the intention of landing again. The witness describes the UFO as like a parallelepiped or a box or case as he himself called it, surmounted by a sort of dish supported by two tubular structures. The flying object appeared to be of a dark brown color. It emitted no perceptible sound or light. Cocozza then returns home gets his shotgun and returns to the spot. There he perceives numerous strange imprints like those of a long hoof and a number of holes spaced at regular intervals. The witness follows up these traces as far as a clearing among the hazel bushes where he observes other marks very clearly imprinted which he connects with the presence of the flying object. Eventually he notifies the local Carabinieri (Police) of the incident.

HC addition # 380 Source: Umberto Telarico FSR Vol. 32 # 1

Type: C

148. Location. Saucedilla, Caceres, Spain


Date: October 17 1984 Time: 2230 14-year old Mari Carmen Ramos was walking back home a long Gonzalez Amezqueta Avenue, a wide and deserted road. Suddenly as if obeying some invisible instinct she sensed something strange she looked around apprehensively. After advancing a few steps she noticed somebody approaching in the opposite direction. An unnatural cold and wind filled the air around her. Looking up she noticed what appeared to be a woman of considerable height and wearing all black approaching her position at a very high and unnatural rate of speed. It had apparently moved over one hundred meters in a matter of seconds. Ramos stopped to observe the bizarre figure and noticed that it appeared to slide over the ground effortlessly. It kept its arms rigidly on its side. Its face appeared to be encased in shadows and no features could be seen. The bizarre woman was over 3 meters in height and was moving at very high speed towards the witness who felt petrified with fear and was unable to move. In moments the tall black clad figure shot across in an angle crossing the road and into an adjacent alleyway. After it had gone the witness looked into the alley and was surprised to see that the figure had completely disappeared. HC addendum Source: Iker Jimenez, Encuentros, La Historia de Los Ovni en Espaa E


149. Location. Near Park Rapids Minnesota Date: about October 27 1984 Time: night In a rural farm area the two witnesses were looking at the stars when they saw two diamonds shaped object approach slowly from the east. The objects that emitted a bluish white light passed slowly above some trees. One of the witnesses suddenly decided to walk back to the house. The other witness then saw a 4-foot tall figure standing near the hog lot. It was generally human in shape with a large head and large eyes; it then approached to within 25 feet of the witness. The witness now could see that it had a short neck and a short nose and appeared to be smiling at her. It wore a tight-fitting outfit and had slender arms that reached to its knees.


After five minutes the being turned around and walked away disappearing into the darkness. HC addition # 336 Source: Bill McNeff, Mufon Journal # 220

Type: C

150. Location. Altrincham England Date: October 31 1984 Time: after 0600A The witness had previously been experiencing different type of phenomena in his house, possibly of a poltergeist nature when he woke up feeling that something was not right in his bedroom. He then noticed a weird figure bending over a night table apparently examining a clock. The being was four-foot tall and almost insect like in nature. It had a domed head and a very prominent pointy chin. The entity wore an all black suit that covered its face completely. As the witness moved, the entity suddenly vanished in plain sight. HC addition # 1584 Source: Peter Hough, Jenny Randles Mysteries of The Mersey Valley

Type: E

151. Location. Muscatine, Iowa Date: late fall 1984 Time: 2000 At the time of the incident the witness only remembered turning into an alley and blacking out. It took him 10 years to finally remember what occurred. It was like a hitting a wall, he remembers breaking halfway down the alley, which made him slump over on the wheel. Looking out the drivers side window, he saw a creature, tall and slender, with a big head and big black eyes. The creature seemed curious at the witness, the witness could see it picking up his arm as if examined it, and its fingers were very long. He remembers the creature putting its hand and long fingers on his chest and throwing him back so he could carry him, he now could see another similar creature approaching. About a month after the incident the witness changed his life, he quit smoking and drinking and started going to church. Also strange things happened after the encounter; he had a feeling of being watched and of something in the house. One point while bathing an object about an inch long and multi-colored popped out of his navel. He tried to brake it with his fingers but couldnt. HC addendum Source: Your True Tales --- November 2008 Type: G Comments: Unexplored abduction even. What ever happened to the supposed implant?


152. Location. New York City, New York Date: November 1984 Time: late night 12-year old Monica Ortega was sleeping in her bedroom when suddenly she saw two lights and felt a presence in the room. One light was red and the other green, both were spherical. A voice from the lights told her not to be afraid. She began to fall asleep, in spite of the luminous globes presence; she then felt caresses and kisses all over her body as her nightclothes were removed. She felt something spread her legs and a sharp pain soon after. She woke up terrified to see a tall, blond, green-eyed being in a tight fitting outfit in bed with her. His eyes were so green that it made her dizzy to look straight at them. She felt very attracted to him. Apparently the tall blond humanoid had a silent and invisible companion that never manifested itself in human form. They told Monica that they traveled around the world and curiosity was the motivation for their sexual contacts. HC addition # 3668 Source: Scott Corrales, Inexplicata

Type: E

153. Location. Winschoten, The Netherlands Date: November 1984 Time: night A woman was resting in bed when she noticed a strange being come into her bedroom. The being had a large elongated head, and stared at the witness who suddenly feels like she is leaving her body. She then finds herself with the being in a bright bell shaped room. The being has sexual intercourse with the witness who later becomes pregnant and eventually has an autistic child. No other information. HC addition # 1488 Source: Hans Van Kampen

Type: G


154. Location. Fortaleza, Brazil Date: November 1984 Time: late night A young woman was sleeping in her bedroom when she was suddenly awoken by a bright bluish light that entered through the opened window, at the same time she could smell a sulfurous odor, she felt paralyzed and heard a voice in her head telling her not to be afraid that she would not be harmed, that she was privileged, that they were peaceful people and were using her as a means of contact. Moments later the paralyzed woman felt unseen hands caressing different parts of her body including her vaginal area, soon after that the bedcovers were pulled from her and she felt a metallic vibrating object introduced into her vagina, it was followed immediately by a similar procedure in her anal cavity. Soon everything seemed to return to normal but the woman felt an itching sensation in her eyes. She then heard another telepathic message, We are finished, you are free to do as you will, and we will return another day. The witness then asked the unseen visitors telepathically who they were and asked to see them in person. Suddenly a greenish fog-like smoke appeared in the room and out of the smoke three human-like figures emerged; one was a woman, about 1.50m in height, with beautiful features and wearing a gray tight-fitting jumpsuit, the other 2 were men, 2 meters in height, very muscular and with bronzed skin. They wore greenish jumpsuits, wide belts, yellowish boots and what appeared to be weaponry hanging on their belts. As soon as she saw the figures they again vanished in plain sight, she then heard one last mental message, Goodbye, we will be back. HC addendum Source: Revista Ufologica Brasileira

Type: E

155. Location. Skogveien, Norway Date: November 1984

Time: 2300


The witness, Arve Gjovik, involved in a previous encounter (1970) was resting at home alone, since his wife and young kids had gone out of town. Late at night he was woken by noises coming from the door. Going down to investigate he came encountered the same humanoid figure from the previous encounter. It was a human like entity, wearing a silvery coverall, with glowing belt and a black visor and helmet on his face and head, Using hand signals the visitor told Arve to follow him, when Arve attempted to grab his coat, the visitor made signs that it was not necessary. They went out the door and towards the nearby forest. At a clearing there was a hovering bright light overhead and both the witness and the alien were taken up into the object via the beam of light, Arve thought it felt like an elevator. Arve then found himself inside a fairly large craft in a round room at first and then out into a corridor, a wall then opened and both walked through it and then it closed again. They were now in a larger room with furniture apparently made out of the same material from the floor and ceiling, only a bit darker. He saw a table and a bench along a wall with windows. The alien then motioned to Arve to stay and wait there and left the room. The witness found himself alone in the room and went over to the bench and sat down on his knees and looked out the window. It was not dark outside but he saw a lot of different colors. The alien soon came back and handed Arve a silvery overall apparently for him to wear. The overall fitted perfectly almost as if tailored. Then both walked into the corridor again and at the end of the corridor there was a bright glow which emitted a strange Brrrm, Brrrmsound, it resembled a band of light. The alien now communicated telepathically and explained to Arve that they were onboard a mothership and that they were to walk towards the glowing band of light as they walked into the light, everything became silent and still and suddenly they were in a huge hall where the floor was covered in what seemed to be black opal, there appeared to be a sort of magnetic flow above the floor and Arve realized that his feet were not touching the floor and they were both walking a few cm above the floor. They walked to the end of the hall where there was an opening and stairs that led down to a huge green park area. He saw lots of water fountains and trees with white trunks. The air was very pleasant. He also saw a huge pyramidal shaped dwelling or house. Both Arve and his host then floated down a white path that appeared to be made out of white gravel, it made no sound as they floated above it. Arve was then asked to stand in front of the huge pyramid like building, facing the building and with arms and legs spread out. His host went away and suddenly the building began to emit a humming sound, suddenly a bright glowing ring of light began forming on top of the pyramid, it slowly transformed itself into a glowing multicolored light that slowly flew towards the witness and then struck him on his chest. Arve said that it felt as if his body had been a dead battery and now it had been charged. Later back inside the ship Arve was taken to a room where he was asked to sit down and then a metal hoop or kind of headset was placed on his head. He then experienced what he could describe as a virtual reality kind of state. Two people sat next to him one on each side, so he could tell that he was there in his physical body. Arve felt like being in his astral body but he could hear, feel and smell everything around him. He saw how the leg of an injured man was repaired, a sort of crystal was placed over the wound and Arve saw how the tissue seemed to grow or materialize back in a few seconds. Later


in a round room Arve rested and something to drink, which tasted like raspberry. Later they went out again and floated along the same path, it seemed to Arve that he was totally still, but everything around him moved. They came to the hall again and into the humming light band. Feeling tired Arve told the alien that he would be late going home, the alien told Arve that to them there was nothing called time, but for those who live in this sticky mass in this small corner of the Milky way, (where everything is rhythmic under time) there is such a thing called time). The alien told Arve that many positive things were going to happen in his life in the future and then both said goodbye. Arve was lowered down to the ground via the same light beam and then he went home. Arve claims he was able to remember everything that happened clearly. HC addendum Type: G Source: Comments: In September 28 1991 Arve and a friend experienced a UFO sighting of large glowing spherical craft with numerous threads that hung down to the ground. Arves friend apparently was cured from a chronic asthma condition as a result of the incident.

156. Location. Mirassol Brazil Date: November 4 1984 Time: 2300 The witness awoke feeling a sensation of heat and a strong desire to go out into the garden. As he went out he was enveloped in a red light that took him up into a small hovering object. Moments later the small object entered a larger craft. He was met by several brown skin red haired beings that took a blood sample and gave him a tour of the craft. He was then taken to an operations base at an unknown location. Later under hypnosis he was able to recall more details. He remembered being taken to a cold place with white pointed mountains filled with holes. Later he went to several different rooms and shelters where he was injected with a white liquid and where other procedures were undertaken. In one of the rooms he was visited by one of the tall blond beings that spoke to him by using telepathy. A blond woman then entered the room. She wore a blue jump suit with black designs on the cuffs and collar and a large black belt. Eventually the witness was returned back to his home. HC addition # 1660 Source: Buhler, Pereira, and Matiel Pires Abduction at Mirassol G


157. Location. Inverness California


Date: November 10 1984 Time: after midnight Steven Hall was overcome with a feeling that something was watching him, and then Steven and his wife looked out their kitchen window. Surprised they saw two of the most absurd creatures one could imagine. These creatures were no more than two feet away from the window. One of them made eye contact with Steven, and stood there, staring at him not moving at all. The witness said the eye contact was frightening and felt as if the humanoid was looking into your soul. It was difficult for Steven to break eye contact with the humanoid, but his wife quickly closed the curtains. He then woke up another occupant and the house that ran outside thinking someone was snooping around the house. He ran out the front door and around the corner to see one of the creatures from about 15 ft away for about 15 seconds. The creature seemed surprised, and then it slowly turned its head, ducked down, and made its way off into the thick evergreen. The witnesses described the creatures as about four-feet tall with an extremely thin body. Their hands extended to their knees, and they wore what the witnesses suspect was a skintight suit that shimmered in the light. The eyes were a soft diamond shape, there was a small rise for a nose, and the mouth was barely a slit with a very displeasing look on it. HC addendum Source: World of The Strange, 10/2001

Type: E

158. Location. Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina Time: afternoon Date: November 12 1984 Three youngsters were on their way to an open field where previously others had reported encountering little green dwarfs. Suddenly at about 20meters in front of them a short figure about 40-60cm in height appeared. It wore a scaly green phosphorescent coverall and floated at about 15cm above some standing water on the field. The creature stared fixedly at the children as they noticed the presence of 2 or 3 other glowing figures among the bushes. Terrified they fled the scene. HC addendum


Source: Comments: Translated by Albert S. Rosales

Type: E

159. Location. Belle Meade, New Jersey Date: November 26 1984 Time: late night A motorist driving on a highway saw a star-like light descend overhead at high speed. As the light crossed the highway in front of her vehicle, she could see that it was part of a large metallic triangular shaped object apparently made out of white metal with gray rivets. Three beams of light shone down from the side of the object, which had rounded edges. The object then began hovering above some railroad power lines. The witness could see an opening in the center of the object. She then noticed movement inside and saw a large round sphere pass by it. A round object came into view, it resembled a large head with two very large eyes, and the rest of the facial features were flat. The object then followed the witness vehicle briefly before disappearing from view. HC addition # 1182 Source: Thomas A. Benson, The Sixth Quark Journal # 4 A


160. Location. Near Luga, Leningrad region, Russia Date: winter 1984 Time: daytime A large group of GAI inspectors (traffic militia officers) had gone hunting for wild boars in the area. The armed hunters were walking in chain formation deep in the forest in clear sight of each other, in order not to miss a boar that might run in between them. When they reached an area where they thought there had been a wild boar they found nothing and one of the hunters had mysteriously disappeared,


almost in plain sight and almost before their eyes. They organized a search for the lost man but with absolutely no results. They only found his tracks which had suddenly stopped in mid stride as if he had been suddenly pulled up by some unknown force. The hunter closest to him had seen a faint flash of red light in the place where the man had disappeared, but decided it had just been a cigarette. The next day soldiers from the nearest military unit were sent to search for the missing man, but also without any results. Incredibly several months after that in late autumn one of the soldiers from that unit that had participated in the search operation had gone on a leave of absence. He told his friends that he wanted to see the place where the GAI inspector had vanished in the winter. But he did not return to his unit nor did he return home (in case he had gone AWOL). Evidently he had disappeared at the very same spot where the police inspector had vanished some time before. UFOs were frequently seen in the region at the time. HC addendum Source: Valentin Psalomszikov PhD in NLO Newspaper Saint Petersburg # 25 June 16 2003 Type: G Comments: Have we here two more permanent abductions?

161. Location. Reseda California Date: Winter 1984 Time: 0230A After seeing odd spinning lights floating around the house the day before, the witness again saw the football size lights in the house. The lights suddenly descended on the witness and he passed out. He then woke up hearing three very loud metallic bangs. He then saw a light fly from the house and into the sky. He then realized that six hours had passed. Later under hypnosis the witness was able to recall floating up at very high speed and entering an object. He then found himself inside a round white room lying on a table in the center of the room. A light shone on his face and several figures surrounded him. The beings were short, with bald pointy-heads and flat faces. They were poking the witness with several instruments. He was able to hear radio-like static in the background and mumble-like words apparently coming from the beings. At one point a large long needle was inserted in the witness navel, which did not hurt, a dark colored liquid was injected into him. The witness was later taken to another room where two white fog-like beings waited for him, these two then took the witness to a huge room with transparent floors. The witness was then escorted back to his house by the two beings, which apparently floated him through the air. HC addition # 1227 Source: D. Scott Rogo, IUR Vol. 12 # 4

Type: G

162. Location. Reseda California


Date: Winter 1984 Time: night The witness, who had already experienced many other mysterious incidents in his house, was sleeping in the living room when he heard the horses in the backyard corral whining restlessly, the dogs were also barking. The witness looked out and saw several sparking lights near the back of the property. When the lights approached the fence, which separated the corral area from the backyard, he realized the lights were really humanoid figures about 4-foot tall wearing helmets with visors on the face area, and dark spacesuits. The beings appeared to be stumbling as they tried to climb over the fence. At this point the witness called his sister but she refused to come, apparently frightened. One of the beings finally managed to climb over the fence and began running towards the house. The witness then locked the doors and woke up the rest of the family. When everyone was up the beings had already disappeared. HC addition # 1226 Source: D. Scott Rogo, IUR Vol. 12 # 4

Type: E

163. Location. Hexam, New South Wales, Australia Date: December 1984 Time: 0230A A couple had been camping on the Ponderosa Caravan Park located just east of the Pacific Highway when the husband woke up and went outside, he then called his wife and pointed out a large cigar shaped object with a brilliant white light at the front coming towards them very slowly. The front light seemed larger than the full moon and lit up the entire caravan park. The cigar-shaped object had windows along the side. These seemed to be closed and gray in color, same as the rest of the object. Five minutes later, three small disc shaped objects flew into view moving towards the object. They traveled very quickly, zigzagging to join the larger cigar. Each disc was gray, but showed an orange or rust colored area towards the rear of the disk body, before a tail fin. One of the discs stationed itself at the rear of the cigar and the other two on either side of the cigar. Shortly they switched formation and flew behind the large cigar. The wife reported what seemed to be an outline of a helmeted head in one of the smaller discs. The cigar shaped object was emitting a


low, fluctuating humming noise, which rose and fell in pitch. The objects eventually moved away from sight. The witnesses then went straight to sleep. HC addition # 2555 Source: Australian UFO Reporter Vol. 1 # 2 A


164. Location. North West, Western Australia Date: December 1984 Time: night Whilst working in a field a man tripped over one evening. In his horizontal position he saw the cause of his predicament. A small picket fence formed a compound. Within this area were tiny people and a fleet of miniature buses going about their business. (!) For several yeas afterwards a series of five vertical lines like a bar code remained on the witnesss forehead until they finally faded away. (Shades of Gullivers travels) HC addendum Source: Western Australia UFO Sightings

Type: E?

165. Location. Sasovo, Ryazan region, Russia Date: December 1984 Time: after 2100 Mikhail Evgenyevich Ivanchuk, a student at a local technical college was returning home alone at dark when he suddenly saw a huge yellow object, about 3meters in height, hovering in the air near a local store, blocking his way. The witness attempted to pass by the object, walking on the side, but the UFO seemed to suddenly decrease in size in rise up into the air. Mikhail could now see that the object was round and flat, similar to a flying saucer, the UFO made several circles above the witness. Terrified, Mikhails knees buckled and he fell on his knees, looking up at the object. The saucer now began to approach the witness and when it was only about 25meters away, he was able to see a male humanoid face looking at him through an opening on the UFO. He could see the figure all the way down to its waist. Then the UFO ascended and vanished into the sky. Mikhail told his friends and they said that it had probably been something diabolical. But later he met two female students from the same college that told him that they had seen a strange yellow cloud one night and a beam of light projecting from the cloud to the ground. HC addendum Source: Alexander B. Petukhov, Archive of the Moscow Commission On Anomalous Phenomena Type: A



Location. New York City New York Time: 2300 Date: December 1984 The witness was walking home after working and had reached a street corner when three small spheres of red light suddenly appeared and began rapidly circling around her. The lights vanished and the witness remembered going to a nearby deli counter and seeing a very tall being, yellowish in color, with tight kinky hair, a broad mouth and very large golden almond shaped eyes. He wore a white uniform. His hands were very smooth and his fingers very long. The being smiled at her and there was some small talk. The witness then hailed a cab and went home. HC addition # 1022 Source: The Communion Letter 1990 E?


167. Location. Nullarbor Plain, South Australia Date: December 1984 Time: 2330 Gary Edwards was working for the Australian Railways Commission as a Station Assistant Class 3 and on this night he was listening to the radio telephone (the only communications link to train control in Port Augusta in South Australia) when he heard the train driver say to train control, There is a bright light above us and we are losing power. Then the driver said, It has moved beside the engine, went up and done a steep dive to the right. The UFO appeared to crash into the nearby sand hills with a glow in the distance. The engine power then came back on, and it continued its run with no further problems. When the train finally arrived at Cook railway siding, it was almost three hours overdue. According to Gary, the train driver and fireman were clearly shaken up by the incident. So much so, that both men shortly thereafter quit their jobs and disappeared. John Beattie, a spokesman for the Australian National Railways told investigators, We dont know what it was, or what caused the diesel train to lose power. The two train operators say they experienced the power loss at the same moment they spotted the light. Because they have much experience of traveling through the outback, the light must have been very unusual for them to report on it. The event occurred at the Barton railway


siding which is close to the Woomera, joint USA/AUS prohibited area. Local rumors after the incident spoke of a crashed flying saucer recovered at the site and taken into the Woomera area. The next day the sighting made national news on ABC radio and in local newspapers. However, the report never made international headlines, and the sighting was soon forgotten. HC addendum Source: H?


168. Location. Los Angeles California Date: December 1984 Time: late night In an apparent dream-like state the witness saw a small humanoid dressed in a gold colored outfit come to the door of the apartment building and attempt to enter. The frightened witness ran to her room. The small creature then somehow entered the bedroom picked up the witness infant daughter and struck her hard on the bottom. The witness began struggling with the creature over the child. Suddenly she found herself on the roof of the building with her daughter, the creature and two other persons, this two were in a trance-like state and did not respond to her questions. The short creature was holding a wand-like instrument, which it dipped into a gold colored solution. The creature continued to hold the wand apparently making a loud whooshing sound and gradually a large saucer-shaped object began forming overhead. A blue beam of light came from the saucer down to the roof like a stairway. At this point the witness is unable to recall anything further. The being was described as a typical gray type entity. HC addition # 2083 Source: Duane Bedell, Heartland UFO Journal # 3, December 1994

Type: C?

169. Location. Kolskiy Peninsula, Murmansk Province, Russia Date: December 1984 Time: unknown In the northern area of Russia beyond the Polar Circle, close to the Artic Ocean at the Kola Peninsula scientists detected a seismic shock. Its epicenter was established as located near the surface, indicating that the impact was most likely caused by something that hit the ground, apparently a meteor. The fact did not alarm the military since many such cases are registered regularly. However several months after the incident, a local/military officer was driving a caterpillar vehicle in the area located in deserted tundra approximately 70-100 km southwest of the Gremikha nuclear submarine naval base. What he saw amazed him: an impressive 50 meters long trench in the frozen soil and a strange object that was deformed into unrecognizable mass of metal, obviously as a result of the very strong impact resulting in falling from a very high altitude. The officer estimated the total weight


of the object at 5 tons; through it could have been lighter. The witness took some samples of the metal from the crashed object and brought it with him to the military base (luckily some of the fragments of the metal ended up in civilian hands, like such researchers as Vadim A. Chernobrov from the Moscow Aviation Institute and Maksim Karpenko, who claimed to have met the officer who recovered the metal). The piece of metal resembled steel by its outer appearance and weight but had an unusual yellowish tint. Speculation was that the object was just a stage of a Soviet missile launched from Plesetsk. But reliable sources insist that it was an authentic UFO---a piloted alien spacecraft with a humanoid crew onboard that was shot down in a space dogfight with other aliens and entered earths atmosphere over the Artic Ocean and crashed at very high speed. Due to the tremendous impact the inner structure of the alien spacecraft that was originally disk or dome shaped, about 6-10 meters in diameter, including its humanoid crew, burned and melted to a charred blackened state an no remains of the crew was found. Reportedly after a rumor spread to the higher military command that the wreckage was also reportedly seen by some civilians (geologists and local reindeer breeders) in spring or summer 1985, a retrieval operation was organized using helicopters and military personnel. The deformed wreckage was loaded and supposedly transported to the bunker at Kapustin Yar central range Nr 4 in southern Russia (Astrakhan Province), where it is hidden today along with the wreckage of other crashed alien spacecraft. A second source, (Mr. Alexander Nosenko) also indicate the year of the crash as 1984, reporting that the object was definitely a extraterrestrial spacecraft and the recovered sample of alien technology considerably promoted Soviet science, research and development engineering in such fields as alloys, construction materials, etc. HC addendum Source: Maksim Karpenko Universum Sapiens, Vadim A Chernobrov Alexander Nosenko Technologies from the Stars, Lenura Azizova and Anton Anfalov Type: H

170. Location. Mirassol Brazil Date: December 6 1984 Time: 2100 As the main witness and a friend observed a luminous green sphere flying over the area leaving behind a trail of blue sparks, his wife was at home waiting for him and watching television when suddenly the TV image faded and became dark. She was unable to move as she saw the door opened. A tall blond longhaired man with large blue eyes then entered. He wore a white jumpsuit with a belt with a long black buckle that had blinking red and green lights. Hanging from the belt was a weaponlike apparatus. The being carried a jar and a small cup. He poured a liquid into the cup and offered it to the witness; she drank it and then was given a small white pill to swallow. It was the last thing she was able to remember. HC addition # 1661


Source: Buhler, Pereira, and Matiel Pires Abduction at Mirassol D


171. Location. Mirassol Brazil Date: December 14 1984 Time: 2300 The witness had stepped out to check on the weather and was suddenly enveloped in a red light; he was then transported inside a small hovering object. There he was confronted by three short robot-like beings. The small object then entered a larger mother ship type craft. There he was taken to a compartment where a green skin humanoid was preparing a serum like liquid. He was ordered to lie down on a bed and the being injected the liquid into one of his veins. His body began to shiver and then he apparently blacked out. He was eventually returned to his home where he woke up. HC addition # 1662 Source: Buhler, Pereira, and Matiel Pires Abduction at Mirassol

Type: G

172. Location. Michurinsk, Tambov region, Russia Date: December 17 1984 Time: 2000 14-year old Alexandr V. Yuszhenko was returning back to his home from a friends house along a darkened alley when he suddenly noticed a dome shaped object, resembling a hemisphere and about 4-5 m in diameter. He stopped in amazement and looked at the object. A door appeared and it opened downwards silently. He now could see a tall entity about 1.90 m in height standing inside the dome. The figure was completely black in color with only its shining eyes visible. A strange beam of light seemed to emanate from its eyes; it was about 20-30 cm long. The craft was lighted from inside. The entitys hands were bent at a level with the hips. The boy stood frozen for about 2 minutes then ran home terrified. HC addendum Source: Alexandr B. Petuhov, Report to the Commission on Anomalous phenomena, Moscow

Type: A


173. Location. Near Paris France Date: December 25 1984 Time: 1930 A man living in a villa at the outskirts of the city claims to have seen a hovering large dome shaped object very close to the ground. It emitted a brilliant white light from its upper section. Nine human-like beings with white skin and wearing onepiece outfits approached the witness and apparently communicated with him. The beings had an insignia on their clothing resembling a small circle within a circle crossed by two lines. No other information. HC addition # 1730 Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: C? High Strangeness Index: 7 Reliability of Source: 8 Comments: Additional information on this intriguing case is necessary.

174. Location. Myers, Georgia Date: December 28 1984 Time: night Richard Saunder reported being visited at his home by three strange extraterrestrial humanoids that claimed they were from another planet. Apparently they predicted future events for humanity, most of them dire and of a cataclysmic nature. No other information. HC addendum Source: GEPUC Brazil

Type: E?

175. Location. Level Green, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Date: December 31 1984 Time: 1810


In the UFO hotspot of Westmoreland County, two residents of the community heard a tapping sound on one of their house windows. They saw what looked like an eyelike orb peering in through the window. It turned and flew away, but repeated the performance one more time. HC addendum Source: MUFON UFO Journal, June 1985 in UFOCAT

Type: E?

Total Cases: 175

Addendums to be included as they become available.