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Questions for corDECT


COLUMN-A COLUMN-B 1)....H...... 2)....A...... 3).....I.... 4).....B... 5).....C... A) LIPS B) SIM C) ARU D) RF survey E) 8 digit

1) DIU 2) CBS 3) FRS 4) MWS 5) RBS 6) RAS 7) OMC 8) FST 9) IPEI 10) AC

6).. G........ F) 9 digit in HEX 7).....J..... 8).....D..... 9).....F.... 10)....E..... G) IP H) SWCH I) ALM J) LINUX

2) SAY TRUE OR FALSE: 1) Cor- DECT is using FDD technique. 2) Connectivity between DIU- CBS is by radio. 3) There are 24 time slots in a DECT frame. 4) There are 10 carriers in DECT freq. band. 5) CBS is powered locally. 6) Cor- DECT needs frequency planning. F F T T F F

7) DIU can function as an independent switch. 8) Wall set is available at sub premises. 9) CBS can be mounted on poles/ posts. 10) In LOS conditions the distance between CBS to WS can be upto 10 Km. 11) Cor- DECT follws dynamic channel allocation. 12) Wall set IP is used for simultaneous voice and data traffic at the customer end. 13) In WS-IP computer can be directly connected without modem. 14) Distance between CBS to BSD should be 20 km 15) The IPEI should be same for voice service and IP service for a subscriber.



1) Voice encoding rate in Cor- DECT is A) 32 Kbps B) 64 Kbps C) 128 Kbps 2) Modulation tech. used in Cor- DECT is A) QPSK B) GFSK C) BASK 3) One DIU can support a maximum of A) 20 CBSs B) 10 CBSs C) 100 CBSs 4) One CBS can support a maximum of ______ simultaneous calls A) 12 B) 20 C) 50 5) One CBS can cover approximately _______ subs. A) 50 B) 10 C) 20

6) One CBS needs ______ pairs of copper wires to DIU. A) 3 B) 5 C) 8 7) One pair of copper wire will carry ___________ from DIU to CBS A) 2B+D B) 30B+D C) 2 Mbps 8) In Cor- DECT telephone tfc & internet tfc are bifurcated at A) RAS available at DIU B) CBS C) BSD 9) The maximum distance allowed between DIU- CBS is A) 4 Km B) 10 Km C) 2 Km 10) Cor- DECT works in the frequency band ___________________ . A) 30- 300 MHz B) 1880-1900 MHz C) 2000 MHz 11) Cor - DECT is designed for _______ tfc/ sub. A) 0.1 E B) 0.04 E C) 0.02 E 12) Duration of one DECT frame is A) 125 micro secs B) 2 milli secs C) 10 milli secs 13) Capacity design involves using A) propagation model B) Erlang model 14) No of cells will be more in a _________________ limited systems. A) capacity B) coverage 15) The ------ protocol is employed for communicating between the NMS terminal and DIUs. A) V5.2 B) X.25 C) TCP/IP 16) BHCA of corDECT is -----------A) 20,000 B) 2,00000 C) 2000

17) The maximum number of E1 links supported by the V5.2 interface on corDECT AN is----. A) 16 B) 8 C) 24 18) Recommended cable distance (Maximum) between ALM to CPM A) 40 mts B) 4 mts C) 400 mts 19) RIMC could support --------simultaneous internet connection. A) 12 B) 50 C) 30 20) Operating system for OMC is ----------------------A) Unix B) Linux C) Windows NT


1) Expand the following : DIU DECT Interface Unit WS- IP Wall set IP BSD Base station Distributor RBS-Relay Base Station 2) List the three modes in which DIU can work. Digital Trunk mode, RLU mode, ITOS mode 3) List any TWO advantages of wireless connectivity in local loop. 1. Service provisioning becomes faster and simpler which indirectly leads to customer satisfaction and immediate realization of revenue. 2. Maintenance becomes easier as there is no physical medium involved. 3. Cost per line is independent of the distance and is comparatively cheaper than copper. 4. Suitable for difficult terrains where cable laying is not possible. 4) List corDECT IP subsystems and non-corDECT IP subsystems. cor DECT IP subsystems: FWT, RIMC, RAS

Non-corDECT IP subsystem: RADIUS, NAT, ROUTER 5) List out the three ways in which WS is connected to DIU. 1. WS-CBS-DIU 2. WS-CBS-BSD-DIU 3. WS-RBS-CBS-DIU


1. WS 2. DIU 3. RBS 4. RAS 5. BSD

cor-DECT WLL Write the full form of following ( 10 Marks)


1. Cor- DECT System works on a. 16 Kbps b. 32 Kbps c. 64 Kbps d. 128 Kbps 2. One CBS can handle Maximum a. 10 simultaneous voice calls b. 11 simultaneous voice calls

Tick the correct Answer. ( 10 Marks)

c. 12 simultaneous voice calls d. 15 simultaneous voice calls 3. Maximum Data Rate possible for a subscriber is a. 35 Kbps b. 70 Kbps c. 144 Kbps d. 171.2 Kbps 4. Frequency Band for cor-DECT in BSNL is a. 1800 to 1820 MHz b. 1840 to 1860 MHz c. 1880 to 1900 MHz d. 1940 to 1960 MHz 5. Distance between a CBS & RBS is a. 4 Kms b. 10 Kms c. 25 Kms d. 50 Kms

QC. Fill in the Blanks ( 10 Marks)

1. Maximum number of .OMC in one DIU ( 1/2/5) 2. Transmit power of CBS is..( 250mW/ 20 W/ 40 W ) 3. In cor-DECT WLL.. Modulation is used ( GFSK/ GMSK/ QPSK) 4. Maximum number of ..subscribers in one DIU ( 10/ 100/ 1000 ) 5. Internet Access is supported at .Kbps in cor-DECT ( 35/ 70/ Both )

QD. Draw a Basic Block Diagram of cor-DECT WLL.( 7 Marks)

Cor-DECT WLL ( Answer)

QA. Write the full form of following ( 10 Marks) 1. WS: Wall Set 2. DIU: DECT Interface Unit 3. RBS: Relay Base Station 4. RAS: Remote Access Switch 5. BDS: Base Station Distributor QB. Tick the correct Answer.( 10 Marks) 1.b, 2.c , 3.b, 4.c, 5.c QC. Fill in the blanks.
1. 2 , 2. 250mW, 3. GFSK, 4. 1000, 5. Both

QD. Draw a Basic Block Diagram of cor-DECT WLL.( 7 Marks)

E1 D I U

E1 radio/fibre BSD

T elecom N etwork

co rD E C T WLL