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DISTRICT EDITORS OLD DOMINION GARDENER DEADLINES Spring February 1 Summer May 1 Fall August 1 Winter November 1 Send articles, events and photos for publication to: Gayle Class, Copy Editor Blue Ridge Frankie Puckett

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South Central Valerie Virkler

VFGC MISSION STATEMENT Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., provides youth and adult education resources and opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic and environmental responsibility.

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Quarterly Publication of Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs Inc

Fall 2011 Volume 42, No. 3 VFGC, INC Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 1800 Lakeside Ave Richmond, VA 23228-4700 804-553-0445 VFGC PRESIDENT Judy B. Binns Grow Now Planting Seeds for Tomorrow


Old Dominion

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Virginia Federation of Garden Club Officers

President Judy B. Binns Your support is a beautiful thing! Bloomin Bucks makes it that way! Heres how . . . For generations, the bulbs from Brent and Beckys Bulbs have been of the highest quality and have been adding color to landscapes all over the country. Adding colorful blooms from Brent and Beckys Bulbs to your landscape helps us! How does beautifying your home help VFGC? 2nd Vice President Finance Chairman 501(c)(3) Group Exemption Janice M. Clem Just go to and choose to support our organization, the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs. You will then be taken to the website of Brent and Beckys Bulbs where you can select from their selection of bulbs, plants, perennials, supplements, books, tools, home accessories . . . anything you want or need. And 25% of your sale comes back to support VFGC! Its simple: Go to Select Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs from the organization drop down list Purchase any item on their website Brent and Beckys Bulbs will send a percentage of your sale to VFGC.

1st Vice President Liaison to Club Presidents Marilyn J. Mason

3rd Vice President Membership Chairman Mary E. Owen

Recording Secretary Mary Sue Floyd

Treasurer Claudia H. Cosby 501(c)(3) Group Exemption

Thank you in advance for your support.

Presidents PAGE

How can we best work together to make our organization grow? What can VFGC do to support the work of garden clubs across the state? These questions are ones that I think about as I travel across the state visiting garden club members at district meetings, club activities and VFGC sponsored schools. The accomplishments of our clubs and members are evident wherever I go. As most of the work of VFGC is accomplished through the garden clubs carrying out projects all over the state of Virginia, VFGC needs to look at the best way to support the work of these garden clubs across the state. The Keys to the Future grants for youth-centered gardening programs are one way that VFGC is giving back to its member clubs. Since its inception in 2007, 38 grants have been awarded for a total of $33,828 reaching over 10,000 youth in Virginia. VFGC reaches out to support students in Virginia through college scholarships. Thanks to VFGC club members giving to the VFGC Life Memberships/Book of Honor program, VFGC has been able to supplement interest income from scholarship accounts and award five $2000 scholarships, for a total of $10,000, each year. VFGC offers clubs the benefit of participating in the IRS 501(c)(3) Group Exemption at no cost to your club. This designation allows individuals and corporations to support club projects with tax-deductible donations. VFGC is also doing projects to be more visible in communities. The Blue Gloves for Blue Stars program was initiated to raise funds to refurbish the oldest Blue Star Memorial Markers as well as any others in need of repair. Thanks to VFGC members, over $2600 was donated at Fall District meetings to make the Blue Stars in Virginia shine brightly again. At a cost of $750 per marker, three markers have already been sent for refurbishing, and we hope to refurbish at least 3 more markers by the spring of 2012. If you did not have a chance to support this project yet, you will have one more opportunity at the Spring District meeting. VFGC plans to establish a Branching Out grant program for club community beautification projects to support the work that our clubs do across the state. NGC grant programs such as PETALS are no longer funded by NGCthese grants helped clubs with civic projects in their communities, and VFGC needs to look at ways to fill this need for financial support of projects. Your support of the Bloomin Bucks with Brent and Beckys Bulbs will help to fund these grants. Remember, VFGC is your clubs resource. Please let me know how VFGC can best help your club be an active and growing part of our organization. My best wishes to each of you,


Fall 2011

Old Dominion Gardener


Submitted by Gloria Crump, VFGC Blue Star Memorial Chairman The Virginia Department of Transportation has been working with VFGC and will remove three of the Blue Star Memorial Markers from their posts so that they can be packaged and sent to Sewah for refurbishing. Our plans are to send three markers now for refurbishing and when they are returned, to have three more ready for Sewah to take back with them. If all goes as planned, this project will be complete by spring. Thank you to our members who helped to make this possible by donating $10.00 and receiving a pair of blue gloves to help refurbish the Blue Star markers. VFGC sincerely appreciates the help of our members as well as VDOTs dedication to this project.



Submitted by Audrey Kelly, VFGC Penny Pines Chairman Your garden club can participate in a meaningful and practial conservation project by contributing $68.00 to a Penny Pine plantation as part of the costs of replanting replacement and/or trees indigenous to a particular damaged area, whether by fire or by other natural catastrophe (not just pine trees). You may designate a specific state you wish to have benefit from this contrubution. For each $68.00 contribution, you will receive a Penny Pines Certificate from National Garden Clubs, Inc. made In Honor of or In Memory of a special someone who has made a difference in the world, just by being in it. Certificates will be issued according to information listed on the form that can be found on the NGC Website: Contributions may be made from year to year under the original agreement, but must be minimum of $68.00 (or multiples of) made payable to NCG-Penny Pines and mailed to: National Garden Clubs, Inc, 4401 Magnolia Ave, St Louis, MO 63110-3492. NGC will present an award at the NGC Convention each year to the States which have donated the greatest number of Plantations and whose clubs demonstrated the most ingenutiy in promoting education in conservation by creating public awareness of the need to protect and manage our National Forest resources. Lets all publicize our objectives and establish even more Penny Pines Plantations for the reforestation of our National Forest! When you send in your donation for the Penny Pines Project, please contact this chairman: Audrey Kelly, 757-486-1733, email I would like to keep track of what Districts/Clubs do on this project.


Submitted by Phyllis Steele, VFGC Youth Project Grants Chairman The following clubs were awarded VFGC Youth Project Grants: Blue Ridge Garden Club Cedar Run Garden Club Crestwood Farms Garden Club May Farm Garden Club of Kingston Moneta Garden Club Round Hill Garden Club Salisbury Garden Club Sugar Loaf Garden Club $700 $850 $800 $500 $810 $800 $790 $750

Keys to the Future Youth Project Grants are awarded annually to VFGC clubs for new or existing youth-centered programs. All VFGC clubs are encouraged to apply for a one-year grant up to $1000 for the purpose of helping youth realize the rewards and life lessons from gardens and habitats for becoming good stewards of the earth. Plan now for youth projects--grant applications are due each year by September 15.

The National Garden Clubs celebrated 50 years of the Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl Poster Contest at the NGC Convention held in Washington DC in May, 2011. As part of this celebration, Barbara Ohmsen, the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster Chairman, was honored for encouraging the six district chairmen to support this contest. As a result of her efforts and those of the district chairmen, Virginia had the largest number of poster entries reported for 2011. She received a plaque for the Virginia efforts.

Fall 2011

Old Dominion Gardener



Submitted by Lisa Robinson, VFGC Scholarship Chairman Presidents Horticulture Scholarship - $2,000 - Jacob Shreckhise, junior at Virginia Tech Peg Grinus Landscape Design Scholarship - $2,000 - Chelsea Gusler, sophomore at Virginia Tech Minna D. Adams Conservation Scholarship - $2,000 - John Zachary Pittinger, senior at Virginia Tech

Currently, VFGC offers 5 scholarships annually to students majoring in horticulture related fields including botany, forestry, agriculture, landscape design, conservation and environmental science. Most of our applications come from Virginia Tech, with undeniably, the largest curriculum offerings and number of students in these fields of study. However, other colleges and Universities in Virginia do offer majors in Forestry, Biology, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Science. Per recent VFGC Board vote, the deadline for all VFGC Scholarship applications is February 1, 2012 which follows the SAR and NGC timelines and will offer an opportunity for the SAR and NGC Scholarships to more Virginia students. In the current economy, more students than ever depend on Scholarships to continue their education and realize their future career plans. Since todays college students are the future leaders of the VFGC mission and ideals and the stewards of the future Environmental Health and Aesthetic beauty in Virginia, we need to encourage them as best we can. The goal of this committee for the term 2011-2013, is to reach out and motivate students across the state to apply for our scholarships and increase the number of scholarships offered. Please help us by encouraging students considering these fields of study to apply. Also, seriously consider creating a Scholarship, either as a one-time offering or as a multi-year endowment. What a wonderful way to honor a longtime member or memorialize that very special person. Anyone can create a scholarship, a single person or a group of people, such as your Garden Club or District. A donation, in any amount, can be made to our VFGC Scholarship account. Check the VFGC website for the latest updates and information on the VFGC Scholarship Program under the YOUTH link or you may contact the VFGC Scholarship Chairman, Lisa Robinson ( for more information.


Blue Ridge District - Marty Bowers

Marty joined the Moneta GC in 1996, after retiring and moving to Smith Mountain Lake. She has served as Treasurer, Second Vice President, published the Yearbook since 1997 and has edited the newsletter for the past five years. She has served Blue Ridge District as Book Review Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer before being elected as President. Marty worked with Nancy Hargroves and Judy Binns on the 501(c) (3) group exemption and has served on the VFGC Finance Committee. Martys background and education is in accounting, which has enabled her to help out volunteer organizations when asked. She is currently treasurer of the Smith Mountain Arts Council, Friends of the Library and her church. Marty was also chairman of the Smith Mountain Charity Home Tour for many years raising funds for charity organizations. Marty was born in Illinois, lived in Georgia, but has spent the majority of her life in Virginia. She has worked in the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon, General Services Administration, and The Mitre Corporation. Marty has also served as Church Organist and Music Director at a northern Virginia Church and organist for a funeral home. Marty and her husband, Bert, have two sons. She has finally found time in her busy schedule to start taking the Landscape Design courses.

Piedmont District - Linda Simon

Linda took the Hanover Master Gardener class in 2001 and sat next to Judy Durant. Judy invited her to visit her garden club in Mechanicsville. After joining Hanover Towne GC, Linda took on many jobs including Program Chair and President from 2004-2006. During her presidency, the club created a historic garden with plant species from before 1825 at Scotchtown, the residence of Patrick Henry from 1771-1778. Linda is a Landscape Design Consultant and NGC Accredited Flower Show Judge. As a member of the Richmond Horticulture Association, she has volunteered for ten years for the RHA fund raiser plant sale to support the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond. Linda served as President of Richmond Council of Garden Clubs from 2008-2010. She is also active in the Virginia Daffodil Society. Prior to relocating to Ashland in November 2000, Linda had lived in an 1880s Victorian house with 1/3 acre in Newton, Massachusetts. They selected their new house because it was on three acres, had lots of trees and a field in full sun. Linda and Rick have been happily married for 25 years. She has one daughter, and a stepson and stepdaughter. In her spare time Linda enjoys tending to her perennial gardens and growing annuals to be used in flower design. Linda Simon passed away on November 30, 2011--she will be missed.

Fall 2011

Old Dominion Gardener


Shenandoah District - Mary K. Burke

A proud member of the Valley GC in Front Royal since 1982, Mary has served as President, Treasurer and headed most commitees through the years. A member of Shenandoah District Board for the past fifteen years has been both an exciting and rewarding experience for her. She has also found that serving as Treasurer and Chaplain and chairing several committees was challenging and satisfying. Mary says that Garden club is a wonderful way of life, and I have made so many cherished friends. A resident of Front Royal for fifty-seven years, Mary is a member of the Front Royal United Methodist Church where she sang in the Sanctuary Choir for fifty-nine years. She is also on the Board of Trustees and is active in the United Methodist Women. Marys them for the next two years is Plant & Bloom . . . with an Emphasis on Perenial Gardening.

South Central District - Valerie A. Virkler

Val has been involved in garden club activities since 2009 when she was invited to join Chathams Friends and Flowers Garden Club. She is currently serving as Vice-President of Friends and Flowers. Val graduated from Rutgers College where she received a BA degree with a major in mathematics education. After teaching for a short time, she was a systems analyst with Automatic Data Processing and Acxiom. In 1997, she and her husband, Bob, founded a motorsports engineering business. Val handles the financial aspects of the motorsports business, and does financial analysis for other companies on a consulting basis. Since moving from New Jersey in 2007, Val has delighted in learning about the flowers, trees and wildlife that thrive in Southside Virginia. She also enjoys cooking, reading, genealogy projects, travel and hiking wherever the path may lead. The theme for her administration is Growing Together, and she looks forward to working and growing with the members of the South Central District garden clubs.


Southwest District - Patricia Smith

Pat is a charter member of the Four Seasons GC, and has served as President for four terms. She is a NGC Accredited Master Landscape Design Consultant, NGC Accredited Master Flower Show Judge and Master Gardener. A graduate of Mary Frye Business School in Abingdon, she considers herself first and foremost a mother, grandmother and homemaker. She was an integral part of many family businesses including gas and oil, car wash, real estate and many years at the Salina Motel and Restaurant, catering private parties, wedding receptions and anniversaries. Born in Elkhorn, West Virginia she grew up in Chilhowie, Virginia. In 1960 she married Clarence Con Smith and moved across the mountain to become a Saltvillian. Pat has played piano for the Saltville Baptist Church and loves singing with the community choir for Christmas and Easter cantatas. She enjoys judging flower shows, doing lovely arrangements for church and tooling about in her own flower garden. Pat has two daughters, two sons, (one deceased in 1986) and four grandchildren. She also takes great pleasure in cooking, trying new recipes, and browsing in antique shops.

Tidewater District - Patsy Cameron

Since 1976 Patsy has held numerous offices including President of May Farm GC of Kingston for four two-year terms. She has sponsored junior garden clubs in both elementary and middle schools. A graduate of East Carolina College in Mathematics and French, Patsy arrived in Virginia Beach in 1962. After several years teaching high school math, she married a naval aviator and subsequently taught in Orange Park, FL before moving to Monterey/Carmel, CA. There, a life-long love of art blossomed as well as first attempts at flower arranging with yellow roses from her yard. Following the tragic death of her husband, she returned to the classroom in Virginia Beach. Patsy earned a Masters Degree in Guidance & Counseling from Old Dominion University, became a school guidance counselor and remarried. After 37 plus years of a career in education, she retired in 2003. Active in Tidewater District before retirement, she was a committee chairman, and more recently, she served as an elected officer, Director of Programs. Patsy was born and raised near Hertford, NC and has two children and five lively grandchildren. She enjoys tennis and bridge as often as possible.

Fall 2011

Old Dominion Gardener



Submitted by Barbara Smith, VFGC Edible Gardening Chairman The snow is falling and the taste of fresh vegetables are becoming a distant memory. Does this mean several more months of bagged salads? No! You can soon enjoy fresh salads by growing great-tasting spinach, radishes, green onions, lettuce, and other vegetables in a cold frame. A cold frame works as a miniature greenhouse and with little care it can add a month to the front end of salad season. Building a cold frame - A cold frame is easy to construct and you probably have most or all the materials on hand. It can be as simple as placing a discarded window sash or shower door over a group of straw bales arranged to form a rectangular base. More typically, the cold frame is a floorless box constructed from sturdy 2 by 8s or 2 by 10s and sized to fit under glass or similar transparent materials. Dont despair if you do not have the materials or lack basic carpenter skills because seed catalogues and gardening magazines sell a variety of cold frames (ranging from inexpensive to high tech). You will need to be sensitive to the size and weight of your cold frame if you plan to move it around. Placing the cold frame - Ideally, cold frames should butt up against a building for protection against the elements, slant toward the south for the maximum sunlight exposure, and be on a slight forward facing slope. Make the most of your existing conditions. Try a western exposure if a southward one is not available, put up hay bales on one end for wind blocks, etc. The cold frame should be partially buried in the ground for insulation and sloped downward for drainage and sun exposure with the hinges for the transparent cover (such as the window sash) on the highest end. Soil Preparation - The cold frame should be placed on soil that has been worked to a depth of 12 inches and enriched with some form of organic humus. This task (and a weed-free environment) may be easily accomplished by using bags of premixed commercial planting soil. Planting the plants - In late winter, you can direct seed the following cool season plants: arugula, beets, broccoli, cabbage, chard, Chinese cabbage, green onion, kale, lettuce, mustard, radish, and spinach. The soil inside a frame will warm up much faster than open ground and a three-day spell of mild weather is often all that is needed for germination. Add water as needed to keep the soil from drying out and frequently vent the cold frame to keep the growing plants from damping off. Plants are very tolerant of cold weather once they start to grow, however, they may benefit from a being covered by an old blanket in the evening if the weather becomes exceptionally cold. If seeds are started indoors, cool season plants can be transplanted into a cold frame six weeks earlier than into an open garden. Track the extended weather forecast and select a transplanting time when the lows are above 35 degrees for several days. The seedlings should be well-rooted and have multiple sets of true leaves before being moved. Peat pots can be planted directly in the cold frame. Flats of seedlings are placed in the cold frame without transplanting because they need to be gradually acclimated


to the changes in the environment before they can be replanted. You harden off the seedlings by opening the top of the cold frame for a while during the warmest part of the day, gradually increasing the opening gap and the length of exposure over a 5 to 7 day period. You may need several different size props for this process. General Care - The soil in the cold frame needs to kept moist and the venting needs to increase as the weather warms. More cold frame plants die because of excessive heat and drought than from cold conditions. A weekend away in early spring or a several days of forgetting to water can end your wonderful salad greens. Because of this, some gardeners replace the cold frame cover in spring with one of the new agricultural fabrics such as Reemay which affords some frost protection, lets in water and light, and are so lightweight that most plants can grow to their full height under them. References Hume, Ed. Growing Vegetables in a Cold Frame or Hot Bed. ( Pleasant, Barbara. Use Cold Frames to Grow More Food. Mother Earth News Dec. 2007-Jan. 2008. Vargo, Adrianno. 4 Ways to Use a Cold Frame. Fine Gardening, 100. p 55-59

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Visit our Group Program page to see what others are saying about Lisas programs: . . . the best program our club has ever had.

Lisa Ziegler Cut-Flower Farmer and Speaker

Ask About Our Fundraiser Club Programs TGW is Available as a Retail Vendor at your Event

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Fall 2011

Newport News, Va.

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Virginia Flower Show Judges COUNCIL

Submitted by Gloria Crump, President, VA Flower Show Judges Council At our VFSJC Meeting held in September 2011, our members voted to invite multi-talented Tony Todesco of Boston, Massachusetts to do a design program at our meeting scheduled for February 2012. Since that time our First VP and Program Chairman, Frances Thrash, has been busy finalizing arrangements for his visit. Tony Todesco will present to Virginia the newest design that he introduced to the NGC Board in October - the Armature. We will be one of the first to actually watch him do this new design. Exciting! As a bonus, you may be lucky enough to take home one of Tonys fantastic designs. And, there will be other shopping opportunities as well. The meeting will be February 28, 2012 in Richmond. The Virginia Flower Show Judges Council will be the sponsoring organization, and ALL garden club members and guests are invited to attend. We will meet in conjunction with the VFGC Board meeting and since some of you may be traveling with VFGC Board members, who may not be judges, please invite your friends to join us for the luncheon and program. Holiday Inn - Koger Conference Center, 1021 Koger Center Blvd, Richmond VA Phone: 804-379-3800 800-397-1034 Lodging: $92.00 Please mention Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs Inc. for this special rate February 28, 2012 9:30 - 10 am 10:15 - 10:45 am 11 am - 12 noon 12:15 pm

VFSJC Executive Board Meeting VFSJC Board of Directors Meeting VFSJC General Meeting Luncheon and Program

We hope you will invite friends or anyone who may be interested in this fantastic program and lunch to join us as we have the capacity to seat over 300 for the program. For more details on the program as well as registration forms and cost, check the VFGC website: Tony Todesco with his design interpreting Americas Firsts at WAFA World Flower Show 2011.



Today, more than ever, property value is as much about your landscape as it is your home. The trees and shrubs that grow along with you and your family are valuable assets that deserve care and protection. For over 100 years, Bartlett Tree Experts has led both the science and services that make your landscape thrive. No matter the size or scope of your needs, our arborists bring a rare mix of groundbreaking research, global resources and a local service approach to every task at hand. Trees add so much value to our lives. And Bartlett adds even more value to your trees.

For the life of your trees.


Fall 2011

Old Dominion Gardener


Flower Show SCHOOL


Date: Location: March 20-23, 2012

Submitted by Cindy Rustin, VFGC Flower Show School Chairman

Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center 24 S. Market Street, Staunton, VA 24401 540-885-4848

Flower Show Procedure and Horticulture: Darlene Newell is an Accredited Master Flower Show Judge, NGC Horticulture & Flower Show Procedure Instructor, and Symposium Instructor. A member of the Orchid, Daffodil and Chrysanthemum Societies, she also serves as Society Liaison chairman on the NGC Horticulture Committee. Darlene is also a Master Gardener and a Landscape Design Consultant. Design: Frances Thrash is an Accredited Master Flower Show Judge and a NGC Design Instructor. Frances is a life member of the American Iris Society, The Tidewater/Hampton Roads Iris Society, and a member of the Virginia Camellia Society. Frances was invited to enter the WAFA (World Association of Flower Arrangers) Competition in Washington, D. C. in October 2009, Excursion Americus. She won a gold award (first place) in the class titled Niagara Falls. SCHEDULE Tuesday, March 20 Wednesday, March 21

5 - 7 pm 9 am - 3:30 pm 4 - 6 pm Thursday, March 22 9 am - 3:30 pm 4 - 6 pm Friday, March 23 9 am - 12 noon Registration opens 30 minutes before each session

Flower Show Procedure Horticulture Point Scoring Test American Creative Design Point Scoring Text Written Exam

Room rates guaranteed through Feb 29, 2012 at $99/night single or double occupancy plus applicable taxes. Specify Queen or Queen/Queen. Ask for the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs block. Garage parking is available at $4 per day. Please stay at THIS hotel. We will be charged for the meeting rooms if we do not meet the minimum nights usage. Questions--contact Cindy Rustin ( or 804-276-9220) Flower Show School is open to all members--you may attend a single day or the entire course.


Flower Show SCHOOL


The Stonewall Jackson Hotel, Staunton, VA
Name___________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________ City/State________________________________________________________ Zip____________________ Telephone______________________________

E-mail___________________________________________________________ Club_______________________________ ___________ Credit District______________________ ___________ Refresher

____________ Non- Credit

Full Course with/without Exam Includes tuition fee ($80), emailed manual,



two lunches and reserved seating on front rows) Flower Show Procedure (Tues) Horticulture & Lunch (Wed) Design & Lunch (Thurs) Printed Manual available at Registration TOTAL ** $020 $060 $060 $005 ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

** No refunds AFTER March 7, 2012 Make check payable to Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc with Flower Show Schools in the memo line and mail to: Jane Denton, Registrar VFGC Flower Show School 79 Redwood Lane Weems, VA 23576-2018

Fall 2011

Old Dominion Gardener


Landscape Design SCHOOL

Submitted by Bill Smoot, Landscape Design School Chairman All interested gardeners are invited to attend landscape design school whose purpose is to develop an appreciation of the environment, both natural and built. The curriculum, in a series of four courses, covers a wide range of subjects: from landscape design history to landscape architecture in the year 2000 and beyond. CHAPTERS COVERED IN COURSE III: 6 Color in the Landscape 12 Landscape Design Accessories 15 Landscape Design for Maintenance 18 Parks, Playgrounds, Conservation Areas 24 Design on the Land - Regional Expression 25 Development of Landscape Architecture from 1840-1940 29 Graphics Interpretation 30 Guidelines for Evaluating Landscape Design Thursday, March 29, 2012 8:15 - 8:45 am 8:45 - 9 am 9 am - 12:30 pm 12:30 - 1:30 pm 1:30 3:30 pm 4:15 pm Friday, March 30, 2012 8:30 - 9 am 9 am - 12:30 pm 12:30 - 1:30 pm 1:30 3:30 pm 4:15 pm

Registration Welcome/Announcements Morning Classes Lunch Afternoon Classes Daily Test Registration Morning Classes Lunch Afternoon Classes Daily Test

Stewards of the Land: A Survey of Landscape Architecture and Design in America, published by NCG, Inc. is the text for the entire series of Courses I-IV. Order from NGC, Inc., 800-550-6007 or 314-776-7574. The cost is $40.00 plus shipping & handling. All classes will be held at the Hampton Inn - Gloucester, 6638 Forest Hill Avenue, Gloucester, VA 23061, 804-693-9393. Make your reservations before FEB 28, 2012 and mention Landscape Design School to get the $77 per night rate which includes breakfast. BOOK EARLY--this is the week of the Daffodil Festival and rooms will fill up fast! Come a day early (Wednesday) and visit the Daffodil Show and Brent & Beckys Bulbs.


Landscape Design SCHOOL


Registration Deadline: March 26, 2012
Name: _________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________ City/State:__________________________________________ Zip ____________ Telephone: ________________________ E-mail ______________________ Club: _________________________________ District: _____________________ Check if Refreshing _________ _______ Yes _______ No

Is your garden club a member of VFGC? Exam Student Non-Exam Student Single Day Student Thursday Friday TOTAL ENCLOSED $ 80.00 $ 80.00 $ 40.00 (circle one)

_____________ _____________ _____________


The cost of your meals is not included in the registration fee. Please attach your mailing label from The National Gardener to this form. Make check payable: LANDSCAPE DESIGN SCHOOL, VFGC and mail to: Gay Carpenter, Registrar 540-721-6038 234 Waterwood Drive Moneta VA 24121-5228 Bill Smoot 213 Derby Road Portsmouth VA 23702 757-393-4617

School Chairman:

Fall 2011

Old Dominion Gardener


Landscape Design Consultants COUNCIL


VFGC Landscape Design Consultants Council is again offering grants for VFGC member garden club sponsored projects. These are worth applying for! Please pass on this information. Grants of $150.00 each will be given to the 3 best entries. Rules for Applying The project does not have to be finished, but should be in progress Prepare a book of evidence in a 9 x 12 folder Include a Title Page (download title page from VFGC website--must include Project Name; Garden Club; District; City/County; Club President Name, Address and E-mail; Project Chairman Name, Address and E-mail) Application must be submitted by April 16, 2012 Winners will be announced at the 2012 VFGC Member Meeting Judging Criteria IMPORTANCE OF PROJECT 20% In terms of need and total impact or benefit to the community START OF AND ANTICIPATED DATE OF COMPLETION 10% ORGANIZATION OF THEME BINDER 20% Contents should tell a story of the current years program. If available, include before and after photos, drawings, any newspaper clippings, letters and other relevant information LIST COST OF PLANT MATERIAL USED 20% EXTENT OF PARTICIPATION 10% Involvement of clubs/club members through work, gifts, etc. DEGREE OF PERMANENCE 20% Lasting effects of project on the community, provisions for maintenance Suggestions for possible projects 1. Public or Semi Public Buildings: Construction or improvement to grounds or gardens at hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, schools, churches, libraries, etc. 2. Recreation: Outdoor classrooms, play areas, mini-parks, picnic area, gardens, vacant lot, location used by teachers for instruction or other public areas seen used by public but not necessarily attached to a specific building or road. 3. Highways and Median Strips: Entrance to city, neighborhoods, boulevards, drainage ditches, curbs and gutters, beautification, tree planting, safe walkways, etc. Deadline: April 16, 2012 Submit Book of Evidence to: Lu Cavallaro, 6513 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, VA 23226-3118 804-228-7797, 804-928-1016 (Cell),


NGC Presidents PROJECT


Submitted by Betsy Steele, NGC Coordinator, Plantings for Public and Special Places

Plantings for Public and Special Places is a 2011-2013 NGC Presidents Project. Representing three areas of interest; Gardens with Edibles, Container Gardens, Trees and Shrubs, this project recognizes ALL garden club service to communities when members provide Plantings for Public and Special Places. These plantings can beautify, have environmental value or provide sustenance. Possibilities exist for every garden club, regardless of its size, resources, and energy levels. Clubs, districts and regions will be awarded Certificates of Appreciation and Participation by the NGC President. Details regarding categories and monetary awards will be printed on the NGC website. To receive this recognition, participants are asked to submit an online form, available on the NGC website, along with a before and after digital photo. Check the NGC website under the Special Projects section to review updates and TIPS that will inform and stimulate your creative gardening minds! Garden clubs may submit online forms for any or all of the three (3) areas of interest listed below. Application forms are sent to directly to the NGC Chairman listed below. Submission deadlines are April 1, 2012 and April 1, 2013. Plantings for Public and Special Places aligns extremely well with other areas of interests of our garden club outreach: Blue Star Memorial Markers, Habitat for Humanity Gardens, Penny Pines, Plant It Pink, Sage and Roses, and Arbor Day ceremonies, to name a few. Imagine the possibilities! Gardens with Edibles - NGC Chairman: Patricia Rupiper, Have you heard about Truck Farming? This interesting concept has legs (wheels) that offer a mobile teaching tool, right on the spot! Check the NGC website for more information. Container Gardens - NGC Chairman: Susan Robinson, Think outside of the box! Endless opportunities for teaching children to grow their own greens, right in a pot! Condo dwellers design unique containers and install a unique drip watering system. Much, much more to think about! Trees and Shrubs - NGC Chairman: Lissa Williamson, Encourage plantings of shrubs to accent your Blue Star Markers. Research your state tree and promote plantings in your community and schoolyard gardens. Consider plantings for erosion prevention. Endless ideas! Visit the NGC website to review tips and details regarding Plantings for Public and Special Places. If you have questions, contact your individual State President or anyone listed in this article for more details. Your State could be recognized for outstanding participation. It all starts with you and your garden club!

Fall 2011

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South Atlantic Region CONVENTION


March 25-27, 2012 The Greenbrier Hotel, White Sulphur Springs, WV Timeless Traditions, Unforgettable Experiences
Sunday, March 25, 2012 Members Are The Link to The Future 11:45 am Former Regional Directors Lunch Drapers Cafe 12 noon Finance Committee Meeting Hayes Room 1:30 pm Executive Committee Meeting Hayes Room 2 - 6 pm Registration Eisenhower Foyer 6 pm Banquet Honoring SAR Life Members Chesapeake Room Speaker: NGC President Shirley Nicolai 8 pm Reception Honoring Shirley Nicolai and Mary Dixon Monday, March 26, 2012 Timeless Traditions 9 am Official Opening of Convention Theater 12:30 pm Lunch with Pearl Buck Chesapeake Room 2 - 4 pm Workshop Eisenhower 6 pm Awards Banquet Chesapeake Room Awards Presentation - Sarah Ann Parler Speaker: Darlene Newell, The Gifts of Spring Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Unforgettable Experiences 8 am Design Breakfast Eisenhower AB Designs for the Greenbrier, John Gillespie Hotel Reservations Reservation Deadline: February 24, 2012 Make reservations directly with The Greenbreir Hotel. Call the hotel directly at 1-304-536-1110 or 1-800 624-6070 and ask for the South Atlantic Region Garden Clubs room block to receive the established group rate. You must identify yourself as a member of SAR initially when making the reservation. Directions: Take I-64 to White Sulphur Springs, WV exit Room Rates: Resort fee of $20 per room, per day added on to rates listed. Standard/Intermediate Guest Rooms $159/night per bedroom Superior Guest Rooms $199/night per bedroom Junior Suites $259/night per bedroom Spring Row, Paradise Guesthouses $299/night per bedroom There is a $50 per person, per day charge for third and fourth persons added to above rates if staying in the same room. Tours to be arranged with Concierge: Bunker tour at 9:30 am, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm Cost $30/person Kitchen tour or tour of grounds Cost $14/person Free gourmet cooking demonstration at 11 am and 2 pm at kitchen store Historical tour of building at 10:30 am No cost Free movie in theater at 9 pm


South Atlantic Region CONVENTION

Please complete form, make checks payable to NGC-SAR 2012 Convention and mail both to: Barbara Anderson, 6723 Dupont Road, Washington, WV 26181 email:, phone: 304-863-8269 Postmark by February 18, 2012 for ON TIME Registration Last Name _______________________ First_______________ Middle Initial _____ Address ____________________________________________________________ City ____________________________________State_______Zip _____________ Phone ______________________Email address ____________________________ What is your favorite spring flower? ______________________________________ Please check ____ if we may email your acknowledgement to the address above Check ALL that apply: ( ) NGC Officer ( ) NGC Chairman ( ) NGC Life Member ( ) Club President ( ) Guest

( ( ( ( (

) ) ) ) )

SAR Director Former SAR Director SAR Life Member Club Member Spouse

( ( ( (

) ) ) )

SAR Officer SAR Chairman State President Elected Delegate

Please mark the plan you want to attend. Registration fee and meals included. Full Convention beginning Sunday afternoon WVGCI Member-Full Convention beginning Sunday Convention beginning Monday lunch Tuesday Design breakfast and program only Additional Late Registration Fee if space available $250 $240 $175 $ 55 $ 10 ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________

Please indicate special diet restrictions __________________________________ (these may be for medical reasons only) Staying at The Greenbrier? ______ Roomate (s) ________________________

MEALS: Full Convention includes 2 banquets, 1 lunch, 1 breakfast and reception Complimentary breakfast coffee and tea are available in lobby Convention beginning Monday omits Sunday banquet and reception Afternoon tea begins daily at 4:15 pm. Greenbrier Hour in Casino 5-6 pm. No requests for substitutions will be accommodated at the time of meal service. We will make every effort to accommodate your medical allergies but will not be able to accommodate individual dislikes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fall 2011

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Club and District NEWS


Dig & Dream GC of Bassett celebrated its 60th Anniversary in April, 2011. Pictured left to right, Joy Carter, Alice Field, charter member Edna Turner, Margaret Chaney, Barbara Tatum, Juanita Hale and Becky Camden.

Rappahannock Garden Club
Submitted by Judy Ripley The Rappahannock Garden Club has had a phenomenal two years. Since the reign of President Sandra Harris began, all kinds of wonders have happened. Sandras theme A Building Year has caught on beautifully. With two successful fund raisers for tickets for theatre and performances of Tina Turner and their latest Wicked they have been able to support their community efforts. This helped fund Nature Camp scholarships, the gardens at the Free Health Clinic, Flower Power where they assemble and deliver flowers to patients at Rappahannock General Hospital, and the Blue Star Memorial. A recent field trip to Chesapeake Flower Warehouse and notable speakers and designers they have increased the

public interest in their club. Their membership has increased by seven in 2011. This year they installed and dedicated a Blue Star Memorial in a moving ceremony with over one hundred attendees. On November 10, Linda McConahey, a Master Gardener for 10 years, spoke on I-SEA, the Shoreline Assessment Program. Integrated Shoreline Evaluation and Assessment is a program that has been developed for two years by the Northern Neck Master Gardeners. This program uses research-based shoreline assessments and the results of a site visit and soil samples to determine the optimal solution for erosion problems along tidal shorelines. This garden club is truly moving and shaking in the Northern Neck!


Club and District NEWS


Keysville GC 50th Anniversary
Submitted by Velda Agee, President The Keysville GC celebrated its 50th Anniversary on June 26, 2011 with a luncheon at Roxabel in Charlotte Court House. Those joining the members for the celebration were former members; VFGC President, Judy Binns; South Central District President, Valerie Vickler; and two former District Presidents, Myrna Clark and Bunny Eanes. Fifty years of memories and accomplish- South Central District President, Valerie ments were highlighted in a powerpoint Virkler, presents 50th anniversary gift to presentation. The celebration appro- Velda Agee, Keysville GC President. priately ended with a birthday cake and homemade ice cream.


Marty Bowers, Blue Ridge District President, Betsy Klein and Shirley Edillon, former Blue Ridge District Presidents, Juanita King, Blue Ridge Blue Star Chairman, Elizabeth Lester, former Southwest District President and Pat Smith, Southwest District President.

Fall 2011

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Club and District NEWS

Southwest District Offers Monetary Awards for Club Projects
Something new in the Southwest District! The District Board and Finance Committee would like to give back to the members. An award outline has been developed for a creative plan to beautify an area, town or community. The plan may be a new project, a revitalized previous project or the continuation of an ongoing project. Clubs may apply for the monetary award. Simple open ended criteria make this potential award very manageable. A panel of three garden club members will be asked to select the best projects from those submitted. Information on the award will be sent to the clubs via the Mountain Laurel, the District Newsletter and through word of mouth. All clubs are encouraged to apply for the award. It is hoped that this will be an ongoing award.

Green Thumb GC
Submitted by Carmen Cantrell Garnering attention for the different types of cancer was the theme for the Green Thumb GC in Norton. It was their choice to mark the 60th anniversary of the club with flower arrangements placed in the reception area at the Southwest Virginia Regional Cancer Center. Each month members assembled arrangements for the reception area which focused upon the colors of cancer of that month. Special cancer information was included along with symptoms and treatments. Some cancer awareness flower arrangements included: April--Assorted white flowers in a dark blue vase for colon cancer May--Stargazer lilies in a black vase for melanoma/skin cancer June--Daisies, white spider mums and lemons for cancer survivor awareness September--Orange gladiolus for leukemia October--Miniature pink roses for breast cancer

Four Seasons GC
Submitted by Toby Cook The Four Seasons Garden Club has recently placed their club sign at the three entries into Saltville; these were given in honor of our outgoing President, Betty Griffitts and the 2010-11 Officers. There has been very good participation in the mini-flower show that the club has at each meeting. Pat Smith, Master Gardener and certified flower show judge critiques the designs each month. Pat is a member of Four Seasons as well as President of the Southwest District Club.

Town and Country GC-Wise

Submitted by Sandy Yun Chucky Chipmunk and members of the Town and Country GC visited with three primary grades of the Wise County Schools and with the Girl Scouts. The anti-litter theme: Stop Throwing - Start Stowing was very popular with both groups when they participated in an antilitter discussion. They also participated in fitting arts and crafts, learning an original Chucky song, and having their pictures taken with Chucky. There was also a spirited question and answer period that followed to reinforce the anti-litter theme.


Club and District NEWS

Fincastle and Seasons IV GCs

The Fincastle and Seasons IV garden clubs worked with the American Cancer Society to develop a permanent Garden at the new Four Seasons Wellness Center/YMCA in Tazewell (pictured at right). The garden was designed by the members of the two clubs, and includes a special weeping cherry tree in memory of Kelly Combs Necessary. This spring the two clubs received the Kellogg Civic Achievement Award from the National Garden Club at the Annual Meeting held in Washington. D. C.

Lee County GC
Submitted by Anne Dumper, Corresponding Secretary The Lee County GC is one of the sponsors of the Relay for Life Cancer program in the county. At the Relay for Life the club members staff a booth, and sell heritage plants to the general public. All plants are grown in the members gardens, and are carefully tended throughout the year. All proceeds from the plant sale go to the local Cancer Society. Also, the members exchange heritage plants and non heritage plants among themselves. Both exchanges are very popular with the members and the public. The Lee County Community is very supportive of the plant sale, and many individuals look forward to expanding their individual gardens with some of the most prolific historical and legacy plants that were brought to the County by the first settlers.

Club Anniversaries
Celebrating Years of Gardening and Service

BLUE RIDGE DISTRICT 60th - Dig & Dream GC - Bassett PIEDMONT DISTRICT 50th - Pamunkey River GC 50th - Windsordale GC SHENANDOAH DISTRICT 80th - Natural Bridge GC SOUTHWEST DISTRICT 60th - Green Thumb GC

Fall 2011

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Club and District NEWS

Tidewater District Flower Show
Submitted by Mary Sue Floyd, Publicity Chairman and Sam Halvorsen, Show Chairman The Tidewater District invites you to a Standard Flower Show, Tomorrows Designs Today on January 20-22, 2012 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, 100 19th Street in Virginia Beach in conjunction with the Virginia Horticultural Foundations Virginia Flower & Garden Show. Sam Halvorsen, show chairman, and her committee have busy preparing a great show for you. The District Flower Show is free with admission to the main flower and garden show. We look forward to seeing many of our friends from across the state visiting us. Miniature designs, table designs and creative designs including multi-rhythmic and abstract will be included. Horticulture will feature conifers, broadleaf evergreens, and container grown plants, limited to 10 entries per person. Each club president in Tidewater District has a copy of the schedule or contact Sam Halvorsen at for more information.

MEMBERSHIP NEWS VFGC, Inc. and Shenandoah District welcome the members of the Middleburg Garden Club

We Want VIRGINIA on Flickr

Submitted by Robin Pokorski, NGC Flickr Chairman Share your garden club pictures with the world. Send pictures of your Blue Star Memorial plantings and dedications; your flower shows; your daffodil plantings; your civic beautification projects; your aquatic eco-systems projects; your Plantings for Public & Special Places projects; your Arbor Day plantings; the list is long. Be sure to identify the club or district and the location. NGC would like a monthly feature of a garden clubs project so send a series of 6-10 pictures of your clubs project. Mostly NGC wants Virginia garden clubs represented. Send photos to Robin Pokorski at Then visit the site: and find pictures for your newsletters and flyers and ideas for projects and plantings and staging and, and, and--its all there for you!

In Memoriam
BLUE RIDGE DISTRICT Catherine Lee Gilsdorf (Kitty) Westchester GC SHENANDOAH DISTRICT Virginia Earley Madison GC Helen Shiflett Front Royal GC




Submitted by Renee Johnson, VFGC Life Membership Chairman

Life Membership
NO. 6984 6985 6986 6987 6988 6989 6990 6991 6992 6993 6994 6995 6996 6997 6998 6999 7000 7001 7002 7003 7004 7005 7006 7007 7008 7009 7010 7011 7012 NAME Mary K. Strickley Jeanie Hall Jo Snyder Susan Bradshaw Dody Douglas Angie Brack Sandra Ehlert Lorraine Jordana Yvonne Smith Brenda Kelley Elaine Hillers Lillian Woolfolk Ellen Wade Mrs. Thelma Eley Jackie Clark Cathy Thompson Emily Pendleton Martha Maxey Carole Foutz Joan Patton Maria Baber Margo Ward Joy M Poole Lois Northam Leigh Anne Rhoads Virginia Dillon Peggy Walton Karen Joynt Anne M. Colvin HONORED BY Old Fredericktown GC South Boston GC Round Hill GC Hanover Towne GC Chesapeake Bay GC Chesapeake Bay GC Chesapeake Bay GC May Farm GC of Kingston May Farm GC of Kingston May Farm GC of Kingston May Farm GC of Kingston Green Spring GC Sugar Loaf GC Thomas Jefferson GC Nelson County GC Rustburg GC Rustburg GC Rustburg GC North Lake GC Lord Fairfax GC Cartersville GC Monticello GC Lois F. Northam Joy M. Poole Manassas GC Belmont GC Stonehenge GC Thoroughgood GC Canterbury GC DISTRICT South Central South Central Shenandoah Piedmont Piedmont Piedmont Piedmont Tidewater Tidewater Tidewater Tidewater Tidewater Blue Ridge Shenandoah Shenandoah South Central South Central South Central Blue Ridge Shenandoah Piedmont Shenandoah Shenandoah Shenandoah Piedmont Blue Ridge Piedmont Tidewater Piedmont

Book of Honor
NO. 47 NAME Bonnie White HONORED BY Season IV GC DISTRICT Southwest

This tax-deductible $50 donation for VFGC Life Membership/Book of Honor, given to honor club members, friends and associates, supports the VFGC College Scholarship program. Contact Renee Johnson (, 276-988-9759) for more information.

Fall 2011

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Send ALL Directory additions/changes to: Betsy Klein, P 7-8 Add NGC Flower Show Judges Handbook Exam (4 dates) to Calendar: Oct 27, 2011 Apr 26, 2012 Oct 25, 2012 Apr 25, 2013 Change year 2010 to 2012 - middle of page p 16 Birds - Shenandoah Emma Berry p 20 Litter Prevention - Shenandoah Carol Flora Memorial Gardens - Shenandoah Alana Danko National Presidents Projects - Shenandoah Alana Danko p 28 Chester GC Betty Beverly 804-543-7215 p 36 Add club to Shenandoah District: Middleburg (42) Linda Taylor 540-687-4176 P O Box 596 Middleburg VA 20118 p 45 Delete Park View GC and Poquoson GC from Tidewater District p 68 GENERAL INFORMATION, PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING AND DEADLINES, PUBLICATIONS: Please note that # 3, 12 and 13 are the NGC Award numbers. They correspond to State Awards # 9, 29, 30. p 70 S-7 CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Change the text so that it reads between March 1 of the preceding year and the end of February of the award year. p 71 S-17 HORTICULTURE THERAPY: Add that this award aligns with SAR Award #6 and NGC Award #19A. p 71 S-18 HORTICULTURE THERAPY GARDEN PROJECT: This award does NOT align with SAR Award #6. p 71 S-21 MEMBERSHIP: Dates listed should reflect 2012 and 2013 awards year. Please change this paragraph to read: $20 will be awarded to the club bringing the most new members into VFGC membership. Send a list of members new to your club, showing joining date to VFGC Membership Chairman by Mar 15 of each award year, 2012 & 2013. For 2012 awards, new members joining Mar 1, 2011-Feb 28, 2012. For 2013 awards, new members joining Mar 1,2012-Feb 28, 2013. S-30 CLUB NEWSLETTER, Section B: Change text to read publishing a newsletter of 3-12 pages - at least three issues. Under Award Y-5 YOUTH SCULPTURE CONTEST, change the word poems to entry. COSBY, Claudia Email HUNT, Geneva Email KELLY, Audrey Email Add: BERRY, Emma 540-948-5835 492 Sandy Creek Road Brightwood, VA 22715 Add: MASON, Marilyn 540.972.2861 101 Mt Pleasant Drive Locust Grove 22508-5110

p 73 p 75 p p p p 128 133 133 126

p 134


Upcoming EVENTS


Jan 25 Feb 1 Feb 28 Feb 29 Mar 19 Mar 20-23 Mar 25-27 Mar 28 Mar 29-30 Apr 5 Apr 12 Apr 14 Apr 17 Apr 19 Apr 30 DEADLINE for Pulicity Press Book DEADLINE for College Scholarship Applications Design Program with Tony Todesco Sponsored by VFSJC Richmond VFGC Board of Directors Richmond Piedmont District Meeting Richmond Flower Show School III Staunton South Atlantic Convention White Sulphur Springs, WV LD Consultants Council Gloucester Landscape Design School III Gloucester Tidewater District Meeting Portsmouth Shenandoah District Meeting Front Royal Southwest District Meeting Abingdon South Central District Meeting Pittsylvania Blue Ridge District Meeting Roanoke VFGC Member Meeting Charlottesville


NGC President, Shirley Nicolai, has selected Protecting Aquatic Ecosystems as one of NGCs Special Projects for 2011-2013. This project recognizes that it is of utmost importance and urgency that members of National Garden Clubs, Inc., identify and address critical water issues at local, state, regional and national levels. Aquatic Ecosystems include: rivers, lakes and ponds, streams and creeks, marshes and bogs, wetlands, coastal estuaries, aquifers, floodplains and springs. National Garden Clubs, Inc. will present monetary awards and certificates of recognition to garden clubs in each NGC Region for projects promoting the protection of an aquatic ecosystem (upon submission of an award application.) This award is sent directly to NGC and will be awarded ONLY in 2013. Award Application: Preferably sent by email. Snail mail acceptable. To be received no later than March 15, 2013. Send to Protecting Aquatic Ecosystems Chairman: Mary Sue Colvin 10473 Hwy 562 Fort Necessity, LA 71243-5122 The complete rules and application process can be downloaded from the VFGC website under AWARDS.

Fall 2011

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Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 1800 Lakeside Avenue Richmond, VA 23228-4700 Non-Profit Org. U. S. Postage PAID Permit No. 37 Richmond, VA

The newest Blue Star Memorial By-Way marker dedicated on September 10, 2011 at the Veterans Cemetary in Dublin, VA