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TUTORIAL VIDEO, AUDIOBOOKS & E-Books ON MAGIC, CARD CHEATING (GAMBLING ROTECTION), MENTALISM, HYPNOSIS, NLP & OTHER INTERESTS! PRICE : VIDEO : php50.00 per title/volume only!!! AUDIOBOOKS : php30.00 per title/volume only!!! E-Books : php20.00 per title/volume only!!! :PHP300.00


FOR ORDERS/INQUIRIES: GLOBE : 0917-9500005 SMART : 0929-4444401 EMAIL : Notes: Meet ups @ Caloocan, Manila & Q.C. area only Shipping and other Payment modes are also NEGOTIABLE Items will be tested first before delivered Defective Items will be replaced only with the same title more magic video titles and more than 2,000 magic e-book titles/volumes will be posted soon!!!

ARTIST Aaron Fisher Allan Ackerman TITLE Card Fundamentals vols. 1 & 2 Advance Card Control vols. 1-4 Advance Card Control vols. 5-8 Las Vegas Card Expert vol.1 Las Vegas Card Expert vol. 2 Master Billet Course vol.1 Master Push-off Disc 1 & 2 Cardistry 101 Genesis vols 1 & 2 13 Card Tricks Dove 101 avi FORMAT mov avi avi avi avi mov avi avi mp4 wmv

Allen Zigg Andi Gladwin Andrei Jikh Andrew Murray Andy Amyx

Banachek Bedros Akkelian Ben Salinas

PSI Series vols. 1-4 Art of Attraction Celebrity Match vol.s 1& 2

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Modern Coin Magic vols. 1-4 Show-off with coins vols. 1&2 Sponge Ball Magic Past Midnight vols.1-3 Biokinesis Malone Meets Marlo vols.1-6 Mental Miracles Anaconda How to do Street Magic Inside Magic vols.1&2 Kard Klub vols.1&2 Ninja 1 Ninja 2 Cataclysm CardSharp Show-off vols.1&2 Show-off vol.3 Friend vol.1 Friend vol.2 Liberation of Fingers The Watch Steal Video Gospel Tricks vols.1&2 Revelations Vols. 1-17 Fast Company vols.1&2 Ownage AndThenSome Cartier Rip Cascade Control Flourishes Hank Miller Shuffle Pasteboard Animations Squeeze Static The Queens

Benjamin Earl Berk Eratay Bill Malone Bob Cassidy Bone Ho Brad Christian

Brian Casswell Brian Tudor

Bruno Copin Chad Nelson Chappy Brazil Chris Newsom Dai Vernon Damian Nieman Chris Hestnes Dan & Dave

The System The Trilogy vols.1-3 Triad Tricks Dan Harlan Band Shark Speak Easy Permium Blend vols.1-3 Band Shark Card Manipulation vols.1-3 Greed Kaos Fraud Pressure Project vols. 1-3 Torn, Too! Lethal Madness Escape vols.1&2 On Card Cheating

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Dan Sperry Daniel Garcia


Daniel Madison Danny Hunt Darwin Ortiz Daryl Martinez

Ambitious Card 3-Fly III Encyclopedia of Card Sleights vols.1,2,3,4&5 Encyclopedia of Card Sleights vols.6 & 8 Encyclopedia of Card Sleights vol. 7 Greater Magic avi Daryl does the Full Monte avi Escapology Fundamentalism Star Sleeve Star Dont Panic Sponge Ball Magic Expert Coin Magic Made Easy vols.1-3 Ultimate Coin Magic Collection vols.1-4 Lecture The Devils Picturebook DeRing Escapology vols.1-3 avi mov vbr avi avi avi

David DeVal David Eldridge David Forrest David Jay David Merry David Oliver David Roth Derren Brown Devo Dixie Dooley


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Escapology vol.4 Docc Hillford How to Perform Impromptu Levitations Real Mind Reading The Confidence man Video MONSTER MENTALISM vols.1-4 Eclipse Metal vol.1 Metal vol.2 Metal vol.3 The Very Best vols. 1-6 Complete Card Magic vols. 4, 5 & 7 Zarrow Shuffle Coin One Coin Two Trifecta Professional Opportunist 1 Professional Opportunist 2 Miracles vols.1-3 Diagonal Palm Shift Push-off Second Deal Push through Shuffle The Classic Pass The Greek Deal The MacMillan Switch The Strike Second Deal The Zarrow Shuffle

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Eric Jones

Flip Gerry Griffin Herb Zarrow Homer Liwag


James Brown James Swain Jason England

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Jay Sankey

22 Blows to the Head avi Amazing Magic & Mentalism Anyone can Do 1 Amazing Psychic Feats Card Impossibler mov Close-up Miracles mp4 Coin Production Extremely Mental avi Extremely Ambitious avi Firestarters avi Master of Excellence mp4 Non-Stop Magic Party Sanketised 1&2 Secret Files 1 avi Wrap it Up mp4 Art of Card Manipulation vol.1 Art of Card Manipulation vols. 2 & 3

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Jeff McBride



Manipulation without Tears Zoom, Bounce & Fly Jeff Wessmiller Jerry Cestkowski Joe Montella John Riggs John Stessel Jon Le Clair Joshua Jay Juan Tamariz Juliana Chen Kevin James Lennart Green Lou Lancaster Lu Chen Luke Jermay Marc Speelman Marcus Eddie Mathieu Bich Matthew Mello Max Maven Michael Ammar Weapons of the CardShark vol.1 Weapons of the CardShark vol.2 Encyclopedia of Card Flourishes vols.1-3 Balloon School Unchained Flush Whos Afraid of Invisible Thread East Meet West Talks About Tricks vols. 1-3 Lessons in Magic vols.1-3 Original Card Shooting Bathrobe Costume Change Masterfile vols. 1-4 Green Magic vols.1-7 The Linking Rings Close Up!Up!Up! Skullduggery Unexpected vol2.1 & 2 Mentalism Collection vols.1-4 Splinter Spreadwave Modern Mentalism vols.1 & 2 Videomind vols.1-3

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Easy to Master thread Miracles vols. 1 & 3 avi Easy to Master thread Miracles vol. 2 vlc The Complete Cups and Balls vols.1 & 2 avi Repair mp4 Impossible Magic at the Bar vols 1-5 Knock-out Coin Magic vols.1-3 The Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights vol. 1 avi avi mpeg

Michael Kent Michael Maxwell Michael Rubenstein

Michael Vincent

Elegant Deceptions Rhapsodies in Silver & other Miracles vols.1-4 Classic Magic 1 Liquid Metal 1 Liquid Metal 2 Spun Boondock Mental vol.1 Boondock Mental vol.2 Spooked Ring Throw Mind Stunts True Astonishments vols. 1,2,3,5,6,7 & 8 Connected vols.1 & 2 Royal Road to Card Magic vols.1-5 Haunted Impossible Card Magic Close-up Artistry vols.1-4 Fourfit This is Mentalism vol.2 Replay On the Pass 13 steps to Mentalism vols.1-6 Easy to Master Mental Miracles vols.1-4 Mind Mysteries vols. 1 & 3 Mind Mysteries, Too vol.6 Tagged Fiber Optics High Rise DLite The Art of Sleeving Complete Mentalism vols. 1-3 Escape Magic avi avi avi avi avi mp4 mp4 avi avi avi wmv mpeg

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Morgan strebbler

Nathan Kranzo Nicholas Einhorn Oliver Smith Patrick Kuffs Paul Harris Paul Stockman Paul Wilson Peter Eggink Ray Kosby Rene Lavand Reuben Moreland Rich Fergusson Richard Hucko Richard Kaufman Richard Osterlind





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Richard Sanders Rick Lax Rocco Ron Frost Scott Enterante


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Shoot Ogawa

Law of Attraction Lecture Series 2002 Ninja Rings Master Levitation System Gambling Protection Series vols. 1-3 Rope Magic vols.1 & 2 Tommy Pad The Art of Ventriloquism The Magic of tom Mullicca vols.1 & 2 Behind the Curtain vol.1 Visions of Wonder vols.1-3 Dove Magic 1 & 2 Grand Illusions vols.1-5 Gimmicks Magic Greatest Secrets One man Mental Act Dinner Table Magic Counterfeit Hollingworth Expert at the Card Table vols.1-7

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Steve Fearson Steve Forte Tabary Thom Bleasdales Tom Mullicca Tom Peterson Tommy Wonder Tony Clark Tony Hassini

Various Artist Wayne Houchin Wesley James

ARTIST Adam Eason Allan Pease Anthony Jacquin TITLE 17 most Powerful Hypnotic Principles Body Language Manchurian Approach vols.1-4 Reality is Plastic The Trilby Connection vols.1-4 Rapid Hypnotic Inductions Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Conversational & Covert Hypnosis vols.1 & 2 Attract Love with Hypnosis flv vlc mp4 vlc avi avi mp4 mp4 FORMAT

Brian Philips Brian Tracy David Snyder Debra Berndt

Gerald Kein

Beginner-Intermediate Hypnosis vols.1-12 avi Advance Hypnosis vols.1-6 avi Instant and Rapid Inductions avi ZAP Instant Industions Hypnosis without Trance Hypnosis Workshop vols. 1-8 Secrets of Hypnotherapy Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Advanced Hypnosis Training vols.1-6 1-2-3 Phobia Free Self-Hypnosis Hacking the Mind Power Hypnosis vols.1-3 Fast Phobia Cure Easy weight Loss Sleep like a Log Stop Smoking for GOOD! Ericksonian Hypnosis vols.1-4 Self-Confidence The Power of Persuasion Face Reading Street Hypnosis Training in Indirect Hypnosis Building Confidence Secrets of Shock & Instant Inductions How to Hypnotize Art of Attraction Secrets of Body Language Sensual Massage Complete Lovemaking vols.1-3 avi avi avi avi mp4 vlc avi avi avi vlc avi avi avi Avi avi avi vlc avi avi avi avi vlc avi avi mp4 avi avi avi

Hon Wong Igor Ledochowski James Tripp Jeffrey Stephens Jonathan Royle Kenrick Cleveland Mark Babineaux Marshall Sylver Murray Ormond McGill Paul McKenna

Richard Bandler Richard Rumble Robert Cialdini Samantha Joy

Sean Michael Andrews Stephen Brooks Steven Hall Tom Silver Wendi Friesen SPY CAM BBC Playboy


ARTIST Allan Pease Anthony Jacquin Anthony Robbins Arthur Benjamin Ben Cummings Brian Tracy Carl Marx Chris Widener Dale Carnegie Dan Ariely Dave Riker David Shade David Lieberman TITLE Body Language Sex & Love Ripped Unlimited Power Mental Math Conversations with Mindreaders The Science of Self-Confidence The Communist Manifesto The Art of Influence How to stop worrying & Start Living How to Win Friends & Influence People Predictably Irrational The Art of Seduction Advanced Sexual Hypnosis Get Anyone to do Anything Never be Lied to, Again! Make Peace with Anyone You can read Anyone Sleight of Mouth Hypnosis Psychology of Winning Confessions of a Conjuror Tricks of the Mind Quantum Memory Power Public Speaking Improve your Memory

David Baron David Calof Dennis Waitley Derren Brown Dominic OBrien Ed Formen Gary Small

Gerald Nierenburg Gerry Spence Houdini Igor Ledochowski

Art of Negotiating How to read a Person Like a Book How to Argue & win Everytime The Secret Life of Houdini Conversational Hypnosis Covert Hypnosis Street Hypnosis Self-Hypnosis Conjuring Hypnosis without Trance Mind Eraser Alpha Male Public Speaking Disguised Hypnosis The Silva Mind Control Method The Powwer of Your Subconscious Mind Wonder Words Seduction Collection The Art of Deception Mega Memory Advanced Mega Memory Verbal Advantage Psyhco-Cybernetics Why People Believe in Weird Things How To Make Your Point in 30 seconds The Power of Positive Thinking The Art of Influence Mastering The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense Get People to do what you Want Cold Reading

James Randi James Tripp Joe Brogie John Alexander John Hale Jonathan Grooves Jose Silva Joseph Murphy Kenton Knepper Ken X Kevin Mitnick Kevin Trudeau Leil Lowndes Maxwell Maltz Michael Shermer Milo Frank Norman Vincent Peale Paul McKenna Peter Jr. Rex Sikes Richard Webster

Richard Wiseman Robert Greene Robert Kiyosaki Roger Elliot Ron White Ross Jeffries Scott Flansburg Stephen Brooks Stephen Covey Steven Peliari Steven Pinker Stuart Wilde Tad James

59 Seconds The Art Of Seduction The 33 Strategies Of War Rich Dad Poor Dad Self-Confidence Memory in a Month Speed Seduction Human calculator Indirect Hypnosis The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People The Art of Covert Hypnosis How the Mind works Meditation Taoist Breathing Deep Trance Training NLP & Ericksonian Hypnosis NLP Master Practitioner Black-Ops Amazing Brain Training Penis Enlargement de Luxe Master the Game Pack Complete Old & New Testament (KJV)

Taylor Starr Victoria Wizzel Various PUA The Bible