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From: Loya, Darrell (MULLEN ENERGY) [loyad0@bp.

com] Sent:Friday,June11,20109:10 PM To: Loya, Danell (MULLEN ENERGY); Anderson,Paul (Airenergi); Boughton,Geoff (Houston);;; Boughton,Geoff (Houston);Schwebel,John;; cameron, Dave (Aberdeen); Turlak, Rob (Houston) Cc: Wellings, JamesS; Smith, Trevor (GOM DWD); Discover Enterprise Subject: RE: Input on Running Procedurefor capping stack on Flange/muleshoe Attachments: 4181-MC252-1-Run 3 Ram BOP with Flex Joint FlangeConnection_Rev E.doc Attached the latestprocedure. is <<4181-Mc252-1-Run 3 RamBoP withFlexJointFlange connection_Rev_E.doc>> Thanks, Darrell Darrell Loya Completion Engineer Consultant BP c:713-859-9323 o:281-366-8108

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Containment Disposal and Project


MC252-1 RunThreeRamBOPwithFlexJoint Flange Connection

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D. Loya
D. Loya

Initial draftskeleton usein risk for assessment teaminput(twopart and system) Change single to run


D. Loya D. Lova D. Loya

proceduremodified for flanqe connection

Linebv linereview Additional review

Rev E




1 RunThree RamBOPon Flex JointFlange Connection ....................S4 1.1Objective................ . 54 1 . 2 .H i g h e v eP r o c e d u r e . . . . . . . . . . . L l ..................84 1.3. ajoRisks......... M r 54 1 . 4 W e l lS t a t u / A s s u m p t i o n s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . s .........65 1.5.Pre-Job Testing and Prep 65 1.6.MakeUp and Runthe FlexJointFlange Connector ThreeRamBOPAssembly... CZ with 1.7. Align andLandFlexJointFlange Connectorwith ThreeRamBOPAssembty.................+gg 1.8.Flange the FlexJointFlange Up Connection ........i410 1.9.Monitor Flowand Prepare Future for Operations. .....11A 1.10. Configure Three RamCapping Stack and Ftush Glycol........ ....140 1 . 1 1 D i s c o n n ea n dP O O H i t hP e r f o r a t e d s e r J o i n t A s s e m b t y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ct w Ri ........149

Attachment 1:

Ram $cfre Eilide FoP.hi$,,atic

Attachment2: F'lex iffF,{anganss bfr$ embiic Attachment 3: PeifofEbd.Riser:EsC'ilibM$ctiem Attaehment 3.Alle_chtn_ent As$ bt* Schematic 4: l'lverati:Miiiq&tion Attaehnrcnt 4:A!tggh F&tO mp_n! .C0ntrol 5; :$ts g* Attashment {!!as[m_e_n! BOV,,Rd]p$ Rg${ifi s$gitie$ S: bft





RamBOPon FlexJoint FlanqeGonnection

1.1. Objective This procedure addresses makeup, running, the alignment, connection the Three and of BramBOPto the Horizon BOPflexjointwith a flanged mnnection.Thereis a separate procedure the running the ThreeRamBOPwith an overshot for of connector theflange if connection optionis discarded. 1.2. High Level Procedure The ThreeRamBOPand Flange assembly run and connected the seafloorin one is on run. Thereis an H4 connector between flange the andThreeRamBOPsub-assemblies. The flangeon top of the flexjoint has beenprepared priorto starting procedure. this . DecktestandQC all equipment the rig priorto running. on Makeup and runthe assembly. current The running assemblv includes a perforated riseriointfor venting and glycolinjection the ThreeRamBOp. into Align,land,and makeup theflange the Horizon joint. to flex Testthe systemand prepare futureoperations. for

a a

1.3. Major Risks During activi$the Enterprise this maybe flowinghydrocarbons surface.All personnel to workingin the moonpool areaneedto be awareof the production activities prepared and for emergencies failureof surface or containment. Thereshouldbe an emergency shutdown device the moonpoolarea. in Whenthe Top Hat is moved, containment be lostand oil at surface will can posea hazard to all personnel. Coordinate activity all withTop Hatcontainment procedures minimize to timethatflow is unrestricted the environment. to Theflexjointwillbe at someangleawayfromvertical. Alignment theequipment of subseawill be delicate and difficult.Be surethatgoodcommunication usedthroughout is the procedure.Damage eitherthe Horizon flexjointflangeassemblies cause to or can the operation fail. to Hydrates alwaysa concern are whenworkingnear/in oil/gasplume. Alloperations the mustuse hydrate mitigation. Visibility during alignment subsemake-up the and operations be limited. will Alignment and guiding connections takeintoaccount lackof visibility the plume. the must the in





1.4. Well Status lAssumptions . Well is underblowout conditions. The flow of oil and gas are comingout of the Horizon BOPstackandflexjoint. The flexjointflangehas beenprepared priorto thisprocedure. The sidfthedanggs! risefptn flangeattah4++h-riss-has removed. Thereshouldbe been a simple flangeconnection looking with 5.5"drillpipesticking up up_through_!!. The LMRPTop Hat (# ) is currently overthe welland is producing hydrocarbons the up drillpipe(withthe riserrun to provide insulation chemical and iniection) the to Enterprise. o lt is possible the Q-4000will be takingproduction a testspreadon that rig. In that to this caseiHs-nessible the eil plurneeemingfrerpthe tep ef the BeP is greatly that ' 1.5. Pre-Job Testing and Prep Note: it is assumed the Enterprise be flowinghydrocarbons the that will to duringall pre-job work. The moonpool located is adjacent the production to facilityon the Enterprise. awareof all emergency Be shutdown stations and otheremergency contingencies. hot work can be done. No q-fne fnree nam AOPwasel -83 tons. The Discoverer Enterprise craneshavea liftinocapacitv 75 tons. Prior of to pickinq the ThreeRamBOPfromthe shippino up skid.a separate skidmustbe in the moonpool receive ThreeRamBOPstack. Note:a tree cart,1fi-'x 14!' with to the a Cameron wouldbe preferred hub

1. 2. The FlexJointFlanqe should havea markon it thatwillbe oriented 3150.This to markwillbe usedto orient ThreeRamCappinq the Stackon the FlexJointFlanqe crossover whenthevare connected the moonpool.Verifuthatthe FlexJoint in Flange has beenmarkedcorrectlv the based on orientinq outletvalvesof the Three RamCapoinq Stackat 315o). (HC 3. Function the connectors and H4). test 4. Function the ThreeRamBOPon skidsin the moonpool test area. Alltestino and functions to be witnessedbv BP representative.The rams,valves, and HC connector be testedusingthe hot lineand ROVstab. The ExF H4 connector will will be testedwiththe accumulator bottles be affixed the perforated to to riserjoint. Ensure function volumes and response timeshavebeenrecorded the following for Rev. E Paqe [APG]



functions notinqposition indicator.Ram bv of functions.Verifvvalveand connector throushthe boreof can visuallv lookinq bv functions be verified Whe! tgqtjngig do.1e,leaveall valves and rams open for running"thg,F9?. : . LowerRamOpen/ Close . Middle RamOpen/ Close . UpperRamOpen/ Close rVetco H4 Connector Latch/ Primarv Latch/ Secondary Unlatch . Cameron Connector HC Latch/ Primarv Latch/ Secondarv Unlatch o lnner/ OuterChoke Valves Open/ Close .lnner / OuterKillValves Open/ Close Note: r Primaryhydraulicsupply for the Vetco H4 Connectorwill be from the marineriser mountedaccumulators umbilicaland the secondarv supplvfrom the ROVhot stab. Primaryhydraulicsupplvfor CIWHC Connectorand the BOPvalveswill be from the ROV. Primarvhvdraulicsupplvfor the BOP Ramswill be from the seabed mounted accumulatorbank with flvinq lead to ROVstab-in. Secondarv hvdraulicsupplv iffiill be the ROVpump and stab-inpanel.

r .

S--Establishcoordination ROV-=s with 5. ies,. Review attached the ROVrolesand responsibilities. ROVswill be usedextensivelv thefollowinq The for operations: r . and the w/ onto Guidinq stabbino FlexJointFlanqe Muleshoe theflexjoint. the Operatinq Cappino StackValves

o Flanqino up .-Monitorinq the ven position ri{y that the electronic indicator is available on the rig. and 7 . Ensure that clamps the +lVeeSmleetren-+inessurface for umbilical cableare available to clampto riserlQfgkep1(]!_[ne)and drill pipe. Paoe IAPG



8. Verifyspace andstackup for allassemblies moonpool. out in 9. Makeup subassemblies muchas possible. as .-Verify all crossovers. inspected rc are and o- Needdril{prpe perfereted te riserassemblyMake the perforated uo riserioint to thex-over flanqe(HMFF x API 15K)

r .

-in Makeup the GlvcolIniection assemblv the aft rotarv(seeattached schematic). Makeup the 100'lonqhosesection olycolinjection for with a x-overto a CIW connector.Notethatthe lineconnectino qlvcoliniection mini-collet the sideentrysubto the valvesin the ThreeRamBOPneedsto be properlv spaced out.

10. Verifyhandling equipment riserand workstring.j.g_avajlAble. for 1OLl,.- Prepare spaceout tallvsheetfor runninq ThreeRamStackon top of the flex the _ drill that out iointwith6-5/8" pipe. Ensure space pupsareavailable. 4-4",J?, dualresilient gaskets available installation the CIW HC are AX for into -Ensure Connector.1.6. Make Up and Run the Flex Joint Flange Connector with Three Ram BOP Assembly Note: lt is importantto get drv air weiqhts for all of these assembliesas thev are beinq picked up. Theseweiqhts will be used to fiqure out overpull before disconnectino bottom. on 1. Prepare surface handlinq equipment runninq for riser. Usethe Manual marine HMFF RiserHandlinq Tool. 2. Pickup the 75' lonqperforated marineriseriointand RIHwith sameto placethe riser at a convenient workino heioht the moonpool. in lnstall accumulator the bankand ROVpaneltothe perforated riserioint. 3. Pickup iointclearof spider completion fittinq accumulator on of the bank. 4. Movethe VetcoH4 Connector x-over to the moonpool. and sub makeuo sameto the perforated riserioint.torquethe HMFF flanqeboltsto 14.000 ft-lbstorque. 5. Skidthe ThreeRamCappino cart Stackon the handlinq to the Aft WellCentrein the Moonpool. 6. Hookup hot linewith ROVhot stabto provide hydraulic control H4 Connector. of pressure the H4 Connector'Unlock'function 1500psi. up with Rev. E PAqE[APG



7. Lowerand latchuo the VetcoH4 connector the top of the ThreeRamCapoino to Stackand bleedoffthe 'Unlock'function. Pressure the H4 Connector'Lock' up position.Lockin function with 3000psi. Confirm indicator movesto fullv Locked rod the pressure. 8. Hookup riq hot lineand ROVhot stabto provide hvdraulic control HC Connector of on bottomof ThreeRamCappinq Stack. 9. Pressure HC Connector'UnlocK up function 1500psi. to '10. Unlatch HC Connector baseof ThreeRam the at Cappino Stackand pick up the assembly clearof the test stump.Install AX qasketintothe GIWHC Connector. an 11. Skidtheteststump clearof the ThreeRamCappinq Stack. 12. Skidthe FlexJointFlanqe assemblv the handlinq to theAftWellCentre the on cart in Moonpool. 13. Turnthe assemblv however desired beforestabbinq orientthe ThreeRamCappinq to Stackbeforelatchino the FlexJointFlanoe to Assemblv.The orientation basedon is subseaequipment requirement one set of valveson the Stackbe oriented that to 3150. 14. Lower and latchup the HC connector thetop of the FlexJointFlange to assemblv. Pressure the HC Connector'Lock'function 3000psi. Confirm up with indicator rod position.Lockin pressure. movesto fullv Locked 15. Pickuo the hvdrate mitiqation assemblv makeuo sameto the upoer and connection of the Manual HMF-F RiserHandlinq Tool. 16. Hookup the hvdrate mitiqation hoseto the side-entrv sub. 17. Pickup the assemblv clearof the rotary table.Noteweiqht air. in 18. Remove riserspider the and install rotarv the tablebushinqs etc... 19. Lower assemblv the moonpool a convenient into to workinq heiqht. 20. Hookup the 2" hvdrate mitigation hoseto Killside valvesof the ThreeRamCappino Stackusinothe CIW Mini-Collet connector. surehoseis supported strapped Be and to riserioint. 21. Lower assemblv hookup surface the and umbilical the ROVpanelto control H4 to the connector top of the ThreeRamCappingStack. on 22. Precharoe accumulator bottles XXX psi. to 23. Commence runninq standof Landino first Strino. simultaneouslv reelino surface out umbilical umbilicaland Drilloioe slips. land in umbilicalto Secure Drillpipe at Moonpool Level.

Rev. E

Paoe [APG]



24. Withentireassemblv submeroed belowwaterline,screwin top driveand break circulation downdrillpipewith seawater.Pump20 bbl to ensurepipe2" hydration mitioation hoseis full. Note: Ensureclear communicationbetweensurface umbilicalreel operatorand the Drillerwhile RlH. Note: Drillerto ensure that the string does not rotate durino make up and runninq of 6 5/8" Drillpipe. Note:SecuresurfaceumbilicalUmbilical Moonpoolwhen in strinq in slips. 25. Continue on 6 5/8"Drillpipe perspace-out RIH as tally. Everv15 stands. screwin top drive. filldrillpipewithseawater. break and circulation the and2" through IBOPs hose. hvdrate mitiqation 26. Charqe accumulators whileRlH. 27. Makeup laststandto Topdrive enqaoe and the CMC. Record pickup weioht. 28. Use ROVto verifvthat boththe H4 and HC connectors havea minimum 500 psi on of the 'Lock'function. ROVto pressure the 'Lock'functionrequired. up if Use 29. Use ROVto closethe chokevalveson the Cappinq Stack. +-Line up to pumpqlvcol + drillpipevolume additional20 bbl.


:--+prcssureen the H4 enneeter'teek'funetiento 1500psi1-10-teek in prcssure,Bleed 1-11, and makeup samete the uppereenneetien the MansalHMF F RisrHanCling ef Teel.meuseheleassembly Ceuble(2 jeints) ef 6 5/8" Drillpipe,SiCeEntry Sub, ef CleseCTIW valve and X O te 7 5/8" Reg Pin frern the Piek up the 1,





1-12-ef this Riser 6 5/8"Drillpipe, elearef the retarytableNeteweightin airCeuble ef 6 5/8" Drillpipe the Perferated jeintpiekup the and Marine Riser

@ 2-

i +fie CIW lllini Cellet eenneeten failsafie Fese te Kill side eementHeek up the 2" 3-

E I Rev.




1-15- umbiliealandland Drillpipe slips-SeeureumbiliealteDrillpipeat Meenpeel in rling-eu+ RIH 1,16- tepfill string en RlH,Centinue en 6 518"Drillpipeas per spaeeeut tally 1,17-Riser handlingfer perferatedriser system injeetren 1,18-lneludesperferated riser/ methanel 1-19Qrientatier ene wing valve peintedte 315deg. @ @ @ize 1-23,Piek up anCmakeupthe ThreeRamBOPassembly1.24, 3 Ram3Ram3Ram3Ram3RambetweenIWOGS reel eserater anCthe Driller 1.25,NOTE:Ensureeleareemmunieatien while-RFlr 1,26-NOTErDrillerte ensurethat the string dees net retate Curingmake up anCrunning e++-Sl8r-DriilpiBe1,27,NOTE:SeeureIWOCS in Umbilieal Meenpeelwhen string in sli^s, 4'





f+S-Compensator 1-29,Hawkjaws fer drill pi^e3 Ram3Ram3Ram3Rarn3Ram3Ram3Ram3Ram3Rarn3 Ram3*am

1,31Hosesf=g2-Filtpipe @ @ien 1-35,tngle ef attaekand erientatienef assembly 1-36-ROVeeordiratien @ 4-38,1.2_-*Jlign and Land Flex Joint Flange Connector with Three Ram BOP Assembly Note: prior to landingthe Thrce RampCappingStack,coordinatewith production operationsthrough the Top Hat. Flow must be shut down and the Top Hat picked up and moved off of the flex joint prior to moving on with the Thrce Ram CappingStack. Coordination criticalto minimize time that the flow is is the unrestrictedto the environment. 1. Checkthe elevations FlexJointand the ThreeRamCapoinq of Stackusinqthe ROV. pumpino 3 bpm 2. Lineup to pumpundiluted throuqh drillpioe. the commence at Glycol prevent to hvdrate formation durinofinalaliqnment ThreeRamCappinq of Stackover the FlexJoint. 3. Clearcommunication is required link between Driller the ROVdurino next and the critical alignment staqes. 4. Skidthe ThreeRamCappino Stackoverthe FlexJointunderROVobservation. position aliqnment confirm using electronic indicator assemblv.





NOTE:Therccould be some additional movementof the assemblvas the Thnee RamCappinqAssemblvpassesinto anv discharqeplumefrom the wellbore. NOTE:The electronicpositionindicatorwill be usedto assistin alionment rio / positioninqover the FlexJoint durinqthis periodof reducedvisibilitv. ?l__ 5. fNbediaiigh,ffinlirgtafthidl'bmced{ridgi 6. ROVto enqaqehotstab fromthe seabed mounted accumulator bankintothe Three RamCappino StackROVpanel +-ROV to chargeaccumul

2.7*^ 1.39.J,q.. _ W
2. [Flange up.] 2-

yFlanqeUp the Flex Joint FlanqeConnection

1. Setdown50K lb on flange oncefullylanded.

3. Pickup to putthe assemblv tension.Usean overoull 100Klb. in of 3,{. Monitor ioint and determine flex iointanqleapproves flex if undertension. 1'4o'1lL*-*Monitor Flow and Prepare for Future Operations

1. OnceCapping Stackis fullvconnected the flex ioint,monitor to flow out of the perforated riserjoint. pumpino 2. Shutdown to flowto determine hvdrates if beqinto olvcol. Continue monitor formin the riserioint. 3. Verifythata svstemis in olaceto support flex iointwhenthe perforated the riserioint is pulledand the full weightof the Cappinq Stackis placedon the flex ioint. prior 4. Workwith the Enterorise teamto determine whatactivitv needsto be performed to unlatchino pullinq perforated and the riserassemblv. 5. Onceit is decided pullthe perforated to riserassemblv. continue nextsection. to Note: This proceduredoes not include anv proceduresto rio up the ThreeRam Cappinq Stackto the subseamanifoldor equipment.





fnree nam C Connqure +,++.

Z tlete: ttrereare ne pree wil+ffi Stack. 1. Use ROVto Closethe Killsidevalveson the ThreeRamCappinq the has that 1,*2.Ensure qlvcol oumoinq beenshutdown. Disconnect Mini-Collet with ROV. Connector hoseby pumping mitigation out ?p.Flush final-bitFglycol of drillpipeandeementfiyflpste plusanadditional bblof seawater. Notethatdrillpipewillpull 30 an drillpipevolume wet. / closed S-Verify that all ramsand valvesand BOPpanelare set as desired(Valves ingr Ramsopen). disharqak m" 4. 1.10.Disconnect and POOH with Perforated Riser Joint Assemblv 1-. Verifywith ROVthat of minimum 500 psi. iSgP

nenting manifeld rcquires te be eleseCslightly

maintain Hessure range

which 2.1.@Set down*"ioht te XIO<lgs (ffi VetcoH4 Connector. at neutralvl/eiqht rs lhelpg{he Monitor flexjointdurinq operation. the this 3,2-Unlatch H4 Connector a minimum 1500-psi the with of usingthe RV{1draslie -M.Confirmationoftheconneitorun|oLkingwittuJtneMg


aetuating streking and upindicator rod. pullsfree of hub,the 3. Slowlvpickup and unlatch H4 connector. the Whenconnector flex iointwill be allowed moveunderfull weiqhtof the Capoino to the Stack. Monitor properlv. flex iointand ensurethatthe support svstemis functioninq





free the riseriointwhilekeepinq mini-connector of the 4. Slowlvpullup on the perforated Stack. Capping priorto POOH. umbilical with 4.!.Bleed off the accumulators the surface i is untilthe H4 Connector at surface assembly 6. POOHwiththe 6 5/8' drillpipe level._ moonpool Note: Ensureclear communicationbetweensurface umbilicalreel operatorand the Drillerwhile POOHwith drillpipe. Note: Drillpipewill be 'wet' during POOHdue to 'ClosedTIW' valve at base of strino. Note: Top Hat productionoperationscan rccommence. ipe, TIW' valve at base ef string, Nete: Drillpipewill be 'wet' dsring POOHdue te 'GleseC eperatiensean reeemrnenee 1, Nete: Tep Hat preCuetien

7. 8hosefromthe SideEntrySub. the mitigation 9,8-Remove 2" eementhydrate 1O9-._.Install marineriserspiderintothe Aft rotarytable. the jointupper marine riser connection the riser into up and 11,10_.__Pick landthe 'perforated' spider. the 12lJ*Break the connection between 7 5/8" Regx-oversub and the upper marine riserrunning tool. connection the Manually on operated :13,'1_].._Raekassembly deuble(2 jeints)ef 6 5/8" Drillpipe' TIW valveand the ef Glesed Lavout the hvdrate mitiqation assemblv. 'perforated' bankcan be 14.13.., marineriserjoint untilthe accumulator .Pickup the removed fromthe riserjointat rig floorlevel. 15.14-*Pick untiltheH4 Connector above rotary up is the table. the 16,f5._-Remove riserspider the and install bushings etc...intothe rotary table. .47-.16_,_ out the H4 Connector the rotary in tableand breakthe connection the to -Land 'perforated' joint. riser 18.1f.-.Layout the 'perforated' joint. riser 19..:l_8_, out the H4 Connector clearof the rotarytable. - Lay Rev. E Paoe [APG] tli hosebundle. umbilical hydraulic control lWOGSsurface Disconnect the



3-RAl,rCination 4 Gleareemmunieatien S-Veigilit1l_issuE ffi 7 Hydratemitigatien ean we psmp methanelinte FlerizenBOP? g+ipetilp q-Gt idepin +S-----Venting +2--galtjoin+? @ ++------go*-uB. ffi

@ @ ++-----+ull-tet? M iens @ M ine, ?5 Flewdees injeetien


xRev E Paoe[APG]



1. tegl31_l *. ssb, nen return valve anC the 7 5/8" Reg '( ever sub,