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Moorish Americans Northwest Amexem

Wendell Brown
January 27, 2012 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE KANSAS CITY, MO 64999-0025 RE: Notice of intent to levy dated January 23, 2012 On June 1, 2011, December 9, 2011, and January 3, 2012, the I.R.S. received letters from WENDELL BROWN requesting specific information about the claim that the I.R.S. has against WENDELL BROWN. On January 23, 2012 the I.R.S. responded with a Notice of intent to levy which, according to the letters the received by I.R.S., is a tacit admission of fraud. Due to the fact that the I.R.S. has not responded with the correct information requested in the allotted time frame, any further actions by the I.R.S. against WENDELL BROWN will be fraud and litigation will ensue. Although the time for the I.R.S. to submit the requested information has expired, the request for that information still stands. Therefore, I shall, for the fourth time, make a request for the information that will validate the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICES claim against WENDELL BROWN. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Please list the law or laws requiring Americans to pay income tax. Please show your regulatory and delegated authority to address WENDELL BROWN. Please list the law or laws which made the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE part of the ORGANIC constitution of the united States of America Republic. Please list your oath of office. Please send a validation of WENDELL BROWNS debt to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Please send a sworn affidavit or an invoice signed by a real person verifying the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICES claim against WENDELL BROWN. Please send a copy of the contract binding WENDELL BROWN and INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE signed by both parties. Please send a check for the total amount of the claim you have against WENDELL BROWN as there is no real money with which to pay you with.

c/o P.O. BOX 88045


You have 10 days to respond. Again, any further responses from the I.R.S. will only be accepted in written form and under penalty of perjury. A lack of r esponse or a response lacking the requested information in the allotted time will be construed as tacit admission of fraud and violations of several state and federal laws as well as violations of the Uniform Commercial Code.

CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that a copy of the foregoing has been served upon the following person by first class mail this _27__ day of January, 2012. INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE KANSAS CITY, MO 64999-0025 ______________________________________

Notice Using a notary on this document does not constitute any adhesion, nor does it alter my status in any manner. The purpose for notary is verification and identification only and not for entrance into any foreign jurisdiction. Jurat Marion county Indiana state ] ] ] ss:

Subscribed and affirmed before me this _____ day for the _____________________ month in the year, Two Thousand and Twelve, A.D. ______________________________________________ Notary Seal Address of Notary ________________________________ _______________________________________________ My Notary Expires _______________________