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IES VE-NaVIgator for aSHraE 90.1


Be more competitive! our new VE-Navigator for aSHraE 90.1 is designed by experts in this field and has already been tested on live projects for over 6 months. It streamlines and drastically speeds up the LEED Energy calculation and submission process.
If you undertake aSHraE 90.1 appendix g Performance rating Method (PrM) calculations you cannot afford to overlook the technical, commercial and productivity benefits this new tool offers. the IES VE-Navigator for aSHraE 90.1 makes LEED Energy Modeling Easy. Weve created a structured workflow which takes the user though the process and checks all required steps are done. reports are created automatically in a format suitable for submission and a number of features significantly reduce the time it takes to set up and create the baseline and proposed models. It was granted EPaCt approval in Dec 2009.


SaVE TIME Instantly create all 4 baseline models from proposed design model automatically assign baseline constructions according to climate zone automatically create and size HVaC systems (including aSHraE 62.1) Import and edit aSHraE baseline prototypes and other pre-defined systems Import room and thermal zone template data Compare proposed and baseline buildings data input side-by-side without calculation automatically undertake simulations across all 5 buildings in one go INCREaSE aCCURaCY Manage and edit data for all 5 models from one central file, reducing input duplication and error More accurately model aSHraE 90.1 & 62.1 baseline systems using templates gain feedback early on to maximize LEED Energy Credits automatically create reports which mirror the format required for submission (LEED Eac1) Use the built-in Quality assurance to reduce errors and facilitate team collaboration Model in detail complex building geometry, HVaC or renewable Energy systems STREaMLINED pROCESS It has reduced the time it takes us to undertake aSHraE 90.1 PrM calculations by around 45%! Steven V. Lembo associate, LEED aP, Kohler ronan

It has enabled more accurate modeling of the baseline and proposed buildings, and facilitated the reduction of human error. Chris Flood Sr. Building analyst, Cobalt Engineering

Its enabled us to perform faster rudimentary models during early design stages for LEED projects. Steven V. Lembo associate, LEED aP, Kohler ronan

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My initial impression is; its an amazing interface. It completely takes the intimidation out of modeling for LEED.
Jimmy Stevens, Principal, Design Technology Leader, LEED AP, Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas


our innovative new VE-Navigator concept provides a robust and detailed step-by-step structured workflow, which streamlines the process and ensures no step is missed. Revolutionary Interface > Easy to use workflow system > Step-by-step guidance from model setup, to data assignment, simulation and reporting > Concise reporting with interactive filters for easy interrogation Unique Built-in Qa Functionality > Design team collaboration: add and share notes > track team progress: date/user stamp check box > Integrated guidance notes analysis automation > Improved modeling efficiency and accuracy > Significant time saving > rapid iteration


as this tool integrates into the full IES suite, you can easily perform other analysis simulations straight from your proposed design model. Check performance against other LEED credits; Daylight, Comfort, Water and renewables, using our VE-Navigator for LEED. Plus VE-Pro covers Light, airflow, Climate, other Energy & Carbon, Solar, HVaC, Egress and Value/Cost capabilities.


UK & Europe LEED (USa) is well known within the region. While Italy has just implemented its own version of LEED. Middle East & Asia LEED (USa) rating system very well known within the region. Plus, both Estidama and the Masdar approach reference and use aSHraE 90.1. India LEED-India rating system uses aSHraE 90.1 methodology. Australia & NZ aSHraE 90.1 HVaC system prototypes important for the Industrial & Public Building and Healthcare green Star protocols. gBCa moving towards JV3 performance based model using these standard aSHraE systems. Contact us at to find out more about how IES complies with aSHraE 90.1 linked regulations and rating Systems around the world.

Both the highlighting feature and the ability to write notes after each step enables the user to leave any given model and come back to it at a later date without the usual time wasted reviewing what has been completed and where additional work is required. These features have proved very helpful when multiple users are working on the same model.
Steven V Lembo, Associate, LEED AP Kohler Ronan . ,

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