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Einsteins Scientic Breakthrough

Albert Einstein just might be one of the most inuential people in the eld of science, especially physics. He recently proposed his Special Theory of Relativity, in which Einstein stated that while the speed of light is constant, other things, such as space and time, are not. The well-known equation, E=mc^2, comes from this theory. We were able to bring Mr. Einstein in for a few questions, during which we asked him for more of his brilliant innovations and ideas. Well, for starters, I found out the equation for the scattering of light from molecules, Einstein replied. This particular equation solves the problem, Why is the sky blue? Readers might also know that recently, in 1922, Einstein received the Nobel Prize. Haha, yes, this prize is and probably will remain my biggest and grandest milestone. Scientists are always ghting for the Nobel Prize, and I was one of them. I worked hard, especially my forte, physics, commented Einstein. Guess what? Hard work pays off! We asked him what his favorite inventions was, at which he laughed heartily.


My favorite invention is doubtlessly the refrigerator, which I collaborated on with my student, Le Szilrd. All it needs is a heat source to operate. My hope is that it will help people eat foods a week after they buy them, without rotting, replied Einstein. After Mr. Einstein left the interview room, in which stood an Einstein Refrigerator, generously given to us for free by Mr. Einstein, the newspaper staff grouped up and chatted for awhile. There were many different opinions on Mr. Einstein, but there was an unanimous thought: that there would be a lot more brilliant inventions from Mr. Einstein in the years to come.


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Christiaan Eijkman
Christiaan Eijkman, born in the Netherlands in 1858, past away about a month ago during November, 1930, in Utrecht, Netherlands. After graduation from the University of Amsterdam with a Masters Degree in medicine, he discovered vitamins through research.

Christiaan Eijkman

Eugen Goldstein
Eugen Goldstein was a physicist whose work led to the discovery of protons. He was born in 1850 in Poland, passing away in 1930 in Germany. He used cathode rays to suggest to presence of a proton.

Eugen Goldstein

E=ma^2, E=mb^2...


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Full Name Sigmund Freud D.O.B May 6th, 1856 P.O.B Austrian Empire Nationality Austrian Father Jacob Freud Mother Amalie Nathansohn Hobbies Smoking cigars Inuences of work Neurology & Psychology Received Prizes Goethe Prize

Sigmund Freud and his Contributions to Psychology

Sigmund Freud. What is the rst thing that comes to mind when you hear his name? Most people who have heard or read about him psychology, but science fans will know that the simple word psychology does not even begin to describe his works. Freud made numerous contributions to psychoanalysis and neurology, including numerous works about the unconscious mind and dreams. Most of Freuds writings and meetings were executed in the presence of cigars, his favorite being Don Pedros. Freud claimed that smoking helped him concentrate and work more efciently. He kept smoking heavily until a few years ago, when he was diagnosed with cancer. As of now, he has gone through surgery a few times and is now resting in his home in Austria. Freud also claimed that cocaine was a friend more than a foe. He said that it could cure many problems, both mental and physical. He believed that it could also cure morphine addiction, but morphine addicts tried doing cocaine and got addicted to that instead. Freuds advocation of cocaine damaged his medical reputation, because of growing cocaine addiction reports. Freuds works on the unconscious inuenced many other psychologists, such as Carl Jung or Dr. Breuer. He believed that people unconsciously repressed (force out of their memory) traumatizing pasts, such as a witness of a murder or other unpleasant acts. Freud contributed many theories and ideas to the eld of neurology and psychology. Even though his body may perish, his contributions will forever remain legendary to psychologists around the world.

Freuds favorite cigars: Don Pedros

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Freud and his co-workers

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