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RESIDENTIAL RENTAL AGREEMENT AGREEMENT TO LEASE This agreement is entered into, effective as of January 17, 2009, between _____

of _____, referred to as "Lessor," and ________ of _________, referred to as "Sub-lessee." RECITALS Lessor is not the owner of the property that will shortly be available for lease. Lessor is a tenant in good standing with Newton Chung, the property owner. The parties desire to establish an agreement to ensure a future lease of the residential property described in this agreement. In consideration of the matters described above, and of the mutual benefits and obligations set forth in this agreement, the parties agree as follows: SECTION ONE SUBJECT OF LEASE This document serves as the lease agreement between Lessor and Sub-lessee effective January 17, 2009, by which Lessor shall lease to Sub-lessee the big bedroom leased by Lessor located at ______________, for Sub-lessee to occupy and use as their residence. Sub-lessee shall have an equal share and right to use all common areas of the apartment, which include but are not limited to: the bathroom, kitchen, and common living room. SECTION TWO TERM OF LEASE The premises shall be leased to Sub-lessee for the period from February 1, 2009 to the day Sub-lessee moves out. Sub-lessee shall give Lessor one-month (30 days) notice before moving out. In the case Sub-lessee fails to notice Lessor about moving out with 30 days in advance, Lessor has the right to hold the security deposit. SECTION THREE MONTHLY RENTAL Sub-lessee shall pay _______ per month as the monthly rental for the term of the lease with the first payment due on or before January 23 rd, 2009, and subsequent payments on the 25th day of each succeeding month. In addition, the Sub-lessees company, ________, will be responsible for a onetime ________ security deposit. In the event the Sub-lessee defaults on any monthly payment, the Lessor reserves the right to collect ________ from ________ as the rent for that month and terminate this lease agreement. Page 1 of 3

SECTION FOUR UTILITIES A. Lessor and sub-lessee shall be liable for all utility charges, including gas, electricity, sanitation, cable television, and wireless internet. This liability includes only standard fees for service and does not include Additional Services (i.e. pay-per-view). B. Sub-lessee shall be liable for all Additional Service charges of which Sub-lessee has used or ordered (i.e. pay-per-view). SECTION FIVE REPAIRS Lessor shall contact building owner regarding all necessary repairs on the premises. Lessor assumes no liability for damages in the apartment if the building owner agrees to pay for repairs. Otherwise, Lessor and Sub-lessee shall both pay for the repairs. SECTION SIX GOVERNING LAW It is agreed that this agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. It is agreed that if any dispute shall arise from this agreement it shall be submitted to arbitration. SECTION SEVEN ENTIRE AGREEMENT This agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. Any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this agreement shall not be binding upon either party except to the extent incorporated in this agreement. SECTION NINEMODIFICATION OF AGREEMENT Any modification of this agreement or additional obligation assumed by either party in connection with this agreement shall be binding only if evidenced in a writing signed by each party or an authorized representative of each party. In witness of the above, each party to this agreement has caused it to be executed on the date indicated below.

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