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Introducing the Eastern Southland

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Winner Nelsons Top Cafe 2010
Hospitality Association Awards.

Open 7 Days
Sat 8am - 4pm Sun 9am - 3pm
Phone 03 545 8555 204 Hardy St, Nelson
Since the breakup of the MV Rena both the
authorities and military have leaped into
action in contrast to their initial response
(where the navy alone was put on standby but
given no orders for four days).
This includes very specifc instructions: to
stay clear of all containers and not to touch
any of the milk powder that was ashore.
The government (Nick Smith to be specifc)
via the media acknowledged hazardous
goods including cryolite were aboard the
stern where this author has long suspected
hazardous goods may be stored.
This follows 11 hazardous goods being
known to have been on the MV Rena. ship-
Alkyd sulfuric acid alone has been identifed
by the media, leaving initially ten other
cargoes unidentifed as to what they are and
what steps are now being taken to protect the
public and the environment.
With a little help from FaceBook site, MV
Rena Response Monitoring and Action Group,
I then identifed the following:
1. Hydrogen peroxide
2. Trichloroiscyanuric acid
3. Potassium nitrate class 5.1
4. Ferrosilicon which emits a fammable gas
when in contact with water.
More importantly these were cargoes
listed according to UN classifcations as
International dangerous goods identifcation
number but, as I noted on the Vinny
Eastwood Show, we were given no guarantee
that things were not being mislabeled or
marked tractor parts. My fear was that any
deliberate toxic waste stored would be in the
stern where it was most likely to be lost if the
ship broke apart.
And sure as little apples are green, TV3,
a week after my appearance on the Vinny
Eastwood Show, then identifed aluminum
byproduct cryolite mislabeled and stored
in the stern. Dr Nick Smith, Minister of the
Environment, would naturally play this down
as he had also played down the role of Corexit
9000, a nano-engineered emulsifer used not
just in oil exploration but for oil dispersal. It is
linked to, frst, an aggressive fu (which often
goes untreated) before long term neuron-
disorders arise at later date which can strike
up to year after initial contact with high rate
of illness. So, in the Gulf of Mexico, the high
level of illness amidst volunteers and clean up-
workers continue to worry health offcials.
With this in mind, it hard not to see why the
Minister of the Environment, Dr Nick Smiths
remarks that Corexit was as harmless as
dish washing liquid have been lambasted by
environmental salvage experts who denounce
Smiths statement as an outright fabrication.
They are more harmful than the oil itself,
and they are not less toxic than dish washing
The Savoy Building 8a Moray Place
Dunedin, PH/FX: 477 3737
75 Bridge Street, Nelson, Aotearoa
PH: 03 548 0270 | 021 DRINKS (021 374657)
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The annual Hokitika Wildfoods Festival
will be held on Saturday, 10 March 2012.
A gastronomic celebration of wild foods,
the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival has
something foreveryone. For those who
appreciate gourmet greatness, there will be
scallop kebabs, wild pork sausages and ba-
con, spit roast venison, paua patties, kina
shots, marinated tuna, whitebait patties,
whalebait, and deep-fried shark. This year,
festival-goers can also savourrare fare
Fish n Game are giving away samples of
pukeko, smoked trout and paradise duck.
For those game enough, there is something
to challenge even the strongest of palates.
For the main course, theres snails, seagull
eggs, grasshoppers, mountain oysters,
crocodile and kangaroo bites, and those
willing can choose how they would like
their huhu grub live, cooked, or even
chocolate-coated! For dessert, theres
colostrum cheesecake, mastitis mousse, or
comb honey chucks and honey ice cream
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67 Revel Street Hokitika
Ph 03 775 6644
NZ P0 Box 110 Hokitika 7810
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Smith is also ignoring in his public briefng
the fact that Corexit 95000 is no longer
used by BP (responsible for the Horizon gas
platform leak) because of health concerns,
including the fact that chemicals react
differently depending what form they are
found in or what they come in contact with.
For example, researchers believe Corexit
may be up to a hundred times more toxic to
humans and other species when in fact mixed
with oil or concentrated as is the case in NZ
where, initially, spraying methods had Corexit
deployed in a concentrated form when
dilutions levels where incorrectly applied
and ignored Corexits own manufacturers
guidelines not to be sprayed close to shore.
The effects of Corexit will be felt long after
any signs of the oil spill have gone and the
beaches LOOK okay. The MSC is believed
to be in negotiation with government for
a compensation deal which includes re-
compensating volunteer clean- up workers.
It is advised that volunteers check anything
they are asked to sign by either MSC or the
government in the event of compensation
to ensure it does not contains any caveat to
prevent legal action from being taken in the
future should the need arise.
Which bring us back to the issue of what was
on the Rena. Offcially, 32 containers have
now been identifed as containing hazardous
goods, twenty in the stern cont. pg 3
What all kiwis, not just food growers should be whining about. cont. from pg 1
As of 2012 New Zealanders will fnd them
selves staring down the barrel of two particu-
larly nasty forms of legislation the already
passed the search and surveillance bill and the
proposed Food Bill which is to go before NZ
parliament this year.
The frst now gives up to seventy NZ govern-
ment agencies, such as the NZ Meat Board,
unlimited power which can be extended to pri-
vate security of corporations by said agencies,
the right to conduct surveillance on line and in
the physical fesh in manner never seen in NZ.
The second bill now makes the right to grow
food a government privilege to be handed
out when and as the government see ft.
Breaches of privilege enforceable again by
armed police and corporate rent a cops act
ing on behalf of agencies like the NZ Meat
Board and your local council.

The Surveillance bill also does away with the
right to silence and its critics maintain may
even be used to approve censorship of blogs
or website deemed subversive. ie. Information
sharing of information or available as matter of
public record may now become a crime. Coin-
ciding with right wing businesses personalities
meeting with NZ
and US offcial to host such meeting as Taking
Back the Internet hosted in 2005 in by the US
NZ chamber of commerce at Otago University
House Auckland. The US now defning for
NZ what constitute a terrorist or political dis-
senter and is worry in light of radical new law
changes in the USA.
LEFT: Sleeping Dog NZ Future? RIGHT: Sam Niel Two Paddocks Food & Surveillance bill puts
farmers and kiwis to grow what they want and sell to who they like as new police state legislation
when paired up equals something rotten.
Not a usual Saturday lunch.
To wash it all down, there will be bubbles
for the ladies, and Monteiths for the men.
Not to mention rhubarb, rose petal and
elderfower bubbly, honey mead, kowlua
and milk, locally brewed moonshine, and
fruit juice slug not for the fainthearted.
And yes, there will once again be stallion
semen protein shots for the brave. Pure
testosterone.There will be entertainment
throughout the day on the main stage,
with an assortment of music types and
characters, as well as a series of cooking
demonstrations by a well-known chef.
The festival will also host its very frst
wedding, with the groom- and bride-to-be
regular attendees at the event.
For those who dont really need an excuse
to dress up, there is a best-dressed prize
for the most creative and imaginative,
in keeping with the wild time theme.
There is also a photography competition
and countless photo opportunities just
picture the face of someone crunching the
head off a grasshopper, or putting a still-
wriggling huhu into their mouth.
Tickets to the festival are on sale now,
with strong early sales from Australia,
Canada and Auckland, as well as Christ-
Date: 10 March 2012
Venue: Cass Square, Hokitika
Time: Gates open at 10am, with the
festival closing at 5pm
Tickets: Tickets are $37 from Ticketdirect
outlets, or $39 at
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carrying the mislabeled cryolite Four of
these containers are on the deck near the bow.
They contain empty tanks that previously
held hydrogen peroxide, and could give off
gasses that could cause eye, nose/throat/
skin irritations, states the MNZ site before
reporting, Six containers below deck contain
ferrosilicon, potassium nitrate and potassium
superoxide. See details on these chemicals
below. The other recently declared 21 containers
hold cryolite (see details below).
Thus one containers whereabouts remains a
mystery and its specifc cargo remain omitted
from MNZ site. With no information cited
either as to the whereabouts of the 5000 kg
of trichloroiscyanuric acid classed as high
aquatic eco-toxicity listed or the 23,000 kg of
alkysulphonic liquid -class 8 Range (highlow)
of aquatic eco-toxicity listed either. Perhaps the
nearly 30,000 kg of aquatically toxic material
are all stored in the one missing container not
accounted for on the MNZ site. Basic math
shows us something is just not right here.
Meanwhile the content of the containers and
their whereabouts continues to add to the
residents of Taurangas woes.
Amanda Ward notifed DEADLINE how, on
October 11, 88 containers were washed into the
sea in rough weather, with, as of last week, 58
remaining unaccounted for.
The fgures can no longer be found on theMNZ
It has actually now been acknowledged that
over 300 containers have now been lost
with only 20% recovered. Or translated, 200
containers have simply vanished although
black box recorders of the MV Rena were
sent to Australia well before Christmas. Yet the
public still have had no notifcation as to the
cause of the MV Rena demise other than the
fact that at least one blogger was shut down pre-
election for his knowledge on the affair - after
his primary claims where corroborated by The
As we discover, the ship was insured for no
less than 4 billion dollars but, because of NZ
law, only a fraction of this may ever be paid,
as NZ law places maximum levels as to what
compensation can be sought despite the ship
being fully insured. The New Zealand Herald
reported, Under the Maritime Transport Act,
the capped civil liability to the ships insurers is
estimated at $14 million by legal commentators.
John Key yesterday said the clean-up so far had
cost an estimated $12.1 million.
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in the heart of Invercargill | 5 star service at budget costs?
Only minutes walk away fromall major amenities, including
shops, supermarkets, restaurants, all night life and the City
Library. Children welcome, individual travellers, large and
small groups are all welcome. At the Tuatara Lodge we pride
ourselves in offering roomtypes to suit every kind of traveller.
Rooms: 4-bed, 6-bed, 8-bed, 10-bed shared dorms, female &
male only dorms, double/twin, ensuite rooms & family rooms.
Linen is provided. Internet terminals avalible. Our cafe offers
an All Day Breakfast (+ lunch & dinner menu) cooked by our
awesome chef who cooks fromthe Soul. Likewise our staff take
coffee seriously so you can bet on some seriously good Java.
30-32 Dee Street, next toWachner Place, The Speights Ale
House, The Library. Lookfor the large painting of a Tuatara on
our outside wall (its easy to find us).
Phone: 0064 3 214 0954 or 0800 488 282 (0800 4 TUATARA)
Reception Hours: SUMMER7.30am- 8pmCheckout 10am|
Extensive range of pre-loved music, rockn
roll culture collectables incl LPs, CDs, DVDs,
Tapes, Videos, Books & Magazines

As well as the best selection of the Deep
Souths original recording artists.

86 Spey St Invercargil
Phone 021387028 Fri- Sat 11-3

specialising in secondhand label clothing &
fashion accessories with a an edge
Afordable Funk In Fashion

Ph: 0277406256
110 Dee St Invercargill
Axis & Rockn Rolla brought to you Jay Sellwood & Kat Kemp Radio Southland hour long weekly radio show of 100% Southland made music on Radio Southland 96.4fm
every Thursday at 8pm and podcast from featuring music made in the Deep South by Southland people or
visitors making music in the Deep South or Southlanders making music elsewhere.Hosted by Jay Sellwood, Kat Kemp and guests
That is what the founder of Invercargill radio
station Ifnity FMhopes his station will provide
the community.
The station, which currently broadcasts in
Invercargill, Christchurch and on the internet,
was started last year when Greg Selman, or
Ozzie, sold his car to buy gear and began
transmitting from his garage with an Xbox.
With a passion for radio and a concern that
many of the voices in his community were not
being represented by other stations, Ozzie set
forth on his project to give people a voice.
It is hard to get a job in radio, most people work
for free and there are very few regional stations.
He describes the station as a baby learning to
Infnity began with only Ozzie, but had 50 staff
at one point and now has 27 interns including a
dedicated news crew which is attracting more
This is furthering Ozzies goal for ifnity to
speak on issues that other stations tend to miss.
The station has also secured the services of
two of New Zealands most popular Dub Step
DJs Optimus Gryme and Organikismness who
produce shows on Friday nights, plus Best
Selling author and independent newspaper
proprietor Ben Vidgen (who recently joining
forces with Oz to found the Southerns
Independent Media Alliance) and will be co-
hosting every Sunday night a news show with
Ifnity kick arse news team.
Greg Ozzie Selman is the CEO & founder of
Ifnity FM
A quick introductory note when Oz frst submitted this my
frst thought were to I should edit it and give it a bit of
gloss but in the end I decided against this. . For as some
one who is inficted with dyslexic I have learned too often
how we can to easily ignore the court jesters who lisp
wisdom as with serial gullibility we fall for the eloquent
lies of princes delivered to us in the highest of tongues.
Yet real communication is not based on grammar alone
but on the power of ideas that lie in the minds of us all.
Where to start?? My names Ozzie. You dont
no me or have any relation to me, but today I
got asked to write. See, today I asked a question
in my brain. I didnt tell anyone what the
question was or or what it was about, I didnt
have time because I looked up and there it was.
The answer to my question. It was the next
status update on face-book from someone else.
It solved what I was asking. It let me avoid
something at the same time.
Sometimes life is a bit like that. You look up
and bang its there in ya face but ya miss it. it
just glides past without a thought and if our eyes
cont. pg 23
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Wildly popular music-comedy sensation The
Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
are back on the road with their newest
record, I Love You, another serving of
infectious, ukulele-infused hit songs.

This tour sees the orchestra play new towns
never before explored by the band, who look
forward to bringing their charming swagger
to new corners of New Zealand. Heavenly
harmonies and stunning solos are juxtaposed
against hilariously budget special effects,
madcap antics and questionable banter,
delighting crowds of all ages.

Lead by Age Pryor (Fly My Pretties,
Woolshed Sessions), the band formed six
years ago at a tiny caf in Wellington and
have since become a cult favourite, causing a
mad scramble for tickets wherever they go.
WHERE: Sammys Dunedin
WHEN: Friday 9th March 2012
TIME: 9.00pm (doors open at 8pm)

Mon-Fri : 10.00 - 5.30
Sat-Sun : 10.00 - 5.00
Ph: (03) 477 6874
Cr St David & Great King St
Specialising in rare antique & much loved
Visit our FACEBOOK site (to contribute a
review, start a debate , or talk about your
favorite album, movie, or literature) So come
on hurry up online or on person wed love
here from you and all inquiries are always
welcome .
Ph 0275665674
Empire Under the Long White Cloud self
published by author Gary Blair is quite
frankly a bloody good yarn and Mr Blair
should be very proud of himself. I have read
it and a que has formed in household by
other members also wanting to read it after
watching the reactions of those who have.
8 years in the making, this is a fact based
fctional novel. The book is written by Gary
Blair, who was once a jockey in his youth,
apprentice to the late Ray Harris from
|Tuahiwi. Based in the mid 1850s, and the
story follows a lads fght for survival in this
the furthest outpost of the British Empire.
And his experience on the Collingwood
Goldfelds, the history of the early mariners,
the story of Te Rauparaha, and the slaughter
of the tribes who lived in the far north of
Te Wai Pounamu between 1827 -1831 and
beyond. The book works on many levels as
historic novel revealing the seedy history of
NZ politics, gun runners, race relations and
those with greed in their eyes.

On another level the book is simply good
yarn about NZ pioneer history which brings
history alive warts and all (including oral
sex and opium).
Detailed from start to end from how to pack
a pipe to breaking a horse in but rarely dry
or drawn out in way that make the reader
know the author has forgotten them.

It confrms what I have long known NZ
history was every bit colorful as the Wild
West and Cowboy era but until now has it
interest suck dry by academics historian
and Victorian Presbyterianism, regional
parochialism. The sort of censored version
which glossed over the seedy and made NZ
history slightly less exciting than a frontal
lobotomy patient on Valium. We need more
books like this to remind us of just what a
fascinating (and often violent) place the NZ
of the 1800s was.

The books also works as parody on greed
and what happens when loose sight of
with real prize and you get the feeling and
appreciate that the author is sharing his
own insight of this philosophy via this most
remarkable tale.
Finally it is romance made all the more
poignant by the integrity paid to the story
Emprie Under the Long Wite Clouds Is
Not a sophisticated read but an honest one
handled with care and love. If you enjoyed
the simplicity but detail of Huckleberry fn
you will certainly enjoy this tale for sure.
A celebration of our Chinese culture and
heritage, it is the only authentic scholars
gardenin the southern hemisphere
Visit the teahouse for coffee, traditional
tea and snacks
Appreciate the garden at dusk on
Wednesday evenings
Explore a garden full of culture that
tells a story at every corner
A range of unique gifts to purchase at
the Tea Shop
Open Daily 10.00am - 5.00pm Admission Charges Apply
Cnr Cumberland & Rattray Sts (beside Otago Settlers Museum)
Our own oasis in the city
Ph 03 477 3248
Careys Bay
Historic Hotel
Open for lunchtime dining
7 Days a week 11.30am-3pm
Bookings Recommended
With warmopen fres, Come and enjoy
the great food and atmosphere
Ph: 472 8022
65 Crawford St, Dunedin | Phone:(03) 477 2185
Sonic thrash, riff-driven pop and
krautrock free-jams . A Dunedin band
who describe themselves as tasty jam
with 80% fruit
Their recipe as self described on their face
book site reads :
Simon Maclaren former guitar-slinging
front man with 90s trash popsters
Loves Ugly Children, prime mover
behind revered krautrock hypnotists The
Subliminals and creator of melodic dream
time entity Sleepers Union;
Pour in a measure of Lucy Hunter a
member of the opposite sex and a member
of Opposite Sex;
Add a generous dollop of Jeff Harford
occupier of the drummers throne for
a line of Dunedin outfts that goes as far
back as Bored Games and takes in the
likes of The Rip, My Deviant Daughter
and Valve along the way.
Polish off with a dash of Geordie Frame
formerly of the mysterious Metal
Cactus and now mulch-instrumentalist

Alip-smacking combination, huh!
WHERE: Crown Hotel
WHEN: Friday 10th Feburary 2012
The season of bread and circuses in the town
where the Tartan Mafa love their togas and
This February, OUSApresent the biggest
Orientation Week the country has ever seen,
hosting top fight New Zealand music legends
Shapeshifter, Shihad, David Dallas along
with well known support acts such as Cairo
Knife Fight, Home Brew and Sunshine Sound
Shapeshifter are unquestionably New
Zealands greatest drum and bass act, their
live shows are an unmissable staple for a
Kiwi summer and OUSAis making sure
Dunedin gets their share this summer along
with support from mainlanders Sunshine
Sound System and NightshadeOn the back
of touring in Europe and releases on the
legendary UK based Hospital Records.Add
to that Cairo Knife Fight and Dunedins own
Knives at Noon and youve got a Rock n Roll
lesson so good it should be made compulsory.
Hip-hop heroism abounds when Harlem-
based superstar David Dallas brings his full
live band to Dunedin for the very frst time,
sharing the stage with heavyweights PNC &
P Money and raps enigmatic enfant terrible
Home Brew.
Orientadium MMXII assembles New
Zealands funniest Shorter Person (Dai
Henwood), youngest Billy TAward Winner
(Rhys Mathewson) and biggest fan fction
fan (Rose Matafeo) for a night of Big Laugh
Comedy, and the legendary Toga Party kicks
off the weeks celebrations with big time
tunes from Bulletproof & Jessie G.
Final Line Up:
Shapeshifter/Shihad/David Dallas/Bulletproof
& Jessie G/Home Brew/Cairo Knife Fight/
PNC & P-Money/Sunshine Sound System/
Knives at Noon/Nightshade/Dudstown Sound
System/Dai Henwood/Rhys Mathewson/Rose
When British television chef and restaura-
teur Rick Stein was told he could choose
to go anywhere in the world to write a
travel article for English newspaper the
Daily Mail, he chose Fleurs Place in Mo-
eraki, New Zealand.
The restaurant, run by the inimitable
Fleur Sullivan, was Just one of those
places that keeps cropping up in conver-
sations whenever there was a gathering
of foodies, he said. Set in the sleepy
little fshing village of Moeraki on the
Otago coast, Fleurs Place has an unbeat-
able setting.

Theres water on three sides, fshing
boats bobbing in the harbor, the famous
Moeraki boulders across the bay and, to
the north, the open sea. Fleur uses only
the freshest of local ingredients - indeed,
fshing boats land their catches right into
her restaurant.
This book combines recipes supplied by
Fleur herself with photographs of the
spectacular scenery of coastal Otago and
the Moeraki area. Side-bar text includes
information on Fleur, the restaurant, local
suppliers and the Moeraki area.
Fleur: The Life And Times Of Pioneering Restau-
rateur Fleur Sullivan CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

Tues - Sat
5 - late
59 Princes Street
Ph:(03) 479 2177
Retailer of CDs, DVDs, books & fashion
Portil carries a wide range of CDs, DVDs,
vinyl and books, and if we dont have what
you are looking for we will source and
supply it for you.
Phone: (03) 477 0388
Mon-Fri 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sat 10am - 3pm
Harvest Court Mall 218 George St
at deadline
PH:(03)-472 7276
29 North Rd
North East Valley
Buy Sell & Trade, Second Hand Collectible
Records with No Obligation Quote
Locally Owned & Operated offering
Opening Hours
Tue - Fri 10:30am - 6:30pm
Sat 11:30am - 4:30pm Sun 11:30am - 4:00pm
1 2Cellos
- 2Cellos
6 Sounds and Silence
- ECM Documentary DVD
2 Steve Martin and The Steep
Canyon Rangers
- Rare Bird Alert
7 Tinariwen
- Tasali
3 Black Angels
- Phosphene Dream
8 Pink Martini
- Retrospective
4 Keith Jarrett
- Rio
9 Fleet Foxes
- Helplessness Blues
5 Lanie Lane
- To The Horses
10 Myer Hawthorne
- A Strange Arrangement
Pg 7 Pg 6
16 Tyne St Oamaru 027 641 4099
Donald Paterson is one of New
Zealands acclaimed Sculptors.
He uses Bronze and Copper
as his medium to create Fine
Art Pieces. He offers limited
editions sculptures for sale.
Tiger Lilys
Tues - Fri
11am - 5pm
Sat & Sun
9.30am - 5pm
13 Tyne Street, Oamaru
Ph 03 4342219
Annies Victorian Tea Rooms a Living
History Experience of Hospitality with
Style in the Traditional Victorian Manner
where everything Stops For Tea!
One of the newest businesses to start in
Oamaru, Annies Victorian Tea Rooms &
Store is an exclusive tea rooms and the
Gateway to Oamarus Victorian Precinct
. This is the collection of the oldest
Victorian buildings in Australasia one
of New Zealands best kept secrets. The
tea rooms building itself was originally
used as a draper store in 1871, followed by
AMP and book store, in 1885.
This is a popular place for both morning
and afternoon tea or light lunch. Once
inside, you will be greeted by a butler and
maid and transported back to an elegant
age with the Victorian surroundings of
white tablecloths, fowers, pictures, warm
fre, when needed, and occasionally
music from the pianoforte. You are served
homemade sumptuous cake, sandwiches
with good strong leaf tea or coffee from
fne chinaware. It brings out the lady and
gentleman in us all.
Opening hours 10.00am to 7.00pm
Tuesdays Sundays or by appointment for
any functions.
Groups are most welcome, but please do
phone in advance so preparation may be
made for your arrival.
Miss Baxter would like to inform her
customers that enquiries are welcome for
celebration cakes made to order.
Nowhere in the Empire does tea taste so
Sherbet Babs - Wooden toys
Blackballs - Liquorice
Chocolate fsh - Butterscotch
Boiled sweets - Lollipops
Jessie Roberts Store
A Sweet Victorian Seduction
4 Itchen Street, Oamaru
3 Tyne Street, Oamaru
Phone: (03) 4346247
Eden St
Coquet St
ear St
ard St
Itchen St
eek St
Wansbeck St
Eden St







Te Oamaru Textile Exchange
Bringing Textile Trades Alive
13 Tyne St, Ph 03 4342219,
Peoples Choice
Hotel of the Year"
Jenny Lynch-Blosse & Kahren
In Harbour & Tyne
Historic Precinct
Open Tue to Sat 10 - 5:30 &
Sun 11 - 3
Ph: 434-9277 Fax :434-7561
Lazy Cat Pottery and Tileworks
Handmade tiles, pottery, stone & copper,
garden art, toys, and gifts
We are digital ceramic printers and can design exclusive
kitchen tiles. Handmade tile commissions undertaken.
Open 7 days | 7 Habour St, Oamaru | 434 5905|
5%discount with this advert!
D U N E D I N - MO S G I E L - O A MA R U - C E N T R A L O T A G O - WA N A K A
Eye Candy For The Imagination
03 434-0463 - Fax: +64 3-434-0465
Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm,
2 Tyne Street, Oamaru
Harbour St Bakery
Gourmet pies, Sour Doughs,
European Breads & Pastries.
Now also in Dunedin 20 Albany St
03 477 79 44
& Oamaru Farmers Market
Open 7 days - 03 434 044
Oamaru i-SITE Visitor Centre conveniently open 7 days for mak-
ing your holiday accommodation, activity and travel reservations.
Ticketing Agents for Ticket Direct. Great selection of travel guides
and souvenirs.
1 Thames Street, Oamaru.
Ph: 03 434 1656.
Woolez Hand Made: Wool Textile & Spinning
Equipment Specialists -
14 Tees St 03 434 2003.
Professor Sparkies Laboratory of Modern
Wonderment (A working tile) Radio & Electrical
Technology Museum
8 Tees St 03 434 2003.
Book A Brac: Books Arts & Curious for the
Discerning Purveyor of Fine Things 12 Tees St.
Specialist & Buyers of NZ Books
Open 7days 021 179 4208 3 Tees St.
Oamarus Original Retail Sector
manufactured @
TheWootore Gallery
Harbour Street Deli
Deli,small cafe,cheeses,&
small goods + gluten free
Open :10am- 4 Tue -Sun
45 Thames Street,
Oamaru Central
At the Old Jetty
Moeraki, Otago, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 439 4480
Such a case includes the use media gags
subject to conditions of bail for perceived
breeches of the crime act from evidence
seized where subject continues to maintain
their right to silence. Or is deemed to by
authorities, who have placed subject to an
examination order or surveillance secured
under declaratory orders or are using un-
tested or covert forms of surveillance. Such
as the built gps locator which also provide
audio based surveillance capacity are in-
creasing found in many makes of new model
cars now being imported to NZ, begin-
ning with government purchased vehicles,
without the public being made aware their
motor car can now be turned into a de-facto
listening bug.

Other proposed censorship legislation is ex-
pected to be raised by National in parliament
this term.
MPs on both side of the fence need to think
long and hard about what the consequences
of this act will do in removing a citizens
right to air grievances & seek address
though public forums. Thus providing the
means to address issues concerning the
breach to the social contract that exist be-
tween state & its citizens as is the intended
model of genuine democracy.
This author personally BEGS all MPs to
think and discuss amongst there familys and
colleagues what the consequences of such
legislation now mean not just to society as
whole but personally to themselves their
familys and friends. Laws that irreversibly
changes the social fabric of NZ which kiwi
are deeply proud of in most dangerous ways
that force and provide protest to act with a
negative reactions having being deprived,
under such legislation, all other forms of
redress unless exceptionally well resourced.

If MP personalty participate in stripping a
societys right to protest in a legal non vio-
lent its means they are actively responsible
for the gap that are now springing up in NZ
between those who do have power and those
who they would make powerless under such
laws. Laws which ultimately do little to pro-
tect the long term sovereign interest of NZs
own citizens against in contrast the legal and
fscal clout of multinational corporate who
ultimately stand to have their commercial
agendas only enhanced by such legislation.
Especially when the combine power of such
act is put in force. Big sticks dont create
obedient dogs only ugly natured dogs more
likely to bite back.
For such laws will be executed as stand
alone bills but works in their most draco-
nian form when brought into force against
a subject simultaneously. In this manner the
legislation not only takes away the right to
protest against the state, via legal non vio-
lent means, but it then takes away a citizens
right to literally feed & medicate themselves
& their familys (as they choose to see ft as
responsible law abiding citizens who can be
trusted to make as adults rational decisions
concerning their own personal welfare).
As graduate of political science and history
who focused on the study of terrorism there
are few times I have ever found that political
violence can ever be condoned.

The exception however is when a state make
the mistake of giving no quarter .Of not just
denying its citizens the right to lawfully pro-
test but then deny those citizens the right to
seek address in cases where the states action
can be proved not only to be prejudice and
present an unfair bias but directly risk the
safety and well being of the citizens, their
friends and family, which many increasingly
feel the food bill does and similar proposed
legislation does.

Bad legislation risks unleashing a ugly
response in a country which has had little
history of genuine politically motivated
violence in over 150 years (minus the state
sponsored Rainbow Warrior Affair con-
ducted by foreign government not domestic
activists). These laws are danger to political
stability of NZ and to NZ democracy and
attack the very foundation upon which the
concept of democracy was borne.

Not only in such circumstances do such laws
when put into legislation set the conditions
for social violence to unfold but historically
where ever this has happened violence has
being inevitable. These laws in short make
in the context of NZ history, its long term
history of political stability, no sense and do
nothing but create a problem -

cont. from pg 2 SLEEPING DOGS
Jenny and Neville welcome you to Ambassador Motor Lodge situated at the north end of
the Oamaru Central Business District. At our 11-unit motel we strive to offer the best in
comfort and hospitality, offering home-baked muffns to all guests on arrival. As we have
both travelled extensively we feel we have good insight to travellers needs and are happy to
assist with itineraries if required.
Ambassador Motor Lodge | 296 Thames Hwy | Oamaru | New Zealand |
P: +64 3 437 2146 | F: +64 3 437 2143 | R: 0800 437 214
E: | W:
Gardens move people in different ways
according to where, when and how they
have lived their lives, their collective
memories and cultural experiences. We are
all caught up in some way with what has
gone before.
It is a space which gathers around itself
a history to which assumptions cling. To
some extent assumptions from histori-
cal precedents determined from antiquity
infuence us, but more importantly we
are infuenced by our own history and by
moving around in other peoples culture
and beliefs.
To the modern mind the idea of gardens
as conveyors of meaning is an unfamiliar
one. Yet a garden can convey meaning in
a similar way that a building can. Like a
good poem, a garden contains many levels
of meaning and draws a different response
from every individual. For on the personal
level, only you know the meaning of your

4 February-4 March: The Oamaru
Public Garden: The making of a garden
- an exhibition curated by Rob Douglas.
Developed and curated by Noelline Ed-
wards December 2011
Oamaru choreographer and flm maker
Bronwyn Judge presents her flm Tohu, a
documentary that recognises the ancient
culture, the river and endangered birds of
Waitaha. The Waitaha have been strug-
gling to be regognised as an independent
people, the frst indigenous people of In
2004, an extremely rare gold-colored kea/
parrot was sighted near their mountain
Aoraki (Mount Cook). In Waitaha mythol-
ogy, such a bird is thought to carry mes-
sages from the ancestors and it is under-
stood to be a sign, or tohu.

This flm is a tribute to the beauty that still
exists in the natural birdlife and landscape
of Aotearoa/NZ.
This synopsis was found at - http://www.
April-6 May:
TOHU: Recognition of Rare Value by
flm maker Bronwyn Judge.
Adocumentary that recognises the
ancient culture of the Waitaki River and
endangered birds of Waitaha.

Phone +64 3 437 2200 RESERVATIONS FREEPHONE 0800 732 200

Fax +64 3 437 2600 e-mail: heritage.oamaru@xtra
We Accept all Mayor Credit Cards
Romantic luxury honeymoon suite packages. Comfortable quiet fully self-contained units. Super
King, King and Queen sized beds. Units with large spa baths. A loyalty rewards programme, stay
10 nights your 11th night is free (valid till 2011)
Accommodation thats is always warm & sunny with rooms serviced daily.
346 Thames Highway Oamaru
Heritage Motor Court Lodge
Looking for a preserve, chutney, relish
or pickle just like your Grandma used
to make? Then look no further, because
French Chef Gilbert Prevort from The Loan
& Mercantile is the creator of the most
amazing condiments using the freshest
North Otago produce.
How it all started...
Fleur Sullivan, owner of Fleurs Place in
Moeraki, was the visionary behind the
opening of The Loan & Mercantile, a tavern
and eating house in Oamarus historic
precinct. The Loan & Merc (as its known
to locals) developed a wide range of North
Otago renowned produce into preserves,
chutneys, relishes, pickles and other
specialty lines. And it was through a great
working relationship with Fleur when it all
started for French Chef Gilbert Prevort.
Gusto; its all a matter of taste when
it comes to freshly made Italian pasta!
Taking the best four, free range eggs,
extra virgin olive oil and salt, Mark creates
handmade pasta with love. Selling ready to
eat packs at the Oamaru Farmers Market,
it will make your weeknight dinners quick
and easy! Simply add a sauce and voila. A
healthy meal that the kids will love too.
How it all started...
Asta La Pasta started with Marks love
of Italian food after working as a Chef in
Wellington at litaliano Caffe in Tinakori
Road, Thorndon. When he headed home
to Oamaru, he came up with the idea of
making pasta himself.
Contact information
Mark Allan
021 1077 057 .

12 Harbour St, Victorian Precent, Oamaru
C:021 2344621
13 14
mean greens [est 1999]
fresh adj. gathered daily to order
lettuce n. a plant with crisp leaves used as a salad
specialist growers of premium
fresh mixed lettuce and salary greenery
spray-free produce
hornz gap accredited growers
inquiries -susan or dave
03 437 1012 or 027 547 33 67
Pg 9 Pg 8
Fri 17 Feb -Supermodel & Sleeping Dogs /
Alternative, Indie
Sat 18 Feb - Two Piece Fest w/ DZ
Deathrays Wellington / Alternative, Indie
The inaugural event in what is to become an
annual institution, Two Piece Fest is coming
to NZ and kicking it off in style.
Thu 23 Feb - SEWN Documentary After
Party / Bar DJ
Wed 7 Mar - The Mutton Birds / Rock
The original line-up of The Mutton Birds,
reunited after 10 years.
Thu 12 Apr - Steve Earle - Solo & Acoustic
/ Country
40 Days Touring are pleased to announce
the return of Steve Earle. & DEADLINE
has this to say about the grassroots blues
legend famed for such hits as Copper Head
Road and thats simply OMG OMG OMG
for sure.
Wed 18 Apr - Unknown Pleasures & Closer
- AJoy Division Celebration (Alternative,
Fri 20 Apr - Justin Townes Earle (Blues)
Welcome to The Mighty Mighty Market
page! Held on the 1st Saturday of EVERY
month @ Mighty Mighty Bar. 1-5pm.
ASoiree of sorts... celebrating shopping
and drinking! Enjoying the many crafty and
collectible delights Wellington has to offer;
with the best of vibes and people on site.
To book a stall please email:
104 Cuba mall Sat 1-5pm
Wed 8th Feb - Alizarin Lizard - the
Weekend Went Without
You Album Release Tour
Sat 11th Feb- Urban Tramper+Guest
Nature mocks us and poets live torture...
Arock & roll show can provide meaning
in our ultimately futile lives. (Alt / Indie)
Sat 11th Feb - Dr Sketchy - Revenge of
the Redheads
Classic Wellington Rock triva Quiz
What Bands have played at Mighty Mighty?
(See answer upsidedown)
BATS - 1 Kent Tce
Wed 8 Feb - I Be the GhostWed
Fri 10 Feb - Kitsch n Sync
Sat 11 Feb - The Adventures of Wendy the
Mon 13 Feb - Leslie the Lover...Dark Stars
Tue 14 Feb - Should We Stay Or Should We
Thu 16 Feb - Moving Stationery
Part of Fringe Festival 2012
Fri 17 Feb - The 37th Situation
Mon 20 Feb - Transit of Venus vs Nosferatu
Tue 21 Feb - Yes. No. Maybe?
Wed 22 Feb - Puppet Fiction: Pulp Fiction
with Strings Attached
Thu 23 Feb - Divas and the Beast
Fri 24 Feb - Acts for the Frozen Sea
Fringe Festival 2012
Mon 27 Feb - An Unfortunate Willingness
A. 101 Ghuznee Street, Wellington
P. +64 4 384 8212
Live Theartre
1 Kent Terrace, Wellington
Phone: 04 802 4176 E:
Every Cup Perfect
Ph: 04 80168 68
234 Cuba St
Wellington Aotearoa
Revolutonising Food Since 88
178 Cuba St Wellington
Ph: 04 384 7014
Open 7 Days til late
Drop by, pick up your supplies and let us
pour you a cup of our special java.
163 Tory St, Wellington, NZ Phone: 04 384 7041
Open: 8.30am - 5.00pm Mon - Fri
16 Riddiford St, Newtown. Open Mon-Friday 8am-8.30pm and
Sat and Sun 9am-4.30pm. Ph (04) 389 0470
Live Entertainment
Hours Wed - Sat, 4pm til Late
(04) 385 2890
104 Cuba St,Wellington.
For info on the monthly market
(1st Saturday of the month) contact: Erin or Sera
to Agree
Tue 28 Feb - Space Bitches
Thu 1 Mar - Chairman of the Beard
Tue 6 Mar - APlay About Love
Thu 8 Mar - Richard Meros Salutes the
Southern Man
Above: Cuba Street Queen
The Fringe Bar 101 Cuba St the kings of
Laugh Or Die with Meat Monday More
Fun than Killing Zombies with a shotgun.
EVERY MONDAY | 8:00pm | $5 New and
established comedians take to the stage
with new material. Its stand-up comedy at
its freshest!
//Wed with W.I.T. Thurs The comedy
MEDUSA Central Wellington
at 154 Vivian Street CRN
Cuba St.
Bar Medusa Wellington Located on Vivian
Street, between Cuba Street and Marion
Street (previously Valve Bar), Bar Medusa
is in the middle of Wellingtons creative
sector, and is the place to see international
and local bands if youre passionate about
alternative and underground music.
Thu 9 Feb - Voltaire (NYC) / Folk
Buy Tickets
Sat 11 Feb - Knights of the DUB Table
Way of the DUB Album Tour/ Dub, Roots
Full Noise Music Management and Flax
Roots Records Present: Knights of the
DUB Table Way of the DUB Album Tour
Sat 25 Feb - Honeybadger Tour /
Alternative, Indie
Sun 26 Feb - Bulletbelt - Writhe And
Ascend NZ Tour / Metal
Sat 17 Mar - These Four Walls and
Decortica / Rock These Four Walls and
Decortica - Two of NZs meanest live acts,
hit the road for four shows together in
Photos By Ben Vidgen
James Smith Cnr. Cuba Str. Wellington 04 499 1579
Cnr. Jackson & Victoria Strs. Petone 04 589 0918
army surplus
C l a s s i c W e l l i n g t o n R o c k t r i v a A n s w e r s
A l i z a r i n L i z a r d , A n d r e w K e o g h a n , A n n a C o d d i n g t o n ,
B e a s t w a r s , B e l l a C a j o n , B l a c k C i t y L i g h t s , B l a c k w a t e r ,
B r o w n , C a p t a i n S e r g e a n t M a j o r , C i a r a n R e g a n o , C i t y
O h S i g h , C o u g a r C o u g a r C o u g a r , C r o w n J u l z A n d T h e
2 4 C a r a t s , D : u n k , D e a r F r o n t i e r , D e e r P a r k , D i a n a R o z z ,
D i s a s t e r a d i o , D j B a l k a n e t i c , D o u b l e Y a D ! , E d w a r d G a i n s ,
E n e m y E m p i r e , E v e r y t h i n g R e v s , F I n M a t h , F a b u l o u s /
A r a b i a , F a s t e r P u s s y c a t K i l l K i l l , F o r c e F i e l d s , F o r e s t
S p i r i t s , F r e n c h F o r R a b b i t s , F u l l M o o n F i a s c o , F u y u k o s
F a b l e s , G h o s t W a v e , G l a s s O w l s , G l a s s V a u l t s , G l a s s e y e
A n d T h e C a r n i e s , g o d b o w s t o m a t h , G o l d e n A x e , G r e a t
N o r t h , H e r M a k e B e l i e v e B a n d , H o l l y w o o d f u n D o w n s t a i r s ,
J e t s a m I s l e s , J o h n T h e B a p t i s t , K e r r e t t a , K i m P o t t e r ,
K i t t e n t a n k , K o b o s h , L e f t O r R i g h t , L o u i s B a k e r , M a m m a l
A i r l i n e s , M a n t h y n g , M i l e s C a l d e r , M i n i s n a p , M i r i a m
C l a n c y , N e v e r n u d e s , N e w H a n g U p s , N i g h t c h o i r , N i k o N e
Z n a , N o A l o h a , O l d G r e y W o l f , O l d L o a v e s , O r c h e s t r a O f
S p h e r e s , P a n t h e r A n d T h e Z o o , P r i n c e s s C h e l s e a , P s y c h
T i g e r s , R a c h e l h o p e , R u b y F r o s t , R y a n P r e b b l e , S e t h
F r i g h t e n i n g , S h a r p i e C r o w s , S h e s S o R a d , S h e r p a , S l e e p y
A g e , S l u r t o n e s , S o l o O n o , S t R u p e r t s b e r g , S u n k e n S e a s ,
T 5 4 , T a p e M a n , T e r r o r O f T h e D e e p , T e r r o r O f T h e D e e p
, T h e B l u e O n e s i e s , T h e B o d y L y r e , T h e B r o a d s i d e s , T h e
C o s b y s , T h e D h d f d s , T h e D r a b D o o - r i f f s , T h e E a s t e r n , T h e
G l a d e y e s , T h e L o s t B o y s , T h e M a n t a r a y s , T h e M o n o t o n i c s ,
T h e O u t s i d e r s , T h e P s y c h s , T h e P y r a m i d S c h e m e , T h e S a m i
S i s t e r s , T h e S h o c k i n g A n d S t u n n i n g , T h e S h o c k i n g P i n k s ,
T h e S h r u g s , T h e S h r u g s , T h e S n e a k s , T h e S t e f f a n V a n S o e s t
H i t - m a c h i n e , T h e T r a n s i s t o r s , T h o u g h t C r e a t u r e , T h r o w
I t T o T h e F i r e , T i e d o n T e e t h , T i m o t h y B l a c k m a n , T i n y
R u i n s , T o m m y I l l , 4 7 D i a m a n t e s , T v D i s k o , T w o C a r t o o n s ,
U r b a n t r a m p e r , V o r n , W h a t N o i s y C a t s , W i l b e r f o r c e s ,
alternative fashion
& jewellery.
171 Adelaide Road,
on the way to
Ph 022 0998764
Since 2003 Highly Flammable has
performed over 700 times and has morphed
into a creative entertainment business that
specialises in creative visual entertainment
and events on a much wider scale. Highly
Flammable Ltd has two central Head
Quarters; one in Wellington (opened in Dec
2011) and the original one in Dunedin.
From Wellington and Dunedin Highly
Flammable has the ability to offer
entertainment to events NATIONALLY
without extra transport costs. The lack of
extra transport costs means that Highly
Flammable is essentially local anywhere in
New Zealand and therefore is more affordable
to a wider range of events. The main three
areas that Highly Flammable now focuses on
are; venue entrances, staged performances
and roving. In addition Highly Flammable
Ltd has the ability to customise performances,
production and costuming specifcally for
events. Highly Flammable can perform for
events small (i.e. 2 performers for 30 guests)
to large (i.e. 30 performers for 25,000 guests).
For more information about what Highly
Flammable Ltd offers; have a look through
the website under performance options or
contact us
Your one stop punk rock pirate shop!
We have a huge range of
tights, hair dyes and
accessories also available
on our website
174 Cuba St, Wellington
PH 04 384 8939
...turn your scrap metal into dollars
Branches nationwide
Phone 0800 22 66 26
54 Vivian St Wellington
Pg 11 Pg 10
Sunday 22nd Jan - Tom Rodwell And
Storehouse Adam In The Garden Single
Release Tour 3:00 pm Alpine Lodge, Nelson
Klezmer Rebs european and klezmer music
at Freehouse
7:00 pm The Free House, Nelson
Thurs 2nd Feb - 9:00 pm Mussel Inn,
Sun 5th Feb - Anna Coddington Little
Islands Tour 7:00 pm The Free House,
Fri 10 Feb - Batucada Sound Machine -
Album Release Tour Nelson School of
Music Nelson
Fri, 24 Feb Alizarin Lizard -the Weekend
Went Without You Album Release Tour
Rhythmonyx from Invercargill playing
Nelson for the very frst time! Be sure to
catch the ultra live 7 piece, infectious live
set for yourself!
Also, check us out singing for our supper
on the Cathedral steps in the sunny
Big, funky bottom-line grooves from
the lithe and muscular rhythm section of
Richard Hogan and Rhys White. Urgent,
edgy Aotearoa raps and vocal stylings
from Invercargills answer to Che Fu, Jono
Leask. Insistent, chiming guitar chops from
John Pfeifer. Fluid brass harmonies and
stabbing punctuation from Rumi Koda and
Nick Garraway. Dashes of electronica from
soundman-MCP operator Tom Smythe.
Combined, their sound is a fresh, vibrant and
obesely phat mash of Kiwi grooves, Pasifka
beats, reggae chops, old-school British
ska, hip-hop and electronica: impossible to
defne, wonderful to behold. Opening for
legends such as the Wailers, and rubbing
shoulders with Tiki Taane, Katchafre, and
many, many others, the Rhythmonyx have
frmly established themselves as a force
to be reckoned with in the New Zealand
Music scene, check out our Gig Guide on the
Bandpage and experience the live energy for
The skanking live favourite, Waimumu
Watercress, could be a contender for
Southlands unoffcial anthem. - Chris
Chilton, Southland
Times Fri 3 Feb, 10:00pm
Where: The Shark Club, 132-136 Bridge St,
Nelson Show map
Restrictions: All Ages
Ticket Information: Bargain!: $10.00
Door Sales Only
Fri 3rd Feb - The Shot Band
The shorter limb of The Hobnail Boots!
Johnny Cash meets Keith Richards
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: $8.
Age restrictions: All Ages.
Sat 11th Feb - Michael Fix
According to Nick Charles, this is the best
guitarist in Australia!
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: $15.
Age restrictions: All Ages.
LePicton Cafe post gig updates weekly on
the website
Baby Gs Lounge Cafe & Bar Nelson fringe venue catering
to live entertainment, has a great range of kiwi beers, an
extensive range of wines/spirits including specialty liqueurs like
poppy liqueur, honey distilled bourbons & a locally produced
version of the famous green fairy legendary absinthe often
cited mutually in the same breath as the inspiration of both
mad men & geniuses.

Hours 5pm to late Wed - Sat
Baby G: Cabaret - Live Music - Great Cocktails - Good Times!
Church St Nelson New Zealand (03) 545 8957
Nelsons premier pool bar
A cornerstone of Nelson Nightlife since 1996, The Shark Club offers so much more than a
conventional pool hall. Live entertainment, fantastic staff, great drinks, special deals, regu-
lar pool competitions, room to dance, are always on the table at the Shark Club.
We cater for a diverse crowd - thats our strength and our motto. A safe & friendly place
for backpackers to explore, an enticing and stimulating bar for travellers to experience, a
place for locals to met a welcome respite for Nelson students.
True Nelson Hospitality to enjoy on a regular basis
132-136 Bridge Street, Nelson City, NZ Ph: 546 6630
NZ may as well hang a sign saying Toxic
waste pirates unwelcome, because, whatever
fee is imposed on those who dare transgress,
it would be nothing compared to the proft to
be made from their trade. Especially when
insurance is included into the booty.
No proof exists that this was the case in
the Rena case but the fact remains the
Mediterranean Shipping Company have a
nasty history which extends to deliberate
dumping of toxic waste and then lying about it
To recap from my DEADLINE frst blog on
the Rena (
MSC not only have a horrifc history of not
only shipping toxic waste but of deliberately
spilling oil and waste.
In Israel, MSC deliberately leaked oil, using
a pipe ftted in the ship into the harbor.See
-- Bunkerworld News - Latest News - Israeli
court imposes countrys highest ever fne for
oil spill.
In England, MSC Carla spilt open, pouring
radioactive barrels into the British Channel
after the old ship, badly maintained, broke up.
Toxic waste was also found on the wreck of
the MSC Napoli and along British beaches
from yet another UK incident, the MSC
NapoliDisaster: Containers Washed Up
In India, in 2010, MSC Chitra-MV Khadija
Oil Spill caused millions in damage. headline/2010-
In the UK, tonnes of used syringes and
condoms rejected from Brazil were sent back
after containers under the guise of recyclable
plastic on an MSC ship sent to Brazil were
found to be actually illegal waste.
MSC was later fned by government of Brazil
for their role in illegal toxic waste dumping.
While in the USA, MSC was to illustrate their
sense of corporate responsibility by trying
to cover up their role in toxic dumping , an
action which resulted in MSC fned by Justice
Department for Deliberate Criminal Action.
see also #06-055: 02-01-06 MSC Ship
Management Sentenced For Oil Pollution
Management (Hong Kong) Limited a Hong
Kong-based container ship company has
pleaded guilty and was sentenced
to pay a $10 million criminal fne after
admitting to engaging in conspiracy,
obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence,
false statements and violating t].
MSC Ship Management would, in the end,
plead guilty. But only because authorities gave
them no other chance and were determined to
make the maritime frm accountable.
On 2 Nov 2010, The Maritime Union of
Australia would raise serious concerns over
the Flag of Convenience (FOC) shipping
system, after another near disaster when the
Liberian-fagged MSC Basel ran aground off
Brisbane yesterday morning. The ship is also
suspected of being involved in radioactive
shipments and is licensed to ship major
hazards class A.
As for the MV Rena and MSC New Zealand
operations, the MSC Basel is a ship that, in
fact, regularly visits Wellington and Lyttelton
and should also be more closely monitored by
environmentalist groups.
As for the Rena, an excellent Radio Live
interview with a Bluff seaman, who had
worked on the Rena, and knows both the Rena
and MSCs shocking conditions, highlights
the frms reputation which extends to the
delightful nickname of More Shits Coming
that the frm is known worldwide by port
workers. The comment section on this website
may in fact be the origins of persistent rumour
that the Rena is carrying yellow cake or other
radioactive cargo. One comment on the site
states, I heard a caller on
Radio Live saying Rena had
been intercepted by Russian
and American Navy ships,
looking for radioactive
Since then DEADLINE
has attempted to contact
both Grant Dyson of
Braemar Howells UK who
are handling the Rena
salvage operations and Dr
Vim Nijhof, the manager
of the National Radiation
Laboratory, and Maritime
NZ to ask the following
Are they are aware that the
MV Rena has regularly
docked at ports in Australia
associated with the shipment
of yellow cake raw uranium
Are they aware that this
specifc ship has been alleged
to have been inspected by US and Philippines
authorities in relation to the shipment of
radioactive material (nature unknown)?
Are they aware of the shipping frms
extensive reputation for shipping toxic waste
illegally and not cooperating with either
authorities or media?
Maritime NZ media spokesman, Sophie
Hazlehurst, confrmed 32 container identifed
as hazardous, including the cryolite, but was
unable to answer the vast majority of our
inquiries, as she did not want to prejudice
current investigations which included the
ships and the companys history and how
these were relevant to the accident. Ms
Hazlehurst was able to confrm that they
identifed the cryolite after media inquiries
were made but the media queries were never
followed up and were ,as she understands, in
fact unrelated to MSC disclosure. When asked
to clarify this against Maritime NZs own web
site which states : The contents of these 21
containers were not declared as dangerous
goods in the original manifest provided to
MNZ and as required under the International
Maritime Dangerous Goods Code...The
manifest records the product as Cover Bath
Material and Pure Tapped Bath Material.
This is aluminum trisodium hexafuoride, a
by-product of the aluminum smelting process
also known as cryolite. MSC identifed 11
containers of dangerous goods. MNZ was also
provided with a copy of the manifest.
It is the responsibility of the shippers or
freight forwarders to correctly identify and
label goods. MNZ sought a thorough review
of the manifest some weeks ago, following
queries from media about material that could
have come from an aluminum smelter.
However, the cryolite was not correctly
labeled, and not recognized as a dangerous
good. MNZ did not receive confrmation that
the cryolite had not been mislabeled until
22 November nearly two months after the
accident when MNZ had already contacted
the frm and being told only container had
hazardous goods. In other words, MSC only
came clean once the presence of a dangerous
cargo had already being identifed.
When asked in fact how it could be deemed
that MNZ action were not related to the media
query and therefore MSC action seen in light
of coming clean only after being caught red
handed lying to Maritime NZ, Ms Hazlehurst
responded that she was unable to answer that
as she did not have the relevant information
in front of her. Ms Hazlehurst likewise was
unable to confrm monitoring of the Rena was
taking pace but as to whether the ship was
being monitored for other material including
radioactive material she advised that we
contact the frm in charge of the ships salvage
operations (Fitza) and that Maritime New
Zealand records of the current hazardous
goods on board the MV Rena where largely
reliant on the information provided by the
shipping company. In other words, the public
would just have to take the word of frm
with a history of criminal action and fraud at
their word when MNZ accepted the strong
assurance by MSC that there are no other
potentially dangerous goods on board that
have not been declared.
DEADLINE rang the number of the both the
cargo and ship salvage operators respectively
several times and, to date, none of their
appointed media spokes people have picked
up the phone to answer queries. We also
contacted MSC NZ agents directly, seeking
to submit questions to them, including their
past history of being involved in shipping
contraband through NZ, such as the discovery
last year of MSC containers found to be
carrying Chinese made armaments parts (the
third such arms- related discovery in Dunedin
since 2003 when both missile components
and the radioactive by product tantalum were
unearthed in containers at the Port of Otago.
DEADLINE then contacted The National
Radiation Laboratory manager, Wim
Nijhofs, who was then asked to comment
on above normal radiation levels taken by
DEADLINES own source, taken form car
windscreen in Dunedin after some light
rain this afternoon, that returned 0.32
microSieverts per hour, mostly alpha and beta
[gamma waves], leading our specialists to
respond ,Its here.
Dr Wims responded, Thats a very, very low
reading, probably attributable to background
radiation. but then admitted, when we
pointed out source was doctorate level physic
student who specialized in radioactive health
and safety, that he could not be sure and
verifcation was diffcult as the NRL was
operating on a make- shift basis following
the December Christchurch quake. Dr Wims
concluded that, as far as he was aware, the
NRL were not liaising with Maritime Services
or the salvage teams and were not involved in
monitoring or taking readings.
Relevant to why NZ should be concerned by
MSC presence in NZ and the exact content
of the Rena is the article: Why Is This Cargo
Container Emitting So Much Radiation? which reads: On July 13,
2010, MSC cargo container arrived in Genoa,
Mountfort Gallery Ltd
Presents a
Jonathan White Exhibition
Heart in the Wilderness
This outstanding exhibition is on for a limited time at Mountfort Gallerys
spacious 170 square meter premises in the heart of QUEEENSTOWN. This
represents a very rare opportunity to see the largest single body of work ever
exhibited by Jonathan,it is the frst major exhibition in over 10 years.
You can expect to see some of the highest quality representaional work you
have ever experienced.
A truely remarkable display of recent works keenly sort out by collectors and
enthusiasts of the New Zealand bush.
7 Earl Street Queenstown NZ ph 03- 409-2111
PORTS WIDE OPEN cont. from pg 2
cont. pg 22
Le Cafe in Picton
Le Caf restaurant, bar, live music venue in Picton, Marlborough Sounds, NZ.
Le Caf offers the best in contemporary Continental dining, using locally
sourced ingredients, to be enjoyed with local wines, the best beers, and live
The coffee is the fnest in Picton as is the view!
12/14 London Quay Marlborough 7220
(03) 573 558
all booking for tickets via 03 573 5588
Proudly presented by Lilly la Rouge
Its hard being a new performer. You need
all the experience you can get and to feel
the love from a hollering audience.
So Lilly la Rouge (local Nelson burlesque
artist / show producer) is giving these
amazing new performers a chance to show
Nelson what they are made of!
Show starts 9pm.
Prizes for best dressed and more.
8 Church Street, Nelson
Phone: (03) 545 8957
SOUNDSTAGE is a professional music
and performing arts school located in
We offer tuition to people of all ages and
abilities in Singing, Musical Theatre,
Drama, Tap Dancing, Hip Hop Dancing,
Guitar and Drums.
SOUNDSTAGE is located on Rutherford
Street in Nelsons artist hub, two doors
down form the Theatre Royal. We offer
students a professional atmosphere with
modern facilities and tutors who are
professionals in their chosen performance
Our year starts on the 31st January and we
are open for enrollments now and through
out the frst term.
If you want to sing, dance, play or act,
SOUNDSTAGE can offer you a range of
options to suit your needs and help you to
achieve your dreams.
Pg 13 Pg 12
Welcome to Top Gun
virtual world style in full
graphic 3D
The SimPit unique features set it apart
from typical fight simulators with quality
visual and motion effects. Its six projectors
providing a 270-degree feld of vision are
coupled with a computer controlled motion
platform and versatile instructors station;
users can select from more than 100
different aircraft ranging from a gliders
and helicopters to an F18 or Boeing
They can fy in any conditions, over
extremely realistic and highly detailed
terrain in NZ Australia and other locations
around the world, fy pre-set VFR and IFR
scenarios and complete missions including
search and rescue and even duel or
aerobatic fights with others.
The brain child of Tomas Zahradka who
has a passion for everything which
can be fown - helicopters, airplanes,
wingsuits, parachutes, kites - you name
it. Tomas worked in aviation industry
for almost over 8 years as a skydiving
instructor, wingsuit instructor and fnally
as a helicopter instructor until he started
building the SimPit.
Tomas interests in simulators began in
1991 playing the F117 stealth fghter
and the legendary Elite on good old
ZX Spectrum. Tomas states back then
all games ran on the special and super
powerful graphic chip called imagination
- I used to sit in front of a small 14 Black
and White TV till late at night imagining
all the fantastic cockpits and scenery
around myself - something that inspires
me still...growing up I got hooked on
science fction and Ive dreamt about
owning one of the VFX1- the frst virtual
reality helmets, and living and working in
cyber space. Later on Ive become
the proud owner of VR920 the grand,
grand, grandchild of VFX 1.
In 2009 I Tomas decided to change careers
from skydiving instructor and
became a helicopter pilot/instructor.
Naturally when I started learning to
fy I started looking for something like that
around for helicopter training - nothing.
33 Wellington Street Picton
tel | 0064 3 5735573
fax | 0064 3 5737267
e-mail |
alternatively use our secure online book-
ing system to secure your reservation
Explore Experience Discover
The Nelson Market : Montgomery Square, in the
Heart of Nelson City, Every Saturday 8am - 1pm
The Nelson Market focuses on quality, and has become a showcase of Nelsons innovative character, creativity and
the delicious produce of the region.
Along with the rich sights and buying opportunities, the Nelson Market is a popular meeting place where friends,
family and visitors, can catchup over a coffee, breakfast, brunch or lunch, in a cafe style environment as they re-
stock the travelling hampers or home larders fromfavourite stalls to find that special gift or memento.
So browse designer fashion, jewellery - sculptures, pottery & woven creations and variety of other arts & crafts
made in many cases by award winning artists or artistsans. Savour delicious; cakes, pastries, breads, cheeses, jams,
mustards, gourmet pies, dips, seafood, savour fresh & organic produce and other locally produced cuisine.
For Site Bookings and Enquiries Phone 03 546 6454 PO Box 664 Nelson
Dont forget our Montys Sunday Market 8am -1pm, where you can fossick for treasures amongst bric-a-brac,
recycled clothing, garage sales, imported, other variety stalls and enjoy the food, coffee and refreshments.
Victory Garden Caf
Quaint kiwi cafe in Victory Square Nelson.
Serving food made from
scratch by owner Andrea.
kiwi food for kiwis with a
few twists. Great coffee
by Divine a local roaster.
Retro kiwiana decor.
Breakfast Brunch
Pizza Sandwiches- Vegetaria
43 Toi Toi St Victory Nelson NZ
PH (03) 354 80965
explore your potential
in music or performing arts
Ph (03) 539 4498
Term 4 enrolling now!
singing drama guitar bass drums
tap dancing musical theatre
saturday beginner classes also available
From Deco to Mid Century to Retro

New Stock From The USA -
You dont want to miss out
Open Mon Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 10.30am-4pm
Always Buying & Sell Furniture Vintage
Clothing Jewellery China Art Collectibles
Record ect.
We Buy & Sell Gold
254 Hardy St Nelson 70 NZ 03 5483940
Richmond Antiques & Curios
A fantastic antiques and collectables shop
packed with great items from the 1800s
through to the retro era. This is a must visit
shop in the Nelson region.

Mon-Fri 10:00-5:30 Sat 10:00-4:30
2 Salisbury St Richmond NZ - Tel: 03 544 7675
Vintage Antiques and Collectables
A hive of choice hidden treasures from the
past waiting to be
found including
jewellery, trinkets,
pottery, porcelain,
glassware, furs,
toys, and clothing.
Nostalgia Retro
Collectables &
Steampunk Curios
& Antiques
50 Vanguard St Nelson New Zealand
Ph:03 548 7060 Mobile: 021 101 0378
Frames, Art, Conservation items
& memorabilia.
In fact we just about frame anything
from including doing hangings lighting
& framing for Cafe and other business
wishing to exhibit art and or
Mon-Fri 9am -5pm, Sat 9am 12 ish
71 Queens Street Blenheim
021 135 3570.
Free Breakfast Free Tea, Coffee, Herbs & Spices
Free Spa Pool Real Beds - No Bunks
Bedding & Duvets Included
From $22 per night Call 03 548 46 91
114 Rutherford Street
Nelson, New Zealand
Just Costumes
For All Events & Costume Christmas, Birthdays, Haloween,
Guy Fawkes, St Patrick, to be sure to be sure we got the garb
for the occasion
Also be sure to ask us about Just Parties is a new venue in
nelson designed specifically for children, we have a decora-
tive party room that can be transformed into settings such
as an enchanted wood, a pirates treasure cove and a jungle
safari with the help of props and decorations.
Mon - Friday 9am - 5:00 pm Sat 10-2pm.
03-546 8292 129 Hardy St Nelson
7010 Facebook Just Parties.
Atlantis Backpacker & Motels
is your absolute best choice for
accommodation in Picton, NZ.
We are only a 1 minute walk from
the foreshore and
a 2 minute walk fromthe ferry/
bus/train terminal!

Book Now at:
0800 4A DORM
(0800 4 2 3676)
Welcome to our
Internet Cafe/ Backpackers/Hostel in the centre of
Nelson town.
14 rooms available - Wi-Fi is available in every
Communal kitchen - Complimentary breakfast
Local information and tour bookings.
BBH members $3 discount
Highest speed internet in Nelson, just a step off the
street you can email/Skype home, have a fairtrade
organic coffee all while you surf, and enjoy the buzz
of the city as it hums by.
Aurora also provides the following services:
Black/white printing, photocopying and faxing
Outlet for mobile phone credit, national and interna-
tional calling cards
Hosts a variety of snacks, hot and cold drinks and
tabacco. Discounted coffee for internet users
Guests staying at the Aurora Backpackers pay half
price for internet.
Phone 03 929 5553 Email bookings@auroraback- per person per night
63 Trafalgar St Nelson
5 Church Street

Open Hours
Mon Thurs 7.30am - 4.00pm
Friday 7.30am - 10.00pm
Sat 8.00am - tenish
Sun 10.00am - 2.00pm
Breakfast Menu Available
Phone: 03 539 4793
Mobile: 021 452 972
HoloDeck - Full Flight Simulator
285 Rear projection Monster Display
270 degrees feld of view
Motion Feedback & Motion Cueing
Real Flight Experience in Full Flight Simulator
Instructors, Maps and Flight Plans available
Over 100 Airplanes and Helicopters to choose from
40 Tahunannui Drive, Nelson
0800 444 779 or 03-546 5209
So I started building a small SimPit myself
to help myself through the training. Lack
of funds and expensive hardware forced
me to think about alternatives, and 3D
technology came out as the cheapest and
the best option Since then Simpit wings
have spread and currently only the sky is
the limit.
The Mission Options:
The SimPit offers an affordable,
professionally crafted 3D multi aircraft
simulator with pseudo holographic
environment (just like the star trek
HoloDeck) for entertainment and fight
instruction. The unit provides a safe,
very effective and entertaining learning
environment for potential aviation
students, students, commercial pilots and
the general public.
For general entertainment the SimPit
offers variety of fight missions, local and
online competitions, and users are able to
join others online. You can fy anything
from Pioneering aircraft up to most
modern military jets currently in service,
fy for fun or engage in search and rescue
scenarios or full on combat missions
The SimPit also provide with an excellent
aircraft and environment simulator in a 3D
simulated environment allowing students
and pilots to prepare for fight training,
aircraft type ratings, fight missions and
emergency procedures training.
Studentsrequire less dual time in aircraft
(with instructor on board) and thus saving
signifcant amount of money on
Over 100 Aircrafts are available to fy
including Aviation Pioneers such as
the Wright Brothers model. B, GAmost
typical Airplanes and Helicopters, Military
Aircraft from Sukhoi SU-27 to Abacus
Fighter Pilot 2 F-15C Eagle Military
Transport (Air America queue ATeam
music here we come), Regional Jets and
Rotorcraft such as night Hawk Apace and
Huey gunship Single engine Twin Engine
Digital CombatSimulation - Helicopter
Digital Combat Simulation - Jets
SimPit also host online and fying
competitions at:
Nelsons best
kept secret is The
Playhouse Cafe
The moment you pass through the archway
of The Playhouse Cafe you realise that
this place is magic. From the epic gardens
to the artistically decorated restaurant
the Playhouse is the hidden gem of the
Tasman region.
An ideal setting for a function or
celebration of any kind, the restaurant can
comfortable seat 100 patrons for your big
event or provide a unique environment for
an intimate gathering. The Playhouse has a
fantastic indoor outdoor fow for those hot
summer days or a cosy interior for a chilly
winter evening. The restaurant also boasts
A New Zealand Wild Honey & Malt Whiskey.
Smooth velvet taste that has just a hint
of the ancient waters of life
refined by alchemist &
healers of long ago.
1 Hoddy Alley, Takaka, Golden Bay
or talk to a human on 03 525 9899
distilleries use distinctive spring waters and
infuence their typically grain neutral spirit
with subtle yet salivating blends that appeal
directly to a whole new, generally younger
and more experimental generation of whiskey
For the last six years, Terry Knight and
Rachel Raine of Schnapp Dragon Distillery
in Takaka have been using the simple
ingredients of malted barley, yeast and
Te Waikoropupu aquifer water thats
been underground 10 years to make their
distinctive Waitui single malt. Peated in the
distilling process with Chatham Island peat, it
is then subtly infused with a hint of manuka
honey to give its rich aroma and favour.
Only small batches of the 37 percent spirit is
produced, which is then stored for four years
in oak barrels before hand bottling. Explains
Terry; Although a lot of distilleries dont
allude to it, honey has been long been used
for sweetening up whiskey. The delicate oak
gives the whiskey its weight but the manuka
honey defnitely delivers an almost toffee
taste thats in perfect balance with the malt.
It takes away the garish taste that whiskey
defnitely presents for some.
Schnapp Dragons distinctly Golden Bay
range now also includes 14 other lines of fruit
liquers, honey and fruit wines and a range of
citrus cellos, all from fruit harvested locally
from organic orchards and citrus groves.
Terry says the inspiration for his operation
came from a trip around Europe. Every
village seemed not only to have a small
distillery that processed excess fruit into
wines, spirits and liqueurs, but its facilities
were often used as a processing centre by the
wider community for turning their excess
crops into food products. This business model
could work well for many NZ towns.
Terry started his working career as a carpenter
in Christchurch, taking off for his OE before
then settling in Golden Bay 35 years ago. He
was one of the co-instigators and builders of
Awaroa Lodge in the early 1990s, then later
set up making honey mead and developing
his Le Champs de Miel honey bubbly, a
world frst for a methode traditionalle from
honey. When the cost of manuka honey dealt
to that business, Terry set up his distillery
where he was joined by his partner Rachel.
Their main equipment is a three-metre high
all-glass triple distillation still with a 200
litre capacity. Around fve years ago they also
bought a large quantity of 14-year old rum in
barrels to blend with their range of liqueurs
and toppings.
View from inside the SimPit cockpit - Story
opposite page
a large stage for all of your entertainment
needs. From Shakespearean theatre to
world class music, The Playhouse will
keep all of your senses stimulated.
The venue boosts bands, plays and
burlesque shows most Friday and Saturday
nights so keep an eye out on the website
for exact details and transport options.
The Playhouse is always on the look out
for talent from around the country. From
theatre troops to 7 piece reggae bands, we
would love to hear from you.
Come and visit the Playhouse, a place that
believes in good food, good entertainment
and good times.
Upcoming Events
Feb 4th: Boogie Train Blues BBQ,
Dinner from 6pm , Show from 8pm. $10
Feb 5th: ALow Hum presents Dan
Deacon and Golden Axe. Alt electronica.
Music from 8pm. $15
Feb 11th: Luminate presents WILD
MARMALADE, Dij and drums, Dinner
from 6pm, Show from 8pm, $15
Feb 24th: The Busmans Handbag, Irish,
Dinner from 6pm, Show from 8pm. $10.
Feb 26th: Bryce Wastney, Acoustic
goodness, Dinner from 6pm, Show from
730. $10
Hours vary, for
Distinctive blends
refect changing
Gone are the days when whiskey was
distilled in a few, generally colder
countries. Many brands now come out
of distilleries in tropical countries like
India where the mass produced drink is
often blended with imported Scotch and
sweetened to taste. Up to recently, Australia
and NZs whiskey making efforts were
often described as experimental. But
that failed to recognise a strong down
under tradition that goes all the way back
to the early whalers. The frst recorded
kiwi distiller was Owen McShane, who by
1838 was supplying whaling settlements
around the South Coast, from Waikawa
to Preservation Inlet. Nowadays, regional
Pg 15 Pg 14
Valie Hardware
WestPort NZ
Vaile Hardware the closest one comes to an antiques & collectables shop
in Westport. Not much hardware but treasure trove of secondhand & lots of
Our antiques include ( but not limited to) china, ceramics, pottery, kiwiana,
kitchenware, metal-ware, glass, furniture, and general bric-a-brac.
Be sure to ask about gold panning room a work in progress while we also hire
out gold panning equipment and give you some useful tips

Also where you can get hold of copies of Empire
Under the Long White Cloud and met the author
Gary Blair. Empire Under the Long White cloud is
the fascinating fctional story of early pioneer life
in NZ, gun running, gold and gumption based on
historical facts which took eight year to research
and write. Also available on Trade Me for $29.95.
Vaile Hardware is located on Westports main street, Plamerston Street, near
the corner of Henley Street. The huge Holcim Cement Plant looms behind the
shop 94 Palmerston Street Westport NZ
Ph: (03) 789 8501
UPSTAIRS BAR , always a fun night to be had,
happy hour 9pm till 10pm daily, pizza and bar
menu available, plus bar snacks 10pm- and dont
forget the free pool :
Franz Joseph Main Highway (03) 752 0707
Restaurant DOWNSTAIRS, is dedicated to
providing the best NZ Wine & Food with
emphasis on local produce and local fare
in an elegant fine dining environment
Lunch 12-3 Dinner
6pm -11pm 7 Days
Franz Joseph Main Highway (03) 752 0707
Best wishes for 2012 to all members from
the W.C.S.A. Committee and the Gallery
Abig welcome to our new PATRON
Alun Bollinger. We welcome you to the
societyAlun and look forward to talking
with you and your family at our exhibition
Abig THANKYOU to our fabulous
capable team of volunteers who have kept
the doors open over this holiday period.
Another special thanks to the many
people, businesses and organisations who
supported us in many ways - fnancially,
by sponsorship of exhibitions,goods and
services discounted or given, plus practical
advice and encouragement.
We say farewell to staff member Karen
Mercer and wish her well in her next
endeavours. Farewell and happy sailing to
Jill Richards, volunteer and fbre artist.A
welcome back from her travels in Italy to
SUBS are due. Details are on our website.
Membership forms are on line along with
our bank details.
PETITE ART on until the 25th of Jan
THE SOUTH Sketch Scratch and
StitchVAULT - Petite Artcontinued27th
Jan to 21st Feb
*4 artists at the Left Bank.Rory McDougal
Sculptor, Pete Howard Painter in the main
VAULT - Vanessa Cruse and Tim Reid24th
Feb to the 20th March.Opening Fri 24th
Feb 7pm
*Dunedin Painter Jessica Crothall. VAULT
- Lance Kerr 23rd March until 2nd May
*FIBRE4TH May to the 12th June (see
attached notes calling for expressions of
interest) opening Fri4th May 7pm
*Photography Competition. Electronet and
Others 15th June until 11 July Details on
website.Opening 15th June 7pm
Viewing from 13TH JULY with Auction
Party Music, Draw and FUN NIGHT OUT
on SAT28th July 7pm
*YOUTH ART. Work in progress - watch
this space(practicalworkshops, talks,
visiting artists,music poetry song writing
and more)3rdAug - 19thSept . More
information will be online soon.
Mark these dates on your calendar. Seeyou
KotuKu Gallery
Wood Bone Pounamu Carvings by Lou Kereama Armstrong.
Best Maori Contempoary Arts: American Express Art Awards 2011
Main Road, Whatoroa
New Zealand
Ph 03 753 4249
The Jade Boulder Gallery Discovery Walkway a "please
touch" exhibition.
Pounamu art & jewellery Organic Coee
White Bait Wild Food Menu
The Jade Country Greenstone showcasing works of
internationally renown Ian Boustridge complemented
by works in gold and the works of other designers from
throughout NZ working in a range of materials.
Jade Boulder Gallery includes the refurbished Jade
Boulder Caf providing wild food fare & Organic coee.
1 Guinness St, Greymouth 64 3 768 0700
Freephone: 0800 523 326 (NZ only) Fax: +64
3 768 0715
before moving to the coast has added an
extension to Hokitika Tectonic Jade (the
brain child of Jade tracker Rex Scott) with
an intimate space added to Tectonic existing
premises dedicated to Jacquies passion for
food coffee and fashion. Jacquie food is an
infusion of Kiwi/Mediterranean that taps
into Jacquies Greek roots, using fresh local
West Coast wild food ingredients.
For her choice of beans she has opted for
Strictly Coffee a brand known and rated
very highly amongst Otago coffee fanatics
for specialising in high grade coffee blends
that use the best quality beans available
that come with a Organic Fair-trade
Jacquie has just returned from Melbourne
on raiding mission returning with quality
up-cycled and ore-loved after dark
brand labels and accessories which also
supplement the cafe aspect of Tectonics.
In time if all goes well Tectonics is
considering looking toward promoting and
sales of NZ original designs to Melbourne
and hope to work with NZ labels using top
tier materials such as possum, merino &
hemp and is keen to hear from any designers
working with these materials.
Mundi Flute Saxaphone
Wed 1 Feb - Reefton Worksmen Club
Thurs 2 Feb - Donvan Store Franz Josef
Batucada Sound Machine
Album Release - Dont Keep Silent
Sat 25 Feb - Regent Theatre Hokitika
Shenandoah Davis (US)
Fri 17 Feb - Franks Greymouth (Alt Indie)
Wellington International Ukulele
I Love You Tour
Sun 4 Mar - Regent Theatre (Pop)
see page 4 for full write up.
Fri 10 Feb - Stumpers
for full description go to www.
postmanproductions events.
Sat 10 Mar - Stumpers
Sat 4 Feb - Gold Nugget Motor X
Waipuna Station,Reefton
Sat 4 Feb - Inangahua A&P Show
Reefton Race course
Fri 17 Feb - Hokitika Contra Weekend
Sea-view Lodge move to the Latin sound
Sat 18 Feb - Reefton Rodeo
Sat 25 Feb - Money 2 tight 2 Mention
Comedy Tour @ NBS Theater Westport
Sat 3 Mar - Gypsy Fair Original
Grey Mouth Race Course
Mon 5 Mar - SEWN Longboarding Surfng
NBS Theater Westport The Bitches Box and
Mel Parson @Whare Tangaroa, Westport
Sat 10 Mar - An unmissable night of Music,
Theatre and Comedy.
Wild Food Festival Cass Square, Hokitika
Sat 10 Mar - Wild Food Wild Entertainment
front page for full write up.
Sat 31 Mar - Quartzopolis challenge
Mountain Bike Reefton
The West Coast Society of Arts is a regional arts society based in
Greymouth on the West Coast of New Zealands South Island. Many
of the societys members are active practicing artists with painters,
potters, sculptors, photographers, weavers, mixed media, carvers
and many more among its membership.
The Society is dedicated to the overall development of the ARTS on
the West Coast by supporting artists in providing a venue to display
or perform their art, by providing a means to connect artists with
and by providing opportunities for artists to improve their skills.
1 Tainui Street Greymouth. Phone 03 768 0038
Open: Mon to Fri 11am - 4pm Sat - Sun: 11am - 2pm
Royal Hotel
128 Mawhera Quay Greymouth
(03) 768 4022
Orignally The Wharfe Hotel has undergone extensive renovations
restoring it back to its former glory & themeing it as English
style pub. In house cafe built with a huge deck where patrons
sit have coffees, or a beer, wine, snack, meal. A number of
accommodation options. Live Music - on occasions.
110 Mawhera Quay.
Famous hub of alternative life on the coast - well be setting
a FB site soon - links to the more obscure or underground
dance parties that pop up on the coast (which tend to be
advertised by jungle mail as opposed to gmail).
Totally Awesome food - superb coffee.
Open 7 days 8am-4pm 03 768 4005
18 rooms available in the centre
of Hokitika - at great rates!
Phone: (03) 755 6154
2 Weld Street, PO Box 35,
Hokitika, New Zealand

Fox Glacier West Coast NZ
Phone: 03 751 0700
Mountain Jade Back Packers
41 Weld Street, Hokitika, NZ Tel: +64 3 755 5185
We offer a range of accomodation - our staff can help you with
travel bookings and information on activities on the West Coast.
The town centre and beach minutes away
Hokitika home to the Wild Foods Festival book now for your
accomodation over this weekend on 10th March 2012.
Kotuku Gallery winner of the American
Express Contemporary Maori Art are
proud to announce master carver Bevan
Climo, Hokitika, as one of the carvers
whose greenstone art can be seen on
display at Kotuku Gallery Whatora home
of the white heron the symbol of immortal
life divine inspiration.
Climo states Being one of the True
Kaitiaki (Natural gaurdians)of pounamu
i have always been round pounamu my
entire life. Though i didnt start carving till
later it always was a fascination. I loved
looking at the pieces in Museums that
my Tipuna (ancestors) had done, mostly
simple forms all done by hand. With
tools of today makes just about anything
possible, the only limits being the brain. I
mess around with other arts as well having
my own band, a 3 piece, we play all sorts
of events playing what we call Twisted
Bluegrass . With carving , i love the fact
that whatever is made from Jade is around
forever as this stuff dont rot in time. I
get my inspirations from my Tipuna and
good ole Mother Nature which in turn
brings the Art from the Heart,
Here are some of his previous works for
more amazing examples come and see us
at our magical gallery in Whatoroa.

The Jade Country Greenstone Experience
is New Zealands premier Jade Gallery
and studio situated in the town centre of
Greymouth. The Gallery is a showcase for
high quality, individually designed jade
sculptures and jewellery. The application of
highly sophisticated diamond technology
has advanced the boundaries of Jade and
the sculptors ability to take Jade to another
level of art.
The unique works of internationally
renowned Ian Boustridge are complemented
by works in gold and the works of other
designers from throughout New Zealand,
working in a range of materials.
The Jade Boulder Gallery Discovery
Walkway is a please touch exhibition -
giving visitors a deeper understanding and
appreciation of the origins and discovery of
Jade. This fascinating display is as close as
most come to seeing the stone in its natural
The Jade Country complex provides
excellent facilities including the newly
refurbished Jade Boulder Caf providing
excellent Wild Food fare and the Jade Trail
- a museum quality attraction providing a
unique insight into the world of Jade - fully
guided tours a must.
Address:1 Guinness St, Greymouth
Phone: (03) 768 0700
Freephone: 0800 523 326 (NZ only)
From Hokitika to Kumara Junction
(20kms) the road is interesting and
easy traveling passing through coastal
farmlands and historical places.
At Kumara Junction we follow SH6 north
to Greymouth as we cross the Greymouth,
Hokitika rail line. This is well sign posted.
An interesting stop is the HoneyPot Cafe
at Kumara Junction, here you can Taste
the Honey or purchase a memento from a
range of local artisians and try their wild
Love your coffee love your glam rags then
Jacquie Povey is well known to Dunedin
coffee fends as founder of Sopranos
The Best Pizzas in NZ
A must do in Hokitika - Lonely Planet
Monday - Friday 6.30am - 2.30am
Takeout | Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | Coffee
Phone 03 755 6263
83A Revell Street
Hokitika, NZ
The Junction Honey Cafe
Taste the Honey or purchase a memento from a range of local artisians and try the food at our great cafe
with a focus on local produce and freshly grown food.
The Junction Honey Cafe
SH 6, Kumara Junction Greymouth
Phone: +64 (3) 736 9333. Fax: +64 (3) 736 9335.
Railway Hotel-Motel
Live Music & Accommodation
Cnr Weld & Sewell Streets Hokitika
West Coast, New Zealand
Ph: +64 3 755 8116 Fax: +64 3 755 8052
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Pg 17 Pg 16
Here in the
We have heaps of things going on with bars, band
venues, dance parties, retail outlets.
Thats were I came into contact with everyone
full time and in 2004 I launched my label
FREAKWARE to the public at a deco pub
situated at a main intersection of down town
Wellington. I was fortunate enough to snag
the national news for the launch as they were
and obtained a fantastic opportunity to show
the underground on prime time, something they
dont show. Since then I have developed my
initial stage ideas into live fashion events that
have numbered 43 since September 2004. Thats
not including the numerous t.v. and newspaper
profles as well as the mags from u.s., japan and
aussie, then of course our photoshoots that are
They have been in numerous places throughout
the capital from large enough pubs, clubs,
mansions, private houses and the cemetery that
was a public park since 1893 and has since had a
motorway ploughed through it, hence my reason
to highlight the area as the cemetery had buried
the founding families of the capital. all a bit
disturbing really
Our latest concept for live performance has been
to umbrella the event with the title BLACK
CIRCUS! In that we combine fashion sections
with live performers, alternating the sets.
David Roil Shop contact details are available on
page 8, our Classically Wellington section
Pinot Noir 2007 Elite
Gold Medal Air New
Zealand Awards 2008
Judge Rock - Joelle Thompson Mind Food
Magazine 12 December 2008
Another gold medal winner at this years Air
New Zealand Wine Awards, this Central Otago
Pinot Noir is a clear stand out. Juicy fruit favours
couple with spicy aromas and a long fnish.
Judge Rock Central Otago Pinot Noir 2007
Yvonne Lorkin (wine taster) This tiny wee pinot
producer barely features on the national radar, but
Im hoping thatll change because man, can they
make the good stuff. Earthy spices, sandalwood
and forest-foor notes hit the nose and a seam
of savoury, mushroom cuts through the cherry
and dried herb favours on the way to a smooth,
slippery, persistent fnish. Perfect with chargrilled
venison rubbed with cocoa.
Tasting notes
Dark cherry, chocolate and spice introduce the
aromatic sensation. Complex, silky and bustling
with great fruit weight and savoury nuances,
this wine will please plenty of Pinot fans. Its,
sumptuous and lasting with favour and ready for
your immediate consumption with loads of repeat
visits through to 2011-12.
The 2007 was a small vintage with only 300
cases. The bunch weights were 40 grams with
very small berries.
$35.00 order now to avoid disappointment.
Who ate all the pies;
A Small Slice of What
Goes into Otagos fnest
It is said that pies are a simple food, but take it
from us there is nothing simple about a Who ate
all the Pies, pie. Our mighty pies have a tale that
gives our pies history and culture. Weve taken
centuries old English recipes on a 19000km
journey crossing vast oceans to Dunedin, NZ to
be perfected and baked by Kiwis.
The fnest cuts of locally farmed meats and Wild
Game to make a Proper Pie for you to enjoy
and share with friends or family. Get one today
from all good stockists and retailers or ocme on
down to the Otago Farmers markets by railway
on Saturdays
and get one in yah.
Healthy Skincare
Made In Dunedin
Ive been paying a fortune for skin care and
your creams are better. You should put your
prices up. This is a comment Penelope Sell has
often heard since opening her pure plant based
skincare and soap shop in Dunedin called REAL
Adesire to have and provide genuine, all
natural skincare, soap and shampoo that was
affordable and actually improved peoples skin,
inspired Penelope Sell to create her popular
body, bath and healing range made on site in her
Dunedin shop. I love working with plant oils
and essential oils for their healing and rejuvena-
tion properties. I was tired of all the false claims
of being natural and particularly tired of all the
plastic packaging which actually leaches nasty
chemicals into the product, as well as being
bad for the environment. I use glass packaging
which can be re-flled in the shop or recycled by
me on site.
Exorbitant prices that went along with the
beauty charade was also annoying. Youre
paying for marketing, she says. My marketing
is mostly word of mouth.
With many common chemicals in skin and hair
care coming up as suspect carcinogens it is be-
coming more and more important to watch what
you use on your body. Skin is a porous organ, it
absorbs what you put on it. Sodium laureth sul-
phate, ammonium lauryl sulphate and titanium
dioxide, are still used in lots of so called natural
products. These chemicals are harsh and used
in industrial foor cleaning products and paint
strippers. I use plant derived ecocert certifed
organic and sustainable surfectants for shampoo
which is derived from coconut and sugar. It
makes for a much more gentle product safe for
babies and those with sensitive skin.
I didnt know how good these products would
be, she says. My skin and hair has defnitely
improved since Ive developed these products.
My customers are hugely supportive and tell
their friends about the products. They come
back with compliments which is a great encour-
So dont miss out. Next time you need a sham-
poo, moisturiser, eye cream, healing product or
delicious essential oil bathing treat head into
REAL SKIN. 67 Princes St. (opposite the Savoy,
between Octagon and Moray Place).
Open Tuesday to Friday 10.30 5, and Saturday
11-2. Closed Sunday and Monday.
Dunedi n, New Zeal and
Dunedi n, New Zeal and
Dunedi n, New Zeal and
Available at The Otago Farmers Market
Or 12 Prince Albert Road St Kilda.
03 456 1062
112 Crawford Street, Dunedin
Ph. 03 477 0236
Elegant Sensuous Intimate
Pinot Noir and
Ros from Judge Rock.
Dunedin Farmers Market
Every Saturday
7.00am- 12.15pm
Paul & Angela Jacobson
Ph 03 4485059 Mob 0274 279108
36 Hillview Road. Alexandra 9391, Central Otago
From our fomiIy Form
Free Ponge &
Anfi-biofic free pork
Real dry Cured Bacon ! Gourmet Pork Cuts !
Proper Pork Sausages ! Secret Recipe Ham !
Otago Farmers Market Dunedin (Saturday) Timaru Framers Market (Sunday)
Havoc Farm Shop , 39 Belt Street, Waimate
Open : Mon- Fri 8.30am to 5.00pm
Tel: (03) 689 8288 Web:
Market Days Wed (Sth Dunedin)
Sat (Railways Station Dunedin)
Fresh Salad Sprouts $1.50 mixed
varietys Flowers, lily and tulip bulbs
when in season
Texel lamb, barbecued lamb kebab
Phone 03 412 8130
Mobile 021 151 1801
Beth & Peter Linklater
Paretai 1 RD Balclutha
NZ has long been known as producing the best lamb in the
world. I personally feel that it is only now, through Cardrona
Merino Lamb that we can actually claim that title.
rob@cadronamerino 0064 212 630 730
Otago Farmers Market - Saturday
Wanaka Farmer Markets - Sunday
326 George Street
Phone + 64 (03) 477-7281
Open: Mon-Fri 9-6pm Sat 9-1pm

.ll III` l.! .ll III` l.! .ll III` l.! .ll III` l.! .!! .!! .!! .!!

l!`! l!`! l!`! l!`!, ,, , IIZZ. IIZZ. IIZZ. IIZZ., ,, , . l. .!! . l. .!! . l. .!! . l. .!!
36 George St Port Chalmers 03-472 7779
Brunch, Lunch: Wed - Sun from10am
Dinner: Thu - Sun from6pm

Gloves Wraps - Hats Knitwear Possum and
Possum Merino blends.
Developed in Port Chalmers, NZ.Possum fur was
chosen because it is simply the best material
available for the purpose. The only other fur with
this characteristic is the polar bear. As you would
expect this gives possum fur outstanding thermal
qualities. It feels like it radiates heat.
As an introduced and unwanted species in NZ, the
possum is responsible for endangering native flora
and fauna, the use of the fur is therefore a positive
ecological action, contributing to the ongoing
survival of birds such as the kiwi.
Seriously Twisted Shop 8,
The Octagon, Dunedin
Ph (03) 474 1646
Cheap offce start up or artists studio.
Split into two large rooms and one
smaller one plus kitchen an shares
toilet facilities. Plenty of power
outlets and internet access. 210m2.
$10,000 plus GST pa.
($192.31 + GST per week)
Otago Real Estate
(Licensed under the REA Act 2008)
P O Box 6400, DUNEDIN
PH: (03) 474-0470
FAX: (03) 474-0624
Pg 19 Pg 18
Sunny Chen gives an insight into the art of
Hang Sang
How do illnesses and suffering come
about? How should we deal with them?
On the broader level, illness is brought
about by genetic infuences from the
past and everything in our consciousness
and behaviour that precludes health, eg;
unhealthy emotions and unhealthy life
More specifcally, all conditions can be
attributed to disorders of Qi - Qi defciency,
Qi blockage, poor quality of Qi, or a
combination of all these. By replenishing or
unblocking Qi, or by improving the quality
of Qi, the source of the disease is addressed
and the illness will be diminished or
Although you work effectively on illness
alone, the emphasis of Qi is more on
treating the whole person since suffering,
including illness, occurs when there are
problems in life. Most of us experience
ignorance, attachment, confusion and other
problems which need to be addressed if
long-term healing and improvement of life
are to be brought about.
The Principals are;
Jing - the physical body and all the
physical structure of the body.
Qi - life force, vital force.
Shen - the consciousness, the spirit, the
true self and the soul.
When the three elements work together,
nourish each other, transform each other,
and infuence each other. For example,
Shen is the master of Qi, and Qi will
infuence Jing.
Sonny is a master of the Hang Sun
Technique which using the Jing qi and
Shen aims to combine the mind, the body
and the spirit to function as one (the state of
alert relaxation).
Controlling the breath with our pure
consciousness regulates the internal
energy and attunes the body to become
more receptive for self healing. The mind
and bodys energy centres stabilise and
harmonise for daily activities - to enjoy life.
Simpli Food
Oamaru store is looking amazing, drop in to see
the new look, great new store layout and lots of
wonderful ingredients for winter baking and cooking.
SimpliHerbs & Spices
SimpliTeas & Coffees
SimpliGluten Free
Contact Marie or call 03 433 1433
10 Eden Street, Oamaru.
Sonny Chin
Phone (03) 425 0606
Mobile 0274 363 909
25 Hawthorne Ave
Leading Stockist of Rembrandt & Cambridge brands.
Hire or Sale Options Available. Suits for Weddings and all Social and or formal occasions.
Professional alterations & Repair by our team who have more than 50 years collective
255 George Street Dunedin (03) 477 6459
Proper ft is the key when it comes to dressing
the men in the wedding party. To determine
the ft, try on the suit or tuxedo, including the
correct shirt and shoes. Place your arms at your
sides, fngers extended. The hem of the jacket
should be no longer than your middle fnger.
The sleeve should grace the top of your hand,
and your shirt cuff should peek out from the
jacket sleeve no more than half an inch. Your
trousers should skim the heel of your shoe in
back and break slightly over the tops of your
shoes in front. Because the extra buttons on
a double-breasted jacket draw the eye toward
your midsection, that style looks best on
someone whos tall and slender. To create a
more debonair silhouette, consider having some
extra padding put in the shoulders and the waist
taken in a bit.
Whats your style?
Whether you go for a traditional or trendy look,
you need to understand the elements of style at
your disposal and how to carry them off.
Cutaway or morning coat: In its
traditional design, this coat is for the most
formal morning weddings. Coats are black or
gray with a single button at the waist and one
broad tail at back. You wear this style of coat
with a winged-collared dress shirt, ascot, and
striped trousers.
Dinner jacket: In classic white or ivory
or a subtle pattern of the same, with peaked
lapels or shawl collar. Works well in summer
months or in warm climates, in the afternoon
or evening, and is considered an appropriate
substitute for a standard tuxedo. Great for a
casual wedding or a rehearsal dinner .Available
for purchase or rent at a formalwear shop.
Stroller coat: Variation of the morning coat,
usually hip length. Looks good with fancy
Tails: Ajacket thats short in front with two
longer tails hanging in back. Worn with braces
(suspenders) and a white pique shirt, vest,
and bow tie (as in white tie and tails). Very
Traditional tuxedo or black tie: Usually
worn after 6 p.m., but can appear at a formal
daytime wedding anytime after noon. Ablack
or gray jacket with a single button is the most
classic. Has shawl, peak, or notched lapels.
Updated black tie: The evening suit is a
newer variation on the classic tux with the satin
or grosgrain trim on the lapel and pants legs,
albeit subtly. These tuxes are worn with a black
shirt and a regular tie in lieu of a bow tie, and
often with a belt rather than suspenders.
The gorgeous dark suit: For a dressy but
not formal wedding or for the groom who
absolutely wont wear a tuxedo. Choose
charcoal, black, or navy and a solid-color or
subtly patterned tie to dress it up.
Finding the right suit, tuxedo, and accessories
can take as much time as locating the perfect
wedding gown. If youre getting married in a
popular wedding month and are planning to
rent for yourself and/or the ushers, reserve the
tuxedos as soon as possible so that you dont
wind up with the dregs. Because youll be on
your honeymoon, have the best man return
rented outfts the frst working day after the
If you do rent, you can usually pick up the tux
two or three days in advance.
An award winning owner-hosted Lodge oering exclusive, luxury accommodation,
epicurean fare and NZ wines.
Antique furnishings combined with the amenities discerning travellers demand;
contribute to the unique graciousness and ambience. Food and wine are integral to
the Lodge experience with evening table dhte fine dining a highlight.
Informally elegant and relaxing with personalised unobtrusive service Pen-y-bryn is
the perfect place to indulge, relax and unwind.
Middle Earth Antiques
ROBYNNE ANDERSEN is the cheerful & passionate proprietor of Middle Earth Antiques,
set in Wavereleys main street. Originally from Christchurch Robyne is well known nation-
wide for her trade Victoriana stock. Her shop is full of authentic period garments including
Mens, Womens & Childrens
Phone: (06) 346 584 or 0275634120 of vist us on facebook.
60 Weraroa Rd Waverly NZ email:
or near a victorian/ steampunk fete near you.
Choosing a Tuxedo or Suit for
Your Wedding Day
The Art of Qi
10-11 March Big Wheelie
Karoke every Friday (except when bands and
wild food festival on)
Over a quarter of a century, local Hokitika
band Big Wheelie and the Hubcaps are still
rocking the West Coast reeving it up and
moving along.
To mark their 1/4 century of existence, Big
Wheelie who played at most road house in the
West Coast and beyond is kick starting their
engines once more with a new tour season gigs
having begun last Janaury in Westport and set
to play at the Raiway Hotel in Hokitika on the
weekend of March 10-11, to to coincde with
the Hokitika Wild Food Festival.
Big Wheelie sates Were not the Rolling
Stones but we do have a good core of
followers who have supported us for a number
of years band member Kyle Scott said.Weve
had a few personnel changes over the years
for like any god motor the wheels have
occasionally got to be changed ...but the one
thing that holds all our members together is
our love of music, entertaining people and
above all, we are all good friends.
Railway Hotel Accommodation & Meals also
available advise Wildfood weekend visitors to
book early .
Big Wheelie & the hub caps for full description
go to www.postmanproductions events.
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Pg 21 Pg 20
Friendly Neighbourhood
Bar - Bistro Meals - Pool Table
Dart Boards/Gaming Room
Motel Units - Newly Refurbished from $69 per night
- walking distance to the beach.134 Prince Albert Road, St Kilda, Dunedin
P: 03 455 4642 E:

DEADLINE introduces South Dunedins
Piano Specialist Jim Strang an artisan
whose life is dedicate to a very old
invention that has constantly shown it s
always capable of doing something new
and surprising.
The beauty of pianos, both in physical
appearance and as the ultimate musical
instrument, has led their ongoing popularity
throughout these ever changing times.
Appreciation and passion for this unique
and complex instrument is what drives Jim
Strang and his Dunedin company Piano
Jim was introduced to the piano industry
by his father Harry, a prominent Dunedin
musician and piano tuner for many years.
Jim completed a four year piano technician
apprenticeship in February 1984, and for the
next two years was in charge of the piano
department at Dunedins Bristol Piano Co.
In 1986 he also began contracting to
Newmans Piano Co in Timaru, and working
around the countryside with his father
Harry. This lasted until
his departure to London in
July 1988.
While there he spent 18
months in a workshop
situation, gaining
considerable piano
rebuilding experience and
refning his skills. He also
passed the British Piano
Tuners Guild Expert piano
tuning exam with merit,
and became a member of
the BPTG.
Piano Specialists was opened in 1994. A
retail outlet exclusive to the restoration and
retailing of pianos. Achance meeting in 2007
let to Jim teaming up with master technician
Jochen Gueldner, who had recently moved
to NZ, and had been out of the trade for
some time. This has led to a very successful
partnership where Jochen looks after most
of the piano restoration and Jim does the
tuning, a circuit that covers Central Otago,
Southland, as well as Dunedin.
This also allows them to assess pianos for
purchase and/or restoration in these areas,
and means that they can service what they
sell.Supplying their discerning customers
with quality restored European pianos is
what Piano Specialists is all about. While a
lot of people play the piano, not everyone
knows what to look for when buying, or
how to properly care for this complicated
Following is some free advice for
prospective piano buyers:
Pianos are extremely sensitive to humidity
fuctuation, and can easily be seriously
damaged by very high, or low humidity.
With the piano having had its hay day
around one hundred years ago, and with a lot
of those old pianos still foating around, it
is very diffcult for the uninitiated to tell the
ones that have potential from the ones that
dont. With over 8000 separate parts, and
over 5000 different brand names, it pays to
seek advice from an experienced technician.
When looking to purchase an instrument for
a beginner, people generally do not want to
invest a lot of money in case this is a passing
phase, but please resist the temptation to
pick up an old dunger.
It is diffcult enough to learn to play an
instrument, without the instrument itself
holding you back. Children especially will
become discouraged when no amount of
practice can make them sound good, which
will often lead to them giving up, and
their potential life long enjoyment of the
piano being lost.As well as sapping your
motivation, this type of piano can also sap
your bank account with the necessity for
extra tunings and frequent repairs. Any
student will be more motivated to learn
on a decent instrument,
and making more of an
investment is motivating
within itself.
Once restored by Piano
Specialists, a piano will
give many years of trouble
free pleasure. All pianos are
guaranteed, delivery and
initial in-home tuning is
usually included. For those
clients for whom an acoustic
piano is just not practical,
Piano Specialists are also the agents for the
Korg range of digital pianos.
The shop at 203 King Edward St Dunedin
is open Wednesday and Thursday 10am to
5pm, and Friday 9.30am till 2.30pm, or by
When visiting the Premises, you may be
served by the third, up and coming member
of the team, the very personable and talented
James Dickson.James is a grade eight
pianist whose personal commitment to
understanding the workings of the piano is
leading towards him becoming Dunedins
next trained piano technician.
CIA: South

Insurrections, revolutions coups & some mighty fne
coffee from our BOUTIQUE ROASTERY & CAF as
well. We use only the fnest Central American Beans
because after all here at the CIA were selective about
whom exactly we chooses to overthrow.
Wed tell you more but then wed have to kill yah!
154 KIng EdwArd St, South dunEdIn
03-455 4133
Dunedi n, New Zeal and
At The Otago Farmers Mkt Or 12 Prince Albert Rd, St Kilda.
Jim Strang :
Restoring Pianos for over
30 Years
Piano Sales & Restoration
All Makes & Models:

Classic & Contemporary
Agents for Korg Digital Pianos
PH: 03 455 5711 A/H: 0274 369159
203 King Edward St Dunedin NZ.
Compute one2one
personalised computer help
Arrowan Easton
Phone: 0800 266 121
Cell: 021 103 7031
personalised computer help
Are your
memories sAfe?
We can restore and enhance your
important analogue items into a digital
format to ensure they can be viewed for
years to come.

Videotapes - records - Cassette Tapes
8mm & 16 mm film - Audio reels - slides
Photographs - Photo negatives
DVD/CD duplication
48 Albert st, st Clair Dunedin 9012
mon - fri 9-5.30pm 0800-345-634
Why produce
The life blood of any business is cash. A
business may be making good profts but can
still go out of business if it is short on cash.

Acashfow forecast attempts to predict the
timing of a businesss cash income and cash
expenditure. With this knowledge you can
plan for any big outgoings that may occur,
e.g. new plant and machinery purchases, tax
and GST.

Cashfow forecasts are a management tool
that can be used in the decision making
process. It is much like driving a car.
You normally look out of the window
screen looking forward (forecasting) and
occasionally refer to the rear vision mirror
(historical information).
Acashfow forecast is used to assess possible
funding requirements and to explore the
likely fnancial consequences of alternative
scenarios. The forecast can be used to
prevent major planning errors, anticipate
problems, and to identify areas where
improvements can be made to the cashfow.
With the economy struggling and the
exchange rate variations, there is a cash
squeeze on many businesses. It is advisable
to plan ahead and one method is to look
at the likely effects this may have on cash
resources. It is far easier to plan remedial
action now than after an event.
Fore-warned is fore-armed.
David Sherriff Limited Chartered
Accountant and Multi-SWAC Limited
Childrens Costumes
Curios - Lingerie
Steampunk Fashion
& Things you fnd in the land
beyond the back of the wardrobe.
197 King Edward St
Tel. (03)455 2160
Surf Sea & Orange Ukuleles ?
A little bit different, a little bit Indy, a little bit Old Skool - South D helping to shape the Dunedin Sound
since Robbie was A boy... & Doing It With Pride - Oh Yeah!
David Sherriff Limited
Chartered Accountant clients

for cashfow forecasting
155a Trafalgar St Nelson
Download and demo at
Providing The righT LooK
For ALL occAsions!

gibson [oF cAmbridge]
KenT & LLoyd
mensweAr sPeciALisTs since 1927
187 King edwArd sT sTh dn
03-455 3280
Adult Love Toys
Adult DVDs
Adult Funwear
Adult Shop - R18
459 Princes St, Dunedin Ph. 03 477 5266
Eftpos and all major credit cards accepted.
Online banking also available.
Adult Magazines
Adult Novelties
Antiques, Books
& Toys
223 King Edward St, South Dunedin
03 4553125
Pg 23 Pg 22
Nicknamed the Goreggenheim by Saatchi
& Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts, the Eastern
Southland Gallery is a regional public art
museum, situated in the Arts and Heritage
Precinct of Gores CBD. Established in
a former Carnegie Library building, it
features permanent exhibitions of national
and international note, as well as an annual
programme of exhibitions, performances,
workshops and artist projects.
The John Money Collection, gifted to the
Gallery in 2003, features a large body of New
Zealand, Australian, African and American
works of art, amassed over 50 years, by
Baltimore based expatriate New Zealand
academic Dr John Money. Key items include
paintings by Rita Angus and Theo Schoon
(New Zealand), Lowell Nesbitt (USA),
Bambarra, Dogon and Baga carvings from
West Africa, and paintings and carvings from
Elcho Island (Australia).
The Ralph Hotere Gallery contains graphic
works and paintings by major New Zealand
contemporary artist Ralph Hotere. With
one of the largest Hotere collections in the
country, the Gallery offers a programme of
rotational exhibitions.
The Gallery is also responsible for the
development and care of the district art
collections and holds over 250 works of art
in three collections that focus on early New
Zealand, Southland and contemporary New
Zealand artists.
Two temporary exhibition spaces present
a vibrant annual programme of temporary
exhibitions by national and international
artists, touring exhibitions and specially
commissioned presentations. The Gallery
also runs artist-in-residence programmes,
workshops and a calendar of concerts
and performances involving national and
international musicians.
Admission Free, donations appreciated
Monday to Friday 10am 4.30pm
Weekends and Public Holidays 1- 4pm
Closed NewYears Day, Good Friday,
Christmas Day and Boxing Day
Corner Hokonui Drive and Norfolk Street,
Gore (opposite Hokonui Heritage Centre,
next to Gore Public Library, close to Gore
Clock Tower)
Jim Geddes (District Curator)
Marcella Currie (Gallery Programmes
Eastern Southland Gallery
PO Box 305
Gore 9700
Phone 0064 3 208 9907
Fax 0064 3 208 9968
Featuring the John Money Wing & Ralph Hotere Gallery
Corner Hokonui Drive & Norfolk Street, Gore
Phone: 03 208 9907 Web:
Featuring the Hokonui Moonshine Museum,
Gore Historical Museum and Research Centree
Corner Hokonui Drive & Norfolk Street, Gore
Phone: 03 203 9288 Web:
Cafe Ambience
7.30am - 4.30pm M- Friday 8.30am - 2pm Sat
51 Main Street(03) 208 5888
A cosy quirky cafe offering
freshly baked cuisine daily
from our own kitchen includ-
ing muffns, slices, a selection
of breads & quiches. Our ALL
DAY BREAKFAST & fresh fruit
smoothies are famous.
Gore May
We taste Gore-gous
GoreMay is a fresh and fun boutique deli situated
in Irk St, supply the hard to fnd ingredients for
adventurous cooks; ready to eat sauces, chutneys,
relishs and jellys are available.The deli also
has a number of fresh salads, organic breads, delicious bagels and
par baked bread, as well as Gluten Free bread and a range of Gluten
Free products. Cheeses are delivered regularly fromTalbot Forest and
Gibston Valley. | 65 Irk St.Telephone: 03 2081199
North Gore Dairy
Gores 2nd Information Centre;
Chicken & Chips takeaways ice Creams nibbles
magazines grocery items road trip essentials.

(03) 208 5576 | 113 Hokonui Dve, North Gore, Gore 9710
Great food (gluten & vegetarian options).
Good music, internet access.

Located on the sunny side of Irk St beside
the SBS St. James Theatre. Offers coffee &
light meals for shoppers & theatre goers.
Ph (03) 208 1005
59 Irk Street Gore 9710,
New Zealand
Anne Baxter the proprietor of
the Jumper Company is known
as a specialist in knit ware
through out NZ who shop stocks unique
patterns and the best of NZ wool.
14 Irk St (021) 180 4261
Errol Allison
Award winning; Illustrator
Painter Sculptor
Graphic Designer
62 Hokonui Drive
Phone 02 208 5730
Commissions Welcome
Gallery open available by appointment.
Peter Cairns MusicWorks: has affliation
with country music throughout NZ & a good
ties with all local musicians, educators and
those interested in the hi tech side of music,
recording, MIDI, sampling and looping. We have
an actual project studio set up in the shop.
30 Irk Street, Gore
03 208 5062
Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6:00pm
Sat 10am - 4:00pm
Eastern Southland Gallery
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Quality Cofee & Beverages
Available All Day!!!
Fully licensed with an extensive
selection of Central Otago Wines
Can cater for any functions
on site suitable for corporate
requirements Seats 60 people +
lounge area
Open All day, 7 days a Week!!!
126 Thames (crn Thames and Eden)
Phone (03) 434 1549 | Fax: (03) 434 9278 | Cell: 027 -228 9262 |Proprietor: Vincent Davis
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For all of these major
brands and lots more!
We are committed to providing
an extensive range of quality
Hobby and Gaming products.
Plastic kit sets, Modeling tools, paints
and accessories, Games Workshop.
Trading cards, Magic: The Gathering,
Yugioh and World of Warcraft. Meccano.
Family and Advanced Strategy Games.
Slotcar sets and accessories, Diecast
model replicas, Siku Diecast models
Open 7 days a week.
Mon to Thurs 9.30am - 5.30pm
Fri 9.30am - 8.30pm
Sat 10.00am 5.00pm
Sun 11.00am 3.30pm
Aargon Hobbies Gift Vouchers Now Available
50a Filleul St,Dunedin

Learn to dive
next course starts: today
book online and begin tonight
Dive the shipwrecks of Aramoana,
photograph a fsh, book your dive trip
or get a Diploma all @ Dive Otago
Ph: 03 466 4370 email courses

Tues Sat
5 late
59 Princes Street
Ph:(03) 479 2177
The Photoshop
Internet - digital photo processing, Skype
cell phone cards & acessories.
8.30am - 5.30pm Weekdays
10.00am - 12.30pm Saturday
38 Clyde Street Balclutha
Phone 03 418 2130
Italy. It had torrents of radiation coming out of
it. No one knew what was inside, and no one
knew what to do next and heres the crazy thing
-millions like this toxic payload pass thru Italy
every year in trade worth billions.
Unlike Italy NZ does not have, as John Key the
Prime Minister of NZ admitted, the equipment
to make such detection possible so we have
no idea what comes in and out of our ports. Or
what might be on any given ship in NZ waters
including the sinking MV Rena.
And, as we know, radioactive waste is shipped
through NZ all the time. We know the RENA
carried toxic materials but as to what exactly
we now have to rely on a company with a
history of dishonest behavior andapparently
little effort by the authorities to monitor the ship
forsign of any other hazardous goods.
New Zealanders need to be asking these
questions over and over - over and over again
and keep asking tell we get actual answers
because were not getting them now - thats for
DEALDINE advises members of the public
who remain worried as to the precise cargo and
dangers the Rena may pose to contact MP Nick
Smith, Minister for the Environment.
and express their concerns and then forward Dr
Smiths response back to DEALDINE or other
media outlets.
Phone: (04)817 6805 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)5472314 (Electorate
Hon Dr Nick Smith | MP for Nelson
Sadly, the MSC is not the only dodgy maritime
operator at sea in our parts, as we see when we
look into the history of the MVTycoon which
is currently spilling oil into sea off Christmas
Island. And like the Rena, took place as
consequence of crew undertaking actions which
seemed odd in terms of the obvious obstacles
present and the expected course of action.
Cargo and the missing container carrying by
MNZ more than 30,000kg of toxic material
aside, the Rena wreck, if nothing else has
shown NZ there are gaping holes in the security
of our ports and public safety, via the issue of
what is exactly passing through our waters.
It also exposes major issues on how can NZ
even think of further oil exploration. Not
at least until we have shored up our ability
to react to such an incident and have better
understanding of the chemicals used both to
disperse and conduct oil exploration which the
likes of Dr Nick Smith are clearly in denial of.

PORTS WIDE OPEN cont. from pg 10
cont. from pg 3
where really open, ya could spot it in your day.
Its like when you think something, it happens
without even saying anything. The other day
we got given two computers with out screens
and I thought: we need to screens. 15 minutes
later, two separate people walk through our
door with a screen each and here is me thinking
I just thought of those screens we needed and
here they are in front of me.
Once upon a time I didnt understand thought.
sometimes I still dont but when my eyes
opened up and the walls came crashing down.
the whole world changed around me. If I was
happy, everyone was happy. If I was sad,
everyone was sad. its like Im in the movie The
Matrix and I can adjust my thoughts to work
the surroundings and take a thought from my
head and make it real. I challenge you to try it.
Sit an old computer in the corner. Make sure
its broken, maybe a ibm 386. acknowledge its
there every time you walk past it so when you
look back youll fnd the new one is right in
front of you.
So every edition now, will write about my
thoughts. I will let you in on them and
hopefully they take us somewhere together. Just
maybe we can open some eyes together
Win a couple of Friday Night concert and
festival tickets to Wild Food Festival by
simply adding us on Facebook and telling us
why Wild Food is awesome.
The answer that makes the editor either
chortle the loudest or be humbled by the
share insight of the participants will win the
prize. Too easy.
see Wild Food article on page 1
Ireland and the West Coast have always had
links since 1860's and by 1870s the Irish
comprised over one-ffth of New Zealands
immigrant population. The number of Irish
(commonly from Munster in the south-west of
Ireland) to be found on the coast being twice
as many as all the women in total. Despite the
fact that emigration agents like John Marshman
advised, Irish emigrants should be refused
They came frst to Otago from 1861, and then
in more pronounced numbers to the West Coast
from 1865. Many being soldiers who had been
discharged during the New Zealand Wars, and
there was a continuing migration into Auckland.
In celebration of the Coasts Irish roots Hari
Hari is planning the St Patricks festival to end
all St Paddy's parties (well at less one you have
trouble forgetting or perhaps that should be
have trouble remembering) Saturday March
17th 2012. Were still in the planing phasee (so
keep an eye on
live music and a wild dancing of jigs is a given.
So get on your green and come on down to
the green green beauty of the west coast in
Hari Hari South Westland and be sure to be
sure to have a spectacular St Paddy's my little
Hari Hari Hotel would like it known that's it is
intention to host more live music/entertainment
this year. So if your band, musicians, fre
breather, juggler, story teller get in touch with
us. And/or your a traveler with entertainment
skills let us know if your passing thru because
if the timing right were likely to have a bed and
bowel of something hot and piping for those
welling to sing (or whoof) for their supper.
Eitherway come and visit us Facebook and get
$10.00 off your next stay at Hari Hari Motels
mainhighway Hari hari 0800 83 3026
" There's an utter,utter joy and pleasure
in working with paint that fulfls me
tremendously. I feel like I'm fying."
Clare Reillys works express an underlying
connection with the natural environment,
in particular an empathy with native birds
combined with a celebration of the joyous
aspects of life.
Serene and meditative, her paintings are sacred
works for a secular age.
Her painting career has spanned the last three
decades, and she continues to paint full-time in
In recent years Clare has completed many
private commissions and her works have
found their way into collections in Argentina,
North America, Israel, Europe, Australia and
the Middle East, as well as throughout New
Zealand. She has exhibited extensively over
the past three decades.
For the past three years, Clare has worked
closely with the Banks Peninsula Conservation
Trust on the Tui Restoration Project, and was
given the opportunity to be part of the 2010
Tui Capture and Transfer team that worked on
Maud Island, as well as providing resources for
fund-raising the project.
Why Are Geiger Counters
Going Mental All Over NZ
Right Now
The Fiction of Nuclear Free NZ
home of one of the world
offcials nuclear waste
dumping spots.
Pg 24
Ownership Unity Responsibility Shaping the future Your Way.
Our Goals;
Greater control of our Monetary System & Public Debate over our Taxes.
Kelvyn Alps OurNZ Founder Ben Vidgen OurNZ South Island
Government local and national level by the people for the people meaning
Greater transparency by government, Greater consultation by government,
More involvement by the people over the laws & processes that govern us.
To be A Watch Dog For The People: to provide education, information, about issues concerning NZ, to initiate debate &
discussion on subjects that need to be dragged into the open, including the private controls that exist over NZs credit
system, corporate corruption, water privatisation, geoengineering , NZs carbon options, the need for greater fscal foren-
sic auditing of government & council accounts, the need for a truly independent Police Complaints Authority coupled with
a better paid-better educated police force, communications monopolies, ACC, the geopolitical consequences of climate
change & climate change politics, increasing food prices, increasing foreign ownership of NZ, dwindling natural resources
& what this is all likely to mean to the NZ people in the coming decades.
Working with Independent News to get NZ the Information it Needs to Know.
Because Democracy is Not Just Putting Your Ballot in the Box Every 3 Years