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Mystery train: Freight derails for unknown reasons across the stre...




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Mystery train: Freight derails for unknown reasons across the street from CTSI-Global's Memphis office
By Marly M. C. Hazen
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7. February 2012 14:16

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Every Memphian on four wheels knows the simple joy of "riding the yellows" on Poplar Avenue: a minute of good luck when you nd your transit paralleled by a train. This rumbling rail route is a hallmark of America's Aerotropolis and rarely causes much delay. Yesterday, like every other day, several trains rolled past my oce in Clark Tower. I was parZcularly happy to hear them chugging along a[er the weekend's shocking news.

Freight train derails, sending container onto 7-lane avenue

Sunday morning, ve freight containers derailed across from our Memphis oce. A container from a double-stack car landed in one of Poplar's seven lanes, which could have been disastrous had the accident occured later in the day. Thankfully, there was liEle trac at 5:45 on Sunday morning, and no one was injured. Norfolk Southern averages 21 trains per day along this rail line. Crews from the railroad, Memphis Fire Department and Memphis Light, Gas & Water cleared the tracks, which reopened early that a[ernoon. Damage to the surrounding area included downed power lines and broken railroad crossing arms. View more photos: "Derailed Train; February 5, 2012" by Nicole R. Harris

How many freight trains derail each year?

According to the AssociaZon of American Railroads, 2009 was the safest year in freight rail history -- unZl that record was broken in 2010. For example, there were 1,366 derailments in 2009 and 1,337 in 2010. The 2010 number is down more than 40% from the 2,234 US train derailments in 2001. Time will tell if 2011 conZnued the trend, as data

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2/16/12 3:06 PM

Mystery train: Freight derails for unknown reasons across the stre...

from December 2011 are not yet available. However, by extrapolaZng data from January through November of the past three years, we can predict 2011's safety record: 2011's number of derailments seems to be comparable, but slightly higher, than those of the two years preceding. 2011's total number of accidents/incidents seems to be comparable, but slightly lower, than those of 2009 and somewhat lower than those of 2010. 2011's number of accidents/incidents per million train miles seems to be considerably lower than those of 2009 or 2010. Regardless of December 2011's numbers, freight train safety generally seems to be traveling along the right track. Edward R. Hamberger, AAR's President and CEO, credited freight railways' increased investments in equipment, infrastructure and technology for the progress.

What does this mean for the February 5, 2012, rail accident in Memphis?
Sunday's "on-roading" accident reminds us that train wrecks can sZll happen, even in modern logisZcs hubs like Memphis. Fortunately no one was injured, but as Memphis City Council member Kemp Conrad explains in the video below, the accident could have been a tragedy.

View video by AcGon News 5: Cause of East Memphis train derailment sGll unknown The cause of the train crash remains under invesZgaZon. As we rule out possibiliZes for the cause of the accident, we hope to nd insight into shipping safety in our local communiZes.

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2/16/12 3:06 PM

Mystery train: Freight derails for unknown reasons across the stre...

Photos: Copyright Nicole R. Harris, journalist. Used with permission. Marly Hazen is Webmaster at CTSI-Global and Editor of The Link. Join The Link! Share your quesZons and comments below. | Facebook - TwiJer - YouTube

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2/16/12 3:06 PM

Mystery train: Freight derails for unknown reasons across the stre...

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