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Application Updates

Information On The Slim Spurling Light LifeTM Tools


The LIGHT LIFETM RING, like the Acu-Vac Coil and Feedback Loop, was developed as the result of discoveries by a team of psychics. The properties of the Ring are such that a "positive" light field is produced on both sides of the center plane of the ring. The light field is generated from the "stillness" of the center plane, thus the quantum effects. The "stillness", refers to the tensor of the plane, which is described as a minimal surface. The quantum effects are the generation of photons from the plane, which is actually visible in a dimly lighted room. The quantum effects have been studied instrumentally - spectral output of light from treated water; in growth studies; taste tests; and verified or confirmed by psychic observation. The light field imparts"livingness" to water, which enhances the "life force" when consumed or used to water plants, or animals. The surface tension of water is lowered when a container of it is set momentarily in the light field or the ring is held over the container. Water so treated has a lower freezing point and a different crystalline structure to the ice than untreated water. Take two identical glasses of ice water at your lunch table, set one in a ring, the other a foot or so away and see which melts first! The LIGHT LIFETM RING is produced in several sizes, i.e., and length of wire, from cubit to 3- cubit. The odd numbers appear to be more effective. The cubit and 1 cubit are quite portable in pocket or purse. The 2 to 3 cubit sizes are used to sit on for meditation, stand in for work with Acu-Vac Coil; or lower slowly over the body before and after "coil work" to assist in "loosening" "negative" energy for removal with coil and "re-aligning" the body hologram of the etheric and astral bodies.

Water emits instrumentally verifiable "light". Some individuals with extraordinarily good vision are able to see Psychics and radionics operators verify greater "vitality" of water. "Potentizing" alters freezing and boiling point. The "light" field above or below the Ring appears to relax the cell membranes to allow better oxygen/nutrient/waste transport in and out of cell. Less is better - in drinking the "potentized" water start with glass twice a day and slowly increase over a week or two. Detoxification may occur, manifesting as dark urine, diarrhea, rashes or pustules on the skin - depending on type of toxicity and amount of water consumed per day. Best to go slowly so elimination of toxics doesn't overload eliminatory organs. Observe self for "healing crisis". Too rapid de-toxing may
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Application Updates

produce some unpleasant symptoms. Plants appear to grow more lushly, taller, larger leaves, fewer insect pests; and animals prefer the "potentized" water. Static charge of body and on clothing greatly reduced when Ring is used. Water changes from very acidic pH to neutral or slightly alkaline when left standing in the ring for 24-48 hrs. If the cylindrical beam of the Ring, which is perpendicular to the plane, is directed at storm clouds with a gray-green color indicating the potential for tornado or severe storm the gray-green color will disappear in a few moments. DO NOT USE ON clouds unless "gray-green" is seen. When standing or sitting in Ring to work or meditate, short periods of time to start are best. Time may be increased according to comfort level. One clairvoyant reports that simultaneous use of Ring, Coil, and Feedback Loop on liquids imparts the most "peaceful" liquid aura that he has ever observed. Set container in Ring, hold Coil above in "pulling" mode, and sweep up and down sides with the Feedback Loop. Taste before and after.


This is the original Light LifeTM ring with which all original research was done and from which all discoveries of the Light LifeTM Tools stem. Its natural tendency to oxidize with age gradually boosts the "power" of the ring. Copper oxide (CuO) is one of the first "doping" compounds used to boost the power and efficiency of computer chips. Technically, it is a non- - linear coating, which acts as an interface between the metal conductor and the "ether" energy of "space". It is somewhat like a step-down transformer in its action, lowering the enormous potential of the "etheric energies" to a useful and easily manageable level while modulating the natural frequencies arriving from the cosmos. Reference: Private conversations with Hans Becker, a scientifically qualified researcher and inventor in the area of exotic electronics, who has found that the ring oscillates at a 144 million cycles per second with harmonics at 72 mega cycles, 36 mega cycles and 18 mega cycles. All of these are harmonic reciprocals of light speed, converted to grid seconds from the research of Bruce L. Cathie.


It was conceived as a farewell commemorative at the end of the 2nd Millennium. The two silver beads mark that passing. The sterling represents the shining achievements of our human race in the past 1,000 years and acknowledges the base metal alloying that give sterling its qualities. Silver is a superior electrical conductor, handling greater voltages and current in electric circuitry. Observationally, it has been seen to effect a somewhat stronger and smoother acting field of energy than the plain copper, likely due to finer, higher frequency vibration. Functionally, several practitioners have reported more rapid improvement, shorter necessary sessions and longer lasting results, with clients having difficult problems. The rings may be optionally 24k gold plated to at least partially avoid the normal silver oxidation and add a higher vibration yet. Very careful handling will extend the life of the cosmetic appearance of the gold plating since no lacquer is applied as in commercial gold plated jewelry. Due to the super conductive nature of all the Light Life Tools, the plating tends to sublimate (go from solid to gas without a liquid phase). This gaseous state then is readily available in its diffuse nature to provide sub micro, trace nutrient
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Application Updates

to the body, aura and environment gradually raising the vibration of all.


The "Lost Cubit" Ring is based on a discovery by Hans Becker, in April of 2000, of a previously unknown cubit length, which fills a harmonic gap between the "Sacred" and "Royal" cubits of Ancient Egypt. Research to date and calculations made by Hans Becker indicate that the "Lost" cubit may well have been deliberately omitted from ancient records. Indications are, that its' natural resonant frequency of 177 megacycles may, in some as yet unknown manner, contribute to the ability of the DNA to be changed at will and contribute to longevity. Just as the "gods" decided to exclude Adam and Eve from the knowledge of the tree of life-lest they live forever and become as "gods"--- so was the record of the length and function of the "Lost" cubit omitted from the record. A "Lost Cubit" and a "Sacred" cubit laid concentrically on a table and a container of water set in the opening will cause the water to go from acidic to neutral or slightly alkaline in 24 hrs. or so. Bacteria and viruses cannot survive an alkaline environment in the body: the body is 75% water. The researcher is encouraged to experiment with the two Ring sizes and use their own best judgement on how to proceed. Field reports and results will be posted on the website. THE "LOST CUBIT" MIGHT WELL BE NAMED THE "FORBIDDEN CUBIT" OR THE "BECKER CUBIT".


The ACU-VAC COIL was developed from the principle of the ring. It is also a super conductor: differing in the fact that the one-way energy flow is selectively directed along the axis of the coil. The y "negative" energy causing "pain" in the body is drawn through the coil and converted to a + "positive" energy. The drawing or suction end is furthest from the bead. In a sense, the coil acts as a vacuum cleaner for "pain", read: "negative energy". The original Acu-Vac Coils were plain copper and with them the original lines of research were conducted with surprisingly and uniformly good results in relieving pain and other symptoms. In some cases the underlying causes appeared to have been eliminated as the symptoms vanished, never to return. 24 K Gold plating was added to raise the vibratory levels, speed and smoothness of action. Professional practitioners reported quicker results with clients and easier pain management where clients owned and used the coils themselves or with the aid of a family member. As with its parent device, the Light Life Ring, a team of psychics designed the ACU-VAC COIL, and the function and properties of its energy-flow checked and certified by a very gifted clairvoyant. The Acu-Vac Coil is placed over the point of maximum pain - with the bead away from the body. A slight circular motion helps to "couple" onto the pain, as does a slight, slow, in-and-out motion. Keep the Coil within to 1 inch of the body to start. Remain close to the physical and within the etheric body, until the person reports a cessation of pain or "flow" of energy. Holding the coil very lightly - like one would hold a hummingbird - the operator may sense a vibration, heaviness, very slight "magnetic" pull, heat, cold, or other sensation in his own hand, or in the coil, when the pain is "attached to" and "flowing". The clairvoyant "sees" a black smoky like material between the point of pain and the Acu-Vac Coil. Call it "negative" energy. As the person with the pain reports a change in his sensation of the pain or the energy flow in the original area (or others), begin to move the coil away from the body. First stop, the astral body at 4" to 18" distance from the body, or when either subject or operator sense change of state in the body or coil. Hold coil at that position until no more change is noted. Next, move Acu-Vac Coil past 18" and up to 4" or more from the body. Again, the exact distance to be determined by the sensitivity of the subject or operator. Distances up to 20' are usual.

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Application Updates

SESSIONS The time for a session will vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour or more. Usually, but not always, a sensation of coolness will appear in the original point or area of pain, when the process is finished. Other signs are very individual and will vary across the spectrum - from expressions of grief, anger, recall of injury events, laughter, to a state of "spacey-ness" or bliss. In the latter two, be sure the person has a designated driver, or can stay put for 8 to 12 hours without needing to travel by car. A feeling of omnipotence may prevail in which the individual may not recognize personal danger - CAUTION! Be sure the person has a designated driver if they must travel in the following 12 to 24 hours. It is best if they simply stay home and relax over night, over a night, over a weekend, or take good long walks.


The LARGE ACU-VAC COIL was introduced to inaugurate the Third Millennium and to answer the repeated call from users and practitioners in both human and veterinary practice for a more rugged and exceptionally fast acting product for their busy schedules. The Large Acu-Vac Coil provides a significantly denser tensor field with the same harmonic reciprocal nodes of light speed as found in the ring. The harmonic frequencies appear to correlate with and address the various modal frequencies of the sacred geometric structure of the biofields of living organisms. The action of the coil then would appear to re-tune or re-align the geometric harmonics.


The new STERLING SILVER ACU-VAC COIL, like the sterling ring, has a higher frequency oscillation and a stronger tensor field which gives it a much quicker action compared to our standard, the gold plated copper coil. The few practitioners who have them report that in most cases the action is so rapid that an inexperienced user may not see the end point of a session. For an experienced user or practitioner a 24 K. gold-plated coil will greatly shorten session time in a busy practice. The new sterling and gold plated sterling are available on special order only, payment in advance, and six weeks delivery.


The FEEDBACK LOOP is a smaller diameter - but otherwise similar in function to the Acu-Vac Coil. The Loop draws out the "negative" energy from the Body/Aura and reverses the "spin", thus "transmuting" the energy to a positive form. The energy being fed-back into the system acts as a wave-canceller or "phase conjugate mirror". When addressing a point of pain - or more particularly a generalized area of pain such as commonly found across the shoulders or across the top of the pelvis - the Loop may be used in conjunction with the Coil to aid in "breaking up" the "electronic ridge" usually associated with the pain. Hold Loop in one hand, Coil in other, and slowly "sweep" across the pain area. Start close to the body and gradually, over a period of 10 to 15 minutes, increase the distance of the units from the body - up to 15 to 20 feet. This process is basically to be ad libbed - no formulas -any ritual - nothing carved in stone, at the discretion of the user and the subject. Verbal communication by user and subject is VERY OKAY, but not necessary. The devices may be used solo by placing them on an even surface at pain level and slowly walking/inching away - or moving the body in any way that indicates. There is tremendous degree of freedom to operate the devices. Do what works, follow intuition, and observe self/subject closely - to see and sense what is happening. Let the subject tell you what needs to be

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Application Updates


A FINISHING TECHNIQUE that has been developed:

Let the subject stand in the large Ring. Hold Acu-Vac Coil above the head/crown chakra to pull out any final bit of "negative" energy. Slowly sweep up and down the torso with the Loop - up the back and down the front - making a complete circuit of the body with the sweep. End by slowly lowering large ring down the length of the body and allowing subject to stand there quietly, eyes closed, as long as he/she desires to do so. IT HAS BEEN RECENTLY DISCOVERED that all of the Light-LifeTM Tools exhibit the highest values of Paramagnetism ever seen in Nature. With a recorded value of 18,000 units of Paramagnetism, compared to 3000 units for the highest known natural substances. Paramagnetic soils grow the best crops and Paramagnetic substances promote health and rapid healing. ANOTHER recent discovery, is that when the feedback loop is directed at the Harmonizer the energy suddenly changes from Paramagnetic to Diamagnetic. Just what the significance and application of this fact may be, is yet to be researched---should be interesting. Experimenters, please send in field reports and findings on any results you may get.

The Harmonizer is a unique combination of the principles of the Light LifeTM Ring and the Acu-Vac Coil. It emits a cosmic light field or L-field (harmonic of consciousness) and has a positive output. To the clairvoyant, it appears to emit a coherent holographic light field. It is an "active" tool, in that subtle energies are continually in motion in the large light-energy field around it. An individual's own energies are set into motion, too - continuing so long as you are in its presence! Close down the Harmonizer by placing it in a Light Life Ring. The energy is then contained in the new cylindrical column and the Ring will send it on an upward path.


The Personal Harmonizer affects an area approximately 5 - 7 feet around and through our bodies. It is our own personal bio-field being strengthened and enhanced by the light force energies. It is the principle of the Light Life Rings and the Acu-Vac Coil in motion. As the Harmonizer energy travels through us, following the meridian channels, it will work its way gently through the body from head to toe - down and up - down and up. A polarity flow picture of body rhythms.


The field diameter of the Environmental Harmonizer is about a 100-foot radius; 15 miles when activated with sound. The Environmental Harmonizer may be used to assist clearing earth energies and creating a more harmonious atmosphere. Farm fields flourish in its environment - plants grow lush, full and strong; birds, bugs, butterflies and worms thrive; and all life forms in the area prosper as they receive its beneficial energy.


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Application Updates

The field diameter of the Agricultural Harmonizer is about 1 miles radius. Its application is the same as for the Environmental Harmonizer, but with a wider range; 65 miles when activated with sound.

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