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Republic ofthe Philippines

Department of Education
National Capital Region
City ofMuntinlupa
February 22, 2011
Division Memorandum
No. /(1 s,2011
To: Division Supervisors/Coordinators
Public Elem.lSecondary School Principals/OIC
1. As per School Calendar for School Year 2010-2011, this Office announces the schedule of the
Fourth Periodical Examination in all learning areas and Division Achivement Test (OAT) for 7 learning
areas except TLE/EPP.
Division Achievement Test (OAT) -------------------- March 25-26, 201 1
Fourth Periodical Examination (Grade 6 & IVyr) -- March 16 & 17,2011
Fourth Periodic Test (Grade 1-5 & Yr I-III) --------- March 30 & 31, 2011
2. The following guidelines are to be strictly followed for both.
* Divide the number of sections per grade/year level into two (e.g. 10 sections divided by 2 equal
5 sections, i.e. First half 1-5, Second Half Sections 6-10)
* First half and Second half of the sections will be taking different sets of test simultaneously
during the first two hours.
* Test papers will be exchanged in sets on the next hour until the last test to be administered.
* Schools are to assign two (2) Distributors per grade/year level.
* At the end of the second subject proctors are to collect testpapers (2 subjects). Distributor (First
Half) shall then collect them and exchange these to Distributor (Second Half) and vise versa
* Break time will be used for snacks and exchanging oftest papers.
* Test materials shall be distributed to the School Testing Coordinator/STC) on the following
Schedules: OAT - March 25, 2011,4:30 a.m.
Fourth Periodic Test - (Grade 6 & IV Year) - March 15,2011
Fourth Periodic Test - (Grades 1-5 & Year I-Ill) - March 29, 20 II
Time: District I - 3:00 pm. - 3:30 pm
District II - 2:30 pm. - 3:00 pm
Schedule ofthe test will be as follows:
Fourth Periodical Test
Day 1 Day 2
Time First Half Second Half First Half Second Half
(Sec. 1-5) (Sec. 6-10) (Sec. 1-5) (Sec.6-10)
7:00-8:00/12:00- 1:00 Math English Science Char.EdlV alues
8:00-9:0011 :00-2:00 Filipino EPP/TLE AP/Hekasi MAPEH/MSEP
9:00-9:30/2:00-2:30 B R E A K
Division Achievement Test (DAT)
Day 1 - March 25, 2011
Day 2 - March 26, 2011
First Half
(Sec. 1-5)
Second Half
First Half
{Sec. 1-5)
Second Half
7:30-8: 15/12:30-1: 15 Math English
Science Mapeh
8: 15-9:0011: 15-2:00 Filipino Values
AP/Hekasi Science
9:00-9: 1512:00-2: 15 B R E A K
9: 15-10:00/2: 15-3:00 English Math
Mapeh AP/ Hekasi
10:00-12:00/3:00-5:00 Values Filipino Checking
3. Proctors/Advisers will not exchange from other schools but within the school level.
4. Proctors shall be in his/her assigned testing center 15 minutes before the exact time for testing
and prepare the board work (time and test schedule for the day).
5. Schools should prepare the Test Forms 1,2 and 3 before the scheduled testing dates.
6. Schools are also expected to assist the Supervisors in charge/Coordinators and Department
Heads in the preparation of Forms 1,2 and Summary of MPS by subject area and grade/year level to be
submitted at the Division Office c/o Mrs. Marieta F. Babera not later than April 1,2011.
7. A summary of test results shall be prepared by the supervisors in charge/coordinators and
Department Heads with the following information.
- by Grade/Subject
1. No. of respondents who took the test
2. Raw Mean
- School Mean for each grade/year level in each learning areas
8. Chief examiner shall prepare narrative report and accomplish the forms required after the test.
9. The following Division SupervisorsCoordinators/Head Teachers are assigned to monitor the
conduct of the Division Achievement Test (DA T) and 41h Periodical Test and submit actual number of
exammees as agamst the enro Imen: t
Supervisors/CoordinatorsiHead Teachers ! Elementary School
Muntinlupa Elem. School Dr. Celia G. Espina
Itaas Elem. School Main . Ms. Carmen Hicap
. Itaas Elem. Schoo -Annex
Putatan Elem. School
Tunasan Elem. School
Victoria Homes Elem. School
! Soldier's Hills Elem. School
F. De Mesa Elem. School
! Lakeview Elem. School
Bayanan Elem. School Main
Alabang Elem. School
Bagong Silang Elem. School
Bayanan Elem. School Unit I
! Buli Elem. School
Cupang Elem. School
Mrs. Felisa Basijan
Dr. Diosdado Medina
Dr. Armando Romero
Mrs. Paz Solar
Mrs. Angelina Pascual
Mrs. Rowena Hibanada
Mrs. Eden Binaday !
Mrs. Marieta F. Babera I
Mrs. Concesa V. Faustino
Mr. Joaguin Basijan
Dr. Francisca Pagkalinawan
i Mrs. Angelita Abella
Miss. Soledad Joaquin
Cupang Elem. School- Annex . Mr. Wilson Pascual
Sucat Elem. School Dr. Emilia Bautista
Sucat Elem. School- Annex Dr. Onofre Santos
.. -.
.1 t;a\:Ut;1 "econuary "CnOOI
National High School Mrs. Venus Salmingo
Ms. Josie Sapanta Muntinlupa National High School-Annex
Muntinlupa Science High School Mrs. Consuelo Dela Cruz
Mr. Dean Hermoso Pedro E. Diaz High School
Mr. Rogelio Muntinlupa Business High School
Ms. Emily Ambrosio Muntinlupa Business High School - Annex
10. Please. be guided accordmgly.
11. Immediate and wide dissemination ofthis Memorandum is desired.
Office ofthe Schools Division Superintenden
Lilia' I I