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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Personal Information
Name Sex Date of birth Place of Birth Nationality Marital Status Address/Telephone E-mail Zegeye Tirfe Mamo Male 22/04/1972 E.C. Asella Ethiopian Married 0913194106

Academic Credentials / Qualification

y M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Economics y Pre master 61 credit hours bridging courses (30 Credit hours from undergraduate agricultural Economics courses and 31 credit hours from economics courses). y B.Sc. degree in mathematics y Certificate in computer application y Certificate in Teaching Profession in higher Education y Certificate in LMDP software y Certificate in SPSS software y Certificate in STATA software

Paper presentation
y I presented a paper Gender and food insecurity problem on 12th annual conference of Agricultural Economics society of Ethiopia(AESE), Agust 14 15, 2009 at Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa y I presented a paper Agricultural Practices and farm household food insecurity in Ethiopia on development study of Ethiopia in collaboration with Michigan and Adama universities , in October, 2009 at German Hotel, Adama, Ethiopia.

Scholarly Journal Article y Zegeye Tirfe and Hussein Hamda . 2011. Farm Households Food Insecurity, Determinants and Coping Strategies: the case of Fadis District, Eastern Oromia, Ethiopia. Eth. J. of Agric.Econ.8(1), Nov.2011. page 1- 36. Book y Agricultural practices and farm households food insecurity ,VDM Verlag
Publishers, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-639-00933-0.

book published

y Introductory econometrics reference book unpublished( reserved in Adama university library) y Mastering preparatory calculus reference book unpublished

Module Preparations
y Introduction to Economics Module (team work) - for Harar Teacher Training Institute

y Basic mathematics Module (team work) for Harar Teacher Training Institute y Analytical geometry - Module (team work) for Harar Teacher Training Institute

Work experience
y Currently working in Adama university school of agriculture department of Agribusiness management and Marketing as lecturer (offering different Economic courses). y Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research as a researcher on the department of ME( Monitoring and evaluation). y Thought mathematics mekelle university , adi-haqi campas and mekele poly institute technology as part timer, 2002. y SOS children village an international NGO in Mekele and Harar projects on the postions of out rich programme of the organization and mathematics, general business and Economics teacher. y Thought mathematics and Action research methodology at Harar Teacher Training Institute as part timer Language Ability y Afan Oromo(fluent) Speaking, listening, reading and writing y Amharic (fluent) Speaking, listening, reading and writing y English (fluent) Speaking, listening, reading and writing

y Hussein hamda(PhD): department of economics Addis Ababa university. E-mail:

y Limeneh Nihin: SOS Childeren Village project director. E-mail: y Eshetu Tefera: Adama university ABMM department head. E-mail: