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ORAL COMMENTARY RUBRIC Passage: ___________________________________

Criterion A: KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING Precisely situates extract within work / body of work Connects extract to rest of text / body of work, Knowledge / understanding of extract content Criterion B: INTERPRETATION AND PERSONAL RESPONSE Valid, convincing, detailed interpretation of thought/feeling expressed in extract Awareness and analysis of effects of literary features Diction/Syntax/Verse/Connotation/Denotation Imagery/Symbols/Motifs Figurative Language Tone/ Mood/Atmosphere Structural Elements/Organization Sound Effects/Poetic Devices Themes Stylistic Elements Other Techniques/Devices Original and independent critical response Precise, relevant references to extract support analysis
y y y y y y y y y y y y

Candidate:_____________ Per. __ Date ____

as relevant

Poor Little Some/superficial Adequate Good Excellent / Precise

0 __________ 1 __________ 2 __________ 3 __________ 4 __________ 5 __________

y y y y

Little interp. of thought/feeling Merely narrates/repeats content Little awareness of literary features No references to the extract for support Some interp. of thought/feeling Some elements of personal response Some awareness of literary features Some references to the extract

1-2 __________

3-4 __________

Adequate and generally valid interp. of thought/feeling Some critical personal response Adequate awareness/some analysis of effects of literary features Response generally supported by relevant references to extract 5-6 __________ Good interp. of thought and feeling/valid and generally detailed A considered critical response Good awareness and detailed analysis of effects of lit. features Response supported by relevant references to the extract 7-8 __________

y Excellent interp. / convincing and detailed interp. of thought/feeling y Excellent awareness and critical analysis of effects of lit. features y Response is fully supported by precise references to the extract 9-10 __________


y Poor presentation 0 __________

Response is structured purposefully, effectively Presentation of argument is effective, coherent, focused Presentation is convincing, persuasive, and confident Supporting references to extract are well-integrated into the body of the response

y Little structure, focus, coherence, development ; few references 1-2 __________ y Some structure, coherence, focus; ref. not integ. 3-4 __________ y Adequate structure; generally focused, coherent, effective y Supporting references sometimes integrated 5-6 __________ y Clear, logical structure; focused; coherent, effective, convincing y Supporting references appropriately integrated 7-8 __________ y Purposeful, effective structure; focused, coherent; persuasive y Persuasive presentation; well-integrated ref. 9-10 __________

Criterion D: USE OF LANGUAGE Language is accurate Language is clear Language is precise Use of literary terms is appropriate Choice of register and style is appropriate Sensitivity to vocabulary Sensitivity to tone Sensitivity to sentence structure / grammar Sensitivity to idiom

y Poor

0 __________

y Rarely clear, coherent, clear; vocab. rarely accurate/appropriate y Many lapses in grammar, expression 1 __________ y Language sometimes clear, coherent y Some accuracy in grammar, expression y Vocab. sometimes appropriate y Language generally clear, coherent, appropriate y Only a few lapses in grammar, expression y Attempts suitable register, literary terms

2 __________

3 __________

y Language clear, varied, precise, and appropriate to the occasion y No significant lapses in grammar, express. y Register, style appropriate; some lit. terms used 4 __________ y Language clear, varied, precise, concise, appropriate to occasion y No significant lapses in grammar, express. y Effective register, style; precise use of wide vocab., varied grammatical structures, and appropriate lit. terms 5 _________

TOTAL: _____________ / 30
*A 3 in Category A and a 5/6 in Category B are adequate achievements in IB. If you earn a score below this, you will be offered an opportunity to give another presentation/commentary if you choose to do an early speech. The total number of points needed for adequate is 16.

ORAL COMMENTARY RUBRIC Passage: ___________________________________


Left column = # of points / 30 earned on oral rubric Right column = Equivalency for grade book, considering oral as a 30 point assignment 30 29 28 27 26 30 29 29 29 29 25 24 23 22 21 29 29 28 28 28 20 19 18 17 16 27 27 27 27 26 15 14 13 12 11 26 26 25 25 25 10 9 8 7 6 24 24 24 24 23