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Weather Directions: Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank before each number. a. thermometer e.

weather b. weather elements c. anemometer f. wind vane g. air temperature d. air current h. wind

_______1. _______________ is the changing condition of the atmosphere over a certain place. ______ 2. _________________ are things related to weather that change constantly. ______ 3. ____________ refers to the measure of how warm or how cold the air is. ______ 4. ______ 5. A ___________ is used to measure air temperature. ________ is moving air.

______ 6. _______ refers to wind that is moving vertically ______ 7. A(n) _________________ measures wind speed. ______ 8. A _________ measures wind direction.

T for True/ F for False ______ 1. Weather changes from day to day and within the day. ______ 2. The clothes we wear do not depend on the weather. ______ 3. The weather also influences the activities we can engage in. ______ 4. It is good to fly a kite during a stormy day. ______ 5. It is good to do laundry and dry our clothes during sunny days. ______ 6. The weather stays constant for long periods of time. ______ 7. The changes in weather are caused by the sun, the air, and water. ______ 8. As the air becomes warmer, the mercury inside the thermometer falls. ______ 9. Wind is air that moves horizontally. ______ 10. Wind changes in speed and direction. ______ 11. During a hot day, the wind blows from LAND to SEA.

______ 12.If the wind vanes arrow is pointing to the East, it means that the wind is coming from the East. Cloud Conditions: Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank before each number. A. Cumulus B.. Cirrus D. Stratus D. Nimbus

_____ 1. Towering clouds are white and puffy. _____ 2. Forms a layer of thin, light gray clouds that cover the whole sky. _____ 3. These clouds mean rain or a storm is coming _____ 4. Form very high up in the sky and are made up of tiny ice crystals. _____ 5. Dark clouds. _____ 6. . Very thin and look like feathers.


a. High

b. humid

c. low


_______ 1. ____________ is the amount of water vapor in the air. _______ 2. When there is plenty of water vapor in the air, we call the condition ___________. _______ 3. When your perspiration cannot evaporate because there is too much water vapor in the air, thismeans that humidity is __________________. _______ 4. When there is little water vapor in the air and when your skin does not feel sticky because your perspiration evaporates quickly, this means that humidity is ______________________. Rainfall Draw the Water Cycle

How The Weather Affects Us Put a on the blank if the statement talks about how we should adapt to our weather. ______ 1. Linda and her friends play soccer even during a stormy day since its cool to be wet. ______ 2. The Del Rosario family waited for a sunny forecast before going to the beach. ______ 3. Jammie drinks cold fruit juices on hot and sunny days. ______ 4. We should wear thin clothes during cold months. ______ 5. We must not forget to put on sunblock and wear a hat/cap on sunny days. ______ 6. Its okay to play from 8:00 a.m. 3:00 pm as long as we have a cap.

Weather and Animals Match Column A with Column B. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank before each number.

______ 1. During winter, these animals live on stored fat ______ 2. Some of these lose their feathers during the warm weather. ______ 3. Bears and chipmunks sleep for a long time during winter. ______ 4. Before the cold season, some animals go to a warmer country. ______ 5. Frogs, snails, mudfish sleep deep in mud during very dry, hot weather. ______ 6. These animals come out of their underground during floods.

A. Estivation B. Ants

C. Polar Bears

D. Migration





Weather and Plants/Environment T for True/ F for False

______ 1. Plants need water in order to survive. ______ 2. It is better to have too much rain than no rain at all. ______ 3. Drought is the long period without rain. ______ 4. Weather affects living things only. Preparing for Strong Storms Put a on the blank if the statement that is correct and X if it is not. ______ 1. Mang Boy bought canned goods, batteries and water before Typhoon Sendong hit the country. ______ 2. Barangay cleaners cleared out the esteros during the rainy season instead of during the summer. ______ 3. Mr. Santos cut off extra branches from trees so they would not fall on roofs of houses. ______ 4. Aling Medy allowed Justin to play outside in the rain, and told him to go back inside when the rains became stronger. ______ 5. The community members prepare for calamities only during the wet seasons (June-December)

Match Column A with Column B. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank before each number.

______ 1. More severe than the common cold. You have sore throat, fever, and muscle pains.

A. Gastrointestinal disease

______ 2. Fast loss of water from your body can lead you to fever B. Dehydration fast breathing, and fainting when you stay too much under the sun. ______ 3. Too much heat and trapped moisture from perspiration can lead to this itchy skin condition. ______ 4. This condition means you lack water. You feel weak ______ 5. Flies found around fruits and food during warm weather can lead to this. ______ 6. This is characterized by loose bowel movement and Stomachache. C. Diarrhea

D. Heatstroke E. Flu


Heat Rash

During what kind of weather are children in danger of having the ailments listed below? Write S if it is common during sunny days and R if during rainy days.

______ Influenza ______ Diarrhea

______ Dehydration ______ Sore eyes

_____ colds and cough _____ heatstroke