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Vaastu & Feng Shui : Growth and Success

Feng Shui, the Chinese version is different in some respect as compared to vaastu, in the light of differences in climate, topography and local beliefs. India is a hot country mostly with a flat terrain, whereas China cold country with mountainous regions. Yin & Yang (godly and demonic energies in vaastu), in Feng Shui, are basic components of universe and or responsible for creation and sustenance of all objects living and non-living. Chi (pran in vastu) is the force produced due to the interaction of Yin and Yang. Feng Shui believes that with the manipulation of landscape we can get the best and balanced form of Chi. It also believes that all the four directions should have different levels to create excellent Chi. Feng Shui ensures that Chi moves slowly and flow continuously towards all directions to enrich life in those desired happiness such as family harmony, growing career, good relationship, name, fame, children, etc. Remedies in Feng Shui Feng Shui believes that the necessary objects used by mankind, when used to enhance flow of Chi can be immensely helpful to fulfil the aspirations of the inmate in an abode or a workplace. There are 6 basic cures in the mode of Feng Shui Technology i.e. Mirrors, Plants, Fountains, Lights, Wind Chimes and Colours 1. Mirrors: Minors represent a doubling of revenues for the business. That is why Restaurants are also fond of using mirrors to symbolize a busier environment. In a house or an office mirrors serve good purposes, the bigger the mirror the better. A mirror can balance an L shaped home or room. In business if property hung they can increase profits. 2. Plants: Plants the best energy creators and dispersers on either side of entrance enhance not only personal energy but also the financial prosperity for the inmates of residence or workplace. It promotes good health personal as well as organizational. 3. Lights: Lights are another effective method of correcting imbalance of Industrial ventures associated with irregular shapes or defects of columns and beams. Lights create balance and harmony within the surroundings. crystal chandeliers are also excellent in the centre. 4. Fountains: Water is immensely helpful as it represents wealth, abundance prosperity and riches. By placing water fountains in water element direction, it enhances family happiness, wealth, prosperity for the inmates. 5. Wind Chimes: Wind Chimes intensify and opens new career prospects, material relationship and also for enhancement of new business avenues. 6. Colours: The use and choice of colours can help to create a smooth household, harmony, some of which are detailed as derived from out of five elementary colours:

Red Purple Yellow Green Blue Grey Brown Orange White

Denotes happiness, warmth, strength I force. Auspicious to inspire respect. Promotes Power. Represents growth. Inculcates hope. Signifies balance and resolution of conflict. Gives a heavy feeling. Promotes Happiness and Power. Gives Peace, happiness & smooth environment.

Feng Shui application is not expensive as the gadgets are inexpensive and easy to follow, especially when the changes cannot be made in an apartment or a rented property. Pyramids: Pyramids are sacred geometric shapes pyramids are simple among them to attract or generate energy and radiate efficiently. This fact was known to the ancients as these exist all over the world in one shape or other in the top of temple, mosque, church and any other worship places. Pyramids of Egypt are based on simple geometry as the two base angles of the pyramid are 58 degrees each and the third angle at the apex is 64 degrees. Interestingly, the four triangular sides and the square base radiate energy, as also the cosmic radiation are received by its apex surface. All the energy fields through radiation, rays, fields of force etc. do mingle with each other and to create a new powerful energy field invested with great power. This power is utilized with the help of pyramids made different sizes and materials. Plastic pyramid is the least effective while the crystal pyramids are most powerful. Application and installation of such useful objects in several industries/farm houses and large residential bungalows prove successful in minimizing the negative effect of Vaastu deficiencies or defects, promoting the following positive results. 1. Amicable settlement of property disputes with tenant or others. 2. Favourable decision in litigations or relief through its end. 3. Relief from debts or loans. 4. Improvement in cash flow and attaining cash rich status. 5. Harmony between management and workers. 6. Optimum capacity utilization and least rejections. 7. Promotion of quality and good return on products. 8. Improvement in delays in function of the company. 9. Harmonic relations in family and at workplace. 10. Improvement in management-labour relations. 11. Happy and harmonic growth in family and business. The right knowledge of energies or natural natural powers such as solar energy and earth gravitational power, as well as the right use and enhancement of this to the benefit of mankind is the essence of vaastu and feng shui.

Construciton of a building for any purpose under vaastu friendly rules and principles and its energy flow enhancement through the feng shui rules and principles can be a great help in promoting the growth and success rate in our life, with harmonic development of our health physical, mental, material and spiritual.

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