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Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

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Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

The April 10 event in northern Idaho will feature a new Tesla switch that enables the batteries in a solar array to last much longer, while also enabling more energy to be drawn from the solar panel system. The Renaissance Chargers and 10-coil Energizer kits will also be demonstrated. by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Copyright 2010 If you're into unconventional alternative energy technology and have been wondering when something is going to finally make it to market, here's a development that looks like it could be a "foot in the door" a significant next step opportunity in that direction. On April 10, 2010, at The Lodge at Sandpoint, Idaho, USA, Owen Mullen is going to be holding an Alternative Energy Conference where Energenx Inc., and Renaissance Charge, LLC. will be showcasing recent as well as the newest devices they've come up with. Admittance to the conference is $50, and the rooms at the lodge (27 available) start at $99. Here's a brochure image by Owen Mullen of who told me about this event. He's been involved with Energenx for about five years.

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On that day, John Bedini and associated companies are going to be showcasing several of their technologies, including the Renaissance Battery Chargers that have been available for sale for about three years now, the new 10-coil Energizer Kit we announced Tuesday, and a new product line called the "Tesla Solar Charger" by Renaissance, manufactured by Energenx, that will be commercially available by then. It is designed to significantly prolong

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2010-12-16 12:37

Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

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the life of the solar battery array. I'm interested in possibly getting a Tesla Solar Charger for the sustainable house I'm building. Motor-Energizer Kits As mentioned in our story two days ago, the motor-energizer systems do several things. Their secondary purpose is to charge batteries in a way the helps rejuvenate them so you don't have to throw the battery away. They trigger radiant energy production in the tradition of Nikola Tesla, and that radiant energy doesn't show up on traditional meters in the form of amps, but it does show up in the form of John Bedini (right) and Rick Friedrich battery capacity and longevity. The energizer pulls much less current from the wall when recharging the battery than traditional chargers, thanks to the salutary help of the radiant energy effects. Rick Friedrich of Renaissance says that they have sold hundreds of these as kits.

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Renaissance Battery Chargers The Renaissance Battery Chargers that will be on displayed and discussed by 1Friedrich have been commercially available for about three years.

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I have the RC-1AU battery charger (second from the left in the above photo), and have had some success with it preventing me from having to throw batteries away when they become too degraded in their performance. Here I am with the R-Charge device hooked to the battery of my minivan last For example, so week. far my minivan has made it through one of the coldest winters (crazy global warming NOT), despite the battery having started to go out last Fall, going "click, click, click, click," instead of turning over the engine. That was around the time we were going to be moving down here to Mount Pleasant, UT to Randy Tolbert's solar guest house, having sold our home in Eagle Mountain, so we could roll its value into a sustainable home we're in process of building now. We could barely afford the rental moving truck, let alone a new battery for the minivan. I put Bedini's RC-1AU on it, just once, for about half a day, and that was enough to rejuvenate it back into a range that it would hold the charge well enough to start up the car whenever we got in it to go somewhere. And when you only have one vehicle, and you live remotely, and you have places you need to be on time; knowing your battery is going to do its thing provides an important peace of mind. It wasn't until last week that it wouldn't start up the engine for us, going "click, click, click" instead and that was most likely because my kids had run it down while they were cleaning out the car that day. So I put the RC-1AU on again, overnight, and I'm guessing that we'll be good for the balance of the winter. It's acting peppier

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2010-12-16 12:37

Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

now. Friedrich points out that this is the wrong charger for charging automotive batteries, and voids the Renaissance warranty.

Announcing the Tesla Solar Charger Last night I had a conference call with a guy in Australia who is looking for a leading-edge renewable energy technology that is ready to go into manufacturing now. Of all the technologies on my radar, the only one I could think of, scanning through my list of the Best Exotic Free Energy Technologies, was John Bedini's new Tesla Switch Solar Charger. Serendipitously, right at 9:00 pm when I called in to the conference call, John Bedini phoned me, and I told him I'd call him back. "It's a Tesla switch," Bedini told me. He also directed me to his Energenx YouTube channel where he has recently posted several videos of what they are calling a "Tesla Switch Solar Charger". He said to pay close attention to the meters and "draw your own conclusions". Here's one of the videos of "the small one". The units will come in probably ten different sizes, ranging from being able to handle 1.2 A-h on the smallest size, to being able to handle 80 A-h on the biggest size.

"Tesla Switch Solar Charger 3.5 amp max input. This is the smallest of the Tesla Switch Solar Chargers. This switch is made for RV's with a single panel. This is the newest of the Renaissance chargers." (YouTube; February 05, 2010) See also video showing the same set-up but using analogue meters.

This Tesla switch apparently pulses a charge into the batteries about two times a second, so you see both the input current and the output current bouncing between zero and a higher value. At a lower output setting on the power supply, the voltage meter reads 17.4 V, and the current peaks at about 2.7 amps, which comes to 47 Watts (a x v).

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2010-12-16 12:37

Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

The DC power supply shown at the top passes current though the Tesla Switch Solar Charger shown on the bottom.. In this screen grab, the voltage is 17.4 and the current is 2.2 amps.

Meanwhile, at that setting, the analogue meters on the output coming from the Tesla Switch Solar Charger to two 12-volt batteries (which have been rejuvenated by the same system) show the voltage sitting at about 14 V (a function of the battery level), and the amp meter bounces between zero and about 7 amps, making about 98 Watts at the peak. That is more than twice the input at its peak.

The DC power supply shown at the top passes current though the Tesla Switch Solar Charger shown on the bottom.. In this screen grab, the voltage is 17.4 and the current is 2.2 amps.

Then Bedini turns the "panel voltage" from the DC power supply input up to 19.6 volts, and the peak current goes up to 3.9 amps, for a max of about 76 Watts. Meanwhile, the output meters show 14 volts and a peak of about 13 amps for a max of about 182 Watts -- again over twice the input. Mullen relates seeing a magnification of power on the order of 3 to 5 times the input. Reflecting on this, you can't help but imagine what this might do for a solar array. Could it enable a reduction in the number of panels needed by half or more for the same power output? So not only would this unit save on the cost of battery replacement, but could it also enable a reduction in the number of panels needed in the array? Mullen said that an R&D unit has been on his house for a couple of years, and it works when it's cloudy outside, and even at night, because "the solar panel picks up UV rays from the moon, stars, and what slips through the clouds," and the Tesla Switch Solar Charger turns that into radiant energy which easily goes into the batteries. Rick Friedrich, who is the most conservative and grounded of the Bedini crew, and who is manufacturing the units, emphases what the unit does for the batteries: "All I have stressed for 3 years in Renaissance is that we restore batteries in most cases and we see the batteries last significantly longer. Yes there is free energy in this in one factor: You can restore a useless battery and save money from buying a new one for pennies in cost of electric. And you can keep your batteries (I personally believe Lead-acid loaded probably will just keep on going with our chargers). But as I said to you a year ago in great detail, we have not focused on making free energy commercial products. That is a rather expensive and involved process when you are plugged into the grid. It is also extremely controversial and will sink a company down with more troubles than they can deal with. "If the solar chargers can result in more out than in, that is not something we will

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2010-12-16 12:37

Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

claim or push. Again, or aim is merely to have a really good charger that will allow customers to hopefully restore batteries with little practical capacity and keep their batteries. And here is the catch. It is only so if they do not severely abuse their batteries under load as probably 1/3 or more people do. If you overload your batteries too often and warp and crack the plates then we cannot help that. So we don't want people to be under the wrong impression in this either." Mullen said: "Rick is very conservative on claims and is careful on getting possible negative feedback from so called experts." What they are willing to say publicly is that the Tesla Switch Solar Chargeer increases the output of the solar panels and keeps the batteries in a well-maintained state. Batteries are a significant expense in a solar array, and typically have to be replaced after around ten years. The Tesla Switch Solar Charger could prevent you from having to ever replace your batteries. Bedini tends to be less cautious in his exuberance in these battery technologies, which he's been pursing with a passion since the '70s. He told me that these Tesla Switch Solar Chargers can put out a lot more, but that he purposely clamps down their output, which could be "massive". "I don't dare turn it up." They've put the design through rigorous testing, trying it out in all kinds of types and conditions of batteries.

Available Soon Mullen said the Tesla Switch Solar Charger will be priced in the low few hundred dollar range and will most likely be available from the various dealer's websites, including Mullen's, who said: "I have personally used all the chargers in my lab on my farm and am getting ready to install the controller into my off grid system on my straw bale house. They work very well for power tool batteries, flashlight rechargeable, car batteries, T-105 Trojans, L16 Trojans and large banks of batteries hooked in series, up to 144 Volts. "I personally have restored over 100 different batteries that were either from the landfill or ready for disposal. I have had my mechanic verify their efficacy also as he was ready to re-place my wife's battery with a new $76.00 one and checked out her old one before and after and said after the R-charge treatment it was better than the new one he was going to put in. "Lots of testimonials on both r-charge and my web site. This is the real deal." ###

Feel free to view/post comments on the version of this story.

Oscillator vs. Tesla Switch

On February 13, 2010 1:17 AM PM Mountain, John Bedini wrote: (Slightly edited) The people can draw their own conclusion, as I can not talk about free energy and sell the product. I posted a new video with analog meters as people do not believe anything. But now they have no excuse.

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2010-12-16 12:37

Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

"Small Tesla Switch Charger with analog meters." (YouTube; Feb. 12, 2010)

We can't and wont make any claims since we are selling things in the US market. I would say the people testing will tell us what is going on with these conversions in power. The Tesla switch was shown in 1984 at the Tesla convention. At that time I gave out all the diagrams for it. I did not do anything with it for over 20 years. The Tesla Switch waited for 20 years for the correct devices to power this re-designed device. The original Tesla Switch was much different in the way it worked as many tried to build it and failed. Their will be no kit's offered on this device, that includes parts and diagrams. Today we have micro computer chips we can program for the functions we want to perform. This is proprietary to the Energenx company, so no information will be given out on this. I'm not going to twist anybody's arms to buy these products. From what I can see, the world must go into the dark ages and burn candles before they will accept anything with radiant energy, which is negative energy, and negative energy can come from capacitors or switches too. Yes, the Tesla Switch Solar Charger increases the solar panel output by conversion , and it's designed to do that; so what your able to see is conversion taking place in the switch, the meters do not lie. The Radiant Charger is a Solar Oscillator designed much different then the SG oscillator. You must understand that Solar Panels are at different impedance then the batteries in a solar home. You must convert the impedance to use them efficiently or you lose. What you're seeing is the conversion taking place in the charger to increase the output (not shown), this conversion is the same for the Tesla Switch or the Oscillator. The Oscillator can work down to voltages of .7 tenths of a volt, Tesla Switch 5 volts, so it can charge in very low light -- no magic except in the conversion here; just good engineering and understanding how things work. The second thing is capacitors do all the conversion. Why? Because that is real power in joules and joules charge batteries. Pulse power can and does rejuvenate old batteries and causes a gain in the battery if the battery is not shorted out, but the signal to the battery must be correct. These new products do the conversion for you and that's it. Anybody can read the patent on the solar oscillator on Google patents. That is the one that works in the moon light (very low light). This is the unit Owen is talking about and not the Tesla Switch Solar Charger. The two chargers are quite different in the way they work. ---On February 13, 2010 11:53 AM Mountain, Bedini wrote: Yes, Sterling, I'm going to put up Scope traces soon on YouTube. And the pulse is much faster than that, and it goes negative. This is why I do not want to over drive the switch as the battery just boils away.

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2010-12-16 12:37

Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

"Small Tesla Solar Charger current probe test on interstate battery. The current probe corresponds with meters. I leave it to you to come to your own conclusion." (YouTube; Feb. 13, 2010)


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Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference

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