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EKATERINA DANISHEVSKAYA Address: Kahovskaya street, Tiraspol, Moldova Telephone Number: (373) 533 45793 (373) 777 74428

E-mail: Date of Birth: 05/may/1991 Place of Birth: Tiraspol, Moldova Gender: ___ Male _X_ Female Country of Citizenship: Russia Country of Residence: Moldova Education Institution Name: Tiraspol State University Location: Tiraspol, Moldova Institution start date: Sep 2008 Graduation/Expected graduation date: June 2013 Field of Study: Foreign languages and theory and methodology of its teaching

Experience Company Name: School of arts Position: English language teacher Location: Tiraspol, Moldova Duration: From 09.10 till now Tasks/Responsibilities: I teach children from the ages of 7 to14. The number of pupils in the group vary from 5 to 10. I am a responsible adult for these children when they are in my classes. I compose lesson plans and try to make it interesting and exciting. I am responsible for their knowledge that is going increase after the year of my teaching. I work with children to participate on holiday events. Skills/Qualifications: I have an excellent understanding of these languages. I am good with understanding accents and regional dialects. Languages & Level: English: fluent Russian: native Other languages: French - Fluent Spanish Beginner Computer Skills: Good knowledge of computers and programs. I can use Microsoft office with an intermediate knowledge of Excel, Power point and excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word. I have also taught myself how to use Photoshop which is photo editing software. I have good knowledge of computer language and hardware as I can work my way around a PC fixing minor errors and even reinstalling windows if necessary along with changing hardware, installing software and fixing any driver problems. Special Awards/Honors/Certifications: Swimming skills: I attend a swimming pool every week and can swim very well Drivers License: B category

Activities & interests: From the very start of my education I was interested in America, watching American films and listerning to music, learning as much as I could about Americas culture. Now I am in the University and I have the opportunity to experience this first hand to broaden my knowledge. Many other countries are also participating in this program, this is a prime opportunity for me to get involved and experience what I am going to be offered when I will visit America. I study languages such as English, French, and Spanish and there are some states where people speak these languages, which can help me in my future career. I am also keen on taking pictures and as far as I know there is a huge amount of beautiful natural scenery in American for its visitors. I like art and I have some drawing skills. I love the music I play on my piano or my violin. Internet and many of its resources occupy big part of my life. I enjoy roller skating and riding a bicycle. I know that Americans care about their health and like to ride a bicycle or to jog.

In addition I enjoy cooking for family, friends on occasions. I would love to travel and experience new places as I have not done much of that yet and in my opinion America is a good place to start with. I want to gain a personal understanding of American people and experience their culture as a preparation for future jobs.