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Correct Answers 1. I come from England. 2. There aren't many people here. 3. Tim isn't going to work tomorrow.

4. I'd like some information, please. 5. Did you walk to school yesterday? 6. I went to the shop to buy some chocolate. 7. 'I don't like coffee.' ' Neither do I.' 8. 'Have you visited London?' ' Not yet .' 9. Is Jo as tall as Chris? 10. You should do your homework. 11. 'Where's the nearest post office, please?' 12. Would you mind closing the window? 13. He's interested in learning Spanish. 14. How long have you been learning English? 15. His office is on the second floor of the building. 16. The doctor gave me a prescription for some medicine yesterday. 17. Can you tell me when the train leaves ? 18. I expect a reply to my letter in the next few days. 19. When Simon comes back tonight, he'll cook dinner. 20. We arrived in England two days ago. 21. 'Why are you so hungry?' 'Oh, I didn't have breakfast this morning.' 22. You had better see a doctor. 23. You should take up swimming. 24. 'Did you speak to Juliet?' 'No, I've hardly seen her. 25. He told me that he had been working in Spain the previous year. 26. She looks as if she's going to be sick. 27. The best way to learn a language is by speaking a little every day. 28. She told me to go to school. 29. I want to be a teacher when I grow up . 30. I'm fed up with doing this exercise. 31. It is ages since I saw my brother. 32. She has been accused of murdering her husband. 33. You aren't allowed to use your mobile so there's no point in leaving it on . 34. You needn't have done the cleaning. I would have done it tonight. 35. They have put speed bumps on the road to prevent accidents. 36. We would never have had the accident if you hadn't been driving so fast. 37. The tree was struck by lightning. 38. If only I were richer. 39. Despite being the better team, we lost the match. 40. By this time next year, I will have taken all my exams. BCS General Knowledge Questions with answers 1 On which river is Tipaimukh where India is going to build a mega dam? Ans: Borak river 2 Who is the governor of Bangladesh Bank? Ans: Dr. Atiur Rahman 3 Who is the foreign minister of Bangladesh cabinet? Ans: Dipu Moni 4 What is the full expression of BSF? Ans: Border Security Force 5 Who is the law minister of Bangladesh cabinet? Ans: Shafique Ahmed. 10 On which river is Kanchpur Bridge built? Ans: The Shitalakhya 11 What is full expression of BIWTA? Ans: Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority 12 At what age Michael Jackson died? Ans: 50 14 Who is the author of " Samson Agonistes"? Ans: John Milton

15 Who is the movelist of " Shesh Proshno"? Ans: Sharat Chandra Chottopadhya 16 Which is the highest paper note in our country? Ans: TK. 1000/17 What is the full expression of VAT? Ans: Value added Tax. 18 Who wrote the novel " Tom Jones"? Ans: Henry Fielding 19 Where is the longest road under sea in the world? Ans: Japan 20 Where is Hithro Airport? Ans: London 21 In which year the first world war started? Ans: 1914 22 In Which year the second world war started? Ans: 1939 23 What is the full expression of UNICEF? Ans: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund 24 What is the full expression of SAARC? Ans: South Asian Association for Regional co-operation. 25 How many public medical colleges are there in Bangladesh? Ans: 14 26 What is the real colour of the sun? Ans: Pure white 27 What is NASA? Ans: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 28 Which country is called " The Tiger of Bicycle" ?Ans: Vietnam 29 What is PLO? Ans: Palestine Liberation Organization 30 Which date has smallest night? Ans: 21 June 31 Which city is the highest capital in the world? Ans: Lapaj Bolivia 32 Which is the biggest museum in the world?Ans: London Museum 33 Who is the first female recipient of Nobel Prize? Ans: Madam Curry. 34 Which organization gives noble prize? Ans: Academy for Motion Pictures, Arts and Science 35 Which is the biggest country in South Asia? Ans: India. 36 Operation Desert Storm is related with- Ans: 1991 War subMediterranean 37 Who is the "man of the Match" of T-20 world cup 2009? Ans: Shahid Afridi 38 Which country is known as birth place of democracy? Ans: Greece 39 What is a Mega City? Ans: If a city has more than I crore people 40 Which is the longest river in Bangladesh? Ans: Padma. 41 What is Ishardi 254? Ans: Locally developed sugar cane 42 Who is the inventor of Bacteria? Ans: Lewen Hook 43 Which metal is the thinnest? Ans: Hydrogen. 44 Which is primary colour? Ans: Green 45 Which is the world's largest poem? Ans: MohaBharat (3 million words) 46 How many nights are there in " Arabian Nights." Ans: 1001 47 Who is the creator of the cartoon series "Meena"?Ans: Mostafa Monowar. 48 Who said "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". Ans: Benjamin Franklin 49 Who wrote " Shadhinota Tumi.? Ans: Shamsur Rahman 50 What is the National play of Pakistan? Ans: Hockey. BCS Model Question Home and International Affairs-10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Who is the author of "In the line of Fire"? Gen. Parvez Mosharraf, President of Pakistan Who is the present Prime Minister of Japan? Shinjo Abbe Who won the Nobel Prize 2006 in Literature Orhan pamuk (Turky) In which place 14th SAARC summit will be held? New Delhi Which baller made hattrick in the first over of the innings in test cricket? Irfan jpathan Which country is called the 5th Dragon ? Singapore Which day is observed as " International Mother's Day"? 2nd sunday of May Which is the coal driven power plant? Boro Pukuria ( Dinajpur) Which district does contain most of enclaves of India? Lalmonirhat What is 'freedom house'? An organization of American intellectuals Which country first used national flag? Denmark Which country introduced stamps? UK When did the first rail line established in Bangladesh? 1862 Which colour we can see from a long distance? Red What PRSP stands for? Poverty Reduction Strategy paper

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In which year Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) leave ( Hizrat) What is the waterway seperating India and Srilanka? Which is the capital of UAE? Abu Dhabi From which date Fiscal year starts in Bangladesh? World environment Day observes in which day?

Madina for Hizrat? Palk strait 1st July 5th june

622 AD.

1 Brazil won the first world cup football in which year? 1958 2 'The information highway' is also known as what? Internet 3 Which country scored the highest runs in one day international Criket? Srilanka (443) runs 4 In which place of Bangladesh the highest shahid Miner is situated? In Jahangirnagar University 5 Which is the third Girl's Cadet College? Jaipurhat Girl's Cadet College 6 In which city the cost of living is highest in the world? Oslo, Norway 7 In which city the cost of living is lowest in the world? Mumbai, India 8 In which country the 19th world cup Football Tournament 2010 will be held? South Africa 9 What is stands for FIFA? Federation of International Football Association 10 What is capital city of Sieraleon? Free Town. 11 Who is the first female poet in Bangla Literature? Chandrabati. 12 Who is the first female Novelist in Bangla literature? Sharankumari Devi. 13 In which hemisphere Australia is situated? Southern Hemisphere 14 Who was the first Muslim to become the president of independent India? Zakir Hossain. 15 Which country was attacked 1st in the world war-1 ? Serbia. 16 When was slavery abolished from America? 1863. 17 Which Mughal emperor built the Lahore Fort (in 1566)? Akbar. 18 Which country was the first to make an attack in the 1st world war? Austria / 28 July 1914. 19 Which wilful Roman Emperor orders the crucifixion of St. Peter? Nero. 20 Who named Dhaka as Jahangir Nagar? Subedar Islam Khan.

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BCS Model Question Science and Technology-9

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What type of ray is used to Produce three dimensional pictures ? Laser Where did the Bangla letters come from? Brahmi letters How many layers are in the Retina? 10 layers Excess presence of which things in the blood causes Jaundice ? Bilirubin How many layers are in the Human cornea? 5 layers Which blood group is called the " Universal Donar"? 'O' group Which is the power house of cell? Mito Chondria When X-ray invented? 1895 How long the velocity of a sound stays in brain? 1/13 second. How many states does USA have? 50 What form of govt. does USA have? Presidential What is the northern most thana of Bangladesh? Tentulia When was the world war II ended? 2 September 1945. Which district does Mount Tajin Dong belong to? Bandarban What does NAM stand for? Non Aligned Movement Who is the architect of " Shabash Bangladesh"? Nitun Kundu When he died? 15th September, 2006 What is the name of first Digital film in Bangladesh? Balughari In which country the opening match of world cup cricket 2011 will be held? Which country was the previous member of UNO? Taiwan


BCS Model Question Home and International Affairs-8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 What is the name of British parliament? House of commons The first English Dictionary was compiled by Samuel Johnson Which English poet died of Tuberculosis? John Keats Who is the father of Biology? Aristotle Why the colour of Sky is blue? For ozon (O3) Which classes of animals are of cold blooded animal? Amphibia and Reptilia What is the largest gland of human body? Liver What is the smallest gland of human body? Pituitary gland Which thing controls the colour of the body? Melanine When was two taka coin introduced in Bangladesh? 26th october 2004 Which is the largest Muslim country in the world? Indonesia Where is "Statue of Peace" located? Nagasaki, Japan How many land ports are there in Bangladesh? 12 Who was the ruler during "French Revolution" in France? Sixteenth Lui. What is called " The land of humming Birds"? Trinidad When was the constitution of Bangladesh effected from ? 16 December 1972 Who was the first Governor General of Pakistan? Mohammad Ali Jinnah Which religion is indifferent about the existence of god? Buddhism In Which year the battle of water loo was fought? 1815 AD. Who is the first Black to win the Wimbledon (Tennis)? Arthur Ash

MS Excel is a Spreadsheet Software In general My Document is located at C Drive. Bluetooth operations use- Radio Technology 1 KiloByte is equvalent to -1024 byte BASIC is a programming language LAN, MAN, WAN, and ISDN are- Network System The dynamic graphics of text in multimedia is called Animation Person of the Year 2010- Facebook owner Mark Zukerbarg What does HTML stand for?- Hyper Text Markup Language

Software that the computer uses to start, or boot is found where? Basic Input-Output System By what Computer Memory is normally measured in? Gigabytes What is meant by SIM? Subscriber Identity Module What is a URL? The address of a page on the world wide web Where is the resolution of a printer measured in? Dots Per Inch (DPI) What is Windows Vista- An Operating System of Microsoft Which is the latest version of MS Windows? Windows-7 Pixel of a color monitor consists of 3 color Dots Red, Green and Blue. What is the other name for a chip? IC Which is the fastest computer? Super Computer The general term for buying and selling through the internet is E-Commerce Freeze Windows Panes is an Excel command which helps in Password Protection A seperate file sent as a part of an e-mail message is called an attachment

Question and Answer from English Literature To be or not to be is the beginning of a famous soliloquy from Hamlet. The father of English Poem Geoffrey Chaucer Francis Bacon is an Essayist Renaissance means the revival of learning Elizabethan tragedy is centered on Revenge Most famous satirist in English literature Jonathan Swift A lexicographer is a person who writes dictionaries The father of English Novel Daniel Defoe The English Poet who addicted to opium S.T. Coleridge The Golden Age of English Literature the Elizabethan Age The author of the book Asian Drama is Gunnar Myrdal Protagonist indicates -the leading character in a play

A sonnet is a poem having fourteen lines Blank Verse is a kind of verse -having no rhyming end The real name of OHenry William Sydney Porter. To Daffodils is written by Robert Herrick Goethe is the greatest poet of Germany Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy A Passage to India is written by E.M Forster William Blake was both -a poet and painter The full name of the tragedy Dr.Faustus The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus

******************************** Grammatical Section Fill in the gaps: Man has no escape from death. A drowning man catches at a straw. Alcohol is injurious to health. I cannot part with the man. The girl looks after her grandmother. She was sliding into depression. A style of reporting must confirm to the prevailing practice. He is not ashamed of his mistake. He died from over eating. I count on your help. People usually differ in their opinions. Ali is the stronger of the two brothers. We shall return before the sun sets. When water freezes it turns into ice. Do not interfere with nature.

***************************** Question and Answer From Science and Technology Full form of CNG is Compressed Natural Gas

A bit is binary representation and can take either of the two values 0 or 1 Chemical name of Alum used for purifying water is Aluminum Sulphate Steam Engine was invented by James Watt Electricity consumption or use is measured in KWH ( Kilo Watt per hour) The remotest planet in the solar system Neptune The natural temperature of human body in Celsius scale is -36.9 degree Celsius We receive Vitamin D from Sunshine The most distinctive difference between a LAN and a WAN is Distance covered Earthquakes are recorded Seismograph The longest day is in the month of June IRATOM is a One kind of highbred rice In nature the hardest material -diamond Red Planet is called the Mars A device that reads text and images directly into computer is called Scanner WWW stands for World Wide Web The apparatus to measure purity of milk is Lactometer MS Excel is a Spreadsheet Software My Document by default located at C Drive Father of the personal computer/ computing Dr. Henry Edward ********************************* Question and Answer from International Affairs Name of the European common currency Euro OIC is established in 1969 The first postage stamp in the world Penny Black Pearl Harbor, where the American Pacific Fleet was stationed, was attacked by Japanese in 1941 The second largest Muslim Country in the world is Pakistan The most importer country in the world the USA The name of the organization working worldwide against corruption Transparency International The worlds largest nuclear power station Kashiwazaki Kariwa(Japan) SAARC Agriculture Information Centre (SAIC) is situated in Dhaka Largest city of India Mumbai Reuters is a News Agency The largest tea exporter country in the world Sri Lanka The Headquarters of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Jeddah Number of Permanent members of UN Security Council is 5 Previous name of Japan Nippon Line of Control -is situated between India and Pakistan Elaboration of IBSA is India, Brazil and South Africa Wall Street is The Stock Exchange Market in New York. The name of Indonesian Currency Rupiah The World Bank is an International Financial Institution IDA, organization of the World Bank is known as the -Soft Loan Window Computer Knowledge The brain of a computer Micro Processor CAD stands for Computer Aided Design Key Board of a computer is an Input Device Unix is an Operating System. A computer virus is a computer program ORACLE is a database software RAM in computer stands for Random Access memory The Add or Remove programs utility can be found in Control Panel Windows is a computer software developed by Microsoft Corporation Opera, IE (Internet Explorer),Mozilla, Google Chrome are Internet Browsing Software

International Affairs Second Largest (area) country in the world Canada East and West Germany were united in the year 1990 The preferential trade arrangements among the SAARC countries are known as SAPTA Port Blayer island is in Indian Ocean Name of the currency of Brunei Brunei dollar Capital of Brunei Bandar Seri Bhagwan Tahrir Square is located in Cairo, Egypt Sejm is the name of the Parliament of Poland Name of the father of modern democracy John Locke Fiscal year of USA starts in -1st October Knesset is the name of the parliament of Israel SABENA is a famous airline of Belgium Old Name of Ethiopia Abyssinia Name of the architect of Sydney Opera House John Utzon (Denmark)

One word substitution/ compression A person 70 to 79 years old -Septuagenarian Practice of borrowing ideas and words from others and using them as his own - Plagiarism Words different in meaning but similar in sound Homonym A person who is skilled in horsemanship Equestrian That which makes it difficult to recognize the presence of real nature of somebody or something Camouflage A place where birds are kept Aviary Scientific study of the structure of substances Chemistry A person who believes easily -Credulous An instrument for measuring heights Altimeter The place where bricks are baked Kiln The branch of medical science which deals with the diseases of children Pediatric A specialist in eye diseases Oculist/ Ophthalmologist A stage of long-sightedness Hypermetropia A doctor who treats the diseases of bones Orthopedist. A state where all religions are respected Secular A government by the novels Aristocracy A government by the rich Plutocracy The passage between the seats in a church -Aisle The platform in a temple where idols are kept Altar A government of a few Oligarchy To use dirty language against God or Religion Blaspheme A government by a king Monarchy The act of killing of the people -Genocide. Rising from the dead Resurrection Murder of human being Homicide A holy book Scripture Underground caves with burying places for the dead- Catacombs Revolt against a lawful authority -Mutiny.