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1. Elena, what moved you to write your new book, Breath of Life?

In my psychophysiological practice I often achieved unexpected results, which couldnt fit into the general scientific concepts of psychology, medicine, physiology and other sciences that study the human being and his health. My results refuted their postulates and axioms. A few years ago I discussed these questions with my scientific advisor, doctors of science and professors. People who had a good reputation in the academic community agreed with me about many aspects, but they were afraid to support such revolutionary ideas in public. They knew that to swim against the stream meant not only to lose prestige, but their jobs in large scientific institutions and universities. With this information we participated in different scientific contests, but I had the impression that my scientific works were not even looked through. Thats why I decided that if something cant oppose to the fundamental postulates of the previous centuries, then it can become fiction with the same topicality and meaning. I supplemented these ideas with my biography, life situations and feelings. This is how Breath of Life appeared. 2. Your book is very thought-provocative. How have people reacted to your book? The reaction of the people, who had astonishing results after my correction sessions and personally developed techniques, was definitely positive. My clients waited for the books release holding their breath, as they witnessed all the events described in the book. Those who know me as a person or a specialist had an opportunity to better understand my feelings, and the information which by that time was not new or fantastic for them. A year ago I would have hardly dared to be so outspoken, but when I read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, I decided that his theoretical approach, together with my practical experience, will manage to show people that there can be another view of the deep problems of mankind and the world. I think that envious people or opposition will have a mixed reaction to the book, especially those who tried to cut short my career of a psychophysiologist, and tried to compete with my center. This is the reason why I am ready to defend my ideas, the results of my work and hypotheses, which I set forth not only in this scientific book, but in other works as well. 3. You write about the unlimited powers of our consciousness. Please explain. Since my childhood Ive always deeply believed in God. I think that the Creators greatest gift to people is our consciousness. We know how to realize our own mistakes and draw the right conclusions. A human being is capable of changing the direction of his life, his destiny. Thanks to the power of consciousness and self-control one can achieve a high level of professional skills. The most amazing thing is that one can make no mistakes and find an optimal solution in any situation. So if something was interesting to me, the information so to say found me in a short period of time. I got used to the fact that if you really want to achieve something or to make it real, you dont need much time for it. It is important to state this information properly, not to lose its sense and meaning. Then at the moment when you have this thought, it starts to become real. Our thoughts and images are sometimes stronger and more real than our words and actions. 4. You began having what you termed visions by the age of 15. How did these visions formulate who you are today? My youth was just a fabulous time, when I didnt lose my connection to the world. I took this world with me to my adulthood. A childs breadth of consciousness, where everything is possible, plus the awareness and responsibility of an adult is the formula for the life of a really creative person. Due to my visions (dreams which have reality and mysticism, past, present and future intertwined, where any phrase can entirely change a persons life), it became clear to me that our world is more miraculous and diverse than we are accustomed to think; I saw it from an absolutely different angle. When people with incurable diseases came to me as a psychophysiologist, in terms of logic, they have no chance to recover. Like an artist, I create a possible future for a person. Thanks to the general power of faith and my professionalism, we find a way out of Catch-22 situations and initiate regeneration processes when other specialists couldnt even imagine it. 5. You have worked in a number of health-related professions, including as a research biologist, kinesiologist, massage therapist, and a supervisor in psychophysiological correction. What have you discovered about wellness as you treated them? Our health cant actually be divided into psychical and physical aspects, genetics and so on. It is holistic. If an organism is really healthy, then it has no ill organs or systems. But if there are some weak points, a person can hardly be considered

absolutely healthy. Our health is an ability to respect, appreciate and take care of our organism, our spiritual world and our body. In fact, a human being is a complex self-regulating and self-regenerating system, where every smallest detail can have a great meaning. Only the work of the whole organism and its harmonious state are a guarantee of our good health, which means a guarantee of our happiness. 6. You claim that you create techniques which help people recover their health and make it possible to regenerate lost functions without medications or surgical intervention. How are you able to do that? All my personally developed techniques are focused on activation of all the potential of our body. Every person has the mechanisms of self-recovery, rejuvenation, harmonization and even deep regeneration of organs and tissues. As a matter of fact, the lizard, which has a simpler organism, is capable of its tail regeneration. If a predator catches it by the tail, it can lose it and then regenerate this part of its body. A human organism, which is more complicated and wise, has the mechanisms of body systems restoration, their renewal, and if it is necessary, their regeneration. If we need it, we can even repeat the processes, which take place in the embryogenesis, as we all have this information, but to activate them one must have profound knowledge of our organism and use no medications. Otherwise it is possible to destroy the mechanisms formed thousands of years ago. Due to them our species still exists and can evolve. 7. How are you able to say that people with genetic diseases, oncologic diseases and rare forms of infectious diseases can see a reversal in their health fortunes? In my practice almost every day we have unique cases of restoration. But many people prefer to stay anonymous; they do not want to make their problems public, though they dont have them anymore. According to the law I cant lay the cases of regeneration open to the public without their permission, though this can change the world of many people; especially those who are in despair and lost their hope. I can say for sure that there were people with genetic and oncology diseases, lost functions, infertility, abepithymia and many other problems among those who were born again. They were refused help in hospitals. Because their diseases quickly progressed, many of my clients tried all the possible therapies, which had little or no effect. Some of my clients are citizens of other countries. This spring the UK embassy didnt allow me to help their subject. He was diagnosed with a progressive genetic disease. There has never been any case of this disease with any improvement or regeneration in the world. After two visits to Russia, we achieved certain level of regeneration; now its very important to continue the work we started with him. 8. What do you mean when you say that love is not just a feeling or a state of mind but that it has a molecular, biochemical and energetic analogue? If we say that every person has his energy or his electromagnetic field, then the field of a person in love will differ from the state of other people. A person in love has another hormonal status. Thats why his metabolism is changed and his brain functions in a different way. He can eat nothing for a long time; the world seems to be wonderful to him in all of its aspects, he acts in an unusual way, expresses his feelings not only to the one he loves, but to all the people. When people are in a company of a person in love, they smile more often, not as they see how weird he is, but because this state can spread like a wave (the same with the feeling of danger, panic, and fear, which can be transmitted from person to person, when they are in the same room, or from mother to a child, even when they are at a great distance from each other). That is why a loving person is in a more harmonious state, he is more creative and productive, if he doesnt have his head in the clouds, i.e. doesnt give himself over to dreams or romantic fantasies. The feeling of love produces a great number of hormones. E.g. Phenylethylamine is the hormone of infatuation. It is released, when you meet a person you like. As for maternal love, the level of progestin in women rises, when they have just one look at their child. 9. Why do you believe we mustnt differentiate between the notions of the spiritual world and the physical health of a person? Some time ago it was assumed to think that to have a better understanding of any phenomenon; it should be divided into parts. If we split a flower into stamens, pistils, petals and so on, unfortunately, we wont learn when it blossoms, what pollinates it, how its fruit and seed are formed, what and how spreads its seeds, and many other things. So actually to understand human nature, we dont need to go into detail, but to integrate. We need to unite all the organs and systems, all the constituencies of the human body and spirit. As we cant say what is more important: spiritual or physical development, these two aspects must be healthy, if a person wants to be happy and fulfilled in all the spheres of life. We are all-in-one, our spiritual world and our worldview are inseparable

from our body by means of active and harmonious work of the brain (this is actually the interlink between the body and the spiritual world). That is why we cant differentiate between spiritual education and physical training of the younger generations. 10. How can we heal ourselves? Our brain can be compared to a computer. Before the onset of a disease, the system crashes or a wrong program starts to work; it results in a bad state or becomes a weakening factor for our body. This is the reason why everyone needs to find the primary cause of his illness, and we should look for it not in our actions, but in the distorted worldview, the wrong reaction to the current events, the wrong attitude or a negative emotional state (fear, offence, rage and so on). So first of all it is necessary to make corrections at this level, and only then change the current situation. A healthy lifestyle, good meals and a sound sleep give us an opportunity to be more resistant to infections. Good hygiene preserves healthy flora and environment in our organism. Any disease is a reason to think about a persons lifestyle, whether he does everything right and what he can change for the better to cope with his disease and be healthy. The basis of such a recovery is sincere feelings of trust, love, respect, gratitude, Belief, joy and so on. It is impossible to be really happy without them. 11. What are the challenges to your healthcare practice in Russia? Russia is a marvelous country, but it has weird stereotypes and moral principles. In my life I have met wonderful, competent, spiritually rich and sincere people and those, who could lie, looking into your eyes; they couldnt sleep at night if their neighbors lived better than they did. They could lie about anybodys reputation. So this is not about the country, but probably about the citizens, who are the basis of the nation and legal relations. Unfortunately, they treat unusual, creative people rather negatively. They dont try to understand them, but are eager to drive them into a corner and make their life similar to the lives of thousands of other people. Dissidence is not a characteristic of individuality or an unusual person; at best they treat it cautiously. Thats why it is more comfortable for creative people to be in the place, where they are understood, valued and respected. Some time ago it was the reason for the brain drain, when people moved abroad. It was supposed that the support, favorable conditions and other countrys interest in wise and talented people were the reasons for it. I believe that a country must do everything for its peoples comfort; then the citizens will work for the benefit of their motherland. My parents raised me as a patriot, but the country and its people, as it turned out, do not need my patriotism, though I love our nature and it is still in my heart. 12. Can humans really change the events of their life? Many people think that destiny exists, what is predestined or not predestined for a man cant be changed. Actually this is just self-justification of doing nothing or a lack of desire to change anything, to change yourself, correct your own mistakes. I live according to the principle there isnt anything impossible for a person, if it is necessary for him. We build our life and happiness on our own, and reveal new prospects and potential. In a good sense, life can be compared with sport! If you want to achieve something, you must work on yourself; increase the level of your abilities; constant training and exercise stress. Only like this one can achieve fantastic results. For those, who are not ready to work 100%, life is not easy as they are behind; they are late, lazy and so on. That is why life situations urge them with unfulfilled responsibility. If a person wants to live well, it is necessary to be responsible, industrious, creative and sincere, to love life and the processes it is filled with. To change ones life situation, it is important to learn its cause, start to change yourself and work on your drawbacks. So, if a person is changing, his reality and life situations are changing too. 13. How do you hope to awaken within each of us a new breath of life? Breath of life starts with love, the most ancient feeling in the whole space. No one knows what a loving person really can do. I wanted to wake up in people with my sincere love an interest in life, a desire to live, love and to change the reality in a creative way. It is not difficult to wake up a new breath of life in a person. Its important to let him know that he came to this world for a reason, that his feelings, thoughts and images change the world, he is very important for society, our planet, the Creator, that he can be helpful, if he wants to change for the better. It is not difficult to rejoice and make others happy, love and awaken in others a quite, but deep feeling of love and tenderness. 14. How did you come to know and understand holistic health and the harmonization of the brain and body? At first I used kinesiological and psychophysiological methods in my work. But soon I understood how lop-sided they were; I lacked techniques for recuperation of the brain. The clients who

applied to me at that time had chronic illnesses, sleep and metabolism disorders. In medical institutions some of them were diagnosed with cysts in the brain and other problems. So the question of new methods of work was very urgent, it was not only my professional necessity, but that of my clients as well, it was vital for them. Soon as a supervisor in psychophysiological correction, I started to develop necessary methods of recuperation of the most important thing the brain. My clients and I were greatly surprised as the first techniques I developed resulted not only in an increase of activity and efficiency of the brain; they felt much better and improved their physical and emotional state. The longer they used those techniques, the quicker they recovered, sometimes even in cases of very rare or little-studied diseases and problems. Later I started to develop the techniques of harmonization of the whole body. It was they that increased the speed of immune reaction, the brains control over all the processes in the body. So I understood that the present day medicine was inefficient, as it is split into different areas according to physiological specificity of every system of organs. A human being is not an artificial system. If one organ suffers then there is some disorder in the work of the brain, otherwise there would be a natural process of self-recuperation. The most important thing in a human organism is the integrity of all the functions, an integrative approach to recovery. 15. Why do you believe the human brain has so many unsolved riddles and potential? The more and deeper I cognized the processes in the brain, the more interesting my suppositions were. Modern people have a number of brain zones, which are not used to their full in the present life conditions. E.g. in the past people had a much better intuition. Even the most ancient civilizations knew about the space and organization of the human body, about the influence of the cosmos on people. I suppose that levitation, teleportation and many other things are not a myth. Modern day people havent just unraveled these mysteries, they havent found the ways of activation of these functions of the body and havent learned about the secrets of such abilities. Our organism carefully keeps the information of the previous generations and even ancient civilizations, but it is not so easy to read this information and activate it. There are mechanisms of rejuvenation, recuperation, regeneration and repeated formation of a new organ instead of the one that was damaged or surgically removed. This is the reason why I got used to unraveling mysteries and looking for the answers to the questions. I dont pretend that it is impossible or unnecessary. Like a child I have a lot to learn and understand and I am joyfully looking forward to these unusual tasks. 16. You have some strong opinions about breast-feeding, abortion, vaccinations and disease. What science supports your theories? My opinion about breast-feeding, abortion, vaccination and diseases is a fusion of my worldview and my professional experience. It was formed not in one day and not under the influence of books and sciences. Id rather say that it had universal and moral fundamentals as a basis. If a person knows about responsibility not from hearsay, understands the value of a human life, treats other people and children with respect, then he supports my attitude towards these points. When someone has a medical education, which is the basis of his worldview, then he will proceed from different principles and knowledge. A rather religious person can agree with me, and then the interpretation of this attitude can be different. As a human being I am guided not by popular trends, but by the interests of common people. I assert the rights of those who at the moment cant do it on their own, e.g. unborn children who want to find their breath of life. 17. Why do you say that only through our consciousness we can become healthy and happy? Human consciousness (with no exceptions) is a fusion of a persons individuality, his creative traits, responsibility, awareness and his most deep and sincere feelings (Faith, Love, Gratitude and so on). It is individuality that helps a person not only to stay who he is, but to learn, how to stand his grounds, be industrious in any situations, consider life as an opportunity to fulfill himself in different spheres and directions, and to be deeply moral and spiritual. To be healthy and happy one should understand that only we are responsible for our life and what we do with it is our right and choice. So there isnt anything or anybody to complain of. If something happened to us or we fell ill, then the reason for it can be only in us. We cant do without realization, understanding and correction of the mistakes we made in the past at least at the level of conclusions. It is difficult to say in what way someone can help us solve our problem. This help can be in the form of support or a hint, showing how to look deeper at your inner self. Sometimes it is really true that lookers-on see more than players. Although the most important thing is that without a desire to be healthy and happy any latest methods in the sphere of medicine or other

sciences will be powerless to change anything. We are the creators of our life, and it is important to value any opportunity to be healthy and happy as well as to approach it consciously. 18. Why do you believe the first step to your health is to accept the thought that you can be happy? Many people dont understand the strong interconnection between health and happiness. One of these notions is much broader than the other one. The notion of happiness in my view encompasses a necessity to be healthy, fulfilled as a specialist, a woman, a mother, a friend and a creative individuality, preserving a deep sensuous interconnection with the world. When I see that my friends and relatives are happy, I become much happier. Many people think that they can and need to be only healthy; they dont see that they need to be really happy. Unfortunately, an unhappy person cant be actually healthy. He will always find fault with anything, he can be stressed, offended, disappointed, and such emotional states are the cause of numerous disorders of our body. We cant have a lop-sided look at our life, as the tip of the iceberg is always less than its underwater part. We need to look deeper into the notion of life. On the one hand it is possible just to exist and survive, but on the other one can not just live, but to be a happy person and be ready to share the secret of his happiness with other people. To be healthy one must first of all be aware of his necessity to be happy. 19. Whats the difference between a dream and a wish? There is a great difference between a dream and a wish. When a person dreams, he changes his reality and himself for the better, he is guided by the best of what he wants to achieve. E.g. a healthy child dreams and fantasizes practically all the time, it gives him an opportunity to develop faster, strive for the better, creating an image of himself and his new reality in his dreams. A wish does not necessarily improve a person. A lot of wishes turn into whims and it leads not to progress, but to degradation. When a person gets the desired, he cant be always grateful. The one who managed to fulfill his dream will be eternally grateful to the world and people for this accomplishment. 20. Does our happiness depend on only one thing us? Our happiness directly depends on ourselves. When a person does his best to achieve his happiness, then the world and other people will participate in these processes. Although if a person believes that his happiness must come out of the blue, then he is grossly mistaken, he can wait like this for a very long time and get nothing. If we take all the possible responsibility for becoming happy, then it wont pass us by unnoticed. When a person looks for his second half, fulfills himself, reveals his talents, has a healthy lifestyle, dreams, meditates on his actions, thoughts and wishes, then step by step he approaches his happiness. At the moment I live according to the principle that I cant afford to be unhappy as I have people, with which I share my happiness and for whom I do my best to open up new horizons. Now not only my family and friends need it, it is important for hundreds of my clients for whom it will be a new opportunity to solve their problems and recover.