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# of slide Question 2 I would like to know the positional relationship between Wi-Fi area and WiMAX area in the heterogeneous network scenario. Is the Wi-Fi coverage area included in the WiMAX coverage area? If the number of WiMAX BS is different between the heterogeneous scenario and the homogeneous scenario, I think it is difficult to compare the heterogeneous scenario with the homogeneous scenario because the amount of interference from the other WiMAX BSs is different. Is it possible to add the amount of the offload traffic from WiMAX to Wi-Fi as a performance metric?

I would like to know how many users there are in the simulation.

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I would like to know the detail of the criteria for handover. I would like to know the reason why the results of the homogeneous scenario are always better than that of the heterogeneous scenario. I would like to confirm that the handover scheme for the homogeneous scenario is same regardless of whether MIH is considered or not. Please tell me the detail of the handover scheme for the heterogeneous scenario when MIH is considered. Please tell me the reason why the amount of packet loss is increased when the velocity of the user is 15 m/s. I would like to know the reason why the delay in for both scenarios is same and constant independent of the velocity of user. The different simulation platforms are used in the cases where MIH is considered and MIH is not considered. Therefore, it is not able to make a comparison between two cases if the calibration between two simulation platforms is not done.





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Even though used simulation engine is different and WiMAX & Wi-Fi distribution is the 6 and 7 same, difference of throughput values between slide 6 and 7 seems to be "too" large. How do you think about this result? 6 ~ 11 Please tell me how these results for MIH (IEEE802.21) are used for the study of ANDSF.

Date 27/02/2012


Wifi accesspoint is excluded from coverage area of wimax 27/02/2012

NO in Homogenous scenario and Heterogenous scenario we have only one difference the accespoint is replace 27/02/2012 yeah we are looking in to that option 27/02/2012 only one 27/02/2012 27/02/2012 27/02/2012 27/02/2012 sir what kind of details we need to add?? 27/02/2012 Again could be aimplementation issue we are looking in to implementation and trying to find out the reason as we are not able to logically comprehend it the RSSI is factor but we would like to add some criterias such as distance , QOS ,band width available etc.. Since in homogenous scenario the handovers are well defined between two base stations in wimax inclusion of mih does not boost the performance drastically yes




i think we need to look at each implementation and compare amongst themselves rather than a cross compari 28/02/2012 we are trying to come up with a hybrid architecture that takes advantage of features of ANDSF and MIH so

nce the accespoint is replaced by a wimax base station

band width available etc..

s rather than a cross comparision res of ANDSF and MIH so this is just a performance study




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