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PROJECT CHARTER Telecom Services Control System

Green Telecommunications Blue Area Islamabad, 46000 Date of Authorization: 2/26/2012

Project Start Date: Date: 2/20/2012

Project Finish 5/10/2012

Key Schedule Mile Stones:

Complete the prototype by the end of the first month and get it verified by The Project Representative of Green Telecommunications. Leave Room for changes.(if necessary) Complete and test the modules thoroughly before handing in the project.

Budget Information:
Green Telecommunications has allocated a generous amount of 10 Million Rupees and have agreed to increase the budget if more funds are needed. More than half of the budget will be spent on getting the hardware needed to implement and test the Helpline Modules and the Security Modules. The rest of the budget will suffice for the labor force.

Project Manager:
Name: Mateen Anjum Minhas Office Telephone Number: 0900-78601 Cell Phone Number: 0300-78601, 0321-78601 Email:

Project Objectives:
Green Telecommunications has given our company a major opportunity to progress our software house onto the next level by asking us to make them a Telecom Services Control System. This is the first major breakthrough for our software house in the Software Industry in a while. The main goal is to work in an organized manner and complete all the documentation needed for this project within the first few weeks and complete a prototype by the end of the third month and finish it three weeks before the finish date so it can be tested thoroughly.

Main Project Success Criteria:

The software must contain all the specified requirements complete to the tiniest requirement. The Project Representative Mr. Amir Hanif from Green Telecommunications has agreed to provide full co-operation and will be working alongside us to make sure that the project is built up to the mark.

Approach: This is a huge project so it would be best to have all of our

labor force work on this project and stop accepting further projects until we complete this one in order to ensure that our employees get over burdened or side tracked.

With the help of The Project Representative Mr. Morgan

create all the documentation needed to make this project organized.

Keep Mr.Morgan updated and within the inner circle

andall Change Request Forms must go through him along with the other personnel and his decision holds a major part whether the change request form is to be accepted or not.

By the special request Mr. Morgan has asked that the

prototype should be given a test run by the team of Green Telecommunications Employees to see whether an average employee can use this software easily or not.


Burlesque Green Amir Hanif




Project Project Representative Representative

ahanif33@yahoo.c om

Mateen Anjum

Ali Butt Hamza Khan

Project Manager Team Member Team Member

Project Head mateenanjum@gm Head Alibutt2009@yaho Programmer Team Leader hamkhan@hotmail .com

SalmanAf zal

Team Member Head m Graphics/Net work Engineer

Sign-Off: Provided below are the signatures of all of the sponsors and participants who have signed up to work on this project. Burlesque Green Amir Hanif Mateen A.Minhas Ali Butt Hamza Khan Bangash M.Salman Afzal

We are Expecting nothing but the best from you and I have sent one of my finest men to help you out feel free to call upon him when needed-Burlesque Green

Since the company is called Green Telecommunications we would prefer the interfaces of the software to be green or any shade of green-Amir Hanif All the requirements will be documented after a brief meeting with Mr.Alucard, if anyone sees a problem or something that can be improved feel free to contact me-Mateen Anjum

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