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RELATIVE CLAUSES adjective clause sfat cmlecikleri iinde fiil olan ve aklayc grevi stlenmi cmlecik koan ocuklar

THE BOYS .......... RUNNING insan WHO/THAT ....fiil The children who/that play football are my friends. cins isimlerin sana gelir fiillerin arkasna gelmez sfat gelmez

I have a friend who/that works at EU. Gandi Kemal, who is the leader of CHP, is likely to be the PM in next election despite Tayyip.

CANSIZ, HAYVAN, BTK THAT / WHICH A pig is an animal that/ which eats its own shit. The pizza .that / which. I ate was very delicious. zmir, ..... has many touristic places, is a nice town. which

insan, hayvan, cansz, bitkiler WHOSE mal mal sahibi ki onun Tayyip, whose wife can cook very well, is very healthy. I have a car whose tyres are worn-out.

zmir, whose girls are beautiful, is a warm town. WHICH - K O/ K ONU WHOSE - K ONUN the city, the park, the hotel, Zmir WHERE .......xxxx... = IN WHICH ki iinde zmir, where I was born, has developed fast in recent years. EU is a huge school .WHERE..... there are many faculties. EU is a huge school ...... is located in Bornova. which/that This is the park ..where.... I run every day. This is the park ...that / which .. Baykal built years ago. TUZAK SORU K.yaka is a nice place ..THAT/WHCH ... my girl friend lives N. .....insan...WHOM ....yeni bir zne ki onu / ki ona - insan - yeni zne The woman ......... I love lives in Russia. that / who / whom ----------------------Murat, ......... I sent a mail last week, who / whom hasnt replied me yet. ZAMAN ....WHEN ........... the day the date 1923, summer

Saturday is the day when= on which we go fishing. day ON months IN winter, summer, season 1993 n period IN/ DURING


March is the month ......... cats go crazy. when in which ...........WHY THE REASON WHY ki nedenini XXXX....WHY fiil explain why wonder ask tell me understand = realize learn find out why KNOW I dont know why Baykal is sad. TEMEL KURAL be kardeler where when whose whom why .....fiil gelmez

OF WHOM fiil gelebilir... --------------------PREPOSITION DURUMLARI, for, at, by, with , to, among ....... WHICH WHOM WHOSE Murat is the student to ..WHOM... I sent some money 5 years ago. Football is the sport in...which.. many people are interested. Sharapova is the lady for ...whose... eyes I would die.

PREPOSITIONLARIN DANSI Cancer is a disease from..which.. many people suffer . that / which Nesrin is a lady about..whom... I worry. who/ that / whom RELATIVE CLAUSE PRONOUN DMES who/that/which / whom drebiliriz The man who stole my money ran away. The man I saw was running away. relative clause banda yeni bir zne var ise virgl yok ise The hamburger I ate was too salty. The film I saw was terrible. The man I love lives in Ankara. ----------------------------------KISAL Gandi Kemal, ........ I favor, will be the PM, hopefully. who// whom KISALTMALAR AKTF I have an uncle smoking = 20 cigarettes a day. smoking aktif ise hangi tense te olduuna bakmadan I saw a man cutting down the trees.

noun V+ing yapan o kii PASF French is a language that is spoken in Canada. = spoken The K K is a castle built 6000 years ago. noun v3 yaplan o NOUN