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: BUS201 / Contract & Agency Law : July 2011

Overall Performance of Students in the Examination: Overall the performance was good. For the ECA, some of the students were unable to understand the requirement of a particular question posed to them and wrote all they know or something totally different from the question. The particular structured question (Question No 1 in ECA) was to test the students understanding on vitiating factors that will invalidate a contract. The case scenario in the said structured question related to an illegal money-lending transaction. The vitiating factor of illegality was very obvious and yet some students were misled by the red-herring in the question and wrote on the vitiating factor of mistake. Strengths and Weaknesses of Students in Examination: Most students did not have much difficulty in identifying the legal issues and the applicable law. However their main weakness appears to be their inability to analyze the issues systematically. Some had difficulty in relating the applicable law to the facts in the case scenario given in the question.

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Overall performance of Question Question No 1- Average Question No 2- Average Question No 3- Good Video Presentation- Average Powerpoint slides- Average

Strengths and weaknesses of students with regard to Question Question 1: Students were generally misled in Q1 and analyzed the facts according to the vitiating factor of mistake (rather than illegality). A significant number of them missed out listing duress, unconscionable bargain and undue influence as vitiating factors. Question 2: As for Q2, a significant number of students analyzed it as an issue of misrepresentation, rather than fundamental breach or breach of condition. Question 3: Students generally did well in Q3 relating to duties of agents able to list out the duties and relate them back to the facts of the case. Some did not seem to understand the concept of conflict of interests and hence, did not relate it back to the agents spouse being involved in the transaction.

Video Presentation For the video presentation, some students either focused the camera on the presentation slides or swung the camera between their faces and the presentation slides. A small number kept reading out from their notes, losing eye contact with the camera. Powerpoint presentation For the Powepoint presentation, some students cut and paste blocks of text into each slide. Not many students appear to know tips of presentation slides (eg. concise points for each bullet; no more than 3 to 5 bullet points per slide etc).

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