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Its recent!!
This is to all my dear friends ---
And to the whole World…
This is about myself, Avin Verma; related my aunty whom I call as ‘Maa’, my
cousin ‘didi’, our well-known mahant of kedareshwar temple called ‘Babaji’, one
guest, adhyaksh of VHP in Ahemadabad ‘Akhileshanand’ and a girl ‘Anita’ (as
told by her).
Let’s start with Anita. She is approx. 29 in age I feel. She told that she is from
Ambala, Haryana. She was in our contact last one and half months. According to
her, she was raped by Asaram four yrs. Ago and so she wanted to do FIR,
affidavit against him and for that she needed our support. She cried, presenting
herself very poor in front of us and gained our sympathy and faith. Suddenly she
came up for action against Asaram on 7th Nov. ’08 in Ahemadabad and called us
for the same on the same day. So Maa, didi and Anita with her two brothers, both
named sundeep (as said by her) reached Babaji’s temple. Though new to the
place, Anita cooked there at her with. Before cooking she inquired about me.
After dinner, Maa, didi, Anita with her brothers went to my relative’s house and
stayed there.
I reached Ahemadabad at quarter to six the very next day i.e. on 8th Nov. ’08 at
Babaji’s temple. My relative uncle came to take us home. So, Babaji, I and uncle
reached the house near about 9a.m. something. Anita came upstairs holding a
tray of tea and coffee. A month ago I talked to her on phone; she said that after
watching me on TV. she inspired to get justice for herself and became fearless.
But that day I saw, she doesn’t know me by face! Uncle introduced me.
She forcibly started requesting tea to all of us, which she has prepared. I was
confused as for the first time she came to uncle’s house and directly went into the
kitchen early morning for making tea? Doesn’t sound normal, yeah… while she
was the actual guest! Anyway, uncle and his security person didn’t take anything.
Maa had coffee and didi took tea. Babaji and I had to take tea inspite of having
our breakfast at the temple itself because she forced us very much. There came a
guest, shri Akhileshanand, he was there for just five minutes say and Anita
served a tea to him also in compulsion.
As soon as we had a tea our throat became dry and we were unable to take our
saliva inside. We remained quiet and asked Anita and her brothers to have
tea/coffee with breakfast nearly ten times but they denied. They started
quarrelling among themselves to go back to Delhi as their masi was very serious
as told by them. Then both sundeep decided to go leaving Anita with us. Anita
ran behind her brothers on the road about 100m, I bought her back by assuring
about masi in full confidence. As we reached home, she sat to watch TV. and I
was trying hard to keep my mouth and face, in my sense by eating vicks because
it was losing sensation. As I reached upstairs my legs started vibrating and
suddenly severe weakness captured me. I was unable to stand. Maa and didi lay
on bed as they were experiencing the same. Babaji was still as he possessed a
strong health and thus a good resistance power. He called a doctor. Now we all
were well confirmed that Anita gave us something dangerous (poison) in tea and
thatswhy she herself and her brothers didn’t had anything. Thinking this I started
vomiting purposely by drinking excess of water and putting my finger deep in
throat. A strong giddiness was there in three of us. Doctor saw us, checked Maa’s
blood pressure; it came to be 40-80 so he told to take us to the nearby hospital
very urgently.
Maa was unconscious; Babaji with my cousins and related aunty took Maa to
the auto. I and didi were in terrible situation, all my nerves were pulling
automatically and whole body was becoming slowly unconscious. I gathered
strength and said Babaji and cousin to take didi holding and I stood up to go. Just
five steps I walked and there came complete darkness before me as if I became
blind. I stood firm holding the wall and shouted Babaji for help and then I don’t
remember anything. Babaji said that I was unconscious with open eyes. Then I
remember of something dangerous images in mind, I tried hard to come out and
saw my cousin and all were putting me in auto and then I didn’t allow my mind
to sleep. Didi and Maa were unconscious. We were facing a nightmare which
can’t be interpreted in words. We were experiencing extreme pain, as if someone
is holding tight our neck, inexplicable. Whole of my body was tightened hard
within each nerve, sinew, fibres. I was unable to open my fist. When we reached
the Maitri hospital nearby airport, we were unable to move also. Others took us
on wheelchair while cousin lifted me all to the ICCU on the 1st floor.
Maa was vomiting till the next afternoon! I and Maa were kept on oxygen for
two days. Didi was admitted for the 1st time so both of her hands were swollen;
she was shouting that ‘I am gone’ then doctor used to assure ‘u are here’. We all
were away from each other and alone so when any of the doctor or the hospital
person comes my side I start complaining about the dangerous happenings in
myself. I was unable to talk and breathe properly till next day. And over this the
pain of what our dear doctors put in, through our nose within the stomach
(rubber tube) was irritable. We were in agony three days. Shree Akhileshanandji
was serious in another hospital.
The poisonous thing found in our report is “BENZODIAZEPINES”. It’s a
drug used in sleeping pills and also in narcotics. It’s a kind of slow poison. And
doctor say, fortunately we are safe. Even half an hour late might have finished us
Coming back to Anita, oh my!!! I remember she shouted loudly as “BAPU”
when I slapped her tightly to inquire the matter. She is too professional, her
acting and foolish dramas were so much that we had to send her back to Delhi
with my cousins. And there…. there also she created a scene on station asking
my cousins to return from there itself or else she will scream in public. So, they
took in writing that they have dropped her safely back. We gave a statement that
we ourselves were responsible as we had a tea from thermos bought all the way
from Mumbai and its consumption in Ahemadabad resulted in food poisoning.
Because first of all we were not at all in a condition to speak and Anita was
denying the fact. Previously the rumour was that I am dead and Maa is safe then
somehow I answered a call from a press reporter saying ‘I am fine’.
But, from the bottom of my heart I want to convey all, that I enjoyed
it. I felt thrilling each moment and I really appreciate such incident in
life. Infact, all we four lived those dying moments whole heartedly.
Now the whole picture is clear to us. I m sure that Anita’s original
name is not Anita and those brothers were all fake. Actually, their total
story was a built-up stunt made especially for us, with an intention to
kill us. I will not complain in police or government or anywhere else
because I have seen their limits and powers and so this case goes to the
Ultimate TRUTH, GOD, he is the truest judge of mine.
And now I bet that death cannot think of me until I destroy every evil
and falsehood in our country. Such testing is necessary because it has
increased my will power and confidence tremendously thousand times
than it was earlier.
I cannot name the main hand behind this but I firmly believe that the
solving results of this case will be the end of the culprit.
“Kisike baapu mein taakat nahin hai ki SATYA ka paayaa (base) hila
sake; base toh door ki baat hai, uske aas paas ki dhool tak nahin hila
sakta koi….”